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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Feb 5 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - February 5, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia file toss Tere pm be repair to with a pot Taci stump. These tired w Bow . Thl Mil of a Bopil Kafaa aaa Thow a they . A Abfal. Wait Tea James Hill & sons go. ? it inv ? i ii. Tritt Tsas x st. Lager vw Jet Beer and halt extract. Stafl Witoly tha i atm the mss Taaj ? ? ? ?. In ?. ? 4 ? shipping Orient Lute. Tit too owing 8teamsup� Snder baud Contact i Leive Adelaide lamp by it i pcs out of a l fat Tiff of fit a Lor it Doctu lad London via Fri Mantle Colombo toe All Badiaa Perusa cud. In by tit Anit gab Cavars Oriya. ? st r. Fun Faer feb. 7. Oemil z. K387 a. B. A cd. Al sol feb. 3. . Link Laur Max 7. ? Sec Holazo. Raj Jmar. A. And feral cantly thereafter. A Bobart item Sydney. Alaux to l05d0jf-Sngu, is 10/ to 7. Return a Lek a Tel. Third Oast �17 to. �1s a. -s0 16/. Aluos Xuy Colombo bus fit 4/ to of ? Betart of to a vhf. Western fist Balji. Saloon. U 1/ a a a third. 0/. Fauns ban any poet As by pow ii in. Return Nous Fiat Slauf Bettad i Secco Sokul Job Suc now a Elihw or if my by p. Aad o. Aad 1lm. Companies if Auis Bavins room. Jia sacks a. Greek co,aada3debv 60s. Anderson. Co Fea Borch Staa London a fall up Tienlun of to m. & Hanger. Us cd 3. Graf cd Street p. & 0. Steam xaticah03 ooh past. Under Royal Hail contract will dispatch the toll Wiar scammer via Fremant lat Culombe Aden a Aeolean Gib liar Plymouth and Lon Don with Liberty to Eul at by Todiss ? at Awn. T la Immite Law. Chela. ? j8u t. 8. A Golb feb. A Bacaou ? an a. C. User a. Is. Uce aka. ? my a add Hack m bib Xania. Ass f. H. Sec or Kucha. Aunt rain. A Gnu l Reeves april u ?v1ctwua ? of april s hour. ? us j. Co it i or � via Hobart ran Sydney. Pas Knem for Brind Sti Mahipat port said. Mottys to of Alfh y Tiff a reactions to a whole Cubias Tinnil 13m in both Flat and second Silona to Uwi Pamard. Paa act from Europe a an by Iii cd Here. Psst been allowed to by ctr their journey at Potto Tarista pilots in ii. China. Japan a. Baud tin lurid Kkt to Iam cd. Pack inn tickets Faund at Lovett Cue not Citty. Special a stun tickets to Loo Floo. Tim Cuba sad All part Coua u to a jts Moil it wat Wivan a of Kinra. Surah. A go lured. Antai it. D. � hold dots Char i2jbtd. _ then be it. Inn. Gika Hebs a Bjk of this if Iii a fibs of patched a 4asbl Sourdaa Kutok. A Zwiep and themes. Via be mass. In a Tel ado. . . ? ? Darmstadt t Dnan Phi Debic of cbo661 ? my m. Etc cd . Nude juju f a Izsold. Aai a. Wamar aads va3xab. ? 4s0b l 4ar ii . a. Twin cwt ? ? ? rom Mauer Tarn Adelaide As k. To of Job. Onatta Datiana of betas Iamb a a Btl Codon Dom to a Niziol Faimao Tosi Bosora Caa be a Taafel Bece. Tki id fam to Adan avs. A nah a am ism Ninfi Brawt he Iii am. Tabb Bia and pad Deal in wean. A Tatie Aai i Crini Porta. For West Paa Iafe Aad a Rhet put Kaua afr to to Jeato pc co Adeb de Aad fort a Dudau Piecul thaw Lor is mho and visitors Lam Detzu at 1o.co am. A doa atan Days or toe Tea cad Lavaja pice ? Mer 2�suaouui a Yrimia Soso to l0aok� it of Urbo Aid f Axis. i 109 Toad Negdar Portal Contact Witt the Noeh Fin ? nil. Cao lbt at 1dxboobhz, a Elam try. 00 Uibo. Fez Aad Post said 0l a data patched not Fly a Lallo i in., us ? Boob. La. La a. I in my Itu Anward Baku Oak a afar of a. U of a. S Paa 9 a Alvinaa _ a no Sac. U Mac b Mac. A Dah claw Baucm april u april u april � eth Jamte Paw Harpsy Jat or to Jivu pasb8k6bs booked to boat adv Jadv Cotaa ban Ria. Aad Japan ? ? feb bit Vobr Tsu a i 1 it to tilt diet ? be Hibbs 1hmhb at be Dob Baebl bv6lbb a pokes of Board. Baton tie Kata Flat Antooa Bertacca Arfee Enk Aoi Pona Art an flail for atom Fly f. Aad o. Aad meat teamed Heitor Raona. Far tartar psst Faiaai apr to cum Autv a Cofek Vuner. Usan. 9mvtcbmabtn.hcmiiedi Filto. Jkbg0bok a co pact add Aida Taa Kuhlt slides steameb8. Ibata boar fb40etad part Stedamn a Aav Pai acad to Kam to a fun a Dafaalia a Bat fat Natal Capri town London a bump I Sam Una a. Feb. U we Komura Bios Tooa ubic feb. A wabbma1. 4js7 Toad to Torow. Muta Kamm _ i my Tooa to in gov Makool s.01s Toad Idov. For Etc bust or Paapaa Vanir to 6e0h6e wills pfc co cd tic. Ii Chi oct Milami. Aad fat Praia. Gebman Austria Jam to co. Tran. Lab at in menu Traa Ron Aitt Mig soc Babaya. Toy ant. Lota Aad Sec fobs. I a. Augsburg a Fol aah Falip to a4amd� diva Tor 4avaaad t.-1qap a Baw Tea Aatifa rom Muat. To a feel told re a inc Iasi Mairia at Mumk at Laar Waeta. Ice at Tantia of Lolyn a a Beau. Aad other Shippen a i raced to Tufa a Dato Zajac oppor Tarity of Atleata Armda wet Jmae at Decapoa Aad other eaten Parta. Is Taa be Obb a tax it co. Holts Blue Tumiel Loffi Oeena Juanm Bop co. Bpm oui so Viec to Lomoth and Usk Pool. The Yacai Anat a Takao it Toto Nam Law an w Tea Bicht com and of great ahead. They a Fol ran Necati in pwt Addaide. Easy Amoe Iai walk a Bredok my teas la fab Abbt. Us Rob. Taatia match. Oft Tuci a Tahk a Aptil Ticae Ata Achaea Are attend wih tha Bmat new Dan Lattard Gael chamber Aad offer Pratt sofa cd a a Magd a Peter dub cry Ott Rbt a0tuuok avd Yosr ask vibe. M ? web 8aileb freight to Londom. A 1m Al Baa Sua Hebe to lit set add Aida. Fol by is pushed 4m2 to Dumny pm Bruard. For few fat Avoir to George wills b co., cd the ? Addax Chanod of to Adejumo. The hew zealand shipping company limited. Los Dom via Majba Briw Holqui pm a Alai Towata Ham Monte Vlahav Taite ahm Auto Typ Notum. R.mabanfp6hire, 5.526 to. Fiam be Quaton Pebble Aby a. A i Iii or Tia Muu win a Outha Ula Aai mat of a a food Sci canal. Fiaai Mcaa Adt bide a 16a. To it 19te obo Bob Wius 00 Asaata. Hippen Yusem Kaisha. To pc Bra. H8mgk0k0. And Japal. A sub but bbb babe Aad ? my Leaf a under ? Ujj. 5jd�o. Taw Irta Blunt a. E. Mao Jtb a feb. 2� Masc Camac. &. W. liar. A their Naomi debt exp aaa 1uu Etea Ama an far Nii Iri. 9a� Bertha Yalj to Jahaza Gayta. Ecu in Light Bari Sacaton. Foh Narti Enow a to Nicht Aad Baba Acala atm Milan Taitts my Schami. Of . Umit Ca. meet. Pawl / test Tohet a acct Pitoy Aala Aav m b. Vbk dbl bed. Shipping the Adelaide steamship company limited we waa Ucb at Cgamboa part Dawda for Albi Sirand Fremantle a Paradoa Randi North what ports Ami oin Sapporo. Halloo Jajw serbs i a for Sydney Iwai Pifat Tor pubs Island port8. ? a Weeo i cd Nevadar i feb Oarr 6 i in. Cargo Saljr Tenor a gulp 1y Fob Post Uko Oln. Moon Wallaroo a bib to Craion fim Dorian Boomer Pontia. Ponxs a Costa. A pm to Asp four ? with Paa Mocatta Aad Cue. Investigator Lacardar i february i Wate Ubu Ludiea Cabin Aad Dau Pas a tickets i Asui with st Samars f Tab a.u.0.ma Tat Fly tier pout of Cau. Cat Ami by a Jewat a by harm Don a Mittau Auto. A of Wana Carrie asian. Adalida Aad Omna Antai wharf part Addaide. ? . Co., old. Lha of Emorite pa9sevc2b steal in of Hera Liaa a Fol Laim Ianni Para Ritting by ?-.lpilbarra, Arraf rings iwo x j Pat Dobro any 8th. Tana Hitt of Tuntti. Is paroo my Toms. I Mondat feb Rosy u and a other Tiaa Ibi a Rae Ebay Dally u Roeca a wharf a to oat an a Mekata after the Arat port Aitt the at Aamott of the Adelaide Sua Thip co Pur. A added. For Tana and Frog to Asper to the company of toe. Or a tuft a Jiin Wyr Aad Naea . E. And a. Line. Port Darwin Manila China and Japan. Sect Depasture wll be ibb. . Australian. Lea Yiirs Sidsey uth fbbb0art. Cab co boo saved and forwarded feb. . Min Taro fling from port Adelaide 6th february to a Cpd Leytte Traup Abt to so. A09rauak, tee of additional Trew a the Oocha to id Dan and re for wry by eat Esb Lino of it Ramon from Cotaa not it Vita the f Padie bail Amy. Apply for part Coiar ? Gibbs. Bright & Ca. Agents Basier Ait most Baas a. Ca. Lux a Renfer asset Aad port Adelaide. X7 thursday Island port Dar win Manila Hon Kong China and Japan. China Batic Noh cc8, limited As Taiyuan will Letb cd by. Uth bbb cart in. -.? Bact a ports ? cargo to ate har will be Eor Vabish a Wobu Tesfaz Ike Matt. Per Aon Tabb. Bbb of ado Monal feb hot. Throat a Bob of a disc will be Ifrain a enhance form Faro a Bec Dpt. For fwd Anat or Pasage apply Lorimer Rome & cd a Emfs 8irest, Ott s7. Ureon st debt. Post. T. %a/aa1�t steam ser tax to at ? South East p0bts.-8.s. A act Arctic leaves port Adelaide for Al Faatoa Aad Beac port toe Aday. 8th pc Broar. A is noon. For freight or a Mart apply k Gwo Ioc Prince vib Aatif poet 32v5f6 a a. Of Job a Dossas. Jul que a x flee Twig lab ails adj Jarly every we snoday 5 i Kitwe. ? r. Frickey pout tcbt0k. Usua Cote port tic x Tobia acc Corset Tail wed Day feb Aarjo 6th. A. K e. Be megastar. Port Adelaide. Por a boost Tallet and americas Ever. Free Secttor Abib to Cadar. Fdhsu4-Al a. T b. U Jet writer port cd port prior. Biccs Tafb every Wod Aav a Day. Cargo Reo rhed at Prince s wharf. A. And b. U meander. Port Adelaide. Post Wakefield 8hpmk0 Coupat. X for port. Weep Tell Perot a Fla tved neada6th Matt. At i . A. 4 e. Be monies. Pert Adelaide. 3t7 ?tob6t o0a6t 9hippcic to Scales Abd Murat bats-8eafloweb Adla wednesday. Pc Sarany 6th. A Feicht Mast be prepaid ? Iff a. A e. Be me3bpr1er, port Addilue. Paltauf d.\.m-x9ejt. Of the bum a Patria. Win not by responsible Lor a Soto contracted by i Crew without hit Itkin order. ? ? ? ipg oarrier8, a Tii Phosai aha Aloe. 139 Prtrt Adt Toteda 7t. H. Graves 85 co. Uail Ajr and Uca Oal ctr Cav Cuomo Koumi to Erdinc Acau to a Pitt a Btu Good Rucci cd for Stone ? Falitar car tally be mod. Spidal attention i Goren to the ool Netiea of Pat be Banc to exist toe up cat or trim ? a. My by aade anlage nuts with Tea Stett Mua Tampa aka oar men Board All Sutham on arrival at up Bay or port Adelaide Lor the cout Coda Tad delivery of parcels Aad Lac Cut to any pad of Tho Oltay. Bad optics is ? Aad drum it Trsar. For Adelaide. Machinery Adelaide foundry a. Jones & sons eng13ixebs. Inllwwqht8. Ntow a brass founders Burma Asp of a pm and Hod is act. Shipping t i0w Abd Smith line Bate Howard Smith s wharf a Folia Krcmar Taft Nihil Haj .to.ws8t Australia a Jug 1 a Buhi Novaa j of a Hap to ba8tkmn colonies. Sfoasr1 i a on myopia tamamm Adall other Queen i Puk Ngea and cargo. Land Porta j Post Pixie to Eastern age Kim Post Pixie wedge sat Benary 6. Cargo amt by our and aka Clit Susan Apt m Oak on Hoar Zafera Adibi Iliad Tiara at Tel act dry tickets Are Mai Rith at 8taaintti of gleam Hodd Abt. Fab or 00, Aad Mcfie Htow do co. M. Showak Sairam atom Wii a Kim. Mam trial Aow just and Herth Parade. Port Adelida. Rel wraith Mceacharn co. Proprietary limited in a Batch tha four Tox Para after Ito bin permitting irn Myrv i wednesday land in Mouru Iii Mauu milk t tuesday. It Briary sat 12 noon. Lor a both wharf wbk old Tomti to my ports on to Bosch Oso Eudias. Cargo Moat be along tit two Boas before adult be. Not beam to Etta an wit lean Howard Smith it soar adj and dirt. Taker it co a Stob it.mc1uwiuith, Mesach akm of amt to Sitka Al lib Taal baud tags m. Dog Iobbi j. Bawlwg8 it sob. Port Adeb Nat. Ate h7ddabt, a Bleb. & co. Prop Btry. Mitbo. from pert Adelaide Panait tag. Zyss Tim. . The Booth bulb of a disc to Perth. Be Toby tickets inter chargeable with Iaan. Ked wraith Keete Ham it co. Prop Rit by Umstad Aad Houd Smith and boat pm Pietar urn Tad. So a it j. Fowler. Us bed. A Tatj. Drapery and lot hint ? ?. ? i my inspection bos mourning of thus Abbt Laeo Stock of materials Martin bros., Blu Lington souse. He drapery and clothing j. J. Foale & co s great oot Foit Sale of a Pappy clothing and tailoring. Engineers Overall trousers 2/11 Sale Price 1/11 engineers Overall. Coats 2/11 Sale Price 1/11. Special attest a to country orders. Write for illustrated Price ust. 14, 16, 18, Browa Street 132, 132a, Conger Street. Closed saturdays at 1 0 Tolocz. Open fiday no sets till 9 o clock Marshall s Summers i still cont notes. To Day s bail gains Lauulu of Lull White Muslin Worth Sll for 211 Earl ladies cloth � Black and coloured wort i 12/9 for 311 each remnant a feels 5f, 10/, 15/, 20a aus Sam a msgr. Just in Tiei Jas Marshall & co. Opened this morn ing sex . Wiley Tibia 4 cases or ladies Black a trimmed Straw hats. These were ordered for the Winter season Bat have arrived Early. Just in time for the period of Manning. The latest shapes from London. Id. Per Yard. Carpets and Art drapery. Plenty of floor spam and Good Light an almost Rosa Isiom for tha draft lagoons display of carpets curtains and similar House furnishings. The Pace hitherto allotted to this department having bean found totally inadequate to the requirements of oar Trade arrangements were made for its present site which gives twice the Width of floor space and a splendid Light from the Fine Large windows running along its aide and also provides easy Access to the of Mitre department adjoining. All Wool and silk Stripe 411 dozen Yards. Beautiful White Box costumes. 50 Complete White Robes T 55 Complete White Robes 4w a Lais washing wrappers fancy Cambric Worth 6/11 for 211 each furniture we offer inducements to a classes of buyers. Oar Stock is the largest Best assorted Best arranged and Best value in the Colony. Oar customers have an almost limitless Choice. Oar prices Are without doubt the lowest for the various classes of goods anywhere obtainable. To Day we direct your attention to oar special raises in Sidebo aulds which we have very substantially reduced also . Having made special arrangements with the largest american manufacturer we Are entitle to offer a magnificent very advantageous prices oar embraces most comprehensive variety and having been removed to a department apes Fauzy fitted for its display and storage our customers win find an extraordinary Pangeote Hooe. ? we can assure buyer of Many genome bargains in toilet sets. Curtain poles rings at8alb ends brackets. Marshall s. Drapery Jack and White -ht-i0k Mph v it 9/8 for 3/6 Doz a Black and White Satt Bens Mai for 9d. Yard Lack acid where ca3ibbic 5/11 for 4/11 dozen. ? ?. ? r ? ?. Black and White Cambric 401 for 3/11 dozen 1. Black and White Check Silks 1/9 for 1/3 Yard Slack and White washing Silks 1/11 Yard Black and White striped Lustre 1/u for 1/8 Yard 12-in. Ric Orvic Deess jul for kid. Yard 13-in. to silk Stei eed dress special i/11 for 2/11 Yard 2-in. Plain Black Lustre v6, 1/u. 12-in fancy Black Lustres 6/1 for 3aldrej4. Ladies Blue and Pink Zephyr Collar and cuff sets 1/8 for 9d. Ladies spot Nain Sook blouses lace trimmed 8/11 for 5/6 ? ladies shirt blouses fill to ft/11, All reduced to 2/u ? ladies Cool print House. Cos. Tomes Worth &/11 for 4/11. ? ? ? i Chile tops. Sites 3/11 to ft/11, All for Vii a buys Pinafore 1/8 for 9d. Ladies Fine Black Straw flin be ladies Black fancy Straw hats 2/8 ? Black silk roses.-1/ll, 2/6 Bench Black Hais. H4iwm tipi Chiffon and Flower 15/8, 18/6 Black veiling White spots Llyd. 1/6 Yard White veiling Black spot 9i, 1/9 Yard White ospreys � a 1/ each. Boot department ladd2s Sahn calf Oxford shoes Scolop Vamp 3/11. Men s Balmoral in Black or Tan toe Caps special Sale Price 7/6. Children s High leg Meatmen Balmoral Spriggel soles hed plates sizes 7 to 10, 2/u sues 11 to 1, w ladies Glace fed Oxford shoes american make 8/11 for 7/8 men s White Canvas Oxford shoes Tan toe Caps and Fangi special Price 3/11 infants Patent 1-bar shoes size 2 to 5, 2/6 for 1/5 j. T. Fetch the of neb. R. Swain Tiv Shierlaw s boys Eton suits. 85/, 87/6 to 55/. Boys Long Thorsee suits. 10/0, 12/6, 15/ to 45/. Bots Oxford . Suits 12/9, 15/, 17/6, 21/ to 80a boys Sailor sirs Seboe or Tweed. 5/9. 7/6,. 8/9. To 17/b., boys /s, Only 2/u. 8/6, 4/1l 6/9,16&18,. A. Drapery and lot hint m. So and 8, Hoadley Subj set. Summer Sale Price list Coati Hugo. Further reductions ? in ? showeoom600ds. Holland costumes. 29/6. Reduced to 21/ ? ? ? dark Blue and White and Fawn and White fitter led Drill cos Tumes 29/8, reduced to 18/6 White ind Black pique and can Vas costumes. 23/6. Reduced tolt/6 White pique. Coat and ssh xes 32/6 for 23/tt. Do. Do.,37/6 for 27/6 Fawn Tweed Coats and skirts. 42/. Reduced to 21/ ? Black and Wjite och k Tweed fawncweed.s7/6.for27/6. Black Serge and Fine cloth Coats and skirts. 42/ for 32/8, 45/ for 37/6 ? ? girls and maids Cream Serge and flannel Coats Aid skirts sizes 4 to 9, for 23/6. Is and 29/8 girls Cream serg2 and cords Koy Reefer Coats sizes 3 to 7. Very smart and Styf Islic Mosul uned silk 12/9 for 9/8. 14/9 fotll/9. 15/6 for 12/6. Underclothing. Striped Zephyr. Undershirts frilled. 4/6 coloured Lustre undershirts. 5/6. 7/6. 10/6 coloured Moreen skirts 7/8 Black Lustre undershirts. Of 9/6. 10/9, 12/6 ? White loxgcl0th undershirts Lake trimmed. 2/u.j/6 5/11. 9/6, 10/9 White Long cloth do., trimmed embroider reduced to 4/6. 5/8. 7/9, 8/6, 11/6, 13/6 ? better class skirts All at special reductions White Lawn gowns trimmed Best embroidery. 29/6. 32/6, 37/6 childrers Sun hats and Bon nets at half Price Lawes a beg Quality � Linen usual pee sad. Lid and 1/3 etch at Al floor cloths Aid linoleum. A Large Stock from one Yard to five Yards wide. New designs Best value. Remnants of. Floor cloth ind linoleum very much reduced As Fol lows 12ftx6ft, 26/f6r 19/b ? 18 it x 6 it 31/6 for 25/ 22 it. I 6 it. 39/6 for 30/ 13 it 9 in. X 6 fun 29/6 for 20/ 11 it la x 6 it 21/ for a 22 it x 6 it 53/ for 34/6 13 it 6 in. X 6 it 18/ for 12/b 20 it 0 m. X 6 it 19/6 for 9/b 6 Yards x 4 Yards. 45/ for 32/6 7 1 Yards x 4 Yards. 58/ for 45/ 5 Yards x 4 Yards 64/ for 55/ 41 Yard x 4 yardo2/8 for 45/ 4 Yards x if Yards. 19/6 for 15/ 5 Yards x 11 Yards 25/ for 17/6 3 Yards x i Yards. 52/6 for 38/o 5 Yards x 1 Yard 18/6 for 13/6 4 Rarda x 1 1 Yards. 10/9 for 7/6 passage cloths 1 Yard wide 1/4. Reduced to 1/ do. Do. 1 Yard wide 2/1 reduced to v6 american. Blends washing and Bee trimmed with roller and brackets in Complete 7 it by 37 in. Wide. 7/6 for 5/6 7 it by 42 in. Wide 9/6 for 6/9 7 it by 44 in. Wide. 11/6 for 8/. J. Miller Anderson &co., 20 and 22, Hedley st bet. Adelaide. ? ? 3zo special bargains High Gus tailoring. Chas. Birks & co. ? ? 59/6 Sac sons ? m m -7/w ----15/6 Roo bras ? 2l/j. High Eade materials High bade work at ? Low Grade prices. Note. Twa Caa aet be Deal a us or diary Vay of of Obama. Mac Law Niaj Puca Aam a Larch pared of up to Date too heat at s very of Tisoc Terr Parka it Hart Detomi Lull to other or Diesto amt special bargain. To Man a prior Hatar Iala sad mat gun car Martian to tha wearer both a App Cazalet Aad crab flite. %.chas. Birks & co., Vic Urecal ? tailor 46, Rundle Street. Mero Hamisi to Bally boned st i Manati Tarail a Lakatta. India. ? v hh2h analt8q. Toie Obi dog. Koa. A 4, aads packed a 100 it. And 1 Cal Send orders at each a Quantity a uni iad. ?. Tha a twi Morral Revei cd Trout Samco Orte agent l. De garb. Eaq., Moorta. 17th Oei Anber. M0o.-t. Der sri pm amen a team in to Formia i that the Baur Bobednak 1 Porf Ahaad Traa Joa daa Ravatt Verj . ? ?. Tit return tron the land on Wuehr it was Adia doable that it of the Auna sort of bad Isaita matoral state. Toon Faith fatty. A baas8ts.b.&is-0bil,0nafcil ? -?.? a Saaw Saa drapery and lot hint is q special monetary inducements ? 3 Bip and distinct offers web q of or specimen values 3 big subprime packets. St 3 Falcon testable baby gains. Offered by has. Moore & co 70 to 76, Quase Street in the 8hape of extraordinary a 1 order prom file my Obi parcels our dress parcel contain j2 Yards White or up kneed Floral lace striped dress Muslin 30 inches wide. � 2 11 12 Yards Good Quality French printed Cambric in Cornflower Light or dark ground ? ? 9 4u b Yards doable Width coloured French poplin in Grey Dove Grey electric Bine ? ? Lawn As requested ? ? 7. 0511 b Yards Bright Black fancy figured Lustre 42 inches wide. M0 i 11 1 Yards Black Lunette lining 30 inches wide ? _0 1 9 2 Yards Cdo tired 60k faille or Trinu Ning the pack dress ? m m 0 2 6 2 dozen coloured or Black dress buttons is requested ? m 0 1 0 i Yards Black or coloured fancy Braidi As preferred m m m to 0 1 6 6 Yards coloured washing print 29 inches wide m m m 0 2 0 �1 7 5 we will Send this excellent parcel for 20s. In writing for tins parcel we would suggest that it would be advisable to sect Tite colours of the poplin dress Cambric buttons. Braids. Acl you would prefer other Wise we shall use our Best judgment in executing the order. We would mention that w Reserve to ourselves the Rifai of substituting a Colour if the one you select happens to. Be All sow Bat in every instance where we substitute we will endeavour to give you that satisfaction that trill Merit a continuance of your orders and remittances. Our gents outfitting parcel contains 15lT 5 ?fa2?.�oray�lt�tetncolor and size wanted 0 15 h1 gent s Cream willed Tennis shirt Collar and pocket ? m 0 111 1 pair gents heavy Cotton Corduroy trousers a size ? 0 3 11 1 gents coloured Cotton shirt lined Back and front Collar and pocket if requested ? ,. 0 lit 1 genes White Lawn handkerchief full size ? mm0 l 2 pairs gents coloured Merino socket double heels and toes a 0 10 1 gents coloured fancy Scarf Bow or Derby tie state which m m m0 1 0. �15 9 _ ,_., we will Send this reliable parcel for 20. But if you i would care to give an extra fit. And have a much better suit making to whole parcel 25s, you will be More than pleased. It stands to reason we can Supply a decidedly better suit for 10. 6d. Than we can for 15s. 6d and a suit a Sot an Rufi Upu Are buying every Day or every week for that matter. So think it Over and then Send us an order you will be very pleased with the parcel. Our household parcel contains. 5 Yards White or Grey willed sheeting 80 inches vide please state whether you prefer in Grey or White ? 069 6 Yards perfectly pure White Calico 36 inches wide free from All dressing 0 2 2 Yards Floral design Linen table damask. 96 inches wide ? 0 2 6 12 Yards French Prate Floral Delaine pretty patterns 30 inches wide. 0 2-1112 Yards heavy make willed or Satin finish Galatea Stripe Navy grounds.30 inches wide state whether willed or Satin finish to. 0 6 6 2 ? j0, it Norse pattern 40-Inch Art muslims for draping purposes oh6 Yards Good style crepe Cre tonnes 30 Inch i wide dark or Light ground i. 0 2 6 ? �158 we win Send this Superior parcel for 20s. Remember we can. Quote lower prides for. The same number of articles or Hie Samel number of Yards. For instance we Conw quote sheeting at 7�d. Yard Calico to 2mj at 3daitd so on Bafia a ? been Arr Folly selected ind no one article of intended. We ask an order for one and Wei Are quite satisfied you jul be quite satan ii ,. ? ? ? ? ? o ?. ? a great to replenish your wardrobes at a nominal Cav. We also pay bail Carriage on All �2 orders. Chas Moore .&g0 to to 76, gouger Street. Drapery and olo Thina the Corset of the Day the . A la Sirene Sile agents in adela1di ? Rani i l 9j_j wow lib to Iii Hartish & co., limited bundle Street Adelaide a this Sood Nitro White a Vooes Jot Amoy use. Ill jul 4/6, a. Vul Dot Ivy it Tsuji Sheet dog food Al anti weighty doth 73 a. ? q8 irate do bleached Tsuji Rvl Desri so studio. Is to. ? is. A Reno dumb Mcand Plain or Lednid 8beeiikg, 73 in. ? 42 act braised Hluxw-8ups, pair with Taa ? t. ? Jet own thread phx0v-8ufsi a a pair with Taa ? a Vire Hon Toomb ooh is a/1 1 -9 by unto. ,. I. La j Nib. Hothi Escomb toot cd Asaho Tobbs verb bed buttts. 10/6 18/6jxekette8, All Atadea special of ii Dos. A Jota ? m. Yes. W. T. Flint & son ltd., Ironmo Kobs. Draw i Fum Sims a Aad to,�hca-l2t Aad bake by beet. ? Adelaide ? atm Rob apr. Oro labs a it Alj a ? a bib uses Etc ? v ? Kvarta Tuffo 90osvuaj ibb bed Aba Oseb Vasa Asp Osafo Tapaau Folh Tinq fifth Caeto drapery and lot hint special announcement from Wilson brige & co s dress goods department new autumn Black dress goods Ope Nedjo Day. For the com Nieace of oar in roomers. Jae Osu win tree of tha it expected Aazaad far Black Jess goods Wilson brige & go in this Day opened three casts of Catha sew autumn Lack dress goods. . Yokota one of the finest Ian tents d the Der. Intended Tor our Altama Trade out. Opened one month earlier to Salt the our patrons. Mourning goods. 1lack alsatian c8apk cloths 1/s, 1/h, s/6. A Yard double Width ? Skack Balmoral Crape cloths. I us to Tel Lufi Yard double Width. Lack alpacas doable Width 1/t a 1/Mai 1/u. To 4/6 Yard ? Lack non s ve1liko. 1/j. 1/8, 1/9 and 1 Lack popluj3, 1/6, 1/11, if s/6 Ned Lack Cash sires doable Width v. A. Vol 1/u. /�./. 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