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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Dec 2 1898, Page 4

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - December 2, 1898, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Libby n 0ahned meats Baet Bam. To Agnea Meito highest Quality. 9ttas to so Ping. Semaphore. Friday december 2-unr water 11.30 a High water 5.3u . j. Kal Morlie. Steamer. 1.s53 Low. H. Mcdonald Nuter from Melbourne. I engr it Tam Stow Rhodes hard Alt la How. J. Rea Fanf Cru wami Vit Atoki. A rids Toj. Nove 2vick Tihan . Mclean a. Birrell Arnold Watson. A. Miv Rwy Spencer. M. Iia Lurnie. Mean. K. J. Jowl you. Al Cebee k. C Ife on or. J. Reay Smith. A t a. F. Spencer ii. K. Jofin Mon. A. Kew. Guy Jennins. W. In ton it. Wair. I. Robert. C. W. A Lapwood. Morion. Spain. 4. Krlly. Swot v. Tow Itomi. Kirra incur. F Cummungs j. F. Llowana. To prion. A. , ii. Umbert sorrel Piny s k. Brown. H vat. In Ruck. Muter jul Newlun in uie Saloon and Foj in the us Cabin. Investigator. Krumri. Atton. O. Aad Anaa to avar from Spencer s Gulf Peru. Innit. It la ten it . Ij3i tons r. Latre Natter. Hmm Ami mine november it t. I Nike Jim scr. M. To. Makison City and port it a Mill Traitli. Mcacham and co Lini Sui ions. Licet mrs Ham instar from melt Hume Nown brr a. Abl wraith ate of a urn and co., City fowling and son port a vhf. Whir Onu. Tamami a. Co1,718 ton.-, p. I Larry. Tauter from it Tastle november 3t. . Co., fity and i not. Agent. Juv Haft Tiv Viaer ailebid.? . Co1,706 Loa. T. Ike rom. Instr Omni nov Clatk. Via Sydney nov Ember � Adelaide . Co., City Aad , As is. Tin Elliott. Rin Anglo australian . Co. to h. R. R. Ifal Rhin no Arr from Uminn october 12. -.fin. Alright. And co. Titty i i part. As us. I to anger Captain Armstrong in to Olomi. Carrs Neamir 3s tons j. Pc rein Natter Troio Sui Ivury. Jim c it Naif. It Teaner 73 tons j. In header Kun. Masu. From san. Ujrooi.1 it Wrner. 15 tons e. L it Artlett master. edit Burg. Antic Watt Ketch. 12 tons George Mck Ajr . Foitl port Wake told. Hut. I Tab. 44 was it Jollion. Nutter Boa Rort a Kefili Sailor l Ridi. Ketih. Al tuns. A k Livia no Ater Fauni Jet ? is Cix bed. November 30. Laura. . I, to. C. J. Killer r-5trr, Tor in Wurtle nor South Wale via tort a Usu. In Rollet. Nto jetted Dej a tires. Iroo.-. A on Ade Bidol forum for Bettt. to India it Emlet � cult u Lanu Itu Vecei uber 15 Baro a. Orly aunt no Krc cuber 19 Stu Saiu. Dom by h , be Cetner a Arcadia. January i Jun. Jan Surv 12 itome. January 19 in Makooi january a lit Kenn Iacy 2 Oro a. Kelm siry Oriental. February Cox of rat into Ruuti Manu 9 onnus Ilant Onu Aii Auri for Dunkirk. Antwerp and Hamburg a Bun 17. Kor Brentt a Ridrich do roae. Bet Ember 10 Bremoli. Jinuu.7 7 Kuuipo lube. February to Buta Ruwa. March t. ? r or Man Tut i Olvo Cwon it scrober i a Iron a Rel ii. It Emu r 311 Aii Stralie january it Vuic Del Mauk nary a. For . To any. Johi i Tirron flab Porti Huj. 3 Marlou to camber i War . Iwuc brr j. Or vial and Cape to to Dungaree. Dec Ember 7 Harraw Nosb. A tobit Al a Akwiwu january is w Willolo Iyoko and Varri Al u follow. V or Wittem at Utilia Farock a member a Pil Lurra. December if Oneriv. Us Vonber 3 Ade Ludo. Drc Eaber 12 Gabo new other Jit. For be peruse . Be Cember 8 to Al Indri at Albany a Deitle. it. Sailed. November 30. To Cmor Mia rave Homer fur . Doe Rahter l a Sta. Partle Ite Aroer for Rort fairie. Ori Jat st in a for a Man. Is. A Farmer. Fair Siam buy Jamed comic it Umer for Arr Ojst. Imit its. Ivcic tuber 1. Curt Adda Iov Froais Umlor Cuero Licario. Klco Priit irom jute warm. On Crol Uit Jjo. . Tym new Uuie tons Coal Piror from Selbi irbe Lienen Varju. Ove be. Ram new Caine All try Iwry 3u0 Tun Coal. In pits. . Melb oame. Arrived Lac few \ Ineram Kuna. Kid Ura Tiuli of Lin. Rerp Iol 1 in upon. Carnie drawn it. To Venn Ort Tajiu the Huff a Chart. Sailed dec Eudor i Augsburg and a refer Sydney. Ryder a. Arris re Orr ilm Marion Kramer liner Pool a Jward and Ilay. Sun Frant fico ? Kotah. Urban a Undjia. Union percs Rine hrs bin. &ij1mi Lac Ember 1 Yanu Biro guru. Honc kno Victoria. New Lori iridis. Far cml. Arrived december 1 Norrow dalt or defy. Sailed a Miler Turko Jwa. Be Loos be micral. Moo Ane net Sid. Sydney. Brisbane. Arris to tvs four i Wodo Raea and run boat. Sroder. Smiled december 1 Audi Bra Sydney. Olt ports. Port a ormber 3d Fulwood ant wrap Odania. Sidnry. Wallaroo. Arrived is camber 1-r term. U000u Bav. Edit Bunc arrived a owner in Larooka port us Laid. Ardran. Arr irad december 1 Fluta ing Addair. Rist Otoo. Arrived. November 3- Franklin Melbourne. The Rivers. Munc Amrol to Rembor a Milos. Plenio sir. I Irner la rider. Arrived november so Ivro Mann to Saddler Blanchr turn. Sailed 30 Corva i Oren. Magnum. Arrived november 91 Saddler. A Tammy. Sailed 3---Tyru and Saddler Llumi Corowa. Tilt. Kieu Levix. To Jbv i top Mati of the riven above a numb Wei at tin undermentioned placet at . On thursday to Cretier i Iuo i it. Hay. 3 Al Balranald. H it Uoo Doga. Low Mune Nadi. I it. 7 in Motril. Low Namota 2 it. 3 in. Ban run. ? fun . Low Dourk s it. 2 in. Louth. Low til a Low whoa Nina. 1 it. 3 in Meni dip. V in. Pou Carie is it i in Wem Worth. 10 it. 2 in. Alburg. 4 Al 1 in. Waifu Ntuli. N it. It in. Echus. W it. 5 in. Sinn Hill. 9 it. La in. Enston Ltd for. 8 in. Wound Omar 7 it. 4 in. Morgan 9 la 1 in. It Agurk s it j in. . ? Apt in a. Mcdonald my Rex that Tom Kalir re left Sydney at 0 . On november a and Melbourne at iu.0 . On Tow Isth. Koch Lenl Cap Ahw Ajr it . Of the st. Paid Casi Nelson at s.43 Iti the same Day. And Cape Jerri at . On the . Arr mag at us sem Anborn at 1.30 . Ca Pec Emdur 1, and the port Adelaide wharf at 4.10 . Tie no Usu. The Kal Porlie expense need Stroner head winds with High Ana and Small in Thor the Lonait. On the Tominc of x6 Thiher 30. When off Cape Jaffa. Reca Elizabeth Murdock. Aced .4 year Nuru tubed to a Mere attack Caf Tritini. And was Bucht to port and Laid for burial. She attended Whit 01 by or. J. Rear a put nut r on Board the Vhal movements of steamers. Orient line. The Ophir. Fra cot combo. Arrived at Albany at 1 . A thursday. . The Steamer Falcon lie 4rritni Early on Thnora Iby Mornine from Mettke Miro after a fair Pramac Iii my Muld to a or in tie wharf for itty Barge of Nero. Mie if loosed to eave for the a Fri Raj in Friday Nior Nin. The be Treer Williama tras if Crk Collier to put in an appearance in than Day. She Bra Jet t full iced and Ait icon a the nasal or Malitie tend in observed proceeded Bro mid the Narrows for Liu Daif e. To mail Teuner Orient arrived from Melbon a later Baa had been expected through x ill Jet i run Ifni it of the machinery necessitating % Hurt mop More end me. A Oon As her if Forbor was let in tighten Tnp and launches with rank. Mail and . Wer at work us the Yreva Dorik to proceeded with that the Nael a flu on her homeward to act orly in the even lev. The North German company has eleven Row run Cru at Piv tent in none of front Truckson. Thor ump rip to twin Crew nuo Anil Naa i Fleer he it the Barm in to sir York line named Kama and main two mail twiner Konig Albert and inti treat Irene three Warrn and Pas fewer Roan for the of Altimori service. To be known a a in Frankfurt and Leann Over one Tamer it the Barban a Type two Canto boats for tin far East str Vav Nomnie Stra burp and Wun Rimner and nor Tut Sloun Reamer Nixe. The Reamer Tvr Edale arrived Rorai Newcastle and Sidney in thu May aft Moon. F Apuin Tom Darter or it that Eirot Sydney at 2 . On la Xii Ultimio. St lad licit Northeast wind to tie i la Moniara. We Iii a Abram on tax Isth at i . Thini Ennion Trail Strinni West North we lond with incr Shnir a. Cap Otway was a brain a the 2rtl-. And to nun wind prevailed while a heavy a Ciu inc. And the Voct Tcori a lot of water Orr ten he. Cape Nurt Huni Briand vat a in on thu 3-nh, when the wind hauled in the Wen Noth term and in kneed. Dac air a ape run nil at 7.30 a. Of Unn Dav. And Ihn a full a Nicom a Lisbel with line weather. Clit . And smooth Ca. The sea nor port Elliott arrived from London at a Arlight a to Pindar. Of in p. R. Kate in Repon that he it inn dam in Karl next 11, and bad a �j1j i ice b i we tier for urn or split dark. Which Ca wiil a lot of anxiety to the it flyer. For there Wir on Hoard a Niit Uher of taut Able mud Raio and. A mid 1 thu Jtj i hat Fortuna try Nui Bini the Cut rim ird. Vijh verde Wah i an la. Err Tii by Mit. And the a Natur was Rno Mol on tic Unher 27. Them no Eam trod i wer i mud and a Cpl undid run left air Cape not i hip Murn on Nuoc Mirr c Twenty lure Lay it. Tik aiming � u run Ikon Between Iha .44. Dry. And i in of. Slow in Tarakh winds a to Eil from the Nathan a and Nurr Evurd and hitch hos. Mibra the prop ller a race i dlr at Timo. This weather on Rimml until the Catner neared the land when it cued up . Captain Wuichin a with him As Dirk Oldren or. Hutchison i Hief. Or. G. N. Pike Nomland or. T. O. Kocke third while or. Huyth Wii u still in charts of to machinery department. The Pilot took tha Vanel to the wharf when she will Dueh Arpi Braroe too and 709 ton of general Ruga previous is us tinning brr voyage to Melbourne Sydney and new cattle Captain Armstrong the company Spahn band is a a enter by Ike ship and ii using of round Yaju for tha Benoni of nil to Aalto. Vessels of passage to Sointu Aust a Lian i Days old Fob 1 Ort Adel use. Steamers. Giunia 3,430, to new Yurk 4& Bremen u.3., a a fro Bremen in cd Cantu 2,700. Antwerp 44. Upbin k.&., ,/10, to London j5. Arcadia k.iuj., 0.003, fat Loo Don 29. U js1, fun London. 36. U Akoi 6,, to Lyndon 27. Around i Shiv f.u.s., Marseille. So. I Mic Iii it Ilu to us cure 2a. Lilt of Enice. Sjostr. In list poo22. Rotava. Kuju 5.ms, Lodva =1. San Biti 4.iw, in i twerp in. It Mirin Louic o.b., it ii in Bremen 18. . ., j.&45. Loudon 1j. Range $.riu, to Yon 10. Vic in Addaide i ski to new Kok la. Sailer. Edwardine $00, archangel 130. Luxl Ilion. Lac in Stem tall 1 1. Uio Luiu Krnato list . Joins n.b., 1w. Ttl9-nn Ca eth . Mccain a by in London to. Maid Elena. Ia1, to eur York. J2. Loi ii Lou you i to. a Kuzuw w. Ophelia 1.127, to , i. Omega. Re. Fin Laiu Unur. So. Mar Nitoiu 1,071, . Junks n.u., 79. Incr room in. In Cantou 76. Lent Chi. L,tj2. use Ruoi. 75. Smtih Paiker. to Ucli Tat. I. No. Cli Orr to. W. Ii. Lallah. 7 Fml Urt Townsend 6j. City u Acra. I. Tin Iun Ditallo 62. Hornby Cutic. 1.375. In a Jodo in lube 1,s-2, Ira a Lauburg ii. Muon in Elk. I,la3, Liverpool. In in a. I,2un, in Ulai Gow 11. 1,1%. Fml Dos. 37. Maht Mun 1.313, Jumius 27. Ron Naif. 13$, to Antwerp. 23. Kiric. , in Ubu vow. A. Law Lutu , i is it a str Yore 17. Lutui. , to Luuloa in Batatu 11s, Fin starry. M. For Post Pirie. Sleuter. Bloomf in in i,7h, to Capo town. 20. Oli Untch 3hh, Bombay is. Sailers. Jupiter 1.651. Antwerp 00. Jour Tua l on Ludlow Culm i its. A Antwerp do. i.li�7, Tzanu Milf i Imi Malu. =,4-30. In Harry. S4. Sotuyo 2,1%, in i Tambury a Fok . Fallen. Mari . Lura Buru. .91 tenant cts tiny a Arbour. Us vessel on i Fumm South acs Tiu Lun outs. R re fort Jet aide. Steamers. . In fur London 35. It Ira. 1.0uu. Lor Goodwi. 4t narrow i,07t-. For Landua. 4. . 2/i ii fur London. To. Sulki. i a. For London a. Irve Kloof of . For Dunkirk to. Port Almyrt. U.14. Lor a Dou a. Warrow Daboul 3.?-13, tur London. 23. Cult of mar Talon. .?j3, for London 22. Oceana 6,60. For London. Is. Prim usent Luitpold 64ss, for Bremen onnus r.3 6.js7. For Lowdon 15. Ton re Lin. 8.492, for London i Sailer. Myrtle Holm. Cui. It London. 90. A Willa 1.310, for London. 14. From. Kin ustus. Sailer. Letterewe 7w, for London 11 from port Victor. Steamer. Brator 100. For Lood a. Is. From port Petrie. I auers. River Fallon. L,3�, for Clennel. A. Feb of Post algcst.%. Sailers. Oakl melt l,0u, for Channel. 2s2. Weather reports and Fotij arts. Forecast of probable we Allier from thur Vlay Alre Moon till Kwa Niht. Imucci at 1.30 . On twin near. South Australia. Tine Ami hut a morally. Willi inn my Mno. From Ter Fairine. I Quige a mint. No liter with wind veering re a. Vector to air by or. 1. A Arochi �. Ten rally Fine Ami warm with lip it variable Wimb. Chiefly North a Ltd inh in. Slight a. Nov South Wale Neplir. By or. Ii. C. and licht in Nix. Northeast on the Newt. U rather intr and re a general or. Vav Stern Australia applied by . Cooke Fine and warm to hot Inland a rarely Rool in Nith to and Ruth Ermi District. Condition. Arc favourable for Inland and in the North. The or Attar is Fine Thi morning Over Llie whole of Australia with a Little kid a a tora Iania and on the Queensland coast and hied Tonra turn emr rally Orr Central and \vt4ni Australia. To a huh or Fakir rept which a Over this Colony Haift a eastward into new South Vale. And is Wias Nery. Ami there Haw Hen a a a Juli Rabl fall in the barometer Over a orca bigot. Hot no denied o Donic Duyrl . It appears in the weather Chart. It is. However not Odin qty that a depression is Marin no to Ward Thi Colony and Tao Nania. And if a May Kupect a Cool change Arnch coup Lotring hot northerly winds Ink Protr. Charles top Cov emment astronomer. Llfc.tepr0logicalnor. I dec. 1 us tenant d Tea Amot Pubenc prot sure temperature rainfall and state of the weather Reed altered at the Adelaide Observatory during the past even Days at the hours mentioned bar. Top tra. To a data. S . ? what Fer. muvss.1 t ? 8oa�ad i trl , 6i.4 4i.6a4�,s.w.,�tk.,. Bat. �.29.94i4n.si tt.9, uht tone. Hun. S7s9.ei.ul2l 83.7, 4i. I , i3s.5i taxi ss.ao75\r.s.w.,sb., to a 3�sauii3.o. 6t. 7.�-.tslls.w., mod Flat we. Sun Sntos 132.1, 7s.4i 40 the. I ii2�.l lao 0il i Writht. Fine. Memo the barometer is reduced and corrected to 32 Jeff. Fahr., but it is not reduced to sea level. The temperature and rainfall Are for the is hours precede our the time of registration. The weather column relates to the condition of the weather at Lite time of observation Only. Bosisto s set Jess eucalyptus Oil of Cseh tee Tad he Ohai aed the Emu. Mail notices. Great Brill a. The Day via Maneilles. Poll. Nerien 10.15 . New Papcun Ami it peered letter. 0.1. . Use Ember a Tia Suez. India. 11.15 a. News Anerito and n. Kut tred Lettera 10.15 late letters . U.1g Adelaide railway Button lip re. Port Dejame 1130 port Adelaide rain a Sutin 12. Is . British and foreign parcel put i a the above learner Clous at the . La vember. At 10.15 . I december id via san Franeisco 3 . Late letter. X9, . December Al Fri Dridi Der tame . Newspaper and org Inerd Letten 8.13 . Do veil or a via Torre Strait 2 . Late letter 3.30 . Africa. In cell a 7 thu Sarre. Cd Tina and Japan. December 10 a Manpha 3 via Sydney. Java. Thu Day Summerfeld 10.13 . Auckland and W.I Inchon. December i Overland 3.su ., to Sydney. New zealand. This Day Overland 3.3u ., to Melbourne. Seq Yvanie Bay. December . India . Via Albany. Fiji. December for Overland. 13u ., to Sydney thence per nest Opportunity. Honolulu and Vancouver s Island Taco Dos an win lie camber 29-Terkuid. 3 .to i Sydney. Thence per Aorangi. Sew Caledonia. December a orc Rland. 3.30 ., to Sydney Thor re per by. Opportunity. Kew Autralia. I Xebec 7 s p-iu., via new Czaj cd. North Kern territory. Of camber Over lamp. 3.30 p.tn., to Syi Locy. Thence per set Oppon misty. Samoa and other South sea i Larne. 3 Overland. 3.30 ., to by doer 1 hence per not Opportunity. Stratum Ami Cehan Amunia december 5 Overland 3.30 ., to Melbourne. Western . Indu. 11.1s . Ard Rovan. December 7 James Connie. 7 . Arl Tunga. And december 9 fi.45 . Via Ood Nadatta. 27 l45 via port Lincoln. . Del a 3 car Taka 7 . Fower a Bay. December 13 ., via port Lincoln. Franklin Harbour. Thu Day ferret .13 via Wallaroo. Kan Poroo Bland. December 3-James Comrie 7 . Ood Nadatta. Charlotte Waters. Alice Springs. December 9 6.4- via Ood Nadatta. Port in role. This Day ferret. Us ., to n Alamo. Pott Vincent. December 6 Cere. 7 . Stans Berft. Do Ember Ain 7 . Wyndham. January 23 from port Darwin. Wegelt. Calex Djab. Dece but 410. Dts Eftie . _ ,. 1 ? dist . We. Lubes 8et�. gets. Time t ip.0l . I &.m. N. 3ss i 4 in. 4 45 10 i7 a 4t so 6.4 � c4 to 10 19 x33t 340 i a til.4 � 0 47 i it 61 11 is 13 12 941 i 7 it. 4 s3 o 4s i . . It 44 s42 u the. 4 � t ? 43 0 id i 18 5 343 9 f. 4 � i 6 0 4 j 2 15 21 53 344 la it. ? 4 � i 6 �1 1 23 3 is j to in tit set Standard traae. Astlto-oxic4l Phokim. Last Quarter of the Moo tuesday december 6. At the. . . On deem a 4 Marc urn no u 8h. Shn. . Bavin j obtained in greatest a Lonpo a Oast thsunialoh..of the same Day. Venn risen 4b. Lam. . Jaw Daw at Loh com. ., and Jupiter bet at 2h. Sim. . On tha 7th. At 4b. ., Saturn will a in conjunction with the Sun. 8pk0ial governs cents College Chi debt. To Day to Day at 11.30 . W. C. R i Al b 7. Christmas and newyear cards. Autograph cards in boxes with envelopes. Bpm Kytt. M. Boated lid of oud ii 6 up right Foldiak yh0ck8-s up it fading card., with sjf2lof, ?? who 111 1 ror at knots to folding cards with Cut rank views and Flowers in Mon tint 1/8, Noral designs daintily produced a Colour. So. A Ted 1/9 posted us might and fc8tivk-1u Rifold cards Eto if i thi8ts-10 of Idini cards with get embossed Holly by. And Utam. Lit scotch Tistl us be appt Miatch by every posted w Trie hearted Scot w posted in i in a folding cd. Effect Ira Ify and flower., Uraih Eist upright fold fag cords. Iain Sonand Borer. W. Posted i o Lor Elyer ads ooldeaoriiindbotural.,l, Auld acquaintancs-9 folding Nasf w.8om8-Atoctioaof 10 folding Buum cd Edjor Saint tits. With Spray of pansies 1/,. 1 Laomi-10 tool door. Cd. Do by de to Yuk Brioc b3x-10 Oblong Obib. Dus a it. Ten of rious Flowers in Colour is ? we Bonier. 1/0. Pwned 1/9 Blosom and Ksaf-10 of right Uldine Wonso Aho sea Eoo Rifold cards Charm Cra Dainty sprays of and Lily i ins dusters of Lud blossoms and Seal Lyl. Posted tha Valley. A. is 1/0. 8west Sencw tors 10 fold Law cards sprays and Ink-10 folding cards exquisite of Power. With Enish Bird. A posted 1/3 Hart tit scene daintily produced in Mon tint. Uttke roycr4-10 folding cards. Dainty Corn Bonier. To posted lilt ii a Ife in Ezra site Colour on try Favouritb-10 to right folding card. Urcle. L/0,,j proc enl clusters of to Era with lace Border May 3lo9som3-10 in Feht folding card. 1/4. Postil 1/9, Charmine sprys of Kii May blossoms. Dainty 8u�aaoms-10 folding card effect if. Com ,,po4teil/9. I i Union of Flower Aud lace. 1/8, ported 1/8. Is Misti As cards st fa6s1ts. All Post free. For st Klinc value Riabis packets Lead the Way. So packet 12speci�uy�lctedcuds of pack5t 20 very pretty cards tip lop Aloe 1/ packet Christmas Ami new year cards the very Bast shilling packet Erer produced 1/e Pacxat-25 artistic Christmas and new \ ear cards 2/ p-aok4t so very a rior cbrtma5 and new year cards 2/e packet Rell assorted cards really Good value 3/ packet i Dunning a a artistic Christmas and Mew year cards 8/ pack set is pc cull Al Tot Chru triv and year car packet containing 1 jewelled and folding card at 1/. 1/8, 2/. 3/0 splendid Alna. . These not imported draws packets Bat the cmdr Are selected to special order and made no on the premises by colonial labour. Font Frokt All Post Pace of receipt of remittance postal notes preferred. booklets. A Large and charming Assort men now ready a Colour and Mon tint. Prices 3d. To is. To. Annual volumes the principal volume to hand. Children s Art toy books a did lot to a. 3/fc. Cuki5tmas Ciuci Lak in Active preparation. Send Foft it. Importer of books. Stationery. And cuiu61mas cards. Tout Htwe is 74, Kino Willuam Street. 3307 up Zoial j&00. 3harebroker8, Makman Stock exc Sulu of a blab Wam of Umnik Kino. William st. 118s 6e0. Br00kman & co., Smarc Mokras Brookma to bu1ldixo. ? to lip a a. I Faette of ockers pills. St ? fou bile. Rock los pills.? for Veit cockles pills. ? Fok acidity. Cockle s pills. ? for Heab Burh. Ockers pills. W ? for indiq68tiqi1 of of Kilts pills. W for sick headache. Cockle s use everywhere cockles pills. _ Futee from Mercury. Cox is use Over 94 years. Fabmsils.lfe.fc.h.feliuiku. a the Western tibazieb/w1lcaxxu, . Published on wednesdays and sat boats. Circuit is thex Khz a Large pastoral and Mutton Centre. ? Best advertising medium in the Siverina District. Subscription Thor to shillings per annul. St. Per Quarter. Parable in Advance Siscot Cost. 6d. A. J. Esau t co. Proprietors. Adelaide act int h. Haro Peon of Fistor Chambers Grenfel Greet. Tele Booe 482. Emhe see u e a u s t r a l a s i a n of december 3 for illustrations of tiie 1nsolvkscy c.\sf. The Ali Fei. Counsel. And the supreme court. The Austral it be meeting first Way. Great australian railway stations it Fern. By any. Seaside views in Victoria in obtainable from All newsagents. Price sixpence. 334whbe special advertisements of out australian railways. Cams Tao Davs. Excurs1om Pax l to and from All sooth Aastra Liaa bail War and Sil Ertola Tramway stations with the exception noted wow tickets at single fare for the double journey will he is Ned from Friday Decem Ber 0, 1896, to monday january a 1899, both dates included. 1 these tickets will be available for return within two months Frum the Date of Issue. Mid the journey May a broken with them be uie for Ward journey must be commenced on or before january 2, 1s93. And completed on or before january 1, 1s%-. X excursion tickets will not be issued Between mile end. Keswick Goodwood. Will Wood. Or a Uuiorn Bat Saab to Ciceu will be ins oed to or from too Wood and stations South of Mitcham and North of Adelaide including port line As a of e. T. Tickets at single fare for the double journey will not be issued from one station to another of the Adelaide Laryn semaphore and Henley Beach Lias but the saturday cheap tickets will be Steed on december h. A. 27. Ii 29, 30. 31. 1s9s, and january 2, 189v, available for return on the Day of Issue Only. The journey cannot be broken Bat semaphore and Largs Bay tickets Are available to and from either station. Juun & mc.vetl., general Trase manager. North Terrac station. A Claide _ _ december 1, a. ? a of r. J. Ford yu1ll u prepared to take Aix pupa to instruct in the profession of Marine Sterago adjuster accountant. A must b. Well Educ and. Terms on application. ? i a Index to advertisements. Pyffe. Pig Vamvax treats ? 8 of once ? 1 Antior a ? & mimic Oal and District Board and i id inc 8 councils ? i in Sinefis Noticia 1,1.7,8 offices to let ? s Busi Nejes for Sale or Patent and Trade wanted ? 2 Marks ? 2 carriers ? 1 Persona wanted s compute c societies 1 professional ? 1 cycles a. ? s pro parties for Sale 8 lha Peir & clothing 1,3 properties wanted 8 funeral notices 2 publications and Sta horse cattle be to Aero ? 8 hides. A ? 8 Lublic notices ? z hotel and Raa Arabu a Shipp intr ? 1 Sonny notices. S Siena Tomt wanted s Legal notices ? i special Advt. ? 4 let and found s tailors us outfitters 1 machinery ? 8 tenders ? 8 Al Dic a ? 2 to let ? 8 merchandise ? 8 wanted to but ? 8 Minine ? 1 wanted to sell ? 8 miscellaneous wanted 8 Pludis and f1nascb. Ali rough. The Courtesy of the collector of cd Atuaiia 31r. 1. A. Septic is Uch pc received an Advance copy i Pic Trade lib Juri of the Colony Tor last Quarter. On the Ali Vic the 5talistic4 reveal a Satt st us by condition of a airs As Sucre arc urdu Atio is Trade Lac total Juu bowl a Utica so Rhet Coni tired Rutlt uie re Cord of twelve Iii out ago. Lii Ipuru were larger Triau they were our Bijj the june Quarter of thu year but Siquier umut Lucy Vieri. A year ugh. I Cru allowed i sex i whoa Wlton Cucui Wied Wilh built it rids. Lauier country to what might have Becu expected i try was Gnu of the produce Aud of the uni pity stut away lust Quarter than during inv he Vediu three i Oatly. On the other hand tue is an aug acc in us value Beu tic Shguit Are placed alongside Chute it Tuc. September Quarter of Lori. Roughly $ k aking us an kirov Treut in our Courm Cretai with Tuii Tissi. In a floats the i Gudum Aud Torgun Hon Vul nut uniform. Vic Els arc tired irom our Neighbours were on the whole of be value than they were a year ago. Lac Only placed were inc Voies can to traced Are queer Laid and a ii Ian. Tie we Imit red irom Pic former Colony was seven Timea in Excog of what it was our Iii the throw Nio Gitlis which ended Siepi Kuiber j118 1. Liik total value was , which u greater than Pic aggregate a inc of imports received from the Northern Pottmy during the whole of hut year and also we be sevc. During any pre Jiuu year. I he exceptional movement was chiefly due to the fact that Unis Colony is now absorbing a uni Tolt of to Loti old Lold of run Illa Rugur crop la Sinasia i Spliid Lutov Tau double the Good -4ic 1iilyear ago. Our Capon to to the other colonies underwent an hopi Witt liar tar but Eatch is Siutu Bercy among those which took it. Of our inn Luck. A Tail arc As follows a it. Or. Mio or. Al i rank ii. 13u& inc at. Imports _�1,�-,524 xs�,i7s sex pot _ l.s3,4rf a to us to 7 Cor Oparina Trio so Pembor Quarter of us past three Yean us Rouit is As tul Towa Epir. Sept. Tir. Sept Lar. My. Ls�7. I9tt. Imports _�1,.m expo re _ 1.6w.443 1.37u.tts l,ioj.4s7 the to Tonus Rooe ived in the shape of duties was dept. R. Juner. Sepler. I. Loo. I a. La who 142,07t �1s,s47 total imports and exports an set out in the following table . June or. Sept or. Sot last. Isth. Import _. in . L,w2,u2 by port. Up ii. 4h3 42s.489 3os. for i i 4 1,117.47. w.7i totals �3,129.075 2, la vhf for the March Quarter of the present rear import Wera �1,411.001. And the exports �1,424.010. Made up of �431,846 Staple and �972,164 foreign. Xhu figure to brackets indicate the percent age which tha value of Tuple Export lean to the total tix porn. R or the same same period lass year too figures were Staple 27 foreign 72. It is interesting to Noto to pro portion which Staple Export Bear to the total import. This May tie aeon in the following stator int sept to. Soot or. 1ww 1x17. Total tap Otts _ _�1,699,s42 4l Etc 3s3.10s exc sex of imports. L,bo.s6 xi.41o.w4 the countries with which we did the bulk of cur trading will be mum in the subjoined table which shows the distribution of imparts and Export Sapt. Tjr., juneijr., i Potts from 1s03. Lusht. A Nice Stu Dom _�361,320 �419,653 British colonies _ dis.5 76t, a7 Farei a countries _ 124,074 Export to if Kia Edom -. �154,101 briton colonies 831.470 th forbid Conuis _ tt�,3il w.�19 oar Trade relations with the other colonies is appended imports. 6ept.sept-qr., rom t. Ism. Ift�7. Ucer. New sooth Wales �675.721 �77.319 Victoria. _ 130.478 171.045 4o.s67 Western Australia. 3i.3� tb. 43,856 a we Audi to &.0w 6.w0 574 Iner a. Queen und _ T 161. zs.s01 133.494 Laan Aala _ _ u.i0j 5,993 6.s10. Users. Totals _. �043,17 a960.89s �17.s01 Kex Poitte. Incr be. New South Wales _ �551.704 �440.114 jc102.37u qom last _. Lt.03a 9.311 1,753 user we. Western Australia 150.460 153,660 a. 170 Victoria _ _ 73.m1 79 2c9 Kew zealand 4,j� 5,517 664 Tasmania 1 1,501 40j ? inc use. Totals _ _ �703,585 �w7.b2s ��5,0-3 thelo Oal channels through which the exports or us Quarter were4iatributed Are shown As Fellows sept. Quarter inns qr., Lukl � lids. Staple. Foreign. Portage his .��i,733 jct.7e.u45 �s7t. port ire 1,490 1is.33s 15s. Porta Sosu 03.33 21.030 Wallaroo _ 67. 223 55.j01 Moreau s. 6.xu u.8u to Lattu _ _. 421 900 1,770 x.borcur _ 45-5i 15u78 19d.l4i victorian Wonter _. 4.419 11,734 Queensland Border. 102 1.741 of Editn bark _ _. 1,89 so the duty collection were st i. Or. Sept. Or. Juno or. 1880. 1s07. 1894. Port Adelaide _ �117.768 �124.09ti �101.445 and guide 31.212 20,403 32.175 pot Tausulu _ 529 54s 57 Cockburn _ 5,604 3,153 3,561 por Pirie _ w4 1.01s 750 Queensland Border 3.ss0 1,47 1,159 service ton ? 83 my 100 the origin of re exported foods during the last three quarters has been As follows March Quarter United kingdom �205,121 other australian colonies �059.340 other British Possession. �15.918 of Oroian �91,779. Juno Quarter United kingdom �116,302 other australian colonies. �692,441 Othor inti so possessions �13.082 foreign 42j4.252. September Quarter United kingdom �329, 169 Yoshor australian colonies c7,0i8 other British possessions �ui,310 foreign state. �13,310. In Tiki colonial markets. Melbourne Thun Day. Dec. 1. Fair business was done in old wheat to Day at 2a. 8jd, to a id. A Amsl lot of was placed at 2s. Lod. On spot. Bran realized 7d. To 8d. Mauo in inner at a. Id to 3s. 2d., and closed with a hardening tendency. Chas was in better demand food at �2 5sw to �3 is. Tid., i Tim do. At �2 10s. To �2 12s. Cd. Potatoes found buyers at �7 to �7 10s. Unions were marketed at �4 103. Tea was More Active and sales covered 530 half cheats of Panyong at Sid. To cd., 200 Quarter chats of Pekoe at 7d., and 450 packages of Cey Lon at 6d. To lid. A Good parcel firm cur rants was sold at 5jd. Considerable Busi Ness was done in Corna Acks at 4s. 7d. Fair transaction took place in beanbags at. A. To 3a. 2d. A Sale of 50 tons of Fen thug tire Usu made. A line of 90 owes of galvanized corrugated Iron Watt taken for Export holders of a crewing were Lirra in de Man Muiir 8d but Enquin was rather quiet. Fifty cases of Castor Oil was bought at 3s. Sad Rev. Thursday dec. 1. In the import Market to Day business was quiet. New wheat realized 3. To. Id., and do 3s. 2d. To &. 3d. Little Bua Tiess Vna done in flour it i s to 15a. Kencig Vic Cru Lin itch at �7 a. For no. 8 and �8 i n. For to. 10. A barbed nire Adran red to Cio. Krotine was firm at 8ld. Corn sacks were quiet it 4s. Cd. To 4s. 6d. Rran bags were Dull at is. Id. Ameri can lines were Pic Basic of much a Evula. Tive enquiry. Moderate no Sines was done in produce. Cliff wait in better re Quot. Maue was firmer at. In. To 3. 3d. Oats realized 2. 4-1 bran 7id., and Biol land 7jd. Chaff pit inc Green was sold up to �0 10s. 31klbolt11xe Wool Salks. Milb Lorxe. Tiu Nadav. Dec. 1. The new zealand loan a mercantile Agency company report at our tale to Day we submitted a catalogue com prising 0vj7o Bale. The selection bras Birinci a by composed of victorian rip. Al though several Large inc Usuki and new South Wales Lii a were Ako included. Kidding a brisk but somewhat irregular and owing Tail verse news recently received from i Emden prices were lower than to so which have in a during the Low to Tyks. Era a. A Lay sold Uii to us. And scoured up to 15. Sad sky Wool sales. Sydney. Thurn Lav. Dee. 1. At the Wool sales 9,033 Hales were offered tend s.20i Tiric sold. Considering Adverse cablegram from jux Ndon great fir Mew was displayed and. Taken is a whole prices Olio cd no quotable alteration on let week s rate. The lop figure were treaties 10m., st Ouatu 17d. ? e Tbs great str Biroth Oiver Vonesta pet Omsk emulsion of Ood Uvea to Eatoy Suea Eutzly it gusted in to realm Sam by All Oil status let us a. Small sue to. Deleme heist.oaraswreek. Ira wire London Wool sales. Elder Smith i co. Limited have received a Cable meet age dated 3 my ult. From their i Jondon a Mac us Elsing the male there on that Date of 149 Bales Milo creamy Wool at an average Price of a. I crib. Lii k 1 live .rur.r.wktt of corf. Lofio i 1. Caul Hie c.�. A no f 7� head of which it nor j Irra Jund. ?j0 from the North it Tiu Lonny. Jun 131 from pad wit. It me n a Lity file vie girded Inch rain a Mot la or Arr irom in Orru. Us. In bulk of to Boer co Vrh were . For be class i Lejcher Valius were Liui died. Whilst wit i lbs of shippers and graziers who Purcha Loti a. Other Rattet met a More a car no. Rom artilion bring Bruk to than for some past. About 37 howl of inferior it tasty non it Unsook. Juju Tom Crix. A Ullock. �5 10s. To �7 Citra finality and Wrighty. L7 a. To �8 a Fow Odd news if her Pood. �1 10 �5 Toben. �3 prime vow �4 Lif. To pc. Pfc la Fotr pc Good. �3 1ft-. Inf Flor. Jis vhf. Bra a it chit old Ematile and it cuts w. Iran l in run met Ami Fisher � Flor. Visith. It co. Limited. 051 e. Naufhu a t co., & Oast shakes. & Lewi. United. A Shep. 11.011 arrived for fair. A. Org prep or portion being in Good to Prim condition including from a Hough u acc. The North and North Kart of thu Colony and Law Lake doll Rich. Then tras a a Ron Ovmand for Best qualities at firm Raluca. Whilst other description Folt Well. For skiers erred .1. -4.t. An Lapp for Western. Ait alb Soo. Ami Only 7w had to be hold Over. Quotations Prim Merino wether it. Extra Fri edit and Qulin 9t. To a. -d.v. Cood. To. A. To 7s. Fid Mihora in scr be a Merino rent. Red Pood. Is. 10 it prime crw bred Viher. 9. I s. Prior Cro Hurt parrs. A. To As. Of Larry lower. Darker in bars mid 212 Slit j. Paltry Der k co. Ill w. Dean and in. Uni Kitt k Virber. 1.v elder. Smith. Co. Lini itrel 7.777 h. Tui Tuki Amir. Bill a Jarrou shake it Lormi. Limited. 2.4c9. Lambs. 934 Fera Ard for Thi. Cyk 5 i venire menu. Following on last week f heavy Supply. And Owin to itt to Only Puri Hacin 10�. The demand was let Active thin of late. Values for be to mrw were firm. Iii a we err tendency on others wat Noti Valc. 3hirpen for Western acs Thalia in Phr Al and racers t&2. Lerinc j29 Imald. Quotation. Prime Riisom Lamb. 7�. R. 5�. Good is. To. Ekl inferior from 3. 61. Barker Brothers old 240 lambs j. A Alt ride Aad a k to. Dear t son. S3j Bennett & Fiaher. 7s5 elder Smith k co. United. Var our Hon & co. 331 Bazot. Shakes i Lewi. Limited. 34. Calve. Tit were penned All of which told readily at slightly Blither Ril Iea. Pip. Deep the the Snail Sipply. Vit. 71. There Vas Little alteration in Price. were Acain Euler wac lift porkers and Tores realised better. Private sales. Elcer. Smith k co. Limited report the following 600 Merino Ewe for or. G. Drocz. Kui Para a Lincoln ewes for or. A. C. Ali Qatipi. Casumbal 216 Merino Ewe for or. J. Ken worthy Ascot Vale . 300 Lamb for or. J. T. Edgar. Thackar inn station. . M0 Merino Ewe for or. W. Richard too Valreen Woodchester 31 cattle for or. D. Mccallum Mool Watana 15 cattle for or. C Botto meals in. Pure Stock. Elder Smith it co. Limited re port having sold Lincoln rams for or. B. V. Morph Cut Adelaide 3 Shropshire runs for mrs. E. Hodge Koo Nunga. Kapuria s Shropshire runs for or. K. So Kirkham Ashbourne 1 tend Merino ram for or. Alida j. Murray mount Crawford to be shipped to South Africa. Property los. Mrwik. F. W. Llull Ock & co. Report Kivin Unrine the past month North Norwood allot ment Icart. 63 x ii. Jci9 i it part Hill kit Curion. Karrant strict let is Anu i 109 117, �15 War i an. Umili Avn or. Ii 91. To x i.n-. A Folly up i Art. Loiarro Road. Tel x z&7, with Immke of 7 room. I too Mcki Wooin South. Owl Wool Ravul. Low s and 5. 1 x 9�. A los lox pan Blix a is. Wil i intr it Norwood. W x Iirilli Niev of 5 room �130 North no Wool. A vhf. Pc u a to Oiin i Ark. Lots. Carlo or Man. 100 x 170. To lots 7 in 3 of part Smi iou 2ss. West Manlyn with lira slim incr in. Al x. Totth vhf and ill. Uni Klmle � Kilpo. 32j Ai res �300 town acre 729 Ami part town Srhir Taklai la 1 acre f pvrrbr.-. With dwelling 1 it it. �1.w0 part ims Ami in of a a too if. Frew Rill. I acre and Hoiris of Minu. North in lev House 7 rm5, �61lot John or. Kafi Wood. Veitii fit tap Tercon. �143 Al lot int i o big flu ii. 12. 1-1. Walk Grill Row. Oil non. Is. X t9ft. in a part lot �. A with Road. Norw Noj. 125 x is7. With ?. Cottages Therron. Ihrk total ol-v.? u. So. The Christmas number of the Adelaide observer will by published on saturday december 17, and will fully maintain the High reputation the observer he secured for in Cliris Mas production. The literary contents of the Christmas number will be of a cry Iko or or � excellence. The proprietor in their de inc to make this number the very Best Ever issued in the province have secured contributions not Only front the most Able writers of the province but from leading novelists of the old country the two leading stories will probably be considered among the Best produced in the history of colonial literature. A shipmate of Flinders by v. Tad i worthy of equal renown with the sensational stories which arc now appearing in a popular in Uliuli Magazine Ami which have caused no much discussion Mirou ghost the world. The Slor of Jar. John Thistle evil in master of the investigator the exploring a Camci of Captain hinders supported to Hart been drowned in 18i.fi, will probably Ause. Grein Kou Lemout who adn Riu Wing a bit of a storyteller himself to Turu with disgust from Hia recent Effort As a Pray narration and the world in general will be staggered to hear of the return of one who we mourned by his shipmates As lost no less than ninety six rears ago. Another Brilliant literary contribution is an apostate mormon in Australia by Heron Shaw author of in sackcloth and a fees i Frond the an australian Tia lates three is of Anak Ephraim Drury. Friend and other stories. This is the laughable Story told in Aix episodes of a keen level headed mormon elder who having acquired a Large matrimonial establishment arid amassed a big Fortune in Salt Lake City Utah seizes the moment to sever the ties which bind him to the latter Day a Maiuu and u realize on the top of the Market Bis mining and railway stocks. His object Ycint thus secretly wid Sucre fully , us emigrate Vith hib Bevy of Iwu Tipul Maui it a to Australia and settles Down in the City of cud Iraq. Clerc his Domestic troubles commence and the de Cli Pinr it of the for pen Rise to a series of Lush la Dran tic and humorous situation. An i Crl a cd mormon wife up iils a Mott div ruling Epi ulc and not less amusing i the episode in a Tih 6gures the Mij Tojo of de red mob cd in late i cd t Climax of the whole is reached when the deputation of would be Tonkin in appears upon Tbs Cenc. The adventures and ave affairs of be three Cathedral re Point also form an Epi Sode which will be read with deep interest by the musical. How the charming Maidens nearly As numerous a the classic Dan aides. Wem at last happily wedded to the men of their hearts is told in the concluding episode which appropriately cuts with the Erbo of marriage Bells. The Story it a comedy which will be enjoyed by All. Among the other pleasing cout cols Are the Christmas eve concert by Grant Allen. The Christ child by Florence Marryat. The Bells of Avondale by Adeline sergeant. Lady Rolleston s dist ones by John k. Leys. Of blew the master of this House by Ico. K. Sims. ? ? the ghost s touch by Fergus Hume. A Man a woman and a Snake by to poke. A tight place,1 by Sydney Partrige. Have Regie s Christunas eve Tor Chil Denby s. A. Twiss. The Romance of the Tittle Vian player by Adelaide Primrose. The feathered shoes by racy Schlank. Diplomacy by Tagab. Little Jim the Street Waif by Lillian Liller. 4c, acc. In addition rat proprietors Hare much pleasure in intimating that each purchaser of. The paper will be presented with a copy of a Beautiful painting entitled Consolation the artist has executed his work in a masterly manner. The feelings Are in stantly appealed to. The broken doll the expression of sorrow on the face of the child tie falling teardrops and the great sympathy shown by tempi faithful dog Are remarkably Well brought out. The subject is intensely interesting and the picture Well Worth permanently preserving. The very Large circulation of the Christ Mes observer is an Opportunity of which advertisers should take full advantage. Copies of the observer May be ordered from news agent throughout the colonies or direct from the Adelaide office. Agent should Forward orders As Early As to Cabla. The Price of the observer is Only 4d the Piet Are Aion being Worth � gnat Dalton. Tom special notice. Anilou cements of births. Marriages sad deaths not exceeding Are line arc inserted once each in Tho re firer the Obear ver the evening journal and special summary prepared for tons Miasia to eng land for the single charge of half a Crown extra lines of. Each. The name and address of the sender must in All cues be Goren. By fetus. the 24th november. The wife of f. Howard of a son. the stub november at William strict to Tod the wife of a. U. Jennings a son. on tip lit december at Burnside. The wife of Liener Savage of a. Daughter. . the 30th november at the primitive methodist Church. Rosewater by the Rev. W. T. Wiltshire red Wridt. Third son of late Edward Henry Poa eur to Annie Jenkins Jor Elvn. Second turn rain daughter of Joseph Thompson of vatau. A atus. the it december at Fem Hiu. Bridgewater South Australia Charles Howard Barton. North Adelaide husband of Amelia Barton Ash a Yean. the 1st or Cembre. In Maude eldest beloved daughter of or Ywrick and Alice by Kofman of Ria Seil Ute. Watala. A re 15 rears. D arks burc on the it Dice motor. Al Miller Street. North l Nelcy. John George d Areu Berc of the of Melbourne eldest brother of k. A. D arc Nons and 4s Yeam. A Wynn. On thu la december at Adelaide. Rowland the second Sou of the late or. Justice Gwynne. At a 46 year. the 30th november at Burh fila s.t.00i. Ca Wlch r ver Eleanor Jalia. Relict of the late Liener Osborne Mcconnach Surveyor \�iw.illi. A. arc on the Soth november at part Ritie Street Glen Obj. Kov Arthur bal Oval infant of in j. And a. Pc acc a de a months. In memo Uail. Iia1ns. In Iovini memory of Philip Hains who died at Dale Street port add Laid of uie 2nd i a cml ice 1ss7, in the c9th year of his a a. Adelaide Friday december 2, 1898. The debate of the loan Bill. The debate in the Assembly on the loan Bill has been remarkable for some strange developments. For instance quite an unusual number of members were critical and resolutely refused to shut their eyes and open their Mouths and Swallow the pills which ministers had prepared for them and this Indi Cates a change decidedly for the better. Others showed signs of actually resenting the unconstitutional methods of the government in spending Money first Aud asking afterwards for authority to expend it. One member greatly daring gave to his fellow legislators the Benefit of a Little lecture which electors ought to remember. Be said the night after night half the speeches made in the House Hereof no earthly value except As election addresses. They were simply delivered so that they could be published in Hansard to please the constituents of the members uttering them in parliament proposals Are Seldom decided upon their merits such was the dictum of an old politician Aud the saying is True especially where expenditure of Large sums of Public Money is concerned. Probably some members would pass a vote in a loan Bill for making a step ladder to assist somebody to hand Down stars to Light streets with so Long As the work meant a distribution of Public funds among the unemployed Aud a Backhander to the capitalist. Others Are prepared to vote for works which will Benefit Only their own particular District and that perhaps not permanently while they oppose every thing else excepting on principles of reciprocity. All these sections have been heard during the debate and we Are not responsible if some one has derived the impression that under such conditions As have been indicated lately danger of log rolling exists with results inimical to the people s weal a few Days ago a town member told an audience in the country that they must not howl if the City members asked to be allowed to dip into the state purse As the City members had often voted in the interests of the country. The same argument was employed in the Assembly on wednesday evening when a list of country works was quoted and Rural representatives were invited to support metropolitan undertakings in return for favours received or to come does not serious risk attend this Extension of the practice suggested by the familiar old saying you scratch my Back and i la scratch yours some time ago the present commissioner of Public works painted a graphic word picture to show How political logs were and Are rolled and Aro we to under stand that since that performance of his political education has altered things for the better or the worse is there something in the Appeal of a legislator who in effect says i voted for the spending of Money in your District and it is Only fair that you should help me o get some spent in mine certainly it would not be surprising if private mentors developed the com Mercial instinct of driving Good bar gains for electors too often judge their representatives by the Standard of what they gee instead of what they do. Besides ministers have consistently set an example in bargain driving. We need Only briefly refer to the kaleidoscopic character of the ministry s Public works policy to show How first in one direction and then in another baits have been temptingly dangled before legislators Aad How one party has been played off against Othen to the end that ministers might continue in official life. The numerous lines of rail Way including diff Stoat routes to the Queensland Border the graving Dock and one or two waterworks schemes stand out prominently amongst proposed undertakings which have been kept on the notice paper As if in the Hope that members would come to terms amongst themselves concerning them of course entirely in a political sense. The defeat of the government on various occasions May perhaps be accepted As a testimony to the High principle of members or it May be Attri buted to the successful tactics of the ministry in skilfully removing tha most tempting baits after they had served their purpose and were in danger of being swallowed. No Good Angler Ever likes to lose bait even after he has caught his Ash. The ministerial defeat Over the Ade Laide railway station was almost entirely due to the audacious and unconstitutional conduct of ministers in exceeding their authority and treating the House contemptuously and if members had struck out the line altogether the chastisement would have been richly deserved. From the first parliament has been treated Dis courteously in connection with this work. The spending of Money was begun before consent to its disbursement was sought Rod no sooner had leave been granted to expend �20,000 than the government Laid foundations for a building for whose completion they required �80,000. There is of course As a member naively remarked no guarantee that the larger amount will not even now be expended though the House decided to reduce it by �20,000. Ministers have done such things before and have repented and received absolution and said they would not do them again and have done them again it is not too much to say that the omission of the �80,000 proposed for further deepening at port Adelaide was mainly owing to the manner in which the government and som of their supporters prejudiced the Case. They tried to prove too much in asserting that the work was required for the purpose of inducing the mail steamers to enter the Harbour. The vessels could not do so if they would because under the present contract they Are not allowed the necessary time and it is very doubtful whether these steamers would venture into the Channel even if facilities were provided. If it can be shown that port Adelaide cannot accommodate the average cargo Steamer which can be induced to go to the wharf by the Quantity of produce available for ship ment there would be some reason fur further expenditure but that was not proved to be the Case during the de Bate. On the contrary the chief argument relied upon by the govern ment and also by the president of the Marine Board in his special report was that by the expenditure of �80,000 the mail steamers might be induced to Moor at the wharf. Facts Are against this idea and the financial condition of the Colony precludes such an outlay on the Bare Johanze of some problematical benefits being secured by it. For a few years at any rate the port Stream will do very Well As it is. The Case of port Pine is different because there the facilities provided Are quite inadequate to Cope with the Trade done and As a Colony we cannot afford to run risks with the broken Hill traffic by providing provocations for the deviation of the business. Another feature in connection with the debate on the loan Bill schedule was the Tei Nark nolo somersault throwing of certain Mem Bers who thus late in the Day have realized that the Register was right in pointing out official mistakes and blundering in connection with the establishment of the Village Settle ment. How they berated us years ago and now they have forgotten to apologise but we forgive them. A penitent legislator always commands sympathy if Only because he is such a rare Bird Aud we Welcome the Erer increasing number of prodigals who Are testifying to the accuracy of our comments concerning Tho errors committed at the outset of a Reck Lessly wasteful Experiment. The Finan Cial debates in the Assembly this weak have disclosed a desire by monitors to criticise proposals for the expenditure of the Public funds which they Are paid to conserve and with great satisfaction we record this newly revived Zeal but Why of Why was nearly everybody so apathetic in such matters during All the preceding months and where of where Are the estimates even now ? the Good works of the sunbeams in the free unfettered life which South australians enjoy the moral energies find expression in numerous efforts to ameliorate suffering Aud to increase the general happiness. There May to Over lapping and Lack of Wisdom in philanthropic work but in the Long run unnecessary agencies drop out of existence and after All it is preferable that the spirit of kind Ness even if sometimes misdirected should to exhibited rather than that we should become a cold and hard hearted Community. The children s Sunbeam society which was founded on septem Ber 1, 1894, in connection with the Adelaide observer and the evening journal has survived the troubles of Early infancy and attained a remarkably vigorous and healthy development. Its Success indeed has been marvellous a fact which shows that the organization was needed. In a Young country whose educational system cultivates the National spirit apart from ecclesiastical prejudices and religious big tries the principles which animate the Sunbeam society fortunately have the fullest scope and appear in their brightest Light in View of the pessimism of some of our preachers it is both refreshing and comforting to know that in four Yean Between 9,000 and 10,000 children have joined a society whose watchword is love and whose object is to teach its Mem tors How to give that supreme virtue a Wise and practical application. The Worth of such a society to the state is As much beyond computation As its influence on the after lives of the children but we do know that Large numbers of parents Are deeply sensible of the value of the society in stimulating their children s generous impulses and in applying their Industry in spare hours to gracious ends. The Worth of the sunbeams cannot to appraised by its financial results wonderful though those Are. It is impossible to Over rate the importance of the influence exerted by the society upon the character and habits which will remain with its members through life. Children who Are lovingly taught to to considerate to others Are inoculated with real altruism and will surely become unselfish and urge hearted men and women a Blessing to their friends and to the state. Sunbeam work appeals to the sym Pathy of every one who has a heart to feel for the woes of others. The Sun Moxom finl love was the Adelaide children s Hospital. A Fow months after the society s foundation an annual endowment fee of thirty guineas was paid for a Sunbeam cot to to placed in the Lindsay girls Ward and shortly afterwards a similar amount for a cot in the Collinsgrove toys Ward. These cosy Little toys have been maintained Ever since so that in endowment foes alone the society has paid to the institution �252. The placing of � glacial coloured window be children s dining room at the Hospital at the Cost of �5 was a response to one of those Happy suggestions which Eji Anatol from the Fortio brain and the affectionate heart of. The lats or. Campbell at the annual Lawn fete in november 182 3, the sunbeams had a stall for the Sale of goods made by their nimble Finger and �45 was thereby added to the funds of the children s Hospital. The interest grew and the benefits increased. Up to the present in actual Cash including of course the magnificent amount of �1,000 raised for Tho Ueen Victoria Home for convalescent children the Sunbeam society has Given to the children s Hospital a j00 and. Ii it were possible to ascertain Tho various sums sent to the institution direct As the result of Sunbeam work and influence probably at least �200 to night to added to the amount. Not merely in Money raising efforts has Tho society proved As Good As a Small Gold mine to Tju Ute the words used by the lieu tenant governor Ai the annual Moet iut three years ago but in Many other ways the Suu beams have done Excel Lent service fur the Little sufferers in the Hospital. Twice in response to Earnest appeals from aunt Sophie the lady who so ably seconds the efforts of Uncle Harry and those whom he so Well represents Tho Kijuu brains Havo made and provided hundreds of Gar Tsuu for the inmates and eloquent letters of thanks from the Matron have testified to Tho usefulness of the gifts. More than this the society has induced its members to take a Lively personal interest in the patients and the sunbeams on their visits to the institution never go empty handed. While ministering to local institutions the children s Hospital the creche and the excellent organizations for boy the Sunb Uius Hayo nut been forgetful of their larger citizenship. Some people May deprecate the sending of cheques to England for philanthropic purposes but while local Uneus us Tail the chief Oliaro of Atto Tiou nothing but Good can follow the practice of a Charity which knows no geographical limits in the Christmus season of 181 5 the sunbeams Contri buted �21 to provide a dinner fur goo hungry Loudon wails who wore fed and fetid in the Liat Taraea town Hall Ujdur Tho Jiagu Niento the tagged school Union. In 18uo another contribution of �48 served to Uncertain 1,000 children in Tho Queen s Hall of the to Ofilos Palace Milu end Rood and last year �00 was sent which provided fur 1,200. Those gifts represent in the main the self denial of our Clu Karen Aud the amounts Are made up Chi utly by pennies. To South australian juveniles the mute Appeal of the poor East Ender in the cold of Winter is irresistible Aud the christinas festivities of Tho sunbeams Are the Moro pleasant because Lorn for Iurato Little Folk Imatt Nhar etl in their Prosperity. It is Gratifying to know that for the fourth time the sunbeams will this year Huw their thoughtful regard for Soudou it poorest children. Tho Christ Mas dinner and entertain Vincnt will be again provided Ami ids excellency sir Funcell Luxton has promised to preside at the gathering and 1-y that action express his appreciation of the generosity of the sunbeams. Uncle Harry is hopeful that his nephews Aud nieces will do oven totter than they did hut year so that their subscriptions May allow h larger number of children to taste some of the Joys which Purt Aiu to Christi Nastic and whatever they May do it should to done at Otic. The Umcil Al elections. The old order Chang eth. The Muni Cipal election of yesterday were in Inott canes extremely but not quite deadly Dull. A few yearn ago similar contests excited As much agitation a Evon a parliamentary election. The reason for Tho contrast need not now to discussed it is in no re3jwct a Retle Tiou upon uie Public spirit of the people Nur has Tho prevailing apathy in Vuici Ial affairs led Tunny distinctly discernible depreciation in the Quality of the councils which Render so Good service to the Community in connection with necessary if prosaic and humdrum duties. Probably one might safely say generally that in the popular estimation mayors aldermen and councillors do not bulk so largely As they did when the Colony was younger and to this extent the change in Public feeling is not satisfactory. Few greater mistakes Cau to made by any Patriot than Tho mistake of belittling the Public institutions of his country. To denounce inefficient Public men id however Soui times absolutely necessary and tie critic who most highly appraises the system of government with which these men Are associated will make his condemnation the Strougo for thai very reason. Tho Matt who chooses to stand on even a Small Pedestal should to worthy of being looked up to by common Folk the contests yesterday were almost void of notable incident just As they affected no very definite principle. The Issue in nearly All cases turned rather upon the persons than upon what they represented. One of course the usual attempt to Divido the candidates into conservatives Libe rals Radical socialists and what not but the distinctions Wen not very comprehensible or very clearly defined. Still the quiet but Active campaigning Dono by leading political organizations is worthy of commendation because the municipal chair is frequently used by its occupant to help him to climb into the higher Altitude of parliament itself. In the City or. A. W. Ware was elected to the mayoralty by a majority which should enable him to assume his new duties with Strong Assurance that he enjoys the Confidence of a Large majority of the ratepayers. Hia previous record has been highly satisfactory and he has had a Long training in the work which he will now have to perform. Consider ing the circumstances or. Meston did not poll so badly As some people thought he would but or. Stevens where was he an exact statement of his reflections As he looked from the Low Depres Sion of his 167 votes to the Giddy Elevation of or. Ware s 3,347 ought to be specially interesting. Perhaps also the cogitations of the ratepayers upon the impressive hopefulness of such a candidate would to worthy of revealing la adj Case in Bis mortification at Sot being wanted by Mure than 107 out of 11.000 Ulora or. Sto Ciru May Consolo himself with the inspiring thought that his time Muy Como yet. A ird Beaconsfield s time came after he said that it would arrive and the third candidate for the mayoralty yesterday May to greater than lord Heston Hatield for might we know to the contrary. Apart from the mayoralty and the Aldens ships the City Council of 1w8u will a sess a a kid blending of now Blued with old. And Throe of the candidate for Tho Alderman chairs Are tried and proved Kerr anti of the citizens. The Raie Huyeni Mili. Well have Toon Cunt ont whichever two thirds of them were Chosun and Tho now men in the councillors1 chairs Aro Uuno rally Able and promising. The fact mint informal polled so much again Temor Day is surely an indication that something is still wrong with Tho poll Papen -in-1 this remark has Boon Raj scaled so often that it in about time the Council a i Deal cured to Renovo the occasion Lor it. In the outside districts the Lack of Competition for civic dignities As an a Rule very noteworthy. Purlin is Tho Only remaining feature of the contents which suggests passing Reto Renco is that represented by Tho Entrance of civil servants into Tho municipal Arena. Of course ours is a free country and if a Poveru Musit Otlie or Cut perform his own work As Well As Liat of a member of a Council advantages May possibly accrue to Tho Community. Obviously How Ever circumstances May arise in which such a Man will have to choose but Weun his obligations an a government so Vaut and Tho ratepayers claims ii a ii him us n councillor. If i Broad mid butter Hui the ratepayers interests should clash the probability in Oty Nino mid a half cases in a Hunt pro i would be to Attlio Brend Aud butter Mim win Cidad Victory but Opu Ricco must teach us on this joint. News of the Day. The ,m.\1. . The.iil you Iii a on int which i irk ii the tin ii i the i Kishu Tri air in sum inn Ai uhe Annii a -hoi.f, on ilium . Hie Del Mil a. Ilam ill Iller Miilu Viiu Nill ii .11 in a Harlly ill r 8 u Duik Al Ghl. Then 1 was not Kihli ii Uili tin Fujii no in cargo v. Iliili Hud Ami booked. This Moi the l la huh mull Flo Ivr j to Lyn ? turd Mijoi Iii hum mind i ii slim . I Lulf i or i Tanvi Izill , is ii Ion Uii a Rii Jii. J he Iii Iii muiiu4ku to Niji i no f term a is us or round Lic isl on tin hoi Newuel Lii. Jilt Tiv no ii of i Lii mime liar. Cui or i r i Iii Audi on thur flu Ulm Irful Simiu a Iii u us Lor like Cam. I lie ? \.-. N be Okcu into Dink Iii so Viiu la i i to jul Ltd ii buy be sighted. The cum Nellt us Foxe fun vik.ia. The in Miuor of by Ivy Iii australian Mil Smith Iuri Nii Uii ii in by a i. Ninth and iut Smith it a by he i ii i i Ucli. Urn in on tin tank to Virtu Mur a Vii i Mitiu ii if. Hui to i in Isle . I lieu Umili ill. Lac his ii inv i a not Lunil. Lit Ricl us Burn by la Puii dilution. The . A 01.u. Or. U. Ii. To Uku if Turli us Tho Ivolu Mutu will act i the r Turni cd Iii in Wii Iii in in it a Ioimo Thedith tar Fiji Witni iliac Loui Huminik ii Leif in. Ute it i air Iii ii in the i Olony in win i the Mil Mioi win Unmil Whf in. Hilt us . Nun., it. at la Encill la i ital lil ill Xijiu kmit.i1 of Mil. My in Al . By cum Vii Dmick injun in of i Vou or. Wun you churn., clip Xvi to till the Uiki Iii Malliou in Bui Taco run a in our i Lii in ii . Ii i d lir illum Victory a mrs i � ih.1u1i by it fun the most soil to Iii us an. Wait � i in a Tarp. I. Ware i ii ice i no no i . Of ilium , Ciui Giitl with in tact inn lie urn Pic no Pic Shii Oinui i for or a or Cincil ins a Linin. Len in tinny , or. I. Linker und or. I. . To in incl Cir a. Dil Pic Yumul i a new Pic riiiiir.-. It i Tiv. .Iikt Ulm i ? u fits Natii no a to lifer i a hint Lac v.ihi.-, Iii win mid Uini Imundi i Liilo or. I. I milk in Jill .till.ji Irett i Waul. It i Hue. I. i lick Rudicil in i. Win Only. Inn. Us ice new blow to tin it v cuu Cuil be or. W. .1. Ift my jury Ward in i.iiili, air. W. I. In Iii Iii or. .1. U. In incr a Vic W.I. Ill i lie aug Hiilis Tii i i Llu Muni Ini a Iun. n is dial in i in major of 1 i. Which 1 in us the re uni i gym air. The Vilii. Lynnr Liy ii Vul. Al Lleni Len ii wan ii it mule Lor Iii Iii i a Minnii wiil it or. T. I. Lluc Iii Wall Quintin i Iii Jim a. Imiri Wiur. Jill. Ii. W Rili i i Iri Imd of i. Tin in of Hii r the. City ill ii late it a i j own la will ill upon i-i-ij.1. Krashna milk i. Panui Tun. In Rufii Willior Cai Lutu in Illi he a . By or. Of Irr a Giitl Kiin in ? a new a no no � ii Huuki of i harder Uil a Emort. Lie t in that i lie Liui Lowny of \ Istona aug in Luibil hire Iroini in gel at him did i Iii air. Ivull Cucui a ski Iii a Ilia is i lie Only non vim in Yeii ii i a Saint to new nmn Wiilus k to Limet cry. In Cheu Idamc wild the of Usu jct to Cucui Hirry is decl i ? Init to which recently Rock Rcd Lollie Louw of Ciuci july Wil urn a act cry will not lie closed to in any Caw until the und us Revl year la in a Brablc that an Opportunity will be give la i Iscum the it int us Pic committee in Ourlian Ujiki Iuchs. Hast i Arkil s to Tail in our commercial Ruli imn will a Rutits an Abr at of uie a Guiti Urcla Liiri to us Trade of tin Eulogy . Mar tar. Ali arc nov Indiati Oitim thai on Llie Wulc Brinl Impi Rusink. Our Smuth Iii acc lieu is not. M Una he u w Iii n non Lime gun. Thu Wum Lima startling feature Oluic Mcluin u the Insp incr Cavic Ulm to taken ild ii in our tide Deal Inch with Queen Laid. It i jul r we revived Gwi ils Frau the Xor Ulicni Colony of i greater value than in Hwi during twelve in Onton. Huh in duet the fact Fiat regular Lii Inonu of Susura Jirec my Ito Inu Iii adv to thin eol in. D0nt look old. With advancing or tit tit in Reakes. Sloo this with locker i suppl our hair it Sustr. A a Takena to the Lormor Rohour and preserves the appearance lock or s the eur Gus hair a Torch. N3tmwfctd self raising Palm to Brand twee f l 0 to b. Ittle

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