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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - February 7, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia p7 orqs8lby-fi Oil and Gas engines too by bks m ? Attar of to Dahl l James Hill & 8ons. J Jet. 16 Aad h. Cub Mesi Apil Ahac Fly Paft a lager5 us. Beer a \. Ato Mait do tract. _. ? ? ? �. ? ? i ?. Shipping orb zeus like. Tha few owing Iii Nikiti who Royal mat Tootie Rawi Adri Aku rugs by it i a. To the . Dates Lor. Koliu Aad losdo5, a fat Maatje Cal party Ottnat hiking far to Indian porn Baa Cha Al Oboya. I69t r. Fetch Rife. 7. Obruba. ? sri. Leak utter Star. 7. . Kid Whon. Rob Jar. To Aad Fcrttfa-4jmaaraiftiir. Yia Hobart from ulu to loss Chat Tsatte. �9110/ to 77. Brtva a 10/ � in she Oas at w. W. ? ? we Klupt Alib Balja. Silook. In 7 a third. -3 0/. Edh Brinn a Cash prepaid by Rev Btu la t1ceks lint Salado wow cat � own i fun tvs an Aow available it n Tan by p. Sad 0. Aad 1ul Cana aast Utuma Tea Piaf room. Jux loebs a. Cr2e3 co and a dub of. Ahdeh3us. Pc co. Fact Achaj avs a full pin Isaiais on App Catta to stg. Ask Balw. Busaca Lei Najir. Isser. To. Ouija Ustmo. Sproal trains or passengers Tad to jobs to the Buls. Opta will loan Adelaide or Largs Bay at 105 a. And 1l am. On Tanador. It Blaair 7. The la launch far the store a Fol leave tit on at to p ? set p. & 0. Steak. Kati Gatior compact. ? Dodo Royal Mau Coa act Wol Yapateh tit too Wiar Suaan via Taa Astle. Colombo. . To altar pin Booth. Aad urn Don Etta Liberty u cd at Bristol. Pm i z7 rtt t. A. Aagnes no. U. Ahkami. ? ou3 a. C Logam feb. By Oce Aav. ? pm c. Add Alwa w. But aha. Isis a. H. St boor March a. ?ac5tsalu ? i Lutra april u Victoria. ? to Crew april st bloc. A a j. Cowit. May � vib bout Boms Daty. Taah Botn or Bri Adlai Tiara hip u fort Sau. Mottys to Rasak Mumm. Tiff in for to fit to to Shuttl vote go Bias Berred. Tit a. ? Mlih i in both rot Aad second Saloon b Naan paid. Putin bom Ponpa be Carbt Anat a Bare. A acne Al Mcd to break to bar Joo Raty at ports tooth of Tickett India Ota. An. The. Booed the a cold of Cucca Pasmik Ratel to Etoi Fanti at lowest Ernst Aiea. Pedal return to Kkt to a Moo. Handbook ten Cabla Aad an per Kalais a to Faaafe Booty. Kil far warded of apply , with t ool a agitato. It. D. L. Soap Ioto. _. Be no Pipit. I it. Sizakkb8 a of this company will by Dick acted a a a of a owl put a Tinl Attar few sout Hamptom Aji twerp sad Lubotes. Vis . Colombo. Data. Eon. Pert Slid. Kaput and Taoa. ? of Witri. 1-Ca iwo. Latta. To. Dab Budt Sottil Bun pea. U ?tbiedb1cb Dib Boffi. My u. Eked Mac in Prinz Tumi atut Lenpold. By h. Watts april 11 we Iab. ? u96 l Grahn Lay a. ? Jok j. Piilini t. Ruwim Elm. Para to Emeey from Adelaide. Ossi to 01 10k . A Btl Loci Srihn to emf Litfy ear opt eur be a bated but. Law dam to London Dita. Pam Aiea Aad Carfo booked Thratta to Loodea Tod dad pal european Aston pc. Aad Lima for Writt is be Aarau other it Rhelta pry to 4e at brah. Toe cab co ? Abd Aidt Aad port a Abdona. Tom Tai. Mum Tor Mih Mih Tad vat Tom am Adt Nide at Iao am. On it panne a a for tit Tea Tad Lam Pitt. ?. Isler it habit idea Sid set to los Dos. Via Colombo and table sets non at 6j00 too under Pottol botnet with the French Gore meat Affias it helb0cr5e, Row Wmk ? ? win Inma ? co. Lobo. A. Sad Post said. Us by Dit patched Awatoly As Satlos ? 55 pm pm. Samaad Bucu cob a Turk pub. A feb. Opt a a Attracta. A no car. U mar. 11 sur. A Hashi ladle april � Larj Ltd poly Attoa Job Tauti Jay Fiji us it May u a to to Bombay India pm Batavia. And Japan. Passage most c7 to j7, Tod Adias table wines. By Toast tic kits at bed cd of Tow ? English Suqi Jet Osi Bobo. Be Tara tit its iat Taloza but Meta Nataf colonial Pona Are Mitau Lor return by p. Sad o. Aad meat Steimers Havine room. For farther part Alan Apper to of Loath Wjk company. United. It Malott Cha Mbeni is Catret Ortet or Gbo. Febcd8os co. For Tadeust Itaas . To atm Btu fast steam pcs an a Tom cd to pm the port Addaide want far naval of town Condon a Mun Tia teat Abt feb. Is web Ohmia. S.u78 tons ubic feb. A Waw goal _ _ m87 tons fee. Vollov. Tuou Momoa _ Wai teas to facets Makool _ _ 5.uj3 tons to Boow. ?. For fed at or Psara Napty to Geoage wills it co. Is bit Adt Witart Altuda Aad part Pisa. Holts Blue funnel Une Ocean Strimer tits co Blu but Sau Victr to Uhi Oom and us spool. Tit mag meat Steamer i this a Damon list Art at tit Nab tit data and of great Speed. They will ran regularly Tram port Adelaide Cam near if with Sake Dot i a Toh in be brass. Hector. To Toni to March. Oue Sieb Obsi Aptil these steam Art tatted with the neat Modem a mated Cool Chambers Aad Otto fruit Shippen a splendid Opportunity for speedy delivery of Trail 50 London and Liverpool. Adelaide and Post Nof in ? Hae Sailer freight to Lon Doh. It 1m Al Iron ship Hebe 7,m Tana. Firm. S. Medea. Tow a port Adelaide will by is patched iat to during february. For Frt Tatj a to George wills & co., to maw. A Dewidt Aad port Ardaut. W a t x a 3 o of Irby Castile Shipp Deo customs ? and ?. .gs3zba� foot Sbol ? Thi Pfink m Adelaide steamship company limited pm Pis Puteh Stu non from port adeside As under Irenn steam permitting for Albany and Frykma Nylk Traa shipping Tor ? top Anoe f rth Erml item. I Worth wast Porta us 8lns�pem on to arouse bits of uding. 1akloo ? Fri Dir i feb Usu 15 3 pub. For my Bourni and8yonky, for que Insano ports. Rou Oba i Friday be Brosor 15 .4 pub. Pin Obi Gulf sri. Fob Post Len cold. Mocta. Wallaroo Frame Lin Hab bomb. And Looth Bat. Pebbet.-. Tit today february to twi. Cheap exc Nib first Der inc summer Moat. Pokes act Sta. Gebxe3k. And Pixie a with Paa new sad cargo. Co. Attak pit Post of Call. Cargo Mart be alongside sterner act lest than two bans before idler tired time of Iliff Date. For All intr Matioda App Tot. ? the co., umsted. Carrie Street Adelaide Aad commercial wharf. Port Adelaide. . G0r, to. The for onsite v passe5geb steam tabs of Thorn list will Dragai Itable permitting be dispatched for cd Razz �j-.x. Feb Ida. February a and Ina apor j at 4 pm. Tran ship at Fremante. v carrying cargo and past dam far paroo mum Fiorni tuesday. Favary 1% rat talk. At no. Aad an other am v land ports. J cargo redeem daily at Qorea t wharf up to eat Hoar before taking. An tick eur after file Flat port with the Stea Aaen of the Adelaide steamship con Puy. La Atod. ? for fam and freights apply to tit Tomt pants offi ois 67, Sot g William Street. _ and Queen s wharf. Port Nippon Yusek Kaisha. To Majola. Bohr Koch sad Jap am vis , sad t0ws8tou 4 will Tatt is a astr ? Hamitt Osmamc a Syd aty. Yawata Mac. A. E. Moo a. feb. 18 Jasp Carabu. E. W. Aaril mar. A a att them Mugni int Fez path mail steamers Art in Moonjr attend for pos Stengeri. Two berths Only Tasa Kwo Cabins. Electric Light it be Wigenton full parti Colan As to freight and Paa Tases Frost Fml Waluyn Meau Hahm. A Cut a eat. To. Dag . Vim Gupta off Damesek. Of the barque a Patria. Will not be bes possible Tor debts contracted by i Crew without hit written order. A South v f r i c a. -6ptct Tor Stock or cargo bal special Steamer Low rates. Apply or. Bradley South australian hotel. Adelaide. Tax r Sals the rtlotsraoonriup7ktbci to Register a set dais co Ditton fitted with Cabins and Diniaco Troon. Writ found i smile a ebon and gear. Fall particular from w. Cow. Per t sob. Ship brokers s Market Street Jid Bonete. V a team lighter wasted. To carry about of. Tons a. Draught haded under 0 it stoic Narri Mlin n Tiaa of task Brit or material and Price. A. Del med Sldary Lica for Cordob it Cotch. Sydney. Drapery and lot hint special Dahnoun Cement from Wilson Brice & co s dress goods department. � new autumn Black dress goods. We Mojo Day. For tit Conie agitate of oar i Stotis in Eon Teao net of tit a respected Djavad Tor Black dress. Goods Wilson Brice � co Hare tvs Day of posed three cases of entirely new autumn. Black dress goods sex bal Rota. One of us of test Ano Rmenti to the City iat coded far Oor autumn Trade but opened oae month earlier to suit the tour patrons. Mourning goods. Lacal al8atu5 Crape cloth i la 1/11, a. 2/n Yard doable Width Black Balmoral crake cloths 1/11. J/8, vol a Yard double Width Black alpacas doable Width v. A. Wry 1/u to a Yard Black Sim s veh Jakc. A left a Yard Black Poplis. Lit 1/u. Is. A Yard Casum bks double Width 1/.4/4, 1/4 lal/11. Tilt. To 4/ Yard Black sects. 1/. A a. A. 1/11, a u blacked White striped alpacas doubt with Laad 1/11 Yard ? Black Aad White Check dress goods double Width. In a 1/u. 1/u Yard Black Aad the dress Josuks. To. And Black sad White electro Satin. Is Irene wide. Laid Lack Brogue electro Satis. Matt like Sill itself is inches wide l/9yard i Black Aad Wuite Mataxa. Entire la new Tor the autumn Trade a inches wide a ? Yard ? ? ? recon medic that having to to into moors ing at this time of the year is not Coar Eageat i. Grerr ,.wt by marked these Good Par thu Early Low in Price a very slight Idt Anci of absolute Cost Price. Lashes repair no the services of Dyber of on two head dressmakers Art advised to place their special m0ubn1ng orders without delay. Wilson bbicuco., do Essen. Sir mercers 4a, Rundle Street Adelaide ? drab cry and olo Thina j. J. Fotte & m 8 Areat c0xjp01t Sale or ? .?-.? Bra Pepy clothing and tailoring. Engineers Overall trousers 2/11 Sale Price. 1/11 engineers Overall Coats 2/11 Sale Price 1/11. Special attest Ion to country orders write for strafed Price list. 14, 16, 18, Brown Street 132, 132a, gouger reef gloss a saturdays at 1 o clock. Open fa1da7 nights till 9 o clock. I Shipp lily.? to a ? ? j Eow Abd s1citb j. Line leave Bowab Smitts wharf As follows dread Tracei permitting g to Wist Aust Taua. Jsam i februarys5.p1btm j Pawn pm and cargo. \ to Eastern of Niet. Mil Bourst Ai a sub in Ebro Rym i cup land Porte. J Post Pixie to Eastern colonies. Sal Tims caves port Pixie thursday february 14 Cater must be a covered alongside seamen not ass than one hour before advertised sail Retcka tickets Are with the Steamer of mean. Huddart. Par ? Reb. K co and Mil wraith. , and co. ? ? pm. Howasz Smith Wjk scamp of Lav Taky Zmitko. Is Kinq w1luam tit fat Aoi Yudt and North Parade. Port Adelme. I a Mcilwraith Mceacharn & co. Proprietary United we Ufa Pateh the following passenger Steamer circumstances permitting Albany Kau Kumur Nuu Wolm \ tuesday february m. Tran shipping for Perth wharf Corv Lotom and All . Pouts on through Buffis of lading. Note Begum Taketa Are with mean. Howard Smith it Soas am find Dart Parker co s Steamer. Mell Wrath Maxa Omilin of proprietary Mitto a Mart is ring Winam ? Mattiet Adelaide or. J. A wuss son. Port Adelaide. Had Davitt Parker. & co. Propane Start Dumitro. Will dip Totth from port Adelside Drumn stances permit big Al Bajasy t ? acc Siam. Rms Itne tuesday february 12,w a ? j st Boob. The Bosch Bills of Ladota to Perth. Rework Tjce Kis Witk mean. Mil wraith Mee Albam. Co. Proprietary Mitea Aad Howard Smith Aad soot proprietary limited. The a 4 j. Fowler. Us had. Ageatha drapery arid obo Thino a and 22, m1hblet 8trebt. Summer Sale Price list coh Tikuno. Purther reductions in showroom goods. Holland costumes. 29/6. Reduced to 21/ dark Blue-and-wu1te and Fawn Drill cos Tumes. 29/8, reduced to 18/8 White and Black pique and can Vas Cost Ilek 23/t reduced to 17/b White pique Coats and skirts 32/0 for 23/6 do. Do37/6 for 27/6 Fawn Weed Coats and 8kjrts. 42/. Reduced to 21/_bl.\ct� and White Check two 42/ for 32/6a in Tweed. 37/6 for 27/6 Black Serge and Fine cloth Coats and skirts 42/ for 32/c. 43/ for 27/6 girls and maids no of Serge and flannel Coats Ami skirts sizes 4 to 9. For 23/6, 25/, and 29/6 girls Ackkam Serge and Corduroy Reefer Coats sizes 3 to 7. Very Mart and to Ian Yostjr lined silk. 13/9 for 9/6, 11/9 for 11/97 w/6 for 12/6. Underclothing. Striped Zephyr under Skikus filled 4/e coloured Lustre undershirts 5/fi, 7/6, 10/6colouredmoreen skirts. 7/6 Black Lustre under Kutts. A 9/6. 10/9. If 6 White Long cloth undershirts late trimmed. 2/11, 4/6. Us 9/6. 1c/9 White Long Lotu do. Trimmed embroidery reduced to 4/6. S/6. 7/9,. 8/6, Llo 13/6 v Kriek class skirts All at special reductions White Lawn gowns trimmed beet Era Broider. 29/6. 33/6. 37/6 child is Sun hats and Bon nets at half Price ladies Best Quality Linen r turn Down collars All size. 1 Rioual prices 9d. Lid. And 1/3 each All at cd each a very special line. Floor cloths and linoleum. A Large Stock frown one Yard to be Yarda Wiliie. New Deiiana Best value. Remnants of and linoleum very much reduced us Fol Low 12 it x 6 it 36/ for 19/6 18 it x 6 it 31/6 for 25/ � it x j ft., 39/6 for 30/. ? 13 it 9 in. X 6 it 29/6 for 20/ 11 it. 6 in. X 6 it. 217 for 14/6 22 it x 6 it a for 34/6 ?. 13 it 6 in. X 6 it 18/ for 12/9 20 fun 6 in. X 6 it 19/6 for 9/6 Yards x 4 Yards. 45/ for 32/6 7 1-3 Yards x 4 Yards. 58/ for 45/ 5j Yards x 4 Yards 61/ for 5/ � 4j Yards x 4 Yards. 52/6 for 45/ 4 Yards x 1 Yard ii. 19/6 for 15/ 5 Yards x 1 1-3 Yards. 25/ for 17/6 ? 3 Yard x 4 Yards. 52/6 for 38/6. 5 Yards x 1 Yard. 18/6 for 13/6 4 Yard x 1 1-3 Varda. 10.9 for 7/6 passage cloths 1 Yard Ide,.v4. Reduced to 1/ do. Do 1 Yard wide. 2/, reduced to 1/6 ? ? ? ? ? ? Cream american blinds washing. And lace trimmed with roller and Brac Ket. It Complete ? ?. 7 it. By 37 in wide. 7/b for 5/6 7 it by 42 in. Wide 9/v for 6/9 7 it. By 44 in. Wide 11/6 for 8/. J. Miller Anderson & co., 20 and. 22, Hinsby Street Marshall s shh Elk Sale still continues. To Day of barga1ks. Ladies suet blouses. _ a Itel Muslin j writ .511 for 211 each. Ladies to ply we Black anti coloured /. Worth 12 a 3/11 each pith parbel8, ? just it time Jas Han Hill to co. Opened this morn id sex s.8. Wilcannia 4 cases of ladies Black intr mined Straw hats. These were ordered for the Winter season but have arrived Early just in time for the period of mourning. The test shapes from umber ?100 ribbons ?. Id. Per Yaa a. Wire dish covers. 10 Inoh. 12 Inoh. 14 Inch. 18 Inoh. 20 Inoh. Ibid. 1/. Al 2/ l 2/6 v for for for for for w 6-l 9d. 1/3 1/6 r ? ? ?. ? All Wool and silk Stripe. ? ? ? .-.-.? White Box costumes. 50 Complete White. Robes % 55 Complete White Robes to fancy Cambric. To Tii 611 for 2 11 each furniture. O ? uab8baxl-8 of feb a. Kew lot of ha1tds0me sideboards at. /. Special Clearing prices. It win greatly beat flt Intel Dow Sayan to Lupart tha Babguni Waart offer Law Betta Foniri Nihof to bar pair Hazai. \. Over Mikels. 072. New designs at prices ranging rom 27/6. us Hun tue v ? Wosje of Tel /. Value of Roll top 0fhce Deses a. 15/.? a fury and lot hint remnant week at ? wifi is ski Jib. Pubic attention is called to the above important feature of curl half yearly Clearing Sale. That it is aready very a race a premed by an intelligent ? and circe of patrons is Eri denied by the fact Tea for tie last 51 half years web never t faded to dote the season Inui a clean Stock that is to say with � Stock almost entirely Ben ?. From the remains of the. List set son s purchases of purely. Sea. Honable goods. F. One stocktaking is approx dung. ? and the own dining Days of Che. Or. Sent month a Fol be de Robed to. The. Dearance of remnants. Of All Lai Eddin add Par menu of the Barneh at p Rice eminently Sai factory to the buyer. ? ? ? � ? a i. A Fawn of Blade Drew hate. Rials a special feature. 38o ? invite inspection Roa ? z. Mourning ? ? oath bib Taftt lab6i Stock of ? ? ? ?. ?. V. ? a Martin Bros Burlington Bouse. ? ? ? .180 Good 8tb0x0 White of boobs Tat Carfly a a tip i a. In. Sye Syu Dea. White twin Shee Hho Good. Old said wet Bly doth 7j la. Of. ? heavy dual Rachid twi no anti Sueb Trio. 88 in. ? 7 8tboho Plain old Yard sheethk3, 7s in. is fact by aided Pouw Sitf Bab with a a. I to Rulo sups a a fab we tax uuhkio0ub ? Jet is grit 1-4 Maged. Larga Ste .55 1 1 wrote Sikho exbom. A blot to sae Hooters. I of. White bed a diets Usk ettes a shades pedal of it Dos. Tim. yes. Aba pubs Folk shebs Tad so his War and Bank streets.? Adieu is. Setae Tiu Fiur. Cnoc Dlapa jux Buna a Price uses pc ? _. Mev Kiho 3o0wal. The beo18teh. Obs Esteb and a theril 0fficu. ? ? ? 0iup1ry and olo Thino 3 special Mohetau inducements a non off bus. Afef we. Spec Ibn tames ? ? ? 3 m Mim packet. Subt 3 a Sale Mai aids 7a to 7, Fox Vasa Sweet 4 ? i the shape of extraordinary 1 prom Way. \ r ? Odb Dee a parcel contains. 12 Yards White or Colo Rcd Floral lace to griped dress Muslin 30. Inches wide. 0 2 11 12 Yards Good Quality French printed Cambric in Cornflower Light or dark ground v. ? ? 0 ill 5yaids doubt Width coloured French poplin in Grey Dore Rey elect he Bane Fawn As requested. ? 0 5 11 Yards Bright Black fancy figured Lustre 42 inches wide. 0 ill Yards Filock Lunette lining a nenet wide ? 0. 1 9 Yards coloured silk faille Lor trimming the Black dream ? 0 3 6 dozen coloured or Black Dren buttons As requested ? 0 1 0 Yards Black or uolourt4 fancy braids As preferred ? 0 16 6 Yards coloured washing print 28 inches wide ?0 2 0? ? ?. \. �17 5 we Wui Send this excellent pared for 20. ?. In writing parcel we. Would suggest that it would be Adria Able to select the colours of the poplin dress Cambric Button Brans. It. Yon. Would prefer other Wise we shall use our Best judgment in executing the order. We would mention that we Reserve Bro Oun Dver the right of substituting a Colour if the one you select happens to w All sold but in every instance where we substitute we will endeavour to give you that satisfaction that will Merit a continuance of your orders and remittances. Our gents outfitting parcel contains. suit in Brown Fawn or Grey state the Colour and Sise wanted. 0 15 6 1 gent s Cream willed Lenny Murti Collar and pocket ? 0 111 l pair gents heavy Cotton Corduroy Trou Urs any Sise. 0 311 1 Uenta coloured Cotton a shirt lined Lack and tront Collar and pocket if 1 a i the inv hand run 2 pain gents coloured Merino bocks double heels and toes. 0 10 1 gents coloured fancy Scarf Bow or Jerby lie Sute which0 1 j. ? ?. A. ? ? ? ? ? �1 8 9 ? ? ? ? ? we wid Send this reliable parcel for 20s. ? but if you would care to Given extra As. And have a much better suit making tha whole parcel 2ss you will be More than pleased. It stands to reason we can Supply a dead edly better buit Jbf 19a. Cd Thessi we can t or 15s. 0dh and a suit is not an Artic you in baying every Day of every week for that matter. So think it. Over and then Send us an or Lerf Yon will be very pleased with the parcel. ? ,. ,. Our Flou Sinhold parcel contain nov 5 Yards White or Grey willed sheeting 80 inches wide please state whether you prefer in Grey or White ,. 0 8.3 Yards perfectly pure White Calico 36. Inches wide free from All dressing 0 2 6, v Yards Floral design Linen table damask 56 inches wide ? ? 0 2 o a Yards French printed Floral Dei Aines pretty patterns 30 inches wide ? 0 2 11 12 Yards heavy make willed or. Satin. Finish Galatea Stripe Navy grounds. 30 inches wide state whether willed or Satin finish ? 0 6 6 Yards lace effect Floral pattern 40-Inch Art Lias in for draping purposes 0 2,6 6yud. Good style crepe Cre tonnes 30 inches wide dark or Light grounds. 0 3-6 .. Ital ?. We jul Send thu. 8upenopacel for 20s. I remember Vwe Dan quote lower prices for the same number of articles or the sum number of tra rav for instance we could a Jota Bra in inc a Ted. Yard fico at i Yarda Lateana at do Cretoni a a so on Bukin bl.tberparceiira1lvu�9 care Tuy selected us no one Artias of doubtful calibre is in ended a ask you to place an one and we Arv quite satisfy ill you nid by que satisfied. ? z ? ,.l.%- 9 to ?. 4 a great Opportunity to replenish your wardrobes. At a nominal Cost we Abo pay Bao marriage on a �2 orders Ojha Skope go?0 to 16, Obj a Street.? ? ? ? ? ? v 28e i Drafy and Olpt incl special bargains High cuss tailoring. Chas. Birrs & co. Sao. Suns 7fi/ Era � ?.--16/6 tbodfieb8 ? 01/ m a Euils hich Rade work ? Ixo ? Al Low Trade Price ? ? Hote. Tab Cabaot a Doaa la the Ordi Ater War o bad Neav Baliag. Panda mad a Lam parcel of up to Date too Mem it la Vry sati sctt a Ataw Date tanned to offer oar Diau sane pedal bargain. Test an Superior Flat Arias Aad just. Ofira Tate action to. Tha wearer both in appearance sad of Futoula ? Chas. Birks & co., Ticer Eoal tailors. ? 46, Rundle Street. ?. 7 ? ? ? ? Vav a dec Seif or the my Thi _ Al a so rent Sale agents lit Adelaide. John Martin & co., a Mitt re Holb Street. Adelaide ? thu hot tajlor8 and Outt tors leavers Vinci w1lliam-sti\eet. A Mew and co Flete Stock of Welch Marc Tsoh s White shirts ?msts4hela, Mew Sam. or m. New collapse and ties Laa. By. Jaeger Echt awl it dial Pastva. a. Ysuf adf Stock. J. Leaver 41, Dpi William Street. Forthm Shierlaw s boys Eton suits. 85/, 87/6 to 55/. Boys Long trooper suits 10/p, 12/6. 16/ to 45/. Boys Oxford . Suits 12/9, 15/, 47/6,. 21/ to Boa b0y5 Sal Lorr suits serve or Tweed. 6/9, ,7/6, 8/9 to 17/6. Boys . S. Ohly 2/u, 8/6 4/11, 5/? Yaj 16 & 18, he let st oarrier8, a it poem and clause to ran Dalama it. H.geayes&c0. Railway and us ural Carria Cumuli ? Kutaj so t forwarding Aynu to ail Patwel Tea Aas italian Rcpt led for storage. R until Pic car Hulljr a cored. Kinni Tup dec by Day week Hayata or team with a onto vehicle an uric no special aut Nuon Given to Pic Coll Cioa Al a aim ii Jcsse or ubi Pacat or Ottar Wila. Hating made Imogen you Widi the to. Com panic our men Board All Suao Soa arrival it Luigi Bay or port Adelaide for Taw of Dados and delivery of parcel Aad Luggage to any pan head office Cruz stint. ? Aad div ctr Street. Kirt Adelaide. 1 ?. ? ? ? ? i Staw machinery Adelaide foundry a. Jones & sons. Bnoinberflollwsi0btb. Iron and bra88 10dndsb8. Bmix88 and Boilegh Aksys noxobu4rbct a Kosth to Saunor Aba am Saaf

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