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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - February 27, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia now ready. Our a titty and Luad of Booklet. All about Doii lop tyres for 1901canaowjbeobtainrt Giat by my. Contains 40 Page of matter and Artt Etc and Nottjr Soff Thuat of Weff Nowa Baring Caracta. Tie Krolop pow attic Tyre . Of att Straha Ltd. W Frank in Street Adelaide ? Good and cheap an brine pump on the Market by m to Ami the Esmand Canad or a oooo we Asiso Max a x Ham Aen it vast flood m Dunios but hotter of can All others. Auma Croad by Thi Fulop Patuitui Ettre . Of a itch it. 59. Franklin Street Adelaide shipping p. & 0. Steam Kaliq Atoy com Pant. Coder Royal mail contract will dispatch the following steamers a r in Antler. Colombo Aden Manrill Gibraltar. Pts Mouth. Ltd Loo Don with Liberty to Call at Brindi ? i inf. I uni Uimer. That. Arcadia. Can . Loggin feb. So. Ocba a. ? pm of lurch it ?bb1taxma os5 r. 11. Seymour sunh�3. Australia. On l a react april 11 Victoria ? but e. Crewe april is Rome ? pm j. Cowie mar 9 we. Bonn May 3. Via Hobart from Sydney. Pas insert for Brindisi tra whip at port said. N3ticb to a is. Liberal reductions to i Aaili. Whole Cabins referred. The accommodation in both fint and second saloons a damage from Europe. Ac., can be arranged Here. Puk Ngen allowed to break their journey at intermediate ports. Tourists tickets India. China. Japan be. Bound the work tickets famed. Pas Bates. Tickets is Ned at lowest current rates. Special return ticket to London. La Hook. Timetable and All Pani Culan As to Pasage Boney ke., forwarded on application. Loeb. South. T . Limited. Agent. A Pic a . trains for Pasie nuked and visit us arranged to leave Adelaide f t the a end of Lara Day jetty at Wjk and . On thursday. The Ian launch i rare the my at Ijo ., Cocjin Tinc with the 125 Return i Prybl from Largs Bay to Adelaide. St j elder so Stu. K. Co. Limited agent. Orient line. The following Stea Muhip under Boyal Mau contract Wilt Cate Adelaide Largs Bay at 4 On the undermentioned Date for ply Uluth and London via Fremante. Colombo Tran Shipple for Alt Indian port. Sues canal. Naples. A Siniue. And Gibraltar of bibajis65tj. Link Beer Mart 7. ?a05rral. Fifi Kkt Boron. . Al. Cuzco ? s9u v. S. Symons 4. Morau. Isl j. F. Ruth ten i Al is. And fortnightly thereafter. Via a boart from Saloon to London single ass 10/ to �77. Return �71 Lutu 12l third Clao. �17 7/. A 13/. �3u 16/. Baloon to Colombo Singu. It to �33. ?. Helnm. �36 a to �19 10/. Western Australia. Saloon. �6 1/ to �7 11/ third. �3 17/. Prances from and port can be prepaid Here. Return tickets fint Saloon Between is teb Colomal ports Are now available for re turn by p. And o. And 1l1l companies st Cunert Baric room. Managers of. Creen k . And Ander son. Anderson k . Fen Surca Iesue \ mtg tit. full particulars on application to m. I. Anderson Branch manager. 1s5ct of. Grenfel Street. N. D. L. Sord Devtscher Lloyd. The impel us mail steamers do a. Of this company will be dispatched Aruj Jluz under. And regularly thereafter to a . Antwerp and Bremen Ria Fremantle Colombo. Aden sea port said. Napert and Ono. ? it comm Luaa. Fa.miinnu�.-. Lean a. I Uhl Friedrich Deb Grosse ? . Eicho mar. 161 Prusz Regent i lot old ? 9b b. Walter april u Ediar. ? 4996 us Creon mar 11 kaons Rule ? s0s7ie. Of Melman june & Darmstadt ? 8018 a Dewers Only twin screws. Pasage Moory from Adelaide �15 8s. To �71 a. Great reductions on return Passaghi. Liberal inapt Flim to families r aware from Europe can be arranged Here. Uttard cuss to London. �15 8s. Pass Ragen and cargo booked through to London and principal european Asiatic and � facts. for Irrig passage and All other particulars apply to the agents u. Mick a t Adelaide and port Adelaide. Special train for Passen Cumi and visitors leaves Adelaide at ia6o a. On departure Days for the sea end lamp pier. 131cv to great by talk a elbop5 us far the americas Australia a use a. In a. Tatj Royal mail express Servick. The Union steamship company of zealand United dispatch Kcal mail steamers bom Sydney Lor sax fua3c1sco, calling at Auckland Apia Samoa and Uono Ittin to Tif Lucr a Atas Mec tons. Lav Kydney s050ua i i 8,000 i february it Bike Tea _ _. Co March 10. Gyro a. _ a a a Apia. And every three weeks there Arur. Pis ii m in by Tuu line Are booked to All parts ill the a smelt states Canada and Loupe Man Choice of Hailway Unes from san a Kan Ducu. And privilege of urea aunt a Muhney Ai any Hunt in cute. Through a censers to Europe have the option Al travelling either through Lite United state or Canada. On reaching the Atlantic Seaboard they can proceed by any of the famous lines of st Bamks to ecu oru passengers for Uono ulu May return per Casa fares and fhe1ciits at lowest rates. For rail particulars apply to . Co. A agents a Kins Ivillia Creet City and i idea wharf Pott. 30twk Canadian anal Lauas total Viau. A line to Brisbane. Honolulu. Vas Corveu Canada. United states and Zubol k in connection with the Tam out Canadian pact Fly it Ailway. . Leave sad Nyi leave Brisbane. Mio Wera r Kali scary x j March l Moran full a Job 33 March 3� Moa a april in ? apr is. ? first and off find Qais of inn fun Tarail excellent cuisine. Specially Low through Mcmond Vlass rate to Europe. Coo voyage through the tropics tapping at Honolulu the Paradise of the Acicc. Tau Diu Piuto surf for Europe will find tie Royat borne via Canada very end Jable compared to us Uri mib us us Chi tin a i of the Lud us and Sui i Ual the scenery Over to Canadian Pacioc railway is unequalled m grandeur. Flop Otto Uriv Ilses Allied at the various Points of merest suit As Janif fan 1 Katoot afrant. Niagara Talu. roil no tue Tould tul us. Exceptional privilege offered. Railway map. Guide books. Rates of pause and All other inform Tipo apply to or rues 17. King William Street. City and Queen s wharf Purl slave lord s . Notice to p.\ssentiers. . Win Ana will lev Ocean Stan wry to tar. Port add Tanav. At 2 o clock on thursday Ute Tinion. February � for Natal ape town and London. A Eolkin u ills life. 59 Adelaide and tort Adelaide. Jold. London. Via Rio Jaf Ira passenger accommodation Tuor Parkd. Pas Waeen Boort through from Adelaide Tia new zealand and Bio Janeiro thus eci Pinz the a so. Passage. For full parti Titars apply elder. Smith i c., United. Two Deuchle and port Adelaide. Union line of Steamer. To new a Caput put Tuuu mall Kuurne. Moloia. Via. Ilo Hart. Wednesday. Feb s from Syd nov Waikart via Auckland wednesday. March & Mono Wal via we Winston. Saturday March 9. To Taf Tom Kim l a Yokoia for Hobart. Wedge Dar feh Ruaro 27. Mateena. For Sun Romoa. Saturday. March t to Samo and if. H of vent y. Kot Okino. Wed Emlay. March 13. For rates of freight and i Massage Maney and a mfr motion apply to a.u.8.n. Co la agents r. Klesc William Street. City and Lima s Bart. Port. Zuzov Rev to a Fth a and Ardrossan. 4ltv Edith Borg sol Wai Tooka. Dlr a i Imit and saturdays at 0 a. A returning Thor Daj and mondays. Ardros5an-. James Cordz. Tuesdays and thursdays at 9 an. Returning same Day. Of cargo received after main. On Day of ailing. In rec ? n. Specke k . Agents. Asa. 17 o b a Bob o a k. Dflbjl1 Fleet wisc Law sails regularly every Widus Day. . Skwe r. Fricker port no. K. Rno Hab ? of , si1ipp1ho. Customs. ? Tad Cetera. Prihteb5, 4ibitp Militi Mios Anas a vhf. In 8hippinq m adeside steamship company limited �t1u dispatch Steamer from port Adelaide to for a Batand fru Mantle for Espoo inc , Coradon. All North wort ports and sons Moro Wollo Wka 1 1 1 my for my Bourni and8ydney, Tran shipping Lor Queensland port8. Marlon ? saturday March 2 1 By nor s Gulf service. For Post Lincoln. Moonta. Wallaroo. Franklin iia Bour. And Tumby Bay. Hekket ? tuesday March 5 � Ports Sta Cervern. And Pixie West Iutok. Sturday j March 2 4 Leom trouble ladies Cabin on deck. All passage tickets inter Hance. Able with steam roof the a.. Co. Arts or air a port of Call. Cargo must be alongside Steamer not less than two hours before advertised time on sailing Date. For All information apply to the Adelaide steamship . Limited. Currie Street Adelaide and commercial wharf. ? port Adelaide. . Co., old the Favourite pass Ekkeb steamers of above line will circumstances permitting be us patched for it Mantle _. .?5wsw� Pil Barra Meu unt ii Vodney. Paroo. And All other Queens land ports. J cargo received daily at Onsen s wharf up to one hour before sailing. A tickets interchangeable after the fint port Rith the Steamer of the Adelaide steamship com Pany limited. For fares and freights apply to the company s offi8s3. 87, Kino William Street. And Queen s wharf. Port ? ? �. And a. Line. Port Darwin. Manila China and Japan. Next departure will be the . Guth Riti leaving Sydney 16th Marco. Carco received and forwarded per . Kalgoorlie Kilinc from port Adelaide st Mak ii. To sad by. For transhipment to . Jet Hie free of Ulvi tonal freight Pashe cers booked thrash to London and continent by Empress line of Steamer from Triina connecting with the Canadian Pacific rail my. Apply for particular Gibbs. Bright it . Agents Eastern and australian . Co. Ltd., 0, Greo Feil Street and port Adelaide. 6t3..4 drapery and lot incl continuation of Sale of surplus my boobs. Very great reductions in every kind of summer Woollen Drew material French Cambric French a Nejina a 4c a Hrire Stock of Sib Imer blouses. Lace mantles. Coats and skirts. hats. Flowers at less than half usual prices. A Arird selection of Black and other Fash Snakle la materials incl Dine every accessory of dress now in Rosne for a pursuing. Patterns Post free on a Puca t1on. Martlttbros., Burlington House. Of drapers in Colars. lists thu at event no journal the Register observer. And be feral bin tick offices. 8hippinqthe 20waed Smith line Eye Howard act s wharf As follows drum stances. Permitting to vai8t gustaua. I february 1� at 3 _ j passe Cerk and Carco. Roi a Jujj 11 ��ni18 Iris Banc. I a a Gabo. N /2.lj,f0r f this Dat w emf liftssslr1 of Bananr 5 pm s e a we to Eastern colonies. A jimhu1 fam p0kt pure wedge Cireo must be Del Reed alongside steamers not � than one hour before advertised time of sail ufos tickets Are a of of messes. Huddart. Park ., and Ucil Wrath. Mucea cuban w. Howard 4mith & sons prop ii t3. Kinq William Strutt. Not Laid and North Parade. Port Adelaide. Sic Wrath Acharn proprietary limited i full dispatch the following Paa Senser Steamer circumstances permitting a oms / tuesday. Car Cha i 2vl. Coo car j tuesday March & to tipping for Perth wharf och. It Iii ? Law port8 a01 1111.1 ticket taterchanmabta1% Tiff 5. A Stone , Parker in s steamers. In tonal Mutual buildings. 91, Kinz William Street Adelaide or j. Raw pcs 4 son. Port Adelaide id Dat Pakker. & . Proprietary. Umlyv.0. Win dispatch from port Addaide circumstances permitting. A Bank Anquan. Re Mantle. Monday. March u. J at 1 The Rocco Bills of lading to Perth. Return tickets a feb Tessa. Udo wraith. Me Cham it . Propri u7, limited and Howard Smith and sons pc Rie Tarj limited. Be d. J. Fowler. United. Agents. 3mj2$�ls a Plesea a Pool cons Wees Are requested to pass in Hies at Omi 11i1xs of Lauing must be pre in Tel Ami Kre cuts paid at our port office Leforc delivery. No claims will be acknowledged Nicks Dannie Lias been pointed out on Undine my so ii will not he responsible for abstraction f spirits or Utler bonded Good except fro Okase i ii nine out the wharf in bad order and Mil examined in us presence of the Apuin All Cood impeding i Ashante will be iwo and stored at con i sneer risk and expense. Chanuin Lewis will not be responsible for do debts contracted by the Crew without his Ritton authority. D. To j. Fowler limited. 5ts town and port. Carriers a e0fe so ., railway and esmeral Oarr Itra forwarding and Shipp Coq agents. Agents for Lis new South Wales carrying and Agency of Sydner Jurs. Chappie a . Broken Hill faces Divett Street port Adelaide North tee Kace Adelaide. Cods forwarded with care and dispatch. Telephone 90. Port 74. Adelaide. 97mwfe business notices Dalgety & ., Umito. Dead office London. Capital. Andy subscribe 4.omm�0 in Skwiva Evno _ _ _ Afta Orloo _ _ 137,000 i enchants Wool and produce Otto ers Stock station com Mission and shipping agents. All station requisites supplied. Liberal advances made on station property con ctr Tom Wool or other reduce received Tor Rea nation in hone or colonial Market agents for Emge Ries car times French mail Steamer nay. Imrie. Pc s White Star use of Steamer org Thompson s Aberdeen Une Steaman be. Clicquot chs Montgne Tulloch Vlase. Pc s whiskies pm. Younger 4 s Monk Brand Edinburgh a. Jeffrey s Castle Brand Edinburgh ates inlay Muir k s Calcutta and Colombo Teaa manager for South Australia e. W. Van Senden ? 14. Curate Street. C8awse drapery and clothing a surf betas raw Rovana do cornets French pm corsets a tt7he8c celeb ram a h corsets. Of a absolutely Wrt Wirt j of rival. Occupy to a go \ Ramler position we Fai us of Orsort Trydo a Yii 10 Feu mans u us last International exhibition 1st Paris. 1ms, the to Corset gained the his Host poo Siblo award. Obtainable from All leading drapers. Twar of imitation and a tha a Cornota boar Tho following Trad Mark. Sou atom to urm a i Borsdorff go set a ? ho8iery and cor8et9�&v of importers of the Wal Msomi a of store or of sanitary a so drapery and Lothin we close to Day in Lino or of the proclamation of bins Adward fix god save the kx3vg-. ? is ladies costume skirts lined 5/11, till Guji 9/11, 12/9 each. Few ladies new flounced costume skirts. Bijj Rojs 1.1 15/9, 17/6, 19/6 25/9 27/9, 35/ each. 11 these goods Are Beant Fally cat and made and stocked in a Large variety of materials. J. J. Fable & 14, 16, 18, Brown Strait 132, 132a, Gauger Street. Special Ait ton 10 country orders in write for illustrated Price list. Y. ? j. ? t King Edwitt Vul. Long mat he reign r mar Hall s Large establishment l 0 s e d to Day this being the Day appointed Fob the proclamation of his most gracious majesty e1n.g Edward vol but to Lii Row we shall be a of he and it will be an excellent Opportunity for securing some of the astonishing bargains offered. ? ?. ? j even Standard is feb. Season s ?0098 Kalt reduced. 30 before you Tarn bom to to country after Yit mag us hoi Tarr Ragmat and generally enjoy dig yourselves Looe tit Sfa avails Alij s and. Get acquainted with their goods get in touch with their genuine Sale bargains and bring plenty of Money with you. Sale bargains. 076 Yards of silk bl0psin6s, 1/ per Yard ? sch Black lace cloth Roehe and Floral patterns 4/11 the dress leah1ng out to Day 1,500 pairs samples of ladies and children s hosiery. Wonderful values of White table Damalt 10 ? per Yard ? Fow Clearing 18 cases write cauc02s and Sheet ecu bought Job in London at a big discount to pairs Navy and Chiria or00md cambe1cs, very special 4/6 for 12 Sale of manufacturers samples Eom Prisloe gets Cashmere and Merino half Hose natural Wool and Merino. Under Wear and sweaters 30yv and youths Serge trousers sizes 12, 18. 14, 1, 2, 2, to be cleared at 6/11 per pair ? ? ? ? Ian s Tweed trousers Siron Ranj Goji 5/11 the pair Marshall s fur Nim a met. James Marsh at. & Coy. Direct the attention of buyer to 0�dr Jno Rilous and unrivalled Stock of modern household furniture every conceivable class and kind of furniture being lavish presented.? o o or a f u or in i t u h e delayed in spa Ous and specially fitted showrooms. In Daylight lot a partially lighted basement., / Means. James . 4 Coy. Manufacture and design Furni sure. Their factories Abe always open for inspection. All upholstery work is done in their own Wori Ohop by Ped ally selected and skilled to workmen. ? ? ? ? ? menus. James Marshall & Coy. An not merely purveyors of a imbed ref cation of medium or Low Chat goods. .?.-. ? Bye Bythina Beau bed for household a Pofit bits will be found on their or made to order at Marshall s. Drapery and lot hint Khoth All Over Australia. John Martin and ., limited. Popular is summer Sale. Summer Sale summer Sale. We. Are determined to Clear daring the remaining Days of Saie All surplus. Stocks regard less of Cost in order to make room for heavy shipments of new goods now arriving. ? we Abe universally noted Forouz Sterling values nolo inc Boore and shoes \ fancy tools a a5d general per Bisbing. John Martin & ., Ltd. 98 to 108a, bundle str but ? Adelaide. Ats offer that Star never been made before Wilson Brece have decided to math a clean sweep of the whole of Hwik Stock of Trouse rings by making to order in their Best style and finish All the qualities Usu ally charged at from 15/6 to 19/6 for 10/6 Paul we Only Hare altogether about 130 pain to sell so if Yon ate in want of a. Well made Well cot perfect fitting fair of trousers at less than you. Can get a Slop made pair at Don t miss this Opportunity. We guarantee satisfaction but cannot undertake to keep the offer open after this week or Cut any patterns. Wilson Bice and ., 114 to 118, bund la Street. 47c Shier Law s boys Etoh sons. 85/, 87/6 to 55/. Boys Long to Bouse suits 10/6 12/6, 16/ to 46/. Boys Oxford . Sult 12/9, 15/, 17/6, 21/ to Soa ?. Boys Sailor suits serve or Tweed. 5/9. 7/6, 8/9 to 17/6. Boys . S. Only 8/6, 2/it 8/6, 4/11,5/9. ?. ? 16 & 18. He Valet st. Drapery and olo Thino White quilts Sale Pekoe at the coliseum. We Are offering the whole of our Stock of White honeycomb , and Satin quilts this week at half Price. See them Early. 75 White honeycomb quilts size 10/4, for double Beds in All qualities marked from 6/11 to 12/6, All to be sold at half Price. 63 White honeycomb quite size 11/4, for double Beds in All qualities marked from 10/6 to 24/6, All to be sold at ? half Pace. 49 White honeycomb quilts size 12/4, for double Beds in All qualities marked from 13/ to 30/, All to be bold at half Price. This is an exceptional Opportunity Fox hotels and boarding houses. Baiga Iai such As these can Seldom be secured. 43 White Marcella quilts 10/4 size for double Beds in a qualities from 15/6 to 22/6, to be sold at half Price. 29 White Satin quilts 11/4 size for double Beds in All qualities from 21/ to 39/, All to be sold at half Price. 42 White Satin quilts 12/4 size for double Beds in a qualities from 35/ to 49/6, a to be sold at half Price. 19 White 8atin tyo itts. 13/4 size. For double Beds in All qualities from 37/6 to 63/, All to be cleared at half Price. Hiese goods Are being shown in our Large Eastern window. Us vibes m All the various makes Are such that intending buyers Grill do Well to tee them Early. Country orders must be accompanied by remittance. We guarantee to refund any moneys sent us if the goods Are not Sata Sattory. Carriage paid on a country orders. The coliseum in and 18, Rundle Street. To drapery and lot hint proclaiming the Kingi the citizens of Adelaide. And suburbs will have As Opportunity of i tensing a unique and attractive ceremony on wednesday the 20th inst being the Day set apart by the government for the proclamation of King Edward vii., and the Day the Imperial troops will Parade the main streets of the City. Incidentally we May mention our premises will be closed a Day in consequence but that is not the reason we Are writing this advert inocent. We have opened up from England and elsewhere our first shipments of Mew goods and take this Opportunity of proclaiming the Pri Gesi far and wide. You might think we keep 1 smering too persistently at the Price question but that is How you Best judged establishment s usefulness. We be built up a big business on the basis of Rel goods at Low prices and you have been educated to expect that condition of things Here. Its enticing prices to Day a enticement 16mnch White twill sheeting 13 pieces Good value of Yard enticement 2. 72-Inch White willed sheeting 23 pieces Good Quality t Al Yard enticement 3. 80-Inch White willed sheeting. 11 pieces perfectly pm t / yai4 enticement 36-Inch White Cali Coes 72 pieces a Nice soft make to ooze enticement s36-Lnchhorrocks s White Cali Coes 90 pieces Well known value a to Dozea enticement 656-Dtch Linen table damask 11 pieces selected patterns t /\1 Yard enticement 7. 40-Inch checked dress tweeds 60 piece in Greys and fawns to to Drissi # enticement 8. 27-Inch Cream and Pink twille1 Flannelette 170 pieces heavy make Ott Ooala enticement 9. 28-Inch unbleached i willed Swan skins 103 pieces no dressing to Dozea enticement 10. 30-Lnch Galatea stripes 11 pieces All Navy grounds Ott Dona enticement 1139-Lnch coloured Cashmere 40 pieces a Thanet ? to fun Dias enticement 12.men s melange suits s4 Only in Greys and Browns to a suit enticement 13ladles Glace kid Button shoes Patent toe Caps nicest shapes a to Psi enticement 14.we pay pail Carriage on All �2 parcels and give special attention to All country orders. Chas Moore & ., ? Burn by notioe8 bu8ine88 notices Ili it Skurnit Ifill Yetf Jurij k buyers of furniture who Are Lams Sesse Emir anxious to obtain goods which Are by sets Elisc thoroughly Well made of bound sea Mich Hal Jhb booed Wood a not do better than is visit our extensive showrooms where soy is suites in leather wis Seffl 6? Saddlebag. Offir to to Tiv Grosl 9d drawing room suites m great ski of i . Of pieces. Bedsteads sideboards. Hall 6uib� cams and Brace Wuu Aad old. To stands Over mantels a. 6b.addbvl1atc% coloured ii Caka Plata. Y v a to also i Jav Lurt. J a bus Al my glassware. A set. All at absurdly Low prices. Japanese China ieapoi8, with Tea Utu str ? Olaso Tabor a. J. Selwa7 Stutto of Atwith cow. I. Next to Walton s. 1baw&ieu. A test & water a. Tic sea 101-l w w w awl w w is of Jan to. Wine Tasma pattern. /6doata. To Debont us. Tosladolastar11 electrical esgujeeb8 and Oosta actors Flower Oloc the i a met. Each no. Teporten of Hoton. Lui. Fana la Phobea wire be. Be. We Tirl 0 to butt Este Abr electric lighting on application. T. Flint son Ltd., Wum egg Afna a Excelsior Wing pumps f. Humph is & sons a Wakeel Street Adelaide wmis3&h t and is Awa Mhar Rawsaw Aweh Jamestown. S�8bhr Fob 8as99l first class debated Waters Charles Atkins & ., Ltd. Cordials w. Zumik duct. So Kwh and ? Surpas Sall others Forjet s.a.i-.13, � ? Bradwood Saflar or Oak we Mam toot a. Sawfly avas Board Back Milad firm pm lop two Riyaj i it attn Aad cup oath to in. Bod Quad a v ,1 a a Fienco Padalka. Or Ual Mout. Cd Rona Thutt Jav a in a haib Aoa item or Cukr Ward Rule. Mirras ask Maas of at la a Boot us cats fair 1 Chain and Tow Aisil am a wbw9vw9bb-bh t tit lot. A Shirm pain Light or Kirk. Labolt. A fat a. 4f Atawal Zwia Lunor t it Wal amt. Wuh ipod liar Hlf a Sawfly Abb. Altot Vout bail us pair Tjit Sui id Cedar of lab Fife by Tinea Hatt Sucheki Paba. A Ulvund. In Rolf babe Kwh a a a top tile Back. Table Large Swiss Bevelled a Mirror and s jewel Dawen �2 17/6 tit pair Cadir Matt ? Obdu of s Donwen thu Polnau. �3 10/ -. We i astr cheats 17/ drawer Chwu a new a to Tilmae double wire voc sprint Lut Renei u/6 vib tax 1 1 ? to away swi Aew doable be wont Bedstead Start Mcben 9/1 a a t ? i a was awl Chaiya Tablet pc Rama Aad Lawyd Chain on bin. A Waw a a i i Foj Bat booms of fam Intro and piano bought Lor a a am cub. Fat Raitora and bed Cadi to Xci a Hub bbb by bedsteads. Bedsteads. Bedsteads. Alt flair set Hia i each Pari Iun. Italian and halt umers to. Uxa Maug i Al. At a Abl Al and full be. I Tare just unpacked ten Cater vhf of Bedstead i d the very latest Deigna buyer Bwl should inspect then and compare prices be on a mob Milf a pm qty a Buttof die were. Odd crockery Tso decent Kwh Nwa a psf puts. So. Each 50 Doten Diabeti. M. Each 10 new w9&9ff\f9m decent Tege table Dilbea Atoo lot Odd toilet Ware we it f awl i 1 1 a so carpet squares braces and taper try. 0 Holst i h ? 1 1 a Awat Baas theae Are new full toilet set Coa 10/6 Baij i i Alawaw tape Tryr suite. 6 piece. A sew. Ecu made and Sprinc seated �3 is the suite. Mum bpm Mhz jux a. I i Ajau w to us. A balt oppo8itk much of Bax sold for Cash of Oil Temis. Note no time payments. Telephone m. ? am of old machines taken in Exchange Tennis shoes st i it r a and by Bibb sold boots ? a ask menu a vocals. 176 to tt/6 la Tea to a a. W a Mot two ibis Gol the Bobber 8olqtt-Iutd. Man rect ? a i. I r

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