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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Feb 18 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - February 18, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Are Xiet called for Speed Comfort durability. Roadster Traci guaranteed for 12 Moath. Tilt Tolop pneumatic Tyre Ca. Of Australia Ltd. Adelaide Hub onion. Spinet. Perth Brisbane and no Good and cheap at Bent placed mum Market to gusto meet la Siag mind for a oooo Wakiko take at a Florae Nat m flood a 0unlepa but Tetter than ? All Thra. by lie Salop pneumatic Tyre co. Of Auto by Ltd 89, Prankus of tact not mow. Shipping Emmeitt Chi i to Louo Riaff sums my order Boyal Hail Contact win Lew Adelaide up Bay at 1 Fig bib. Of he Aadam Catford Date far Mouth and Doh Tia Rei Mantle. Colonia tym Rrt or a Indian Puna. Sues caul r Kapok. Shirt hrs and Uit Olur ? i of Mhz. .f3�,�.lhm&l�$jl feb. 51. Orca. Pm. Gnu cur Otu. 7. ?Ai.5rical.usetc Nicum . 1l w Clito ? Jyl of. & Stu we. Ilai and Tatnai july urea Cert Vii set from f Eyd Aey. Halous to Lomax san be. �38 10/ to �77. Briars �71 10/ to �13. U to bred Oats. �17us. �20 16/. Ial003 to culex by Suisun �31 4/ to �33. ? a Cora. A to a 10/. Westers Australia. P Saloon a 1/ to �7 it third �3 17/. Pc sans dual any poet can be prepaid Here. K a turn to Cokeis pint Saloon it Naik c Teicu Ausilai. Pouts Are now available or re Tea in p. And a and m.1l companies Steinen Sanjit Nan. U sex aces of. Green t Cut. And Ander of. Akk Bux in co., finc aurb Arena full particulars of application to hug. Asder sos Braack Mauser. G Isser s. Grenfel Strete steam navigation company. C Cadar Koyal mail contract will Depatch the lout Ming steamers via Fremantle. Colombo Aden. Slang id Gibraltar Mem Oduj. And urn i Doc with Liberty to Call at Itri dui ? j Arcadia. ? icon x i. Ussin i .3. Oceania ? my c. Add Furrh ii. Britannia. -33 f. U. Of Cymont mirth 34 Afi Tuaua. Ck01 l re com april 11 j ?v1ctoru ? is e. Truwe april 25 ? 01l� ? big j. Co be mar a Himalaya ? Ial v. I. Broun May 3. La Hobart Roro Sydney. Pas Knem Tor brio dui Traat Bip at port Otic to a Salnars. Liberal reductions to Tamilin. Whole Cabins roared. The accommodation la bold fint and so Coop saloons u usurp after. Pame in Europe a. Can be arranged j Here. Pukonen allowed to break their journey at intermediate ports. Tourists tickets India thin. Japan. A round the world tickets Pas acs ratb3. Tickets Issod Ai in unit current rate. Special return ticket to London Trio books Mic tables and All particulars As to passage f Bodey. Ac., Terv raided on application. Elder Smith l co., limited. Agents. ? Cir n. D. Mord dec Suer Ivoyd. I the Imperial Uail Thiis. Of Ura Paur �1 be pupate bad m a i Titre ? a regularly the realtor u i a Tiu Hampton. Antwerp Ami o , via Fremantle. Combo Aden a Zoez. Pert said. Naples and Tunoa. ? t Fiman a. It i hit i a titty leave a. ? a ? d 190l 1 need Ricu Deb 0303se ? air. 14 or Liz recent ? ii told ? Eta la. Walter april u Vruyr. ? Tow ii. Urben mar 11 Karl Arcue ? k37 k. Felmann june i Starit ? s012c Dewers Only g. ? twin scrbw8. Pass Atje Money from Adelaide �1s is. To �71 us. Great reductions on Vetura Paa Tases. Liberal Yonceni Nikii to Tunille. Liaise bum Europe a be an cd Bere. Third a to voodoo. �13 st. Pae Tengea and cask us cd i Roost to London i Ecru can a Auric and America Pona. For Are that Pune and All other Partl hrs a ply u the Aten 1l Ulecee t co. Ritt and port Aih � Pucul train or passengers and vi8itors Liiva Adri aide at Taso . N departure Days fur to Tea end Lars pier. ? 131ct Union line of steamers. To new a tune pwt. Kum Litu Wurte. S0x0wai, via us but. Wed Uday feb. 20. Film Syd Xiv 3 ar.\tioa, via a Klamt. Watib Midy feb. 3�. U ats Are. To Dun ton stun he. Fib. Is. To Tasmania. Kw11 . For Hobart. To can eau. Feb. 3. I Mteresa. Or Lauw num. Bunday. Feb. So to Samo and i. Lii .Il a a Xiv. Uotok1no. Wed Emlay february Anh. For Baus of freight and pastime Nawaey Aad All Nib ration apply to . Co lo., to cats 7. Oxx Williaim Street City and a need s Beaart. Port. A Smolc to or Dox via do Rran and 2,- st Helena. Vol by the ship Torrens mils end of february. Bat exc Euett paean a or Pas apply to. 4c elder s1ut1i, & co., quoted. Btl a ship ,7hemahtle, aha Geba Droh without Tranthi porst. Powerful Stea Subiti 100.u at Loyd i. Z.s0 tens. Leans fort Adelaide on or about tubs Day. 19th int. Frei Sun at Lee to Curt Cut rates. Cargo booked Liiro uefa to Perth. Sort Buly reduced Zta Tor fasts is. E--rarda4 carried. A Urti ulans u. Us Ecke & co. Ury Adelaide Aad port Dit burc and Ardrossan. Samm a. H ii Millro i. Wa1i00ea. 1 wednesdays and hat Days. At 9 an. Ajo Reta Misz thursday and mondays Aku Kossak a a. James c0mrie, tuesdays and to sundays. At 3 Retarn Ioc same Day. No cargo Reoe ired after &30 in. On Day of Mync in Etc ? in Alecse t co. Agent. K t7ettu.y st Vul st vice to a. I Soltus i let is. Yet. Tiili or Kingston and a Brach port every tuesday at 12 a clock noon. For freight and Pas a apply a. A. Sin Ford company .Il or instr s wharf i Ort. T7i0r Salt Creel yottke3 48. A Pekin soul Tae so Boomer Jitt fib Euttu auce by Vrin sail dec clearly Evert st Casuat. Nons 11 Tiv r Fajr. Bitsih . Ass re a Yak pfc Mai Irtira 10 port Avob tip. William Hamilton. 49.5u Fri it not. Y o i t ? k a s t port s. D por and Urt re it. Toc Nur. Or Bruard ?. Jalc Tkv k us. Ltd. And Ludo and Kineston. E. Be ice Sitker. Port add Latov. Tit 5. Thomas co.,\\ mercantile. Shipping. Cd atoms ? and Gese Rai of Sorters shipping be Adelaide steamship company limited i 01 dispatch Steamer from port Adelaide Ai under circumstances Perot tiny or Albany and Fremantle l Tor is Range parch Wera Dan All Worth West port. And sin Capora on through bilk of Lodimer. / Ollowa i Friday March 1 1 3 p Tran shipping for Queensland ports. T Crux � i Friday i March 1 i a 8peno ir6 Gulf service. = r port us cold. . Wallaroo Franklin uarbu13. And Tumby Bay. A Kkt ? 1 tuesday february 19 i 3 . Imp Etc Union fares Dur Iier. Summer Moths. Ports acc Sta. Creme do. And Pirie a Ith a swingers and cargo Vestiga tur i saturday february 23 i . Comfortable ladies Cabin on debt. G All Passos tickst8 blk with stkam.r8 of the . F 0. Apter first port of Call. Cargo mat be alongside Steamer not less than 11 o Boon before admits de time of sailing Date. For All information apply to. The Adelaide steamship co. Limited. I Irrie Street Adelaide and commercial wharf i port Adelaide. ? . Co., old. The Fara Orite passenger steamers of / Ore line u1 circumstances permitting be rat bed for re on i paroo. \ Tran ship at Fremantle by 4 Elbourne Yanky. Tanpi6errf4ild .Il Barra. By All other Queens land ports. J Careo Reed Ted daily Ai Queen s wharf of to one fur before jailing. 1 Alt tickets interchangeable after the first port Ith the steamers of the Adelaide steamship Corn any. A Mitt. For fans and freights apply to the uni pants oftioe8. S7. King William Street and Ioleen s wharf. Port 2hip lock Cluron. From gla�80w.c0s sink of is Are a quoted to entries l Oner. Bill of Ladin must be presented and ? debt paid at Wiir port Rocc before delivery o Rouaa will be Ullem Damare 1a been pointed out on boding and packages sex Nind in per Frame of the Captain. All coed by enlarged and remaining on wharf to signed for rur 5 . Will be at consign pcs risk and May r marry at their expense. Captain a Rke will not be responsible k my lets contracted by the Crew without b written authority. Tierce wills t co., to port adf bide. Carriers a rope & co., railway and of Rural Cartler a forwarding and sep pig agents. Agent for lie new sooth Wales carrying and Agner co., Sydney men. Chappie j co., his. Folkes Tvett Street. Port Adelaide North Terrace Adelaide. Goods forwarded with Ore and dispatch. Telephone 20. Port 74. Adelaide. S7mwfe business notices surpass All others ample Strong silent. A Feior sold for Cash or on terms old machines taken in Exchange. See the latest models at new show rooms. Singer Corner Tat Runolf Street. ? s ? 37mwfao j. & r. Jou Sto importers and to cats 40, Grenfell Street. On Sale. Whitney per ambulatory per ambulatory Fuu ates. Lancashire Patent belting. Jute Heap and cot ton twines. Sewing twines american chairs Cane chairs chair seats. Glassware Eleen plate docks. Wringers Margies. Upholsterers materials desiccated Coconut. Coc Anat of bit Kapok cold s Patent roofing nails. A. Joe. Ts7mwb Excelsior Wing pumps pc a Nav by Suka a a a Siv Charles Atkins & co., Ltd. 97. Kurrik strut. A owe a Csikesz Cardwall sizes ? at the ? Register general Pajk tick office. Drapery and clothing. O Foale & 00 s great c0tjp01t Sale of drapery clothing and tailoring. Engineers Overall trousers 2/11 Sale Price. 1/11 engineers Overall Coats 2/11 Sale Price 1/11. Special attention to country orders write for illustrated Price list 14, 16, 18, Brown Street 132, 132a, gouger Street. Closes saturdays at 1 o clock open Friday nights till 0 o clock 8h1ppinq the i0-Ward Smith line ave Howard Smith s Warp As follows to wb8t ao8ralia, la am 1 Bunin Moira Reva milk i j feb Nalt a 4 . J passenger and Carco. To Eastern oguonie8. Yanky Dirzo a Tea shipping for i ? ? Gabo Brisbane j. O.-55bay is. S3l id All other Meens f sattb041 of l land ports j port Pirie to Eastern Colok ibs. 55.s. St. Jury learn port Pouk wedges a. February to. Carso must be Del med alongside steamers not is than one Hoar before adv rum time of sail ret Antn tickets Are Ith the steamers of mean. Huddart Par or. K co., and Mcilwraith Kcf Cha id co. M. Howard Smith & sons Propri tary umitk3. Is. Kino Willuam strut. And buds and North Parade port Adelaide. Ste flclwrath9 Mceacharn & go. Prop Victary United pm dispatch the Foo Wias is Spenser steamers circumstances permitting Elbow rec / Colum edit Elbourne tuesday. Feb. 13, 4 pub. Albany , re Mantle to theuay feb. 19, noon Tran shipping for Perth wharf car Lotom and a . Ports on the roof Lilu of lading. Tieves Are Rith messes. Toward Smith k sets and Hud Art Parker k co s steamers. Mcilwa Aith Mceacharn & co. Proprietary Umito National Mutual .Il dings 01, Kine William Street Adelaide or j. Rawings son port Adelaide. He Draut Parker a co. Proprietary Mitbo. Will dispatch from port Adelaide circumstances permit tue. La Tais 1 Anquan. A Sitt jlimt.i5-.il. To Rodin Bills of lading to Perth. Return tickets interchangeable with fan Mich mite me Albam. Co. Propri Arr limited and toward Smith Aad sons pro Iri Eurar limited. 29c la t j. Fowler. Looted. Agents. Business notices ? Dalgety & co. Umito. Head office London. Spitak Folly subscribed _ &., is serve fund _ -. T3o,000 represented by Consols _ �137,000 i enchants Wool and produce a hokes. Stock. Station com Mission and shipping agents. All station requisites supplied. Liberal advances made on station property con. Ten menu Wool or other reduce received tit realization ill Home or colonial Market. Agents for hta Garries maritime French mail steam Ismar Imrie. A co s White Star line of Stamen score Tom Pron & co s Aberdeen hat seamen Vve. Clicquot Champagne ,.lade. Kjco.1 it Bistes a. Younger co s Monk Brand Edinbargh Ai r. Jeffrey co s Castle Brand Edinburgh ale if Blay. Muir. K co s Calcutta and Colombo Taa manager for South Australia e. W. Van Senden st. Corbie Street. Attain for Sale Blackwood Cedar or Oak. Well made t foot Side Board. Back Bevelled Mirror con top two drawers and cupboards �3 17/8. Bad Itears t Tench parisian or Llali tester. Bedroom suit Ash upon Pine or Cedar wardrobe minor front Duchess pair i chairs and to dim t,1 i the . Duchess pain Light or dark table swing Mirror. S jewel bom. Was Suad Marble top. Tile Back the pair �2 7/6 solid Cedar at upon line Duchess pairs washstand Parblo tile Back. Table Large swing Bevelled Mirror ind 3 jewel drawers to 17/6 the pair ced to Ebesu of 8 drawers full column �3 10/ i drawer chests 17/6 5-Drswer chests z7/6 Aew ill site double wire wove Spring mattresses 12/6 new double wire wove Bedstead stretchers 9/6. Chairs tables per amt and invalid Chain in Hue. Houses of furniture and pianos bought for Cash. Furniture and bedsteads enhanced. Bedsteads. Bedsteads. Bedsteads. French parisian. Italian and half testers it and full she. I have just unpacked ten cases of bedsteads of the very latest designs. Byen should inspect these and compare prices before Burins elsewhere. Odd crockery Sjo Dosen plate. A. Each 30 Doxen dishes. 6d. Each so dozen vegetable dishes also Odd toilet Ware 30 carpet Square Brussels and tapestry 2 rues the Are new full toilet set from 10/6 tapestry suite 6 pieces All new. Well made and Sprine rated �3 15/ Ibe suite. Cusk due a. Hegab furniture dealer is. Nearly opposite Fitch s Corner. Note. No time payments. Telephone 796. Sawse 5 pins a Seltz genes of Belt a secs in is in a 8i 20thcentti3?7 furniture bedsteads a Beautiful in design substantial in Quality moderate in Price. Also a one display of China cuss and earthen Ware comparison and inspection respect fully conred. A.j.8elway next Walton s123, Rah dle st. Tennis shoes and rubber Soled boots made. Kebab to. Aad sold by a. Cold inc 194, Rundle st cheats. To s/6 leaks 6/6 to 14/6. Tisins of the Bobber soles guaranteed. A Wiel Marshall s Busy Sale s t in i i o of tines o Imperial troops i r ladies from the country visiting Adelaide to witness the v ? Parade of Imperial troops should a aka ibs Opportunity of Pua Basiura cheap ? do Piet. Volunteers to apart i Ike comity the Imperial to not and Veo Home pee Taug from Tatom Murf for the occasion Skou d it diet their lady Fiat cd to pay our establishments a visit. If via prove extremely a pro Iti Amble. Rames Marshall & co. N o t i g and Sydney bargains. Coats and skirts Black and Wojta path cloth jackets mantles in silk Satin. Chiffon and lace All Black. Crepon rimmed g0wn& capes White pique and Black Lustre skirts i nuked Muslin blouses girls washing costumes Winier jackets cafes costumes Etc. V Purchase Job of r Ca s h. To a offered to our patrons and the Tibuc generally Jet fbicx8. Kim oks Mao the Rollo win i in Chis. . so co. 0 Melbourne and Sydney bargains. 30 dozen ladies Floral Moslin blouses to be sold for to Vul each 11 dozen ladies Fawn Drill washing walking skirts 64 dozen ladies White fancy pique walking skirts us for 4/11 each 13 dozen ladies Black Lustre Superior walking skirts 2v for 8/11 each 56 ladies Golo ored cloth summer braided capes 12n for Vul each 25 dozen ladies Superior fancy Cambric washing wrappers 3/11 and 4/u each ? 49 Dosen ladies Superior White . Enick ebs. Trimmed lace to go for 1/ pair 14 dozen ladies Large sue White Muslin aprons Worth Embr 6d. Each 60 ladies Biak and White Check cloth Coats land -6jcffife, 85/ for each 14 ladies Crane Lustre coat and 15kibx Cost Lime North. 63/ for 29/6 each 4 dozen ladies White knitted Cotton combinations 4/11 for 1/11 each ladies Lone Buck cloth Coats. Lined silk Worth 45/f or 12/9 each 480 ladies Mariom Winter cloth jackets capes. Mantles4c, Vit is Black and coloured doth lined silk trimmed fur 8/u, 10/9, 13ft 21/ each 71 dozen ladies White Muslin and coloured Linen cooking aprons 6cl, 9d, 1/, 1/6 each ?. 205 dozen infants bibs and Nursery feeders to go for 2d., 3d 6d a each 600 dozen ladies White Crane and coloured knitted Cotton under vests no steers. Short sleeves and Long sleeves to go for 3d, 6d_ 9i, 1/ each 51 ladies White pique an striped Linen walking skirts 6/11 and 8/11 each 33 ladies White pique and coloured Linen Goat and rat tit costumes to go for 6/11, 8/11, 10/9 each 108 ladies White . Petticoats trimmed lace to go for 3/11 each 153 ladies Short Fawn cloth jackets trimmed and braided to go for 6/1l a Imp cab 27 dozen girls and maids Large size Pinafore beautifully trimmed 1/11, 2/11, and 3/11 each 13 dozen children s and maids White Dun hats beautifully trimmed 1/11 and 2/11 each 60 dozen ladies Creme Pink and Blue knitted Cotton bodices to go for 6d. And 1/ each 71 ladies Black silk lace and Satin mantles richly trimmed 8/1l 10/9, 12/9 250 children s and maids Drill washing costumes to go for 1/11, 2/11, 3/11 a ? 120 ladies Marmot Sable fur neck lets with clasp to go for 6/11 each. Linoleum Aad oilcloth. Inlaid linoleum patterns stamped through. 10 Rolls 6-ft. Wide usual Price 5/11, 6/11, to dear at 4/ per Square Yard length a 16 fuse 25 it. 11 in., 30 it. 10 in 80 it 24 ft., 51 it 19ft. 3 in., 6 it. 4 41 it. 6 in 42 it. Remnants of linoleum 11 it. 3 in. X 12 it 75/ for 60/ Ltd Munante of linoleum 11 it. 7 in. X 12 78/ for 62/ remnants of linoleum 15 it. 6 in. X 12 it 104/ for 83/ remnants of linoleum 12 it 9 in. X 12 it 68/ for 52/ remnants of Iino Reum 20 it. 4 in. X 12 it 112/ for 85/ remnants of linoleum. 22 it 10 in. X 12 it 120/ for 95/ Tofin Nunt of Judoth 18 it 3 in. X 12 it. 50/ for 38/6 6 drawing room linoleum squares with 18-in. Borders in one piece Sze 12 fax 2 Sornit Srch 12 it 85/ for 70/. 60 Rolls linoleum 6-wide usual Price 4/6 and 5/ per Yard to dear at 3/6 per Lineal Yard 30 Rice Straw japanese Roe size 6 it x 3 it. 4/6 each 200 tins Best linoleum and Woodoth polish 1/6 Peh tin japanese matting lord 1/. 1/3 per Yard All latest patterns of poplinsf3/11 a a Bab Asinsin tee Deess dept. Black fic bed lv8tke. Is. 3d. Yard for is. 3d. The stress. Van to Blank lace cloth usual Price 13s. C4. For 4s. Lid. The dress. White nubs to like Wiy Ard. ? furniture. T to Vert special di1tinq suites. We offer a solid Oak dining suite very . Han Tom we be Contd Angush made Frame comprising 6 dining and 2 careers or chairs upholstered in the vary Best Quality French Moro eos. Our Price for this uni que and Etc event Saite was �47 10s. We will dear to Day at �25. This is genuine. A solid Walnut suite of eight pieces yiz.-t6 dining and 2 Carvers or chairs upholstered in tin Best Quality Croe Wofle Grain Ameri can hand offed Buffalo bide a most uncommon and very handsome suite �89 10s. We offer to Day to dear at �26. O � for the above suites we advise immediate attention. As. They Are exceptional bargains and being Only one of each cannot possibly be repeated drapery and cloth incl kh0wn All Over Australia. John Martin and co., limited the popular Gash drapers. great Success of our annual summer Sale. Crowded daily with eager buyers. In order to effect a thorough clearance of the balance of our summer foods we have made further substantial reductions in All departments. Note. We close at one o clock on saturdays John Martin & co. Ltd. 98 to 108a. Bundle Street Adelaide an offer that has never been made be Obb. Wilson brige have decided to make a clean sweep of the whole of their Stock of Trouse rings by making to order in their Best style and finish All the qualities Usu ally charged at from 17/6 to 19/c for 10/6 pair. We Only have altogether about 130 pairs to sell so if you Are in want of a Wett made Well Cut perfect fitting fair of trousers at less than you can get a Slop made pair at Don t miss this Opportunity. We guarantee satisfaction but cannot undertake to keep the offer open after this week or Cut any patterns. Wilson brige and co., 114 to 118, bundle Street. 47c Shierlaw s bots Eton sons 36/, s7/6 to 55/. Boys Long trouser suits 10/6, 12/6, 15/ to 45/. Bots Oxford . Suits. 12/9. 15/, 17/6. 21/ to Boa boys Sailor suits Serge or Tweed. 5/9. 7/6, 8/9 to 17/8. Boys /s. Only /6, 2/11, 3/6, 4/11. 6/9. ? 16 & 18, he Ley st. I drapery and clothing remnant week bibs Sale. Public attention is called to the above important feature of our yearly Clearing Sale. That it is already very much appreciated by an intelligent and discriminating Circle of patrons is evidenced by the fact tin for the last 51 half years we have never failed to dose the season with a clean Stock that is to say with & Stock almost entirely free from the remains of the past sea son s purchases of purely seasonable goods. Our stocktaking is approaching and the remaining Days of the pc sent month will be devoted to the clearance of remna2tts of All classes of material in a department of the business a prices. Eminently satisfactory to the buyer. B1rks Sale. Remnants of Black dress mate rials a special feature. 38e continuation of Sale of surplus Slimmer goods. Very great reductions in every kind of summer Woollen dress material French Cambric French muslims 4c, 4c a Large Stock of summer blouses lace mantles Coats and skirts. , a at than ? usual prices. A varied selection of Black and other a. Shio Nable motto eng materials incl Dinic every accessory of dress now in tone for Mannins. Patterns Post free on application. Martin bros., Burlington House. Bu8ine88 notioe8 Flint s Nottace dinner sets � pieces u/6. 15/6, is/8, 19/6, of. 80 pieces. 30/, 40/, 45/, 50/. Chisa cups and sauces sic Ewhite and Gold. 5/ Dosen. Coloured Edn and Gold lines. 6/ Doaton. Fancy coma cups and sauce is cd., a ipjd., 1/, 1/8 each. ? China moustache cops and saucers 1/s, 1/6, 1//. Cams a Tea sets of a pieces Ura Cap and Saveat a d of 8 b. And b. Plates i coloured a Bdl. 1 cake plat. ? or Odette bin 1 milk Ivett i and Oom Uacas 1 Soga bowl j 9/t China afternoon Tea sets of 10 paces from 15/6, i 2s/6, is 90/. Japanese China teapots with Tea inter 6r and i. Each. Glassware Tomato sauce bottles 9d. Square Batter dishes with cover bound Batter dishes so. Fancy butter dishes. Cow Hen lobster water often. V. So 3/6. Bound Jam dishes with handle 54, water Jon 6r, 8j4, 10r Edge need biscuit Jan. Wine glasses key pattern 4/6 Doseo. Tumble. Hey pattern. 4/6 Doxen. Custard glasses Jelly glasses Flower globes Ltd. Vas Steid. Each a. W. T. Flint & son Ltd., ironmongers. Drapers. Kulm Umatt. Aad 50.bikdlbt and Bank 8ibkrs. Ade Laide. Sawser just & 00., the phone 128, electrical engineers and contractors in Orun of Koots. Laps fans. Tris Penass. Wire. Pc a. Kofi Witt far ele Etrie to Toa application. Colbert place Adelaide. Stable drapery and hint v. ? ? ? have you that. One of our .Il pair Bejlis if not you / u better think about them to Day. Daring the last three weeks w pm without hesitation Fay we have forwarded some of these parcels to near Evy place the mails trains and boats so in the Colony and the unanimous opinion i the recipients is that Tley Are a Marve Nons bargain. We Nave received Many replies from buyers and All Are agreeably impressed with the sound nine and reliable goods offered. Pr0ce4 3txhatx0n is the thief of time. To is a robber that steals from Many people Golden opportunities. We shall ? t these parcels one week longer so Don t procrastinate bus order to Day one c to of the ? pc a Miscoi testable Bab Gaiss \ Opit bed by Chase Nore & co., 70 i two a Street in the shape of extraordinary on Momm m0 it Obi parcels. 1o ?. _. Our dress parcel contains 12 Yards Good Quality Trench printed Cambric in Cornbower Light or dark ground a a n 411 1 Yards double Width coloured French poplin in Grey Dore Grey Fawn As Koa cited ? 0 s i Yards Black Lunette lining 30 Invenes wide ? 0 1 9 2 mls coloured Culk faille miming the Buck dress. A. Of 2 Dosen coloured or Black dress buttons As requested ?0 1 0. Yards Black or coloured fancy braids As Prelc rred j a i 016 6 Yards coloured washing print 29 inches Wise it a z h 0 2�0we a Fol Send this excellent parcel for 20s. 1 t?8 d p ?1. Would s1 1 11 in Wotty Tad ble to select the of of the Pophin dress Cambric buttons. Braids ate you would prefer other Wise we shall use our Best judgment in executing the order we would mention that to Resente to ourselves the right of substituting a Colour if the one Yon select happens to All sold but in every instance where we substitute we will endeavour Togo Bejou that satisfaction that will Merit continuance of your orders and remittances. Our gents of us Iriina pakuls cum ans 1 gents Tweed suit m Brown Fawn or Grey state the Colour and size wanted. 0 15 6. Gents Cream 1 willed Lennis blurt Collar and pocket ? 0 1 11 l pair cents heavy Cotton Corduroy trousers any size ? 0 3 i 1 Uenta coloured Cotton shirt lined Lack and front Collar and pocket if requested ? 0 1 11 l gent s White Lawn handkerchief full size ? m m m m 0 0 8 pairs gents coloured Uerino socks double heels and toes ?.?. 0 1 0 1 gents of toured fancy Scad Bow or i Erby lie Sute which a Motif. 0 10 �1 � 9 Nwe will Send this reliable parcel for 20s. But if Yon would care to give an extra is. And have a much better suit making tha whole parcel 25s, you will be men than pleased. It stands to reason we can Supply a decidedly better suit for ifs. 6d. Than we can for us. Of and a suit is act an Ante you Are buying every Day or every reek that matter to think it Over an then Send is an order you will be very pleased with the parcel. Our hubs Lulu a Hlll Usu Dos 5 Yards White or Grey to idled sheeting to mates wide please state whether you prefer in Grey or White ? 0 6 3 6 Yards perfectly pure White Calico 36 inches wide free from All dressing m 0 26 2i Yards Floral design Linen table damask so inches wide ? ,. 0 j 12 Yards French printed Floral Doune pretty Pao erns 30 inches wide. 0 2 11 12 Yards heavy nuke willed or Satin finish Galatea Stripe Navy grounds 3d inches wide state whether willed or Satin Nuh ? 0 6 8 5 Yards lace meet Floral pattern 40-Iocfa Art Alu Lnu for draping purposes 0 2 66 Yards Good style crepe Cre tonnes 3d inches wide dark or Light grounds 026 ,.%. V. Jsai. Twe will Send uns Superior parcel for 20s. Remember we can quote lower prices for the same number of articles or the mum ? number of Yards. For instance we could quote sheeting at 7jd. Yard Calico at 2kl Yard. Galatea at 4$d, Cre tonnes at 3d, and so on but in All these �1 parcels All tha articles have been carefully selected and no one article of doubtful calibre is included. We ask you to place an order for one and we Are quite satisfied you will be quite t1?. 0 a great Opportunity to replenish your wardrobes at a Rommal Cost. We to pay rail Carriage on All �2 order has. Moore & co., 70 to 76, g0i7ger Street. 38e i you option education s006 a just m Canterbury school kept Telli exhibit10kb0iu-wc8,h0ethtebbace. A my Tamla Mair a. Mere Wui print Al to. P. Blahut Pool a Tania Eim Day and a Rontos. St. John s Counce. Cambric it. Oassis Tea Obeis artist architects Decora vacant i or boarders sad oar scholars. Pro to a Pec Tai on soph Citron. I Cut term Bertaa Foht 8pecui. Clauses. Niaros. ? Assn wac &5�5sifcnhxi Yoda Hamura to twee last will be take by the director to Seaside Board school. Cekela the follow inc jets pro Adpar sibs. Kid Stoh Aad ios3 Dow. Plane geometry. Monday 1.45 to 115 tee. 10/6. Este sin Addi Tiem Harraf Jost bees Eon plead Soud Oeon eur. Wednesday 1.45 to x45 Joe neut to a increased Sabet my talk Dow inc. Mooday and wednesday 4 to 5 Moj by up Liodes Dorfas. So Tushy. It to 11.10 fee1�embs?. Febn7 8. We in Jar classes Tor App nudes Are also held As ? tar jew Mosor Deli do cbbis1 o0ucg1a1b school monday. 7 to 9. Solid geometry Iet 5/3. A. Pumpers Sterei. Essay 7 to 9. Freehand tee 6/t ? the miss of Elburt Eesa at to mag of wednesday 7 to of Pemie cute and architecture tuesday january 9th. Fee. 6/. Papas prepared Tor Ushers try Aad Art examen. A,7to9,,5n. Sooil May be obtained at the school Art Oass Sta ii. Al Ore Bur Folce. Caust beak. Herr i-i1mi a some Babby p. Gim a.e.Ca., ?. A 47,9 director technical Art. 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