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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Dec 14 1839, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - December 14, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia . To All must and a to Ore Tyi Ustel Quirt to util a that /.-. I lid if i in rough Iurii and j i. Dorset I of ,. C."lllail.? a will Hail fur so Tii v ,r.t" lir i a t sunday tie i jul in unt. Ii�z2? or or Pilsl ? S k. S , . I of Pyonk to ii in. To ii a pc t rum joins Pirli. In or fio Fht i p a i a Wal i " i " if " ii a r p " ? is , of Mui Ishisa . I Ige a Ftp y to Thi capitain on Lu-., or Lojo ?. I Lilllie a Stltt. Dr.-, Viilu a. In in Sittni no " filial it 1 s r 1 i ". In 1i i.1., from 1 a i ? at t a Init Aili Aii Willii. i by i.,. . To Clits , Ait Ike pics Tsi i in wiil Obiji tin1 n to . In ii. Ink a incisi.1 . On 1 Wool .i-. Seagull. I ions . I a 0ta i. 1vi.t. I Iosi a a i a . I it to t \ Ivan nor 3 in ii i in to .-.,Weij u i k i wit it let a .ii-1-. I of. Nin. L work ii i a i. I a ii or of i y 1 no i-,.i Syd a. jew i Jiu t u Titus i c a i or a .,.-, ii a a. . I a i c i. V i. I i a. 1.10. Mi-Uixy-Rlt," to St Rte Lault or sti.i.--, .i.,-- ii. Iii . I 1inltf.r. To i. .n tin Jit 1 Naivs ?--.li my a tin i ii ii Rik a rim c in i list a d , fii-.n.-. To ii is t i. Ii Iljin in j be i ii it t time of sort ii by Ai i ii Taco it tin of Iitlih diit1. Rpu. Thu Uzuh a re Arab " a i ," 1 Noti in .Li a Fri Ilion a la fifi isl will Tun at Rivi i Liis a Ummi it tin . A of i . Is x.yiii i ital sir to. Inns Liiv Guinea a no Ivo Hill .Li i the Groom. Elrad . 1 can assert Fiorin t la i .vp.-. 1 Liaw of la o Cost caste a dec Lioi Vir la ,. Tic i of kill of Urc it Ujkic and i ii in in a t i. Hsiaoi with Good to in or Vav Liili is nu c n in for n St tilt Stu a. Signed. S. i Tov Veti uni Ivy sir upon ii-11-Jwoflv a Jii m1i.v Troj. Jetoo101 fit rom pro or he is in hindi by Stu wiil Islyn. I o Nonio Lions Jiji Art mints wit i an Civ lint i Sta a is Sii is unit ally built of irl to and is Liui in a Mic rior manner a i a giants a Vii viewed it any ii i att u to or Chapman. Imalc, Ilii idly Kii act or to or Keni Tindle Stivch. Tjie or ii Ity is Ivy Elbow util thu Ric 1500/ l ocss.m ? Given if Ilij Triail in fax Roks Siut tic Terii tiits pvt unix Tiuis to continue ii convenient " Imp Chaser. Mic liar Rrnuivi-4 from the Iron Sti in i strict. I Tetil to Roii Inu Tim ii flu in now Irzinis a in i Lindores Stiitt it is Riu Stid that m persons Lia Viii business with .Li Linn aim at to licit ii Zitin Riou a not Loor to or w. 11. Noak s aug tits Kooms i Viii Klimi Sticht. Of ton As a sinews. nov. Pc. Js3t. 1 01t 01 Ami Nelcy at v nuo of Tho. Viivi tors of in g1c in i company in this a la at tic 1ir.c 111.x Ling Llie Letuks ugn.aliotis of the company were Orr i to to be. Published for tin of Trio Public i. Oliai Olieve be ?-1ovoj? directors including Ibe ii lire in rotation us , a . S to in1 filled up Liv Vole of tin is Iareto users Ami retiring Rush ii la Lilu be Noci Essaiy to lie or m it. T. A i 11w i be acts of Trio Foniri i div to s. 7. To it Tok Iivo Mitsi r t u e in Amin .Li a i. I Lukl la. a Lily. A Iveli , is i. Poor ,.% at a Iliiof in r my. I Liln Tinin to disc of to a I o no Uri-Mlu i Charles maim. .,.l by m. Smith lw., ii a Riv slut .i to i Lal Lor is ruin ii Aii War at t x.. Pm. I in ii it. �1 . ? 1 a comi . I u a i Vii a 1 u.,.1 per Iasi i it ,1 in item us i a t in m to Ilu . I Lioi . ish,Hon. .si-.-n.ii A. 1 .", a Lill t i a. A i Jiki company. A. ., 1, ii re Fri tic. . In. A ii an Mii i i in 1 Nii Liiri Tuii of in i . .m Liny will p a not i Only if suit to and i coi Iiiiii . a to v t .Vnjii Nii i inn Nf t.y a.i ii i. A n no ill u.i-.%. I. It in ii ii 51 i re i a i Nti-..inu i la. I Mir i?.acii ".. a 1, 11.111. In 1,.1 a Toimi Louill .\ ,,.j. To dirt Tai. La tin i m. ,.,. In fv. i s Lull of i of ". I Ai -.-.1-. S 1" 1, town. Iii. Impi i a a iiieriiii.td a " . Wii iils. Iliff Tilini .j, Ain a. Ii u Liili t a in is at is in m i of . Waier. I la i.jniiiin..iks Iiifnl ? in Viiu f a Tutt Bailor Mill ill. Kaiui Tinl. As to.Li.ii. is i. A .Li Tii from lilo Jilius Cou-. ,iu., ii is n to t spot for Vimr in i its Iiinnli y i or ii uns in. I pc ii of Iio in i a bin a Loam w a Riili v.mi a ..Niy in it la . A Sitlrby , to ii Sriri. I. A Ojiri fur a Jar will Ivy i to i old iils for lbs Ilion of Lilaces of Wurslin ii no Sci tools. A Jih it no .Li. is in ..Ai i. Jux jktl.4ut i. v., of or ? in s. At Mem Novi-Mii in.jo. Koi Ign. To i my = a ills to Lubini Moi Iio s " Gemlo goal Sonvi Inezi of Sumii Australia Are in ii by 4 o 0 aimiiidi., a .Li no Vanlier i a. Init of Dikty Foit .u.i a ? Siuw lies Lyric la Lioi Iso with sown r oms ii Kii Tien sit ii Ito in Camnirtoii-St.-. I re Ion .Li. s ,. S to t in i a Willow Iva. Ler Kullick omit toiuiiji.y in Vilii asiiooj.will in Taki a in Tiok or part i . Afi u on to and i aids Isacics Lii Mmry it. 1810. First Page. Swoeptaues ten tin Ineas Wie i with fifteen mini Katf added . Turf c Lii i. Sii be ribs. Lest of heats one Alibi a Ltaif in year oms Post Filli i s oar .ls Jot 21l? i year oms just i a holds Mii ii it 7lh ii Are Ami a clings allowed olb. Throe to Start or a mtg. Ladies Urso twin ii Liiv guineas Hirst of heals two Milt a ii. Year o ask to year Olds lost ? tiros St Usu t i a Viil a in St -, Jlhiib a i a 7ii? Geld i c ill wed . W it Urx Lime 7 " .\. Ii i. I in Ilion i Liiv Tony cd to i Ost enter Hurt. Host of lumps two mile ruin a. .-yei.r ols St Lii. A Vir oils lost .Li 4ytvr is i St Illi aware i my Lva. 7 Tilini i /. Turf c .Li purse fur uo.n i in to Chi a fld Ineas. L of in or o less and v to a ivs an .Lin a Wall i. Llk-1 to Tel Liili. iilitt.--. I i St of Miro a a. Cileli wifi Jivis. Kiil Raiv t it us .Li Iliili is. A .t.i.s t of of.ii-,-, a tin is Milliern Chi hotel lifo- i ? Vliek us s in Evri . Blur _ it i Eiller next. C w. Snur. Cienik of die course. Adlaidi. N.. 20. I a h. Ivi Iliano Fei to i Atli -.l i ii Mitiu is Lur tin Section a i Soilis i. it i sided to Eai Yle tie Civ i.e c Jisi. of tin i or 1 e. A Swan. Ks.,. i Rison. Of a. Q out ii Khz Cross Lio i an t i c. of i lie .uvs, it seven Oelo Ilc in a a. Tji lets one e ii i. I. A. A A Dak aids ack t.1.e1.t, i knt. Xiv. J2 in k Lert a. Fri i inn i it Pluver Oins. A i ill in iin3mam v o. ii r v i. L y s i r r a t k n a ii .uts, a View of taif Mounlio in..Inu lots from to Ato suit Vinelia wins. Uii id by to to and at re Eniasi s Oiin iiiia1-". Kin i Slect. Trio Hiroji victors in to thu views of that Rivin tie to Leyan. Jive pics Erik d i ?1 lol Livent of for tie Oie Etious of v cd i Iel which will a i Iron i filed \. And form a very handsome addition to the most .viprt.lesiie.y a Ortii Adi few x. I it unlit Tillii-r Asli inst to i Elits or shot for a so he St i ecu Mirin it Gailien Render it it Otic a an o nyc t to tic wealth in jul a. The Tillo Eitts vary from 10 feet itto a bi.aeic tilt Csc during tic Imit of the a a Isvlvrifl i. to the Kirkei a i " to requisite to Render tie Rich a Lik f growing tic greatest i All fruit. Ami be Eta Iciek. The a of thu its Tipy r Iru Hoad Oann it it Guilde i tie Vya of tit Lover of Scenic Beauty. Asat vital / u a of luxuriant Prass adds value i irl Lanty Litlie it a Eity and gives a i Milf this Civ shia Ier is to lie .Li wind at tie Chi v inn Clit am Dun my , where lie Fui Uve Are to lie Lead As suon after Jiu Yearion a they can drive Frost thut .Li hire Limo. Tell run in. On Salk by the i 3ersitiied, lows Ando ii it a 1wj, Sewal allotments in i Oit Lineul i.?, some draught i so Idle i Mali. Interim Cuimei Itti of Mana Viii air Power to Udd to their Milt Kiev. William Andrews Lisq. . Beck Kasij. William k. Cooke., i so. Jul Moi i tit it a inward Rowlands . Lohn Walker i main tint the f in. Arrived a Lii m insurance company a y x Tue Lisle i the cd Loisy with much no Vune Xvi. La the Public Ami tile partner of to c a Injo Ujie tie St it a Liili Iittcnd similar Iniitij tons Liolu in Treut Hrit Uin mid in the Nei. -.? in colonies holds out every eni Ourn Iocim 1.1 the promoters of the present under Takito. Should however lie a Fuli he Tuzil to in1 in ii tit it. A iliri1 . The Crim con.aikt. i a no Lii ii. To in Pii i Sid coins Kiriy under tin b i Loiis und Viz i. Tie ruin ital of the oui Iny Sha , Uta f divided to to it each. It Sigall Linn Over. He in the Power of Cie Iid meeting of Thi pc Ivancin of Viup. Isy to inti car Tiv i it a at a i future Perim in Joi d a be per rent will lit irmide on Isk in Vilii is in tin a .Li of it Nuary ii it and v further Call of b a r cent. Will by Nady i. Tuliau is i Riih h Tiger Aitery mid should lie t id h Urc. to .Li i my Uit Mitiu ill Call thu i of thee Obj i y Utu .iy. it of the first Call Jim the Milf los. Lii Fei Illi coi Itter Liall i Houtie to Ivl i a minis so paid to tin several.nrtiis, a to it a deduction or i Skvir. 4. Jio Suomi us the interim comic ill. Thi k proper v Ucnrul meeting v Milit trill is Chilli in fur Tiu purpose of he a rain Foo ii. Infers Mill other Wieers i by Lucr under such Retro Hiti ins a May lie Der Ineil Mali Fri ii jul a tin holders of o n . i Liall one vote five. Two no ten Liari ? Tirifie Gnu nu-9 to in Viand Tuv uly Iare id Nav i Liiv vote ii a la is a Arek olders la Urov \ k Dipillo Lor tin 4iiicef it h to i ,..i,.y. Vital Liv lir. To a cart. Ii m of Jioio Lii tar of the Toni Jinny und they .Li. a 1. It in to Eit Juicer to Foi jul s one half of the Ca i Talu cd is Subciiljcd. ". I Lio ims incs i my in Pony in tin i it itis Taimee be confined to i sur am Ugi in to in i and Marizu ins i Moil. K. A proper Ritj of Tor tin Elf ii it Man a of like. Of a i -.iijiunj -.t Prolee Tion of lie Shart Giuld in pm lir i. in the i 1 Nella n of the Urs of la turf club will Bis yield it tie soil .v. Cros hotel on saturday the isl dec Mic a at on Oft for the purpose of Ballo Lii our Nisi Norrs. Lii , Sai iry. Adelaide november jobs Jet. Ruji Weka is Yole Lin f,"slu.da. ? to s if re Bilidt to eighty Nero of in e can. It is wily Success any id this Tate and its soil t.? lie Billy inspected by purchasers previously a to Weir f in to same of its value with tic pro Jiries ii. Considers it a great to Small 1 i in Asatiliifis, my Koi ii is. Water is of i ii a twelve i it Julid Ai u re in w Lor Feilin Mir mods it. Payment pm by weekly instalment and p "Viv sir tvo so ii us by douse and it or Hubert s of iliac ivs i act Jiu. Of St Chi Plov. . Or Ualara errs p ols of Ain Xii i Ami South adei.,Ide fes Salt s1 & o i Rocil country so Tjotis

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