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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Feb 13 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - February 13, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Good and cheap am Butac a Farad of too marketer us to meet the exiting demand Fargood Uuk task at a Tow i Otma mat m flood As Dunlop but better than All others. Ka5cfactumu by lie Chalep pneumatic Tow co. Of a Stohs Ltd. 8. Fiu Kun strict Adelaide. Abe unequalled Fob Speed Comfort durability. Roadster tyres guaranteed for is months. Thi Dunlop pne Antti Tyre co. Of Aasten a Lii Adelaide me Boeme Sydney. Fath Brisbane and Chr Trad Neh no. Shipping p. & 0. Steam xav1catioh company. Under Royal mail contract u1 dispatch the a lowing steamers Ria Fremantle. Colombo men. Liviu Cibo Tor. Plymouth and Lea 1 Ion with to Call at Brindisi ? i acim Ril Nawin ref. Auto. Aika. ?79u t. A Angus feb. 14. Arcadia. 03 a. C. Loggia feb. & Ioc Kana. ? 5631 c. Odd lurch m. Brt Tahnia. As f. U. Seymour March 9l Australia. 6901 l by cts april u Victoria. ? is e. Crewe april is a pm ? ? 35� j. Cowit ? May 9 til Bobart from Sydney. Pusan so Lor Brindisi Tran ship at port Slid. Shot Tab to fam Knutt. Loteal to families. Wool Cabins reserved. Tit a both first and stood st Loon ii unsurpassed. Pange bom Europe acc can be allow to break their Ioor Oey it intermediate ports. Tourists tickets India China. Japan. A round the world tickets issued. Passage rates. Tickets lamed at Larot current rates. Special return ticket to London. Hind Hook timetables and a particular As to Fanase. Nancy. 4c., forwarded on application. Elder smut pc co., looted. Agents. Sheer pm 0. E.m.&. ? Lor passengers and v1srobs Are arranged to Tern Adelaide Tor the sea end of Lars Bay jetty at 10.s and 11. 0 . On Rill Suat. The Latt la Oncza lean the hip at 1.50 p-m., conc Ottna with the pin. Return 5pecial bom Lares Bay to Adelaide. H 5 Eldeb Smith. Co., limited agents. N. D. L. Kord Deutscher Lloyd. The hip 11 Hail steamers 4b-&l of this company Wol be dispatched As to qty Nader and regularly there fur Taw Southampton Antwerp and Bremen Tia Fremantle Colombo Aden Bun. Pert said sales and Genoa. ? ate Mere sub i torn Anler unil i Iso. Darmstadt. A talc. Dewen feb. U ?friedr1ch Deb i Cross ? 10s88 m. A iced Mac my pm Mhz recent Luitpold ? pm h. Walter april to we Dur. ? o9g l Creon 4ar u Bah Jih he ? Psi �. Oise Linn Jane a. 7rmn screws. Pasage Money from Adelaide. �15 8a. To 7l us. Great reductions on return Pas aces. Liberal concessions to Bailie rung bom Europe cub arranged Here. Third uus to London �15 a. Pasman Cealand cargo booked through to Loo Don and principal european Asiatic and America. Ports. For freight pangs. And All other particular apply to the agents h. Midecke co., Adelaide and port Adelaide. Pc Cial train for Pas Manurs and visitors leaves Adelaide at 1q.so aval. Job departure Days Tor the sea end Largs Hen a fact Orient line. The following steam Sara under Royal mail Tratner will Law Adelaide lugs by at i in. On the undermentioned dates Lor ply. Mutu and Loudos via Fremeau. Of Leobe Stan tipping for All Indian ports soes canal capias. Marseilles and ? ?ouu3.ic3cr,. Feb. 21. Obruba. Its a. In Kaler mar. 7. Al c Jochol Soo. Ref. Mar. 1l ? ju16 r. & mom. La Alby Dnepr. I loom to Londos anew. �38 10/ to 77. Return �j1 10/ to to. Third Gaea �17 7/, 13/, �20 17. Inn to Conj combo few Arr �21 �7 to Ixl re turn �3s a to �19 10/. We Steric Australia. Saloon. �6 1/ to �7 a thirds i. Pc sages from any port can be prepaid Here. Peturs tuxes Sofiat Saloon Between cd tee colonial ports Are now Avail Abb or re torn by p. And a and Mil companies steeper having room. Managers i. ? fat frn Tymn. B05, Ardc Floy it co., fan rid win. London. . Al Tel of if surf r1tff to ? ? fit. As Dessoir Branch mint Ger Ibet ? g. Crw leu Sheet i Anad Lui aks Tabuas total mail a use to Brisbane. Bosq Luuri. Vax Couveau Castalia. Amt eur Stater end a off tit vhf Tel with tuft a Obj Taxa lax Pacific railway. A leave Sydney leave Bris Buet War Kimoo january 58,1381 february Mlo Sra february 35 March l aha Hui March 35 March a Fiat and second Chue unequalled. Excellent cuisine. Specially Low through Mcmond daa rates to a rope. Cool vog rage Thrusa the tropics stopping at Honolulu the Pandite of uie Pacific intending Palm flyers for Europe will i voyage Home via Canada very enjoyable compared to we discomfort trom the overpowering beat of the red sea and Sou canal. The scenery Over tit Canadian Spadac railway is t Fil m grandeur. Stop Over privileges allowed to the various Points of interact men As Banff a Kati ocal Par Niagara Falls a. To and the would touts. Exceptional privileges ofic cd railway maps guide books rates of Pamic and a other mfg nation apply to officer a King Wuu Antnet City and Queen s wharf port ? flame to great a Hab and a oops am Kicak a Stalus use a. A. Tine. Royal mail express Sobvick the Union steamship compact of bet a alas. Louies dispatch Binl Mai steamers from Sydnet or Sas Fra Moscu. Ailing it Acklam. Apia Samoa and hos loin As under ? tote Faaet Tom. Leave Sydney Sonoma. _ _ 6,000 a Brua Ryt a pm tuba a too april. And Ever three week thereafter. I a Sunsera by this line Are booked to All Perta. The amt eur states Canada and de Fioti of Choice Al railway lines from san at list is utt0 Jeff or through a singers to Europe have the option of travel is either through the a Sitka Ste Orcajada. Of reaching the Atlantic Seaborn �z�g�$0$l to muses u csssslmr1 1 fares and fre1chts at lowest to for Roll particulars apply to . Co ld., agents to. Sins . City and Tjugen s wharf pert Ugwu sits Stab line. Sotke to Tjui Seagers. The for Plymouth and London via Cape town win be Dia patched from the Radway pier port mrs Boule. At noon on Friday 15th into. Paa scorers Max leave Adelaide per exp Rem train not later than 13th into. A special Tain will leave Flinders Street station at 1ls . On Day of sailing to convey i of a Steamer. Its Dalgety k co., looted. Agents. Shaw savilll&alb10ng0.-ld. London via Rio Jakira pase Tager accommodation unsurpassed. Raw Jaii booked Throo Eji from Adelaide via Kew zealand and Rio Janeiro thus Acopine the serf sea Pasage. For Lull particulars apply Loir mite. Co., Zmitko t a ? Adelaide and port Adelme. Lund s Blue Anchor line. Pc mob to Pas sences. . Kab Roic will leave Ocean steamers wharf port a a of u 3 o clock on wednesday after soon. February 13, Tor fatal Cape town and London. George wills Job co. ? Adelaide and port Adelaide Union Lino of steamers. To Mew zealand posts. From Mil bourse mos Owal via Hobart. Wednesday feb. M. From Sydney Moah a. Via we Fagton saturday. Feb. 18. Mab4boa, via Auckland wednesday feb. So. To Tassianna. Ewtou Milb Obline. Path Psi Tor France Eton tuesday. Feb. 12. Konowal for Bobart wednesday. Feb. 20. To Samoa Anco Riff. From Sydney. Rotor cd. Wednesday. February 30th. For Bates of freight and Pasage Money Tod an Murm Tiwi apply to Guam. Of. Old. To Ems st. Stag William Street City and Umea s whirl pet Olsn rfcs i to Dith Bobc a Ltd a Grossak. Xiv i Edith bog a wab00ka,tiatto.wir1.i.il and Satar Daje. At ? an As Abbul ret nning thurs Day and Mondaye. Ardrossan a. James co bib. Toas Dayl Ead at ? . Letu film same Day. He Ergo received after j0 u. On Day of r Lauff. B. Map Che Obj Vacenta 8hippinq i shipping the Adelaide steamship the company limited Iowa Ltd Smith to dispatch steamers from port Adelaide As t t we under circumstances permitting and a Avi a ? for Albany and Fremantle leave Howard a muffs wharf at follows Tran shipping for dreamt Tances permitting mtg 0 11 to w.8t ao8thalia. On through bus of uding., Albany 1 Bunyon Wayloo to ii by i feb uni 15 3 swim tilt i re web both i february a 4 p. In. For Melbourne and Sydney j Pas Engett and care. i . To Eastern oolonii8.queensland Pix to. Melbourne a Woux-wrlfrid�yfebnaryl5tlpjn. 8ydnsy fat Boni Nyon. Spensor Saul Sirvio. Job self sets Fob port a cols Moo Sta. Wallaroo ulattf0 i Paje Engerrand cargo. Can Elk Hawk a Tok Bav. Joi or colonies. Seexcu1 is feb 181 pure thu sat. A. A Mab . � 00. 1 Matt wraith Mceach Abs. Arts with steamers of the . ? co. Attic first fort of Cau. Howar thiatom9pltopmp. A Shuffi Jam wraith my Achash co. ? port Adelaide. ? proprietary limited my in in T&�js?%j.0.11. Uu., la. Mem Mem the Sty ,, the favo Uriu passenger steamers of Albany j Kalgoorlie. Above Une will Permuting be Fremantle i tuesday feb. 19, noon. Fess ill ran shipping for Perth wharf Ger Rau ton paroo Chi it jul Al l Friday far uary is. tickets Are interchangeable and sins per j Tju Mem. Toward Smith sons and Hud twp Fremantle. Dan a t a a go by birr i Mel wraith be Acharn co. Carrying cargo and my a Aba proprietary. Us Taco -jsiskjl1 National Mutual buildings n. King William v2�2j�? Friday february ii ? Street Adelaide or a sos. Port Adelaide. Sjo saved daily at a Een s wharf up to on. Hud Datto p1rkbr. & to. . Tat port Toi tary. United. With the steamers of the Adelaide steamship com will dispatch from port Adelaide company s offioe8, Albany. \ -j1? ?4fi?l st. King William Street Fremantle. T th0bs? ? ? a Hooch Bills of Vladko to Erth. I _ it Elbourne steamship bet dry tickets Ykteb chargeable with la. Ifo 1 Sun Tou Nuh. Meacham. Co. Propri Bunbury fre Wattle Prie tary. Limited. And Gerald on Royia we is mass drapery and lot hint Teeth known All Over ads Rabat 10qa1 at Lloyd a 2.m0 tons laves port Adelaide on or about 18th Tost. Foj by ? ? a. ? freights st lowest current rates. Car of booked ? at ? ? ? ? ? Bronch to Perth. I i i ii specially reduced rates or Iau Engen Iii of i we stewardess carried. Ill my 111 i. T30b los Dox Tia Durban and ? 43.- st. Helena. Bwl ? m st t i ii toss Martin sails end of february. A clue or Jujj j Sqq limited apply to i i i i i i i i i i i i i a a. Elder Smith t co., looted. Leo lab ase port Wake _. Jaress the pop Iii Rio cargo received alter 2 no saturday. I ii l i u i u l it ii tto a ? b. Flicker. Port tax r Fowler a Streaky. Al ii nnmriia4nlx lexus. Denial. Murat. I ave Hua Illuv to Smoky Bays. And foist 8ct in Tell Tell no Cllia Bibb dream stances pen nitting win Vii 14iitii Lalli the Sis. Jessie Daruns sailing wednesday feb Sair 13th. For freight and package apply John Darling k son. Town and port. Stu i i i i i i i i i ii ii a pub ardrossan.1 i i i i i i i i i i i i Jolk a fleeting to. Great Success i1 the regular trader Mary Webster Saint saturday february 18. No and a. K e. Lemessurier port Adelaide. Of of to in f. Crey a Pirie. ? be -. Q out ii East ports Al i i a ? ?yc7f-elvbeachp0rr a a Xvi Wau Dale by a co. Ltd., Adelaide and Kingston a. T e. Lemesscr1er. Port Adelaide. 4. My Chinat by of Gemeask to or Yan Kaulla and Valley. A it i Wai tins he free selector sails wednesday. Feb o u ? wary 13th. A. A e. Lemesurier Portar Tadic. ? ?7 ? port Wakefield shipping company x for port Wakefield Percy sails a Flea wednesday. 13th inst. A. K e. Lemesurier q a t tj1port Adelande. ? xxi lob Fig blk Sci carriers a ? ? ?. Crowded daily with eager Teofe so co., buyers. Railway and general Carrier f0rward1x0 and shipping agents. Or Ordes to effect a the new South Wales carrying and Agency co. A skip thorough Gle Bange goods forwarded with care and dispatch. Telephone a. Port 74. Adelaide. We we of the but Leilo of top summer goods produce web be made eighteen weeds in the Register and the even. A Gonnal is three insertions a. A. Pras ply d t u c c Eorge wills k col Cavendish Chambers. A. Be Feix Street , Al i d it a Mai a i and 3. Chap Street Whitecross judo i min i ill merchants and shipping brokers. My. Make Liberal advances against woot Skiris a com la to okla ,?5?i&2rs it duo i Linb no of so snot isl in All departments. Out sorts. Insurances effected from sheep s Back at the to to lowest current rates. �kjj.xij. Woolpack. Fencing wire and standards and. A station requisites supplied. ? 4 1 advanced made on Silver ores and lowest of ii a a1 . A wet Al Lay old. A1 William Lund a German australian steam sold a i a ,20T 0ue 0 clock Ocean Marine insurance co. Old. ? in Rcd on florists seeds men a a Staras a ? it s att re ats John Martin & co., Ltd. E & w. Hackett m to 108111 il0in less Abr 71, bundle Street. Tom Adelaide. To male drapery and clothing j. J. Foale & co s great oot pow Sile of drapery. Clothing and tailoring. Engineers Overall trousers 2/11 Sale Price 1/h engineers Overall Coats 2/11 Sale Price 1/11. Special attention to country orders write for illustrated Price list. 14, 16, 18, Brown Street 132, 132a, longer Street. Closes saturdays at 1 o clock. 0pz2$r pan a7 i tights till d o clock. ?. ? ? ?. Flaa. Marshall s Busy Sale s t in l cow t 1 1st to e s. ? ? Imperial troops. Ladies from the country visiting Adelaide to witness the v / Parade of Imperial Trot los should Zakib the of punch asian cheap dip set. Volunteers taking part in he Omino function talk the Imperial to not. And of Eeme tit country for the of Leasim to old ind their lady Friend to pay our establishment a visit. It Mil prove ? extremely profitable. 0 tames , & co. In o t Ijo e. Melbourne and Sydney bargains. Coats and skirts Black and White che3k Fawn cloth jackets handles in silk Satin. Chiffon and lab a Blacks. Crepon to imbed g0wn& capes White pique and Black Lustre so lots Fig bad Muslin blouses. Cols washing costumes Winter jackets capes costumes cd Purchase Job for. Cash. To be offered to our patrons and the ? a 22roict7jl.orrksjl.s Low pricks. Kindly beat the Rogowin Nilst it. ? ? . Marshall so of. Melbourne and Sydney bargains. 20 Doxen ladies Floral Mundin blouses to be sold for 1a 1/6, 1/11 each 11 Doxen ladies own drip washing walking sk1kt6 for 3/11 each dozen ladies White fancy pique walking skirts 15/9 for 6/u Eadi 13 dozen ladies Black Lustre Superior walking skirts 21/ for 8/u each 56 ladies coloured cloth summer braided capes 12/9 for 3/11 each 25 dozen ladies Superior fancy Cambric washing wrappers 3/11 and 4/11 ? each ? 49 dozen ladies Superior White . Knickers trimmed lace to go for 1/ pair 14 dozen ladies Large size White mucin aprons Worth. 1/8, for 6d. Each 00 ladies Black and White Check cloth Coats and skirts 55/ for 29/6 each 14 ladies Crane Lustre coat and skirt costumes Worth .63/ for 29/6 each 4 dozen ladies White knitted gotten combinations 4/11 for 1/11 each ladies Long. Black cloth Coats lined silk Worth 45/ for 12/9 each480 ladies various Winter cloth jackets capes Mantle Viz 18. Black and coloured doth lined silk trimmed fur 8/11, 10/9, 12/0, 21/ each ?. 71 dozen ladies White Muslin and coloured Linen cooking. Aprons 6d., 9d., l/,v6e�eh. So dozen infants bibs and Nursery feeders to go for.2d. 3d., 6d-, Ltd each 600 dozen ladies White Crone and coloured knitted Cotton under vests no sleeves Short sleeves and Long sleeves to go for 3d., 6l, 9d., 1/ each 54 ladies White pique an striped Linen walking skirts 6/u and. 8/11 each 33 ladies White pique and coloured Linen coat and skirt costumes to go for 6/11, 8/11, 10/9 each 108 ladies White . Petticoats. Trimmed lace to go for 3/11 each 152 ladies Short Fawn cloth jackets trimmed and braided to go for 6/11, 8/11. 10/9 each 27 dozen girls and maids Large size Pinafore beautifully trimmed 1/11, 2/11, and 3/11 each. 13 dozen children s and maids White Sun hats beautifully trimmed 1/11 and 2/11 each ? 60 dozen ladies create Pink and Blue knitted Cotton bodices to go for 6d. And 1/ each 71 ladies Black silk lace and Satin mantles richly trimmed 8/11, 10/9, 12/3 ? each ? ? ? 250 children s and maids did washing costumes to go for 1/11, 2/11, 3/11 each ? ? 120 ladies Marmot Sable fur neck lets with clasp to go for 6/11 each o notice. The above prices Abe simply ridiculous. Come at once and secure a bargain. Jakes Marshall & --c0. O a Cree popular lines Sailor a t s. We. 1 dem Rutti Ostium Sailor wid brins fitting Kea a Maurad with Black Jjoe 1 Satin bas4. Made expressly Tor is Job Bland. To Only 2/6 each. We. Am dozen Rustio Straw sailors very Widt bring wag beats Black Satis Junga Basile made expressly Only 2/11 each. I. A a dates Pink Straw sailors Alae snap As above wide brims Black a Tia Only 1/11 each. Hosts of others to choose format Marshall s. Bargains in the Deess department Black Fly cubed Lva tse. Is 3d. Yard for 5s. 3d. The dress. Fancy Black lab cloth usual Price 13. 6d. For 4s. Lid. The dress. White nuns Ilu 101-l Yard. Furniture. Two very. Special i Nilta suites. We of air a solid Oak diking. Suite. Very substantial handsome Well seasoned English made Frame 0 dining and -2. Carvers or chairs upholstered in the very Bast Quality French Moro eos. Oar Price for this unique and excellent suite was �47 10s. We will Elmeir to Day at �25. This is Gennina a solid Walnut so the of eight pieces Viz. 6 dining and 2 Carvers or chairs upholstered in the Best Quality Crocodile Grain Ameri can handcuffed Buffalo hide a most uncommon and very handsome suite �39 10s. We offer to Day to Clear at �25. ? ? e ? ? for the above suites we advise attempt coif As they Are exceptional bargains and being Only one of each cannot possibly be repeated. Drapery and clothing. 0 continuation of Sale of surplus summer goods. Very great Reno Ioos in every kind of summer Woollen dress material French Cambric French san skins at a a lame Stock of summer blouses. Lace mantles Coats and Reibis hats Flowers a at less than usual prices. A tailed selection of Black and other a. Shio Nable Houk ing materials including every accessory of dress Bow in Vogue for mourning. Patterns Post free on application. Martin bros., Burlington Tuy Success is comp Tiraj Cuy Bat to Wilson Bice & co. Have their supremacy so Sosa alter Sesser in the tact of the whole of South australian com petition cannot be achieved without Merit. Hen and women alike and our goods cheap new. Sod , and we Are More than confident that oar efforts will be doubly appreciated now thit we cite coupons with every article sold Fob Cash while our goods will be found just is cheap and As reliable As Ever. Wilson Bice & co s summer Clearing Sale c0ktkded to Day. Bargains All bound to be be it at merely Kousal prices. The finest Deess Stock of the City. The whole of our remaining 8tock of All Wool of Bench beige naked a. 1/9, 1/11. And is Yard dealing at 1/ Jard the balance of our Stock of checked and striped her Cerise doable Width Buck Gre Kaddies clearings at cd. Yard 9 pieces Black 1ioire Telodor these Are to. To ladies skirts clearings now at 1/8 Yard. French Jacq Oabed my slips in Buek and White Only Lovely Quaty and very Fath Jnoble. Or Jint Price 1/1 Yard Dearion now at 6j4 Yard to patterns Swiss printed dress he sucks principally Black and White and Kavy and White there Are some sctt shades Deans at4 a pieces Pale Bine Zephyr. Erit Isal Price Sid. Yard clearings at -id., Yard the whole of or Rudnai Obic Stock of Best Quality French Cambric naked �ld., lhd., and 1/ Yard any Quality now for a. Yard. Bargains All the the and if s every time yes with coupons. A whole Host of Silks naked 8/11, a a j/6 Yard thrown out at 1/s Yard a lot of Pho Steby tapes by. J/6 Yard Nauty Dearine at 1/6 Yard about to soiled by this we mean Only dirty Tad Satin toilet bed quilts marked Down nearly half Price they have been shown in the windows and this is the canst of the reduction 37 grist Linen Torchon lace Edgag and insertions i to 1 Inch wide dealing oat at Ftp the Doten Yards. Wilson. Brice. K a do one of the largest Corset trade8 in the qty. Now Fob Posi Tive clearance 40 Down i w defender corsets Ordinary Price 4/u pair Clearing Price i a. Ladies Don t 1a thi1 i i a a Down Best Quaty Blade Chip hats for ladies usual Price 5/11 Ead Clearing at 1/ each. ? ladies Don t forget we like your presence. And Yea will like oar prices when Yea come Down and sight then. They an Small at s big drapery shops la Boodle st debt . Tie drapery and lot hint 80 and h1kdlet Street. Summer Sale Price list continued. Further reductions of showroom600ds. Holland costumes. 29/6. Reduced to dark Blue and White and Fawn and White striped Drill cos Tumes 29/6, to diced to 18/6 we jail and Black pique and can Vas costumes 23/6. Reduced to 17/6 White pique Coats and sk1bts, 32/6 for 23/6 do. Do.,37/6 for 27/6 Fawn Weed Coats and skirts. Hij reduced to 21/_ Black and White Check to cd 42/ for 32/6 Fawn Tweed. 37/6 for 27/6 Black Serge and Fine cloth goats and skirts. 42/ for 32/6. 49/ girls and maids or Raaf Serge and flannel Coats and skirts sizes 4 to 9, for 23/4 25/. And 29/6 girls Cream Serge and Corduroy Reefer goats sizes 3 to 7, very smart and stylish mostly lined silk. 12/9 for 9/6, 14/9 forll/9. 19/6 for 12/6. Underclothing. Striped Zeph yet undershirts frilled 4/6 coloured Lustre undershirts 9/6, 7/6, 10/6 coloured Moreen skirts. 7/6 Black Lustre undershirts. A _9/6. 10/9, 12/6 White Long cloth undershirts lace trimmed. 2/11, 4/6. 9/11, 9/6, 10/9 White lox cloth do trimmed embroidery reduced to 4/6, 5/6, 7/9, 9/6, 11/6. 13/6 better class skirts All at special reductions White Lawn gowns trimmed Best embroidery. 29/6, 32/6, 37/6 children s Sun hats and Bon nets at half Price ? Lames Best Quality Linen turn Down collars All sizes usual prices 9d. Lid and. 1/3 each All at 6d tub a try special line. Floor cloths and linoleum. A Large Stock from one Yard to be Yards vide. New designs Best value. ? remnants of floor cloth and linoleum very much reduced As Fol Low 12 it x 6 it 28/ for 19/6 18 it x 6 it 31/6 for 25/ 22 it x it 39/6 for 30/ 13 it 9 in. X 6 it. 29/6 for 20/ 11 it 6 in. X 6 it 21/ for 14/6 22 it 1 6 it 53/ for 31/6 13ft.6in.x6ft.18/ for 12/9 20 it 6 in. X 6 it 19/6 for 9/6 6 Yards x 4 Yards. 49/ for 32/6 ? 1-3 Yards x 4 Yards. 98/ for 49/ 52 Yards x 4 Yards 64/ for 55/ 4j Yards x 4 Yards. 52/6 for 45/ 4 Yards x 1 Yards. 19/6 for 15/ 5 Yards x 1 1-3 Yards 25/ for 17/6 is Yards x 4 Yards 52/6 f6f18/6 5 Yards x 1 Yard 18/6 for 13/8 ? 4jrards x 1 l-3yards, 10/9 fair 7/6 passage cloths 1 Yard vide 1/4, re danced to a do. Do 1 Yard wide. 2/. Reduced to 1/6 Cream american blinds washing and lace trimmed with roller and brackets. 4c-, Complete ?7 it. By 37 in. Wide. 7/6 for 5/6 7 it by 42 in. Wide. 9/6 for 6/9 7 it by 44 in. Wide. 11/6 for 8/. J. Miller Anderson & co., 20 and 22, Hedley st debt. 32c Wawa Cirss it orate a wests 9m French pm corsets la Filpo t7he8e Cut bpm off absolutely jew haul j a malt a Espy the Ron. Pc in do Dorset Trade / in Jill hllh0mttll wow a How a Dumes Inq Obi i la at to last International we Tooji la Parto tit the pm Corot gawd to Hishme Pool to armr. Obtainable from All leading drapers. Beware of imitation and see that All corsets Bear the f Ollow Nej Trade Marie. Bor8d0rff&c0. -13cirj?r hosiery and Corset egg a ? it a bulk by ate imparts of the Well known b8rf Steric to of Samsury nov asswema4 a Mas Atuk jaw i a Shier Law s boys Eton suits 85/, 87/6 to 55/. Boys Long trooper suits. 10/6, 12/6, 15/ to 45/. Boys Oxford . Suit 12/0. 15/, 17/6,21/to80a boys Sailor suits Seboe or Tweed 5/9, 7/6, 8/9 to 17/6. Boys /s, Only 16, 2/11, 3/6, 4/1l 5/9. ?. 16.& 18, Hindlet st. ? ?. He tvbafbb1 duct labs min woj it tb3ctubo.ktu. Tkv Nero Joor Hil ? Tab Bec Steb Obs Bleb 1xq ?. Hohr Lati Fsopi chg Jqmes. Drapery and lot hint a Rex q special q pique and distinct of fees. 3 honest and reliable pa1cels.w&b 3 of our up Ichien values 3 big sub Bise packets is 3 incontestable bab6ains, offered by Chas. Moore & co. 76 to 76, Gottge Street in the shape of extraordinary 1 our dress parcel contains 12 Yards White or coloured Floral lace striped dress Muslin 30 inches wide. 0 2 at 12 Yards Good Quality French printed Cambric in Cornflower Light or dark ground ? d til 6 Yards double Width coloured French poplin in Grey Dove Grey elect no Bane Fawn As requested ? 0 5u 6 Yards Bright Black fancy figured Lustre 42 inches vide ? 0 4 11 4 Yards Buck Lunette lining 30 inches wide ?0 1 9 2 Yards coloured silk faille Lor trimming the Black dress. My 0 2 6 2 dozen coloured or Black dress buttons As requested. M my m 0 1 0 4 Yards Black or coloured fancy braids As referred m _ m 0 1 .6 8 Yards coloured washing print 29 inches wide ,.�.,.,., m 0 2 0 �1 7 9 we will Send this excellent pared for 20s. In writing for this parcel we would suggest that it would be advisable to select tin colours of the poplin dress Cambric buttons braids. A you would prefer other Wise we shall use our Best judgment in executing the order. We would mention that a Reserve to ourselves the right of substituting a Colour if the one you select happens to be All sold but in every instance where we substitute we will endeavour to give you that satisfaction that will Merit a continuance of your orders and remittances. Our gents outfitting parcel conta1ns 1 gents Tweed suit in Brown Fawn or Grey state the Colour and size anted. 0 35 8 1 gent s Cream willed Tennis shirt Collar and pocket ? ? 0 1 11 1 pair gents heavy Cotton Corduroy trousers any size ? 0 311 1 gents coloured Cotton shirt lined Back and front Collar and pocket if requested ? 0111 1 gent s White Lawn handkerchief full size ? m m 0 0 .6 2 pairs gents coloured Merino socks double heels and toes. 0 1 0 1 Gentr coloured fancy Scarf Bow fit Jerby tie state which 0 10 �1 5 9 we will Send this reliable parcel for 20s. But if Yon would care to give an extra is. And have a much better suit making the whole parcel 25s, you will be More than pleased. It stands to reason we can Supply a decidedly better suit for 19. 6d. Than we can for 15s. 6d., and a suit is not an Anactes you Are buying every Day or every week for that matter. So think it Over adj then Send us an order you will be very pleased with the parcel. Our household parcel contains 5 Yards White or Grey willed sheeting 80 inches wide please state whether you prefer in Grey or White ? .069 6 Yards perfectly pure White Calico 36 inches wide free from All dressing 026 2 Yards Floral design Linen table damask 56 inches wide ? �. 0 2 6. 12 Yards French printed moral Delaine pretty patterns 30 inches wide. 0 2 11 12 Yards Heary make willed or Satin finish Galatea Stripe Navy grounds 3d inches wide state whether willed or Satin finish ? 0 6 ,6 6 Yards lace effect Floral pattern 40-Inch Art muslims for draping purposes 0 26 6 Yards Good style crepe Cre tonnes 30 inches wide dark or Light grounds -0 2 6. ? .�15 9 we will Send this Superior parcel for 20s ?. Remember we can quote lower prices for the same number of articles or the same number of Yards. For. Instance we could quote sheeting at 7w.1 Yard Calico at 2w Yard Galatea at 4 a Cre tonnes at 3dand so orig but u All these �1 parc Elsall tha articles have been and no on article i doubtful calibre is included. Yff ask you to place an order Lor one quite satisfied you will be quite satisfied ? o. A great Opportunity to replenish your wardrobes at a nominal most ? ,. \ we also pay rail Carriage on All �2 orders. Chas. Moore & co70 to 76, Fidger Street. Drapery and lot hint. Bu8ine88 notices remnant week e31 Alt srm. Of Scala a sibs ass a is Psi by do 0 a to is set i ii it l l i a i i i in 3jj111u Uil Lilija cottage Dinert sets. � pieces u/6, 15/8. 16/8. 19/8, of. So pieces. 30/, 40/, 45/, 60/. ? China cups and sauces urge Shaev Avxhiu end cold 6/ Doxen. A. Maj. Coloured Edge Sod Gold Una 6/ Dost. ?.public attention is called to the fancy Cusa cups and ctn up my above important feature of our uld., 1/. Is Esefa. ? half yearly Clearing Owa mou8tacub cups and 8atcebs, 14 Sale. That it is already very China Tea sets of a pieces much appreciated by an intelligent 6 urge cops sad saucers White sad Oom 1/9 Fixx sort \ of file u evidenced by the fact tha for the l Llila Jeff i us Gold is 1a�f 51 half Yean ire Hava stat 1 sugar howl j 9/6lsu i Taitl in -5a. Cd Mil a Erkow Tea sets. U to pieces Fauna to close toe season with a Tea is to to to 25/ st ? clean Stock that is to say japanese China teapots with Tea infuser with a Stock almost entirely free ? a. And a. Esch. From the remains of the past sea. _. ton s purchases of purely sea Toast. Honable goods. So is i a. _. ,. ,. ?. Bound butter dishes so. Our stocktaking is approaching Fane Batter Isbos cow Hea Mefi and the ? in Days of the pre lord. Ent month will be devoted to the s52m2&1&h. Clearance of we tar jogs ftd., sjd., lord. Eagn Ved biscuit jars 2/s. Adj Man ajnx5 , of All classes of material in a de eminently the you t is of a 1. Of flt w Okilj Lull my a ail r Iro to Krebs drapers v a i l and to Hui let and bask a rests ads a Sale. Formal of Simants of Black dress hate Blackwood. Cedar or Oak Wen mide. In Leokade. . I to Bot ii. Back Bevelled la inc Oeaze Tea to nato a special feature. 38c drawn Svok. Bedsteads French parisian or eau Usan. Bedroom suites As Tuuao Pine or Cedar wardrobe. Mirror. Business notices fl&s�3l$?& ? Furtos Mirror x Kush to a � re time o is top Sam cd tit pair to 7m solid Cedar of Dalgety & co. Stthfei-teid1 ukr so. Jned a a Tobt pair Cetz had Tomci Andoll. Fie�s&�3s��g Tooct wre wore be Drosd capital . 4.000,000 chairs tables Penhune. Sad lat Abd a Batocal bin. In tvs fund_ Moomoo houses of furniture and pianos to oct fat Bop reseated by Consols _ _ �137 000 Euh furniture Sod bids tests exc Saied. We a we bedsteads. Bedsteads. Bedsteads. Merchants Wool and proud cd Hes base brokers Stock. Station com ?�.�? 2 i to Desia is. A pm Mission and shipping agents. A Odd ast ? to a station requisites supplied. Plates so. Each 50 Doten dishes Ltd. Eachlib Hal advances made on station property Cam. No vegetable dishes us lot Odd too tire ? tapestry suite 6 pieces All new. We made sad agents Fob a he set tits in ab&osrsz.kssswhukh, tdepbooe7�. ? 3mw win. Younger co s Hook Bond Edinburgh ate ? ? j. Jeffre i co s Castle Brand Edinburgh pm � Jav it t a if u 6 taut , k co s Calcutta sad Colombo the to flt the jul Lii 3 1 jul. Hanayer Fob South ads Kaua import Tom and a Catt b. W. Van Sendun atari a sea ? i. Cab be 8tmbt. Tuam Utsey Perambo Latoch Peramba Lator a blow Tate july to Bond u effect a. To sifts in to be a a it std Toraa Cecja 8puadtd_8tttj to last cum chairs chair seats. Class Are. A errs pfad of Arf Krus and Elbraht slut Tel Puu Cocks wringers Handes. Up boat i Purcis. At. . Desto Mateef Coe Oast. One Oak Baa. A Stem Budak Street and Jama Sheagflsntlj

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