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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Feb 9 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - February 9, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Job com foot Speed and Beau Mutye ? ? ? ? ? . Excel All others. F jux ill him. Wysor Isaias without Trad Matt. A pretty souvenir. Coastal aug photos of the Austol Wurm a. O. Forbes r. Walenc a Morgan j. La Mon american Ogroom All Dii Najr with pal Blue Ribudos cd m had Gratis by i iting or Caluag at the Dunlop pneumatic Tyre co. Of a Iralu Ltd. St. Yunkun Imbt and Klaib. Shipping ? p. & 0. 8eom Kat Cathi company. Hate Bowel Ifan Contact win dispatch the we Mem terms a fam Anil. Colombo. Gibraltar. Plymouth Aad lob Doe Frith but str to Call at bread Tob ? 3ubbmb. Taa Una Amadae. 1stc. Chw was. La feb. 1. ?�4b7tih4Gun of its. ?ocsa2u ? Tea com us rfcs. I a hts in he f h. San on Leaf chess. lbt apcu.5 vicious. ? As e. Owe apis Bome ? Btu j. Orts w � ? via Hobart boat Sec away. ? i Iii for Broadu Tea ship at fort said. Ones to Page Mem. I Cwm 10 Enron to. .-.�_. If Hole of Voct to hewed. The la Bath rat and second saloons a Weir pasian. Pagan tact Uoder the can be arranged i Suomi to break their tar Ata ports. Tourists tickets India Stoa Japan. Be. Booed the world tickets passage Ratel debts Jaa iad at Low to cur Ort Latas. Special return tickets to London. Handbooks Tea Pataska and a particular a to Faas Foo key to awarded on application. Elder Suhu co., Lux by. Agents. Jas cd n. D. L. Kord dec Scheb Raoyd. _. To Imp Phi. Talt. Strikers ? a i. ? company will be Dap cubed at 7q�2&-Uodcr, a Flat rebut Arier thereafter top Southampton Antwerp and Bremen via fre Axtle Colombo Adea 6utx, pert said. Kaplit and Genoa. ? Azamat. Luau Tuci Vianar. Leatrea. Darmstadt. ?. Sob c. Cwt Rel feb. U Tai Edbis Deb Grose. ? 10368 v. Ethel � mar. 1ft, Smos. Pm a. Waiter Prau a in wait ? ts96 i Oren car 11 a Taij Geithe. ? 8057 e. Fort Ofrim in 8. Twin screw. Pact maty bom Adelaide �15 a to to 10a. Great bed Nethona on return Palm. Liberal � Vulfs from Europe Caa be itch Mboi Here. Third 6a to London. �15 u. Patney Aad cargo booked through to London Tod print pal eur opera Asiatic and amerkan Porta. For to text Paa in and All other part cola apply to the agent h. Lic Ecke 1 co., Adelaide and Pott Adelaide. Accuu. Train or pame Makrs and visitors Leara and guide at Taso Sun. A departure Daya Lor the Lea end Lara pier. Soe Jutes Sagebien mab1time1 st set to los Dos. Tea Colombo and pakis. Steamer of 600 tons under Portal coot rate with the French Cote meet Cariag at Mil boobs. Adelaide fre Axtle co Lombo Suez and Post said win be dispatched a Ptomy As Faux i -1 ? 1031 1901 i 1m1 Dot stir a cob i Pellier feb. A feb. 9 Fob. S am Nheu _ mar. Lajure. H liar. 3 fac Fri april u april it 4prua a Lyne Ien i Walier May a May it May u phase Gebs booked to Bombay India China passage to by c7 to �77, inn Dan table a exurbs tic sex at is diced Bates. English spoken of Board. Benm Tietti set Aloon Between inter i colonial porn arc so arable for Retura by p. Aid b. Aad Orient Steamer having room. Sat. Tar tier Pardeon apply to ? ratio by pc company. Umito Davenport chamber u Carrie tit w Geo. Febg0s05 Ca port Adelaide my twi try exit line. The following it or under Boyal Hafl contract will leave Adelaide Ursa Bay at 1 a. On the dates Lor Fly st Octal Aad Lomoh. Via Fremantle Colombe Kaaa big Lor a Indian porn. Sacs canal Magua maa Emillea and Gibraltar ? ?ocucz.le3s7a.n.coad, tfeb.21. Ocba. Smth. Linklater mar. 7. Acs bal. Chic. Sick Olson. . Liar. 9. Orzco ? go or. A. Tigyi Aoa in to jail t. Into rightly thereafter. Vols Hobart from or Dace. Kid jobs to Lonj doff an a. 10/ to 77. Beura. �71 10/ to just third Ctm �17 a �10 13/, �20 is. Altos to Colombo Stagie Tii to �31 return to a 10/. Westers Ali Strally Saloon. A 1/ to to 14/ turd �3 0/. Pc arcs from any pecs can be prepaid Here. Betub5 to Cults fint Saloon Between is Tesco Sokul p0kt8 Are now available for re Tan by p. Aad a and 1l3l companies teamed having room. Maka Gebs of. Okeeff Cut and a5deb Sou. Aside boat. K co., fend much Avena. , fit a As Decsov Brandi Anscer. M5cr ? a. Otolea Street. ? fro skat Ibiza i and eur of ill ? by the Alteia Cak act Rallph like a. A. Lin total my Papfi at sebv1ce. Ike Skui steamship coup Axy of keel zealand. Lusted dispatch Beyal mail Ete ambs trem Sydney. Or sa5 feb Alcisco a Cater at Auckland. Apia Samoa and Uoo lug As Mider ? Steamer Lara leave Sydney. To Nova _ .000 february my Sibba _ Jwo March 19. Bit Taka april. And every three weeks thereafter. Spam Goa by this line Are booked to a part go the Mieu boat a Canada and Klibo i with choke of Bayway aet Horn Sak thax Pauo Aad to files of Ikea King Jou Mel at any pout Eji Boot. A Enogh pet Eri to Europe Bare the Optie of to Mettle either through the o3xxep state or Canada. On reaching the to i Tow twin they Caa proceed by any of the lamas uses t stka1iebs to eol copy mob Seiv is floor Iii b37 Ichun per Van ca8asattsliab use. Fabbs affy fue1gbts at lowest Bates. Bar red parti Tara apply to . Co. Ld., agents v. So a Maia Street. City and Meen Swan pore Miami Lund Sline steamers them be full pow Rcd fast steamers Are at embed to leave the port Adelaide wharf Tor fatal oat a Tovin Uon Doi Narruhn _s.07i tons vat. Feb. 1 Wito Aidalla _ s,w7stom Abu feb. A Amu Oak _ s7 ton to fallow. Vara Somoa tons to ice car Makool _. _ s.0u ton i t. To Tow. Exec heat for Pundai. Far Beight or Saage apply to a Edge wills it co., Zietse Adelaide. Port Adelaide sad port or Cef Imah australian . Go a Gulab Abbot st Eaues from Fob Adelaide to we balata a Majuig Bati via. And ski Galobe. 8.8. Auq8burq Wilta ajl Frem pert add Blu director Java u Samoa Job about the Mth feb Marr u i allowed by other Exiaa Fate assets at Terva of foot weeks. The attention of Wii to lie Cha a an aether Suphen i. Der to Sidauy of Mable oppor Rory of Zunda Trade wifi and other Maata Porta. Motta ? be Obb Toja t co. Holts Blue funnel Ute Ocean stat sup Coria but advice to Domoon and us Pool Tao mag Nogent steam cts of this ecu Kaoi line an of the ugh est Dass and of great pee they a ran a Wariy from port Adelaide new sapped of or tons a february. I1ectob, a Toos in Juresh. Orestes 4jss tons a april. Then Stamen Are fitted with the Nott nod insulated Zooi Chambers sad str fruit Stippe ? splendid Opportunity for speedy delivery of frn to Tva Adon end Liverpool. Ear freight and particular apply to be Obb wills k co., Adelaide and Post Adelaide. T 8uac s1ileb freight to London. The 100 Al a ship. Hebe 1511 teat. I Jemin s. Bielat air fat Porfe Debode a Fol be Dpi patched fee la Durino february. Of wills Caf ethic ? adeside Aad port Dehms. Err k. T h o m a 3 a o a ios Aasc san so pcs Moira us a gait. Pau Krebs. Shipping 1 he Adelaide steamship company limited. A full dispatch steamers from port Adelaide u order circumstances a Wittmas a. _ for Albany and fre Mantle True hippies Lor Perth menu Dhoti a North it to ports auhl\8lnsapor, on Troosh to of lading. Kaloo ? Friday i february 15 3 . For Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping for Queensland ports. I Rollo Aba Al Friday february is 4 a to. Senoir a Gulf service. Fob Post a tools. Moo Sta. Wallaroo Bank us Habbouba. And Louth Bay. Ferbet ? tuesday feb Siy b is a. Cheap is Cursita fare during summer month. Poets act Costa be Baleix. And f1bie ? with Pask Ngen cargo. ? i saturday i february 9 4 . Comfortable Ladie Cabin to deck. Abu with ots afters of the . Co. Apter first port of Oak. Comko Murt be alongside Steamer not Lea thaa to Boon before advertised time on tailing Date. For All information apply to the Adelaide steamship co., limited. Carrie Street Adelaide and commercial wharf ? ? Coal Wood. Roots. The Adelaide. Steamship c0mpa3t, l looted. N delivering Best steam. Household and Smith s Coal. Aboo Lallee Wood and Small Mallee boots in City and sub cubs Bates. The Date a All cases Are veiled by Anthea head office Currie treet Adelaide. Site . Co., old. The Favourite passenger ste.1mto of above line win Drc Mutsaers penal Tang be dispatched Foa. 5 par00,55b5sssx & ? Tran ship at Fremantle. Ecu Ourk carrying cargo Aad 1pai Cengeri for i a Rao. Sydney i no vhf Mian ports f tuesday. February 1 br1sma9r. I Adtoon. And All other Queens i land port. J cargo received daily at Queen s wharf no to one hour before tickets unchangeable after the Brit port with the steamers of the Adelaide steamship com Pany. Limited. For fares and freights apply to the company s office s7, King William Street and Quern s wharf port. Nippon Yusen kai8ha. To , Fox Kosc. Sod Japan fit Sydney. Bbb bake and towns Yilli will leave As Anden same of Steamer Iser. To a. Yawata Mab. A. E. Yosei. Feb. 21 feb. 28 Beascoa Mab. E. W. Haa Adl i mar go mar a these magnificent express Man steamers an Fanti Only fitted for passengers. Two berths Only to Saloon Cabins. Electric Light k Beturia Viatora. Fun particulars As to freight and Pas auts from Moll wraith Meb Oharn pfc Cut rant Israr. Marta. \ . Ens Nisan Street. Soow . Cubes Wittl be Dos aka j patched As under to stars Ajo Buby Ewry Tannd sir and. Saturday it Sjo an. From Stanbary every monday lec tag 10j0 . And thursday car inc pin. Tat Post tosce8t every to esd at l3 in bit from pan Vincent every wednesday leaving 10 pm. ? bet a. Be mess bib. Secretary. Tjioe Fowler s. Streaky. Jct cd Tell s. Denial. Murat tn33�-sm0ky Bays. And Post so -4bso-� Clair circumstances. Permitting the As. Jessie Dabush. Sallins wednesday. February the. For freight and passage apply John Darzins a son town and port. 39w ? l ? i to Mcclar use Post Wak Jaf a a Jii Field. Slxaw1 Florence Maud. Wenc stirs. Malcolm. Saturdays. _ to weekly steam service to a. Vav Pocell East Nils for Kingston Aad 4bbkw item Papurt every tuesday at 12 noon. For freight and Wace apply a. W. Seo Foni and co., City Prince s wharf port. 403 to or coffin s and mount Dutton Bays. Cd storm Btry Tail monday feb May 11th. A. T Fly its Olirier port Adieu Ian. 404 tv7est coast shipping Streaky and a Trumbie Bays-raci1sl Cohen in . February 11th. All freights must be prepaid. A. E. Lemessurier pore Adelaide. A ? 4ca tt7est coast shipping Elus Vav Tox ulue Hawkins sails tuesday. February u. A. K e. Lemessurier port Ade Laide. 40.3 Fogth Kast a Fistos. Robe 0 and Beau Post Lujune sails monday february 11. Dalgety k co., and teide and Kingston. mess Rieb port Adelaide. ? a t30rt Wakefield stopping l 1-Obt Wakefield Ansis Tatt sol saturday 9th int. So cargo received after 1 . A. K e. U Messur Ler. Port Adelaide. 3940 drapery and lot hint Flint s. Good Strong White Cali Coes for Fautt use. Vav. 3/6, 4/6, is. Us Doc White twill Sheet qty Good old Jari we jetty doth 72 in. ? o2 heat u5bleached twill it id Yard Sheet dec. In. ?74 Steon a bleached Plauf Ryl Dyan sheeting. 75 in. ? 42. Fancy braided Pillow sups 1 Pat with frill ? i of drawn to Bead Ptllow-8lips, o/a2 Psi with from ? 55/d White honeycomb to tits. A/1 t i fringed Large ? a la i Wiota honeycomb � toilet cd each White Marcella bed not Ltd l/6te18/6 Una Jettes All shades special of ii w. T. Flint & son Ltd do apes furnishes 43 and to a Dudley and bask streets. 8hippinq. T the i0waed Smith. Line i ate Howard Smith s whap As follows circumstances permitting to wow Aust Alja. ? Jvn i ? t ? february 85. A j passenger and cargo. To Eastern colonies. Mil Bowens tans i vw13 sesday.februaryl3 Dan owns ? f a land Porta. J Post Pirie to Eastern Colo Oes. A Timit leaves port p1bie thu sat Ebro Ary m. ? ?. Cargo my be delivered alongside steamers not Ess than one hour before Otsa not cry ticker Are interchangeable Rito the steamers of mean. Huddart. Par wer. K co., and my wraith. Mceach Akk. Adco. Pm. Howard Smith Wjk sons prop i tary Umito. 13. Kino Wal am strut. To Kukoc awl Korth Parade. Port Adelme. Tie Wrath me Achash co. Proprietary limited Rill dispatch the following passenger Steamer pct Nittis is Ilmy f Kauk must Fremantle t tuesday. February 1ft. Trans upping for Perth wharf or Kiloton and All . P0bt5 on thro och Bill of lading. Kotb. Return ticket Are interchangeable Ruth messes. Howard Smith k sons and had part Parker la co s stars Mars. Metal Wrath Mes Oharn Ca proprietary us Ltd Katina at Mutual pal Hiiter 91, King William Street Adelaide or j. Bawl pics k . Port Adelaide. Flu Dart pay . & ?0. Prop Crary. Uhf try. Irm dispatch from port Addams drum stances . Wednesday. A. I Tho Tygh Bills of lading to Perth. Betori tickets w8fc messes. Mil Wrath Mee abeam. K co. Proprietary limited Ai Howard Smith sad son proprietary. Limited. Ofe J. Fowler a dated. Aga ats. Drapery and olo Thino temporary Success is comparatively easy Tat to Kiwi Frisin As Wilson Brice & go. Have their supremacy season after season in the Tare of the whole of Sou tit a Strauss com petition cannot be achieved Kohoot Merit. 3len and women alike find our goods cheap sew. And Bah Abb and ire Are More than confident that our efforts will be doubly appreciated Nooft st we cite coupons with every article sold Fob Cash whoe Oor goods win be route tit n Enesp Ai u Reni of at Ever. I a -�-.--.? v Wilson Brice & co s sump Clearing Sale Costi sued to Day. Bargains All round to be cleared at. Merely. Nom Al prices. The finest dress Stock tic the Dot. The whole of our remaining Stock of All Wool French beige marked 1/6, 1/9, 1/11. And 2/3 Yard Clearing at 1/ Yard the balance of our Stock of checked and striped mercerized double Width Black Cre Naddes dealing at 6 Yard 5 pieces Black moire be lock these Are fashionable for ladies skirts Clearing now at 1/6 Yard. French Jacquard mtg sums in Buck and White Only. Lovely Quality and very fashionable original Price 1/1 Yard Clearing now at bad Yard ? s7 patterns Swiss printed dress must is. Principally Black and White and Navy and White there Are some Light shades Clearing at 4& Yard 9 pieces Pale use Zephyr original Price sad. Yard Clearing at 4 Yard the whole of our Rena Hilnic Stock of Best of baht French Cambric marked 0j4, 10 d., and 1/ Yard aay Quality now Tor so. Yard. Bargains All the time Aad it s every time yes. With. Coc Poss. A whole nost of los marked s/6, ,\3/3, 8/8 Yard thrown out st 1/8. Yard a lot of upholstery tape stat. Yard Quality Clearing at 1/6 Yard about to soiled by tub we mean Only dirty Marcella and Satin toilet bed quilts. Mariod Down dearly half Price they have been shown in the windows and this b the cause of the reduction 37 Gram Linen torches lace edgings and infect Loiis j to 1 Loch vide Rico him out to 6d. Tic Dokun tires ? Wilson. Brice. K co. Do one of the largest Corset trades i the City. Sow Fob Posi Tive Cle Arakce. M fun run it Defes Deb corsets Ordinary Price 4/11 pair Clearing Price. Sll. Ladies Don t a a i if if Tif it to n Down Best Quality Black Chip hats for ladies usual Price 2/11 each Clearing at 1/ each. Ladies Don t forget we like your presence and you will he oar prices when Yon come Down sad sight them. They Are Small at Wilson brige s big drapery shops a bundle Street Adelaide. 39o j. Foale & co s great Coupon Sale of ? ? a Pappy clothing Aid tailoring. Engineers Overall trousers 2/11 Sale Price. 1/11 engineers Overall Coats 2/11 Sale Price 1/11. Special attention to country orders write for illustrated Price list 14, 16, 18, Brown Street 132, 1324, gouger Street closes saturdays at 1 0 clock open Friday nights till 9 o clock. Vow Marshall s Sucht sue still continues. Rth Day s bargains. Lous sol Felt blouses White Muslin Worob. 611 for 811 each ladies loth gapes Black and coloured Ortli Isis for 3/ii each China . Just opened Best White and Gold Tea and breakfast Ware teacups and saucers 9/ per Doz. Medium do., 10/6 do. Large do., 14/ do. Egg cups 4/6. Motto int i just in die Jas. Marshall & co. Opened this morn ing sex . Wilcannia 4 Caes of ladies Blaek untrimmed Straw bats. These were ordered for the Winter season but have arrived Early just in time for. The period of mourning. The latest shapes from London Good ribbons id. Per a excl wire dish covers. 1oinoh. 12 Inch. 14in0h. 18 Inoh. 20 Inoh. 10h 1/ 1/3. 2/ 2/6 for for a for for for. 4d. 6d.9d. 1/3 1/6 All Wool and silk Stripe 411 dozen aids. Beautiful White Box costumes. 50 Complete White ro13e&/ a 65 Complete White Robes for to. Cd ladies Wawn wrappers fancy Cambric Portl. 611 for 211 each furniture ? o. Marshall s offs 1 saw lot of ha1tds0me _sh-eb0alds at special Clear Nib prices. It will greatly beast lats Hac borers to itts sect tha u Coxs Honable Babain a Anoo Kii Mes pm Kauai. Over mantels 372 new designs. At prices ranging from 27/6 ail want by rates and myku&6 Eliab ?. ? of. N ? ?. Value Oak Roll top 0fhce Deses �6 m drapery and lot hint so and �2, Hindley Street. Summer Sale Price list continued. Further reductions showroom goods. Holland costumes 29/6. Reduced to 21/ ? dark Blue and of Fate and Fawn and-wu1tk striped Drill cos whim Iid Black pique and can Vas costumes. 23/6, reduced to 17/6 White pique Coats and skirts 32/6 for 23/6 do. Do.,37/6 for 27/6 Bax Tweed Coats and skirts. A reduced to 21/ cd and White Check Tweed 42/ for 32/6 Fawn Tweed. 37/6 for 27/6 Black Serge and fun e cloth Coats and skirts 42/ for 32/6, 45/ for 37/8 gals add maids Cream Serge and flannel Coats and skirts Sixes 4 to 9, for 23/6, 25/. And 29/6 girls Cream Serge and Corduroy Reefer Coats sizes 3 to 7, ten smart and stylish mostly lined silk. 12/v for 9/6, 14/ for 11/9. 15/6 for 12/6. Underclothing. Striped Zephyr undershirts frilled 4/6 coloured Lustre undershirts 5/6. 7/6, 10/6 ? coloured Moreen skirts. 7/6 Black Lustre undershirts i i 9/6 10/9 12 6 White on cloth undershirts lace trimmed. 2/11. 4/6 5/11, 9/6, 10/9 White Long cloth do. Trimmed embroidery reduced to 4/6. 5/6, 7/9, 8/6, let 13yti- ? better ass skirts All at special reductions. White Lawn gowns Itri mined beat embroidery. 29/6 32/6. 37/6 child of s Sun hats and Bon nets at bal Fairice ladd2s Best Quality Linen turn Down collars All sizes usual prices 9d. Lid and 1/3 each All at 6d each a very special line. ? floor cloths and linoleum. A Lares Stock from one Yard to five Yards iride. New designs Best value. Remnants of floor cloth and linoleum very much. Reduced As Fol Low ? 12 it. X 6 it 26/ for 19/6 18 it x 6 it 31/6 for 23/ 22 it x 9 it 39/6 for 30/ 13 it 9 in. X 6 it 29/6 for 20/ 11 it 6 in. X 6 it 21/ for u/6 22 it x 6 it 55/ for 31/6 13 it 6 in. X 6 it 18/ for 12/9 20 it 6 in. X 6 it 19/8 for �/6. 6 Yards x 4 Yards. 45/ for 32/6 1 1-3 Yards x 4 Yards 58/ for 45/ 5j Yards x 4 Yards 61/ for 53/ 4 j Yards x 4 Yards. 52/6 for 45/ ?4 Yards x 1 Yards. 19/6 for 15/ ? 5 Yards x 1 1-3 Yards 25/ for 17/6 q Yards x 4 Yards 52/6 for 38/6 .5 Yards x 1 Yard 18/6 for 13/6 4 Yards x 1 my Ards 10/9 for 7/6 passage cloths 1 Yard vide 1/4 reduced to 1/ do. Do., 1 Yard wide 2/, reduced to 1/6 crea3i american blinds washing and lace trimmed with roller and brackets. 4c., Complete 7 it. By 37 in. Wide. 7/6 for 5/6 7 it by 42 in. Wide 9/6 for 6/9 7 it. By in. Wide. 11/6 for 8/. J. Miller Andersons co., 20 and 22, Hindley Street a Tver a to sctt. I ? 32c special bargains High Gus tailoring. Chas. Birks & co. Jassons ?g9/6 Sag sons a a. Jaq tbou8eus my m m 21/ Bich Grade materials hich Crabe work / it. Low Grade prices. Kote. Two cannot a done in Tea Ortii try Way of but Iab but hiring Patel Ltd a Biz pared o vp-td-4ate Voe aaa at a we Atti Stac toy Price we by determined to after oar Cut anti sobs. Special a Igata these Are in pariah material and Mast Gas to the a eur both in appearance and durability. Chas. Birks & co., vice regal Taie Obs. 48, Rundle Street. Shierlaw s boys Eton suits. 85/, 37/6 to 55/. Boys Long trod seb suits. 10/6, 12/6, 16/ to 46/. Boys Oxford . Suits. 12/9, 15/, 17/6. 21/ to 80/. Boys Sailor sults set age or Tweed. 5/9, 7/6, 8/9 to 17/6. Boys . S. Only ft/6, 2/1l 8/6, 4/11, 5/9. ? 16 & 18, Hindle y st h ? drapery and lot hint i Gayga a special to Stabi a g a Hub m distinct offers 3 Hon staid reliable parcels a tit 3 of our specimen Ulues 3 big Surprise packets lust 3 incontestable Babbins offered by Chas. Moore & co., .1 70 to 76, got sea Street in the shape of extraordinary 1Obydee pro Milt. A parcels. Our dress parcel contains 12 Yards White or coloured Floral lace striped dress Muslin 30 indies wide. 0 2 11 12 Yards Good Quality French printed Cambric in Cornflower Light or dark ground ? ? 0 4 11 i Yards double Width coloured French poplin a Grey Dore Grey electric Blue Fawn As requested ? 0 5 11 Yards Bright Black fancy figured Lustre 42 inches wide .�-.? 0 411 i Yards Buck Lunette lining 30 inches wide ?0 1 9 i Yards coloured silk faille for trimming the Black dress. 026 i dozen coloured or Black dress buttons As requested ?�.�.? 0 1 0 i Yards Black or coloured fancy braids As preferred �.�.? 0 16 b Yards coloured washing print 20 inches wide 0 2 0 �1 1 5 we will Send this excellent parcel for 20s. In writing for this parcel we would suggest that it would be advisable to select the colours of the poplin dress Cambric buttons braids a you would prefer other Wise we shall use our Best judgment in executing the order. We would mention that we metre to ourselves the right of substituting a Colour if the one you select happens to a All sold but in every instance where we substitute we will endeavour to give you that satisfaction that will Merit a continuance of your orders and remittances. Ouk gents outfitting parcel contains 1 gents Tweed suit in Brown Fawn or Grer state the Colour and size wanted. 0 15 6 1 gent s Cream willed Tennis shirt Collar us pocket ? 0 1 11 1 pair gents heavy Cotton Corduroy trousers any size ? 0 3 11 1 gents coloured Cotton shirt lined Back and front Collar Aad pocket if requested ? 0 1 11 1 gent s White Lawn handkerchief full size ? m m m m0 0 6 2 pairs gents coloured Plerino socks double heels and tors ? 0 1 0 1 gents coloured fancy Scarf Bow or Jerby tie state which �._�. ,1 0 �15 9 we will Send this reliable parcel for 20. But if you would care to give an extra at. And have a much better suit making the whole narc i 25&, you will be More than pleased. It stands to reason we can Supply a decidedly better suit for ibs. 6d. Than we can for 15s. Od., and a suit is not an arsiels you Are buying every Day or every week for that matter. So think it Over and then Send us an order you will be very pleased with the parcel. ? our household parcel contains 5 Yards White or Grey willed sheeting 80 inches wide please Staio whether you prefer in Grey or White ? ? 0 6 3 \ Yards perfectly Van White Calico 38 inches wide free from All dressing 026 24 Yards Floral design Linen table damask 56 inches wide ? 0 2 6 12 Yards French printed Floral Draines. Pretty patterns 30 inches wide. 0 2 11 12 Yards heavy make willed or Satin finish Galatea Stripe Navy grounds 3d inches wider state whether willed or is tin finish ? 0 6 6 6 Yards lace effect Floral pattern 40-Inch Art muslims for draping purposes 0 2 6 6 Yards Good i style crepe Cre tonnes � inches wide dark or Light grounds 026 �15$. We will Send this Superior parcel for 20s. _ ? remember Jet can quote lower prices for the same number of articles or the same number of Yards. For instance we could quote sheeting at 71d. Yard Calico at 2jd. Yard. Galatea at 4�d Cre tonnes at 3d, and so on Bat in All these �1 parcels Allun articles have been carefully be acted and no one article of doubtful calibre it included. A ask to to place an order for one and we Are quite satisfied you will be quite satisfied. ? o a great Opportunity to replenish your wardrobes to a nominal Cost. P. T we also pay rail Carriage on All �2 orders. Chas Ivi Oore & co., ?0 to 76, gouger Street. 28e drapery and clothing. Drapery and lot hint Imp busja1e.f of Public attention is called to them ? above important feature of oar bom. Tatj. Yearly ? Clearing y Sale. That it is already very p f ill a. Modi appreciated by an intelligent \a4% a 4 and Diacri Minkung dude of patrons. Yew i Mem is evidenced by the fact tha for the a m ? a Elf last 51 half years we have never of to ii fib Bat r failed to close t2�e season with � ? ii ii he to clean Stock that is to say Nam i i h n pfc it a Stock almost entirely free ?. H m. Al a ? a from the remains of the past sea ? Law of ski son s purchases of purely a Honable goods. Stit Al lode rat h Al p remna1tts a jul Mirra of All chases of material in All de. I Par Mente of the business a prices of eminently satisfactory to the buyer. Surplus did a Oil i smmebboobs.-151T6 6all Rem its of Black dress mate very great redux is in every kind of. Feature. Summer Woollen dress material French ?. Cambric Trench in sons act a a Laie Stock of summer blouses. Oarrieb8, a lace mantles Coats and skirts ? ? m1llinery,,Flowers, let Pocai a Thlik to fort and Abuja h. At less than half usual prices. A Java v 0 w Wop ? Bauw Ajr and Ucac Tal camat Cuaton a Oak Aad Forward bag is Tau to All pans of them trauma colonies �?.-x?? Sara War Black and other a finns supplied by Day. Week Loath. Tea Tama wiper with Jonrs Velides and Dri Tets. Udoxia Blitz Auk Mai. Special attention Niveo to tit collection at Ras materials incl Din for win Toi Otimia. Pm Havus made Attane Mccau with the Elma every accessory of dress companies our men Board a Stramm of a Rani au-?Rist-ars3 d the Colstr. Patterns to free on Applina martifbbos.,-8 Burlington 8 drape off orc blahs hahdbill8,. Cauliflower seeds. Price ust3, a. A pig Sta of a Flat the Beol site Obs Ebibh a c of a la ce5sul Phi Sidiq of rages. ? 19, bold la 8ibeeb, ? son. #

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