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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Feb 22 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - February 22, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia f Orosi by s Oil and Gas engines the Matt parfait motor ? Tat Day. James Hilu & sons q ? 18 and 13. Cub Birst. Adelaide. A Pileus Stiesi i Tubo Leaa i i can be repaired with a Pottage stamp. I i. Thatt Tartt m Qew i ? boat that a Tat Mark tit Tartaf a Alpa. I i Atutoa Aad Taomay Attyd i i Wartts Fri Toai Ottar Eulara. I i James Hill it sons j by Lam in Tonu in ill. Sat slip. Id shipping i fuss Lebies jul utties company. Of . Vl1 t Rem Axtle Colombo exd . ? the fils. by do u appointed to All fur above port of saturday february 3, at i . A Insp. A Servial train will Leare Adelaide at 10.50 ., Roundin to the sea end of Largs Jett and a Lmh win leave the jetty at 1uu The Tut train for san mar leave Adelaide a it 3 and the in Randi leaves bugs jetty i 12.34 Sharp. Kor Puci to. A. Apply to Darety it co. . 3s4 Currie meet. P. & 0. Steam navigation company. Cadre Boal mail contract will a Faiuu a the toll Wias Stumer via Ken Antler. Tel combo . June ill. Gibraltar. Plymouth and Tua due with Liberty to Call at Bri Adbi ?. San twi i u i i. Arcadia. ? Viggos a. C. Loggia . Oceana. ? igs3i c. Cudd a itch h. ?brttaxk1a its k. 1l Sci radar juice has. Australia. 8bc1 l Bents april u Victoria. ? Iise Crew april is nor set j. Cowie May s himu.yaj-1w to. T. Broca May a. You of but bom Sydney. Past nuts for Bri Adlai term whip at Pott said. Notice to paskan Jofra. Liberal noon towns to families. Whole Cabin Nerad. The accommodation b Bush Fiat and second Saloon u name pad Punge from Europe. Can be arranged Here. Pas Engen allowed to break their journey u intermediate port. Tourists to Karu India Viiu. Japan a round the world ticket b Muoc rates. I tic Beu Dauvd at lowest tune it Rait. Special return ticket to in injun. Handbooks timetable and All Porzuc tour As to age Norv a. Fora Neil on application. Elder Smith. & 0u. Lust cd. Agents. Job cd Orient line. The Foo Uwins Stern Piip under Royal mail on tact jul Eie Adelaide Lais Bay at 2 . On the Date Tor Fly a Chou and Looden via Kran Antle Colombo inv pippins Tor All Indian porn Suez canal sap. Manuta. And Gibraltar ? Eoo Uba. 565tj. Unk later car. 7. Aust Alj a c. Sitho Taa. Re it. Mar. So Cuzco ? Bilcsik. & Sonnon. . 4. Umhau. Uni j. K. A Nathren i Aplis. At fortnightly thereafter. Via Yubart bum or dry. _ Saloon to London is acc is 10/ to. Return x71 a to 12l third class. �17 7/. Hia i. A. Saloon to Coulomb of single. Til 41 to �33. Return. �36 to Utt. Western Al Traua. Saloon �0 1/ to �7 11/ third. To 17/. Palaces bom any port can be prepaid Hoe. to Celei Vint Saloon Between of Ter Colomal. Ports an available for re turn by p. And a and Mil cumpanie1 the acts Kalviss run. . Cries i Ca. And Andes Eon. Anderson & co. Fench Nruh avenge to ii . Foil Par Tinlan on application to t t Anderson Branch manager. T2kt 2s. No ice to Tibet. N. D. L. Word debt Schyb Llotd. _ the Imperial mail stkamb8s a of this company win be dispatched at zq22&ncdfr. And regularly thereafter to How . Antwerp and 3remes. To Fremantle Cal onto Ade kits. Pott said. Apus. And Genoa. ? Alamea. Imm ? Lew a. Pm. Lynnr Pilch Ink i of fake ? ioj8 m. A iced Uacio. Fb1xz Law sift lot Pold. 8s88 h. Walter Apt Flat we our. ? t90g in Crohn -0ar 11 ? Jost e. me 4. Darmstadt. Italic. Dewei Only 8. Two Obst a. ? Ettney Tram Addams �15 a. Cit at Renc tiros on return Pamm. Liberal Ini Ahira to families. Parange Irum Europe on k a tamed Here. Third cat to London. �15 at to ill 1 1 ? and cargo booked through to London and principal european. Astatic and american fort. For freight passage and All other Paru Anua apply is the agent. , Adelaide and port 4f a 8kcul tba1m Tor us and Kitora leaves Adelaide at my so . ? Depa Onn Days for the set end lugs pier. Ult Union line of steamers. To mkt of lamp from Molbo Obb. Moskou via Bogart. Wednesday feb. St. From std sky ? Vadi Abe via Welli Ngun. Saturday feb. S3. Wat Kare. Via Auckland Edwiiy March 6. To Tasmania. Moil ill Bowluke. Pascena for Launce too. Today. Feb. M. K0ko1a. Tor Bobart wednesday february 27. To Samoa anal ill Ruu syn it. Soto Edio wednesday. February a dts. For Bates of freight and Faaagi Moncy Tad All ids cation apply to ? . Cold. To cats Bose William Sibuet aty and a aeon t Naa. Pkt. Suu Wier � ? thursday Island port Dar t win Manila Hon Kong China and Japan. The next departure of the ? ,5&toax 0k compact a dated. Win be Tainan Jck Tain andean. From std Ket. On March 1 cargo to catch her will be forwarded per to. Arra Ca Friday and act. To Sydney. Free in Pumm through bub o lading being Giva ? Exchange far mate s apr cant Accomma Dirion to Treisa visit by Japan. V for partic hts o freight or Magr apply lob feb. Romet k of. Agent. Is,, Obj Upsal Street port m -. and a Drossart. A. �1 Ken Borc is. Wab Ooka Tecl wed Days sad saturdays at 9 Iab Sibi a Mibb a ? ? i of ,.,a Abdi Cobban jams Combie. Tuesday by True in st 9 an. ? ? t aunt Day. Be 1 my to bed after 8j0 On Day o is wac h. Six Bee k 00, Afao. 1 -. Ejvor ka5qar00 isla5d. Thim is. James come leaves Mac wharf for dec Bay and oae ent 4hhev Dale on saturday at s ajn., Retar far i t return Farr. 9k. To e. T. Little. Port Adelaide. Tiv Sale. Barque Elizabeths a 5o to d0w m a Mac Mauritius to port Adelaide. Vol am Bam Tao Foj i Carrie Street. Inott Wakefield shot Ping cx-t.-f01 it port Wakefield an Watt ail later Day sri Hac 2 o cargo received after t pin. A. 43 e. Be Maan Rier. Port Adelaide. _ ? a t71st coast ship pct c0mpa5t itt Fob Point Sinclair. Fowler s an Clare Bato i cups alls the sudsy. Be Briary 1. Freights to a port wet be prepaid. To not a. E. Be my Bubik. Port Adelaide. Shipping he adeside steamship company limited a dispatch steamers Ben port Adelaide u for bail and gentle up Renee parch Satton. All mirth what port. And in sort iiollowba.111 it arc 1 3 . For Melbourne and Sydney Tram shipping for Queensland ports. Manloo ? i Friday j March 1 1 4p.m. 8pcno1r3 Gulf service. For port Lincoln Moota. Wallaroo Franklin Jabbour and loot a. Fer tuft ? i tue a february � i spin. Cheap excursion fates during Sammer deaths. P0bt5 act data Ceram. And Pixie ? with Fao eagers and cargo. Investigator Sotu Joiy j february is 4 pin. Coca Trobl Lodh Cabin 00 deck. All mums tickets Urr Rohani. By with Ettam mop the . Ca Arras Riser foot of Call. Cargo Anst be alongside Steamer not less than two hours before adre rut time on Siliag Date. For All information apply to _ the Adelaide steamship co., looted. Carrie Street Adelaide sad commercial wharf port Adelaide. A.u.s1 co., old. The Favourite passenger steamers of above line will cecum stances permitting be dispatched Tor paroo . Ports of this Dat. A san Saporo j at 5 pm. ? Tran ship at from Sale. a a Mike cibpes0f,r Pil Barra Ruiah sit sri ? this Day brisk acc. At 1 pin. And an other Queens land ports. J cargo received daily at Queen s wharf no to cat hour before tailing. A tickets interchangeable after the first pan with the steamers of the Adelaide steamship com Paay. Limited. For fares and freights apply to the company 8 of fittes s7, King William Street and Queen s wharf. Port carriers a eos & co., railway and of Babral Oah Vikra f0bwabdkg and shot pct ageht3. Agents for tit South Wales Carryer and Agency of Sydney mean. Chappie t co., hol oses Divett Street. Port Adelaide North Terrace Adelaide. Goods forwarded with care sad dispatch. Telephone to. Pert 71. Adelaide. Ryan business not1ce8 surpass All others Tomt Seton Anim opium sold for Cash or on terms. Old machines taken in Exchange. See the latest models at show rooms. Singer Corner Tat Mindu st Kerr. 27nrwtse Excelsior Wing pumps Charles Atkins & co., Ltd. ?7, of sub a Seltz genes 1p Ift a i Jug is a or Hafk spare Valvo swat drapery and lot hint j. J. Foale & go s great Coupon Sale of drapery clothing and tailoring. Engineers Overall trousers 2/11 Sale Price 1/11 engineers Overall Coats 2/11 Sale Price 1/11. Special atteht10h to Goultry orders write for illustrate of puce list 14, 16, 18, Brown Street 132, 132a, gouger Street. Gl0s29 sattjeda7s at 1 a clock. Open paid at Niass till 9 o clock 8hippinq the sowed suite line leave Howard Smith s wharf u Odom daunt Tarolta Penn Ittisak to West aus Thalia. So Basic 1 Bunin Omo. Pm Kim j my Csisar to Eastern colonies. Humour no \ Zzz isl. Us. Gabo. North of Brisbane j poet p1b1e to a Aster coub5u3. _ st. Mary leaves port Pixie wednes Day. March 13. Cusco Mart be delivered slope std staymets Art ass thaa oae Hoar Bette advertised time of so ret def tickets Are interchangeable Vilh the steamers of Jean. Huddart pay t co., and Hal wraith Mcrach Fth and go. We. Howard Smith 8oms-Mpiiii 113. Kino Maafu Trot. Aos Moi Aad North Parade. Port Adelaide. He Mcilwraith Mceacharn & co. Proprietary limited win dispatch the following Rosa birr Sta Uaea omit Tafft be Littias a frs Mantue \ the sat March 6. Tra Moppins for Perth Whart of Alton sad All . Ports of to Root Bills of lading. H0te.-Betom tickets an with messes. Howard Smith it soar Aad Hod Dart Parker k co s Steamer. Mell wraith Mee Achash Ca proprietary Zmitko Jintana no Dies a Elluta Street Adelaide or j. Raw likes be son. Port add Aida h17od1bt, Parker. A co. Proprietary. Umi tid. Will dispatch from port Adelaide dream stucco permitting. Albami t a m0otatti ? through Bills of Ladig to Perth. Return tickets Vita lisan. Cd Smith me Schura. Ca pro prof Tarj. Limited Aad Howard Smith sad son proprietary umsted k9o n. J. Fowler looted. A Saav machinery colonial ironworks a Wood. Down. Co. Mutt id it Mac and general engineers fxhjnder3, Boileu Peers and pm Riff. Makers of ism. Hiffa Aad Low or care steam boilers stamp batteries Pompian sad via deaf a Chiaet brewery plants Ada diag &3lk agents for Robet co. Lux. Encia Een. Lincoln be sad. Hindley Street Adelaide. ? my Rcv drapery and olo Thina continuation of Sale of surplus summer goods. Very great reductions in every kind of Sammer Woollen dress material French Cambric French Matins a 4c a terse Stock of summer houses lace mantles. Coats and skirts. , at less than half usual prices. K varied selection of Black and other fashionable Mourng materials incl dins every accessory of dress in tone for Monr Nins. Patterns Post free on application. Martin bros., Burlington Sale millinery hats and b08ket& oar Nasi Aias Stock of Muff Harry Bate sad bonnets Are to be dared oat st nominal prices Areti Obs to Steck tapas. Tas value obeyed to impute Tatai tar Lawasee Bassau sad hats Worth ores easy a too will be sold st 4 11 to 10 6 ba0h Tennis shoes and Bubber sold boots a cd. Re salad. Aai Laid a a. Cold inc 194, Ruhdle-3t Lints. M to it ladies. To a. Al lax of the Bobber soles Cas Natad. marshal s important Side is sorely drawing to a close. Sawa has of establishment will to closed on wednesday next 27t3i Iii st of Sis most Era ficus Sefl to diag Edward Viz. Now is an excellent Opportunity of securing rare bargain. Even Standard goods reduced. Season s goods greatly reduced. J3otvt miss being in town to witness the great military pageant Early next week. Soldiers of greater Britain will Parade in review order including the Gallant British a Bekampis Colm team chasm life a Vars l4hcebs, a in a Welsh it Silles Irish Bec Mellis i others. And before you return Home or aoq0aiktbd with Ous goods. Or in to0oh with our okmu1ak s a. A a e b a. It . Is s. ? stffl1-?11 cheap drapery he us bring plenty of Money with you. Sals Fiavaai Flosi n o t i o b. Coats and skibt8 Black awl while Check Fawn Cipoth jackets Han lbs in s ilk san. Chiffon and a blacked Poh trimmed 43owkb, Ca Recti White Pixie Aad Tetlack la Ste us in Fig Crew Muslin blog ses urls washing Cost fumes Wimer Jact to Cape costumes a Purchase Job for Cash. To by Arnaid to our Paz Bons and the Public Obb balls at ridiculously Low prices. Kindly read the following Pulca list Melbourne and Sydney bargains. Adv Wakaw Floral Mosalia Alo Utu to beam or1/,1/8,1/t1-ad u Disasa Laam Lawa Ofiu a Isaiac Waucho smatts for 3/11 sea. 8f dam ladies Walto Farej Pkt Wal Kim ?kirt8, 1&i� Lor pm a. Udo audio skirt to a Fer in Aiah. M Law is land data Sanaa by Abiaad papa. Al for 3/11 Ash. �daiaauawaapailovaaeycaabitewasatiicwmraw,3/naa44mmeb. 19 done Ladief saas Riar White i of a Nikias trimmed Lea. To go far 1/ pair a draw Udess Lait Eksa wait Muslin amom8, warts is tar m Aad Ola diet Stoak Aad Whitechat cloth oot and skirt 6var 29ww Ladias and Stiitt oos tumm Worth a Tor 2avaaab dataaladias1 White Kai Tad Cotton combi Matisha 4/n for 1/11 am 19 Ltd Loas Black cloth go at8, Lias silk Warth 45/ 1 or w9 Sash tto Ladias Taritas Winaur cloth jaokkt8, Capia Mantum a. Via.,Bla Aad Cal and Aoth,uaad8nk, inr.ae., s/11, 10/9, 18/9, 21/oaeh Eldona Ladin Whita Mosul Aad Colour so Liana cooking aprons. A 9d, 1/, 1/b Aid 9bs Drasca i Faau bibs Aad Musk re of Cocks to to or 2d. 3d, cd 9d Gaea to Dot a ladies White Cress Aad court a knitted Cotton in Ouinta a Slat a 8hort stores or Loag stereos. To a or 3d, 6d, 9d, 1/ each m ladies White pm Quad strips Liana a Uumo Marta /t1 Aad s/11 each is ladle it tuck Umi cd Trad in peacoat Aad Tafa far ,a/t1, 1o/9eaeh Loudias Wurtele. Pbtt10oats, trimmed ,tacoiar3/n oath 1m ladies Scott Fawn Olom Jack its. Trimmed Aad braided to go for a to s/11, 1o/9 Eash Goawaoms-Alauiovlatt�Siie-mupoab.netbtifallywmb1/1tg/n.aadameeieh Saa Dauhl Walt earn hat beat Uay Tia used 1/11 Aad to each was Taudee Cotton Booi Oca. Toga4ered Aad 1/ateh 71 ladles Black silk Lake Aad Satia mantles Rie Hij trimmed Sti. Us. 12 each Saad maids Diu Wassim oos Tumba Togar Tali. Am. 8/heaeh 190 ladies Lurmon Tauaalo up mock Lutcs with cup. Toga for att Edeeb. A a e a t b a e a a i n s. Handsome exclusive French Colon Reil Bobes. Many still left. Greatly Roku Oil in Prim. First rate bargains. Purchase Early. Prices Range from 15/ the Robe. Champagne glasses Worth 17/6, for 9/6 dozen. Cut win glasses Worth 7/6, for 4/6 dozen. Furniture. I is hairs Oma a my set of ? ? ? ha1tds0mb sideboards special cleaning prices. It a Fol or Attr beae flt into diag Boyers to Tobii the u5qublh0�abijt Baba of a Are out tag Basote coach their Pai Vaasa ii Over mantels 1 372 designs at1 prices ranging from 27, Ai Pautot Imus and but Bius Suhk \ wonderful value Oak Eoll top office Deses 15. Drapery and olo Thino kh0wh All Over Australia John Martin and co., limited my i Mill i i the popular Cash drapers. Mil Iii mum great Success of our annual summer Sale. Crowded daily with eager buyers. In order to effect a thorough clearance of the balance of oar Sammer foods we have made further substantial reductions in All departments. Note. M Gluse tone o clock \. On ? Satej rats John Martin & co Ltd. 98 to 108a, 1uhdlrstbeet, Adelaide of we a offer that was a Bleb been made be Obb. Wilson brige have decided to make a clean sweep of the whole of their Stock of Trouse rings by making to or dub in their Best style and finish All the qualities Usu ally charged at ran 15/6 to 19/6 for 10/6 Paul we Only have altogether about 130 pain to sed so if you Are in want of a veil made Well Cut perfect fitting pair of trousers at less than you can get a Slop made pair at Don t miss this Opportunity. We guarantee to thu. Ton but cannot undertake to keep file offer open after tills week or Cut any r Wilson brige and go., 114 to 118, Rah dub Street. ? 47c Shier Law s boys Eton suits. 85/, 87/6 to 55/. Boys Long trouser suits 10/6, 12/6. 15/ to 45/. Boys Oxford . Suits. 12/% 15/, 17/6, 21/ to 80a boys Sailor setts Serob or Tweed. 5/0. 7/6, 8/9 to 17/6. Boys . S. Only 8/6, 2/11, 8/6, 4/11,5/9. ? 16 & 18, Bindley st. .-.? � it Pei cell a. N ? at ? chg Knob after Bose att a Oil Kuiti Psi Buko of tical drapery and lot hint you Effim need in extra ? pocket look to hold the Money you save in buying at the open Friday night until 9 o look. We Bare thrown out for clearance the whole of our Stock of sump prints and Cambric marked from 5�d. To Ted. All to be sold at 3jclper 1ard 5,300 Yards of White Camerio embroideries in perfect patterns. Marked from 5jd. Toted. All to be cleared at 4s& per Tab a Large special Purchase of materials in the newest designs. Usual Price 15/6 dress to be cleared at a Gill dress our Stock of r. Ladies printed Cambrie dres Sifly gowns Worth 8/11, to be cleared at 211 50 pieces of White twill sheeting Worth Laid. Per Yard to be cleared at 3j4 Yard shipments of. Cream & White Flannelette Speddy manufactured for the coliseum. We have them in All prices from 3 u my to log to 23 Only ladies French Cambric costumes. Perfectly made Well Worth 21/, to be cleared at each 120 pm life a Galatea Straw hafe marked from 1/11 to 2/13, to be geared at a each an extensive Puko Hasrof latties Black and Tai kid Steves stitched backs. A perfect fitting Glove. We guarantee every pair sold. The usual value is 3/11, our special Price is 2/11 pair you can make Bio savings by purchasing at the coliseum. 1? an la bundle Street 53c drapery and olo Thina ? ? 7 have you that. -o1n3b3 of Ouzel �1 3pitcejlst if not you had better think about them to Day. Daring the hat three weeks we can without hesitation say we have forwarded some of these parcels to nearly every place the mails trains and boats go in the Colony and the unanimous opinion of the recipients is that they an a Marr Edons bargain. We Haw received Many replies from buyers and All Are agreeably impressed with the sound value and reliable goods offered. Procrastination is the thief of time. also a robber that steals from Many people come oppor Toni ties. We shall offer these parcels one week longer so Don t procrastinate bit order to Day one or More of the it 3 incontestable bab6ains, off teared by Chas. Moore & co., 70 to 76, to Tiger st&s2t, w the shape of extraordinary 1 order Prokity. Parcels. �4 Towi i our dress parcel conta1hs Zya bumped or 0 us ground we Rioh tinted a pics in coast is a 6 Yards Bright i Lack fancy figured latin 43inehes wide v. 0 f s Yards Black Lunette lining to inches Wyto tit. ? 0 19 Yards Cpl pored bilk Bailie Lor trimming the Black diva in dozen a Iila re a 0 1 0yards Black or coloured fancy braids As pretested a f 6 Yards coloured washing Post to inches it st v. V. Z i 0 2 0 of in. We wid Send this excellent parcel for 20a. Ajs77s p s w0lud of 8 in w advisable to Seta theol loss of the poplin dress Cambric buttons buds you would Pielet. A be la to to Seiner a to ourselves the Nunt of subs tuning a Colour if the one Joa select happens to that Sif fiction that will Merit a continuance of your orders and remittances. Our Kunts Oumi ainu i Akul Timtai kit cents Cream 1 wilted Lenais Bun coir awl pocket ? 0 1 11 i Pur tents heavy Cotton Corduroy Arou ers Nysse ? 0 3 11 1 cents coloured Coupon shirt lined Lack and Iron Collar and pocket if requested ? 0 1 11 gent s White Lawn full size ? a Oil 2 pain Uenta coloured Irenao Bocka double heels and toes ? it ii 1 01 a eats coloured Tancy Bari Jow Tor Jerby lie aute whoa u z i ii i 0 to ,. We a Fol Saiid this Beli Amite parcel for 20s. But if you would care to give an extra 6s. And have a much better suit Matins the pm 25s, you jul be More than plead. It stands to reason we can Supply a decidedly better but for lib. 6d. Than we can for us. 6ol and a bait is not an ande you Are buying every Day or every week Tor that matter to think it Over an then Send us an enter you will be very pleased with the parcel our housu1uld parcs fall cowxaln8. 5 Yards White or Grey willed Tihe tug 80 inches wide please state whether you prefer in Grey or Whita ? 0 6 s \ Yards perfectly a Foxe White Calico 36 inches wide free from All dressing 0 2 6 Yards moral l Saign Linen Lable damask 50 inches wide ? 0 2 0 iyar Juhl voted Flora Ito Ines pretty Pau eco 30 inches wid. 0 211 12 Yards heavy make willed or Batin Kish Ual Aiea Stripe nary grounds 3d inches wide state whether willed or Satin finish .77. Oil Yards lace Jinett moral pattern 40-Inoh Art Mudra for draping purposes 0 2 66 Yards Good Bryie crepe Cre tonnes 30 inches wide dark or Light grounds. 0 2 6 ? r. �1 6 4fri Obi off lend this Superior parcel for 2fc\. ? Iliia ,.t�c-air. Quote Power Ponca for toe same in Indra of Macica or Loa bbb nmn Ber of Yarda. Or in Sunee we could quote sheeting at 744 Yard cab at 2 d. Yard. Galatea at.4d Carto Nesat 3d, and so on but in All these �1 Panda All to articles have been and no one article of doubtful calibre is included. A ask you to place an order for one and we Are quite satisfied you will be quite satisfied ? ?. ? of. 0pportuntt7,to replenish your wardrobes at a nominal Cost we also pay bail carnage on a �3 orders Chas. Moore & co., 70 to 76, coi icer Street. Money cheap Money Loam Amo di8oount off1ok, no. 3, of Kemt place o Conte Mart at Nar of Bank of Asti Aquia up Panto Auka Nova Mona from Cross too Badeaa Aad Bamo Abl Tana a Panda Berra bag As win Rechif ? 4 12a. 6d.10 will ncif9 8ft a 18 will Tao air 13 10a. Text �20 will octto 18 10a. Lacont cd i mount u remind. No so quiet fees or co Hudsson of Amy kid changed. Bept Rmenti to Mit Bono aia every loan entertained and granted without delay. Add Saccs and of nou at Hind bub of Sale Deboalt of deeds Shautt Harbin die Tor which we Hurt Stone Atcoal Landau Foaad of any Mil Abl Cahty. Bills Daw Odatal. Ofp1cb hours Bach Der Boa i till 6, Uoo Daji Sod thong ten from 9 Tol 6, Storda 9 till 11. M4c a. B. Bar let. Is Asp. Money Lent of Pano Aal it aunty fast Tun we but Rob vat Aida or a Ather Amda ate Stead tar. Us Cal Tenas. Is adn acad Lor �5 Ite. A danced Tor �11 and favored Tor a a. Aad so Tath. Tarns sad Repa Neais to Salt b Ilo Toal loan Matodi Spoont Bank a Baum Chua Baa Park Street. Of. Turn stand. Hour Fatjo to a 8atnrdyi, to to u. To Rob at moneys to lend on Cut sad so x Barbaa property. No ftps Sakai loan pint town and ooh tit business Eich Anoe Lic aved Lud broker Aad i Hilton to Wajn oath Street. To Ronet to lend at lowest Bates. B. Jul on. Solicitor. Chaben. Eliof a Flam Street Adelaide. Vote of Onet to lend at Lowcau Canent Batta m. Joha Wilca co., Lud sad Aarau Atleata oud Ttoe chamber Pirie Ortet Hoe the Clio Aport loan Aad i amount sop a aah of 4mbb Saav for 4mwl Aab Hafl Amstatt a Asher & King to. 1. Bank of his a Balat Chambers. Frue Striet a Laubi Montij tax dont be misled it do not adre tiie Miat Aradiac rates d iat Erat Lor by by. Our to altion of is Yam Tua Diac a Nair but Nanatee Tor ill Kay integrity Aad the Moat Bramble charts. Oat trial a Fol Matwy to Terr Date Adial Borrower that oar Tenas an sex Tod latin Liberal. A of die ousted daily. Loam �3 to �1,000. S. Saunders s and Pooe main of pfc 1c0ne7 to land a tort cart u a Tec Taffy rth let Difoto to a Tad balata Asaata. A Catisa by. A Akhtar. New Al a a Bxs Abl Wixs ? Tor Tohal Lyons & le1deb, a Regitt. It Irmi a Slais und Balatb and financial to est Ucb sed the bal pop Buty act. Money to lend at lowest cantata Bates of in thou be softy or suburb a. Or Goa atty. A Baria Aai Nader to tidal property act Baas acted Lotas ago listed. Ova asst Aad Obst had soles att add. Start and you option ? school of mines and industries. of ses9ox, classes will be be0pe3ed at Rodowk to Day Friday. Dress Mazeika 10 a machine des1qn, 10 an. Bookb1ndlvq, to am. Plumb1ko advanced. 7j0 . Tailor s cutting 7 to p shorthand. 7j0 . Carpentry. 7j0 p Woolso two 75 pin. A Tang and Minots . Bookkeeping data reads a. To Morrow saturday. Oab Pentt 9.m am. Monday feb Nuy 25. Dbe8s1ukino. T .chfjostry. 1 . Carpentry. 10 an. Aad 7j0 . Mathematics. U oooo Aad 7j0p\k f1ttijio and Tab Njg. 740 . Assaying t Tad 7 i statics and hydrostatio8, 7 . Applied mechanics 7 . Full it Rheulan of application to the Deputy big Tyrar. At the office North Terrace by direct Loa of the Covaco. J. Landon Boh Toos. Prada but wuss Eleanor Allen lately ret erred Tram jul paria where Abe to tidied at the Naco Eafus Oamild. Under the Din Tiaa of m. Gander and m. Correard Viava to form a Cut for advanced st Adeata of saturday mania from 10 to u The Cost wid be is Freeh. Letten May be idd raied to mis Allen. Unity Park Sefa ool 5s,61a3 Cantfil Tolpy school Deaett Effii Tel Prate keat town formerly Gutton both repeat Oil Saboo Frond pay Arv. P. Swanby Adolv Sjaast mavs Cou Efi. Tab Lufa. Acta Ciet Tor boarders Aad Day scholars. Pluf pastas of Appl Katiobe. Next Tena Hegins Fca my 8. Is Tojo Yoo Tamorra Seaside Board dog school. Leneul print pay mrs. Eds Aston Aad miss Dow. Botea att add Ioas Harar. Jat been Rhet Tafert an vac Radca Tor an inc read a Matt of boarders. Tat school is a of nor Aita Alad is seas next Quarter befits tuesday fuss try i. Of Tara in8uran0e notices. Au4ancc as8uramok panties a Fri & Marinc. Local Boadt k. 4. H. Wills ism Caa Tasa item mils k of. Han. A l. An aunt Johnj Boot. S l. A. Jess of Meta tit. Univ Earl bold act or cafe Street. Tuaefe poor Lotf seeds men Jacq. Mustar seed v rape seed i. Tares r trifolium Invar atom j ? e & w. A Skint to Smoil raut. Man ?

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