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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Aug 17 1839, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - August 17, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia . 4 Taii must be paid for previous inc Rte in ites Fermi red 67 sic i of our friends As have opined monthly accounts at 1 the oilier., and advertisers Riqie Mcd notice that . Wal Fri i Liik i mad fro ii / in ? Vari c f a civil is . Hard ii Kaii ski it K.A i Aht /-wkk/i.s. I ru4? Utju tons Okli Al any i Liol i ii of . Mid Len i Oft i Wii it .fcv.i. I i w01 Art a qty i. To i no s. K Othur vim slip w K.A Iorii a in Luw. To mall of err a i Imti n. To w i a Caj . I my a i lit thu an-.,l .111 Coin five us on i. tin Board John Allan. . Lind try sly oct. July 30, Law. To sail fur on tuesday nut of y " i 1 a it a Lilly in i f f s Abo c / a s Vas. A Eav a Jav i Ilion Roni Mati Ler. I by fear the Uptain on Lunini. 10 c. Cims a agent. Pm a tort i Chat Khz. Knus i juror in .-1-Itioll a in. A a-.?Piv w Ali if. In " i h , a t -r?.r, at lsenu.u us Hiiva Wei Jii Litty a tract. Ass clip Sci Uii i ii Ato air. Nuuja Ajili it cd tur . I. Urru tilt of Trout. A it i loin Etc Joity it inst , a lived Misc i. Guavin in. in sell. S. In. Cak Katt and a i Ibert ret. Kew Manikt i Lac nuts . He. Tolf Ason rat gain Nursery us so us Kenai. In a it term l " them Umili . A. In Hopes inv a avg liar the Lowett terns. \ Quant Jav of i site e Paitl dec. In at till Stock Hen s of John a. Hull. Land and Stock a ont last end of South Terrace atlaide. A Iky cows. \ constant i icily of Well lire at it 11 c oils Uniti heifers in with flip Start of the adv Ortise s herds on , lie Nulf h Eitl Martn s about commence incr their Dairy of. Tallis Litiuz its in i Yot s it Prstt till from which \ a selections Call e Oliai a. and k Nilow years of a i a. X.f now Filmor a f . I i Fita a Fricon Fiou no Wilutis ivc ii . s . A Iid Orrl h Lvii ii Jireh l Oil a i. C Tilie hi., . In i 11l a inv Willin Smolc. Us i Torii trip in d. In t., o of myi is. T i y Are by m of tilt owl Willd i Ali is a urn. Fim Wool ii a Sib in in. I for Salt Wiorks of.-xv., i Vici. a a. Cleta. With who . A i. in so. Lily possible Oik Iitto .-i Itaf Wool grower.-, ii i Lur Vily will he lifted i Loraly. i i lop a i swim Lionti Ril Voll Idt a and in Ivyn ii / be s us Clum i. ii a in -. R ..,. ii n.i, i j a oct ul.-. I a . Tiie Ali in a its i is of in Ali i of ii v i -. V Tuii i ?. .it i is Vii . i Ilii. Tom four a. To Eun Coin at t.,.1 Luck ii. I j. W. My. a 1. Stock a lit. N. B. The mov Ruji i Lii Odin Actium Lia Viii made Oxton in Rigi i it in in colonies is in mrs h Roii try in Iliia foil fur sperm Irvi-yi., Dothi i Dairy Licci Siut Loiis it.itde runs. To in i it an Init it no ii Tai. Tor room Noar their end of iia. Fur Burtner a i y i. I. W. I no. I Smith Tor rap. L David Pluck agent. Ii s i s. .ks of strayed from h.irk.he Ilori Izui we term it i die Mark with Yit i known Liy thu ii Ury Schuir i m tie of Stu a. " a i Filiti tier of tast Ivr rate it Lay Yod in us Lilis. Ujj. Reward. Tie Niv ii scr visit fus nned Mosid Cratit i am Lio in i Moses Luin lid a i o ? a inn -. 1.-Yii us a i it Flour Joist Hui. Broad ruling oat narrow do. Sugar laths i of attics new zealand Pine candles Mould and dip tits i oads of i Ortor. Isott cd . C. Chi Isar ail v pamphlet Livili a " sailing directions for Huish . Port Lincoln Huston u in coi s Hay Straits Bay Vim pm s Gull. i Iissa a . Jke., Sikl a Char of the lick riot discoveries in Coluni Bay which will lie fun jul a must useful in oui icon those who ulc nor Well with purpose i. Of Urivi tin1 colonies a Suil iridis i Phily of flow i it Umi of sick n ii on j Potick Ali he is uvary. I. X hark Lia i now on .sa.-. Irish Only at ins Wii i in .iil.-c.mieil, Vii Dii Inen n us i Luicir in Lifa it Noc ii .an Nizic \ a ii Ore Toimi inc. Tine i inn . I.1ih . Re lev Sill it. Pro Lin n ii i a ii. Of two Ity a it Liat Ai a a stoic Loi Hiiidli-y-.-1.-v.-it ill c Ortii Ami pm aprily air. , Tsz i Hotnit. J. V ii a a a i Atoji. Rourl anti i a Tiit a lilt s it in Billy Taulor a Jaili Ilia in tuis Viil Hiim lev i . Dojiri West Bruni . Hacks a lure l i l o tiie Utun Liun s in All its Impi c a in str Pinion Jill ii aet Unity in it Hari if a my. Elj it. J in l. T . R i no Ril 1..111t. W. Lv. it in up. Rev . Mimi m.,K.A e .-i. R. I infirm t Ulai. I v Fri Mill Wilc Niiori v ii Cis v a Siuro c Timir but. T ii Mil Otili Nim Xei made Osiier. N. Lit. 1 i. In Vic Irti Culibr att Vnti i the Tery Murk Tut hand. A Luj it. August ?.wi.v auit Ivko capitai.ist6 Ano i Mig Kan is. Lam Loc tur a ii Survey ii other wlm. Light. , & co. It i in is-Il, North Imit Juiu-11, i . Alto ii Lxi it it Ltd ii. 1. ii Iobco. Us i v.,.1 i j o i l on k s a i. No. Igi of Falc Liivik with two , in Rios and i Well i Foud Svaicr. J a icily 1. A.xvisit, country Section Uco i of a. I. Davis & co., till be Treude. To 0 e let an Lour-6taslcd Brablc und died . Aprily Imp. Al Lii at Sogutlu i Cros hotel. To i ii of. No a i. I it fixity 10 View ii Nanri i Lity. A i Luc 11. us jul la ii i Oaias us the Murray Ulvi i. Tajii Clyto. i., it die so Lulu Lii Crons. A o i it 1.1 f Cui Niky i Riua no. A i. A Julio Turt Kuver .ily live 1i. Adriand a Tuu .i. L at Arius. Vav . Slut cd. To k Sci y is. Is. Hold and situated ill one w ii most valuable Parl ulars a icily u. I Ink. Tit the Soutking Cross Loul. It pm is inform Lii be bus Oul Eil premise Imke room receive i in v unil Choice Stock of Gudus selected with the greatest possible care und a the i lion which lie invite an Early a Keetion. profits Quick returns hem motto it ins Supply v Good article at the lowest Jiu simile profit such As he i Mijkl will ensure hint i of that i Jii it la it tent , and n Eliare of Public patronage. To the surveyors j Tmima of Liis Lii no in the i Lisle who film a it their i ii into Ilh Otl. Lii ii ii mud Erin. Iio Siri \ White i ton Liose rhltreit6 ditto Artuis nid pestles French Stew pans door a Capeis Kent Huitt Nurs band Bells five und a Ball feet ust Fetchel Cros Cui a band caws Iron Back ditto steel Buks measuring chains 50 links clasp knives table ten i Salt Poons brass buttons braces and bits i a ii trying , and Mono Spike mid other Ginis lets. Lion Cices ,.-n. Slain be a Japan Ned ditto can Uli he. The Pri nut exit try is Tuii if Ixia tulle value ii worthy the attention of All parties. In Pii Uriyu prices will of insist i a Notus \ \ Llie lottery Jar ?? a and the prizes viewed at a. Kulli Sou s Floc re Colt Tiati s hotel. Aust a. I83. Shu i c a i. Mil i Latts. Of Londus now performing the duties f Ault at Trinity cd Rob Adeia Mei it North Mercet let twi pm Bearc Rel my at putt

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