Adelaide South Australian Register in Adelaide, South-Australia
21 Dec 1839

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Adelaide South Australian Register in Adelaide, South-Australia
21 Dec 1839

Read an issue on 21 Dec 1839 in Adelaide, South-Australia and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Adelaide South Australian Register.

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - December 21, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia i sett to a tir1./ Jov Ohnor. . .? i iut iraqi . T. tic Louo s i Ilttre i a Brj att Kij Timir . A Lviv. J . Kimitt ? i few i. Ejli is Liui i m i Timu a ,.,. 16. us i t Ilic i i i.-. A Quiej. I a. It i m i Taitl. Iii ii Lizul nil u slim i to of a i h a . J no incr. Firm . I i m left up a il.e1 a i Noil i.?r h. . J x i Cut -.tviitimi.t, Lavi i .1 . I a ii ii . . is to ? Iralu j i 11m-. L i \\,.r. To Vio a dive ? 1a Ilu .iniii3?i of to his Jiu astr a ail i 1 i Jevc Iichi tin ,t m a Asih i liar Sci torn Tuai a vat View. Sti ens Jim Hui it a Wlker. Iii lieu. U. Lik Vron i. a. ?. H . Mass rus , Nixon. A Ilav no try t a 1 Tel open Sili tic Rii a i c a la Rolive to Tiit ii i it set ii Ilie to f Mii i set As Olliev i Viii tin to it. F ii rely a i Sellers Anil Otin a Tail i a i t Ii it to la a a at " . Iii i i Livin t. Inn i no to j i a i of it Euf it am o i . Aizic. I ices i s Ulii h 4c Vojt Ojeil i i h. T. Ref Ali of very i Zillor Mcner a , if Wiki .-.1 l l i a Jonii i Uitti. Tiit a a of i a i a ii a. i. Fill a i Jinil to ruin Lull Sci ice i ai4 . Var All rnr 7. U i Iby i 1 it via our .-, ii c Iraq a i Ruli it is ? f a it. i ins Uchic Jef ?.e \a. if a Ralian i t0 to . a of i hut a Ai to t Civ t tit of b i. n to. a u Yifru Lor la. . a Rutn Luijt a i buy a . Y int san at tit s Aiti ?. N Ooi s to Ercil Itti. Jul title niuta 2i?, a. p a o.iti2 i ref i , i uric a a. I Nir i \,-.r.rsak-, Etc ii Kojm. If a inf ii.? that a tji1 " i air. To Ward tit d of .-iiti.i, Iju i Vilt a it i a Jar. \ m i it a it a i t Jiuu Ritzl Uivta us to Jav. A c ii Colic i ?l. Of skills a. Niue of til Mil a ii i. Apr to i Ukwu i at the Similly aus tra Laii u ii airy elite. I of , a a a i x Coit Winitt six , with a Der under f round. to John rus Seix. Iani a . To ? Ane a Titus of Milit it i. A to ti of if ruin o it Lorali. 1 a to w i t either ii t1? Nai Cly. A a arc ? til Bui a a Viiu a Wilri mar a m ire of tie Lirt. K Ami m Small i trip Vul Ilic Oft h i of ii i Bil -.-.l Mil us Fin at Jur u Curt suit t to tvrs . to Toffi him of of the Colomer. Lio it. Ruyf. h ins to Misc Ilij Tuilio Wiig Kii Iblis �. A "? \?.?n o to. i u .l 0j1.,,-.,. J i a / a fju1tii. inc i. l Uio .g Ile a i Villi i a t t i to. a Ali Tleiji i ?u.-?i.u\ j run treasurer Hart Shiv tar. A Tif Lac a i \ is Ki a i Xvi. I ? i. M it i Mui mits Ann. I ii Mil ii i ,.v . -2 jul m. To Kiis a .i-. ii i a.mi-, . T 111ljiist o Clyo u. Of ii a ii ii 1. catch Ilove. I Hui i Arma. I. si1. sic a i. Mir pm a a ? i Eti tin tumor to .a ?. Ivac ii of .iuoforto, pm i aha.-, v . A it a i. -..-a -., ? . A. ?-.- /10ncku a it i. I atm . A Vio a i. I ?. The any Viii \ is i -.i.1. Uniti a ,0,. R ,.,., a. , kin.i..-kwk.7itiii? l ii. I of car i. Vul . , ,.i i c a. . I if. .-, 7mii Rii to. 1 a i \ ski i pm los i.mi1 a i a. .,.. a _. If..? to m t \ l--. a to s i it. To ii " pm it t Init. To . N a a 7.aun ii of . Miu Hist vim i. I .1 i Tinl f li.-.-? ? Tejitu ? ?.k\ i Imus i Ait to i ?. To ird in4iriuvtun i it. ir4 l. It i a. u ? Ofa tip i t. Fiji i. Of i. Wavu Ofiu. To i i. I to of i -t.-.- fio-.r.i Mif. N. Fri i ii tiny ii . Ii Ivity to. I urls p.ilii. To. Miti it of i ii .ii.iu? hmm 1i.ii.,.--., h of rum hint Mitt?.- l no i m.- a.lyir t f. To s?.k. It c. a 0.1. Fluur. It lj1.l kst.m a . J. I ,.1 m c. ."n it i. Tieten Vacti 1,.d Ulm la Rigi it. Cio a a Jim lira s i Rigi Amii to Toad ii fire a riot no .j ? ? ii Shis 1 tax dim. Its Tinaci Ailiin. I i sins Vittit up ii Vin., i rvs Ned met. .iinnnc,? Iinl i purr. Milliery. Guv of. Felix Ives 12u-Krv, Ith twits slows inc Ceijas. Recs & co. a a 19. It a. Bent ram co., it of ii a. appraise. Hrs l. Louse Ami Enn ii Nia a tit Szroit a Lent to ainu newly Norri Al Inivie s t it ii i.ithke the i a try a Lviv no. I n it Lor Alivn it. Pc . Tif pay it Tor Aii i Uiti ii is Tinolli Ilu ii . A i lrtlltox._lli.miimaiiil a. Are to full ?. this Lilii Lill m .-it.1. Alla cum a ". A i a. V " with to. La of to s Tiili Friy Milf Itil ..1 it i., .?so-.?i. I Lizul i. Ii ,.y i a i .i. f a i it Itil Fiu l. / i. ii the l. i us Fiir Uvrl i a ,, will it f 11.0 Viilu la Mouv. Tin. I l . A Vris i ilium ii m if ii Juo Jutte and a i. I a . Mil a Prat variety of lire riot to of to Oil Lipil to a Loci-.,-. Noi i s to .\f.h. A \ Roc elem Fil . i err.. To title if Jii Rii Vil us i a i is Tiv f 7 ., t. to. . Lil u " i Lill-111.1 -.-, 11l l Tolci Muir i Nim a li.? i it it line Roi i brie of ii .nu. . To 1. To . X a Runi Len ise o a Street a cot Tiutnt com nla1.-. I Avilo Tsa i suit Imil i . i . A a ii a . .n,-.i it. Tuii. -ii., is Rii. .1 t l=-.-ii--? u. Ivy Ilii i t la Irney cil a it no. Al. To Villi do wars of Htu Tynio to Lyle it. .kt. Rill Tiili hit Wii . No. It yell known i the act .Ctuii . I.?Vin tar Slutt i Ou ."".?. ? 1 Omli t till a Lull l hu.m \ str Oft. \ m is i st.iknt. Uichi ? it. of i . To \ i ii buy sti.ih m ixlin1. R.?. i I live to Vistil i rtuit.4 a Of it iiionnt.. The soil a a Ali it Itiline 1in a ii Lilii m.ii Vly Adi itch Tut . 3. , to Orit ii. , .i to 3 6.o? ii i a Livo Viii i.? Wilto i t a Llu Oit . ". A i Jav Ivan to p .i .i k a Lvii. S.? .-err.?. Him ii ii 1 to Sii . Aptly it i m to Llyia . To advertisers. Tim menu no folic to t ?. Fin Lens of uts to tit to to ass the. Tin to Tif it i it it Sciutti ?.e visit it it Livoy .Firailvonisonieittiiicr s i a nutty t /.-4/. A f ., with a i Viva to under if ?j.? t a Cov a Mikl a. Maic \.?, Salter Ane Rqn Gilbert Sci Liinus irom 2unt Ai us wit to . Ii Iowa tits pro 1 Itin. Sarasi s i Zuleita m. Milki. 5.," puck i mind Init Fiat is. I. i.m7 i it .-, 1 .irv, a of to mixer i a i. Ii us � is Liot it t ii is ii Teir. I ,. I incl Lite. Riih i is Nice l wings wisc a .ltl. Ii Tut Ujj l a u Al a l ick act2iv a Tiauw iia Urti l a. Sir ii Cint aim i a Witts Mii Kiiu s. Rossl Lippi Mcc Floc Jaco l Al is i mus Mill Htu williminr., a Rudt Nik incl Liui itt to. I iip4iiitc w. T. Kuril Iino a omit litlie.hik b i Wiio is m. , Ai four rhe Soctt Sigf. I i Llu a ii Dilliot to tons .ii.crt con i , i ?- Rpr. Wili ii wait Ait Jim a m . Lilc liar is a \ a. Manivo l us Latte last 3 to to wire i ii i to obtain i to t. Oit. Elk /?/.?? . Til. Kutlin Riiff so vaunt rules � tin to Rittu of i Way to-.ulii Jay to i Oil Luu i ii , ton tvs Sidon it London of to sail i rut the it o t. 1 Oris. J ton vac to it ave l.ond. 1 ii it i with a Sou Rte wid Jioit. Tlu1 a wit ii was to leave of tie a to jail cwt a the hoj Tutu i Init i fibr. T tit win to follow Delhi from live us tit Oil to cml to. 4. Lor., Vas Ither i a Lens irow Liverpool a i list a Titue tie t . Again a. ?. K co. Not wuss of ? to it. jul ice Llic a til a / a a s the u a it t of hues li..k1, la us Irum Lurt town Dis a7a pork Ujiie pm torn from i.. D. Ii Tilisi ii. nj3. us tto Iari. 16" tons from Singapore i ilk of. Aifili Jilin mop if. //.1i. ./ i los idiom . Cost Norm haiying.iforeturns i int ii Fly. Aiito t a Whir. Jolt ii nip. ions it a koi1. .l.yi. .cir. 4 to Lon. .l.nitsi i a . U././?.w a shias. Liq iti7i to . London Arr Vril night out intr Stu irom Kai Poroo it fit ujj450 tons from a mid ii i is us . , . . Buck co. The South australian Register. Adelaide saturday december 21, 1839. The Public meeting. The Public meeting held at the court House thursday was beyond All doubt the most ? and respectably attended of any that have yet taken place within the pro Vine. J Imbior Taupe of Llic to eject crap naturally enough Munji Dorazil excitement l it Altero not t Ieli Lile i Ai irn of Jurty a Irir no rect ulu Sitf kid Cord Ali tar tre ail. J. The Mamorl to her a intr did Serra tar of state ? a opted the of a How to Mir enl s Ruch our Reader fial two o t a Mark. Tow Jec Ioos Zgta figr hot a to the i pts of la a Josd text . M Jar Tow to. A of mob it a to correspondents. regret ? to ? to exclude Many articles and communications the but not ? our next to make Sample amends. The propose a the establishment of a benevolent society of a evoke it society the i mitts input to of Fierar f. To if Caliroi Iiralo Artem it Maloti u Rich ntuiltsafdo.

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