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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Dec 7 1839, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - December 7, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia advertisements. Gfall must be paid for previous to insertion in less j or warded his sch of or Frinchi in ii Neil a on thai mounts tits v ,.7"/ it ath into flt a 1 3. To ii. A Ishii Assw. Sivov my and will positively a ii Lor tin place i Ivr. Iii it by. The / a cart r will touch at Sydney in her in to new a Ilii Iid. To r freight or passage for either , liar Cood accommodation lev to the master ii Board 01 to Captain , Filloy a trait. Adrai a oveir.bo-2, 1p39. A it Syoney ski it re milk barque Uhter. Job Jis Tow v ""1 kit flail a vow ? Jgr Ragi p ? ii on or bar acre for ii i.,.u or Sigi up i 7 to if pm Board or to Captain p. Hin . Luk of South at staua. Notice . By Given to ? the dlr of of of at Itati ill future b 4oll Lys. A1 cml.iv-, arid fridays. Hills in c if ii or fur twelve o clock no ail i Isar i be Givin Rel ii two Povlik v. . Strm\r., Casbier. Hank of month a Luh. Nov. 1.11-wj. Mokski Bullocks Dijan Hoats Etc. For . �7 lev N very ?.w in mro Tirol in t so i or am in Nick. A i Fuchi a will in r y in i 1 guru i 0i.1.t, t lure i rays. In. B it Jcj it if of party just Aniver a 0 i Rhind or in Sydney. Apply to or mi-Xuiiiu-.iit t a Butch n Cros or to messes Kyro and Lionny Kun a. Turret. I or c 1. Vol. A x n ital uni " just in Portal from Van Inin ? i ? per Lutfi cram Stan not , a a will stand at or Hack , or r t n of on. Iii i tier. Tii j i pro c the Pioli t of Lew Jirav Lent in tin Roo in if ? to it it lint Byrrl 1 Lor aur ii .-,.ui Toimi ?. Ini Luva Rio ? pc. T in j to the of Sivc to Nevi to i luvs Lutu a talk Orff ,., to in . In lie to i ii a r i / Will my i it a i t ii of ii .1 t to m of ii uti i or. \vrynii?"Tii.mrf t. To i like .Ui..ii, ? five shillings tin Groom. I a Lect Robirt Lornt. 1 Cert 1 i tin i in i ave d Nimit tin in a St by in c.? a a lev a i r. Flt i i v air / i of c I Ever Iiltulfi. -.? t ii my Milr , a n. I i .li Sooil Trisor Viii ii i St est Utikal in t .Ui. I a i. 1 3. S. i?.rr.-. It ii any Tirron Boliow of i. T it i . .10.--mv Flo a. Of .ii.ints. I Oik of the 1 ? 111 Wall till. Jcin? n j 71, i Viii ill ,- of two Iriilitiiri. I iritis i not fur a i of land will f Nti Bioty. to or Mvi to wiil it a Anns. . N to messes Anil Hoik Joti Izill a i oct. Hoi so Sam Aini Csizi or hic a h in ii to i sin i. a i or. Ivil .-Jmri nit int nth ? sri i Hont four Riih. v. . And y to it to. I. I. Ali Bioust i Anglia ii lilt of Liu a. And a in v g in blur i will Aruj itch a slut a Alp rvs do or for in i in Inross. Ali. Liole m punt lot to nost Rpsjiial ii ints it a wit key Rit olm . Tin part Misc Muy he vic.dm univ Rune a application to or Tia Man Wattu Imko . Or to or Kyro 1. Hie j top by Fri Hom. And the Price Ijmte Possession would Ite Piven if Root tired in i turks but the telunts Are anxious to continue in Onver Girnt 10 the Nii Chaser. Ltd a i Ned have removed from the Iron store in Pirie Street. Until the completion of their or premiers in minders Street it i re Quested that Ell persons Burin cosines with the term Mill Call at to tier , wet floor to or. U. Kopje t auction Lioom Para Law. A not. Nev town hip Khz Ishii of Moi it it Usif. To i-.-n it Torii so. 11 the i. In i in. l in Muti 1 All .Ui Kiiji. Irom new spilt "1 it ii v i in Inirio contral eing wit to i inn la girly the last Well we Teien pot on tie . \ i Quad Between Adel ii a and the my my in Nuiji b Roqu tinted Nartis visiting tie Viou thin and by travellers to and from the Mure re Stern Oist rifts Tuul Ake and he into even o by Liutti on tie from the lord of the ara9 nut i Hii Villi Etc. It Miijiin i by cd Allyl c it tie Muk on v. Lii la ? Iro Tiou of Trio so pro Vuht Overlund r omit fire in. It i Good Stup Oisin tvs inn on i , a buy Day in . I Juip Isid town i ii Sil i if d ii i t to i a iy. rtt to prevailing v . Kintli s of v cd wac ill Lickli to Ore i fit ill .--.ist?Jis i ? 01 in i valor. Thi jail to of a Ive views of i mount Barker Smil t la ii found. tie 1 a in Iliili iou. Aii-1 tin from wins , it .1 mis Kidi for Uii Inu r a Mie. 11 trn Tilv Lor i Imus 10. I Irilli Tipp of air to Neil a Ifni p Blick Limin ii Wen with .1 so Tel Oij Inland the i. Yujin in id a Tiuch with t 01 building a Lilly Lutol p. Trip ii ii Itoi Sivard on Ali Vernand wit i such s ii. A in in ii r d. Will tic 1111 i. A 1.t.0n i it ii. In nov up cd a a if Uri o Hii ii of i,.s, Ali if a a by Jiuhui i t.-.-.1. Ass a to rut in i Rasins ? Woi Ihl n pro ii opening or a Moriki a Xvi i. ,ii _ ii to. To ii Onci Rufii i t be c in. I m iroi.ior will ust in i it the Elver it Pic ? of . Ii a Liholm. A j tin towns i in p i.ir..ni, and. In taif naiiti.itp Uli of Mizii p. A ii to ii re medic i ily to i Var coi a i?if Ion messes Kim Tim and co., v r or of. Adi ii a nov find .1. S1,9. Ill a inst of Kex it. Z Osi to i k Torrins the Raj Rhetor of Liat in Jinn of the pro Haiim a .-? no. 4ii ?.iiii ili3 Kimii ats t i tin Toi i cons Sill Witlin Law Miles of Norilia ailclui.u1, i to i Alloju urus a ii for Vul Rali y. A water . A a i r ii i pro erty c in ool Dicj Ari too an 1 Tler Dicantio. Spa plication univ be j if to " i Villia Tii at tic jul Tyter t Tali. Office. % i Osrail of Taxt. A. Umui , x Piid to Lalii t tic Jumic , interested a Bee Fri .v-. c red to the Roini ii Price Inni i in at a Sci Bijj in of \ it in. 5 3 ill at a ii Clicc Jor la. A life Ali or Price was to to in .i. ii Islic to assure lie i ?.j of Jutt Aumi i it dial to has inn 0 1 c Price Sulci stated in his a Bibl Kulvet Lise Lih lit. W. null aware that Liis St it Cal f til i t ? his in Tomesh. Let lie Iuvr ii i., of a it Itu Utah Tii to ill p1 lie that the in Dauvd j was 11 it him in 411 actual Mih. am Impi. Fur t a. In. J. Aill ,. 1., i la in obey ,.l ii Lvi it i Jio Silivi . t by inv by it a i \v.ir.1.11m old ump a Jook and co in.i\ i tin in Lunvia tarisp.21u. Flour Jim .i Uinci in. A to club. Lor a a of ill. In Lacic. A of or. 011 . 4 few oct tick if in a ii in i. Tinfo d. I. Aio Siv ii Flom ii with four to Iileno. The a Skivo Ivari Tiff Viliano mutated ont Oik Nili i Kat ,id li. a Oil 1 j v " Wuol? a we Wutt a pulling Thuu i it. An Ane in North Adt Lariso and half Mii Nurt in Jin Rita i vim ii. I Hili a ? k re Wati a ill the .Ui Itic of in it a first rate Brick ii rid. A. I. For \ Hay in the truss of Tod. To timor i Piip. Llars Mai c try for litre. Apply t. W. William Tient to Massif cos. Add lipid. Unto liar a. Of la liar tiip"tnuijrmd7totvn in a he Viii allotment m i in Rolfi Jevc Yteo some Kuni rior Jrmig Siddle Lois or. T. W. Castimore. Grote Street nov. So . Foit , r fas oleic cafe Plou per Bat Fine Quality at 50s. The1001b text went to be made on deliver. C. Ski blk. roil 6alk by at a Jcj Plouh Bra. Bottled ale my Porter. Dimont it ditto. A Toto. Any arc la r by the. Tow. A. c crisps in Kuat Lrol Dairy cows m i in and la Mikino Stork Yard to or Unity Omi Pittl y the Sudith a Taliaa com Piniy. Cuili mid of Liiva Tiraco i Wafle opposite or Iliili ii Miskit it lot of very Supi dior a i ii i will and recently calved o. A inn of .Ui Lis Jirld steers suited either for i lint Tor in Yoke. The cow an warranted it in in \ Julto any in .Iit Colony in Ilki re in fur quietness. For Kiili Culini to i ily above to to cd nah Rye mid _ 5. Idle fit rect. Ail , mom in Oer 9. 18 13. A t a Lviv or 9 stoc Piik and so blocs in a i it in apr Rico North a Cluid. About Tiivi Benil if Row wit. by their j Hiil ii 1 list i a Iriti Drift. Isaac been j Bron it a r la off ii or Khiuit. A Lair a ii j to Irani la or i a ii of in if irl it to have july application to t Lin. In Tarsi lately pc y tic Kathy him it Totri j ultes Siuw r Ady lot a it or t a Sili. Mic for fir i Oovi Cun of latin Fik t tin1 in k to Dodo Street. A.1.1 a so. . Puher xon rams for fr-. 100jmre of m. I Toly import in the Van Dit in la # rpm to lir Sci to or Alci v ration. I ii i r particular Apper so W. Sir.?. ,\.- .ii0. New Liber St i. Tok ii Alk. In inv Mii rior Cowa. in of. I can lie ii near Jid Rani in Vii i to ?.tr 5. Hamilton t i Idle air act to sposite Lair a hit . Oor . Joo very mip crier cows and about 10 t Vyolla Bill in Kra it tin Iola Piru. Aprily to Ajr or ii . M a.ijiintt Lului Itolle inti of. I at ,n Wirk by lne Milou caws or islet. Ii Vii wed sit Mak Piil. of cock & . fool ale. Mpwo urn Kef Mlo fir rate cattle a have two or a of Nee. A to messes i y ? in of v. Tuii it Ott. Fat Wmtjikr " j / i St Urr Ivra overlaid from South Wuu t. In Fine at a. Thj an Taur Yar in 1 _. Cut Lioj. Nihil a air try fryc from i Caie. A Lylo vis to a or ail Liduina ii. 11 Wool Ltd Vopni ii a ? 1 a Uvrl tid in frit United a i of in i it .niirl, jvsq., m.c., to 1 j lion sum Kwh a a in Fine wet Ohad t i Atnel Oro i All . A i july to messes t v. Kinishi san it. S i k most Talz i thirty very super Jomir Rains for ale,1 i Jned f of flocks of or Walker nah Zihni t. A icily ? mar by e and in Suity. Lundli Tio to. I. I ?.sk for plot of.m list "it7t it i f.? suwallli.ir, on tvs Vicli li. ii gently. Hijii or Arteil a Wail Tillis re omit ii ii Cusp t of if fax mums two if whip ii Luite Tiro ii j in Liim. I lie clinic to Pic int it it a weekly j a frito Inu c Jinni it Fvv i Jav if. I ii a 5 k a i. Tic pre minis a lie a to messes i icum ii Hong a. Lii i Lle Stii it. ant n a alcl., i or an i j Ryti Clu it Kiil in avt4 on tilt Start. Lutr. O 11-, Only hic uti n Miles lion Ito Fri i Fry Itric serf urn under lie a t n. a Liall Miles in Nilo in. The j ? in of this firrmr i to cultivation. Aprily to i missis Kvut Ennd to in v. J i 0% in Lani to Aid Otlet in Imil Ding i. To of Pis in uni id stick Tali living a Fri a Lio ii fully o to Lett v Elc Jill of so it i. A ily to sri i Inland nov j v Ano Ordi ii Lor Mie an Kig Lity rate and , lat d it a ily 1s3?. to messes kor and in . Ijun. Tarrh. It mutant 1o Siikki ova Nous the Cal p. Ritually eradicated Higy sleep ointment. Mild.y t. I Kman agent j next tic .Ui ii mull Lintel Kun Iidle Mivi to Tel arc of tiny in from.\crul Largo flock own re Nuy 5 j the Cecii. J to Sii Kep own Chis and lie ii k. Dif Nisku 01, that Evant Villa to Leurer in Jirou try and tin Corii i Tio i of or Koan ill. Toci Lior with nearly Imp in acre of Laud. I Isu put wit i every. Thing that Ron Cirii Nec of luxury in in no cd Ente dating j Een spared the Propri Tor. It consists of Tian some drawing Anil dining rooms two Best bed room kit Riichi Larder cellar and to or Sivits room. There a Well of Peel Cut water on the Iichi i together Wotli Eti Lilii out Otise a. The proprietor lie Inq about to return to England willing to take Well bred euros in Exchange Lor to Ltd above in p to payment a to the full amount apply to or Rouwki in Ibe ital miss or to or Rici Takason Killcy Cercet i Wool. Hack. Watson. & co. Will my a Wal Tia Lif of to Tomt to the Public the arrangement announced on saturday last have been com Complete. Mar r-." Tutra tkih3h has no jumper or a Ron action. Direct or Indi rect will the establishment which Baa Hul Ierio Pri ill a Adt Tsuie Ruari in. Helms Nolde it copyright t f the paper end the printing1 mate rials 1o a. , v to now the Sou proprietor. Wit Hrha Cio e of proprietorship the paper a ill hic re j change name and will an car for t of of Uusma the " Adllaide chronic Man a confided to a new editor who Roqucv a in mention ing the Eirc Mola of to Tay for him that Thui Iffla not old in colonial a lace Lia will discharge to responsible cry to has tide rat Eon Cintio Iisley a and that fr-iiw1. Of. He k.? to h of own ability than Fth goo it tie , on whom he depend for a fair of Triu and Oceaser i ally Altu wiper the hones y of his ovine oct to Oomprn. for what to t nay a observable in the expression of therm. Vurta does not wet and a Vannort tier before profess i Asher coca to any but the pan lie determined to to that of South Australia and to Advance her into Fostiy All the Means at ii command. The Ivo Krietor has own advised to Chan Foj Detlav of Pulica Ion from saturday t ? tue d to and 11-.c p2ier will the Crew re in future a published on tues Rhy. It Las also been found can so Ife of tie of Pieiro of la or a mor Canfil to i Irish the or at i dial Pico and the fun tors numbers will therefore sold Only Fame terms the Oister and soc Tisimis lib first Inifi tub will he Puhl mind in tuesday the Iol i of Ece her next. A orders and advertisement for the paper Mil Eon Munica Tiofio fun t of editor to be ? to Gran Trett. i 1639. A Ort of m n i. X rim Eros re Respler Sitf me Elf of colonists infer e t a in the improve in fit of the o Appato Nehus to the capital Ott in Ivov. Leld of the Couri-Lituse on tuesday t i 2-" i to Vimb a. -. be in ii n of Osmond of , 0-.?on? set Titi Mok a. std to . To c ir-rr.? a Bra fir fitted Tea Olacia the taif Stirr when it i opos d by Ca Taju Alfred of it Anniti i v r " dial a company of Era for the in Rosa of constricting a tier and acc tip Ware houses at g in or Rith a capital of two thousand Pound with Power to i Cresso in hares of ten pounds each. Troy used he 3. I. By sq., the coded by W. Stuart Kra that the following 4ntcmtu be req Upatoi to act directors Clarles deck. B. Garratt Samuel East f go a Captain a. I l r j. Knott it. Of Cronson e. F ? Oman James Frew. R. I grief proposed by .Trles ksq., be Onde by r. Ferguson to Liat the Ruh h r a no on in e referred to the dire Tori Fri eject to t o approval of Cental mooting of la to Ca de for that purpose. Proposed by Ost Nistl go i eeq., to by Beck Esq. List Charlesm in tsp. By or Poi Atid so liquor to the i com Jawny. Proposed by h. A i Iroy Freij. That William finite be appointed honorary Secretary and Osmond Gills treasurer. Cleo. Steve Spoti chairman of the . Avii Hau Diwan honorary Secretary. Twickenham. Or j. Law v. Now permitted t y Tho propricti.". Off f r to t the Public for Trio Fer week o. Y a few of Tho rom lining allot menus at jt3 a the excellent Pum Tion of this town being a ont Mill Rayon Thoralil Tith Lirt and Tho fast rising maritime town. Blends Tio Rich varieties and Pond Una Lipics if it soil for horticulture or , com wed with the Edvan Taj of a sighing association now forming for Mahling Propri rotors of null m ans to build rite on up Yang the a1? canoes out of their week la earnings by easy Inetal mom Are of cos Trubich in to at once continue of the Valno of to to stat and Render in necks aty. Phys can be in Cli car y a Pic Ilion be told be Wado. Office Rundle to erect of in to Ste Cue place to Harn efts we fakers. F h Malv ?.tjic above Ere infer of Tfir t Connye App Iod Rita you Antita of be tar of tie ver Bent tuition no at pc r Lew Friree it the Ftp. Arc Fdl at rect neat it term. Body Huml

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