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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1839, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - August 24, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia advertisements. 4#4o Mutt be paid for in Vici to insertion unless forwarded by such of our Frimd As fire a Mil Uwel Obj accounts at the fact and advert Isert re particularly to Lutife int tact i inn Tail will lie continued and Haryd Tor unless found rounded by six v Couch Ott or Day str Man. J Oil Fon d o n Dink c to to Tail Eva i Cut Adela it m at Turly part of kor brr i ii Row. L Iru a katii4iuxk Fri 1 sikh Art Hon ies. Lt9m Var alien 5ih ton a Miro Fui 4�vs59 the at Iove vessel h i very Supe tier Iii Iii i Lii tining for passengers Winlie whole of her dead weight Beinin engage slippers of Wool it re queued to Timve it in rending a to Deriv a f lie ship just proceed to Huirt town to complete1 jut arro. Apr Lieari it in r Caj t. It u. On onto to tie South australian Coin airy s Cuil Enrri Tal rooms or to hark Watson and co. Ifju Roar , Savosky As Calcutta ii. A a Rilik very find fait i whim .1 / i a i we Loir a m lust. Do , " " Roll i 3bk old Amir it few Trout. For or Pis age apply to i comma Dir j a Board or to is i rep a. Ai Ijuin a str it. I , a a kill. Iw3. It Frkol Fller i Maii Tutt. We it a i a win of Roi Ircne a to order. No a line Ilie a Lii foil Salu Achire of two ? Bullocks. There will he off red r prior Dairy cows in calf and to cantly Oil veil ilk a if Bill of is and steers Mir re Citler for the Lutc or in Tom yuck for blurs a pm i Ove or to James Frow and Varre no. 115 Kundte ref t. Adelaide Igetti August 1839. Stationery warehouse Linn try Santt. Just import i per sep Pic Leif wiry a Larce Issei item it of Fatio Wirry in peat Taii Ity Nisi Ingu acre tit books led tips. Journals Cali books letter Diouk. Day Book in filing. L Landtr. City of Adelaide and Amtul i Ulier an extensive of Ironmongery. Tin wan i sundry. Hardware Ai Sheffield Cut by incl wikis us All 7is, Eluker and huh to iils rivets i Lou Rinir and outlier lids lint of jugs Tel Ter Hook. Roemish Wood san Wsul All ize bad Crew nut and pc text lock hinge bolts and Padlo Eka both Iron and brass pit Erose Ruc. Ripping Punnet Ron paid and Iii ind saw Iron Tea Kurtt Len fish act Lei Oval and round in oilers twin Stris and stir pan Iron mid tin Tea Kettle g us Poti Camp of vent lire drugs 1 and tin Tacut lamp table and j j u a Ard to Tii tila Indian Corn in it a gift e i ill \ Ilung and dressing inn Hizir b a Lynli and la t Irons bowl in int steel Yards re Lioi ims Iron Wei Lii or a kind Druss a tint door , lir ust Ca Jacra Pullis wid sir a is is tins Loik Hjokt flush Bohi butt Abii a ,? Oytt a knives a a room Pirt an 1 Rai-npnferi1 try a Uil Gan Lii in p of i int. A. L. Davis co. It Clef the Utida in a flex Xam tet Liah a Itti iry in Tony Damons Tiann Sec. Be. Era ily l us Schiedam a Voltam port Vin in a Cir. To h i i. Liei Sivh Sherry it. I he Iii i l up , it a c Stout id Liu Steadt As who at und l r Uiti an a. Mint s ii a Pir Klat Viv spin i tallow a Mitzi Kiwi. It. , mus Viitel Rittir i a till. In Lert Era and Othor books a Vitious a tide of Atatim Tyty Liverpool and Hay Salth Estr. A. 11. Davis so co. Gill Arcade. July Aoth a. Davis & c \ have on Sal tit Fol. Lou in drug Modi Eim so. Arse Hir Alum up oin , laudanum Mir Cyrial ointment i Lur sup line Dogwood tartar Metie , Cali cuss a Paea Xuanba Ajic rican Pearl. A hrs Calomel Fiji Tali Senna. Gum arabic arms rung liver Pill. Toothache cure carbonates Oda Lauber sails magnesia in Ina a it utters ipod Eldon. Imperial leather Pren rarer i Sanro of Lii non soft soap a i Cheltenham Salti Seltzer a Ter &c., Ike. Leamington baits Cream of tartar linked i Arrow ii of. Glue cume Rrt of Romm. , Adelaide turn Khz dishes f Etc. Painters 1 j Nis lips. Duster und a a tool horse and mop Luau la timid. Bat miniter Fri on ring and tar brushes Wei item Ash and ri4t?-Reri? brushes wooden Treni Liers spoons bowls Taminen hair Tine Corn and to or Irviv Zietlow. A. 11. Davis a co. Cilly Reade. Anon Etc in 9. Town unto on building Laer Pitot met 138,in curries net. Ditto acre 1. On the North Terrace with a Well. Ditto. Acre 161, in Pirie Street hip Manh. Square with a Eli. Acres no. 769, 700, 791, a a chef Street North Adelaide. Ditto no. 751. A the Hill in or Scott Freet North Adelaide with frontage to Strang a a. Terrace. Apply to a.il9avis., i _ Willea Arraf. Ajit anted person qualified to undertaken w the cult Iwatiw of part of a Wec Tonat a j Market Garten t Kay one possessing the Resnis Ite qualification will be treated with on Ultra i terms. A up l y to a. U. Davit and co. Cities. Rc4e, Currie a text i to masters of vessels and of Hoks. Captain Lees be of be a having very recently surveyed lie coast of a ii Lunil lie twi a of Dusy and coffin s Bay i is lately published a pamphlet headed " sailing or Ottimis Lor South Ansti Alia. J Ort Lincoln Boston Bay col has Bay love stir Tor s Straits Hardwicke buy St. Vincent s Gull. Bac stairs i assume a. Pc and a cart of the Lect tit discoveries in Coflin s Ivy which will la found must useful production to those who a a not Well acquainted with the const. Tin above ran lie had at tie mores a my sofa. V. And e. Solomon dime Street. Sailing directions Price 2s. Each. Chart of Coflin s Vay. Is. " the committee constituted for the purpose of Ensi Irir to tin. Colonists a sufficient up Lyof Florin it the lean possible Cut i Kukuy give notice that Zyc a enquiry. J. H. Leak a now on Sal Tor Only it warehouse in t. Van Dizik a i Laud flour in iian Titis of not if to Iii one Law. A More to lion liar. Fine f10ur 655. Pel 100 it. I a a Market place i Al Nursery Neil is Coltman lips to Iii urm tic Puli in that lie h is of ii ii a hit stall in to to above Market , for the ii i he he a Arcady . I off to Vliem list he ims Tiow daily mip of i Riili fish by errs. , jtr., and Iio prs. A nautical instruments ukr Lic a respectfully to inform tic sub lie that he has i noved to i in ley it ret two Doois West Frenn or. Hacks where lie will a nerf on the a Buvac business in All it Hope by attention Piid punctuality to Merit a Efa Are of their support. Compassi mail to order and Roma unitised. Sextant quadrants Ike Ottil Voiad Aad re paired. Hindley Trett july 2%, great attraction i an tits grand lottery Enn Taining 7kirtym? prism. Aro Laponis a in ton room of drawing the Atefi tinn of hit friends and the pub air. The present lottery i one of by Maidt v. Cil and private Secretary to the governor. On Aliat the office Oftle some australian Rigi Tfir the Toyal. South Australia almanac for 1839.containing great variety of useful information. Price 2?. 6al j St Pauli shed Hubert thorns or co., Hin Tiey itt a Synod a is of the special Survey taken the land sales Velev cd in the Colony and the shipping arrived in i Urt Adelaide for the Sis months from is january tooth june 1839, inclusive neatly printed on a Sheet of Fine Pott. Price sixpence. A. A mtg of sheep cattle flee. On Bale at the Stock Fen s of John w. Jutland and Rocc a Tiff it to due South Terrace Addaide. Daiv cows. A constant Supply of Well bred and quiet Dairy cows mud heifers in calf or with calve by their sides. From the Superior de of thin pint of the advertiser s herds one. He confidently recon fiends them to parties about to Roininen a or increase to Weir Dairy is . He Yir rant them to be quilt us the Bil mid Good milkers. It cattle and Bullocks for tin Yoke. Rutcherd and parties working Eien a la formed that be Lias Ulm at on bund Ragule and urge a ply f s Litane rattle from kick Tea the Ltd tit Irlon Iuit can be made. Heifers and Steriu one in Dow Yran old. Of tit above the advertiser a now Tefera hundreds of the finest bred Young Stork in a Colony from various weeds from Ushii a Ifo Defte have it been made. Fries moderate und parties Wio Hitaj to a in in hmm by the Parchue us Young Itoch in l Rigi Quiri Titei will be treated Wab liberally. N b r p. Pat a ribs a constant Upp of toe Hove will he on Calp and will be Horci split in to Uit the convenience of buyers. They Ara the Boot if the Overland Ibers lately arrived. Five whom d e? he subscriber Hsi Fot no docks of Fine Vav Fulcd was lambing Down perfectly clean with whole tie Eros. And in the finest Pon Siulc condition Well worthy the attention of Wool prow pm. Gentlemen purr baking urge / will be treated liberally. Yeah eng is Ikje or Bith Hundred yell bad my healthy Young twerp Wilt be sold cheap. Herds of rattle beep for. Pure med fat revived on coming Rmenti and Money advanced m Stock for Sale. M ainu the above description of Stock r to the it caption of the Ewe Florks to be shown by appointment to be Cen on mondays and Thure any from cacti to Tel a on other Days from four . To Eun Down at the Stock Pene of y w. Bell. Land and Stock agent. S. D. The a an Inelo?p4 Keetion the torrent heat the Reed Beds in to suit Lereece. For Lurther particulars apply to i. W. Bull South to meet land and Stock Ages. O it s ?. Stolen a etrav4 from Mont Barker 4ie. Trier on or amt tha 10th May bar horse without White a Rcpt Saddle Mark with Witch Tail known of tha Naa of of upper. 61 will be paid to to party Leetoria Kin to the the and a Tiger Fca Vini est tanned Cense Derahl Low and from his horse being rid Den off their run hereby offers Reward of Floc m Yeav Letioa of the of Maera. J. W. Bull sooth Terrao. La Odud by Elk Fem out of Gnu Rew aft. Lost a Large ret belonging to an Iron Safe. Whoever will tiring the oame to or. J. Lue Hardson. Wui re Seiw the Bevo Reward

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