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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Feb 6 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - February 6, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia a pretty souvenir want Awn photos of the los Tel we area a. O. Forbes it Walb a Morgan j. Lawsom Icax 1 ? Dobdon. All is stir trooped together with pal Bine it bands eat be hs40iut18 by writing or calling at the Salep pneumatic Tyre co. Of Australia Ltd. 80, Franklin Street Adelaide. Fob Comfort Speed and bil1abiuty Excel All others. . Koala Taaim without tads Mark. ? ? ? .�?-.? shipping Orient line. Tat Tou wisc steins tin Onder Royal Hail Contact Wilt tote Adelaide urn by at bulb. Of the data Tor of Ioctl and London Tia Fremantle. Coumbs ten a of a for All Indian ports. Sims canal. Naples. Marseilles and ? 3boya ? jul sir. Fletcher. Ifeb.7. Of cml. .bs7ljlb.coad.ilxb. Feb. 51. Org a. 5657u. Link later liar. 7. Aunt total. Pfc Nicholson . Al iad Lof Nighor thereafter. To Hobart bom Eida. Saluti to Widos Angl. �38 10/ to �77. Return �71 1u/ to it third cuss �17 to �19 13/, �40 18/. Salons to c0u mb0-8ult, Jot to �3. ? return �3 6/ to �3 Lyl. Westers Australia. Saloon u 1/ to �7 a third �3 a. Is magma bom any port can be prepaid hers. Bbl Lillif tickets tint Saloon Between of sub a an now Ani Labie for re Tan by p. And a and jul companies Stjames bating Roan Kah agers f. War by pc co., and andean of Anderson a co., be Aderca arcane London. . Full part in Tan on application to Al. O. Am Pix it i Branch manager. Issca . Special trains for piss gees and lbs jobs to the . will rare Adelaide Tor Largs Bay at 10.k pm. And u.48 an. On thursday. February 7. The last launch or the Shore will leave the Aurora at so pin. 3ts f. & 0. Steak navigation company. Under Royal Hail contract will dispatch the following steamers via Fremantle Colombo Aden. Marseilles. Gibraltar. Plymouth and Lon Don with Liberty to Call at Brindi ? to Camita. I u. Marc. Chem ? tit 791. X. & angina feb. M. Arcadu ? 6du x c. To in feb. S. Oceana. ? a c add Man u. Britannia. Her h. Seymour March & Aud Kaua. A l Beera april u Victoria. ? �. Crewe april 25 Rome. ? ? j5u j. Cowie ? May 3 via a boart from Sydney. or Brinew Tran ship at port said. Notice to p4mt.njart Liberal reduction to families. Whole Cabin beamed. The in both first and second saloons is unsurpassed. Para it bom Europe to can be a rancid Here. Paak sea allowed to break their journey at intermediate ports. Tourist1 Tickett India China. Japan. A. Bead the world take a pas1ace ratb3. Tickets is Ned at lowest cumm rates. Special return ticket to London. Handbooks timetables and All particular As to passage Asaley Al forwarded of application. Elder Smith a co., limited. Agent Bobc n. D. L. Kobe dec Scheb Lloyd. The in�gpt4t. Vuu. Stea Hebs Erfel. To company will be dispatched As Ujj so under sad regularly thereafter to Southampton. Antwerp and Bruun. A Fremantle. Colombo ado Mez pert said Naples and Genoa. ? in her or Twat a i9ql Darmstadt. ?. Sou a Dwen feb. U Pic Nair in Busse ? Soffia Icsael mar. 11 ?pb13z Becent Utt Pold ? is u. Walter up flu Ite Aub. ? in u Grehn 4ur u a Tajti a. Jay. I. Oess Mana one i. It in Crews. Passas Money bom Adelaide �15 8a. To Atins. Great Benc tint on Begum passages. Liberal wine inn to Milica passage torn Europe Caa be arranged her. Thud Uasa to London. �15 is. Pasa engerts and cargo booked the sch to London and print nil european Asiatic and american ports. For freight Pasage sad att other Paru Cebus apply to the Acynta ? i Adelaide and port Adelaide. Special train for fuss enters and a tenors leaves Adelaide at 1u.so skin. Of Kenai tit Days Tor the sea end Largs pier. 131c to Oblat Butoi and e0b0k la ? to the a a a. A Etc total mail exphes8 set Bulck. The Toosi steamship company of sew ii rim Fri a Boyat mail Ete amen boat Sauk Cal. For Fra Iosco. Calling at Accel and. Apia Samoa and Liias Bra Matt. Tom. Leara Aydrey. z 3,08 Fob Roary. Sonoma a we fab Maryai and every three week to Wreaner. Pact then by this line Are booked to a parts b the Umeo Sixes Canada and Lub Upit with choke of railway unas bom aah Cha. Casus and privilege of he ruling wuuxz1 it 4jjy Wiit Elk Boute. A Krough pasit Notri to Europe bar the option to oaf Chiaz either thru agh the United Stapaj h Canada. On i g the Al non i to in they can proceed by any of the famous Utush of aka meter to Europe. Passia Geri Tor Honolulu May return per Casa fares and freights at lowest Bates. For Roll particulars apply to . Co. La agents k. King William Street City and Yucca s Whart ran. A web i Usa Ous ass Tabuas total mail a Lofs to br1.sbank. Honolulu Van of Otke. Cana1ia. Bated tits ii. Ana to bulk in Init of a wit ii to to fsr Imiri tic Tiute a Cefic railway. Kyls. Leave deny. Leare Brisbane. Warrimooianoary28, a Ednairl Mioara feb nary s i March l to Wasoi March is i March 3 ? st ind Secund Oua Accamo Damon a Beau de. cuisine. Up equity Low Troia is second Dass rates to Marope. Cool voyage throw a the tropics stopping at Honolulu the Paradise of Lite Ira cinc j lat mag passt Agua or Europe will and the voyage Home via Canada very enjoyable Fra Sreu to tas Oisin Stort bom the overpowering beat of the red sea and oct canal the scenery Over tit 1 airy i i of railway is a grandeur. Stop Over inv uses allowed at the various Points of interest such a Banff a i rain natural Par Niagara Falls a bound thu would Torso. Except Dooal privileges cleared. Bayway maps. Gade books. Rates it passage and All other information apply to c Sag . City and Hosea s wharf port. Howe Union line of steamers. To new Karf per a from . ,.vu Hobart. Wednesday Febra Arr & Tom Sydney Tauxe via Anck and. Wednesday. Feb. 6. Motor. Via Edlington sal., re. 9. Of Tasmania. Kum mum Lune. Wat Kark for Hobart. Wednesday feb. 6. Paterna. For Luna Craton. Bum car. Feb. 7. To Samoa acid my. Of Hull Stu key. Bot0sino, wednesday. February 30th. For rates it freight and ramac Mooty and All is formation apply to . Co. Ld., aqent8, k. Hob William Subket Oty and Queen s sikhs Rupert. Xum lev go.,. London via Rio Janeiro. Pm Yawger accommodation usurp Samd. I Sasae Afi booked through Tram Adelaide via new zealand and Bio Janeiro thus escaping the bed sea Parange. For toll particulars apply elder Smith co., limited use Adelaide and port Adelaide. and Ardrossan. Ask Edtill bub a Wabo Oca. _sj3-Wdaedatt and saturdays at 9 ., off a a returning thursday and mondays. Abd Kossan acis. James comb1e, tuesdays and thursdays. At 9 Aja. Returning tame Day. No Carp received after &30 , on Day of riling. Imwie q. Hulcee t co. Agents. T3ecdlab use Post Wake a pc Maud. Wednesday a Sebr Malcolm Suu Days. Dowse b. Of Bicker. Port a tips Abd b o a x -4flj� Fleet Winc a sails regularly every wednesday 5 Pun. Wawa Otic ? b. Fb1cseb. Port 4� Porwet poc5t. Foist Post viotorl1. Postbox Wjk Lmar Bine thu Aday february 7. A 3d ? b. Of Bicker port. Doctu and Tomby Bays. A to i Beatri Ceynor to cargo Friday sails Satur asap away noon. Att ? b. Of Bicker we. T h 0 i s ? � 0 0,. Shipping customs and ? Imam by a Buso p8qrjab9l Wipping shipping the Adelaide steamship tee Compaq limited h0wasd Smith Liviu Depatch steamers from port Adelaide As t t to is under circumstance permitting ? Sam for Albany and frs Mantle Letb Howard Smith s. Whap As Iszain Tran shipping for Dron Stankee permitting is a Xit to West a Oralu. For 8yoney, j Lind cargo. Queer no Portt. .jsjzs1T? Solo him a Stab iwed . 1 Winin Yono cargo Only mane Spencer. Tue serv of its j no port Lincoln. Moo Sta. Wallaroo port pure to East can colonies Bank Lin Ilu Boub. And Louth Bay. Ace leaves Post pub wed Bedat. Ferret ? tur Day february is is . February cheap excursion fare during summer months. Carr Mart be delivered alongside steamers am ports aug Sta web med. And Pixie before ave Russ time of ? with passenger and cargo. Retort tickets Abe Eye Strator saturday february 9 i . With the steamers of messes. Huddart. Pay can portable Ladie Cabin on deck. Web co., and. Mall wealth Mcfie Raaby All passor ticket Intro Hance. ? 1 & uearwaftab� Meil wealth Mceacharn in. Currie Street Adew a do Mercial Whart prop rotary limited ? ?. ? will disc attrib the following passenger steamers it 11 to in Sircum stances permitting .8.n. Co., old. Ass a pibjs�5l we Jabsi ticket m in Char a. In Tia Sussli Nuda ram Ursa with Mobil toward Smith t sons a Hud its. Frama Atie. A it Lurker of 8 in Molbo Zimik it a. Mcilwa . Mee Oharn. Co. 1 proprietary a mixed Kwe Neeri for i Sidno Kat Dooal Mutual building 9l King Williamsv nov i or anus Street Adelaide or Rhian port f tuesday february a j. Baw Ungs son port Adelaide. Brisman. I at noon. ? usher Maui Mij Huddart Pakka & co. Cargo necked daily Zoeta a Watrt up to oat proprietary. Limited. Lt&11x&hai?eabla after the Tat pert a Fol disc Audi from port Adelaide Sruth the steamers it the Adelaide steamship com circumstances permitting. Tires and freights apply to the Albany. Imam to n Pany offices or Mantle. J m0sdatti est ? Kui Indolfi is Tat to brooch Bills 0f.ladhc tote Bih. ? ? bet Dan tickets interchangeable with could a Lilly. Uemon me with. Meacham. Co. Propri ? tary limited and Howard Smith and Soss pro port Darwin Manila China a. And Japan. Sect departure wll be the Ftp Wistoft a . Australian. Carriers a least no Sydney 16th february. _ m -.--. Cargo received and forwarded Peb a it i a 6.s. Man ratio Stuj Jubi 05 wu., i Fri a tade february to m railway and soneral Sarriera or �2s�ss? australian. Fres Job wading and shipping agents. Passengers booked Throat go to London and y w.�fhl2l by Empress lae of steamers from a ass Isth China connoting with the Canad am Padna Baug ref gust port Adelad Law pc South Terrace Adelaide. If p?si7uv Jav in in arc Good forwarded with care and . Atu ight co., agents Telephone-30. Port 7. Adelaide st Mew Eastern and australian a co., Ltd., ? c9, Cre leu Street and port Adelaide. ? Al business notices thursday Island port Dar re a i a Rev s is . Ii Aiila Hon Kong dalge1& go. China and Japan. Office lox Dok. China navigation cos ? limit a capital of Fly subscribed. 44.000,000 no to. Is a so i re �. I3qoo . Taiyuan a Willimaye Sydney nth february Hernanis Wool and produce for shove Portt. Gnoj vigils Stook Sia Tiow Iob cargo to catch her will be forwarded on mls Lon. And self plus agents wednesday the inst., per min Taro free of All station requisites supplied. Ssiss Tasss a Sass Iii m4 advances made on station property. Coo of vast to p Sig menu Wool or other Rouee received Tor re for freight or passage apply Lindoo in Home or colonial Market. Lorimer Rome & co., ? agents agents Fob 43. Benfell Street. Aty menagerie maritime French mail Steamer 35t Upson Street port. Inlay Lorie co. A White Star line of Steamer ? 1 ? George ibo Pion co s Aberdeen line Beamen test coast shipping company. Vve. Pic Quot champagnes for Streaky Scales. And Murat Bauseh Tudic a cat a whiskies Bays so Flower sails wed radar Feor Arr & . Younger 4 co. S Monk Brand emn Berrti Ai All Trei Inu must be prepaid. J. Jeffrey co s Castle Brand Edinburgh ales _ a. E. Be Mes Abb port Adelaide. Finlay. Stull. Co a Calcutta and Colombo Teaa. West coast shipping company manager for South Australia a for Smoky and denial Bays Mary v w Van Senden Ellis now receiving Carso in no. 1 bed Mac �. Laren wharf saus Street. S6mwss my freights smrt be prepaid. ? ? g j a. E. Be mesh Tudjek port Adehid. Up Al f m of Al r. Out tort Erie. _ 37,9 Juopo m Cedar a an Job nun. Soltiz East Kingston and inet Duchess a air 1 chairs and Towel rail 47 b Allport Lurline sails saturday 6. The lot Duchess pain Light or Park table february 9th. Swing Mirror 2 Jewe mixer. Washstand. Marble Dalgety k. Co. Adelaide Una Kingston. S jt1 7� f01, cd tiuujibsd1 port was Gold so Ping company. A Wujs urn st to Fob Post Wakefield Percy sails drawer chests 17- 5-drawer cheats o/7 new wednesday. Ctr inst. At 5 run. A. A e. Be Lull die double wire voc Spring mattresses /6 men Rier port Adelaide. ? 367 new double wire wove Bedhead stretchers 8/6. A Tadt Danielsen. T the Barou. Sass of Rosst Stop of so. Tbeteeaovctasf1 a to contracted by his Crew without his bedsteads. Bedsteads. Bedsteads. Written order. ? Farrach parisian italian and half tester mar la As and full site. 1 Lave just unpacked ten cases drapery and lot hint 12t&i2i�%.xr ? ? buying a berbere. Odd crockery so dozen Nan Raul Mas it Owma corots a puts each m Ltan Dilke it a i Rev Ujj or Joje Ditha Abo lot Odd toilet Ware carpet squares lira cos and tapestry 10 Jim a ? fun Turk dealer bbb Muoc r Kably opposite Fitch s yttme8e.celadcmt note. No time payments. A Jar corsets or. Telephone 798. Is Muse v 7 also lately it howl ? / re vat occupy tha 5-dint gaj0k a rrwn�0f re few Cefi a a a Asur /jq2 tto is to up Seltz Ogeous i x. Ilbfletth2 a 1a Uii uhf lilo tit flt Salt pc. Of blk Rwjr Bibb Var la Dzui Inu Jailaw no be a a i thut food 10 off Llort to fill Ohta Niimi Tho wsb3bb&s& i i i it he ghost honors. So of us at try last Rumm Ticomi in 5ag�sfek. Was Aen be. Lot paria. Ism the pm Corsat gained Tho a up valves obtainable from All leading drapers. I be pairs. Beware of &gsti8$8&4%&&8& imported by Bearth. Foll Wiite Trad. Mark. Fflw6ftx-s&ws58 we feb Tob a. H b1rks d0r8d0nfr&l0. A ?.,?. Toss Flat a cd Embt. Hosiery and Corset j4fes�-Flv. A blk. A. _ a nth dam a Tri by uss a Tecl stub Felt Kytai Pri tizi g inc rib drapery and cloth Tia j. J. Foale & co s great Coupon Sale of drapery clothing and tailoring. Engineers Overall trousers. 2/11 Sale Price. 1/h engineers Overall Coats 2/11 Sale Price 1/11. Special attention to country orders write for illustrated Price list. 14, 16, 18, Brown Street 132, 132a, gouger Street. Clos 22 Satej rats at 1 o clock. Open Friday nights till 9 o clock Marshall s sum she i still continues. To Day s Baff blahs. V Hajj Ohio Oisiu White Muslin Worth 611 for 211 each ladies cloth. Black and coloured Worth 12 9 for 311 each mum paints 5/, 10a 15 go to Tamra Iii Linnet. Job to ,time-j8. Marshall a co. Opened this morn ing sex 8.s. Wilcannia 4 cases of ladies Black to untrimmed Straw hats. These were ordered for the Winter season but have arrived Early just in time for the period of Horning. Me latest shapes from London. Id. Per Yard. Carpets and Art drapery. Plenty of floor Spac and Good Light Are almost Indish Toaale Rago Isiom for the Drant Agerou Dii Puy of carpet contains and Augilar House font Shingi. The space hitherto allotted to this department hating been found totally inadequate to the requirement of oar Trade arrangements were made for Ita present site which jives twice the Width of floor apace and a splendid Light from the Fine Large windows running along Ita Side and also provides easy Access to the furniture department adjoining. All Wool and silk Stripe 411 dozen Yards. Beautiful White Box costumes. 50 Complete White Robes m 55 Complete White Robes w m fancy Cambric with. 611 for 211 acl furniture. O Marsha in s orb a Kew lot 01 handsome sideboards at special Clearing prices. It a it Amilt a Catt com our Bavaria to a Stet us baby aids we a Oflerinbafocafnnr-41at than per has. Over mantels 372 Kew designs at prices ranging from 27/6 All was Tot Bamks and by Tullio Olask. ? ? ? value Oak Noll of Ophor desks drat sry and lot hint special bargains High cuss tailoring. Chas. Birks & co. Sac8dns.r 59/6 Sac sons. My j Una ? 15/6 trousers ? m m m 01/ High Ceade hateri4ls, High Grade work ? at Low Grade prices. Kote. This cannot be done la the onus act Way of business but harlot in Rah it a Tare pared to up to Date tool Lens to a Vety Satis fac Toty Price we have determined to offer our clients son special bargains. I these Are Superior materials and most Cave Sath Fectko to the wearer both in appearance Aad durability. Chas. Birks & co., vice regal tailors. 46, Rundle Street. ? ? ? a 0 and he Hindlet Street. Summer Sale. Price list continued. Further reductions ? ? m i ? showroom costumes. 29/8. Reduced to dark Blue and White and Fawn Anu-\\ull�b1 a Filu kill cos Tumes 29/6, reduced to 18/6 White and Wye and can Vas costumes 23/6. Reduced Tol i/6 White pique Coats and sk1b.ts, 34 6 for. 23/6. ? do. Do. 37/6 for 27/6 a tax Tweed Coats and se3rt8. A reduced to 21/ Black and White Check twerp42/ for 32/6 ? a in Tweed 37/6 for 27/6 Black Serge and Fine cloth Coats and skirts. 42/ for 32/6. 45/ for 37/6girls and yarns Arkam Serge and Flankki Coats and sk1kts. Sizes 4 to 9, for 23/8, 25/. And 29/6 girls Ackkam Serge and cords Koy keeper Coats sizes 3 to 7. Very smart and stylish mostly lined silk. 12 for 9/6, 14/9 for 11/9. 15/6 for 12/6. Underclothing striped Zepzyk Uniek Ikiko Job Illey 4/6 co Louketis Lustre undershirts 5/6. 7/6 10/6 coloured Moreen skirts 7/6 Black Lustre undershirts. I jv6. 10/9. 12/8 White Long cloth undershirts. Lace trimmed. 2/11, 4/c, 5/u. 9/6. 10/9 White Long cloth do., trimmed embroidery reduced to 4/6. 5/6. 7/9. 8/6, 11/6, 13/6 Bertek class skirts All at special reductions White Lawn gowns trimmed Best embroidery. 29/6. 32/6. 37/8children Sun hats and Bon nets at Baltorich ladies Best Quality Linen turn Down collars All sizes usual prices 9d. Lid and 1/3 each All at6d each a very special line. Floor cloths and linoleum. A Large Stock from one Yard to lire Yards wide. New designs Best value. Remnants of floor cloth and i linoleum very much reduced As Fol Low 12 it x 6 it 26/ for 19/8 18 it x 6 it 31/6 for 25/ 22 it x 6 it 38/6 for 30/ 13 it 9 in. X 6 it. 29/6 for 20/ 11 it 6 in. X 6 it 21/ for 14/6 22 it x 6 it 81/ f or 34/5 13 it 6 in. X 6 it 18/ for 12/9 20 it 6 in. X 6 it 19/6 for 9/6 6 Yards x 4 Yards. 45/ for 32/6 ?7 1-3 Yards x 4 Yards. So for 45/ 5 Yards x 4 Yards 64/ for 55/ 4 Yards x 4 Yards. 52/6 for 45/ 4 Yards x if Yards. 19/6 for 15/ 5 Yards x 1 1-3 Yards 25/ for 17/6 3 Yards x 4 Yards 52/6 for 38/8 5 Yards x 1 Yard. 18/6 for 13/c. 4 Yards x 1 Yards 10/9 for 7/6 passage cloths 1 Yard wide 1/4. Reduced to 1/ do. Do., 1 Yard wide 2/, reduced to 1/6 Cream american blinds washing and lace trimmed with roller and brackets. It Complete 7 it by 37 in. Wide. 7/6 for 5/6 7 it by 42 in. Wide 9/6 for 6/9 7 it by 44 in. Wide 11/6 for 8/. J. Miller Anderson & co., 20 and 22, Hhd let Street 32c Shier Law s boys Eton suits. 85/, 37/6 to 55/. J boys Long Teo Oser suits. 10/6, 12/6. 15/ to 45/.boys Oxford suit 12/9, 15/,. 17/6. 21/ to 80/. Boys suits Serge or wed. 5/9. 7/6, 8/9 to 17/6. Boys . A Only 2/6. 2/11. 3/6, 4/1l5/9. J 16 & 18, Hudlet st. 70 drapery and lot hint i Lious invite inspection Fob mourning Oft Heib vist Labib Stock of so mme i materials Martin bros., Burlington Boose. Tie special announcement Oboh Wilson brige & co s dress goods department new autumn Black dress goods Ope Nedjo Day. For the Coo Reniee of our ens Teleis in can sequence of the unexpected demand Tot Buck dress goods. Wilson brige & co Bare this Day opened three can of satire to Kew an bin Black dress goods sex b.1ls. Yokota oae of the Fiat st Assort neats in the Day. Intended for oar autumn Trade but opened one month earlier to suit the requirements of our patrons. Mourning goods. Black alsatian Crape cloths 1/4. 1/u, ? s/6.j/u Jirard. Doable Width Black Balu Obal Crape cloths 1/u. J/6, 2/11. �/8 Ned. Doable Width. Black alpacas doable Width 1/, Lyl 1/9, 1/9, 1/11 to t/6 Jirard Black Kun s vol like. 1/3, 1/6, 1/9 Vard Buck p0pl1ks. 1/6. 1/11, 1/3, 1/6 Yard Black Cash Mikhka Dobola Width v. A. 1/6. 1/9, 1/11, to. A to 4/6 Yard Buck Skages. 1/. 1/3. 1/. 1/9, 1/u. To Buchand White striped alpacas double Width 1/6 and 1/11 Yard Black and Btte Check dres8 goods double Width /3, 1/8, 1/11. 3/6. 2/u Yard Buck Aad White dress muslims fjd., 9 a Bucud White electro Shah n meats wide. 1/6 Yard Buck Broche electro Satin. Juat like silk its of i inches wide v9 Yard Buck and White Silver Isaiaha. Entirely new Lor the autumn Trade 31 inches wide .1/6 Yard. Recognising that Bavins to go into Nons Ine at this time of the year is not convenient to Ever resident we have marked these. Goods particularly Low in Price a scr or a baht Advance on a comte Cost Price. ,. ? ladies Renni rms the services of either of oar two head Dressi Akes Are advised to pee Thor ? ? special mourning Obdens we shoot delay. Wii on bb1ce, & co., dress men s1lkmebcers, fto., Rundle Street Adelaide to Bakersr c3bcdlar8, baby Silulu Price lists a Ete Jomo Jook Al the Register observer and general printing offices. Produce eighteen words in the Register and tace Evv tax anal la Tare. Urn soap to. A a Szyk George wills it Chambers. Gre fell Street. Adelaide and 3, Chapel Street. Whre Cross Street London Perch arts and shipping brokers make Liberal advances against Wool skins. Breast ass and other product entrusted to their London House for. Sale. Wool and produce received and shipped on the most favourable terms by our port Adelaide Branch and agents at the outputs. Insurances effected from sheep s Back at the lowest current Bates. Woolpack Fen dec were. Sad Standard sad an 8tatioo requisites Soppy de. Advances made on Silver ores Aad lowest freights guaranteed. Agencies. Wattam Lund a German Australia tit company s. Kew zealand shipping. Company Saad other lines of Stamen. Ocean Marine insurance co., old land cd map Ivand Oij Thino. Gay pm special Mose taby indic Emesto vib g Hudband distinct off fils a 3 honest and reliable Abbels of q of Odb specimen values. 3 big sub Bise packets it 3 incontestable bargains offered by Chas. Moore & co., 70 to 76, a outer Street is the shape of. Extraordinary to 1 order prop it. Order promptly. In Job Papfi our dress parcel contain s 12 Wiida White or comred Flonly lace striped Dreat Muslin 30 indies vide. 0 2 ii 12 Yards Good Quality French printed Cambric in Cornflower Light or dark ground ? ? d 1u 6 Yards double Widli coloured French poplin in Grey Dove Grey elect no Bane Fawn As requested ? 0 511 6 Yards Bright Black fancy figured Lustre 43 inches wide ? 0 4 u 4 Yards Buck Lunette lining 30 indies wide ? 0 1 9 2 Yards coloured silk faille for trimming the Black dress ? 0 2 6 2 dozen coloured or Black dress buttons As requested ? _ 0 1 0 4 Yards Black or coloured fancy braids As preferred ? 016 6 Yards coloured washing print 29 inches wide. 0 2 0. �17 5 we will Send this excellent parcel for 20. In writing for this parcel we would aug geat that it would be advisable to select the colours of the poplin dress Cambric buttons braids. A you would prefer other Wise we shall use our Best judgment in executing the order. We would mention that we Reserve to ourselves the right of substituting a Colour if the one you select happens to be All sold but in every instance where we substitute we will endeavour to ave 70a that unit anon that will Merit a continuance of your orders and remittances. Our gents outfitting parcel contains 1 gents Tweed suit in Brown Fawn or Grey state the Colour and size wanted. 0 15 6 1 gent s Cream willed Tennis shirt Collar Aad pocket ? 0 1 u 1 pair gent heavy Cotton Corduroy trousers any site ? 0 311 1 gents coloured Cotton shirt lined Lack and tront Collar and pocket if requested ?0 111 1 gent s White Lawn handkerchief full size ? 0 0 6 2 pairs gents coloured Merino socks double heels and toes ? 0 10 1 gents coloured fancy Scarf Bow or Jerby tie stale which ? 0 1 0 �15 9 we will Send this reliable pared for 20s. But if you would care to give an extra st. And have a much better suit making the whole parcel 25, you will be More than pleased. It stands to reason we can Supply a decidedly better suit for 19s. 6d. Than we can for 15s. 6d and a suit is not an article you Are buying every Day or every week Tor that matter. So think is Over and then Send us an order you will be very pleased with the parcel. Our household parcel com talks 5 Yards White or Grey willed sheeting 80 inches wide please state whether you prefer in Grey or White ? 0 6 3 6 Yards perfectly pure White Calico 36 inches wide free from All dressing 026 21 Yards Floral design Linen table damask. 56 inches wide ? 0 2 6 u Yards French rated moral Delaine pretty Patterow 30 inches wide. 0 2 u 12 Yards heavy make willed or Satin finish Galatea Stripe Navy grounds 30 inches wide state whether willed or Satin finish ?0 6 6 ? Yarda lace meet Floral pattern. 40-Inch Art muslims for draping purposes 0 2 6 6 Yards Good style crepe Cre tonnes 30 inches wide dark or Light grounds 026 �15 3 a will Send this Superior parcel for 20s. ?. Remember. A can Priotti for the same number of articles or the same number of Yards. For instance we could quote sheeting at 7m Ards Calico at 2fcl Yard Galatea at 4d, Creyonne at 3d, and so on Butu ail these. �1 Paroda ail of articles have been carefully selected and no one article of doubtful calibre is ask Yon to place an order for one and we Are quite satisfied you will be quite sat fied. ? 0 a great Opportunity to replenish your wardrobes at nominal Cost 0. We Aho pay bail Carriage on a �2 orders. Chas. Moore & co., 70 to 76, Over Street. 28c business wot1oe8 ? business notices Mph ? snout. Up off Fly Jamestown. 1 l1riv-v. Tor. Am Kofl first class mob crated Waters put com cordials Wisk off tips a tonic . Ups pm of s Guh 111 a by f of to is my a . We i i so a abbr i Colp pm go Phi in t4w msgr cottage Donner sets sold for Cash or on terms � a. we Vij. Old machines taken in Exchange. Is i Urf a x see the test models at new show rules re cart Ted Ocla is 10d., 1/. A each. To Omar a bask moustache cops and hex webs Toota a 1/1,1/0.1/9.1/.chida Tea sets of n pieces ? cd Elf cd Oad Mcd ? Farsje cams Aad Sancers k a Bueard fam Singer Corner 5&.-s. I a Sattum 1 milk jul. I and you Una ? it Brunou to Matt. 1 sugar bowl. J. 1/6. China afternoon Tea sets of 40 pieces. ? ? tit ate from 18/g. I. Its. S6/, so. St to by ? t ? japanese China teapots with Tea utter v Fak of jomt0 suit Yaj Square baiter dishes with com 1a furniture bedsteads a w a Beautiful in design s1 Sui Statial in Quality Coffil a am Navo nmn tumblers Kejr pattern. 4/8 dose. Moderate in Price Contard Cut. in mint Oil Bellid. Vas acid. Eid. To. Abo a Baa display of ? China cuss and earthen w. T. Fit & Sod Ltd., Ware. Ironmongers drapers. Furnishes in a 48 and 50, h1kdlet and base streets. Adz ? ? Laide. ? Jim sir Attiah Excelsior Wing pumps a Fey heat Walton s. Is Btu vhf 122, Rundle st 5igffif j. & k. To Givsto Imp Oarren and agent., go be beet. Charles Atkins & co., Ltd. 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