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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Feb 28 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - February 28, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia we up Beer Iuro but extract ? ? Muirty the mat of Mas acc. Or Leiss tires1 i pm Imu teb with a pot Taci stamp. ? a Tammi so aa4e be ?4aaht4l7 to ? Best tins Elk Ink a thtmnfulw1itt stat write was for Piti palate ,. James Hill a sons v ? Isaad . Atm a Al shipping & o. Steam Saiga tips compant Coder Royal Juu contract will bps Tea. Tit Fodo Winc Stea Aeri a Fri ittle. Colombo alien Maneilles Gibraltar Plymouth and too Fea. With Liberty. To till at Blindm. 2uoumo. T it Minneti in. Arcadia ? .755 a. C. Loggia uce aka. ? to c Cadd ? j a lib m. Or can r. A Seymour March 3. At Kalu. A Btl l Beeves april it Victoria. Tier e. Crewe april � Tome ? _ Sims j. Cowie majr 9 to w. L. Broom _ May ?. Via court from Sydner ? Pia Eapen for Brindi Tiam hip at Pott said. H3ticb to . Not. Liberal reductions to families. ? whole Cabuta rated. The accommodation v both Fiat and second saloons b nmn posed. Passage from Europe kc., can be arranged her. A Anttn allowed to break their journey at Ime Rediat Pott. Touts Tekem Tad i China Japan a. Pickott a pm acs Barb a v v. Tickets toned at lowest current rates. Special return Imkea t6ubdbli. I Adicks Cine Blet and a usage tone. . Forwarded in apart Fotioo. ? elder Szutu , Lux eur agents. 3qscv it 0. . . Trans ? Lor pa9&suers and visitors Are or pm Uteri to leave be title for ? the Sra end of tugs bar a to at Lom and it 48 . In club spat. The hit launch. Leave the Bip ats a com actin with the i Pra. Return Bakial from lugs bar to Adelaide. St9 elder sum co., limited agents. Orient line. The four Wing Stevani hip under Boal Plau contract will Hare Adelaide lamp Bay at t pin. On the undermentioned dates Lor put Stouth and London a Fremantle Colombo Tran hippie a Indian ports. Suez canal Naples. Manama and lib noun ? _ Hoboba. Sg57j. Izlar. 7. Austral. Icuss c. We Bojuso. . St Cusco ?j91s p. & so Rook ? 4. Oprah. A j. K. Roth run. I Al fort nightly Terr after. Vav Hobart from Sydney. ? Laloux to lox Dox so Nile of 10/ to �77. Return a 10/ to sol Wrd Ous. A �19 hib 1c/. to Colombo Stancle. Sol i to of. Retno at 6/ to �49 a Western ac8tralu. Saloon. �6 1/ to jct 14/third �3 17/. Pawe from any part can be prepaid Bare. Return tickets pm Saloon Between in Ter colonial ports an sow available for re turn by p. And a and 1ljl companies steamers pcs Fig room. ? uan acers of. Creen pc co. And Ander son. Anderson it co., r at Church Soesoe undo . Foil part klan on application to. Pc g. Anderson Branch Ibn apr. Ifica 85. Gran Ftp Street. It. P. L. Sord dec seller Uoti ? tub Uip Krliu. Mail steam sri Stav of this company will be Riipa Thad and Rrapi brr thereafter to Van Southampton. Antwerp and Bremen of Fremantle Colombo Aden ing. Port add. Nepta and Genoa. ? rate Marf 1-mm. A tit Ntim. Lemur a. ? 199l vie crib Deb. ? Oroese ? 10s6s m. Be Cal . Prime Behest ? uht Pou. Of a. Walter april u a Kwan. ?. 4998 in Crohn oar u . 5057 �. Oca Elmayan Fane. . Woltja Dewers Only will Moraws. Tamer Money from Adelaide. �15 . To �71 10s. Crest reduction on return Plassee. Liberal too Ensom to fam Ilici. Vust from Europe can lie Arra sced Beret ? to. Third Chat to London �15 Geis and Carfo booked Ihram few to London for rm8htfbflu3�.-Ma a a or flu Eabair i aft a. Adelaide and port Adelaide. Kcal Tymn and Vii Tom Tats 1o.co . In departure Din for the Tea end up pier. Ble fess queries maritime. Sydney to London to Colombo of Paris. Steam of 600 tons a nov postal co tact with the French government pm Flint at 3ielbocrne, Adelaide. Fremantle. Co Lombo. Sce2. And port said will be dispatched monthly follow Stemme we a Iii we Liml . Inn. I uni Imi att Stofick _ Terron Jur. Limyr. Slesur. B fake by april april a Arufo a Len in Chevalier May Tiluy u if u Arauza Freak in Cois ? Pluer june la Janell attn 15 a sengers booked to Bombay India China Batavia and Japan. Passage Money. �f7 to �77, Incie Dinc table wine. Be Titan tickets at Redl ced Bates. A Cusp stores of Board. Return tickets fim Saloon Between inter a Okopal ports Are available for return by p. And a and Orient steamers Bavins room. For tether particular apply to Dai Tofty a cum Ham. Mutts to. Davenport Chambers it Currie Street a cj9o. Ferguson co., port Adelaide. ? Austh Lund Sline steamers. Beae hew fou to wind vast be Smars or pointed to pm the port Adelaide wharf Lor Hayal Oaie Lut ii Abr turn Wilo menu. 5.078 tons Tabt. Feb. A a Ahmoi. _ _. 4j87 tons f Abt. An. 4. Vmuuw4hi4m _ j 4.0u tons to cd Nikko a _ _ 5.015 tons to follow. Ramonq _ _ i 5.979 tons i to Fuorn. Etc event Tor passe Oten. For he Fth or Patam apply to Stoutie wills t co., a kist Adelaide. Port Adelaide and port Pine Holts Blue funnel Lime ? Ocean steamship Core Tulit actevia to London and ?. fool. The reamers if this Stu Fino a line Are of the Hight bus and or peat Speed. They Wols rim org Yuriy from port. Adelaide com Means with Sarpedon. It Tow. About 2nd March. Hector. 4,m ton. About and april Orestes. 4.s3c toes about 1 May. These steamers Are Al Rcd with the most Chambers. And offer fruit shippers � splendid Opportunity for speedy delivery of fruit v London and Liverpool. For freight and particulars apply to ? George wills k co Adelaide and port Adelaide ? ? ? Tahse for South african ports. . Juanua North sob tons. Cant r. Calvert appointed to Tail from Ocean steamers want met Adelaide about March it. For freight and full particulars apply to coerce wills it co., in tbsp Adelaide and port Adelaide. Lur its blues uighur line. Notice to passengers. . Wilc Annu will urn Ocean steamers wharf. Port Adelaide at o clock on thursday afternoon february for Natal. Cape town and London. ?. George wills co. ? % 5t9 Adelaide and. Port Adelaide. ? .8ydn�y,3risbanr, and towns Rill we leave under ? �. Masder. Tysl Kasuga Marc. E. W. Htwe ulnar. 9 mar. A bomb Tea Lap a says these Cairns cent esp eat Tan steamers Are bar loudly batted Tor past matters. Two berths Only to Baleen Cabins. Tesie Wisht refrigerator. A particular to. Fri by and palaces ram Tgu Nuitt cot attests. O. Hat met Lam Street a the tji o r p o it t 1 i h ithe Rebuhr trader Dianella sails Satur 4s7, March a. It e. Leeb crier port Adelaide i _ f. Orbit. Poke Trot. &t60 to k. Thomas co.v1iercantile, pcs Icib. ? ? and. ?. A Eskal printers. ? que Felb Street Aorta id to a 4. ? 8hippjnq be Adoui 6teamsh p gom pail. A Mitt 2 m dispatch steamers from port Adelaide at. Under Decu stances Pennis Ninfi _ or at puny Ano i Tut Fillipi by Tot pm rain Poh pm Narth a it ports Mil Singapore. On through Bill of lading a Ollowa .77. Friday i March 1 1 � a or Mik Bourne and Sydney Tran shipping or Queen Slang port8. I Bloo ? saturday March 2 i 4 no rest tour ebb Sci. \ or port Lincoln. Moonta. Wallaroo. N aka Kux a Arbour. And Tomby a. Rekht ? i to Star March 5 1 3 . ? i n forts aug Sta Ermede. And Puu with a senecas and cargo a yes Wator a sturday March 2 i 4 pm. Conf Niue ladies Cabin on dec. A a Mab. T1ckct8 ints Roh. Nguk 6.7�t��� . Cargo most be alongside Steamer not. Less than a hours before advertise time of Dlin Date. For All information apply to the Adelaide steamsu1p co., Luoth Urrie Street. A Dewidt. And comm Crysal wharf. Port Adelaide. Iu.8.n. Co., to. The Favourite. Passenger steamers of bore line will Drums tocts permitting be Itnatz cart for a skim Pil Barra Unm j biday. March. Tran ship at Fremantle. I blood Rob in Berv Ssan to paroo. Wasmut re f Raudat Toch Adu other Queen Sod of tit 4 cargo received daily at a Jyneen a sri of to on tour before tailing. ? Al tickets interchangeable after the first port Rich the steamers of the Adelaide steamship Coo any Tares and freights apply to the com pants offi Oss �7, King William Street. ?. And Queen wharf. Port e. And a. Line. Port Darwin. Manila China and Japan. Next departure will be toe . Guthric a jiving Sydney 16th March. Cargo received and forwarded per . Kalgoorlie Ailine from port Adelaide a March to sri Tey. For transhipment to . Cuthr1e. Free of additional Frda it booked through to London and continent by Empress woe of steamers from Ains connecting with the Canadian Pacific rail Ray. Apply for particulars Gibbs. . & co., agents Eastern and australians. Co. Ltd ? co. Grenfell Street and port Adelaide. ? st9.81.4 drapery and olo Thina Lioy Sif continuation of Sale of 8urplus summer we very Greit bed Netious in Crery kind of Sommer Woollen Prea material French Cambric French muslims a 4c a urge Stock of summer blouses. Lace mantles. Coats and skirts. hats Flowers. 4c, at less than half usual prices. A varied selection of Black and other a Shio aisle inti hats rials including every accessory of dress in rogue for mourning. Patterns Post free on a Puca Tion. Mar tilt bros., ? Burlington House. 0 drapers � orc Lars. Hancl lulls. Price lists pc Tenino Jock Al the Rester observer and general or disc offices. Drapery and olo Thina gome and join the Happy throng that ? ? secure our Superior. Values. G ladies costume skirts lined. 5/11, wet ladies flounced costume skirts Rural 15/9, 17/6, 19/6 25/9 27/9, 35/ each. Kubi these crowds Are beat Folly cot and made and stocked in a Large variety of materials. J. J. Foale & go 14, 16, 18, Brown Street 132, 132a,gouger Street. Special Ane Itoh to . Write m ill strafed Price list. ? shipping 1 1 the 1 1qw a and suits line sate Howard Smith wharf u i books permit inc ? to Witt a Rama. ? a. By Tai rom tuis Day tors Day feb Nara at . 1 asters Etc and Caric to Eastern co.omis3. Kiel Burnk \ ? or of \&?s2te will Kria Uuk. J ? ? ? porn Tuik to lasters colonies. ?.s. St. J1auv Lares port Pirie wednes a. Jurch 1j. Farco Muk lie Deli tired Atoo godt 5tuners not Tiaa one boor before advert id time of Ssu not Cox tickets Are eth the steam to of a Assn Huddart. Par Kkt. Co. And Licile Tarm Mceacharn. And co. Pm. Howard Smitm & tons props 13. King Willum Dtreit. Adt Wail and North Parade. Pott Addaide. 2te Cachard & co. Proprietary limited in a Latch the Tounwin a Wetter Steuben ? permit tic in Bourne \ a Loo oru Tomky / tuesday March 5. In uak tool amt in Elk Santuk f tuesday March 6.tons pippin for Perth wharf cer Liston and All . Ports in thro oct Lilu of lading ? note. Return tickets arc Rith mean. Howard Smith it sons and Hod Art Parker t co a steamers. Mclow Aith. Meea harm co. Milso Katina Al Mutual rail discs. 9l inf Rollain Street Adelaide or. J. Raw pcs 4 son. Port Adelaide Ivd Datto Parker. & co. Proprietary. Limits. Win dispatch from port Adelaide Drca stances of mining. 1lbamv 1 an6uan. Fremantle j w id a to Rocco rills of lading to Perth. Re Torr tickets with Cessn. Ucol wraith Lle Eehan. K co. Poorie Arr. Limited and Howard Smith and sons pts Jrie tary limited. 0e a it j. Fowler. Looted. Agents. Carriers a Telephone Adelaide. 150 port Adelaide 77. H.ahay�s85co. Rail Ajr and general carriers. Custom House ind forwarding agats to All parts of the australian colonies. Goods received for storage. Furniture carefully Remond. Firms supplied by Day. Week. Month or tear Irith. Hone. Vehicles and Drivers. Special attention Eiven to the collection of Pas pen cars by Guase Lor summent or otherwise. Harinec made arrangements with the steamship bpm panel our men Board All steamers on Arri nil it lamp Ray or port Adelaide for the collection my a ditty of parcels and Luggage to any part f the Colony. Head office 89. Corrie Street ? Ovett Street port Adelaide. Wehse v Piu Vbry Dotolo Thirki. offer ? i hath never been made. Before. Wilson brige hate decided to Raee a glean sweep of the whole of their Stock of Trouse rings by making to order in their Best style and finish All the qualities Usu ally charged at from 15/0 to 10/6 for 10/6 pair. We Only Hare altogether about 130 pairs to sell so if Yon Are in want of a Well made Well Cut perfect fitting pair of trousers at less than you can get a Slop made pair at Don t miss this Opportunity. We guarantee satisfaction Bat cannot undertake to keep the offer open after this week or Cut ? pattern Wilson Brice and go., 114 to 118, bundle Street. 47c the elite tailor Mercer. And Hatter Asp. Genele railway station. King William Street. Suits to measure from 40/. A Wen selected Stock of ties to choose from. Opening up an entirety Kew Stock of hats in Kew st Shanes and styles. Mercery in All its departments a. Speciality. � pay a visit and it wit pay you. With Stefes. W. Xor Poett. The elite. ? an f9uoj0n6 Days. Mar plus popular Pler we. It off a ? if you intend securing some 01 this Sale will not last much longer �. ? ? ? but most surely drawing to a close. ?. I note the. Foll Agar Sciort it \ a. . Coat8 and Kieth stack and White Chee Fawn cloth Jck to maktce8 in silk sat n. I Buffon. And lace All , capc.8, White pm in and 8la a str Kli its off sober Muslim blouses 6 res washing Costi Mes Witt be jackets a t Ostiihe cd Pur Chas e Job for Cas h. To be o feb Bop patb055 and the Pultro a a a balt at ridiculous it Low prices. Kindly read the following Price list Melbourne and Sydney bargain 10dtniiidjtstrnor�lmmlinntu ,1rtteach u Dosta ladies Fawn Drill waa Bing kits for 3/11 talk. It Down ladies bics Faey Pimm walking kits u/9 for vhf etch. 10 Dotta Ltd Buck lost sops Ter walking Kite. I few to an. M Lvi its bold oath in nor braided o4pm. A for 3/11 my. Bema Aladina Ilan prior Rwy Cambric washing of Tapper 3/11 aod4/ilwek. ? 19 Dona ladies Superior White l. O Knicker trimmed in to go for 1/ pair u Doz Ladief Large Sita Thlu mos to amont warts 1/8 for m Eack 60uiuea Blackd White on and Kirt. Witt 2svteb 14 ladies cosm Lustre coat acid skirt costumes Worth 6v Tot a sub 4 Dona ladle1 Thlu knitted Coura comma Tioma 4/ti for 1/m 19 lures loaf Black cloth Coats uned Jilk. Worokis or /9 much 4x0 ladies varies Sinuc cloth jackets carbs Matt less rix., Buck Aad col and doth. Lined silk trimmed fur. A. It 1o/a, 12/921/ each. N Down ladies Whitt of Sun and coloured unto of oking a Koms. So 94, 1/, 1 each so Dos a infants my and Murav feb socks to go for m. 3d, a 9-l each a dozen la Abb whip cart in and be Teartt knitted Cotton Unok vests. So stems Short sleeves or Long slews to go for 3d, 94, 9t 1/ each m ladies White pique and striped Linen walking skirts. /1 and/11 each. S3 ladies whip pique and coloured Linen coat and spurt costumes to go for set set. 1oj9eaeh ,,tocotor3yi1oach ladies Short Rawn cloth jackxt3. Trimmed and braided u go for 6/11, s/11, w/9 each v Doxen girls and a of Lance Siso phia Foko beautifully trimmed 1/ti. 2/ti, and 3 11 each 15 dozen children and maids White sum nats beautifully trimmed. 1/11 and 2/11 each 09 dozen ladies Cremo Pink and Bine knitted Cotton Booi Oss to go for a and 1/ each n ladies Black silk lacs and Salt mantles richly trimmed in. 1o. 12/9 each Slocum cents and maids Drill washing Mostu sits to f for i it 2/11, Sti each Iso ladies Marmot 3ble Fua Flok end with esp Ogo for sri each Over 1,500 pairs ladies and children hosiery. , pairs. Wonderful . Ask to see them. Champagne glasses Worth 17 6, for 9/6 dozen. Cut win glasses Worth 7/6, for 4/6 dozen. Marshall Fath tube i. Mess. James Marshall & Coy. Direct the attention of borers to their enormous and unrivalled Stock of modern household furniture every conceivable class and mud of furniture being lavish Al represented. To ? ?. ? i our w Trofe Jav i t Tife displayed in spacious and special let Ted showrooms in Daylight not in partially lighted Meme Atoff. ?. Off. ? messes. Ja3qs marshal ii of to manufacture and design Furm sure. ? j. J their factories Are always open for inspection. 1 All upholstery work done in their own workshops by specially selected \ ind skilled workmen. ? ? ,. ?.? \ messes James Marshall 1 not merely. Purveyors of a limited selection of medium or Low Dass goods. 1 � -. ? ? everything by quebed for household appointments. Will be found on View or made to order at Marshall. Drapery and lot hint we quilts half Price the coliseum. We Are offering the whole of our Stock of White honeycomb Marcella ind Satin quilts this week at half Price. ? ? see them Early 75 White honeycomb its size 10/4, for double Beds in a qualities marked from 6/11 to 12/6, All to be sold at. ? s Hai if Peige. 63 White honeycomb size in v for double. Beds in All. Qualities marked from 10/6 to 24/6, All to be sold Ai 49 White honeycomb a ills size 12/4, Fob double Beds in All qualities marked from 13/ to 30/, All to be sold at half Price. This an exceptional Opportunity for hotels and boarding houses. Bargains Soch these can Seldom be secured. 43 White Marcella Lifite 10/4 size for double Beds in All qualities from 15/8 to 22/6, to be sold at half Price. 29 whit.tio quilts 11/4 size for double Beds in All qualities from 21/ to 39/, All to be sold to half Price. 42 White Satin quilts 12/4 size for double Beds in All qualities from 35/ to 49/6, All to be sold at. Half Price. 19 White Satin quilts 13/4 size. For double Beds in All qualities from 37/6 to 63/, All to be cleared at half Price. ? ? � these goods Are being Hown in our Large Eastern window. The in All the various makes Are such that intending buyers will do Well to see them Early. Country orders must be accompanied by remittance. We guarantee to refund any moneys sett it the goods Are not Satis factory. ? ? Carriage paid on All country orders. The coliseum u and 18, trundle Street. 58c ? drapery and olo Thino. Hell lust. Goodr to let Price do most of the talking to Day. We do not indulge in cheap to Quality but quote prices being the better Way to keep the Public ear interested in our advertisement the Public Eye turned toward our store and the Public foot walking in our direction. Oberc not the least doubt but that the magnetism of our Bankins a cows purchasers from near and far. The goods the , and the treatment be among their. To Day. ?. ?. ,.-.we Bare opened up from England and elsewhere our Fin shipments of goods and take this Opportunity of ? proclaiming the prices fsr and wide. You might think we keep hammering to persistently Al the Park question that How Yon Best judge this establis3ment. S usefulness. Weve built up a big bus Ness on the basis of reliable goods at Low prices and Yon Lute ?. Been educated to expect that condition of things Berei ? ? _ icing prices t0-Dat entice ent White twill 8heetingsl ? 13 pieces Good vane it yet # enticement 2.-72-Inch White willed sheeting 23 pie h Ood Quality trait a Cement 3.-80-Inch White willed sheeting17 pieces perfectly Potev. Top entict3ient 4.-36-Lnch White Calio Oes #. \. ? 72 pieces a Nice soft make q to enticement 5.-36-inchhorrock8 White Cali Coes ? ? 80 pieces Well known value a to Dot enticement 6.-s6-Inch Linen table damask ? 11 pieces selected patterns to Tya enticement 7. 40-Inch checked dress. Tweeds. ? ?. 60 pieces in Greys and fawns to to 4ra enticement 8.-27-Inch Cream and Pink willed Flannelette 170 pieces heavy make Ott 4mm enticement 9. 28-Inch unbleached x willed swanskin8. 103 pieces no dressing a to do in enticement 10. 30-Inch Galatea st3ipes ?. 11 pieces All Navy grounds Ott Doss enticement 11.-38-Inch coloured Cashmere. A 40 pieces an Heudes of tub to enticement 12. Men melange suits. J ? ?.?4. Only in Greys and Browns la 8ok enticement 13.-ladies Glace kid Button shoes. R. ?. Enticement 14. We Pat rail Carriage on. All �2 parcels. A i ? give special attention to Jill country orders ? ? ? Ems. A i a Ofui by and 0u thin0. R Clearing Sale still on. ? y. Ladies Pink and club Zephyr Collar and guff sets 1/9 for w. Ladies. White Ghist fronts slightly soiled 1/0 for 6d ladies transparent Chemi Sette fronts 2/8 for 1/6, 5 Only Hail spot Muslin dress skirts lace trimmed 25/8 for 10/6 Hail spot Blouse. Lace trimmed. With sup 10/6 for 5/6 Black roman Satin Blouse tucked style 6/li for 4/11 ? heavy White twill Sheet ing 7d, Lold v per Ard ?. -. J heavy Grey twill sheeting 5 d. 7 a 10 d per Yard Large size turkish. To vels j White or Brown 5fd each. Brown honeycomb towels 1/ per dozen bordered Abt muslims 1/11, r 2/llper dozen ? special lines in fancy Jart Muslin la 4/u per dozen White Cali Coes 2/6, 8/6 per i. Dozen. 40-in. Plan and fancy dress 1/ and 1/3 for 9d Yard a \ 42-in. Peacock Serge 1/9 for 1/8 Rard. R so \ v fancy piques. 9 d for Ted Yard White Pinafore muslin8, 8/11 dozen ? ? White Nain Sooks 3/6 dozen Khaki Yodens Plain angst Jed .9jd and id Yara. = 18-in. Yoke lace in White a debt Ter 1/ for 4jd Yard of Pejay and olo Thina boys speckled -8traw hat8, 4w,,i/ ? men Abbai hats 8/11 for 2/u men White Straw ,2/8 for 1/11, 2/11 for 2/ 8/6 for a/11 men White Cziok Tinq shirt8, 1/8,2/6. Youths Tweed suits 16/6 for 14/6. Youths Khaki co ats. 8/6. Boot department. Men Tan cannas Oxford 8boeb, Tan toe Caps and facings 2/11 ? ? children High leg leather Balmoral Standard Sere wed very. Sub Cial value Sixes ii to 1 2/11, sizes 7 to 10 2/6. Ladles Satin calf gems noes throb strap. Superior in airy 4/11. Men Strong Kip Blucher Spriggel or nailed 4/11. R ladies kid Gem shoes two strap. Patent toe Caps 3/11children Fine leather Oxford shoes sizes 11 to 1 3/c sizes 7 to 10 2/tl. J. X Fitch the 00bner. 62utbhct plinths Good st oho a Herb Cali Coes Lor Tadj uses a mk.4/6. Tvs 6/u to. White twill sheeting Good old i Well War cloth it to. Of a Aravt unbleached twi ? m 1 1-nt4 Sheetoo. .? 7 j Stroud unbleached Plaw by Lejard Buee Tiko i in. S fancy braided Pillow slips Sinif with frill ? Elf o draw thread pillows lips ill a Yai with am ? ,. 35for White Hob took q0ilt8, a ? m wart Iam Ste Tjai 1 1 a Lorre omit comb. Tech let aft Tash cotes ? ? or we Rob Aucella bed Moi Ltd ukr Huttes All kit dts Spidal 0/114 Ste ? to it w. T. Flint & Sod Ltd., nth mongers dbaio8, Tuitt Klamu a Tad to tour Dun my

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