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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1856, Page 3

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - August 14, 1856, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? in England Thea than Are the responsibilities of tha country in the matter of slavery now. In Ono Way or other slavery must Lare Coxa to an end before a Century is at an end. Its effects May still be. Felt ? there will remain much to to done to Edify Ike aright Bat it a hardly possible t hit such a Black anomaly can. ? Darken our for another Hundred years ,tmle33 barbarism returns to possess its ancient ? feign is the Isoif has con Back to the haunts from which Tia first virginian settlers drove. Him a Ray. But Slavov is cry to to driven from our Domain _3 despotism in a different shape is to be extirpated in Europe by the Earnest intelligent action of the men of this. Generation. Time does not bring round his ? Berenges by the me?2 wind of his wings Asho flies bet by the helping of Resolute hands sagacious minds. Men do the wort time it. What account will he have to Goa of u3 at this most pregnant moment of Obi Jourse ? Al Bay with adulteration from the jute usum. I there is adulteration everywhere within without a specious appearance of genuine Ness notwithstanding. We take a Day with. 4 Christian gentleman in England in these a modern times. To begin with Himat his Lising. The water he drinks is poisoned in its Contact with Lead lined cisterns. There is Deril a dust in a portion of Nis garments he descends to i first repast of Adulte rated Quality in a corresponding condition him Golf his bread is heavy with sulphate it Lime plaster of Paris Alum Crystal fatal ? to digestion. His Epping Bottei is. Irish Salt washed in Mill As a very late pipe Jilin be has shown not free from pounded Flint atone. The milk itself has been yielded by ital fid govt dying of Maras us the Cream is on Lar Kim Mitt Mads thick by Arrow Root Jelly which is not even entirely made of for the sugar. There is Lime head or a perhaps All Titi be in the Lams a there is not Only Chalk or Clay but Tho hideous almost indestructible Mccarus Acchoti a. The Brown his Tea twice. Doctored abroad at Home owes Ita gloss to Magnea Ian earths is not free bom. Terra Japonica bears indications of prussian Blue Gypsum. Tea indeed is such a composite article that a blushing dealers Hare attempted to openly ? pass it at Tho custom House As Manu ctn red Good does our Christian gentleman s weak stomach tequila. Chocolate let him pause Ere he assigns it Tho task of digesting an article adulterated with to Chanut Oil lard perhaps tallow. He turns to Coffee purchased in s forgetting that there is a ? machine for cutting Chicory roots into berries like those of the Coffee tree just As liver at Amof supper taverns is Cut into respectable looking kidneys for Midnight epicurus. Not one Sample in ten of Coset can of said to be pure. Chicory is to the grocer what water is to the Milkman. In itself it is perhaps not in fitful in Coffee except to those who have Long continued to drink it. Such persons become predisposed to diarrhoea. A Verert the Chicory is not pure Brick Dost ochre or charcoal enters to what is sold under another Appella tion. Cd. Oar Jend is not touch better off at his Dana if be service after such a breakfast to be seated at the later repast. Fortunately a is Safe As iras the. Joints Are concerned it there dangers in other matters. Do of act him take Cay Iuie with his fish unless no is sure that it is not made up of Curry Swyder red Lead Salt Oak sawdust. Let trim remember the Lead palsy May be induced from fire que a Small doses of a mixture like this. , it May be said is a harmless ? ingredient. But it is not Curry powder if it fee made of potato flour ground raisins pondered Capsicum berries. Mustard is in with beef but we should prefer Mot Taring it made with linseed meal plaster of Paris for component turmeric for a colouring part. Curiously enough so perverse Are the adulterate is that they employ tie Mustard seed itself in the adulteration of Pepper. Ground Pepper is an ingenious mixture of rape seed cake unseen cake Day potato starch. Of what the flour for the tarts is composed we already know we need Only that of the fruits be bottled a poor gastronome is sure to feel the effects -6f a Copper solution. We hear of american Jard being used for some pastry. But As we do starch quicklime to the genuine article lire can hardly think that the latter or the pastry a thereby improved. Does the gastronome Cako Porter with his cheese let him not Admire the foaming head which in Somo cases is half Alum half Copperas nor imbibe too deeply of what owes some of its doliciousnea3 to Coc Culus indices Nuivo Mica. Indeed the greatest peril of All lies in the liquids. There is Many a Fine magnum of port in which four men May find a splitting headache at five shillings s piece. It May be got still cheaper sad wih last much longer if the port a i purchasable at a popular Price. What vast foundations of disease death May Belaid on port at a Pound a dozen the dozen being filled with artistic preparations of cider Brandy so juice elder wine Orriss Root if this pleasant beverage be Muddy the manufacture tears it by adding Lead As at Munich they Ioanu if stare pictures by any master so in Findon fare wines manufactured of any country or Vintage. Our contemporary notes queries recently asked if rhubarb is used in Champagne As it is in London for to Manu facture of Champagne wines. Our Neighbours have not yet reached this Point of ingenuity. Rhubarb is Only now grown As a curiosity in a single Gardenin Lorraine not far from the Jhan i pagne Frontier. To what uses it May be Here after turned we will not venture to say. Other wine adulteration we pass Over. If the supposed gentleman in. Whose society we have pathetically placed ourselves feels indisposed from Liberal indulgence he will do Well not to have recourse of spirits As & remedy. He will find Catechi Cherry Laurel water in his Corn spirit Cognac. Tha rum is As delete rious the whisky almost As much the Gin a full More so. Should to stoop to sip the latter he Only puts his devoted lips to the soft acetate of Lead a solution of Alum Oil of vitriol Oil of almonds to make it Beadal Wady adulterated Cayenne grains of Para -3ise. A brew ago to composed can Only be fitting for the stomachs of Belph Egor his Brethren. They Only might take with it commits lozenges in which red Lead Copper arsenic Antimony even Verdigris enter in greater or less proportions. A ten suppose that Par concise has got through Sll or any of these he will find perils still before him at supper even after. He Anay at the fatter period suck in the Essen tial Oil of tobacco from ill made pipes Anay prepare the Way for paralysis it he indulge much in what is called snuff but in which there is More or less oxide of red yellow ochre umber chromate of Lead dichromate of Potash Sisca powdered Glass bed Stead too enters into the composition of snuff ? so that s Man eats drinks smells this Dan Gerovas Poison. It might fairly be expected that if we Are cheated into disease we might find a remedy at the chemist s but we Are Here worse off than Ever. Drugs Are adulterated before they reach this country Are farther Adul tented bythe drug grinder again by the old Ilia we have sawdust in our Jalapa powder ?9 per cent of Chalk in Calomel cod liver my that is not extracted from cod or liver. To save tartar emetic in our ipecac Canha poppy capsules Sand in our opium earthy silts in our quinine. We have turmeric flour Sand the Root of the Curcuma Longa in our pow dered rhubarb we can Seldom Purchase that highly valuable gum resin called Scammon to without having to one fourth of the pure drug three fourths made up of a compound of the resins of Tia cum common resin Jalapa powder which is in part sawdust Chalk wheat flour occasionally Sand. It is Clear then that if a mail fee rendered ill a adulterated foods he is not Likely to be rendered Well by adulterated drags. Tho cae is a very hard one the ? Only remedy is care Temperance Early hours the Bath the flesh Brush an easy conscience a Resolution never to be vexed a remedy riot very easy of attainment in the Battle of life where even friends Are not spared a hero for foes there is no mercy. Chesica Domestic wide. Tho Cincin Nati chamber of conker cd in a recent report in these business of that City Reiniks m follows another ? Jjo Stoess which his a i own up almost entirely since 1sjo m the making of i , .7h ii pro raised to equal in. Amount that of the p a in c3 of France. By com. ? to i toilsome to with the ? that ==.tirjjhit,j ban sit cat la the. In year or two in a ai7 state tint there Are tit Fitu than 2,c of z n a vines in cultivation cd i. Of a 1.600 acres arc in All Dew inc. I-.? ?.-.r?.2 arc Ducioa of the last. Few tears this,3,f v l,5 via 700,0000 if Auona t Adina Virv to. I 2 Iby for Cury inc Casad. Alrey Ury ,rii_.=, i 1712-5 Ami Brouny com a urdu u-2 i a it Sada Herp Ami the Ian aids cart 131 tha Supply or. V. Longer ort the Msj re or of i Annati Hai. Just Pujji Bici r i he say3 ours i3 the Mejiaa for err r c a the Raaon cat ring ovine the lu.-.1- 3 of a i Job have no native Tapa. Our l i in res Fri covered Frith Vin i Tjio doing to Civ of grapes. I cur. To Binder rom Viz. t-2 a j to respect the doctrines of tha Eible a ii a i ? -. Tia Maui inc of Nina Iraj j it a i 3 ill eur 3 p5w Tiff i Sirij Stj-3 of left tins i a a4 & stirs Batttle hopeful signs Are not wanting among the portents of tha age. In Tho midst of material matter of fact things that higher Region of thought whose elements Are spiritual a a Onosa language 13 poetry 13 not univ Aifred have great railways magnificent Serew steamers but the world is not without its great thinkers. If the murderous machinery of War is developed on a scale of unprecedented efficiency there is Aba Tho heroic self Devotion of Florence Nightingale her All worthy band of coadjutor the manufacturing Industry of the most scientific nations is tasked to its uttermost Powers yet the heavenly inspirations of that Blest pair of sirens sphere Bora harmonious Sisters voice verse Are Felt with reverence Delight. While mill3 Are multiplied Dah i the Patent office teems with projects fortunes Are io3t made the Battle ground of politics i3 crowded with combatants the Fields of science Are ploughed by untiring labourers we have much genuine song Many True though imperfect poet3. Indeed the widespread prevalence of the poetic tendency is one of the most characteristic features of the times. The examiner in introducing a Host of new born books in verse has some very striking remarks on tha ten Dency. _ nothing observes our contemporary is More remarkable in the present Day than the Devotion of a countless number of persons to the thankless labours of poetry. The age itself with regard to its outward manifestations is not poetical Tho English people As a people Are not imaginatively sensitive no great rewards attend upon the cultivation of verse than which the rearing of cabbages is far More profitable no poet is Ever known to gain a seat in the House of lords by reason of his Fine frenzies nor Are the modern Petrarch Ever crowned in the Capitol or at the mansion ? House. Yet Day after Day they Start Forth from the us Eure Moue Uay Auer Uay some Resu victim is found ready to cast hi3 whole life Pas by Onady sacrificially into the fiery Furnace of poetical emotion to sing an unrewarded Mea sure to Bear cheerfully the expenses of his unsold foolscap Octavo volume to wait smilingly for the future which will never come to write angry letters to his Dull spiteful or environs critic in the Public prints who can t or won t appreciate him. Surely poetry must be its own exceeding great Reward for in these sordid times it finds none other. We have Good reasons for such observations for we Are forced to stand a perpetual fusillade of Small volumes of verse paper pellets for Ever rattling about our critical head a very Shower of hailstones out of Tho Clouds that Brood Over the Summit of our modern Parnassus. Here they lie before us a confused Heap of Little tomes in red covers Blue covers Green covers yellow covers purple covers slate covers drab covers for variety of Hue a very Rainbow As Evanes cent we Clear them off by shovels Ful but they gather again. We crack open them like filberts in rapid succession but the Stock seems undiminished. They Rise out of an Energy with which there is no keeping Pace As a cyclopaedia is always obsolete in some respects even before it is completed events discoveries being quicker than the pens that chronicle them so Are we for Ever in arrears with the tremendous creativeness of those who have drank of Helicon. And the strangest part of the business is that in All this mass of erode undigested matter in the substance of this steam engine wrought age there is a great Deal of real poetical tendency yet no True poet nor True poem excellent materials but no architect anvils hammers in plenty but no tubal Cain to strike music from them drawing celestial har monies but of Swart strength roughness. If from the various volumes of verse which we receive some master mind with a Genius for the creative the orderly could squeeze whatever is quintessential vital could sort element with element arrange the wander ing purposeless energies into a shapely total we might have a poem worthy of the age really adding something to the Stock. But no such mind has yet declared itself among the Young men of our Day. What May be the reason of this strange want of whether it be that our proper business at present is to destroy not to erect treat we Are in some feverish state of aspiration desire have yet to teach the repose of ascertained truth is a question of too weighty a character to be Here discussed. Indeed the volumes now lying before us hardly warrant our even mooting it we can Only plead having been led inadvertently into this train of thought which the Reader May choose to Pur sue for himself out of love for a nowe Art which threatens to be extinguished for a time for want of the polarity of one master mind perhaps we cannot better follow up these remarks Man of quoting irom me same source \ few characteristic notices of some of the More noteworthy of Thesa Juvene scent songsters. The weekly dispatch As doubtless Many of our readers know has in every Issue a Short original poem usually in the Lyric form. For a considerable time past these odes have been furnished by one writer under the North Ere plume of Quillon. He is a Nottingham Man or. S. H. Bradbury by name. He has recently published two Little books of verse. In noticing the second of these entitled the bridal of the lady Blanche other poems the examiner says or. Bradbury is we believe another of the singers from among the masses of the people who maintain in verse the dignity of labour Shost to the world something of what there is Osgood an Fine among those of our countrymen who have but Little worldly wealth though much wealth of a higher character. Books of this kind Are a delightful feature in our literature should be welcomed with All cordiality. Or. Bradbury s verse is not perhaps equal to that of others we have lately noticed but there is much positive Merit in it another of the poetic utterances noticed by Pur contemporary is or. Leigh s garlands of verse one of the Best things in this work it is Baid is an ode to toil though or. Leigh apparently rhymes at his e3=e toils less than he might Over his rhyming. But Here As elsewhere there is excellent feeling. To draw More closely Tho Bond of human brotherhood to throw Down All that is base in class distinction to illustrate Home thoughts with Puro words to show the tenderest noblest aspects to incite to a life of worthy aspiration is the common tendency in this Day of the verses of the million. There is a High meaning in this unanimity of voice. We have no reason to be ashamed of our Small poets assuredly no right whatever to despise them of shadows of the past by Lionel Holdrith our contemporary says nothing but furnishes a specimen. It is assumed that Tho author is a working Man a favoured by worldly Fortune the quoted poem which we sub join bears unmistakable traces of the influence of Tennyson s Genius work Thoa thy work or his it is Day with patient heart tha right to leave the Wron to him Jhn rum vengeance is mine i will repay work thigh the time seem sad alow Good Rao Veth Onward silently we know that better things shall be but How or when to Jaimot know. What if the task pass Hanwen strength. What if the Way be dark or drear ? each labours in his proper sphere All Complete tha work at length. What if thou canst not see the end ? ? press on in firm fearless mood doubt not that All acted Good to some result of Good must tend bygone moods by the Bev. T. J. Judkin is a Book of sonnets Phiedy upon such topics As arise naturally in the quiet course of family life in England though we do not find that it contains any deathless melodies it puts into language musical pleasant an expression of emotions impressions which never die out of humanity we must not forget a volume of poetry coming to u3 from North of the Tweed the land of Burns Scott. Surely says our contemporary there is worthy pleasure to be had in such a volume of musical scotch songs As is provided in the poems by James Ballantyne they Are for tha most part in the scotch dialect English readers May get through it somewhat Tho worse for the substitution of Tea Patty for Tea pot will House for ale House so Forth but it is Scotchman s scotch the growth of patriotism not affectation there iie3 under it sound feeling Strong sympathies a great Power of Happy metrical expression the examiner summarizes its notices of some half dozen other works As mow3 or. Davis make Florence Nightingale the heroine of a Small pamphlet written in verse of a school once vigorous which almost faded out with or. Rogers. One or two of our rhymers however still recur to forms that Many works of Genius have Conse crated. Or. John Clark Ferguson has written tastefully after the old manner on the plea sures of music in another Little Book has published a carefully written Vrell Felt poem upon Poland with some minor verse. A writer More ambitious or. C. H. Abrahall pcs published a Long poem in seven books on Awuou Enterprise j but the Merit it has the seven Bools. It la to be be red that Bis cours8jwill-Ber arrested somewhere in Tho first. We must take another Opportunity of speaking of professor if Menan s metrical translation of the Iliad of the Gibriel of miss Bessie earner Parkes of Heine s Book of Songa a few More metrical translations before we quit the poets we cannot a resist tha temptation of placing two ambitious gentle men who would perhaps scarcely condescend to rank themselves in that category in juxtaposition for our readers amusement. The one we presume to be an englishman the other is indisputably a Yankee. Standing Ona on each Side of the Atlantic these mental giants could no doubt clasp hands across the Ocean hold tha world of literature in subjection. Despite our National Partiali ties a Are compelled to confess that the american towers above our countryman. We will therefore Reserve him As a crowning glory of poetic Genius. Our englishman however is not to be despised. He publishes two dramas avow3 at the outset that he intends to equal Shakespeare. Here is his opening self assertion. It will be seen that even in his humbler moods when a sense of inferiority ha3 forced itself upon him he feb not shame but Comfort reflect neg that Shakespeare himself had his moments of wretchedness Shakespeare that i can dare to ran thy race plumb with thee the dread abyss of thought this i would accomplish or be nought lightnings a so arise glory to my face foams unto its Coral Billows Pride but i be had humbler moods in nakedness Hare stood before the As a god beside in All my majesty wretchedness bared even to the whitest leprosy Felt not shame but Comfort that too thou hadit shouldered our Allaan mystery sorrow brother de an ill dooming brow i ? 0 then i clasped within the inf Luita a hand that Lii ipad to mercy yet then the prouder mood would Ever inter knit j i dream lordly of the grave when 1 might sphere All humanly like thee j Glass myself in All Ana All in me in _ the first specimen of his Quality with which he favours us a surpasses his great rival. Whatever Sha Spearo May have thought of his dramas he never openly proclaimed that they were faultless. Or. Kenry Francis Robinson announces that one of his dramas i3 artistically or formally perfect the imperfect drama is of the classical school is called Lucius Junius Brutus a tragedy in five acts Tho perfect drama is of the romantic school bears the title of Maialo the student a supernatural drama in five acts by this latter performance he says i claim to be chiefly judged unfortunately for our elves we have not seen the perfect composition consequently cannot fairly judge this transcendent Genius. We have the first line the last scene of the drama however these our readers shall have also. They will then have the same Means of estimating the poet As we have. ? Liis must be love or madness i m on fire an ardent opening this. On fire to begin with we feel anxious to know How he biases Iway throughout the piece. He lasts to tha however sad to relate he will never be extinguished. Note his hut words in this snal scene Gerasim. I die. In peace Maialo. Quick love Shada of the murdered. O Quick Tho a till re Whiten i Xairiek. Bulk spirit. We wait Geraldine. Idle i diet Black conjuration All 3 Maialo i a fuel cruel cruel for my perdition Bat i die i die see Eive me yet or Sirim pan life 1 genuine. I die of Deriet. She s gone my gone below. To the Gulfo i to the Gulfa Skoda of the murdered. We kill fall thou t a it Terenda note. Tempter it if sir Laid in breath leu Chain Stilt Jaiup i Tea Igent through All Ransit speak Maialo speak spirit. Speak Hydria. Fan life she resurrections . To the gulfs to the trolls Maialo. Fiend i be a ought Niue Lave Bride Angel wife founts everlasting music i chasm eternity in fire o past cycles faltering of thy Tongue o still i lumber hell Wilt never Rescue me no gasp no thought gone goal gone Hooe of Well Berter a better thin fresh pan Tutte to one everlasting look Tirui smart i Paradise All woe Dett end my. Alas oeral Dhu. I come i come o anywhere than lost to thee for Ever come All saved tit prism Nail re unite Fuirst disappear the image it left in Complete Darken the Thunder u re Huj voice Vil Hout. The Witch the Witch give us the Witch a voice. Quick men voice. She s Safe make Way ? a2nd voice. Tear him i tear him voice. Tear him to pieces tear him for the Witch 1st Nice. 3tercyo-. A3rdioiee. Peace peace 1 Holdall voice. Make a the Pritin Ioor Arefian open enter tits Barri con Fessor officer Vith torches crowd behind extending to the ? 1 All. The Witch ? officers. Sir priest restrain them for our lives. Back ail with this tremendous storming foul lie the notary is murdered for our lives 1 had we not met the prison had been fired i ? i say she s Here i All. Well have her where conf Ettor. Twos heavenly just isl when gods thunders still for very fear i ? better the Law she s Here ? ? \ officer. Aye swooned in terror to the very Wall see men Well Bear her thus she soon awakes at the first la a of flame ? Confesar lifting Geraldinej. Not Pierel she s dead officer. Dindl. Croud within. Dead. Crowd Idt Koui. Dead Confesor. Aye dead indeed to heaven s on her lips. Walt Whitman the new fashioned american poet is described by an american journal As a tenderly affectionate Rowdy ish contemplative sensual moral susceptible imperious person who aspires to cast some of his own grit into literature he Calia himself a Kosmos arid announces his intention to sound Ilia Barbaric Yawp Over the roofs of the world not knowing whether his education included the study of greek we cannot say what particular idea he attaches to the word Kosmos possibly he May intend the por trait of himself with which he graces his volume to represent the ko3mos. A title is sometimes necessary to explain a picture 5 in this Case we Call upon the picture to explain the title. The portrait represents we speak on the authority of the English papers a gentleman in hi3 shirt sleeves with one hand in the pocket of his pantaloons his wide awake cocked with a dammed sir air Over his forehead our Kosmos has published a Book at Anrew York purporting to be poetry we suppose entitled leaves of grass the following verses extracted from that publication will give our readers some idea of the Green Ness of his grass the grittiness of his Muse Earth you seem to look for something at my hands say old Topknot what do you want who goes there hankering Gross mys ical nude ? How is it i extract strength irom the beef 1 eat what is a Man anyhow what am i what Are you ? All i Mark As my own you shall offset it with your own else it were time lost listening to me i do not snivel that snivel the world Over that months Are vacuums the wound but Wallow ant filth that life is a suck a sell nothing remains at the end but threadbare Crape tears but who am i ? Walt Whitman an american one of the roughs a Kosmos disorderly Fleshy sensual eating drinking Breeding no sentimentalist no Stander above men women or apart from them no More modest than immodest unscrew the locks from the doors unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs whoever degrades another degrades me what Ever is Doue or said returns at lat to me. And whatever i do or say i also Rutur through me the a flatus surging surging through me the current Pudei i dote on myself there is that lot of me All so luscious each moment whatever happens thrill me with Joy is it wonderful that i should be immortal As every Ono is immortal i know it is wonderful Bat my eyesight is equally wonderful How i was conceived is equally wonderful How 1 was not palpable once but am now was Bora of the last Day of Ilay 1319, passed from a babe in the creeping trance of three sum mers three Winters to articulate walk Are All equally wonderful 1 that i grew six feet High that i have Besom a Man thirty six Yean old in 1355, that 1 am Here anyhow Are All equally wonderful the americans Are said to be hailing this Sis feet High rough As a Prodigy of Genius. We Hope better things of the countrymen of Emerson Longfellow. The poets have occupied so much of our space that we must postpone to an Early Opportunity however ail notice of several historical miscellaneous works of great in Terest that have recently issued from the press. We will Closa this article with some curious stat tics of surnames chiefly extracted from the sixteenth annual report of Tho registrar general of births deaths marriages in England just published by the govern ment ? the most striking arcu Stanco presented by the indexes is the extraordinary number variety of the surnames of the English people. Derived from ? almost every imaginable object from tha names of places from trades Ami employments from personal peculiarities from the Christian name of their lather from objects in Thea Airal vegetable kingdoms from Alt Tiab Gnim stand in Animato Thair varied character i a a. Jasic ism Tler Fitt Pelty if gom9 of tha i terms wii&3i Giusi Itta list Are so a even is to Assisia any satisfactory a Samoa for tie i Assumption in. The first instance Ai of Jinil names Uncle in indeed As his been conjectured Why Wera nicknames or sobriquet Reidh ii tilter the first bearers nor their posterity ? could avoid in Wales to Weter the surnames if it Rama they pm be called a not present the same variety most of them having been formed in a simple Tinatin a from the Christian or forename of the either in tha Genitive Case ton being understood. Thus Evan i son become Evans John s Sou Josea is. Others were derived from the lather s name coalesced with a form of Tia that map Orraj son of by which Hugh a Howell became Powell Evaa a Hugh became Pogh in like manner were formed nearly All the Welsh surnames be ginning with the letters 3 p. Hereditary surnames were no in use even amongst the Gentry of Wales Tinti the time of Henry wiil nor were they generally established until a much later period indeed at the pre sent Day the can scarcely be said to of adopted Amon Post the lower classes in the Wilder districts where As the marriage Register shows the Christian name of the father still frequently becomes the patronymic of the son in the manner just described an appendix is added to the report con Taining a list of about 1,500 Peculiar names. By Way of Antithesis to this list the aggregate numbers of fifty of Tho most common surnames have been compiled from in indexes so As to give a fair notion of their National proportions. Commenting on thi3 summary the Spectator remark sit is satisfactory to observe that the far famed Smith Heads the list the descendants of those useful sons of Yulan stand at 33,557. Somewhat lower in number but yet where one step higher would set him highest comes the equally familiar Jones whose tribe amounts to 33,341. Brown Only 14,346, stands below Williams 21,936, Taylor 16,775, Davies 14,903. Robinson poor fellow is nowhere a paltry 9,045 is All he can Muster. Thomas beats him hollow so Doea Evans Roberts is Well ahead even Tho sons of John Johnson leave the sons of Bobin More than 400 behind. Except in special rare cases surnames were not used by the Anglo saxons j they came in with the Conquest. Of the 50 Nanies in the list 27 Are classed As derived from Christian or fore names 13 from occupations 7 from locality so that lir. Hall is a fee Al gentleman with a Nom de Terre two from personal peculiarities Brown 14,346 White 7,808. One House is named from other circumstances King 5,661 whose family claims must have Arisen before Tho Royal marriage act. The derivation of names from the Christian or forename is not always obvious that from occupation is clearer after the Smiths crime the f a Lars who arc about half As numerous As tie Smiths Nelt the Wrights amounting to about half the number of the Taylors then the walkers Turners darks Coopers wards Bakers Clarkes. The darks the Cikes if taken collectively would of envy the third place in the list of names derived from employments a act which Points si2nitiednty to the importance attached to tha Clerkly office to the Possession of a moderate amount of learning in rude unlettered times when a King received his characteristic epithet Fizeau Clere from his scholarship. This class of surnames is peculiarly instructive As illustrating the pursuits customs of our forefathers Many of them furnish avid once of a state of society impressed with the characteristics of Feudal times not a few Are derived from terms Connie it a with the amusements of the Chase other fold sport to which our ancestors were so ardently attached. W idely different would be a National nomenclature derived from the leading occupations of to present Day the thou Sands employed in connection with Tho great textile manufacturers would take precedence even of the Smiths while the Taylors would give Placa to the Shoemakers now scarcely recognisable under the not common sur name of Suter with its variations Soutter Sowter Aas Well As to the Collie Rii the carpenters the i Farmers others. The hawkers falconers bowyers Fletcher palmers pilgrims friars or Freres a Host of other family names derived from various callings which have become obsolete in this country would Fie wanting Smith Jones Are unquestionably the most common surnames in use by Anglo saxons. The report thus states the total comparative numbers of these two great families the surname of Smith is pre eminently the most common in England As that of Jones i Iii Wales so great is the multitude of the Welsh Jones that the latter name not Only enters into Competition for priority in Point of numbers with the Smiths but in several years shows a majority Over its rival. With a View to Aeter min the relative frequency of these two widely spread surnames i have ascertained the numbers of each entered in the indexes during the year 1833- 51. The re ult is that the births deaths marriages of the Smiths registered in this period were js8,u37, those of the Joneses 252i90oj the excess in Farour of the former Ycint 3,137 in the if care. Smiths therefore unquestionably the most common surname amongst us although the Joneses arc Little less numerous in six of the years actually contributed to tie registers larger numbers than the Smiths. T05retb.tr the bearers of these two coi Olmun ii Aries amount 1 to e0s.937, or 1 in 3p of the whole dumber the period referred to. Assuming that the persons of the surnames of Smith Jones Are born marry die in the same proportion As persons of All surnames it will follow that in England Wales there Are not less Thau half a minion of person bearing one or other of those two surnames. The Smiths amount to rather More than a Quarter of a million ived the Joneses to litle less together forming no inconsiderable portion of the English population. These numbers Reni res it on the Assumption that the average number of person in a family u the same 33 in the whole population of the census via., i 8 Persona about 53.0oj families of Smiths 51,000 families of Joneses to give an illustration of their numerical Potter it May a stated that these two great tribes Are pro Sally numerous to people the four towns of Birmingham Bristol Leeds Hull without Sny addition of persons of other surnames a Model colonist. The fallowing interesting account of Tho career of James Maiden is written by a Cor respondent of tha by ditty morning Kerald after All that is written said upon colonisation Success has for its basis hard. Work to works the liar desk mentally Fadilj gets the most be Are it now speaking of colonization As accepted by the Large mass of people who confine their thoughts actions to the great colonial tows they do not colonize with them Lif differs but Little from life in England. T is the men on the extreme outskirts of civilization who first tread the gound a Niue the foot of the while Man has rarely before passed Over thit ojouiit1, As we in the far Bush interpret the term. Feeling satisfied that these views Are in the main Correct let us new see Tow far they Are supported by Tho Brief history of a bolder Man. Or. James Psi Den whose name must be Cim Siarto a Large proportion of tie inhibit Uttof 2\ew South Wales the Ceylon Ein St became a Border Man a pit 16 years ago it was in the year 1sw when he first crossed the Murray in tie employ of 3ir. Purcell whaite in order to Settle of that part of the cot pasture now known As Jeff Ries s station about 25 m Les from the Junction of Ibe latter River with the Murray. This was antecedent to tie great Rush of the settlers from mane Rod the adjacent country to the Borders of tie Edward the Tii Rray this out skirts of Foft Phillip which was Tseu Teru led Tho new country. Or. Maiden having done the work assigned to him by his employer went Back to Seymour Lor a time from which locality he had migrated. In a Short period Fortune again drifted Kim in the direction of the hurray the Edward he settled Dju Onil Orojio Ile Lyman on the Edward. Malocu was at this time but Little in position above a Labouring Man but parties who were acquainted with him Lur some time previous to this state that to was always recognised As a very Superior Man for his station possessed of great shrewdness or what is denominated a Tural Talent with More the fun a a Era a snare of mental acid physical Energy. Maiden about this Tinia became Coqui meted with a settler of the name of Clarke to whom to was related by marriage for whom on Maiden leaving the stations on the Edward he brought a Largo number of cattle Down to this favoured portion of the Murray. The locality in which he was then for Many years to act a prominent part seemed to have a uncommon attraction for him perhaps it was that he saw a wide opening for an Active minded Man it was untrodden ground Whereon any Ono who sowed in igbo solely expert to rap. Travelling with cattle then was a different at air to Whit it now is. Tho country was than As we have said uninhabited a trackless waste j there were no Yards wherein to Stow safely your Hordosi no comfortable hotel As now. Wherein speculators coup put up nightly eat drink Well calculate their gains irom the prices current of the daily journals of tha colonies. Camping out Day nigh cruising lagoons Rivers All the unpleasant Etc Teras which if it were pos sible that a new chum in h � mind could realize would certainly convey to him no very pleasing ideas 01 colonization. Ihra was also another a very different affair to contend with this natives of this part of the country Wei by no Means desirous of fraternizing with to of the Cou diary were very troublesome in driving away spearing the cattle it required a vigilant Eye to protect men cattle from the onslaught of the Blacks. In All these disagreeable Maiden had More than his share on one occasion so hostile had the aboriginals become that he his wife the by tar in order to deceive the Blacks wore male aim had to stand a Sierre for Many weeks their hut being surrounded attacked watched Day night terror having driven away Maiden s mates. Afier a year or so roughing it As the colonial phrase goo exerting lib Cuc regius in the services of others Maiden be an to turn no attention to setting up Tor Nim Seil. Itic Start in itto is the tiling How to set the machine in motion then to Kulp it going these Are the two phases of australian life. Maiden s Means were Small very Small. The Murray Here As in its whole length was without a punt the White Man being up t thu time under the necessity of imitating the Black fellow by crossing Tuu Lute her Catiti in the frail bark Canso but Ilai dui slightly improved this by building a Small punt which to Lor a in e worked himself thus it carried Comar Bis Lor tunes this was in the year 19.1hence to Date to foundation of his or Asp Rity. By diligently plying Thiol Little punt for two years ii Aidon Wae Eua Becj to buil the targe Ono to Well Isnow throughout Theeo Colu Tuc As Maiden s punt. He now removed the Uma 1 punt to the Edward Biver at Danili Iruin two thus he Hudt i command of the two crossing places. Following up hi0 Good Fortune he in july 181tj, opened his hotia9 the Junction inn Manuea s worldly prosptrit0 improved rapidly. Postal communication now Bega to occupy his attention he established a privat0 mail from Seymour to i Etui liquid to run every other Witk the year following he also ran a mail from kill More to Deniliquin. The Money for those contracts was raised by private subscriptions among the Ioir settlers on the route. For the so Jour xxx Liquin mail Maiden received the munificent sum of �30 per annul Lor tha Murray Mon Amein one he 3iso realized �0,1 for the year the sum Bing made up by subscriptions of 50s. Each settler who received his letters by this medium the Kilmore Deniliquin Post Al wat 150 Miles in length obtained the sum of �7c if carried out according to the present rate of payment or the same work it would amount to sonic thing like �7c3. For several a Ais Kaidera held these contract of subcontracts in the meantime be built s Lar a punt for the Edward to correspond with that on tha Murray. _ persevering in these matters for a few years some times As Barman at his own inn at another his own mailman then again making his own punts he seemed to be ubiquitous. Always a hard worker himself those under him were compelled to follow his example. When the Gold discovery changed the lacs of things in Australia it found Maiden a Man of for those Days ultimately when the famous be Diiro first astonished the people of these colonies. Maiden Distant about 65 Mies from this Goliath of All the Gold Fields received an Oddi Rioual impetus on the Road to Fortune. He immediately be Ean buying Malli Tanir out parties for the diggings until he Drew Down upon him to Wrathe of the neighbouring settlers because As they alleged by encouraged Thair men to desert their hired service thes imagined rain stared Taam in the aus their Fiock herds were deserted. Maiden was therefore made the Scapegoat for the sins of a great Many runaway with whose absence ram their legitimate employers of l-�3� u a to Ash bar As it part Tatj to Tae Daed on a victim positively met in Mamen s own inn to consider the Best Means of depriving him of his licence. He called for proof of his complicity in the guilt of the missing shepherds stockmen none being forthcoming the wrathful settlers were checkmate in tha movement Saidra soothingly assuring them that the tide Wald soon turn Iri their favour the tins of thousand flocking to the would retire lots of animal food the settlers would thus have a Market for th-3lr cattle sheep in the room of boiling them Down thi3 foresight of Maiden s was rapidly realized in less than three Short years some of the settlers who wished to tale Sway Maiden s licence having gone Homo to egg Laii with ample fortunes this nil Eisent to taif has thus passed Over Maiden Felt that he Wal Todd Ellef Foutris Pant Post Public House were now subordinate matters he looked for a wider sphere for the exercise of his undeniable Talent. To Supply the Bendigo with cattle sheep was his aim no Light matter to provide chops steaks for a Hundred thousand diggers. With limited capital however he commenced the Enterprise by gradually creeping Onward boldly but cautiously making his purchases Hesoun accomplished this he soon had also a very fair share in the Supply of Mel raining with purchases of hundreds of Pound he advanced to thousand from thousands to tens of thousands. Stock a Ono Ufa tit occupied his attention Bat in stations a id land in fee simple he Las invested largely he has Purchas d seventeen runs of one of Whicha Orie he paid forty thousand guineas be owns 13,000 head of horned cattle Many thousands of she a about 500 horses has in his employ about 100 men nearly All of whom Are occupied in driving Stock he owns land in various parts of new South Ivales Victoria which in itself Rotim re Ako him a wealthy Man All the township of Moama or Maiden s Pant save a few allotments is his he is still a publican postmaster in fact it is difficult to say what he is not except Obj that he is riot an idler. The men of the Ralik from which he sprung1 look upon Maiden As a god. With the Lii the wander has been that one Small head should carry All he knew those who Are far above him in education station Maiden makes it no secret that he can neither read nor write seek receive Lii co Kiisel. He certainly is a colonial phenomenon. Ills Public House like Lii Nim a has crept on apace irom its original size to n Are tint wherein More business u transacted a Caitha Iid Shl a i than perhaps in any ten a Cusco in these colonies. Those who Nave had an Opportunity of judging estimate that in Maiden s Bis Parlour bargains to Tia Spiric mint of s Quarter of a a Dillon Are annually made Maiden j Pur chased �100,c3o in the year. One of his last in Vest Genii Parraco tila o n the Murray late the property of or Henry Barree Fotu Foo is not the least remarkable of Maiden s notions. This fan is to be us cd As a paddock it has a water frontage to the Murray of about ten Miles from each of the Points on the River a two rail Fence 4j Miles Long is in the course of erection nearly completed for the purpose of enclosing some thousands of cattle. In this depot it is Maiden s intention to store a Large Supply in order to enable him to make his Rush into any of the markets in Victoria when it suits Bis objects so to do. In ills extensive dealings it is not to be supposed that Maiden has not acquired a Large proportion of his know ledge practically Normaa it be denied on the other hand that he has brought to Bear a Lafie amount of sagacity almost amounting to Ului Riveness 0 1 this exper Ericc. Some men Are barn to greatness others like. Malvolia have greatness to inst upon them sad Short sighted people in reviewing Maiden s rapid Rise prosperous career attribute his Stiec ei3 to his local position to his Beine on on of the great highways Over Fhi Cli an enor Mous Quantity of cattle sleep pour irom new South it a is into Victorin. Doubtless this ins something to do with it but a very Small minority of Mankind succeed in grasping the prizes within their reach of those who do succeed thus far How feta of them retain the prize when clutched i it is not a High order of Talent certainly this Money making nevertheless there is a amount of calculation foresight in order to ensure comm used Success that oar worldly Phi in Sopoli f Carnot if cd to despite. Maiden has worked tie Onelo As we term it Well in fact has now reduced cattle did Iii to something like a system or science. Always in the Market this is to e real secret of his Success he feels secure of course he mus sometimes lose still it is in the skill required in order to avoid playing often the losing pure that has placed Maidaa far above those who compete with him. Ite Hii com Petit hrs there Are Many of them made of the Sakaio stuff As himself full of Energy Enterprise who pursue their object with that indefatigable perseverance which almost commands Good Fortune ?.? these colonies Are now about to set up Forth pm care i free from the trammels of the Home authorities. I a Der the old Regiro Maiden prospered it is True yet would it be will that oar new governments future rulers should understand that the Small townships on the Borders require a Little consideration at their hands. The Small localities so Situa de generally owe their existence to in like Maiden invariably the resort of Tho reckless Lawless they Are however important As forming the advanced parallel i i our efforts to subdue the wilderness. Moama or Maiden s town As it should injustice be termed has never enjoyed any civil Protection. Tile Church has neglected it the government his a pumped it the fourth estate the press has How Ever stepped in to the Rescue through Ita Nie Dittme the wants of those rising localities will became Kii Ovra the rest will follow. Thus those who form there who sow in the wild Bush thu Early seeds of civilization will not have to contend with that indifference on the of government which makes life in the Interior at times almost unbearable. Maiden has had an abundance of difficulties to contend against which a very Little Effort of the part of govern ment would litre a re airy do rated he May take credit to himself for the amount 6t sound do Recti u which through a series of years to has displayed in governing1 himself those under Shirri. It is not t-5 feed his vanity of which Greg All mortals he possesses a fair share that this Brief notice of Maiden has been penned we would not thus wish to one cubic to is suture his career is too instructive to be Pas Jei Orer Iti silence this Mccurd wiil afford Este fragment to men Tihoi in this Tine country fight in the Foremost rank in colonization it is the aggregate of men like the subject of this article that Lay the foundation of a Colony whose Success puts t flight 3u the croaking of to Bose who physically mentally Are not fit for colonists who never should attempt to follow Elo Selv the Steps of a Border Man the Multi tation 03? liquorice. Recent number of the Pfeto Yor k Tribune contain tie follow ing letters Ori this subject which arc extract for the Erieau o f Dir agricultural friend3 bar toe liquorice is one of the most important of the plants destined to be added to american agriculture it merits an Early adoption on account of the facility of its culture its great usefulness for various purposes the Large profits it yields to the cultivator. When the High priced lands of England Are profitably devoted to it How Rue h. Nor Remi be rattle must it prov where land is plentiful cheap by Here above All As is the Case in several of the Western state the soil is naturally permeable free fro Rrt tones no manuring. Required., it Isi indeed mortifying to american prod a to fitness Ike Tulious acts now annually paid o Europe Artl Cla in hath i to simple in its culture that we ought to be the largest exporters of to thus another item to our granary of the world. The liquorice is a deep rooting perennial Plant of the leg Minosa the roots creeping to a considerable distance. It has herbaceous stems four to five feet High with Eota Poji e dark Green leaves. The Flowers which Are Blue come out i axillary a pics during july August. It has ions been cites Italy cultivated in Spain sics the of Queen Elizabeth s reign it Lias Belij largely grown in various parts of England. The soil for i he Liju Clicc should be a. Deep Ether Light soil a id be trenched by the Spade or by a subsoil plough or by the of Bot i tvo id t pro a half or. Terree feet in depth Well manured. The Light a Crimea Ole soils of our Western states a Titch Are enriched by nature Are the soils pre min entry suited to the most profitable culture of this Plant. The propagation a by Euthim of the Root usually the Small sic roots arc Tahen for his purpose made into Cut Tings or itches Iii length. The planting season Litfiy be either autumn of Spring to m of Egin plenty the cuttings should he planted in rows two i d a half to three feet asunder at the Tsui Neof 13 Michta in the Row. During the first season the plants do not attain a height of More than a foot the space Between the rows May be used to grow onions lettuce Caus or similar vegetables. Keep the Eros my free from weeds after the subordinate crop comes Ott hoc dress it Welt when for Economy a hot bc-1 of or cultivator May be used. During the Leeond third sea sons a crop of vegetables covering less Width than the first May be Friar. Each Ofcar allowing additional space to the increasing stems of Tho Lilii Orion. Ever Autt Theta Ira should be Cut removed after it becomes withered. As this Plant spreads its roots rapidly in every direction they will form a Complete mass yielding immense crops. At the end of the third summer s growth the roots will have increased so As to be taken up which is usually done by commencing at one Side of the Field trenching Over the ground. The roots pm be immediately sold to the Brewers druse lists other Consumers vendors or they May to preserved in Sand till wanted of use. If How Verj they Are intended for transportation they should lie died tied in bundles. Lic Jorice is used very extensively in brewing Porter in medicinal other preparations where Saccharine matter of this description is desirable. A mob. Prince. Flashing l. I., Jan. I 1356. Sir in the recent communications to your paper in which i endeavoured to Point out to american tamers some new objects for agricultural Enterprise profit Able investment it Rould appear that i entirely under rated the interest desire Lor further information that would be manifested. In order however to meet this desire i now propose to make Usa of the same medium for the purpose of disseminating such further inform Tiou As i have been enabled to obtain with regard to the cd Ture of the liquorice. To the information already Given i will Only that the More Loose permeable Tho soil May a naturally or As the result of deep cultivation even to the depth of two or three feet the More abundant will be the crop. The roots pet crate to a great depth taking Complete Possession of the soil the deeper Tho ground is opened for the purpose of removing the crop the More vigorous abundant will the the succeeding one As is pretty nearly tie cose in removing a crop of horseradish. To other cultivation is Given to it than the removal of the crop thus spontaneously produced unless to grow Small vegetables in the intervening spaces the first second years by the third year there will be no unoccupied space for Sueh purpose. In England the i Jorice is Suli almost wholly in its fresh natural state to the Brewers , druggists other Consumers. In Languedoc other parts of prance As Well As in Spain Anil Sicily it is round growing naturally the crop is mostly manufactured into the liquorice paste of com Merce a moderate portion o i a is dried bound into Bales of suitable size for i port. The juice is very abundant h greater in proportion to the depth at which the Root is grown. It is i dressed from the roots much in tha game Way that Oil is from olives they Are first Kuhn. Perfectly can then Chi hed in an o ivc Mill then boiled Forror Jive hours next pressed in an Olive prow the juice thus extracted is slowly boiled in an vessel until it attains the proper consistency. Tho annual importation of the dry Root to tha United slates varies from eight Hundred thousand to a million of pounds of the i us ice paste thcr8 13 annually imported about three millions of pounds. The Prica a s been steadily advancing during the past five year not withstanding the annual increase of the importations. This has doubtless Arisen frown its More general application As Well As from the increase of those manufactories which h3ve usually consumed it. The dry Root now Sells at 7 cents the paste at from 1j to 21 cents per Pound. That from Sicily commands 14$ to 17 cents the calabrian who h comes in Large Rolls 21 to 24 cents. An imitation calabrian is also imported which Sells at 17 to 20 cents. A great Quantity is import from Spain that from Gheant ranks among the very beet. I have teen unable to find any statement of to product per acre of the dry or paste liquorice but it would seem that the fact of an abundant crop from so vigorous a Plant is everywhere deemed a natural inevitable result. ? 1 h Ive been greatly aided in these final statistics by the eminent druggists messes. A. B. & d. Sands who loss a communication to me in the following words there is no doubt but that the cultivation of this Root can be rendered a very profitable Branch of our National Industry . Flushing l. L feh. 12 1856. ? As Iesh Stew. A lady in Cincinnati has recently had a remarkable i Prience with a new servant girl. Biddy said she one evening m most have some sausages for Tea tins evening 1 expect company yes a am Tea time arrived with it tic e company. The table was spread the Tea was simmering but no sausages appeared. Where Are the it the lady enquired. And sure they re in the Tayport a am it you Tel me we thou ?w9 fowl for to a . Opest als pub Jyh Ere at the annual meeting of one of the ragged schools connected with Surrey Chapel tha eve. Neman Hall in moving a vote of thanks to lord Shabe Bury who occupied tha chair referred to his lordship s interposition last summer when the police attempted at tie ib3tigatioq of sotos publicans to Sinfo Bis or 2n-air services at the obelisk in the Black mrs Racli he stated that in consequence he had been enabled to preach generally twice a Weet during the summer at that spot it Fey. Ferric Al had been attended by hundreds of the classes who had conducted themselves with invariable propriety. Tord Shaftesbury said in reply More credit has been Given Fie Fathi chatter than i deserve. I simply stated the go Dejee t ofor Newman Hall s letter to sir Richard Mayne Olio Ai this replied that As chief minister of police he should take cats thai on no account should such efforts to impeded Forti Esne nothing More Likely to Benefit the great masses of the people Tfirn for ministers of religion to go oat of doors to preach to those fiotto did not of Ner Wise listen to the gospel. For my own Par can Tensed his lordship is am persuaded that open air preach Lilg is one of the very Best method of doing Good at the present Day. It is sanctioned by All precedent authority it carries us Baek. To the example of the apostles to the teaching of the lord Jesus Christ. 1 nope that As yet the practice is but in its infancy non just us that it Wili soon become part Par cel of every ecclesiastical system my. Dickess s give icily poeteait3. We have another quarrel Rath or Dickens one of Long standing dating Back to thai period of his first wort. The Shepherd of or. Weller widow the Little Bethelot mrs. Bubbles have Efflo rescued in � Bleak House into detestable or. Chadband an Oft rpt aled libel on the preachers of the poor. This is a very Vul Gar Eon Imon piece of slander quits unworthy of a True artist. Are we really to. Believe then that Only those who Are moderately religious Ere True of their profession that it is Rood to to in Earnest in every occupation Bat one the most important of All. As it happens ? what a miserable Assumption is this or. Dickens s tender Charity does not disdain to embrace a Good Many equivocal people Why then so persevering in aim at a clas3 which oar a few harms no Man ? not very Long sine we ours Clvis also Are no great admirers of English dissent happened to a into a very Humble Little meeting House perhaps at Bethel a Here the preacher at his beginning we Are ashamed to say tempted our unaccustomed faculties almost to laughter. Here was quite an Opportunity of finding a Chadband for the Little Man was round Ruddy had a shining face his grammar was not perfect moreover having occasion to mention a certain scripture town he called it Canar of Ili Leej but when we had listened for half an hour we had no longer the slightest inclination to laugh a the Humbla preacher. This a pretending Man reaches to the heart of his subject in less time item we have taken to Tell of it gave a Bright Clear individual View of the doctrine use was considering urged it upon his hearers with homely which were is Little ridiculous As can be Suppo ded. Will or. Dickens permit us to advise him when to next should Toni to a Shepherd to study his figure from life ? let him choose the last Little Chapel on his Way take his Chance for a successful sitting. We Grant he May find a Chadband but we Promise him he has at least an equal Chance of finding a apostle instead. Blackwood. A s of the first six. A Duncan s Falls correspondent who writes us from 3iaiisge a Ohio rinds c3 the Ioco Triner coloured discourse for the entire auth entity of which he vouches without Reserve having Tifton it Down Frothi thick lips of the reverend orator himself Lyte bred Fren Sistern will be foun in de fus chapter a Gin Sis sired a to Runty Seberig verse so de Lor make Man just like Hes e of now my Brud Cren you see Ilat in do ginning of de world de Lor make Adam. I told you How he make him he Mako in out of Clay he Sot in on a Board an he look at him an he say furs rate1 an when he get dry a Bruthe in in de Breff of life. He put him in de Garden of Eden he Sot in in one Corner of de lot an to Tolo him to cat All de apples leptin Dera in de Middle of a Orchard dem he wan in ii fir de Winter apples. Bynie by Adam he pet lonesome. So cute la make Ebe. I Tole you How he Mike her. He Gib a land to dem till he get sound sleep Den he Goesre a rib out he tide a cake Ebe an he it Ebe in de Corner of de Garden an he Tols her to eat t l de Apple leptin dem in de Middle of de Orchard dim he want for Winter apples. Wun Day de Lor go out s Visitin do Debbie come along he dress himself in de skin of de smoke he find Eue an he Tole her Ebe Why for you no cat de Apple in de Middle of de Orchard ? Ebe s a dem do Lor s Winter apples but de Debbie say i Tole you for to eat Duro Caso Deys de Best apples in de Orchard so Ebe cat de Apple an Gib Adam a the de Debbie go away. Byme47y de Lor come come an he Sciss de Winter apples an he Cal Adam i you Adson dam he Hylow of de Lor Call a Ain you Adam Adam Ray Hes Lorand de Lor say who Tola de Winter apples Rrt Tou him to Don t know Ebe he Lipec i so de Lor Call Ebe Ebe she Lay Low do Lor Call again you Ebe Ebe say. Hea Lora Lor say who Tole de Wint r apples ? Ebe Tole my she Don t know Adam she Lipec i 3j Dalor Cote Eboff he Trow dem Ober Del inc an he Tole pm go work for your Libin in t tha., negro All Over Knickerbocker. The a tips the Doo steam be. A be Ruairi cafe stated Painter of animals As they never were painted before aim in never be paint a again had tha portrait Newfoundland dog but be strayed or was stolen us he wa3 Ryfun Riuso from his last Sitt Ioir. His Oivier was inconsolable Iii Kuc Rabig the distinguished artist s Large intimate Ainzuain Tanct with persons who confidentially concern themselves with other people s dogs repaired to him for advice Ami authorized him of the magnificent palette to offer �10 Reward Lor t be recovery of the missing Favourite. The artist soon put himself into communication with Oue of Llis private friends who Asferd him what kind of do Rit was. Var Susya the artist look Here this is his picture should veni know Linx again tie fellow gazed at the vividly faithful representation for a minute or two intently then said i thinks 1 be got him now. I shall Enow him. If 1 Sec Bim. Bat what s the tip ten pounds a ferry sansome indeed Worth a Little trouble ? bet f Aelva a prime animal As that Ere will Cost a Deal of trouble to pet hold on Seth uncommon care is taked on pm by them As h.i3 fat pm. Hows or i la do my Best again he glued his eyes on the pictured Dag then withdrew. A month elapsed without tidings of the missing ten a under but at length in the dusk of the evening the great artist was summoned into his painting room there lot ind his confidential agent. Well Bill quoth the former any news about the dog ? i have Given it up 0 no Don t. Sir a the reply with a Wink. I do rally b Lievow i be pot him at last. But is the tip All Safe Ratill to mistake ? a have it anyway you like it an t a chock ? asked his astute companion. a ten Pound note Tiro tites or sovereigns Well no questions an t to be Askot ? let i should get any friends into trouble Only you bring tote doff my Rran you take the Money ail s done1 fur Ever. Honour Well sir where that word s said by a gear there s an end of everything so the dog will be Here i i half an hour s time a pretty business i be had to find him half an hour s lapse saw this Little stroke of a Jinks Complete Dojk Cash exchanged. Well now my Man said the artist it s All Ever though i said i would t Aak pm a question i eau t help it merely out of curiosity. I give you my honour that i have no other motive will take no up at All in of what Vou May Tell to. Did l Ever deceive Aba of fir you never did Well a Yea know who stole quite sure you won t do nothing if i Tell your honour Hon Orwell sir i waa tha Chap As priv re d him Tai echoed the artist with expanded eyes uplifted hand a Grant Start. Yes me. Sir. Took d the dog no mistake whew Well but now i m More curious still to know Why Ycu cho3e to be so Long out of your Money your ten pounds ? Why not have in uhf him Back in a few djs got your �10 at on be ? cos sir Yon see i sold an la another party for seven pounds who took such a Liker is to the creature that i Hain t tha heart to Steil in from him till he had a week or two s Comfort que t on him but As soon As he had i know d How to prig he do i Aston do Itoi Ica could Doit twice now you be got vrho Ajo want but it Sartinia sounds Eoo Riou Don t it Way vac Oasis mate scamp quoth the artist almost splitting with la i Rater you be got seventeen pounds out of the do ayes sir that s the figure exact replied the stolid Man of Doswell but you impudent Vagabond if you could prig a dog As you say once twice you Reay thrice to if of i maj but Thia Ere dog will be looked Art of a Fri Infin Elora new i Shan t run no risk Well honour or from thieves he ? quite Correct sir quoth Keunok Leptis. F Ernuel of a. Ren. The depth of consecrated Grot red. The remains of a Moliere As an actor were refused burial in consecrated ground. The widow of Moliere in despair threw herself at the King s feet implored his interference. The King sent for the archbishop of Paris remonstrated with him but the prelate was inflexible. At last his majesty thought of a expedient Vrzic i compromised the delicate question. He demanded to nov the exact Earth. The archbishop was Pusc i bait not liking to acknowledge doubt or Ipi Orance answered after a Little Hesi tation twelve feet it is Weil Ftp Little the Monarch let the grave of Soliere be do fourteen feet deep thus All difficulties Aie got Over Jorv be the Watek cuke. A Young Man about eighteen rears of is in my employment came to me about 7 o clock in the evening complain ing of severe headache fallout of sorts said 1 feel Joist As i did at last new year Whan i was confined to led so Lomg. His poise was 120, a furious fever careened strongly in his body. I spoke to him of the benefits i had seen Fet of the wafer treat ment in similar san rooms. And told him if he did not Sab it due Rema Meu for anoincr3 Noura Asue a it not certain he would hate a three months confinement probably lose his life Ere thai period was gone. He consented to make a trial. I gave him a Wjt Sheet in Elope for 43 minutes followed it up by a dripping Sheet is Nathim to bed in the course of half an Lur it fas apparent the fever was not checked. I then gave Lim a second Rei Shert envelope followed by another ripping Sheet Hasis put him to bed. I then left urn for the night Gnu of of Call next morning believing he Wou u require one or to flaws to sheets Nore Ere the fever was completely removed. On calling text morning i found my patient sitting up m Bea Insa Zed at , i Nance Happy heart i slept like a top last Muht ordered a third Drippin Shet from which he said he More Pleass Rawe by Clit than from any previous Vedt Mctie his fever was completely subdued an a Jarrot Len Jerins illness , this Young Man Vas Back to his business within is hours of his attack. Facts Are stubborn thing correspondent of the Christian next. The Bee tits Pio Raee of West Eek Civi of Ziliox the Bee loves the West so dearly that it is not found beyond tie ural mountains at the a leg Innig of this Century great pains had to be taken to carry it into Siberia. Unknown to America it bad no sooner reached our shores in 1675, than it spread with amazing rapidity All Over the continent. The Fly of the English soon became an abomination of the Indian because their appearance in the. Woods was to them a sure Elijro of the coming of the White Man even now it leads the great movement toward tha West. First is heard the Busy humming of the Bee then the squatter s Sec Tiv axe my after him the German s strange jargon. I vere i stray Leate Titca the boo if nature. Kidu Ettebee a a Qantas steam pack so. Few inventions introduced within the 3aet, say 10 years As auxiliary aids to steam eng de purposes steam heating As also pump Worl generally have we Hea been so much up proved among engineers As the India rubber Canvas steam Rankinjr introduced manufactured by messes. S. Silver 4 co., at their extensive work North Woolwich opposite her majesty s Royal dockyard. The elasticity strength of this packing material which is Nide in several shapes to suit the various requirements is All that can be desired j the Iowa Ess of the Price also renders unnecessary the loss of time which once waa occupied by tha attendant workmen in plaiting the Oid fashioned Hempen packing the Cost of the patented article being less than the labour hemp tallow necessary to Forra the former the great Economy in tallow lasting properties of the new giving it an in surpassing superiority Over the old kind in the Ensyne Prim at sea its importance is admitted by All engaged in tha Engineer ing department. At All times ready to band the work maa has Bat to Cut the lengths of round rope packing according tothe internal circumference of thes muffin Boi levelling the ends allowing a ii tie play for Elonga tion when under the screw a series of there lengths Are Cut introduced in the Box breaking the joints of each layer according to its depth. Square packing also in the Ropo form is supplied is principally used in Trunnion. Sheets o f the material also Are made out of which Aro Cut or stamped finn a of inert � Rev pattern required is a to win i j far m a water join a As for hot water steam. By tire application of this material the. Flinch ends of pipes need not to be faced a he irregularity of Serfio is rather serviceable than otherwise tending to bind this elastic inter medwits substance. The Low Price Superior qualities of this useful article Mast continue to ensure to messes s. S. 4 co. The patronage of her majesty government Ose alb in the engineering depart Anent also the first engineering houses in this country a b5 it Jert new Tow Mitrof a t journal _. Lah baht houses. G. S o & u e i & & Jyh ? la Nageot ? ? eed is Asod auctioneer. T Linb Jer ?bsti9 1 ? . Landed so pistil set sky be.fla2fsrarpsheaimdtowittsfhr3r.idoat. Plan of township , a Thryn Luci the Colony always Opta Tor Ine Partlou. R Tousek sep Iris lands Section r list or lea3rs. K Exchange land hit 1-2s3 d&8, King Wallsm trat Gia Resal of jews. Gasker .tat3s i Mission r,7e2s-a Pyrc liked in a�rda2io with the vg0T�nnip. To Jwj a Conj of or Artiea absent from Section. J 1i government purchased sir let on Leasa with sections right of Purchase. A of we Rivan oed a Long or Section s j for Short per dog. Special notice. 1 or. Geee1ts advertisements appear Only b the kegi3tes newspaper on mondays thursdays in the observed of saturday. To lev George been. Land Aernt. Store to be let situated in Peel Street having of off fio Obs cd ass. Cental wiper Annm. Geo. Green land accent. Exchange land offices King William Street. 210mhe to be Lut cottage of four booms known As the property of Captain Allen Eiton Ted ? in Bestwall St beef. George Geneit land agent Pahang e lied of Ces . Limhi tote youth Street licth7 ? by Square. Fob Sale the Corner Block &5 feet by 70 fiet. This is one of the finest positions inthe Western portion of the City for a Public House or any ? other business. Credit for a part of Tbs Purchase Money if required. Wright Brothers land a rents. Exchange Chambers. ? la Smyc to eligible business premises Athi the poet. To to let the premises lately occupied As the Branch office of Trio South australian a Gitler on the North Parade port Adela de for particulars apply to or. It. Harris emitter reporter pert Adelaide or St tha of Pitr offic Grenfell steer Adelaide. Solv to North Arm Section g. Allot 1 men to of land for Salk consisting of Sharp 1 montages on Hindmarsh reach. Al of building allot cents. Apply to t. B. Strang ways at Green s Exchange. ? 145 cd of 0rw00d to be let adjoining to i Park lands a four roomed cottage with detached Kitchen Garden. Rent 13s. Per week. Apply at Toto cottage next the Britannia Norwood. �20c 0 stockholders others to be let a paddock of 850 acres near Allen s Creek about four Miles North of Kaunda it u strongly fenced with a to Fec rail Fence having had no Stoi on it for twelve no myths is now Civ richly Prassl to Overland Thi paddock is strongly recommended As Well adapted fur Harse Stock on the direct route. For further information apply to air. Alci. Buchanan Anlaby or to or. Arch. Jaffrey. Adelaide. 199-228 no be sold to Freehold or let x on Lase a first Rato Public House known As Tho Britannia i of Lel Norwood near Tho acc your a with one act s of land. For particulars apply to John heed City Bridge hotel Hindley Street. 22 c 0 be sold Tho lease of a Hilret rate Public House known As tha City Bridge hotel Hindley Street doing a first rate Busi Ness. It offers rare advantages to persons who Are in. Clinch to realize a certain Fortune. Terms easy. For particulars apply to or. Charles Banbury or to John. Heed Oil the Pri. Raises. 222ot it be sold or let that commodious House at Kensington with Garden an outhouses attached Krown As Tho property of or. H. F. Hipster. The buildings having now been put into Complete repair Are Well worthy the attention of parties seeking a genteel comfortable Reskof Cnoc. Apply toll the John Hector Exchange Cit ambers. To takers others. To be let one of Tho Best baking premises in the i Loisy situate in the township of Noa Lunga Viz., ? the Divleli tip or Par with store shop Bakehouse rent to rate. For particulars apply to David Carrick the proprietor Jolly Miller , Noa Lunga. 218act to Bakers. To be sold or let the dwelling House shop Bakehouse i a situate at Glenelg lately occupied by or. Sebastian Beck. Apply to 1 ls3o Stevens & Coke company s Mills. 0 drapers storekeepers others Good shops dwellings i in the Cut of Adelaide. The undersigned Benir about to rebuild three shops in Rundle Street is willing to let them on least build them suitable Cove Nicot for the business they May be required for. Early Sofilio tion a necessary 220c Samuel Nelson 82. Bundle Street. I 0 drapers end others. To be let for a term of year Here very extensive premises with fixtures Complete for a drapery Bunnes situate in Hindley Street opposite Leigh strict formerly occupied by or. Louis Joseph lately by mes3rs. Collie is co. For particular apply to or. H envy Ayers Mulle Street Adelaide. 216c to be let a Largo commodious store in the Centre of Hindley strict con ? sistine or of two floors und cellar. Apply to 73nbs Joidy Hector. I Chancre claim Bare. To be lety a commodious store an cellar t if sate in Curie Street la Clr occupied by or. William boc3enberjr, wino spirit merchant. Also or. James Archer s store in 1 eel Street apply to or. J. H. Tines wine spirit merchant. King William-5trcet. ? 22rf2a o to be let with in mediator Possession ahoc9e shop in a first rate situation next door to or. Mclaren s drapery establishment in Hindley sri get consisting of a Good shop an two other rooms on Tho ground Ioor together with a larg cellar three up Stair rooms with front Back Entrance for particulars apply to or. S. Carroso birth Street. So scr to to let the Ket Wakefield Arsis port Wakefield. Imaged Date entry. Apply at theoflice of the English australiin1 Copper com Pany Adelaide. 208ct of of be let a Small farm at a Akkad Lilla about 300 acres. App y to Robert Norman North Terrace. 221- 31v to be let a convenient two storehouse with shop fixtures in Hindley Street one door East of the Royal Admiral. Apply to j. Bullock Franklin Street. ? 22 h 31 Ryo be let with immediate Possession the a. House out Ollices premises lately occupied As the Adelaide institution for Young ladies Tavistock boil drugs bundle Street. Apply to or. Thomas Flint care of Flint Dean & co., office Adie Street cast. 210c to be let on lease the substantial Well built store now in Tho occupation of c. Clave 4 co. Adelaide 23th july 1836. ? 2hc to be let with immediate Possession Awell known Public House at the port. Lease 10 years. Stock fun Nitro at a Valt Taniou. U3e � Thomas Powell Currie Street. To to let. A first rate Public House situated in Ono of the Best parts of Tho town Lor business. Event moderate. For particulars apply to 23icv h. Aylwin & co., Hindley Street. Elf wanted for Cash n three of four t v roomed House cot More than two Miles from the City. Apply to e. Williams Carpenter Pirie Strutt. 9,-Xv Al ih3tjbabce notices special notice. To Millers others. Tee undersigned is now prepared to take Cost Mill risks on the same terms As other offices. . It night 12racv agent Imperial Era office notice t Launceston fire Marife a insurance company. The Public is respectfully informed that the rates of premiums upon fire insurances chargeable by the above company Are without alters then the same moderate scale capital jd100.00j. Dlee cobs William Gardner Sams chairman. John fawns Deputy chairman. Richard Helen Ilc Enzie. George Fisher. John Thompson. Secede Tobt a a. Marriott. Solicit to Ayeb Othalas. Maeisa William Penn her. Bajt bks commercial Bonk. Arctic Marias sur Vejo at Melbourne Owen t Fallest Cis. A cuts at ?, co. Sydney Henry Fisher. Adelaide Frederick Fisher. Marine Surveyor at port a chide a Ftp. Henry Dale. Parties insured at office against fire i secs Are is ousted to take notice that annual policies expire As of owe Viz months 1st of january 1st april 1st july 1st october. Particulars of Marino insurance May to had at Tho ogee othe under Sifred Frederick fishes agent Gilbert place. Mar 1. 1850. ? Isiah a llia3tce British foreign of. Fire life Assurance e company Stabli hed by act of parliament Cap Iii five Mitt Iosa Sie Busg. Once 3artholomcw-Lsne, London. Medical be Cree w Wyatt is in . La tics by Fira paid by he agents in the Colony. A May be obtained on application to 183a Fox Lloyd 4 co. Ascents. Grenfell Street. Objet town Launceston Masine insula ice company. Capital �8300. Established 1838. Dib5cto2s ? Assn Morrison . Jou Walker. . Edward Goldsmith John Foster Henry Hopkins. A Sigsby Thomas Macdowell Michael Evans. A sett at i Xor Casios John Munro. ? int at i. 0T 5,Elf 8 James Ravin. T1j01, ? capt. Ii. Simpson. Tow company having Mads for the pay met in Londro of class for Lou or averse on Solicia se4bftto to egg had pawed to Issue Pohs Uit a Pointer agents for soap Anttn limit of i err Fisz it sit rage it ice. ? ? Royal free life iksueanc1 company. Capital two millions Sterling. Fire Branch. To pc Nib Continua to print leu Ranics at moderate rotes mra duly empowered i Settle claims for losses in the Colony. In the life department the hate or pro cum Art the same As those charged by Tho office in no task Tia Large amount of boil1? 2 per cent pea Muia awarded to holders of life politics last Vea a minor so inducement to a carbons to insure their fives Ith this company equalled by few if any of the other Adish life offie a. Is Dicapi. Kilisek a. Sli Oil esq., . Ebo iks House at Liana. Sailow & Soa ii hied ? Arsh a quark. For farther it pity to Ocraman main Lindsay & co., a tents. February 8, 1853. Srot what Joe these Assurance company -1jioorjratf St tit London established 1838. Tic i alscies of Liis company Are not Only car Steed r a capital of �l,25 ,7t of but also ti0 unlimited Ronal response wily of nine than -00 slip beholders the Una Riiff died agents for South Australia Are Repard to . T fu1k life insurances a Boral terms Issue policies in both branches fan India Tell on acc Utano of risks. Insurances on stills Flo Etc at the prtlin3ry rates. All claims arc touted in Adelaid no ref Rencs in tag req i Rcd. Eldeb Stirling co. july. Ism. Ibsch Ferial fire insu11ance com a Pany instituted ism1, Oid Brood to Stoat 3, pall mail London. Sub Ribeil invested capful ? a million Sis Hundred thousand pounds. Lasu Ranics o i vessels of Coo Inhar . J. Wright Trent. I Connee to Bembers Kinf will Ata Street a4cliddt, Engina House a Trow Soa Kintli Aaron Squar. ? _l83_t f Itei Pool London Zuffi la life ass Fiance com Alft. Empowered lit acts of parliament. ? subscribed capital a ,500,000. capital 070,000. Losses find in the Colony. rate Reno ome re Jui Rcd. Life Dorahn Cal John a Woodforde esq., in dial referee. Fire department William Wick Esq Surveyor. The Many various of effecting life Assoc aces so As to make provision for a family orto to a Teplish some financial object with Tho Kate upon if in Iblis can be Obi lined upon no plication to f. J. Beck & co agent. Corrie of tract. 41-uf Cornwall fire Marine u insurance company Launceston. Cd Pakai �100,000. . Abra Iwaji Scott Apont for South Ansoralli. Ce-agk5t3 tos rec is 01 ii jut us by pro Rostus John Newman Csc latin Page & co., port. A. B. Lucas Kaunda. Frederick Robert Hunt har Erff mount Bukto District. Due bold a Turner Gawler town. Exon a is Pappius k Jones Blyt a tree annual fire policies expire 1st january lit april 1st by 1st of Caber ?. M8_cr a Obion life asst ranch com l Pant. Established . 1805.medical Ketiu-9. , esq., . We. Gomb a a my. Persons injured in this office May Terre in Mihuta r Volunteer corps within this Colony without ext Harge. For tables of rates &e., apply to is each Abeaham Scott agent Totice of removal. The office la othe Mutual ins0sance association i removed to Over Barnard s Etc Hanoi Khiry William strict. 102o it. E. Tapley Secretary. Teepees. ? ? a Delaide City port rail l. Wat. Tenders for putting a in a goods iding Plato it at Bov Den. The Board f undertakers for this l Gilnay Are prepare to Recette Ender in Dotson As bore up to 10 o clock of a Tusk lie 15th instant for cos Bacr no. 80. For putting in goods Fil dinged lating a goods platform at Bowden. Tho drawing Spee inc ton mar by i in til ther information obtained from the Secretary at us Bice. By order of Tho Board John cheery Secretary. Adelaide station Ani rusts. 1850. ? 218 27tx a Delaide City port rail. L Way. Tenders for charcoal. The Board f undertakers for this railway Aro prepared to receive sealed tenders endorsed As above up to 10 o clock on tuesday the 10th instant for two hundred1 Bushel of led or Lulue gum charcoal. By order of the Board John c1ieri1y, Secretary Adelaide station August 8, 1850. ? fenders Aro invited for erecting � Al school House St Noeth Gume Bacha to1 s sent to the Emder signed before saturday the 23rd ujust. Tie plans spend cation can be seen by applying to or. William Keynes commercial inn Claide up to Friday the 15th instant to the in. Resigned from Tho 16th to the 23rd instant John d. Cab treasurer. North gum Eracha. August 11, 1658. ? str. Rhe City Council will until noon or monday .1 both instant. Am persons willing to contract for bovid req i Xing wire around Palmer a bios three turn Iles Complete. Specifications for the. Same May been at the City Surveyor s office King Wllliam Street. By order of the City cd null h. Peyman City Sar Reyor. City Council office August 12, 1856. 227-1 rhe District Council of Mitcham Are prepared to receive tenders to ease one or Moie a cabbies on the government be serve Brownhill Creek subject to relations Bioh Lay be seen at tie office of the Council Kin William. Treet any saturday or monday Between the Hoac safer nil. ,. By order of the Council 227h-3iv 36. M. Cranston clerk. To builders. Tenders Are invited for the caupenter9 joiners work Equi Rcd in the erection of a Villa residence at tap him. Drawings specification maybe seen at by office on after the 15th inst., tenders Are to o delivered on or before noon of Friday the i2ad inst. To proprietor fill not bind him Salt to acc a West or either tender. Geo. Abbott architect anus Street Adelaide aug. 13, 1858. 2_7-85 Leneck tenders for erection of in a sea Wall other works at Glen Elff will to received at the office Ottlia undersigned until Mon Lay August 13. ? ? Pinna specifications to be seen to the office of v. I. Wigley esq., Glenal Adelaide. W1i. E. Wigley town clerk. A at i 135g. 21031 Board Lod Ptg. Doard residence can Boob 0 trained in a private family near Tho Exchange id dress s. W., Citico of this paper. ? 228j7. ? my most by a respectable Young woman a situation As housemaid or Jenral needl3w0man. Address m. A Branch of fico of this paper. X ? wanted by a respectable Young person a situation As nue3ema1d. Address i. N., Branch Obiso of this paper. X anted the making up of books or accounts for an hour or two per Day. Apply to b. K., i micral Post office Adelaide. 225-7 pm Krohs waited. A Bray t Rad , a paean ii in an old established Mercantino business on the Murray capable with tie Means Noff n the River of much Extension. Capital required about a Noo a Good knowledge of busier a indispensable. A dress y. Z., Post Filec encounter Bay. 2w27 partner wanted. The proprietor of a Well situated country Mill desires to meet kith a moneyed l Artnur either Active or sleeping with 1 to extend Iii the business. For particulars apply to Surv dun5tan, & co 2i7cv 1, Exchange colonnade. Anted at tin bum Copper smelting ? works Koor incr. Toto jobbing harness Mak kits. Apply to the English australian Copper company King i in Jain Street. Is of. An Ted it c00 k. Apply to or. I to re , i Chaure Chambers. X anted Tood Snoeink Smith. Apply to John trowel tick opposite the Sturt ? Delotel Grenfel Sticht. 227o anted a fir Trato copying clerk. Apply by letter Only stating. Whew last employed to Arthur Hardy King Willkom Street. Required. A youth who writes a. Good hand understands accounts. Written applications to be directed to the made reigned stating amount of salary required. Downing District Council office. Nia 0. ? of la tees. Sawyers. Wanted by the twelve pairs of lawyers to whom constant employment will to fire to aleut was George Ewbank. Port Gawler 17th Jniya 1b55. ? 2w.9t 23. Pro Mill anted a Stone Al Dresser it the Imperial Mille. Hurtle Ware. None but first rate Worf men need apply. _ Rino to lbs Ike is cow for he gift it to i s 1 1 pfc i Vai i d act. Ivich to of la ii t v Law ten my a. Isaic i ii up n i race with the of Tai a Matt ? r? i Joi _._-u.�. ? r found a Li-.-1. Dog. 1b owner car Ujj hitch Starr v i a. F i f. Apply to w. Kedler it Tutor p. ? 7 0 b bin ii of r Zoi 1 1 ? ? cd Istee i. O to ,.vs. . We. Lul Uili for to Jii .1 Yll. Cloy Truett eld l r Al ? \ t i to it Cert Law s is. K i r r r a Raj 0whi f i ? i or 3 r a. A r 7- most end for a a to Ona Tolg Eha Ipa. Apu to i r. In. I Nas it Doti if of Siertl friatlujo.-. ? j inc
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