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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Dec 2 1898, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - December 2, 1898, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Weka mask unsurpassed foe Quality w. A. Auld son astir to Tor Wjk uhsubpas8ed for Quality it. P. Auld a son Agana for 0.a. Shipping p. & a steam navigation compact. For London calling at Mab skill under Royal mail contract will dispatch the following 4teamrs. Claunc at Albany. Colombo Ailea. Marseilles. Gibraltar and Plymouth with Liberty to Call at ? Imai a ions. Conman let in to. India _. A soul a. D. Worcester dec. A Australia _ 7 to l Reeves disc is Acadia i a a. C Loggia Una. S sum it _ 5ms or. Cowie Jan. 19 him lava _ ? to i a. L. Broon feb. S Oia Estal i 52s a. Heymont feb. 16 a Riigers our Uri Tran ship at pan said. Notice to Passenq-r8. Liberal reduction to of milks. Whole Cabins reserved. The accommodation in both first and second Saloon in urea de. Passage from Europe 4c can be Artanna her. Pumpin allowed to break their journey at. A nned Zeporta a Tonuu ticket India. China. Japan 4c i Kuot Idtse world ticket issued. Passage Kates. Ikker Unea at lowest currant Ratos. Special tul urn tickets to London. �u0 and �65. And books Tiu Ables and All partic Lars As to a uce Roou a. In. Forward tin of application. Elder Smirk. A co. Limited agents. ? a oaf Orient line. The Tao whim Snoor Royal mail contract will leave adduce Luns Baj at 2 . Of the Dau for Plymouth Ana London Vici Albany. Colombo Tran shipping Oral ports sues canal Naples Marseilles mail umbral or ? ac�tkal5.54 tons j. F. Anderson Doc. U of Iii _.910 h. E. In Kip dec. To quota a 5.s&? a. Utt Katar Una. A ouija a 6.si7 Henry Cuini Jan. & Yuova _. 4.297 a. Me Watt feb. 9 cd ecu vhf . 23 outta set ads allay mar. � Olnicz to e. A. Vue. . Mar. S3 omit a j. F. Ruthven april 6 ? Utt Lent .365 Lullow ? Lapri lao to Fornic Btry thereafter. Nailing at Lobart in route from Sydney. Saloon to los Don single. J35 to js7u. Retort. �65 to �110. Third class. �13 isc17 17a. And us. Saloon ,42stoe30. Return. To jus. Western Australia. Saloon �5 is. To �7 third �4 in nun any pet can a prepaid her. Managers of. Green � co. And Andes Bon. And Uson co. Fenchurch Avenue Wuo. Sex. Full pitch Cullars on application to Al o. Anderson Branch manager. Liszi 2s. Ure Feu Streat. Horth Gers Ian Lloyd . Coy. Keg Lar monthly line of a a of i fast a reamers to 3i3.southailprox. Antwerp. Ani Lufair Bremen Zaung at Forsma milk Chi Tuuu. Acen. Honcz. Port said. Naples and Kunoa. L near mail contract with the Imperial Uenta to overment. Teamed will be dispatched m follow Savino Laros Bay at Moon Jyh Aunora tott7coniaundi�r. A. And. Fianna ice. I ii Itoi to _ Lassam Eichel Dee. 10 Kumen _ w,i2� a. Rei Casten Jan 7t� komu1nluue a. V. Schuck i Mann Keb. Ija Barossa -. .u,.& i Al Cater ? March who a Money irotaadui5. Alt to 6t. Or at reduction on Itomura pa3ke-.avaiiablefor nine or Inoue month. Every Futy uttered or o Tomaj Puntney Here. Cabin Page nit my Braik their journey. I Faitie elite for �1l Muu to especially arranged to Uit All Katiena. All of ficus and Manu concur Uit with the English language. Pouw Insera and Carso booked through to London and principal european a Kuruc and american ports. Patk nicer Ler England a an landed at oct Hampton. Fur Treibt. Itt stage and All other particular apply to the age Tiu. U. Muecke it co. Ulcer a Elud and tort Adelaide Edoja Lebies maritime company. Coit London \1aalbaky. Colombo and 3iaib-Eille. Tie . Polyn Ksiena appoint d to eau True. Marx Bay Oral Ove port us Friday. And it a 1 . Slarp. To train or the Steamer Leaf be Adelaide at ll.�., and Tho Lait Hutch leave Laip by Zesty at so Tharp. Farije a. A apply to Dale Etc a compant. Ltd., 355 to ? -. Currie Street to fusion lie of steamers. To new zealand ports. From Mecl Holke Talun. Ria Hobart. Decent or j. At . From up by Mono Wal. A Wellington december 10. Mekolia. Ria Auckland. Be umber �. T6 to Ascania. From Maluno. A Hobart. Dave Ajmer 3, at 2 p. M. lust Etta dec Ember. To fm1, Samoa and ton0a. From8tdxky Taviuni wednesday december. All As to rate of freight and passage Money on application to a.s.x. Coy., old. B. W. Maco Malo manager. 19. Carrie Street. Adelaide and Judea a wharf Portada Ide. ? ii5mwtcr first Steamer from Sydney for thursday Island a out dabw1h, Hoinig Kong Phi a Japan. The China navigation company s Steamer wiil icing Sydney on tuesday. December 13. Or above Po. Car to to catch Uek will be or warder try to Sydney per . Gabo on Friday. Decembers the Rouse Bilu of lading in Rusc cd a is exe Huxta fur Tiabo Rae vips. To freight or Pua age Appl to Lorimer. Rome & co. A eau 19. Waymouth Street. Cuy ii pm aur port. Lund s unto steamers 1 Beta new full Pew Tod fast ats Aaan Are a pointed to leave the i Ert Adelaide wharf an or but Partala Lulles Natal Cape town. London. Bun Oares _ i 2�tt tons i a bout 7ih dec Yar Awonga 4.u11 tuns about 31st dec w Makool _ _ i ton about sith Jan. Molo j 3il Tou j to follow a arrival. 1 4.367 tons to follow r Irr re a for Pau Mojena. T or i eight or passage Appl to Geo be wills it co. Its the Adelaide. Port Adelaia. And poet Pirie. _ to Dit Bicaj and akdro8uax Abs 1-i eau scum a a. Larooka 3tit--t.\ in adar and Jialu Days m9 . 4e3b9 redux Wing Ibn Idaj awl Mondeja. Autmudsan.-. James and thur Days a �?.�., a turning same Day. Us wac ? u.1ueckk x. Co. Agents _ to or Kangaroo Island the its. I . James Comite on saturday at b sum. To bog 3s3sb play and Queens Emilie with passenger a Anufrio must be prepaid. 2js c ? e. V. It Fly. Port Adelaide. C 0 t be ast ports. Fur robs Andt Yale. Friday. December Brut port. F 1 fou Keno tool Euile. Wednesday de an. Beauport. I cember7. Apply j gr1ce it co. And Alafale Kingston. A. 4 e. Be . Port Adelaide. ? Stan who a Che port wakef1eld shipping Coy. 1 for port a Wakefield the Annie w att in saturday. 3rd iat. At 3 . A. E. Be me inner. Port Adol Aije. ? 386-7 team to Kingston. Robe and Beach p of Jutt be Nicoll. Jyh Fiji new loading ailing tuesday Decem Ber 6. For f re debt and of twice apply Jno. Darling a son town and port ? 335c to Smi masters. Kerch arts and j a tigers. The squirm g rf.1mrtf.r or daily Papen tends to tar Sam and Letterm. Richard Jagoe. Bra act Beach Alsce. A Lanade. Semaphore. Carriers a Bleb oot railway and general oarrikr3 Fow Akdins and shipping agents agents for the new South Wol i Curry. Is Ai Agency Ca. Sydney mess. Chappie � co. Broken Hul offic Divett to Reet. Port Adelaide Nortu Terrace Adelaide with Ore and dispatch. Saup Kone 4. Pert 74. A Deuire. �7raw a shipping the Adelaide steamship company limited will dispatch steamers from port Adelaide As under circumstances permitting for Albany and Fremantle Tran shipping for All North Evest Cort Pil Baura. Tue Day i dec. 6 noon. Adelaide _ monday i a. 12 i -1 . of luding issued to Perth wharf. Of Esperance Tran shipping flip dds at Albany. Pil Barka _ ? t buy per. I noon. Adelaide. Pond a dec. I 1 3 pm. For Melbs Fecili and Sydney Zhanshi Pelna for que�w3 Lano posts. Maulolo _ _ i monday december 5 1 10a.m. _ Spencer s -2ul.f service. Tor port Lincoln. Moon to. Wallaroo a and Fra Kun Harbour. Porret _ tuesday dec. . Ports Augusta. Germe1n. And Prib with passengers and Careo. Ifa Truay dec 3 1 4 pm. Pirie to Sydney. Will Yama -. _. Wednesday december 7. Cargo most be Deli end alongside Steamer two hours prior to advertised time on Day of sailing. Rasmee tickets issued by this company Are interchangeable with steamers of the a.3.n.c0. Between All porn. For All information apply to the Adelaide steam ship company. Limited Carrie Street Adelaide and commercial wharf. Port Adelaide. A.s.n. Co., old. The Favourite passenger steamers of above line will permitting be Dis patched far Albany 1 a p a r 0 0, Coral Don of tuesday. December 6. . Port w. b0ob Ana trash in at Fremantle. Mil Sourng. A so once Enqu Prajna. Waro Onga fijian ports monday Dace 5, Ria Bahe. At Midnight. And All Ether Queensland Ort a. J cargo received daily at Queen s wharf up to one hour before sailing. Kummler booked by the company steamers Are allowed to travel in the Cours of their journey by the Steaven of the Adelaide steamship co., old. For farts and freight apply to . Macdonald a ant is Currie Street and stands Lac ? or oui is Wuriu. Port. Guddahl Parker & go. Proprietary. Limited will dispatch from port Adelindo for iwo mitting. Albany the vass8, steamship Lesk Nemesis Dongarra / Geraldton j on Friday of combo 9, at 4 . Fares an.1 fre1uuts. Lowest current rates. For full particulars apply to d. & j. Fowler 3u1s Adelaide and port Adelaide. Business notices the above pretty suite in Superior austrian Ben Trood of Walnut Colour Only �5 1$9. Cash. Re Ducton for seven Days Only of All our austrian Bentwood chairs and suites owing to Blunder of oar shippers in sending orders intended for five shipments All in one ship. At Hooper a hey and Leigh streets. usual All promises strictly kept. 330c Adelaide wine show,1898, owing to an alteration in the Date of the Snow Thomas Hardy & sons limited. Did not exhibit. At they Only exhibit wines a supplied to the Public intending pure Beers Are requested to Call at their cellars and Sample their wines and compare tame with the prize wine at the show. J36mwfo shipping the b0t7a&d zt2 line. Ave Howard Smith s wharf As follows Circiu Niumea permitting \ Boverio i Albany and Fremantle i cargo and Stock. Susany i thursday. December 8. File Mantle a seduced flu guts by this Steamer. I specially fitted j foil Siock. Mslsourn3 \ be Long by once is Castle ga80, bal Banc saturday december 3, Maryborough ? 3 . In Basco passengers and Carso. Rock Hampton time m Okay tce3day, december 0. Rwn8villb 0aians j Dawn. A a Thuita wednesday. Dec 7, Wallaroo at 4 . Jrie passe attn and Canto. Ask sin v Exen Sion trips fromu3u3ta port Adelaide round Gul io1thburo porn to port Ade Olalde. Sis. Saloon. �.s. Time Leates port Pirie for new. 2astle to ports saturday december 8. Cairo must be delivered alongside steamers not less than Ono hour before advertised tire of Saong. We. Horn and Smith sons proprietary Limite a 113, Kins William treat Adelaide ? and Orth Parad. Port Adelaide. We red wraith Lucea karhc0. Proprietary limited Woldu Patel Iha following Pamenter steamers circus Ance permitting Ransow Tab i oothw1ll of silk sulots flu slut. December a the Rouse Bills lading issued to Perth wharf. Through bookings to . Ports. Full particulars from w. R. Cave & co. Orenfeu-st., Adelaide or j. Kawhsg3 sox. Port Adelaide. Lit pm Pipok yur Tex k a is a. To , and Yokohama a 6y a nov Sui shake. Natl Townsville will Leara As under ? Sam oof steams. A. Is yd1ie7 yamasii1r0maui7 roues nov. 3fldc. 3 Kasuga Mahu. Paswel dec 4uc. 20 Snoie steamers Hare most Superior accommodation for Pas eni ers in All elites. And Are a led wich the mini Trent improve Obi. Full particulars As to Frei but and pats Asre from mc1lwua1th. Me Acmar co., prop. . ? agents. Is. Orc full Street. S6the Draper and cloths no 72 dozen 864 children s. Maids. Ami ladies speckled Straw hats to newest ra1lor 8uapes, in the following takes. Plain and fancy Canton Straw whole a Potoae Straw hand sewn and Roub it Utahana Straw. They Are clean new. And in perfect condition All this season s importations to to cleared at less Max half Tuey Cost to make. To Day and follow ing Days Wilson & co. Till offer their nut run and esteemed lady patrons the Umler mention etl useful and Buhil arable articles at reduced prices. We May say the actual not we Bare but taken into Cut adoration at All children s speckled Gem Straw Oats 2/11. For go each children s speckled 1iats. Shaped crowns. X.forsdeacn ladies speckled gems double edges to for teach Lai iks Tom Hata. Speckled brims Plain crowns 3/11 for 1/ each ladik31 coloured fancy Straw hats in All the new a bad. 3/11 Quality 1/ etch 4/0 i Utility 1/4 each ill Iua Uty 1/11 each 8/11 Quality 2/11 each la die Black Satin Straw toques 3,11 Quality for 1/ each. Hoei hats. An est Ordinary Purchase of duties new and fashionable coloured l nor Iiames fancy Straw hats. A Prtt Turi Ety of Iba very newest shades and most popular Dilkus shapes that Hare been produced or the prasent my a. To be sold at Trie following Norm us but faithful reductions 1 be -.0 and i i 1quality 6d each the 3/6 ads l 1 Quality 1/ each a Siom Orer to to go for 1/6 and 1/11 each. Still Tiore hats. 11 Doten fir t Pauty real leg Toa hats. They can to Toad into any Lupe or style you like by a Cuni Puletiu will Auer. Or they can be simply to named to unite quite Little Ebi Drra. The Regul a Price charged by All retail drapers from 4/6 to 5/6 each. Our Price to Day Vij each. Flowers. A you Iward of the eau urn of Edkor if not. It matters not. For you can see a much better show at Wilson hk1cb i of. S. They have just received from a most celebrated eng Lish Flower manufacturer 1s dozen sprays. French designs copied by a Fang wish manufacturer. This enables us to sell at half fun ecu makeup 1 a Shau offer them at less than they Cost to make. Tulips. Geka in is. Heat Abb. Ivy pinks. Carnations. Poppies Marguer rite Heath weak by pansies la burnum Koses. In every Colour and kind and a whale Host of other Lovely foliage unmounted roses in different shades. 1m, id.4 d.attd5 Deach wh1tk and coloured Lilac. Cd 3d, and id Spray posts in sprays All the very newest colours 4w, 6d. .1/. 1/3. 1/6. And ia1 the Spray. Silk roses with foliage 1/c and 1/11 the Spray a urte air orment of All kinds of Flowers with very handsome foliate 1/6 the Spray. Ladies silk lined capes French manufacturers Sampes. Of Only ladies Best Quality French of cloth capes Only one. Of a style Colour or shape. Each one is new and distinct in style. A lined with Beautiful Quaty silk Throns out. The very thing for Cool evening. The 35/ Quality to be sold for l$/8 the k Quality to be sold for 19j the is Quality to be sold for so the 50/ Quality to be sold for ass the 63/ Quality to be sold for it/9 the / Quality to be sold for 29/8 the is Quality to be sold for 35/6. Note. The above values Are guaranteed exactly As quo Tett. Wilson br1ce, & co., Iwndle-s1reet, Adelaide 3j8o of taper and lot hint 20 a id 22, Himley st beat. Special Unes dress materials All new goods. Double Width coloured to hairs Small designs for children s dresses Well Worth 2/3. Now. At 1/3 coloured Vigo eur coatings Good value at 2, now at 1/11 Small Check dress tweeds neat styles Worth 2/4, now 1 Covert coatings Ood shades Worth 3/0, now 2.0. Eitu01dwi Tiu Rob lengths in silk and Wool mixtures Bost Roods Usua value from 55/ to lit of we Ollor the of at 25/ the Drew length or for costume Mado to order 70/. Received by last mail Steamer one Caso newest Swiss muslims in spot Aud Hau Houie figures White Cream and Ecru. Silk department. We Are offering the following special lines White Broche japanese Silks in a Largo variety of patterns extra Width 1/72 new Basket silk in White and Cream Light weight for summer Wear Nikob under regular Vine. 2-t Vard Broche corded silk Small designs for Blouse in ten colourings 1/1 1 shot Merveille Silks. Extra Ordinary value. 4 3 Yard. We Are showing an extensive Range of newest Blouse Silks 2/6 Black and White Silks in stylish a desks special purchase3/11 Yard. Sunshades. Shot sunshades special Purchase in twelve colours. L-/9 and lil Satin sunshades. Black and coloured lined offered Chiffon High class 15/9. J. Miller Anderson co., Adelaide. 330e tailors and outfitters. New shipments Stout sir list melange Vicuna Serge suits for boys. Latest shapes Straw to Felt hats 16 it 18, Lindley Street. Amen of aertexj7j .Garw this b the Tine and natural principle of clothing. The Vijuk it Agency for men s goods. J. Leaver King William Street. White shuts Linen frosts 7s.0d. White shibt9, for evening Wear.ts.0il cellular Tennis shuts. 5s. 9d. Cellular soft shirts no Collar be. 9d. Cellular soft shirts. Unen cnffs.os.9d. Cellular pyjamas �. Of. Cellular under vests and pants. Cellular cycling underpants. 3s. M. Cellular cycling and travelling Caps,ls.m.,. Cellular socks. Is. Of. Jaeger s underclothing Fery Light Light and medium weight full Range. Leave r a King Willum Street. Mthm Ora cry adj lot hint Wilson spice co. Tie Rundle Street Hessan silk men r Are offering Tor Sale at their dress counter the following a pieces All Kvool -7 rdur0y cloth. I a for ladies dres eee. M Black. Peacock and Kiec tric Blue shades Only jul per Yard for Yard double Width a pieces All Wool Corduroy cloth of Black and Peacock Bades Only 2, Al per Yard for a a 1 Yard double Width. F o pies All Wool coating Serges,1-0 Ca Dinal and pretty Pale Green shades Only ill per Yard for 1 i Yard doable Width. A a 1 pieces Aix will e5tauene Serge to Cream Only ill Yard for 1 4 10 Yard double Width. Xv2 a of the above goods ate of Superior Quality Irarra Ted All w60l now ladies if yen want Iny of the above Don t delay. Make up your mind Lickly other Wue they will is gone. Wilson,bh1cbco., Bressmer has silk Mercess bundle Street Adelaide. 3340 Christmas season. J. Miller and else co., 20 and 22, Hindley Street have now unpacked their Christmas shipments and Are showing an Exten Sive and varied selection of novelties suitable for Christ has presents. Leather goods. Music folios. Ladies companions in various sizes scissors in cases Porsena All sizes from la. Upwards special parses in Russia Morocco Alligator and Lizard novelties in ladies handbags Towel cases stationery cases. Ladies and great Lemen s kitted travelling cases Glove and handkerchief cases in sets ladies cycling bags to fit of bicycles photo. A Burns great variety Spring inks. Ladies suede and macrame bags. Mirrors in Nickel frames new designs photo. Frames in leather Nickel a. Many novelties in English and Continental fancy goods Bru sware. Military brushes in leather cases hair brushes All Price. Japanese goods. A. Large shipment opened this week. The finest selection we have Ever shown. Vases in the most elegant designs in Satsuma Moshkin Bishin Kaga and Ein Bishin Tea and Coffee cups and saucers an immense variety from 9d. In words. Water and chocolate jugs. Tea pots and d0blns, dessert plates bowls All sizes. Antimony Ware. A grand selection including trays All kinds. Bowls paper knives and stamp boxes. Bronze table gongs curios in candlesticks very original japanese silk Aad embroidered d Yolles. Silk. Photo. Frames Mut novelties. A Beautiful variety of silk hand fans new designs. Richly embroidered Satin and silk copies. Embroidered firs ? grate screens. Japanese draught screens Tram 17/6 each. Sass3t7tase. ? pretty hand baskets. Portmanteau baskets. All sizes. Ladies drcs3-ba3kets, with straps. In addition to above we now show a Large Stock of Attr drive novelties in japanese production too varied to enumerate. Afternoon Oak trays is five Lizes from 5. G upwards. He stitched Cambric hand kerchiefs in Beautiful Fanoy boxes perfumed half dozen in each Box 5/6, 6/ 6, 7/6, 9/3. Linen Cambric handkerchiefs. In fancy boxes half dozen each. 3/6, 30, 4/9 Box. � note. A Stril Cipr feature of our deported novelties for this Christmas season is their extremely reasonable prices the japanese porcelain. And fancy goods being really a Marvel of cheapness. J. Miller Anderson co., Adelaide. Drivers circulars handbills Price lots 4c. 5eatly and expeditiously exec teb it be Register observer and eve Kino Jou Esal general or two offices. Inf a stent. Add ski Orathy and lot hint ciablesbibks&co., Rundle Street. We Are largely Over stocked with White toilet quilts in double bed size and Are deter. Mined to Renca the. Quantity by offering them at the following serious loss to ourselves and ? immense advantage to 4 our. Patrons. White toilet quilts full size for double Beds. Our regular Price. Reduced Price. 10/6 T 6/11 12/6 Roa 8/11 15/6no 18/6 13/g 21/ 15/6 25/ T 17/6 30/ 2m 35/6 25/ 39/6 or 21/. Real Safi Oaits. 8307 Martin bar Lington House the great Central leading Ift Shirob bus soapy establishment. Now showing Cool blouses from i of each. Cheap 1-Kjlpery Burlington House. Sunshades. Ladies fashionable Plain Floral and bordered Wii it sunshades. Jul. Full. 5. 0/rt, to 5/11, an to 13/ each latest styles in shot silk and Chi r Fox lined and frilled sex Saurs Black Boh Levakos. From 5 Black moire and Floral sunshades new goods at popular prices. Ladies popular Sailor hats for the. Country. Seaside Aad town Wear the Boxhill. The Westgate the Leigh the Dover . Prices untrimmed from it id eteh.u2 no for Bork a of Pai Turnt. The Bur Liberton Monse washing dress sad Blouse fabrics. From 3 id Yard ladies underwear. Ladies Lonc doth night dresses from 5 each Ladiet Lon cloth chastises from /8 each ladle to cloth knickers from 1/0 pair. Burlington House celebrates corsets from 2/6 pair Martin bros., leading fashionable drapers. Xmas preparations. The fairy Ole a Kam Stope of prompts for All people. A veritable Panorama of i Olls. Droll sad fantastical sad it All prices. The Book department Bubu botox House. Popular a burlington1 publications Eom Pishut the chief masterpieces of English lit Aratare Brand in cloth and out Etta red Price kid per Roame. Scad for a Ca Alofoe. T0yb00ss, from of Sach. Send Forth Santa Claus catalogue of presents from one posit of to a do Pound. 4c. Martin bros., Burlington House Adelaide. Attn drapery and lot hint read this list. It will pay you. Gigantic establishment literally teems to a q a a two Fth cheapest House to buy from. Attractive widows died seasonable goods at aston1suixgly Low Pec is. We offer costumes. Of ladles 8triped Aad fancy Cambric blonde Cost news 8/11 for 3/11 93 ladies stylish wishing costumes. Blouse Sod 8urt, 1s1 ladies Superior fancy Cambric Blouse Aad skirt , 15/9 fur 7/11 us ladies stylish White my fancy pique cos tames 17/-, til to special. Ii ladies Black lace silk and Jet capes 15/0 for 8/11 each. Tunics and dresses. 143 child s Holland and fancy Cambric overalls a each 115 girls and boys fancy Cambric dresses 1/6 each 187 top rior Holland and fancy washing dresses 1/lleach 83 boys fancy Cambric and Drill tunics. 1 each 54 fancy Cambric and Zephyr washing dresses a a Lesb. Lowest prices atma8shall s new dress muslims. In the Linen depart menu All Over Swiss sprig muslims 1,0 per Yard inmate Bell skirt rubes Norel mex 7/i la. Dress Complete Nain Sook sub us wide widths v9 Doun Yards aut muslims a Ood Assort Tat of Pat Toms special it dozen Yards set typed Kauai Bill. For boys Wear 8 d i Lack Glass Lotif Towell log 1/6 dozen Yards. Special. 2/11 Doma Art muslims. 60 pieces Small i at uru at 1,0 dozen Yards 75 pieces assorted Good patterns us dozen Yards 26 pieces 30-in. Borders a my Lin 4.0 dozen Yards 100 pieces 50-in. Large curtain patterns Clearing at 7idpsryard so a mass ton lured 40-in. Ilu Slio to Cood new a signs 0 d or Yard. See Otje window hts. Notice our dresses. 30-in. French Floral Delaine Wischt ill dark round Batt of patterns Lew than Hali Price 8jilj�nl a Ciao Union wills this seasons full ran of shades splendid value Canna be beaten double Width Niu Aily told Iff. Our Price 9ju Yat a Shadow Union Check coloured Tsewu natural ? shades reliable Good to Sola Width. 1,3 Jurd Roubaix Fine twill scr Wall Wool exquisite colourings splendid value double Width la 28 dress lengths coloured i Yards each Good assortment of shades g a the dress. Haberdashery. New tortoiseshell hair glides. 3jd each new 8baoed venetian ladder web Brown and drab and drab and Whu. 3 d per Yard Dax Gers Sod or Namsun Lor the hair from old each new Sid Combs latest English style from Sid per pair now shades in Cross stitch silk. 10,d per dozen new Llo Niton lace by Kiln just to band Mew kid featherweight Luis curlers. 7jd bundle new liar tin Moons in each Murras Unn shirt cuff binding saves the trouble and expense of acc Ulnic 1/3 per piece. Lowest prices at Marshall s ladies Sailor hats. We Bare thrown ont one line at 3d each another line to i Cloard a a each Tho Superior Quality fashionable coarse Straw jumbos Jori at 1/ each Are Selling in hundreds. Thu Quality in Oaly obtainable from us. This Une trimmed with Styish Larce ribbon and quits for 1/11 each worn 3/11 a pane line stylish sailors trimmed Cream Satin ribbon sad quilt Worth 4/11, now 1/11 each. A Superior jumbo Boxhill Sailor fully trimmed with Cream Satin ribbon and pretty White Feather mount Worth 0/11, Xmas Price 3/11 ? ? ? special Purchase of Terai hats Terai hats with pump ties with log Gaines 8pl.ndu, value. Price 2/10/11 these hits Are Worth doable the Money. Witk Straw hats special Unes grand Valce prices cd i of 1/11 2/11 3/6 j 1/d 1/11 a Xii Matt 1/3 w All Bab claims special Waldes in hosiery ladies Black lace for summer Wear fast Dye. 1/ per pair children s Black lace Hose in Black White and Tan Sixes 2 3 4 5 6 prices so 9 d lid i a 1/5 per pair ladies Black lace Lisle Hose very Choice line. Tysoal value so. 1/11 per pair Black Cashmere Hose All Wool Aad in axiom feet. 1/ per pair ladles juin Black Cotton Boss fast Dys sad pair Law bed Black Cotton Hose wide ribs me Rasasi fast Dye old. 7jd. 8-d pair. ? Psi kcia.1-. In Dron s ribbed Black Cotton Hose fast Dye. A sizes Selling at 6jd. Pair. Gloves. Ladies 4-Button austrian kid g Lores in fawns Beaver and tans Pebble stitching on backs in Pale Blue Pink or self Colour the very latest 2/11 pair ladies1 4-Batton austrian kid in Fawn Tan. And but str backs stitched with Black or self Colour very Strong us pair ladies 4-Buiton French 8uede Glores. In fawns slates and tans new pointing on backs 3/11 pair ladies 4-Botton pique sewn suede gloves in tans and fawns Black or self stitching on for Strong War. 3/11 ladies 4-Bntton suede Glores in tans fawns and Beaver wonderful value 2/11 pair Best value at Marshall s. Compare the a files. To3t our statement. Buy from the popular drapers Jas. Marshall co. Ora cry and old Milne austrian Bentwood suites 9 pieces. Charming design four turned spindles in of each chair Aud eight do. In settee. Remember 6 chairs l settee j armchairs in each suite. Colour Walnut Marshall s p3ice, Only 84/ see windows. These competitive prices will always obtain. Other suites chairs settees armchairs. Seekers cat equally Low prices. Regular shipments of popular lines and novelties at stated intervals. Placer Bese goods always at our customers commands. Real leather suites. 7 pieces. 4 chairs 1 Cocca s armchairs. �4 4/. A positively unrivalled production. Made in Ouk own factories 8tephkxs-Plack. Drawing room suites a positive Marvel. Coach. S arms i Small chairs in pretty tapestry and silk Plush. Shillings 75/ shillings. Bedsteads at enormous discounts. Bedsteads Bau Sains in All styles. Bud shads wonderful value and Choice Marshall s. Business notice none genuine unless stamped ave aft he feet As above. Deware of imitations. Ole agent if Jno. Reid & sons res Hamstreet. Or of j. W. Grasby & gd., wh0lc8ale i grocers. Importers. & Tea merchants. Dealers in All kinds of store and station requisites. All descriptions of colonial produce purchased. Correspondent invited. 81 Gre fell Street Adelaide butt who Albatross Patent lampw1csl Adesir ready to brilliancy of Light Savesper sent of Keto Eine entirely be rates danger Iron explosion a circa to trimming suit All lamps. Harris Scaffe k co., sole agents. Fan particulars obtainable at no. 7, Alfred Chambers. Curio Street. Atm we a us is b1luv0 is i by sol i my Ujj Ift o l l i l gs9 Best make. A a charges free Gay re Nolc Street w v e k v style of printing neatly and sped Tiou by at Tho Register observer. And eve inc journal general printing office mining Monzie s baros8a Gold Iniko company no Lulu la. Notice is hereby Given that an extraordinary urn Kcal Jbf Calno of to company will lie held at Tbs a Bluain room. Tayu out. Street Adelaide of Friday afternoon. Do Pinasr a 1sw, at l30 o clock for the Punnose of , each if thou tit at Paciuc the follow ing special resort pm that the Eaxie s Barona cold minion. Com Paay to liability be count up Voluz warily. Should Tho Resolution Bopa a a Lurther Kesoli. Too will to prop omd if to ought lit. At the same Mesinor the of s liquidator or liquidators for the Purpure of such winding up and Fli Irp Bis or their remuneration. . 0. It. Ann Ells Secretary. Loward Smith us Sibun King Mili Attr t. Adelaide dec. 1. 1898. ? Kaloo Lalib mint and Iron Ducq Gold mines. Limited. Unpaid Calls. Notice is hereby Iven pursuant to clause of Tho com a s articles of association that All Sua itus in Iboa Bova Nammal Coral any upon which the. Call of two8bilun per Hare due on the 12th March us or Oiler instalments payable Theraux have not been paid will be liable to for. Feature mrss such Call or other instalments Are paid at the Hegi tiered office of the company Brno nun s by Girting. Orentell Street Adelaide on or before h1 \ in the a the Day of december 1808. Dated this 30th Day of november my. By order Arthur Bride own Adelaide Secretary. Brookman s build inf ure Feu Street Adelaide. ?. ? a Warrior Wenzer Goldmine no company no liability. Wotier is hereby Tyven that All Baras in the shove company on which the eighth Call of threepence per hours due of 10th Day of August Laflas remains unpaid in thursday de Cember 8, 1wu. Will be offered for Sale by nubile auction in the Vestibule Toek Exchange of Ade. Laide Kingjr William Street. Adelside on Friday december 9. 1803, at s-80 . Cakl w1lbebth, Sec Star. 51, Davenport Chambers Currie Strosta adeside no��iuut28. 1w8. The machinery Plant Aud leases of the Wal Laroo monsies of mining company has been Pur chased by this Vimpany on vary advantageous terms and a Shinz Wilt be started within a few Days. Full information respecting the Purchase will is Given to shareholders of application at the store. Tary s office. M2.6.4 Al Ltd Patrick consolidated Gold mining company to liability. Notice quarks upon which uie flits ca1x of threepence per Bhare remains unpaid on Tuu Day 1st december will he of Lerell to Public auction by or. U. 0. Gurr in the Vestibule of be Stock Kex Obanio Adelaide a Friday december t. A i. At x.i6 . Uku. T. 1.ank, Secretary. Adelaide. Novembers. Isis. to is our Lunation John Nankivell an Buten Al Plourd to apply for a col pet Minino Almuly Birle a Miles Southeast of a Sultana to acres known m the Wurr loot. Imoto oompanib8 and soon bibs Oro Ksn Hill Oahu Lippl Umi Fiba notice of dividend and Bonus notice is hereby Given that a dividend the Sard. Of Hixi incr per Hiliare and a Bonus of Rilke Eiynck Pur Rubare a it 16s., have been declared duo and payable at to registered Toflea of Tho company us Queen Street Melbourne the company office at Krokus Hill and at the a Naos offic. Finsbury Blouse London Wall b.c., on and alar monday the my january 1899. Traa fsr Bouk does in Melbourne and London on Friday loth december 1808, at 8 . By order of tiie Board tho9. Rollason Secretary. So Queen Street Melbourne november to Imis. 8m� municipal and dist Trot oounoil8 be n 8 i x o t o n to to pro r woodcoupokat1on. Al pm against a38kisment. Notice is hereby Given that the Council has caused to bit Madoza assessment by adopting Ali am to it it of Tow pre Eul Yea with necessary Aucta Lous in respect to Improto Menla and new pro Ulues of All Halabis props tip within Tbs town for Tho your or tit. And thai uie same by them a been allowed. The As Sui evil Book May be wiper uni at do town clerk s t Fulce daily from bto6,, when the hours Are from 0 to 11 appeals Aga lust any portion of this assessment must be made within ten 10 Days of the Date of the first publication of this notice and Are to Sot Forth the ground upon which the Appeal is based in Tho form of the fourth schedule of the Muni act Flenni a court of Appeal an monday december the 18th, 1808. Commencing Alt o clock ira.,Aad will hear and consider any Appeal that will lie Mado to them on or before the my Day of december and give their decision therein. Farms of Appeal May be obtained at Tho town Clark s office 1 own Hall Norwood Anil any information relating thereto. Dated at Tbs town clerk s office town Hail Norwood this 1st Day of it tin bar Leml by order 336,42 Leo. W. Louden teen clerk. Money Don t be misled. The popular key brokers Are the s. A. Loan an discount Bank who will Supply you with Monty a or end Mere limn you Cali Eli Iain else Bee is furniture Iii heat removal. Deed scrip Bond Cert Lirlea. Pc lilies i Erso Aal or any Eust a Curier. Easy Erm. Min Tell privacy. Apuin Menis May be made by letter. Haunt Kos. & and 6. 1 Iri. Cnair airs. A secs f\4f\f% Tot a kit Wek pays in. Xii Iii Terbl and . 1 1 is i advances on Freehold Security Yow ? w w Keek of commission. Assistance Given to build. I. R. Klll10oat. Moul Efluri cram trs Way Wib sir set. Pm mate jjtonn1. Money. Monet. City i in of Ficini .vdi-ey-8tkegt, u. J. Raphael Man ser. Norn he is pm Urr to Advance Montr without Dulsy on fret old securities. And at lowest current rates. Iionka Lent without Security or of notes of hand shares Bill of Sale. Brodi a Cortinca use policies Bauk Deposit receipts in st Low interest and Essy terms of repayment. Bills do counted daily letters promptly st. Traded to. Money advanced in full without Lee is or Otho in ens. If your Bank refuses you in overdraft or your creditor in pressing Call at the shove address. ? Tom who Money to lend st i Mart. Rus r. To Tux. Sold Tor. Coniti Cirrisi Bank Chimbors Kir willium-stm.1, ail air. Sottilo 4ss to Lent on person Al Security iiousf.t1oi.d furniture. Do Kim Notka of make or Stuek Beckum Levi. Borrowers can repay weakly or otherwise. Bills Dise Eunalee d4ily. . Mutual loan discount Bank Gladstone chamber Tio. 19, 1 Iris Street Ausalia e. Office hours of till s Saturdaystill 11 70s Money to Lumi Al a of i Irron Yah a. 4m ulate pants Guantone human. I iric sick to. �5 to .�500 advanced on b1li.s it Malk. Bill lading. Bonded . Crip. Peb60nal or other Security a payments weekly or Ether Wise. U1lu do olmec daily. We have private act orate hat pianos furniture or Etner bulk Myrh Partiss upon which ail Vances Are Uitile. We also 3uy Erbeli. Fer Tell Sale Bank Lurance Cluj Wiur or shares a fever Desoria Uoss a co.mm1su1on Only. A. A Ibon fix by Kkt Adelaide ? to esd profi Matonak Lyons k Leader Money to lend at lowest current rate an Freehold is Sonji City. Be Burlund or real property a trass

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