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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Feb 1 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - February 1, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia of suss tires i ? Cut Bolu i Czuk own with a pwt Aci stamp. I sell write w1etitfcalan,e, i James Hiu. & 8oh8, Al ? a shipping oiment Lute. Tit to Amiga Ste Sotupo under Boyal. Mao cast not Wafle Are Adelaide up Bay at 1 a of the distas Lor put Lodth and London via Frena Aue co tosses Cotaa shipping Tot a radian Pectal. Bom cud i Plant. It Saltare ? Oboya. ? Bijl Fletcher feb. 7. ?0cmcz.cb7ri.b.cod, feb.3. Of spa a fifty. F mar. 7. Al . Nicholson. . G. And Sortai Gully thereafter. Vhf Hobt from Sidney. Luton or to a Aux a magi. Tat ii to in. Benin �71 10/ to us third Oass �17 to �19 13/. A w.? Coumbo Siam la. Pm to pm. Hens to a a West in Australia. Saloon. A v to �7 11/ third. �3 a. Passages from any Pott can be prepaid Bare. Betuk tickets hex Saloon Between in ports an now available Lorr Tats by p. And a and Mil companies to Iowa Bavins room. Lux aces of. Been k co., and Andes eos ague Sun. Of Fenchurch Arena , fell particulars on application to in. G. An Debs Fafnir to we. Issca 9. Ore Feu Street p. & 0. Steam navigation company. Under Boal mail contort will dispatch the too wide st Snen via Fremante Colombo. Aden. A Gandho. Gibraltar. Plymouth and Ixo Don. With Libby to Cau at Blindm ? in Sun. Al in Silat. I Ieav. Chefa. .77 55 t. 8. Aass feb. U. Arcadia ? is a. C. Logged Rob. S. Uce aka. ? in c sad i Rah 14. Britannia. Bus k. H. Seymour Hatch & ?au2tkalia Jook l Reevet april 11 t1ctuiua ? of e. Crewe april s3 Home. ? a j. Conic May 9 t5a Hobart bom Sydney. Paar Nants Lor Brindi Tran ship at port said. None to a Mimosa. Liberal to my Hoje Cabins Boemo. The accommodation in both Fiat and second saloons is . Fasts from Europe Jet can be amused Ben. Faa Koscs allowed to break their journey at Qatar medium ports. Tourists tickets India China. Japan acc. Boond the Wadd ticket a issued. Wamack ratb3. Tie Keta waned at lowest in rent rate. Special morn tickets to London. Handbooks timetable and All particulars a to pastas. Boner to Luw aided on application. Eldeb. Smith pc co climbed. Agents. ? Awe it. D. L. Sobo Devtscher Llotd. The it Webial Maii. Stea3iebs a hath a. Of this company q1 it dispatched at Aelic pm a a and Renber thereafter to pc Southampton. , and brim Kef. Via Bema Sale Colombo Aden eat. Pert said. Kapleau and Genoa. ? to Loo. Umata Aamir. Leavita. ? 1 ? 1st dam Stadt. ? Sou c of win feb. If ?fr1edh1ch Deb Busse ? loss x. I end mar. 11 ?pr15z beget scr fold. Ass a. Walter april is Veur. ? 4998 l Creon Jar u k i a he ? my i. Ocas Tinian june pastas Toner Ade Hude �15 u. To �71 10a, great reactions on return fast Sta Liberal cod cations to families. Praast from Europe can be amused Here. Third class u London. �15 is. Patty users and cargo booked team to London and print in european Asiatic and american ports for butt. Peas tse and All other Partie alais apply to the agents h. Muecke k co., Mlot had pm Kiu special train Lor Ewka and visitor leaves Adelaide at 1o.co . On departure Days Tor the sea end Largs her. Icv East London Algoa. town. . Teviotdale to it tons Captain j. R. Croas vol Safi from Ocean Summers wharf port Ada for Frisht apply to George wills & co., a a Adelaide and port Adelaide. Union line of steamers. To hew a Talamo pot. Fou Lliel Boone Wai Eabe via Hobart. Wednesday february from ads of u050wal via we Liston. Sat feb. 2, Bol. Talus. Via Auckland. Wed today feb. 6. To Tasmania. To Kun Stu Jolke. Mateena. For Las Nartoo saturday feb. S. Wai Kabe Tor Hobart wednesday february 6. To Samoa acid rial Tuou Vusky. Boto ecco. Wednesday february Soth. For Bates of freight and Pasa it Nncy and All fado nation apply to . Co. To., aobnt8. ?7. Cd he Youav Street Day and Owen s Hart. Port ? oian Rcv e. And a. Line. Port Darwin Manila China and Japan. Next Depa Bocre Al be the . Australian. Leaving st key loth feb cart. Cargo received a5o forwarded per . Min Taro Tafilaj from port Adelaide 6th february to str act Lor transhipment to a. Al st Alan be of additional Arright. Passen Gebs booked to trough to London and continent by Empress line of steamers bom China connecting with the Canadian Pacific bail a. Annly Tor particulars Gibbs. Bright & co. Agents Eastern and act ratan co., tub Grenfell Street and port Adelaide. ? vat t?d1thbcbc and abdr0ssa5. To. ? Edith bog is. Wab Ooka. S�l�3� wednesdays and saturdays at 9 a -b3bsiv a Tumins thursday of and xon Tya ab0k03sa5-is. James Comrie tuesday i cd at 9 ., re Tumins same Day. J so cargo received alter 8j0 On Day of Arlins. Is wac h. Muecke k co agents. It t7h b a Shaboo Island. The tit Toh. To a ja3ffij combus leaves hac7ntei.m wharf Tor us Bay and Queen Bess Cliffe on saturday. At � ., Rubb ins mondays. A turn Ian so. 18tc �. V. Little. Port Adelaide. It weekly Steak service to we South East to Arcto haves port adeside to he Kingston and Beac port inc Day 5th february u is noon. For freight or pass ski apply x Sanded cow City or Vrin Cei Herf. Port. 3x13 South East port for Abc sight and Beac Hobt Taum Carsn for Xac Dowsell Bat it get fast february 1. Daggett k co. Adelaide and Kingston. A k e. Be messur1eb, port Addair. ? a port Wakefield slip dig x port Wakefield. Annie Watt Saoi Friday february in at 5 . A. 1c e. Be la surfer. Port Adelaide. Is s a is coast ship pkg it Sibbley and Fowler s Bays. Poin1 six Claib. Denial and Hub at bats Wollo Mal now receiving cargo sails monday. Peb Ruan 4. A freights most be prepaid. A. And e. U Mcswiter port Adelaide. 3j0a drapery and lot hint closed All Day saturday open to night until 9 o clock. J. J. Foale & co 3 great Coupon . Of drapery. Clothing and tailoring engineers Overall trousers 2/11 Sale Price. 1/11 engineers Overall Coats 2/11 Sale Price 1/11. Special Hention to country orders. ? write for illustrated Price list. 14, 16, 18, Brown Street 132, 132a, gouger Street 8hipp1nq Ike Adelaide steamship company limited he a Patch assert Iran a for 7isant and nil Mantle Trana pippins Tor. ? he is mics Ponh com Cottam aug Horth we set ports Ltd sing por. On through Bill o lading. Follow a \7\ Friday i february 1 1 8p.m. For Melbourne and 8ydney, Tea Mauppins Tor Queensland ports. Habauk. Saturday february i Midnight. Up snore s Gulf service. Rott pout us cold. Moukta. Walla Buo. Fax Kiln Abb or. A Tomby Bay. Feb bet. ? tuesday febrnsry5 1 spa. Cheap Oscar sea fares during Timmer months. Pob3s act Costa ffrnm1g a and Bibb ? with a Swagirt and car9-. Kves Catob saturday i february to 1 4 a Cess Lonabe ladies Canto on Dack. All Faruqi tick by it mommies Ami with to Amru tvs Sui nor Post or Call cargo aut u i i to hours Ectore adar Ristad the Sullia Dato. Far an Faford Marchw apply to _ ? Oard manat. Adelaide and cams midst wharf . ? . Co., old. Pm it Ianzito piss Loeb a Leal la Aba lint wih Facun manoes Peri Russ m it ate hed Tor ?,l Pil Barra trans i at Freaa Aatila. Halbous Utah \ by nov cm3�srfa? paroo. Asjisls1 . And All other Queensland cargo Nee Rcd daily As Queen s Whort up to on hour before sailing. A. A ticket a alter the no pert with the steamers of the Adelaide steamship Oast Pany limited. For Tares and ire us apply to Tho ? company off1ge8, b inc will ult la to ? . For port p i b i b. The Beular trader Tabt we stat sails Friday february l a. E. Be us Subiel port Adelaide. F. Get. Port Pirie. A Pei cats for Poaton Charteris r and swept a Jerk informed acne is filled. D. K j. Fowler limited. Drapery and lot hint 0 Lious invite inspection foe mourning of thus tort Labyk Stock of Martin bros., Burlington. Souse 8hippinqthe Howard Smithline Leyb Boward so Toh 3 what As Wpm part Tutag to West Australia. Wrom j ass sengers and cars. To Kastern colonies. Klaum Lulal \ Komi or ? i arcs. . Surf mob lwedsesday.rebrusryl3 and All other Queen i phase Nam and cargo. He Deporta j Post Pixie to ea8tebw Colovos. A Ace leaves Post p1b1e weds essay. February cargo Mast be deemed alongside steamers not lass Tun Ona hour before urns of sail boobs tickets Abs Mitch twi Maui with the steamers of Atessa. Hodd Abt. Pay Keb it co and Ludlw Baib Mcl Ohamm. And of. ? we. How Abw Smith 4koms pm ii take. Ammo. _ to Kin Wiljam st suit. Adelaise and Merth a Shade. Part Adelaide. Urn Mil wealth ,&c0. Proprietary limited a Fol dispatch tit chowing passenger Buaman Dren stances pet Mittins Aaan a Ubais 1 Kalo Orsjo a go i wednesday .9t0ncy j february �. i Roooto Boik. for a bitty wharf oct in Xiii .w. Portta of through us Otla dins. Mots Batun tickets an with us sirs. Howard Smith it sons and und Dart. Parker t cd s. Steamers. Mall wraith Meea Chayut is co. Umrai Attak Unar Rato Kauo Oai Uata Al buildings m. Kins Wollam Street Addaide or3. Bawls my it 603. Port Adelaide. Bud Dat pub Heb & co. Poprik tar. In Erraa will to i from port Ada Uddo circumstances a i to ? a Smuts. Rich Anta. Awo Liaw. U05day. Feb Arr la at 4 pin. Albac1v, Ham cum. Cams bum bub and new Ralston. ?.8. N&mesm0, monday feb Auy 4. At 6 . To Hough Bills of la Tiiu to Ferth. Btu blk tickets lyiybnumcrmfj1 114 Uenna lid wraith Alce Acnam it co. Proprietary Umid. And Howard Smith and sons proprietary limited. Use a it j. Fo7leb, looted. Agents. Oarrier8, bore is co., railway and general Carrik but and shipping acess. Agent or the Kew South Vales carrying. And Agency Civ Sydney Means. co., hol Loco Olvett Street Post Adelaide North Ebbace Adelaide. Coot forwarded with cart and dispatch. Tar phone to port 74. Adelaide 7mwto merchandise Mead & company ?mebcha5ts, cubb1e Street. A re sole agents Fob ptaitiasand4�il�nsiiies so. Firebrick co., fire and vitrified bricks. Adelaide soapstone co. Ocbaketseas, to. Oriental Tea co. Blended packet and bulk teas. Lewis it bitty foundry plumbago of Milf Etc Joseph Baker k sons. Biscuit and Bayers Lla Nuas ,ooald3st,,fcc.? Iun Nim ? elder Smith & co., limited hate Fob Sale Waite s special fest egg were also 0bdd.ahy fescc5o woe Ibex etting. Babbs wibe Lawes a Suee dip powder and liquid and All other shearing be quites , Pic 1b0n, yellow Metal 1b0k g1bdebs. Woolpack. Coax sacks Obe bags. . Station orders of every description executed on die Best Post by terms. Start or drapery and clothing. Special announcement Oboh Wilson brige & co s dress . New autumn Black dress goods Ope Hedjo Day. For the con Renieca of our customers in con sequence of the unexpected demand for Black dress goods Wilson Brice & go have this Day opened three cases of entirely new autumn Black dress goods sex b.3ls. Oboya. One of the finest assortments in the Day intended far our autumn Trade but opened one month Cadier to suit the requirements of Oor patrons. Mourning goods. Black alsatian Crape cloths 1/6, 1/11, 2/0. Tip Yard double Width Black Balmoral Cape cloths 1/11, i la 3/ Yard double Width Black alpacas double Width a 1/s, v8, 1/9, 1/11 to a Yard Black a jets ve1ukc. 1/3, i it a Yard Black polks 1/8, 1/11, is i/0 Yard Black Cas Mebes. Double Width 1/, 1/t. 1/6, 1/v, ill t/3, is. To 4/6 Yard Black sabots. L1/3, 1/6. 1/9, 1/1l j/6 to 5/6\Yard ? Black and Irette stupid alpacas double Width 1/6 and 1/11 Yard Black and White Check dress goods double Width i/3, 1/0, 1/11, i. 1/11 Yard Buck and White dress muslims id., 9 d., Blac and White electro sax a inches wide. 1/6 Yard Black a bocce electro Sahk. Just like Sok Itaf. A inches wide. A Yard Black and Wuite Islieb Sataka. Entirely new Tor the autumn Trade u inches wide 1/4 Yard that Haring to go into moan ing at this time of the year is not com lenient to every resident it Hare marked these goods particularly Lotf 15 Price a very slight Advance on absolute Cost Price. requiring the Sarrides of either. Of our two Tibah i a Ity m advised to place their special mod nine orders without delay. Wilson Bice & co., dress Fen s1lkmebcers, Etc Rundle Street Adelaide. To drapers Drc Clars handbills a a bks lots Etc Ete Winc Jour Iau the Beo Greb Obser teb and Gek Ebal Obj stick offices. Marshall s spam resale. Qe1teeal order. S ? 0 ?. ? ? it is officially Requel Ted Liat All persons put themselves into deepest mourning on and after 28th Janu Ary idol / note. Pur establishment will be closed on saturday Hixt the funeral of her late majesty Queen Vic Toria. Ladies washing blouses Fanoy Cambric v ? to Atli 2/11 and 3/11, for 1/ each. Weun sgt millinery. Just is time Jas. Marshall co. Opened this morn ing sex . Wilcannia 4 cases of ladies Black untrimmed Straw. Hats. These were ordered for the Winter season but have arrived Early just in time for the period of mourning. The latest shapes from London. Carpets and Art drapery. Plenty of floor apace and Good Light an almost indispensable requisites for the advantageous display of carpets curtains and similar House furnishings. Thi Pace hitherto allotted to this department having been found totally inadequate t be requirements of our Trade arrangements were made for its present site which fives twice the Width of floor space and a splendid Light from the Fine Large window running along its Side and also provides easy Access to the furniture department adjoining. Blogs figured Lustres. 2/11 the dress. Beautiful White Box costumes. 50 Complete White Robes 35/ 55 Complete White Robes customers desirous of placing orders Foi Black materials for draping Are requested to deliver their orders Early. Furniture. We offer inducements to All classes of buyers. Our Stock is unquestionably the largest bes assorted Baa arranged and Best value in the Colony. Our customers have an almost limitless Choice. Our prices Are without doubt the lowest for the various Tias of goods anywhere obtainable. To Day ? we direct your attention to our special values in sideboards which we have very substantially reduced also per ambulatory. Having made special arrangements with the largest american manufacturer Wear entitled to offer a magnificent assortment at very advantageous prices our toilet Ware embraces a most comprehensive variety and having been removed to. A department specially fitted for it display and storage our customers will find an extra Ordinary Range of Choice. We can assure buyers of Many genuine bargains in toilet sets curtain poles rings Assam ends. Brackets. Marshall s drapery and lot hint muss Suk let stu5bt. Summer Sale Price list Louii sued. Further reductions showroom600ds. Holland costumes 29/6. Reduced to 21/ ? dark Bute and whue and Fawn and White by raped Drill cos Tumes 29/6. Reduced to 18/6 White and Black p1qub and can Vas Cost mob. 23/6, reduced to 17/6 White pique Coats and skirts 32/6 for 25/6. Do. Do.137/6 for 27/6 xxv is Weed Coats and skirts. A. Red red to 21/ ? ? Black and White Check Tweed 42/7or 32/6. Fawn Tweed 37/6 for 27/6 Black Sfingi and Itne gl0th coat and skirts 42/ for 32/6, 45/ for37/ girls and maids Cream Serge and Elax Smyj Coats and skirts sizes -4 to 9, for 23/6, 25a_and 29/6girls or Serge and cords Koy Reefer Coats sizes 3 to 7, very Start and stylish mostly lined silk. 12/9 for of 14/9 for u/9. 15/6 for 12/6. Underclothing striped Zep Tyr tjndersk1ets, frilled. 4 ? ? coloured Lustre undershirts Colo Wirfel jul Oren skirts. 7/6 Black. Lustre. Uxdesskhct6, -/9, ?9/6. 10/9 12/6 ? ? White. Loaf cloth undershirts ice trimmed 2alj/6. 5/u, 9/6, 10/9. White Lon Uloth ., trimmed pm. Broider. Reduced to 4/6. 5/6. 7/9. 8/6, 11/6. 13/6 Beiter class skirts All at special reductions vvhjl1k Lawn gowns trimmed Best embroidery. 29/6, 32/6, 37/8. Children s Sun hats and Bon nets at half Price ladies Best Quality Linen turnv2jjcolcaks. All sizes anal prices 9d. Lid. And 1/3 each All at 6d each a Yery special line., floor cloths and linoleum a. A Large Stock from one Yard to five pads wide. New designs Best value. Remnants of floor cloth and linoleum very much reduced As Fol. Low ? 12 it. X 6 it 26/ for 19/6 ? 18 it. X 6 ft., 31/6 for 25/ 22 it x h it. 39/6 for 30/ 13 it 9 in. X 6 ft., 29/6 for 20a 11 it. 6 in. X 6 it 21/ for 11/6 22 it x 6 it 53/ for 31/6 13 it. 6 in. X 6 it 18/ for 12/9 20 it. 6 in. X 6 ft., 19/6 for 0/6. 6 Yards x i Yards. 45/ for 32/6 / 1 Yards x 4 Yards. 58/ for 45/ 5 Yards x 4 Yards 61/ for 55/ 4j yank x 4 Yards. 52/6 for 45/ 4 Yards x h Yards. 19/6 for 15/ 5 Yards x 1 1 Yards. 25/ for 17/6. 3 Yards x 4 Yards. 52/6 for 38/6 5 Yard x 1 Yard. 18/6 for 13/6 4 Yards x 1 l-3vards, 10/9 for 7/6 passage cloths 1 Yard wide 1/4, reduced to 1/ . Do., 1 Yard iride 2/, reduced to 1/6 Cream american blinds washing and lace trimmed with roller and Brae sets. A Complete 7 it. By 37 in. Wide. 7/6 for 5/6 7 it by 42 in. Wide 9/6 for 6/9 ? ? 7 it by 44 in vide 11/6 for 8/. J. Miller Anderson & co., 20 and 22, Bindley Street. Adelaide. ? 32c special bargains High Classia Lorinc Chas. A Fuiks & co. 84080118 ? 59/6 Sac sons ? -7a/ .?.�?-.? ? -15/6 Tso users .9f-. materials hi6h.cbabb work ? at Low Trade prices. Note. Two cannot be Doo a Way of Mintas Bat hating ? pm Barf j a Larto parcel of no Tondu wooden at a Verj set Isaac Tor pee we Hart det Anniried to Bier our Clinti some special bargains. These an sop riot Lla trials ads mat Atn a Fahoo to be Weser both Snipp Eliance Aad ?. ?. Chas. Birks & co., vice Boal tailors 48, Rundle Street.? me bu8inkssb8 for Salb or wanted ? boat to weds to to by Fisset Aad rfcs Vessi lag Jeoomal is three Tost Ritosa to. 4. Pts Paitl ?�/redmul.puw-Aaer Vitins far Pray Tow. 20b Antof with parse Flats to u. Bam Paoo Adelaide. To for two shop ? to a. Unique position Dotia the vyv asst Tesic. Flav Lor fac Mulc in Nile. Principals Only. ?. ?. ?. Apply ?. ,. A. E. Lawton. Asfalt sits As and s. Boat Schuse. Dra Patry and olo Thina \ ?Known a Over Australia. John Martin and co., limited the popular Cash drapers. Obj Jeff establishment will be close of saturday ? ? next the Date of the of our late Sov Ebeid Queen Victoria. Thi. bargain lines now being offered at our Summerscale. White Musun embroidered = ? Robes ?lev�rlay-�.8aupbiobt-Ijmp fancy dress museums 6rtaitl8alkpbick la a us of pattern blt7tstjdkx2ds of ladies print blouses Sale Price 1/.,. Housemaids9 Caps. Worth ? ? Sale Price % men s All Wool Onka paring Tweed suits obdx2t ast a bib is. Sale Price 19/6. 1 Odb Stock or boys american collars at less than English Cost. 3md0ien Wool mending Sale Price. 2d. Floral Delaine silk Stripe. Usual Price i Yard ? ? Sale Price 5/11 i Laugk of dress checks Sale Price 3/0 i t 1,01n-Zbi lace scarves usual wheel Al 1/1, la Sale priv 8hu0r 1/ a Lofb Nancyan coloured sunshades. To be cd Kreip at half a Bifid John map and co., limited. 98 to 103a, bundle st., dbl aids. Drapery and lot hint gouger Street Adelaide. T staving received intelligence that the j1 funeral of her late majesty Queen. Victoria will take place to Morrow february % 1901, we shall close our establishment All that Day As a Mark of esteem and respect to the great and Good Queen. Chas. Moore & co. Also closed to Day Friday at 6 . ? ? i. ? ?. To Shierlaw co. We win be closed a Day saturday As a Mark of respect to our late Fineen. Bbb Baa bbb Bahai a in Bibb bu8ine8s n0ti0e8 blow Mere say soot of str Meads. Tit so Adukas Yoo offer Boam is better known. With thanks the the Adrice. I won t wow at All it is just a fact that i ban m diff umut kinds of fancy tables to show you ran to 65/. Tbs abot Suona wal8ut table Only Xiv. Abdeh seats our own mate Well tatted Well shaped and extra st roof. From it Asch. Cane lounges Aad outdoor Chain it All prices. S3�yygs ? for a Fine China Tea set of Good Patten Aad diet odour st from 17/6 to 15/. Try us. To set contains Mai fees iad diag is cups and 8sneen ?. Hoop s Frais Tiido Arcade them to for Altur the huh dlr Aho Hsioh st bets. ? ?. Mes Excelsior win pumps Charles Atkins & co., Ltd. 91. Of uni tout. St Towie bu8ine88 notices j. & r. Johnston. Import tit and acc Etc to obehfelir8ibeex. On of a a Stacy Petrara Balaton. Per ambulatory Flea Chi Une shite Patent a Dias. Jute hemp Randoms ton twines sewing twines american chafe cans Catiis chair 8eata. Glassware Kkent Nuu Cocks Wrim trs. Haag Toa. Crho Matanes it burials Yoesle Atco . Cocoa Fibre it Poe Gou i Patent Boofing Kisus 4%. 4b. ? we Ufa a sust Jurns a bps Yalta Marseilles roofing tiles. Artistic Cool durable cheap. Haeold Colton it company limited. It thao ? machinery colonial ironworks rom Vood. Down. Of. Umito. Lonmo and Oen Ebal Nigo mss. Founders boiler Peers and shut by 1iakeb8 of engines High and Low Fleam Stern boilers sump Bauries Punk Pat Aad winding Luchi Neit. Brewer Laatt incr Odlag Hopper work. Sole agents Tor Bobet 00 Udu engineers Lincoln England. U1ndley Street. To Tipe profe88ional. Lions & my in Petal Chambers. Adelaide. Lajud estate and Nix haul Acetta. Ucer sed boo keys of Deb the bos pro Petty act. Money to lend. At lowest current Bates on Snebold twins la. Atty so Bursa. Or Coo try. And Bodaness Emder the Besl property act ton j Oil and was engines 1 i a a bbb m if i Iwaya is Busi Abib Al m was. ? ? Sal Sefl sulm. Jav. I 7bmetperi�ct meter or those i l James Hill & sons. J lift Yaari 18, cab remt. Adelai Pav Fly

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