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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - February 25, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Good cheap an be ahead on the Narket Bas u by the a by Darawad far a Good Wurbs thu at a Lov hems. Hot a flood As Duni pc but Batter Tifaut All Vittora. Was of oud by ?. To Sta atop pm nematic to co. Of a Tonjia. Ltd. So. Num Oiw i Arr. To duo. Now ready. Oar at Mia Hama Eye books All about Dollop tyres for 1901 pm be of stated Gratis by Capac Aram of Cotaia. 40 Bice of Matte Netere Etiny . But Roetta i of Sirlista. Also an Tumie Prater ? Mai Phnola t of Utah Iowa Baydag crass. Hit Clep for Amati tongs. Of wait Aba Ltd. Be pm Tamkun mar for Laid ? 8hippinq f. & 0. Steam say1gatios compact. Under Raj to mail cum net will dispatch the loll Wiar Steamer Jia for Mantle. Co Sobo Aden Musette. Lib Dur Plymouth Lea Faa. With Liberty to Call it Brindisi Mew it � a. . In cat ?abcadia.j7 feb. A. Oceana. ? pm c Aurry 14. Bra of. Fi2s f. U. So raw March a. Australia. Soi t. Beeves april u Victoria. ? a c. Crew april s5 bums ? it j. Coria Lia r Himalaya ? a. May 3. Via Hobart from Sydney. Pas mama or Brindia Tran ship at port said. M stick top. . Ubani reduction to to mimics. Whole Cabins been Rcd. The accommodation to both kist second Saloon is in urn re. Paw age from Europe a can be arranged Here. Iii pit allowed to break their journey at intermediate . Toorish tickets India China Japan be. Bound the world tickets famed. Pm ratb1 ticket Bawd at lowest current rate. Pedal beam tickets to London. Handbooks Naa Abha. Aad til particular at to Para it a tory. At Tutu aided on application. Eldeb Smith. 00., we Ltd. Agents. So scr oiment line. The fallowing steamships under Boyal Mau contract will leave adeside Largs in at 3 Njo. On tit undermentioned due fur ply Mouth of London via Kre Kuntle. Colombo Tran shipping Lor All Indian port Suea canal i a Wilin. And Cibo Lur h Buba. .7.7 syst j. Pm ulalar mar.7. ? c. Aka Isoa Jlse limit. 2l Cuzco ? . & Simom. Jul la Oprah. La Bijj. Y. Huthren i vol 18. And Hartai Giuy thereafter. Via Hobart Tram 9\ utter. Saloon 10 Widos a ts8 to a. It term �t1 10/ to 12l third Ota �17 7/, �19 is �9 is. Saloon to Colombo Sipfle i 4/ to �33. ? Begum. �36 to 10/. Wester a a mull Saloon. �6 1/ to �7 la third �3 17/. Foam my any port can be prepaid Bete. To vets t1ceets Fine Saloon Between is Debco Mosul pouts Are now atau Able or re Tan by p. And a us Jim. Companie steamers Anise roam. Maha Gebs of. A keep 4 co., a5des Sok. Akdag Caox & co., Feo Dumi Arcata a Adoa. Kail narc Milan of Aioli Capon to Asu Easo a Branch manner i scr 3bj. Orto Iell Ariett. N. D. L. Tord Felt score Llotd. _. Tut rep twi to. Mail is Bambi Flam. Of this company a will be data Natebeda , rehab air thereafter to . Stu cup be Man. Tia we Btij ool Cabo. Adea soap. Part of id. Sia Piat Genoa. ? 1 1901. Vied bib do obo98b ? Msall ele Btl mar. My feb dts Beckwit let told a u. Walter i Rhu we1mak. ? 49w l Greba Lay u Row omit ? Jok i. Of Laana one d. Luau grind. Juu i Dew Eta oly �. Tim of Crew. Reaace Moner from Adelid. �15 8a. To �71 a. Great redaction on retain Paisa be. Liberal More Aioli to Taa Uliet. Paticar torn Korea can be amazed Here thud of to Loo Don �15 8. Ria Imiri i Caneo booked to brooch to London Tod principal european Asiatic americas for Rei it pulse All other part icon apply to toe Penu h. My Akk i 00 Adelaide port Adelaide. Cuu. Tba1n for -fc16lh.� Vii jobs Leates Adelaide u am. An Dei Stuie Daja far the a cad late pier. War Tuxon line of steamers to a a Makulj it. Ritums . Yokota Tia Hobart Ord newday feb. 27. Khoii st Del 1taikabs, via we Liston saturday feb. Is Wai Kabb Tia Auckland we toe Dat. Marc room Bahul hum uujm�.u.\e. Mateena or Lim Wiwi tue tar. Feb. 2l m0cou. Tor Bobart. Wednesday february s. To 8amo \ us Ruou jux. Bot Okiko wednesday feb Mary 30th. For Bate of Frei at to Muse Money All ii. Top tar to . Co to. To sets. 0, Omo Willuam Saks a or Qew a t . Tumpie _ Abo Bossak. Aih a emt Borc is. A booed. Stu wedge Days sat Wadaya at 9 aab0v rent inc than Dayr monday Ahu Yusak a. James Combie Day i Lau Nara at 9 us petunias aunt Day. Of Tecer after Sjo . On Day off Nhy Bare h. Moecks t co Afemata. A Al Tott .Alt Cakss. Xussan iffy by a pc Urcla. The Schooner of Nav Xor rtt Aux ibb offi 8a1l sctt Hubly a Kkt Xvi at. 0�ot Iliof Vars mount do Tox a. A . 3hav now loading Iamb monday 5 pin. B. Kb1cskk. Port a. T30kt Etc Toyua. Polit tube of a Flash -17 Abo Bay. 129 postbox a Auto to mar monday5 . B. Kick re. Job Yas Kaulla. Second Valley ago � anteci1amber Bay. Pee 8euxtob. Tuesday. February Emu k7 a. It e. Be mes6lr1kb, port Adelaide. Rytsar coast ship pick company. Bay. A cups Faaoi tuesday. February 16. Freight to All port Mok be prepaid. Wifi a. K k. Be Messuti a. Port Adelaide. Poutu East poet Koe klsg3t0x ago c Teacup out la Lune today Rupar is. Palm key co., Adelai de Ein Aton. A. E. Be lies Subjek Pun Adeloid. 54.0 note Felt steam settice to South East a . Abib for Kipton Ami Beac port every tuesday at i noon. For or Cicitt Palose apply a. W. Sud fall Abi Candy. Cuy Prince wharf. Port. Of we. Thomas 00lmbbcanle. Aupp inc. Cusco i 6ehebal bin tabs. Reu carriers chops & co., railway general Carrier ant sipping acess. A eau for the sew sooth Wales carry Agency co., Sydney men. Liap Etc co. ii Lofoco Divett Street. Port Alelaide North tku1uce, Adelaide. Goods forwarded with care dispatch. Be Boom a. Port 71. Adelaide. 97mwfa ? 8hippinq the Adelaide steamship Compaq limited. In of push steamers from port Aida de a under Draun stances permit Tiff for Albany flu Mantle a franc. A it a Toto to. All North wast port my sins por on to Rouse Bill of l f in Ollowa 77 1 Friday March 1 i � pm. For ano8ydn&y, j for. Queensland port i Manloo ? i fruity ? March 1 1 4p.m. Us Labba ? tuesday february 3d. Mil bourse Only. 8p�no rvs Ulf service j Fob Post lev cold Moo Sta Wallaroo of Basielia Habbouba loot a. Tebbet ? tuesday february 98 i spin. Up sex Eursia summer Montoni. Pobt8 Cora Cia Meln. And Pixie ? with Palaie Nikii cargo. Westi Gator. Saturday March 5 i 4 . Tint ladies Cabin on deck. I All a Aback ticket mtg by to Abs with ? of the a.u.4.m. Co Apiki mar port of Cao. Cargo Mast be a Nide Steamer not Tern thaa two Boon be on advertised time on tailing Date. For All Bation Natwin apply to the Adelalde steam sep co., umsted. Cotrie Street Adelaide commercial wharf. Itrat adeside. . Co., id. Tha Faro Uriu passe5ceb steamers of abort line will or Constancea pen nitting be Dispart faed for ? ?. Ira a Pil Barra Tramain at face Mantle. Molbo Urb Vonty. Cd paroo. Of Bidet. Torch s. And All other Queen i it Porta. J cargo Rece Tad daily at Omen a want up to oat hour before a Flag. A tie Keto interchangeable after the first port with the Steamer of the Adelaide Stea mip com Puy. Limited. For Farca i tight apply to tha company s offi Oest 87 eds q William Street. ? Queen s wharf. Port business notices Dalgety & co. Miltko. Head office London. _ 4wooo0o 4iubv Ruho. _ �i3-m-00. Bop Raiente by co Job _ ? atts7, merchants Wool produce a hokes Stock. Station com Mission ship Imp agents. All station supplied. Burral Adan cat mad of Stador property. Coa do menu Wool or other to Dace received Lorna Usa Ooin Home or colonial Market. i i 1 1 its maritime French May Steamer Famay Imrie k co Auto Star use of Etc amen George Thompson t of s Aberdeen line seamen vre. Dicot not chimps one bout etude co.1 we Tours we. Toa Ager k 0o. S Monk Brand Edinburgh ale j. Jerreri oos Castle Brand Edburgh ales Huby Louir k cat s Lakatta Colombo Teta Mwai a Fob sooth Australia. E. W. Van Selden i. . ? ? Tawse. Flint s cottage do Rte sets a Piton 12/. 1s/b. To. I9/. So pieces. St 40/, 46/, so. Cemka cups Salces Large Whatu cold 5/ doses. Coloured Edge Gold lines. 6/ Saen. Fact Iuka cups acid sauce a 6vl, 04, lotd., 1/, 1/s each. ?cu1ha moustache cum a Access 1/. 1/3. 1/6. 1/9, v. Chiba sets of a pieces 8 urge cops saucers i White cold i 6 b. And b. Plates i coloured Pink. 1 cake Plata. Y or a dec Edge 1 milk Jug. And cold Lues 1 sugar bowl j 9/6. China after Kook sets of 40 pieces from us i. 2/6, to. Japanese Chiba teapots with Lauser a cd. Each. Class Wabe Tomato sauce Bott sat is. Square butter Dilbea. With exec bound Batter Dilbea so. Fancy butter Sibrt. Caw Hea Lef Csur filter of. 2/�. Round Jam dishes with handle so. Water jugs old., Sid. Lord. A graded biscuit Jan. 1/1 wine cities. Key Patten it Doc a. Ten Oblen key pattern 4/6 Doun. Cunard 01 asses. Jelly Glavacs Flower globes Sid. Tests 6fcl each up. W. T. Flint & son Ltd., lion mongers do apes. Fuji shebs. A so h1ndlet bake streets Ade Laide. Ism scr for silk. Bucko Al Cedar croat Vieu Mauc i foot amur. Buard ump Juv Edieu stir two. Cum 1�v two Larawn cupboards. U/6. Herf Rares Trench Ruyun. Or met Unrun. Cd room suites Ash Hugo Kne or Cedar. Wardrobe Mirror boat uie Beai to air t chairs Witiw Crail � i Tat by. Duschea Pauc Ugnit or Turk. Raule Marinc Miner i a cd Bome Wash Marble lot file uck the pair jul 7/0 sub Cedar upon Toneu rehab pain Saab stand Marble top tue4ack, table. Urge swing Bevelled Mir ref s Jewe Mtawa. I u/6 the pair Cebu Ebesu of 8 drawers. Luu Coluso. �3 10/ drawer to Betta 17io ? drawer chests 37/6 Eami Tut liable War wow Spring mattresses. 116 new double a begot Bedstead Stretchen 06. Chain. Tables Fer Ana. Aad Lar Ltd Chain on hire Llou aes of. Furniture pianos Boight to Cash. Furniture bedsteads exchanged. Bedsteads Bedstead we bedsteads. Front to Paruta italian Hau testers it full she. 1 have just unpacked Case of bedsteads of the very test designs. Buyer should inspect these compare prices be on buying elsewhere. Odd crop Ery a dozen Fiatt. Id. Each so Desea dishes cd. Each Duun also lot Odd toilet Ware Zug carpet squares Brua to tapestry Al Host to Law Are,.new full toilet set from 10/0 tapestry suite .6 pieces All new. Well made am Prins seated �3 is the suite. Ci1.a. I t los Hagali fun tube dealer. 148. Keable opposite fetch s Cornea. Soto. No t1me.patments. Telephone 796. Stewse drapery cloth no Busy to Dayan to Morrow. Closed All Day boxes Day ? in Honor to or the Preci mation of Kins Vil ladies costume skirts. Lined. 5/11, h��3i a 9/11, 1-2/9 each. A gym is ladies new flounced costume skirts Ilij 15/9, 17 6, 19/6 25/9 27/9, 35/ each. Wusza these goods Are beautifully Cut made stocked id a Lar a variety of materials. J. J. Foale & co., 14, 16, 18, Towa Stoat 132, 132a, gouge Street. attention to country orders write ffl2 illustrated p3ice list. Shipping m w Ujj Sowa a Smith line leave Howard Smith s wharf As loom circumstances to a Auar Aua. 1svs.au into my. Aremu Milb i for fun loot. We j a Srul to East in of Konsis. M to Bouble v to not Tonto a wedge sat. Feb Roar l Lor f 27 s Queensland ports ? Lorth of Brisbane j ? Roar Abie to tasters Cotoira. As. St. Mart leaves port Bruj wedges Day. March 13. Cairo must be delivered Alon Fidoe steamers not less than one hour beware Adver faed time of a re non tickets Are Ruth the Steamer or messes. Mud debt. Pay. Loja co., mall Weait. Muff Tchad find co. Bpm. Howard Mith a sons pro Stu 113, k1nq wiluamujt1tesrr. And buob North Parade. Port Adelaide. He Mcilwraith me. Aghakh & co. Proprietary limited we dispatch the following passenger Steamer arcu stances permit ung Albany cools aril feb Brantle \ tuesday March 6. Tons hippies Tor Perth wharf cer Alton All . Ports of Throux Bills of lading tickets Are with mean. Howard Smith k sons Hud Dart Parker co � arts Mars. A Dow Walth Mceacharn Ca proprietary um11bo, National Mutual building. Of sine Wiljam Street Adelaide or j. Bawls is sos. Port Adelaide he Draut. P1uheb. & ?0. Propri Starr ukr rom. Will dispatch from port Aouda drum Stancea pwt Talag. The bocce Bills of Laddio to be Btl be torn tickets with mean. Mall wraith. Meacham. Of. Pro de tar limited Howard Smith Tad i pric Tair limited. O9e a j. Fowl Job. United Fieata. Produce Gutta Woiydi in int be cuter us Ike end journal la three Iam Ftikas u. Td., Pepau George wills k co., Cavendish Chambers. Gate Feut Street Adelaide. Port Pixie. Port Adelaide Krema tub. Albania. Brisbane 3. Chiapel Street White Cross Street London. Merchants sur Tito brokers make Liberal advances a punt Wool skins read stuffs. And other produce entrusted to their London House or Sale. Wool produce received shipped on the most Zaroor rate terms by our port Adelaide Branch agents at the outport. Insurances elected from sheep s Back at the lowest current rates. Woolpack. Fencing wire standards All station requisites supplied. Advances made on Silver Ore lowest Freishtat agencies. Land Blue Anchor. German australian steamship company s. New zealand shipping company a Holt s Blue funnel other lines of steamers Ocean Marine insurance co., old. ? Law cd drapery cloth no. Continuation of Sale of surplus so mme goods. Very great redaction in every kind of summer Wooin dress material French Cambric French a Tulios ac., a. I a Large Stock of summer blouses lace Ilan Les Coats skirts . Cat less than half usual prices. A failed selection of Black other a. S1i to r in i. 11 ate rials incl Adins every Story of dress now in Vogue for mourning. Patterns Post free on application. Martin bros., Burlington Bouse. Birks Sale milli1tert hats bonnets. Our remaining Stock of Moli err bats bonnets Are now to be cleared out at lit1 prices previous to Stodart Afcin. The value offered b unprecedented or a Tarot Joanett Matt Worth origin aug to wit Esmat ?. 4 11 to 10 6 each Marshall s important Sals is sorely drawing to a close. I of establishment will lie closed on wednesday next 27tli last the Day appointed for the Prook Matioda of his. Host a rations a Jeff Sia by Wapiti. T Stow is an excellent Opportunity of securing rare bargains. Even Standard goods reduce season s goods greatly reduced. I xxiv t miss being in town to witness the Greit. Military pageant Earl next week. Soldiers of greater Britain Ivill Parade in review order inc luding the Gallant British crib Tadieus Coldstream Cria Tbs. Life of carts , Aba Oom to wel1 Fri silvers scots Itari 8. Irish ii aka total Horii Arlov Leicy others. I 0.nd before you return Home Obi acquaint a with Lott oooo. Or w touch wot our gents is. S l. E b a. K o i it. Eur cheap drapery House. Bring plenty of Money with you ? Sals Samai Arfst to o t i ?. C9ats Weirth Black White Check Fawn cloth , mantles the silk . Cut Fon. And i All Blackie Ion Teim Meu 4miw1.s, Caff to White Pio e Mil Tetlack l str i my res figure Muslim Blo i ses b Els washing costumes Platee jackets cafes uost0me, Chc Purchase Job for Cash. To be orb bad to orb patbos3 the p0bu0 Eshk bait at ridiculously Low prices. Kindly read the following Price list Melbourne Sydney bargains. 10 Disasa Udtana Floral Mariin Blou ebs. To a sold or 1/, w. A each 11 Deana Siuss fair Prill toss May will tire with Sitf fire Tajti Rhiw 4 to Mutual White fancy Piroa walking Sci Iris lift Tor Meb. 19 Issaa ladles a Uumo cd lira. A feb a each. M Ladics oat Auad Cotta Sasser by aided oaf. Atli lot 3/11 each. A Domasa lad a Dapa rior fancy Grabric was Kiac we pits 3/11 aod4maaea. A Dox Eaudie 8apariorwnitoi.o . To Ofori pair Dos Audiat Larixa Lisa White Muslin a bomb Werth 1/s Tor m each � Ludiea Taek Ead White Cheek doth Coats Murts. 45/ 1 a 2c each a Ladiana skirt co3tumls,wordi�/ or3lbaah i deter Laptev White Katoda Cotton coat Cal Iowa a it i it each. Ult Loof Bubek oath Oats. Lived Sok. Worth a for 12/s each 120 ladles Taria Wiater Ooth Jao Abts Caps Mamilu a. Fix., Black Celland doth. Lined 8nfc, far. A. Sll 1o/�, a Weeh Dacan Pudlas White Matt Coia Iliad Unen cooking Aboms. 6d, 94, 1/,1/eeadi id do Akinfa armb a Nursa Unrot Oua Mgo ec2d.3-t,en9deach to Doun Ladief White Crema Cato Rod gutted Cotton undo avasts no steered Short Gaetos or Voag slotted to go for so. A 1/ each Tadios a Uumo Shibta. Erl aads attach st Ludiea we Utahna Coto emd Ilaoa coat stunt costumes to go farm in. Loito Aeh ? ? % ? 10s udus ? tors Lio Aeh a studios Short Fawn cloth jackbt3. To Iniard o for /lt,s/t1, 10/0 each � dose Gortar maids Largo Aba rim Fobbs boat Uolar Trinia Iod 1/ti. 2/ti. And s 11 each Malov White sum nats Bezati Foller ,1/llaaa2/t1 each Moa of Ladias Caaso Pink Blaa knitted Cotton Booi oets. To color m 1/ each 71 Siuw Black 80k sea Satia mantles. Richly trials a s/11. 10/b. 12/9 each a Amajda 3/11. 3/ti oath Mudis st Marym Taalo to mum st. With climb to go for Sti each Over 1,500 pairs ladies children s hosiery. All Sample pairs. Wonderful values. Ask to isee them. Champagne glasses Worth 17,6, for 9/6 dozen. Cut win glasses Worth 7/6, for 4/6 dozen. Furn Tim. Marshaus off a new lot of handsome sideboards special Clear Ifa prices. U will Oreay bereft Baa Deg bases to la Sheet tha Baa Waw Over mantels 872 1jew designs at prices ranging from 27/6, ? ?.alt Amiret mums ? ?.-.-. ? ? � ,. ?. ? vffi3 0&k. Soll top office Deses \�6 is ?.dakry olo Thima i kh0wn All Over Australia. John Martin co., limited summer Sale. Summer Sale summer _ Sale. We. Are deter aimed to dear daring the ? Reauis Aizik Days of sate All Sarlos stocks regard less of Cost in order to make room for Beary Supai edits of few goods arriving. T. ? ? ? we Abe universally. Noted Fob ode ? Sterling values boots 8he8� Fah to -ptfb8,. \ Cesekas John Martin & co., Ltd. 98 to 108a, re Hole Street Adelaide. Soar feb an offer that has never been 1iadb be Folk Wilson Bride have decided to make % a clean sweep of the whole of Tabut Stock of Trouse rings by making to order in their Best style finish All the qualities Uso ally a harmed at from is/8 to 19/6. ?. For. Ioe pair. We Only have altogether about 130 pairs to sell so if Yon Are in want of j a Well made Well Cut perfect fitting fair of trousers at less than you can j get a Slop made pair at Don t miss this Opportunity. We guarantee Satia Fae to Len but cannot. Undertake to keep the offer open after this week or Cut any pattern Wilson Brice bo.,. 114 to 118, Bumble Street. Boys Tom suits. 8s/, 87/6 to 6�/. Boys Long Troubb suits. 10/t, 12/6, 16/ to 45/. B6y8 Oxford . Ditl 12/9. 16/, 17/6, 21/ to 80/. Boys Salor suits Serge or wed. 6v9. 7/6, 8/9 to 17/8. Boys .s. Only /6, 2 8/0, 4/11, Fisl. U & 18, Bullet st. Drapery Aho lot hint i the coliseum 00me with great expectations. Y00 Heedt bring much Money with you. Our famous Low prices enable you to make big Pur chases at a Small outlay of ? we ate offering to Day air Nuu ass Purchase i of ladies handkerchiefs theae. Handkerchiefs have come direct from a Belfast manufacturer have been bought by us at a big discount. 79 dozen ladies White he stitched Hafl kerchiefs a a dozen. 325 Dozet ladies Plain handkerchiefs Linen finish tape Borders usual Price 3/11 dozen sold at 2/0 dozes. 173 dozen t ladies White he stitched handkerchiefs usual Price 4/8 dozen to be sold at 320 dozen Lam fancy Hesti relied Hladk Ermers lucked Borders usual Price 7 d. Etoh. To be cleared at 4�d each. Or 3 for a 600 dozen he stitched handkerchiefs fancy drawn thread hand kerchiefs Wandtke new spoke stitch handkerchiefs. A remarkable lot of Dainty pretty deafen the usual prices of this bit lot ranged from 8w. To mid. Each All to be sold at g a each. Country visitors Viu make its Arrioga by making their pore pm. We shall pay Carnase to any part of the Valony on. All Pak Hases made item us the tree we a the first drapery Utrah Hanwit is Bubble Stone. The coliseum. 1? in 18. By Neil st but. Drape Jur olo Thino ? ? ?. Proclaiming the King ? the citizens of Adelaide suburbs will have to Opportunity of Iriton Essig a a Moe attract re ceremony of wednesday the 20th inti being the Day set apart by the government for the proclamation of King Edward Vil shaday the Imperial troops frill Parade the main streets of the City. ? incidentally to ? May mention our premises will be closed All Day in Conser Nenore but not the reason we Are writing this advertisement. We have opened up torn England end elsewhere our first shipments of new goods take this Opportunity of proclaiming the prices far wide. You might think we keep hammering Tco persistently at the Price question but that is How you Best judge this establishment s usefulness. We be built up a big bus Ness on the basis of reliable goods at Low prices you lure been educated to expect that condition of things Here. Enticing prices to Day. Entice. Sent to Inch White twill sheeting 13 pieces Good value Al Yard enticement 2. 72-Inch White willed sheeting 23 pieces Good Quality ta1 part enticement 3.-s0-1ngh White willed sheeting 17 pieces perfectly pure a Yard enticement a 36-Inch White Cali Coes 73 pieces a Nice soft make f to Doraa entice silent 5.-36-Inohhoreocks s White Cali Coes 90 pieces we known value att dose enticement 6.-56-Inoh Unen table damask ? t 11 pieces selected patterns t Alyass enticement 7. 4wnoh checked dress tweeds n 60 piece in Greys fawns to to. ? enticement 8. 27-Inch Cream Pink willed flannelette170 pieces heavy make to Doraa enticement 9.-28-Inch unbleached lava led Swan skins 103 pieces no dressing o to Hosea enticement -10.-30-Inch Galatea stripes ? 11 pieces All Navy grounds Ott Amft enticement 1i.-38-Inch coloured Cash heres ? 40 pieces so shades Ott my Ednai enticement 12.-Hen melange suitss4 Only in Greys Browns t soil enticement 13.-Ladns Glace i d Button shoes. Patent toe Caps nicest shapes Ott pair enticement 14.-we pay bail Carriage of All �2 parcels give special attention to All country orders. Chas. Moore & co., a to 76, Gouvier Street. I bu8ine88 not foes g0i, nit Booe a eur Cibul Okgi meets . Imported of hat Eta lamps. To sep Baas ? ? ? ? wire te., the but hates Tor eject Xic a was on Apptt Adaa. Qty debt place to Elaido. C4aaa-aa%obdlw Excelsior win pumps Charles Atkins & co., Ltd. T7, of bub Ruurt. Soon rat Surpas Sall others Auest Viuf sold for Cash or on terms. Old Ftp in taken in Exchange. See the latest models at new show rooms. Singer Corner to a tools set Bobbt. A Arfaa ? ? ? cd inf Braam Babest Asiaa bbb bomb by sea at. 1st finns a Sasha Mas i sbb58rT Flay a Safe. N Biro bu8inc88 notice 1. & Al j0u1vst0jl Impo Bocre mawr. A Oben Feu to Benz. On 8alb. Mattsey Penaat Biaton penal Zlatar itto Subj Lancashire Patent Battat. Jute. Hemp. Mandod ton twines. A twin twines a Erica Casa care Chita chair seats Riisma. Nun plate stocks or infers. Uan Clea ref Ciafre materials. Roesl heated Coe toe Law of but Apoc oets Patent Bottas Haus a 2otho�ntiii7 furniture bedsteads be Beautiful in design substantial in Quality moderate in Price. Also a Fine Asphy of China cuss East he Ware Goa Abdoh Imbra Nibi i vhf Idlet Nrma bxztwilxoira122, run title st. C a vow Babwa Cit but -8tyls of Phi Hiss mat ate Estad ? at the Obs Esteb. Id of stun. Joo Sal non Tracia Luau off Cav ? Orealus at wet. Hilria. ? herohandi8 mad & comp Aitt merc Hahto cd bbb Bole agents Fob . Pm tent Mirn Trima. Firebrick co., fire trifled Brincat Adelaide fio Pastoo. Co. Lor Bakers orcs. An Oriental co. Beaded packet Bas Twat Lewis whiter. Foundry plumb to Bue Tatam Fca esk Baker sobs. ? � ? � Ryia Ai a maalox Jet scr elder Smith & cd Uhi Bate Fob Sals / Waite s special in Bytko Wise. ? us Obi Kat Wise . Barbed w12k, Lawkis Suek dip pm Abt a tags let. ? a Eta at ? so Babito be ukat Pic Aboav yellow metau Ibon us Bobo Wool aces cob backs. Obs bacs. Baa Bass. Bra test of subs Al tar Jii Eljhia cae Kaaa tit la but Bema Fawn Tanaw size Ampaw machinery colonial ironworks Fei wooo now. Oak uaait4a\ Muruko am Sicu Asby food ago is Tim. A ribs of in Cine us Low ass Suasa Haass Bollema Shuaa batteries Mimisi i away Jucht of. A sewer pats Lal at of ppr Werk. Sou a Kim Tor Bobbt co. Ubu Buta Savl a Scohy Parisade Hub any a beat.

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