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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - February 19, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia st. Lager Puli a Beer and malt extract. A mutely the but on the Market pm Etess Tilesi ctn elem i Cam be paired with a ustace stamp. I in tins is to Tinaa am Towb today the i. Bast Una oath hartal. Tea a of at ii. I Ottoa Aad tic Way Tyty attain int air is a. I to Cal writ tons Tor . I James Hill & son8, x , Al shipping Orient. Line. The Louo Woof Sta Asp under Mojsl mail contract Villa Cave Adelaide Lares Bay at i t . Of the Nadenne Nuonno dates Lor Fly Moltu and los Dos. Via Fruna Utle. Coumba Lum hippies for All Lodi a port. Sues canal. Sipla. Maults. And Cir blur ? �oej1l z. Of , . Orca. 56s7j. Gaz later liar. 7. I mistral. .54mc. . . So. 1 cd ecu ? Moo t. I and . I Tobart ton Sydney. Us oof to los Dox sniffle. �38 10/ to of. Buus. A 10/ u isl third Oast 417�19 13/. �30 15/. Igloos to 4/ to �31 ? by Tara �36 of to �4� 10/. Testers Australia. Salon. �8 v to �7 a third. �3 17/. Planets Boa in port can be prepaid bar. Betuk3 tickets i Flat Saloon Between is. Leeco Lokeal posts Are a nibble for re Bra by p. And 0. And 1ul companies tie aet Mig room. Hama cubs of. Cree k co., and Alder w8. And pesos k co., Feodi urch Avera London iu1 particulars of application to act o. Asses. Branch a ctr. Scr is. Orr leu Street p. & 0. Steam navicat1o.v company. Coder Bojil Al Tel contract. Win dispatch the to Flowitt Shainen via r Rem Utle Colombo Aden. Luneille. Gibraltar. Plymouth and Loo Don with Liberty to Cau at Brind it ? so loan. I u a Csc. Arcadia ? -6usj x c. Loggia feb. 28. Oceania ? the. C. Gaol Jurch 14. ?bbitaxxuh53. F. In Seymour March is. Australia. �01 l Hettes april 11 Victoria ? i As. E. Crewe april is Home ? jul j. Cowie May 9 Himalaya. J5w w. L. Broun May 3. Via Hobart ram Sydney. Page Norrs for Brindisi Tran ship at port said. So Otic to Palatn Fibre. Liberal reactions to families. Whole Cibin Rac Rcd. The accommodation in both first Aad second saloons is unsurpassed. Paa act Iran Europe tc., can be arranged Here. Put Den allowed to break to bar journey at intermediate port tourist tickets India Cuna. Japan. 4c round the world tickets tamed. Pas1ace ratk3. Tickets Tsuai at Lowek Correct rates. Special return ticket to London. Handbook timetables and All particular As to Cattafe Taney. A. Forwarded on application. Shoes. Smith k co., limited. Agents. 308ct n. D. L. Kord Devtscher Lloyd. The Imperial mail steamers a be. Of this company will be dispatched Usu Ieon under aed no nearly to Mereatter Temou Southampton Antwerp and beaks. Tia Bema Sale. Colombo Aden boat. Pen said. Sipla. And Ceora. ? Mea Weri tun., into lean a. ? 190l i Muu he Pes Grossb ? loss u. Eibel mar. 16. A ski Behest i Loi Polo. C98 h. Waiter april u Veque. ? pm x Creon Oay n Earls Bute ? 3u5t t of Csarmann Lone 8. Pabst ant ? my 0. Dewers panty 6. Twin kcrcw8. Page Money from Adelaide �15 is. To �71 st. Great on it Tum Palagea a Cral Brno Esbona to i past Flat Tooi Europe caste arranged Here. Third class to Loddon. �15 8s. Passengers and cargo booked tax ooh to to Mimi and principal european Asiatic and Amr Iraa ports. For freight passage and All other raft Fliri up pay u the wests. O. It tree co., Adelaide and Pott Adelaide. Special train or pament sri and visitors leaves Adelaide at 1uso turn. In departure Days for the let end Largs pier ? Nice Vessac Abies maritime st set to London via Colombo and Paris. A i it of my. For to contract who the French Gore Mait. Nelling it Adelaide flu Huftle of lombo.scb5, and Post said will be dispatched monthly As follows ? ?8n ji5lhaj an uni uni Annan Behic la cots i Pellier Fob. A fab. A Johi s asst Lien tenon mar. La mar. Asmar. A Biaachi april u april l \pril20 to Lynann sch Walwro May Lari by be May is Pas sences booked to Bombay. India. Cuna Batavia and Japan. Passage mosey �37 to �77, Inda Dinc unit Trine. Betcb5 tickets at bed ced Bates. English spokes of Board. Betas tickets or Saloon Between inter denial porn Art available Lor return by p. And it. Aad Orient steamers having room. For farther panic lir apply to of aunty company limited Davenport Chambra 14 Cutrie Cunet to ceo. Pec cos it co port Adelaide. A fam Lund Slines steamers. These hew poo powered fast steamers an an dated Tom Trtat Adelaide wharf Tor Saial Tafti 1oww, l noun to canola. A a Toas , Wab Pucul _. 457 tons slap. 4.trabsakvonoa _ 4fiu tons to pc cow Yakoot _ _ 5.015 Tow i t. Allow. Larsuno _ _ 3.07s tons i to flow. Fibril int accommodate a for pm Seneca terms Torpa a Appi to Geouge wills it co. Jthn Flem do. Port and taut. And part Pena. He zealand shipping company limit to. London via it Albouze Hobart. Mem it gawd. Comm Hern Mont Vid to Tariana pay Touth. Run Banffshire 5,526 tons from Xref Findon feb8caby 58. Romu Cui by this route Iii avoid the Iilma sax of the bed sea and Sou canal. Faces from Adelaide. A a. To �72. Me George wills co agents Deumah Aust auth . Go. A Golas lob to steamers ism Post if Euid to soc Babaya 8amaang. Bata of. And Suk safore. &8. Augsburg ill Atil from part and Laid dict or Java and Tamapeau Bat a 23rd pcs Buake. To is slowed by other font visas aka Sers at Numis of thu weeks. The attention of Millers. Her Cotta and other shippers u directed to this up Kelly May Bobio Opp Arbuy of extending Teadt with Jataas Sitt Kaporc Aad other Eastern Matte ? it once whjl8 k co. Hours Blue funnel 1 line Oeena steamship Cowe umut service to London and Liverpool. The Magaie Uccat steamers of this we Lunowa Cine Are of the highest Das and of great Speed. Aey will ran regularly port a.i�8j� cob Mere ilk with liar Don Ilia urns about Tat March. Heo Iqba i to Tow. About a i april mutants twiet tons about it my. Lime steamers Are fitted with the Moat Modem Tosa lated Cool Chambers and offer fruit Shippen i splendid Ospar Tenity tur speedy Sci Irry of frail to Looden Aad love Root. For Belg by and Sarto plan apply to Crofts wills t co adela11 and Post Adelaide. ? st toe Nippon Yusen kai8ha. A a Manila. Bongo so. And japa5. Via std her bb13bake, and . ? a Fol Lea tas under to Atea to Jwj Yawata . E. ka3t Gamab. In. Or Nate Almaroad mar. 3 Chest wag wrent is psst mail Stet airs Ari pm Riouddy fitted for Pis Mims. Two berths omit in Saloon Cabin. Electric Light k rear iterators. Foil particulars As to freight and passages from Mil Wrath Mceacharn. Of Cut pr3pitisr3v. Imru. Aunts. W. Us Mian Trett. 8i? Ai. P0r los Dok Vul do Krak am film a st. Helena. The ship Torrens Saib end of february. Bes Ellent Piatr Sger Lor a apply to to Delosr Smith co. Hub bib. Shipping he adeside steamship company limited in dispatch steamers from port Adelaide u per anew Pavo a Salmon. All Marth wet ports and Singapore on through Bills of la diff. Ollowa .7t. Friday March 1 3 pin. 6h Melbourn and Sydney Tran shipping to Mem Queensland ports. Cable ? 1 Friday March 1 t 4p.m. Spenor a Gulf service. Of port us cold. M00-x\. Nta Laboo Krak let lab bomb and tub a. Ekret ? tuesday february 19 i pm. Teap i Cursita fares dating summer month. Ports a Girstal Lier medi and pub with a angers and cargo. Ntect1cat0k saturday february p i i . Comfortable ladies Cabin on deck. A. Pass Job tickets ibis with steam cry of the . To. Aptak fib8t port of Call. Cargo most be alongside Steamer not less than to hours before advertised time on sailing Date. For All information apply to ? the Adelaide steamship co., Umess Tarrie Street Adelaide and commercial wharf port Adelaide. W.s1 co., old. The Favourite passenger steamers of bore line will circumstances permitting be us a Tchad for ?otlchon.1 paroo Tran ship at Fremante. Melbourne \ Sydney catt$2�?,z Pil Barra. Fimian p9rtsj priday feb Orr is iian. Friday re Druary Tod All other Queens land ports. J cargo received daily at Queen s wharf up to one lieu before ailing. A tickets interchangeable alter the burst Purt Rith the steamers of the Adelaide steamship Coa Panr. Limited. For fares and freights apply to the company 8 offices. I eng William Street. ? and Queen s wharf. Port thursday Island port Dar win Manila Hon Kong China and Japan. The next departure of the ? Coxa navigation company limited will be . Tainan contain vide non. From std Rev on March 1. Cargo to catch her will be forwarded per Pil Barra on Friday and Tost to Sidney fret of charge through Bills of uding being Given in Etc Hanse for mate s receipt. Passengers. Splendid accommodation for for particulars to fright or paans apply Lusiner. Rome k co., Agen Crenfall Street to Lipson Stew pwt ? Syz a Melbourne steamship 4fen5kv company Bunbury Fremantle and Gerald Ron without transhipment. Powerful steamship Beth 100a1 at fonts 200 tons Tores Post Adelaide on or about tues Day. 19th inst free he at lowest in rent rate. Cargo booked through to Perth. Specially reduced rates Lor rain Sam. Stewardess carried. All a Recolan Tjo Adelaide and fort. Tt7ekrly steam service to to a Southeast p0rt8.-tbe s3. Tell Mai. Audi Elk sails for Kingston and .0 Beac port every tuesday at it o clock noon. For freight and passage apply a. W. Sua Tord k company City Prince s wharf port. So a t10e ? Ujdur sails regularly every wednesday 5 . Ask we r. Fb1cser, port. Tutor ya5k.1ulla.-Frrk selector Saiu to this Day Toedt. A. E. Be act Cutter port Adelaide. Port Wakefi of shipping port Waker Lelo Percy Saiu wednes Day. 30th int. At & pin. A. & e. Be my Laurier port Adelaide. Sou to the Ystok. Robe. And beachp0rt.-t1jx a Tchet Nils a Dae Aday. Oth int. Do get and co. Kingston and a. K e. Lemessurier. Purt Adelaide. 501 drapery and clothing. The Corset of the Day the . A la 8irene Sale agents in Adelaide a Fol by pm j0m Marti & ?0., United bundle Street Adelaide. ?. ? Muhse to e Al i ? t tailor. Mercer. And Batter on. Saelg railway station King William Street Saiu to measure from 40/. Fit and style guaranteed a we a decked Stock of ties to choose from. Opening up an entirely Stock of Dat. In Kewest shapes and style. Mercery in All its departments a speciality. Pay us a visit and it will pay you. W. Morphett the elite myths tto King William Street drapery and clothing. J. A Foale & co great Coupon Sale of drapery clothing Aid tailoring. Engineers Overall trousers 2/11 Sale Price. 1/11 engineers Overall Coats. 2/11 Sale Price 1/11. Special attention to country orders write for illustrated Price list 14 16, 18, Brown Street 132, 132a, Touger Street. Closes saturdays at 1 o clock. Open Friday a gets till 9 o clock. Shipping the Coward Smith line i ave Howard Smith s wharf As follows i circumstances permitting i to Wist Aust Taua. I Tram Tab i wednesday. I g1171-1 \ february u. 4 a. N j a Skocen and cargo. To Eastern oolonie8. ? Dahis Rouw f to Jestat feb by m. Land ports. J port Pirec to easters o0lootf& . St. Mary leans port Hibib wkd3bs a february 10. Cargo must be Denvered alongside steamers not is than one hour before adverted time of sail Etc by tickets Are to the steamers of messes. Huddart. Par. Or. T co., Aad Mil Wralty . 4 co. Howard Smith om8 my Wei tary Zmitko. _. 31 k1nq Willuam str st. Dbl ads i and North Parade. Port Adelaide use i Mcilwraith Mceacharn co. Propri itary United to dispatch the following passenger steamers circumstances permitting Elbow rho ice sat feb. 19, 4 pin. Albany Kaia Orlic. A Mantle \ tuesday. Feb. 13, noon. Trans sipping for Perth wharf or Luton and All . Ports on through lib of lading. Sote. Return tickets Are Ith mean. Howard Smith k son and Hud it Parker to co s steamers. Malwa auth me Acharn a co. Proprietary a metro Katie Aal Llo Tual buildings. 9l King William Street Adelaide or j. Bawls is k . Port Adelaide. Id debt Parker pc co. Proprietary. Utitco. Win dispatch from port add Aida circumstances permitting. Re Mianti j310 Msj thro och Bills of lading to Perth. Rework tickets Esteb chargeable with team. My wraith ii Meacham. It co. Prop Tir by. A United and Howard Smith and sons pro Dieury limited. 9e a be j. Fowler. Emred. Agents. A a carriers a Telephone Adelaide u0 port Adelaide 77. . Railway and general carriers. Custom House and forwarding agent to All parts of the and Ralian colonies. Goods received for storage. Furniture carefully Remote a. Firms supplied by Day week month or tear Rith Otnes. Vehicle and Drums. Special attrition Eiven to the Couch Ciofi of Pas Emerys Luggage for shipment or otherwise. 1 latins nude arrangements with the steamship companies our men Board All steamers on arrival it lip Bay or port Adelaide for the collection ind Deli my of parcel and Luggage to any part of the Colony. Head office. 39. Cubrie Street. And Date to Street. Port Adelaide. Kuhse drapery and lot hint Axt offer that has never been made before. Wilson Brice Aye decided to make a clean sweep of the whole of their Stock of Trouse rings by making to order in their Bat style and finish All the qualities Usu ally charged at from 15/6 to 19/6 for 10/6 pair. We Only have altogether about 130 pairs to sell so if you Are in want of a Well made Well Cut perfect fitting pair of trousers at less than you can get a Slop made pah at Don t miss the Opportunity. We guarantee satisfaction but cannot undertake to keep the offer open after this week or Cut any patterns. Wilson brige and co., 114 to 118, bundle Street. 47c re Rafes circulars has Hui a Price lists. Eat a tents journal the Register observer and no Ai. Print pkg offices. Marshall s Busy Sale 5 til l count snub s. A ? \ Imperial troops t ladies from the country visiting Adelaide to witness the Parade of Imperial troops should take the Opportunity of Patja Hasma cheap Aba plot. Volunteers taking parti the coming Fum Duna mtg the it trial inept and to com the eco Tom Khomut a my their a Oder trip i to pay our establishment a visit. Tivi uproot extremely . Fames mabs Ball & co. Notice e. Melbourne and Sydne bargains. Coats and skirts Blaek and White Chea Kwh cloth jackets mantles in silk Sirin. Chiffon and Lee All Blaek. Crepon rowed g0wh& capes White pique and Black Lustre skirts i guided Musun blouses. Urls. Washing costumes Winebr jackets capes costumes cd Purchase Job for Gash. To of offered to oar patrons and the pub lie generally a Low cricks. Kimolyn Seao the four wimp puts ust. . Tuta Rah . ? so co. Melbourne and Sydney bargains. 20 dozen ladies Floral Mundin blouses to be mid for a 1/8, 1/11 each u dozen ladies Fawn Drill washing walking skirts for a exch 6i dozen ladies White fancy pique walking Sklom 15/9 for 6711 each 13 dozen Ladie Blaek Lustre Superior walking sk1kx8. 31/ior 8/u each 66 ladies coloured cloth summer braided capes la for 3/lleadi 25 Docen ladies Superior Fane Cambric washing wifi Appes 3/u Aad i a. 49 Dozea ladies Superior White . Knickers . Of a for a per i dozen ladies Lam size White funds aprons we film for a each ? 60 ladies Buck and White Check cloth Coa l s an skims 55/ for 29/6 each 14 ladies Creme lost coat and a fit costumes Worth 63/ for 29/8 each 4 dozen ladies White knitted Cotton Gomel nations. 4/u for 1/11 each ladies Lone Black cloth Coats. Lined silk Worth 46/ for \&/9 each 480 Ladie Tvarionas Winter both jackets capes. Mantles fee tit 18 Black and coloured cloth lined silk trimmed fur 4c, 8/ll/lo/9, 12/9/ ?21/ each 71 dozen Ladiet White Mundin and Yoloand Linen cooking aprons 6cl, 9d., 1/, 1/8 each ? 205 dozen infants bibs and Nursery feeders to go for 3d 3i, 5d_j by each 000 dozen ladies White Creme and coloured knitted Cotton under vests no Szkeres Short sleeves and Long sleeves to go for 3d., 6d\, 9d 1/ each 54 ladies the pique we wiped Linen walking sk1ek, 6/11 and 8a1 apr 33 ladies White pique and coloured Linen coat and skirt costumes to go for 6v1l 8/ll 10/9 each 108 ladies White . Petticoats trimmed lace to go for 3/11 each 153 ladies Short Fawn cloth jackets trimmed and braided to go for 6/11, 8/11, 10/9 each 27 dozen girls and maids Large size Pinafore beautifully trimmed 1/ll 2/u, and 3/11 each 13 dozen children s and maids White Sun hats beautifully trimmed 1/11 and 2/11 each ? ? 60 dozen ladies Creme Pink and Blue knitted Cotton bodices to go for 6d. ? and v each. ? ? 71 ladies Black silk lace and Satin mantles richly trimmed 8/1l 10/9, 12/9 250 children s and maids Drill washing costumes to go for 1/11, 2/u, 3/11 120 ladies Marmot Sable fur neck lets with clasp to go for 6/11 each. Linoleum Aad oilcloth. Inlaid linoleum patterns stamped through. 6 iiu43 f t Ren rats of Lino Laim lift. 3 in. X 12 it 75/ for of remnant of linoleum 11 it. 7 in. X 12 it. 78/ for 62/ remnants of linoleum 15 it. 6 in. X 12 it 104/ for 83/ Beu Mots of ii Noiem 12 it. 9 in. X 12 it 68/ for 52/ remnant of linoleum 20 it. 4 in. X 12 ft., 112/ for 85/ remnants of linoleum 22 it. 10 in. X 12 ft., 120/ for 95/ remnants of oilcloth 18 it. 3 in. X 12 Al 50/ for 38/6 6 draw my room a Mownn squares with 18-in. Borders in one piece size 12 it. X 2s&13 ftf6ri/xl2ft85/for70/. F 60 Rolls linoleum 6-ft. Wide usual pee 4/6 and 5/ per. Yard to dear at 3/6 per Lineal Yard ? 30 Rice Straw japanese Row size 6 it x 3 it. 4/6 each 200 tins Best linoleum and on Dorfa polish 1/6 per it. Tin japanese matting 10&, a 1/3 per Yard All uptemm1jrs Poppins 3/11 the full dress. tee dress debt. Black fic feed la tee. Is. 3d. , 3d. The dress. Fancy Blae lace cloth Nesoal Price. 13 64. For 4s. Us. The press. White kits Telincio a. Yard. Furniture. Two very special d i it i it 3 suites to i a i solid Oak Dimino suite very substantial handsome Well seasoned ? English made Frame 6 dib1b4t and .2 careers or Arm Chain upholstered in the very Best Quality Preneth Moro eos. Our Arfee for this unique and Zee sent suite was �47. 10s. We will Clear to Day at �25. This is genuine. % i solid Walnut suite of eight pieces Viz. 6 dining and 2 carves or Arm chairs upholstered in the j Best Quality Croe due Grain Ameri can handcuffed Buffalo hide a most uncommon and cry handsome suite �89 10s. We offer to Day to Clear at �25. ? ? ,.? r-0 for the above suites we advise. Immediate attention. Is they an exceptional bargains and being on1 one of each cannot Rihl in Abaft Tel drapery and lot incl Birks Sale ill Neey uat8 and bonnets. Our remain inc Stock of ill Faery hats Aad facts Art to be cleared oat at nominal fees prelims to. Stocktaking. Ike Atoe offend is unprecedented Lor instance dates and hats Worth originally to 95/ m be sold at 4 u to 106 Eacutt 0 Lious continuation of Sale of surplus we goods. Very great reactions in every land of summer Woollen dress material French 3mbrics, French Matins at 4c a Large Stock of summer blouses. Ace mantles Coats and skirts , ?. In j1b8-tn kit. A Kex of. Trn at. Friges. A varied selection of Blace and other a shi0na8le materials incl disk Tatry accessory or dress . Patterns Post free on application. Martin bros., Burlington souse. Flint s. Good ste090 White Aijoo a to fan Fly me. Us. It. 8/6. 6/u doa. White twill Sheet djo Ood old Jart weighty doth 7j in. ? of Harty Kubi ach a twill i id Yard she Ehko. 68 in. It 8tbono a bleached Pladt m 10 Yard she Ehko 7i in. ? it fact braided Pillow sups 1 pair with we ? i of drawn thread Pillqw-8lips, 4-.� pair with fam ? Zzz. ? 5s/o White Hoke Toomb quilts Toj i ? a meged Large Sia ? ? 55 1 1 1 withe Hon Toomb toilet fed Saefa of ovens ? 9 whee Mascella bed Quilis. 10 6-18/6.- late netted All shades special of of Dos value ? 4/.jllyda w. To Flint & son Ltd., Ibonie ohlers de Apkes of and so hex let Aad Bakk streets ? Adelaide. ? Muhse bean Dom s summer Sale will be continued till the end of this month. Prices doting Traat period cannot be quoted by advertisement As the lines Are Selling so fast that Many Are sold out within a Weete. Sufficient to say that there Are still Hoij salvos of pairs that will be sold at almost nominal prices previous to stocktaking and. To make room for shipments to arrive. For present prices see windows. Brandon s shoe warehouse it Btjni-l4e Street. Saude drapery and olo Thino Elace-and-wh1te Check Zepht 9/6 for 5/8 dozen ack and White im�nuki7ku sat teens Mai for fld. Yard 1lack-a1to-White Cambric Fiu for 4/u Dona lace and White Cambric. To for 3/11 dozen Jack and White Chsce Silex 1/9 for 1/3 Yard Slack and White washing sues 1/11 Yard Slack ? and ? White striped Lustre 1/11 for 1/9 Yard 12-in. Black and White Check dress lltf., for lord. Yard 12-in. Black and White Suk striped dress special 4/11 for jul Yard a in. Plain Black Lustre. 1/6. 1/u, 12-in. Fancy Black Lustres 6/1 for 3/udresa ladies Blue and Pink Zephyr Collar and cuff sets 1/8 for 9d. Ladies spot Nain Sook blouses lace trimmed 8/11 for 5/9 ladies shirt blouses 4/u to 6/11, All reduced to 2/u ladies Cool print House cos Tumes Worth 8/11 for 4/u children s Muslin overalls All abes 3/lf to 6/u, All for 2/u child s Pinafore. 1/8 for m. Fine Black Straw gems ladies Black fancy Straw hats. 2/8 Black silk roses 1/11, 2/6 Bunch ladies Black hats trained tip Chiffon and Flower 15/0,18/8 Black veiling White spots u cd 1/8 Yard White veiling Black spot to l/9yard White ospreys 8j&, 1/ Tach. Boot department ladies Satin calf Oxford shoes Scallop zip 3/u men s Balmoral in Black or Tan to Cape special Sale Price 7/8 children s High leg Trtat a Balmoral Spriggel soles Heel plate sizes 7 to 10, 2/u abet u the l 3/6 ladies Glace kid Oxford shoes a fat Rifi irn Wyt a. 8/u for 7/s men White Canvas Oxford shoes Tan toe eaps and facing special Price 3/u infants Patent 1-bar shoes aide a 2 to 5, 2/8 for 1/8 j. T. Fitch tee Corner. ? Etta Shact Shierlaw s boys Eton suits. 85/, 87/6 to 55/. Boys Long Househ suits. 10/6, 12/6. 15/ to 45/. Boys Oxford . Suits 12/9. 15/, 17/6. 21/ to 30/, boys Sailor suits Sabroe or Tweed. 5/9. 7/6, 8/9 to 17/6. Boys . S. Only s/6, 2/11, 3/6, 4/11, 5/9. ? 16 & 18. Hot filet st. Drapery and olo Thino i ? ? ? ? i ? i Blevie you that Obi of of Joel �1 parcels if not you had better think about them to Day. During the i la ? we we pm Wita ont head Tjon by we have forwarded Home of theae pared to Neady every place the mails trains and boats go in the Colony and the ? a Ananois opinion of the recipient a that they Are a Marve Lotts bargain. We Nave ? referred Many replies from buyers and All an agreeably impressed with the to Ted ? value and reliable goods offered. Procrastination i is the thief of time. It is also a robber that steals from Many people Golden oppor h Toni ties. We shall offer these parcels one week longer to Don t procrastinate. Not h order to Day one or More of the i a feb 3 incontestable Bab mss i offered by i has. Moore & co., 1 70 to 76, gouger Street i in the 8hafe of i extraordinary 1 of Deb pm i of Bibb no. Parcels i us dress parcel contains i z 7 Brood Quality French printed Cambric in Oor Flower Light or dark ? i Yarda coloured washing print 29 inches wide a Lulli Lluz. Ii 0 s 5 i t / 4. We will and this excellent parcel for 20a, 7 in wanting for Juhli Troel we would suggest that it would be advisable to select tin i amours of the poplin dress camb is bal Iona braids to you would prefer other. I nerve to Oon Elyea the tight of Mysto Nung a Colour if the one you select Hao Oens to i lfj%7eivs1? tute a twin Selv Utts a i hat satisfaction that win ment a continuance of your orders and remittances. I our gents of Mriln a m i contains ? i w?8s a or to i we Aue wanted. 015 1 ii gent s Cream willed Xennis shirt Collar and pocket ? us i 1 pair menu heavy Cotton Corduroy trousers by size ? 0 3 11 i l Uenta coloured Cotton shirt lined Lack and tront Collar and pocket if i m a l n i i gent s White Lawn handkerchief full. A 0 0 i f a ?.if?s cd fed ale no bocks double heels and toes. Ii u 1 0 i Luew Are i Ancy Scarf 0 10.1 it u we a end Tbs reliable parcel for 20s. L i but if Pmj pm to give an extra stand Hare a much better so Irole parcel 25a, you will be More than pleased. It stands to reason we can Supply in decidedly better suit for 18. 6d. Than we can f or a. Of and a butt is not an arose i ran Are buying every Day or every week Lor that matter. To think it Over and i Hen Send san Oiler you will be very pleased with the pared. I. Our household parcel contains i 5 Yards White or Grey willed Shesong 80 uses wider Idease state of aether i you prefer in Grey or White ? ?0 6 s i i Yards perfectly pure whip Calico 36 inches wide free from All Drc Saig 026 i i Yarda moral l Saign Linen Lable damask 66 indies wide ? .t7., h12i i u Yards French printed moral defines Urey Saturna 30 inches wide. 0 2u i 12 Yarda heavy make willed or sat Finch Lalalea. Stripe Navy in Munda i 3u inches wide state whether willed or aim Fiaiai t. Zt7. 0 6 6 i i Yards lace Juiet gooral pattern 40-Inch Art muslims for draping purposes 0 16 i to Yards Good style crepe it Toonet 30 Inocea wide Dix a pro out. 0 3 6 i �16 8. I we will Send this Superior parcel for 20s. I re Wuber we can quote lower Price for the same number of articles or the same i dumber of Yards. For instance we could quote sheeting at 7m. Yard Calico at 2jd. I Rard. Galatea at 4jd, Creyonne at 3d, and so on but is All these �1 parcels All tha i Utilea have been carefully selected ind no one article of doubtful calibre is included a i Isk you to place an order for one and we Are quite Mai spied you will be quite Aati Saed i ? o i great opportune a to replenish your wardrobes at a nominal Cost i we Abo pay rail Carriage on All �2 orders. I Chas. Moore & co., 70 to 76, gouger Street. ? be i remnant week bus jail. Public attention is called to the above important feature of our half yearly Clearing Sale. That it is already very much appreciated is an intelligent. And discriminating Circle of patrons is evidenced by the fact tha for the last 61 half years we have never failed to dose the season with a clean Stock that is to say with a Stock almost entirely free from the remains of the past sea son s purchases of purely sea son Able goods. Our stocktaking 5s approaching and the remaining Days of the pre sent month win be devoted to the v clearance of remnants of to classes of material in All department of the business at prices eminently satisfactory to the buyer. Birks Sale remnants of Black dim mate rials a special feature. 3bo leavers Kinta Willum st bet. A and Complete Stock 01 Welgh Marge sons White shirts Tor of Ettac dims prices Asa s/1. I Nonor or m collars and ties la an tic afoot to Stylska in. Aughta Mahmat an Aix Bequm Imrit Arru Inri weak in Rook. J. Leaver kit irm Jai Stirr. To most bu8ine88 notices Are you sure that you Are Petty the Best ten Derest and Juiciest Mats for your Money no Well there s one Way to be absolutely Centeio patronise l. Conrad. Does t Maice any Odds whether you know the difference be tween a rib in set and � pork chop you la get the same honest treat ment As if Yon knew it a mild cured Hatsamo Bacon a specs Ltd. L. Conrad Bis lbt to. Cimuel Beni by Ubu st. X or Sulu Amsz aaa Post . ? tote Woodman a for pianos. W00dma1ts for 0bq-a1ts. E. T. C0llhts for music. Violins. And All . Last fur i but show to quorum Lehti in Adilard Lowin Nicks to Cash. Re Terra f ? is Tao. Okxtasdbs3s 33, Rungue strut 0� Jaa Bucaan of . Hardy Swink. 800cob wine show 1900. 33 awards. Rory priss Tor bocks Aad Babba onion and a ample Moil 87, it bbl st Teet. Makai

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