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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - December 21, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library Australia a Public meeting the colonists held Attlio ?.li, Charles Pirton n Wei Ihan Pmj. Die slice air. In the chair was moved by John moral Iii kbq., and seconded by diaries deck. i. That a memorial lie to her majesty principal Secretary state for tin a Iunius representing to in u e opinion this meeting that tie system l Winch tin Survey hitherto been conducted is defective inn requires Iii Cut Uri Iril unanimously. Aloft d by a Etvard Al mrs icsq., and seconded Liy Llic Erik to scr majesty s i oven Mcnol Eliat i the opinion this Iii Jinp Tiit i colonists ought nut in old his tie lift tuned up , unit hit n ? -r.itiou. Lin Itro i i fit. Rikhi a Rin Itiat while the meeting regret the Prui ii exp Ellees but recommend the tie Tion tie Oai Lill console ration a the commissioners is wooded by John Hillett ksq., but Liiv Edward Stephens i fit the meeting consider tie question by alteration in hip m i in payment the Survey involve Mich Roii Iden Tiomi that in uld lie do iia Ilc Law open for i Rumion an Martji nine i in Ctina. Thin a Uiso negatived and the original motion gain Umu Pinon by the following memorial wis in Italy a Pulitic i the Ciloniz. Mielit re Iii , in Iii i title on , tie Intili n i.--?,.f i i k ill invt my Tyr -caio.i, in Iuli Al Fin Mil lit Tom Luycx Lii Ive Lieen / ii a i Unju Ilet Ritoh or Iii a the .t? . Noil a a Ajili ii tin pm in v on Lii am.Iii.t, to iiii4t 111 the, j Ritt Ive i hijj.m""1 Iii he the yup Isin l i a am Oji Caluin wiil be. Udo Tell i Iii j Ushii a i ii toe a Tejw i ci., infill Iii tract Fri the upper mix in i tin nil r Jim it t Eto Quantity stud j regret Olioli re mute Tiar tin Quivey As Lillie Roii let thu hut Nilli oly by the Colo Nib Tiomi commissioner try Are far Louever ruin imputing blame i Ilivia Mitu Ronnii Coteil with that d Pai Tenient. On contrary the me moralists Bear their willing testimony the anxiety in Skrei Lewicy the Ifasi digit com sunni Saioni edit the surveys in every j Sille manner. The evil a Liili they r to l their Lund Luicir years ago Lian Miot yet been utile obtain Possession their be tit is am there Al Are or were until within the last few Days numerous Eitnie holding land Oidis noun la a surveyed Diuble for Tanir Loi Aii ii a some u hmm were ultimately and after Mph Iii a a Thuiy and expensive delay Only ram til obtain. Iota Timeir y Lonnie their individual land orders into an a Kkt us Flient entitle them demand v Grant 40l a s, Tintey and thereby theirs Alvvs fire Pec Tave tie acis tie Veys in one i Thole Fertile districts which the surveys not reached and which they coi Uriot c Eljin to reach under the j be Clit system but try ? list fears. Kex Dusic tie i Jent no cd l a Raro Iii Iet pc Cial sur a s. Unn e rats must desirable settler Hae Tual lot the i Ronny Eliot be the tracts and they Juv Terr. J my would Bac selected Ere 1 a surveyed. And Erff tre not open Purchase i and l Tinti. The to Tierce inc ref pwt that the j mint fic Tensive re Jill most Complete i Propri Tion v which tie Cul Iii Kation Commissi Neift desire Tinl Pirha. Emt Jand. Jie. Under the sex stint a Teni not afforded a Kroon Loisil Neitli. I be loss mid injury which More or less All settlers hitherto suffered by the Survey not hemp in Idranie i lie demand would i a Liy this simple plan in future avoided while Content Anil Santisi action would b generally n the suggestion now is curl Billy lust extensive Choice and the most Coin Jiledi Liberty a appropriation. Both Vith respect Jiva entity and situation i attain Lyle present while Liy thus extending tax special j Pirvey system the pure buses Sina Lei i Jinx Tiomi land another important object in the colonization the Provines would by . , the Kulli Votion the Earlif Huriod the " finest veins lit put Iorii lists viewing with a ire Liisu utile ii Uruu Cape fire o the Prewitt surveys a i Lem received with alarm the in Jiuu Tiomi that the colonists ii Erafily would he req Trail i hear taxation for conic ii in c As an Irein til tie Pitinii Anrit re Iii Liture the tie Ine Noii lists ant Perle etly me be in their i Sirc i the Listie Eliziu Lii Suitti Australia Lis obtained us a Sill Iipp Ittin Lenv. Without relinquishing their a lits is hit Isle subjects tie ii fetid ii Mill support tic Trio tier country should these Ever lip Iii they re willing Bear ten Enji Encis i entry ii.mlerak1 Hll in Tanir Hein Murm Cincy i inc by the lie Coloni inn c Ini ii skin ii a either it tin loins rate l .1,0 priv i veed in them la i 1riu in i i Hie non a k . D Miu i Kish Tai Llie Uei finite Siita tit the Iotis the Rore Jilji i a n,.5i1?1,. Ishii Iii Imii .t., l in Iii ise i,.innratiiim,"ii. The. Fiat gift Sii,? to see Elliis pique Isle Maimi Tatini ii Uriate. Lint thy riot inv l Leeo Suidt till ural or debt so Mimi i in i ill on account tie Cape news , with Ilie ii racy but that revision Ould be made Lor the a a mint in a exp nees out the i Russ proc eos tin Iru do t the Ferrii the a solution ios Iii tire Moith Cal commons Liy or Ward n tie i i Iii last. Mid Fiu ploy " n Inri fired r i the Purchase Money that u Loret. Or the Nett proceeds whatever these Mij tit he Isctttby the prot dec the memorial m offer i opinion. Hut Uliey Are Mislin d that by strict Economy in the the in by the remodel i ill the Survey la Pic Foi Ritj Coli tracts in All Pic Atile a s and he the adoption the system they a Ken the Lisetty Reelou intend pro Poitou exp Ellees would Seldom or Tver exceed ten pounds or two shilling per Arie on the Cross Nii omit land sold. The sex ii on. A Eccl with the Liiv v und the land department they Aie Well Suveil mounted iras Litty i or int. On the i Oluic the land surveyed this a Riu Tie sex pics their firm conviction that unless flip ret oilmen Matiun which Tivey now respectfully before her Alvajes a s Vor Zinent Ailt led the earliest possible Iii Iii the future Prosperity the Colony will re , even More Vertu is Eon qui Lii is by avoided. I i now beg leave submit i Vou sufi ii a i her s Gover Mient Uriot Lite hut Avci which i they tie Tiec essential Ulike the Reaboi Satili satisfaction the Colatia mid theorod giver Zinent the province. I tiie Memoria lists , Tio thut air a j plication for a non official intension the j legislative Wincil requires Only be preferred j c. Ive the inv Oracle her j Mje Viincent and test Itiat has in sol will not be tests cd audit u aus try i with a population now Curtin in Irvinc Oil a be fairly represented in flip in Fri a Ivr Council lint dial on tin contrary Iligir Ivi Iii will in Lively com. Pricil wild Iii Ilii Mic i i Lii Joti a May de coned ,r. Two Point Only Only i in in Inot lists mib Niit id i Lien air and Oid the prov tire i Iii Al. Thai the Lum Uttke Isil Niem ohs ill lie tic freely elected. Tentative o Trio colonists and Obi. Simon . Pm. I. That Ilie Iii i ii a now rend Ilu i ils. e Xiii Liulin Viii thai flip i monism v a i Dii Nir in flu or View lip mib Scritc tin in inn..ii-, Iii i licit taif Iii room in ten Mai intr. ,iiiii.- Cari Iod . Mos in in Iii und in i is. Ii a i in in by Jolt w. re a i i i 4i i i nit Norful n m Iii Wipt i ii. I with a a Qiu a that tin v will file lie. Iii i Fonro menu sly s Ivi initial a try male fur colonies and a in in in tip Muziii i in us i Ctol a in ii i to Iii i by 1 Cleta. B. In a miam sin Rilli Tel a Day is a bushed a Juo Iii Thomas and co., in Inhthy. Street a Phi Koyal South ar.-tkalian1 Almanack and general directory for l?4ocoutuiniiig following information i Klipst Sec a. I daily do Orbr far or and Garden a s Calendar l.turt s on grit i Viril Oriu Rukor. Or Siena tuft o Butu a Ilia Coti Stitt ii a incl Clovi Iii us u lie Colony c in iii7.ition to e i in Vince the colonial commission Salt s Lin Tir Incipit Timnui Maii 1. A c Arnol in the i Colony j tub civil Kolahi so. Tuc a v \ Tiu licit ii in Ilni ii Iii try la or ii . Cion Irr ? l police outta flu v jul tick to i i Hanking a table Vii a ii a Loci a club tit port and Cluin port Lincoln Glenelg l Ilot Dun Harbour do and not i us wharfage Durt Silini direction i for port Adelaide sailing direct int. For port i Nicolu colonial Laws i Biog Rikss Birc Okky ii Hync 1 in Captain Lee s Jun Riml re Oil or Sain up . Sci Oit or John Hill or Tyre Jour nigh Tes i fort Lincoln description port Victoria description port Vincent journey from port Phillip South Australia Pho or the cor.esii Kinc ibid value town uni country Lund Kilis land spirit Survey a Canuti Acihl affair supp in report for in w Tai Atlon tin i Alioti Stoi k Aci inti Tuic j a Ligion und education jets tibial Dinky Ron Ion 1840.. A. It. Prim film shining. J just i bushed and May be had the Gazette and Register fact Hindley Street the Royal South australian Shi Almanack Orilie year 1840. Price one shilling. October 25. 83 j. Gee vim m & commission lev Kkt , Ortli Torim a Livov. N ithe Hii let a Josti h Jig Ksn taken in bait and stand y. Aiu. Niroku in m k Nozic ii a ii give i Tiu to Prico la by Hij a i or Mno a Titian Ifill v a ii a fit Rrt. J or und in in . Ii jul Jim com i.iin\vlr. . Tii. Y will i pm v in in. Iii. Ill Laii k r?Ri-Liillj is til i Imiolek that in Lii is now i t Lii Ide do jut i iric Iri i a Iii ? Puldai ution. the Sori a Vir tin i?Iln-ii i Lul know. Liu c. J Lifi-i Milf. Lilt. Slut Virv a i in a. knt v ii no know my will 111 l ovum Evv Tsoi Tuk i Lutill l works. Or ii Iii Imako h c 0,1.1 Racli oils . To Iii instructive works Lair in t j Nitro author 111 111 v Irli Vii Lii a i Zewri Lingle ii ii Ful in Iii. To vomit Iii Kiili Lor Christina Ain a a i \ .-.y. Lioi Ilromi s.ict .1111 Mii ill up Iticia tin void no. Mil i Viil ii idol Ami unit in i Iii \ t or ii cry in tins truly Voll Papfin m Lias 11 . U lie liver i i i in i Cut Ami ii l.,i j i v 4 in in. . In l my slim Iii Tion ii Iota tin Mim m Javid. My from l is Long s ? Mill a for Twenty Vir. He Lio ? to a Usu. M i Hurt. V.-.s.\.r -. Iidle tort but or. N i or is ii lilt terms. To Akdins hours Sicoli i. Y .1. . In n i a i i from ipod tech a Hoard a i Tirui. A Chr l v the a Roi utry Willnid 1 l a Rist hours. Weil Irod us. Nov Ciucht Law tikk ? 1, Iii Atti ii Ahva. I t. 1 v..l a i Fri Lett Lilly iut la i Iii i i.-. A .Iritiil i i Iii i r li--. i i l i i ii i l i -.-. T try 1 lie i ii ? li.-Lv it .11 i. Limit i i 1.,. In 1 ill i a Dpi r.mmylc.,l" ,. Nil 5,.1, c til 1 Moil oif ii. milt.j.ior in . Or l in i mull pm Jis 11i.iv us in so inst tilt . " h he Liun Fri or Lor j by to ii. 11l i Tivr ui.? i m sin ill in stir. 1 vii1?.-i. L-l--.". To tvo i 1,. ".i.l7"0,",h m. I .irn.n.mi77tif ? tort Roni pc in.rl in 1.-, in ,1 Mit Disi Rili c Situa Tuii in Jon ii a Dalaidi. Apply . I. Davis mul co., ii Kermode . A ii vat. Riv " i lie run through " two Arii a win a in Natalile will Pinr in. This 1 i twi Lite for in inti m i ii Cott co. A. To no Vly Anvil ?i b -.. To Camu Milinic Mutt Itic. Inu in Jav ?Tonor Wirlin Al out Linof an Arre lard tie \ in Iii Tull my ii View inv i mountains my l fit Matitu tic jink. Tilio or con l Osina Tili Clit tapes in Hiti Law unfit Lic Lionil mrk Vin Hairdresser aprily and. Hihi ii 1.1. Hindu Myert. L Occil or 19. Job w. New and silk Din h.v., _ mgt on Risico is a or slip Tisi Iii id k 11 the smallest bios talc Jit fit Su -. To Casos Par idols Kumisu by ii a. 2 Lin i ii ditto lid irk. Widli a Strart. Derc Mhor 50. In . I tace we Troas a Day Sokei my on Sov Muir per. Up bed t in Tow by y. ? Nofiu lie Viliy i that Faike Ami mar an Ileta Imd by or Rollason Andu Ollk deliver a j tin owner or owner a Oay Nunt Theiu Inge i done and a Ponse within Fitwi Een Fyk from a i Date this notice after w Hirtzi they will he eld pay Mili a Nisie and a in is. Dated i Storc Marr. ?r3? Aniak a jury a Blacksmith. To ilium co Osiani i Tuple Verot i a Liberal wages will w j Iven. Kak Clat. I late Traitli. Hio lev Mercef. . Xon but a g

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