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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1856, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - August 14, 1856, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? ? Shappi fuck ? ? ? la a otea2i to 31eleourne. The a Duj nov o Euboea Bubba. ? r mix. Till in thursday 14lh August Hall & co., a rents. 821-77 tires fell Streat and port Al i top. wharf. The re a been. A a alar trader and Favourite Brig Colci Nesteb a 131 Tana .1. Adam commander will sail this Day thursday. A Roca for Cabia and Steerage Pas 2. Fredk. Fishes Gilbert plate ? a Joii Newman & son port. ? Angus 1s56. 221c Zufa. I?02 Melbourne wharf direct.3j to to without lightering1 a package. The ? is 6h� of Sourita Clipper Echo once. Tiac nonpareil 300 . E. Gertrell cos3hnr.d, having fully two thirds of her Carro in wed will positive Ilai above on tar armday tha Uta inst. Her Art Sadm Una Jitich ind Pash Jrex Ascom mod Lions Are too Well known to need cos Saint. For freight passive apply to bub i in Stan k co. Kic Haasw colonnade ? j. T. Cbes3well, 8be ? White sir a office port. Jtj e of Melbourne. Theft safest sailing pc a. A Brig ? Agnit 13, 1b56. ? 237ctx ? Hal rec. Tob Sydnet direct. The Fine Brig Jess. To Emma of Hahn Brown master haying her cargo engaged imps will have All possible dispatch. For Cabin a wage Only haying Terr Superior Pluto Padt fax co., Garlef pee 833o f . Goldsmith fart. T?ib5t vessel for Sidney. The x Fine fast sailing Bri 4i�slfc ? joh2jo&jibbo1v ? fun scr Thomas sheer master will Haw immediate dispatch Tor the above port ? for might passage apply to the Captain inboard aide Fri wharf to. Black k Wright. ? the ? Green Feu Street and port Adelaide. It of port Elliot and bnc00nteb it Sec Bay. The fast staffing Cutter flask lapwing65 tons w. Francis master will sail on Friday the 15th instant at 3 o clock . 2t.8. Shippers Are requested to Forward their goods As Early As possible As the vessel will bail punctually to this advertisement. ? 2xjb , agent port. Alt t?0b port Elliot and Pankaj a a Lilla. The Cito Arete Cotter ?fah3�. Kangaroo % i win sail for tha above ports on Friday the 15th instant. For freight passage apply to the Captain inboard Torto. ? ? Sot s h.basf0bd, shipping Batcher port. Jane Pixie from lire poo All a. Counts against this snip most be rendered this Day As she will sail on Friday. ? Ocraman main. Lindsay k co., agents. Adelaide huh. August 1836. X to Otice to consignees a Tiberias la. From London. The undermentioned goods warehoused sex Tiberias Todd master from London the 37th March 1355, for Security of duty and charges will be sold to defray expenses if not claimed within 14 Days from this Date b in a Diamond no. 47, 1 Bale. Do. Do. Do. 67, t Case. Fox Lloyd co agents. August 13, 1ss6. ? 237-41 ships posters got oat on the shortest notice. A Marjre Supply of coloured inks coloured paper and new jobbing Type just received. Apply to . Lulux hour stir str and of Itter general pro thur office. Custom House forms Bills of a lading the printed and on Sale. Apply for printing at the Jug Itter and of Tervor office in Grenfell Street and for ready printed forms at tha Branch office in fondle a Street mesh Aimee notices. The. Emder signed will execute indents on Europe China Singapore Manila. Mauritius and Calcutta will Issue credits Ata Ilala for parties desirous to Pur Cham in either Markot Fox Lloyd 4 co. Grenfeld Street 2tth july 1b36. 306o i Ames Hamilton and commission agent. Address Green s Exchange Adelaide. ?. 185 356t to to James Mac Greorge Aschi jul text land agent and 8ubvey0b, requests that All communications for should be addressed. To office opposite the Union Bank Gresham Street King William Street 206er since 1839. John item Matt 4 son ship brokers and custom House agents port Adelaide. Hier Speicht Man deut he und Franzo sch. 197a285r Tel Hoitash Finey auctioneer. X by Oke and appraiser Stock and land agent. Hindley Street valuations accurately made in \ town in the country free of extra charges. 89mwfc Illi ail Pearson Surveyor land and commission agent Annaston. Sections divided. Townships Laid out and flans far shed with accuracy and dispatch. Loans Nero cited. ? ls8at m0rew00d, Rogers & co., being now engaged in winding up their Amdurs request that All parties having claims upon being indebted to their Adelaide firm will forthwith Settle the same with car resident sent. . Conrad n. Wornam. Apply to Arthub Simms k co druggists. King Withiam Streel. Adelaide May 28, 1358. 148ct a m0rew00d & co., patentees of and sole manufacturers of galvanized tinned Iron. Galvanized roofing tiles and Plumbis Zinc do Gate Dock upper thames Street . K. Co. Harms purchased the business lately tarried on by messes. Morewood k Rogers continue to Supply Toto above Well known articles and also galvanized Iron fencing and Telegraph wire of approved Quality. Bar and Sheet Iran templates a orders sent through merchants accompanied with a remittance carefully attended to. London August 1355. 21343 Bills of lading beautifully engraved an Copper plate on Sale in sets cheaper by Yuloo Attha ? Register Branch office. Merchandise forsake to arrive sex narayana10 luncheons Jamaica bum 800 eases brass s Porter 100hhds,Baas �burtoaale,no.3 12 Fly 3 do. Parrot Root so do. Salad of to do. I Neira. Trunks Napoleons do. Watertight do. Gentlemen s de leg boots Side Springs do. Wellingtons do. Calf boots Side Springs 15 cases sardines 20 casks paste blacking 5 cases Fry s chocolate Bales willed regatta shirts cases Millers and drab Moleskin trousers 60 boxes Belzoni candles 100 do. Sugar Candy 7 liquorice juice cases Latender water and eat de Cologne com bags Pimento 130 casts starch 20 do. Blue 30 do. Bottled Mustard 100 pieces yellow deals. 9 x 3 15.000 Dehess and countess slates. Aiato Acley Bico. Cor Sale to arrive sex Edonard Marie a to he Del tinned Oval pots and saucepans Aad coot ? Saltpetre is tons Lea apiece s a. A do. Suet Lead 4 and 5 � do. Shot 1,2 9 v Islay whisky a Nam 8 cases lobsters so do. Whisky Dawson s 10 do. Lemon Peel ? ? r u barrels Canary seed 60 Gallons Harland k sons Black Japan varnish so casks zone. 9 and 10, 3 Leet wid spirits of wins ? 5 Hhd. Booth s Gin. 2aqreatksgin 18 eases Patent groats galvanized Iron wire Morwood a so Brace pc tax hates Daft ass a do xxx do. Do. A do. To Rhenium ?.i on Ivoti Butk 30 do. Putty a bladders 5 do. Blue bed and Kalpa Tel. 10 do. Glue Best London lease shellac Sec ? ?. Q Cleve k co. So Sale to arme sex St. Michael a Hhd. Bass s Burton ale no. 3. Us casks bran s Porter paper 10 cartels currants to candies wire. ? go do. Herring. Fisc ? c. Cleve k co. I Bob Sale be Maunder of cargoes i i Voya end. From Mauri Tini 400 Bas Good ration sugar. Exanna Dixon from Mauritius ? 400 bags counter sugars. 300 do. Ration do. Also by Anndra Uhing ? a to Bass Tab Rice. 190 Hilr cafes s Fine Cou Proa and Gan Potter teas ? ? Loo to Best no. 2 Che roots made for this India Market. So oils Manila steam Mads Hope tar ions Sixes ? 20 bal�3 Guminy bag3. Apply to. Sa2iuel vh0u & co Carrie Street Fotij i. Joost Meigh Ardise. R to test dec eyed sex lady Ann and0 to Oraly a Firat rate lot of boots and shoes. Insist ii of ? .5 Wellington front3 and grafts gentle s wellingtons do. Short do. 1 do. Plu hers i youths wellingtons = do. Bin hers women s cloth boots do. Leather boots Law Sites girls cloth ind leather Boot Sixes 10 to 13 6 to 9, 3 to 5 i strap shoes All sizes men s and women s carpet slippers 1 at Johnson s wholesale and retail shoe War Hossen j 22icv 8, Hindley Stre to and 101, bundle Street. S foe Sale sex Earl of Chester it eat Kent hops 1855. T Bass s Burton ale. I 157cv73 Henriques k co., Carrie it Roet. Piety thousand 2fo. 2 Manila american buckets two and three hoop Patent leather Boot fronts Memel calf do. Whiting wrapping papers. 157q ? Chas. Platts. 1 sex Hooghly. Truman s xxx Stott. I221c Geo. Barclay Gilbert place. T rih boots. Lanila Che roots. W 20,000 no. 2 Manila at is. Per bundle Fine old Dois. 6d. Do. Ernest Benda wholesale and retail tobacconist Carrie Street. 1 ? i33a2-� lately Abb ived. T Biro ton col & co b 1u Strong ale. I brass s bottled Ala Superior port end Sherry wines concentrated malt vinegar arse la Best Navy and other Canvas Paris velvet hats Sheepwash . Silver & co s ready mad a Letiff i printing papers Needles cutlery bedsteads. Fancy stationery paintings i Milroy s saddlery harness whips 4c. Waterproof clothing jew nets shawls Fitche s Patent ovens assorted drapery and millinery goods. Lith cd ? a.br5l Scott. Blyth Street i Densale by the undersigned saddlery of every description 15 tons of Well assorted rope j Scara air and roping twine clothes lines i shins lines chaff matters door Mats of the Best Quality fenders and firs Irons a Small fireproof deed Box i and to arrive ? ? e no. 4 fencing wire i Patent axles i rope wheelbarrows 1 Patent pose lamps candles 4a., 4c, a. 2 John Colton importer. Carrie Street Leigh Street july 31, 1836. So lev 0n Sale by the undersigned Brandv Kartell s Pale and second qualify bin ., , clo Ticao Case Brindy Gin Herriff s old Tom dutch bitters Absinth Cherry cordials French liqueurs 4c. Champagne Santerno Sherry 4c. Ale Barclay 4 Perkins s and others Manila no. 2 cigars opt american Bnshel bags tobacco i rope 1 to 2 Inch Marshall s Patent thread sugars Mauritius and Java Best control Tea Rice Best and second Java Goodhart s loaf sugar candles Belmont shale a sperm and composite Oil rape in Hh-ls., teased Oil in cases soap pickles Colman s Mustard. Starch a 4c. Salad Oil fatty a Best Arrowroot jams and jellies Cream of Tarter. Soda Carbonate soda Crystal Whiting Liverpool Salt pitch i Bluestone Sulphur flour Asphaltum Lucifer matchers wine corks confectionary shawls handkerchiefs and Draper Ironmongery. Saddlery jewellery. Plate and glassware cottage pianos Iron pails corrugated Iron galvanized Patent bops wire ? stretchers ? Black and galvanized fencing wire galvanized tiles Staples 4c. I 19kt kirchneb.gaedeche.ns.4c0 ots Sale by the undersigned Brandy Martens Hennessey a and u. V. Co s ditto in cases u. V. Co s Gin Booth s Bedingham a and Pigeon s ditto in cases Booths Swaine Boord 4 cob and Guernsey jamaican Hhd. Sherry Gissler 4 co s Dofi Gordon k col s port Quarles Harris s Lisbon Inch is. Claret chateau mar Franr in Doz. Eases. Hant Barsac in 1 Doz. Cases 1 Champagne f. Giesler 4 co s j Hock sparkling and Stol. I Byass Sale and Porter niness s Stout i Barton ale no. 3. U. H. At wet k co. 1 Pake notice 1. In the Price of Beer wine and spirits at i i. Letch Fords Young Queen inn Freeman treet. Prices As under ? ? ? j colonial ale per gallon 2s. Per pot 7d. I Eslos. 2d. ? Porter per Sallon 2a. 6d. Per pot a. Per i . 1 bottled ale and Porter per Dona 12s. Per Kettle. Is. My. ? i Best Gin per Gabon 20s. Pet bottle. 4s. Per t last 5d. Brandy Martell s and United Vineyard per i gallon 2u. Per quart 6s. Per bottle 4s. Cd. Per ,6d. Rum Best Jamaica per gallon 18s. Per bottle is. So. Per Glass 4d. Fort wine Hunt s double Diamond per dozen ios. Per bottle. 64 per Glass 6d. Sherry a Superior Quality per dozen 38s. Per Kittle 3a. 6d. Per ?4d. St ups and cordials at a sent reduction. Storekeepers supped with five Gallons at 10 per cent lower for Cash on delivery 4x one dozen cases Guernsey Gin in Bond for tale at a Low figure. Wanted a barmaid likewise a Yoong Man As Light Porter and bottler. None need apply inless acquainted with the business. 19ta234vj Tust arrived sex Emmar u 172 cheats very Superior Congo 236 half do. Do. Do. 2ho b. Nathan Frindley Street t Lucerne seed. The Hare 1 4 on Sale a Small parcel of this seed. Francis Clark 4 sous. Brito Street 232mh 63t Gramon Sale. 850 bags new Gram now Landing sex Bravo. Apply to Ocraman main Lindsay 4 co. Jnlyflh85. A her ool packs. Woolpack. 104b.woolpacks. 822ct w. Peacock 4 son. 01$ Sale by the undersigned i Roices of window Glass 41 x 34 to 10 x 8 plaster of Paris cements French polish varnishes of All sorts White Lead paints of All colours Sheet Lead Sheet Zinc brass sad Iron pumps for cellars and Wells plumbers brassware galvanized Iron Plain and corrugated spouting pitch tar. 4c s. B. Hall Sci a treet Lima 14.1858. Ukr on Sale sex Hooghly and Jane Pirie Bass s no. 3 Barton ale Taylor s Stout barrels English crushed sugar bundles Lancashire Bacon barrels prime mess pork Irish butter Houan s crystals of soda. Ail Henri Stjes k co. On Sale by the undersigned invoices of thread Span. Silk and kid gloves French and English ribbons Black and coloured silk ribbon velvets parasols coloured watered lined White 4c muslims and delaine3 in pieces and dresses 16-Inch and 44 folded and rolled crapes White and coloured Are Phanes White and coloured persians Sassnetts Satini 4c Black and White glaces Gros de Naples 4c. White and Rey Cali Coes sheeting in. Window Holland printed do Turkey wills More ens damask furniture prints table napkins Brown Hollands Saxony flannels by nets Oil table covers 4o. Wool boots gaiters sleeves polkas a. Brussels carpets w. Evans Bjar a head Cottons mohair Ilaff tips and tips hair nets Berlin and fleece wools infants Embro dered Cashmere cloaks do. Wool and = hoods ? fancy Tremain braids ornaments 4c. Hosiery Haberdashery Flowers feathers cup fronts inches a 4c fancy dress and Willows Caps Straw bonnets. Hat 4c . Cleaver s Brown Windsor Honey and fancy soap Pussic Side. Bast and Small tooth Combs Piirand tooth brushes eau de Cologne 4c. Cai pct by staid and fancy beads puns trimmings parse twist Coburg Al pics Kiili and Cotton handkerchiefs cravats 4c, -tc., a. 20jct ? c. Draper & co. Ralya sized tined Ikon pc works messes. . White 4c0, having made in Lonjo with the patentees of the galvanized tinned Iron for successive shipments the first of which u shortly expected to arrive beg to intimate to their friends and the Public that they have opened the premises lately by messes. To Swoob 4 in Ken g William Street with a Large Stock of every kind of galvanized tinned Iron for roofing and of manufactured articles and hops by attention. And moderate charges to Merit a share of float patronage lib rally bestowed on their predecessors. Orders left at their store m Currie Street king1 William Street executed with despatch. Now on Sale straight Corral need Heth 5 it. To 8 it. Long Phi ii Metal 24, 26, and 28 gu3j9 Patent tiles 24 and 28 fru atre Plumbis and Plain Sheet Zine pumps. Ridging and guttering rain water and gasp Pes cisterns of All sizes Baths baskets and every article in the Trade. Office psf William Street pwn Mescha Idise. Award of prizes Adelaide l agricultural and portico Lidral ? Ori Erys show. Ike. Messes. To Fokd of Adelaide and London Are Appy to inform their friends and the agricultural ? utter not generally of Australia that they have again j maintained their pc Kinin cafe in the Competition at the of of tha present year and Wye obtain cd prizes for Tir shins Ila Chines com dressing a machines drills j Lod Cra Hera a on carts scar Fiers horse rakes j arrows ploughs Chung norwegian harrows Cera rushers liquid manure carts ic., ic., in. Also the j special prize of �5 5s. For Cliff Senjt Ines. . William Tuxford resident representative l Adelaide for the Leadin English manulacturcr3 of Lorie Altwal machinery and correspondent of the Lauri Ane express Farmer t Magazine in respectfully mures those gentlemen who May honour with their Commanda that implements for Eric Eucy durability and simplicity it will continue study Aud a Terraina Ion to always have and at such reduced prices As will j Scure further patronage and support. Grote and Goutter streets Adelaide ? ? March. 1953. ? 73mher Totice. To saddles Stobe l.1 keepers and Colton. In Orter of saddlery rope and general merchandise Bess to inform the above and the ubic in general that he ha3 relinquished the retail ranch of Trade in it and removed j premises a Cuskie Street opposite High Street where the business will be conducted on be most Liberal scale. Amongst very extensive Stock will be found 20 dozen gentlemen s saddles 2 do. Ladies do. 100 do. Bridles �0 do. Spurs pith a Lar re assortment of whips and every description f saddlers furniture. Also about 15 tons of Well assorted Manila and Imit on do., together with Europe rope seaming and topics twine door Mats halters clothes lines and fishing loss lines. Saddlers and storekeepers will do Well to make an irl Call. John Colton. A guat 1, 1856. ? a Lav Oun by store keepers and o sheep Farmers supplied wholesale with every. Description of English and colonial made boots and hoes at Johnson s Shoa warehouse 221cv 8, Hindley Street. J pianos by Allison & Allison. J a Superior assortment of Piccolo Serai voltage j of cottage pianos 6f octaves c to a in Rosewood Iva nut and big Daiseye Maple. Soem Rcv a. Scott Blyth Street. Oals. Jest English and Newcastle a . Coils can be had in any quantify at h. Simpson s Coal Yard. Port Adelara. 2outh australian Coal Coil p Panr. Shareholders and others can be supplied Ither from Tho port from the company s Yard 1th tha Bert Smiths Coal at the lowest Price lavish their orders with . Brock at the port . Enry Watt Light Square St Jim Mills . G. Symond3, agent 828 2, waterhouse g buildings North Terrace. Pett Etlan guano. The Margaret Nicol with a cargo of guano from the Chincha islands has arrived this morning. Farmers wishing a Supply of this article Are requested make immediate to plication to ? we. Younghusband Junn 4 co Gilbert place Prince s wharf. I March 14 1858. 75cv i to a n o. Of Sale by the under pc signed. About 50 tens first rate guano. This guano was gathered from the investigator group. It has since been Analysed and found to contain u the component parts requisite to form a most valuable Ware. To be sold in parcels to suit purchasers from one bag awards. Price �10 per ton. A Sample May be seen at . A. Ferguson scorn Ictor Gren a Street Adelaide. H. Ranford 183e shipping a Batcher port Adelaide. Building Raterta tag. 3n Sale at Bank Street umber Tarot flooring boards tongued and grooved paling. 5 and 6 feet yellow deals All sizes joists quartering Aud battens. J Sydney Cedar galvanized tiles and fencing wire at Low prices for Cash. 224mh 4s Macgeorge 4 Turner. Business notices. Tot Iceon eem0val. Alexander la Stephen Boot and shoe maker in All is ranches late of Hindley Street and established in 1845forms numerous friends that lease of the old hop having expired he has removed to new praises in Oconnell Street North Adelaide second door South of . Woolridge s. With a Large Stock of Well elected goods of which he invites inspect Iod with Confidence of continued support and approx lation. Families waited upon at their residences and goods i awarded free to All parts of the Colony. Wellington boots made to order at �2 6s. And other article a at a similar reduction English wellingtons at 1 is and upwards. . By the above removal a. S. Has effected a considerable retrenchment in by expenses and is determined s give is customers the full Benefit thereof. Settlers and storekeepers supplied at 10 per cent. Inder any other Hosse a town. Buyers for the Murray Rade especially invited to inspect the Stock and terms. A few first rate hands wanted. Noise else need apply. 225a 55v a Totice of removal. Th0ma3 la Haldane begs to inform friends that he Las removed to More commodious premises in curb1e Street two doors West of the Bank of Australi Fia ind next door to John Johnston tailor where he Rill carry on the grocery and provision Trade 108thcv the newly invented Patent Cork b e d Beds Are peculiarly adapted to this climate King the warmest Yon can have in Winter and the noblest in summer Cork being a non conductor of heat. They Are extremely Light Aud portable no traveller other by land should be without one. To be had of , 225c furniture War rooms Rondle Street. Two thousand teds of floor cloth the Best London make and newest Leigus. Cut to order at 4s. A. Per Square Yard at Cabinet and upholstery War rooms 225c 89, 91, 93, bundle Street. To merchants and others. Just unpacked Complete sets of account books letter clips Bill files Bill boxes envelope Boies and every requisite for an office at 211q Hillier a 10, Hindley Street. To country storekeepers and1 others. Toys in any Quantity can be obtained at Sheap rates at Hillier s stationery and toy warehouse 177q 10, Hindley Street. Thomas fax leather Salesman for the House of Peacock 4 son Grenfell Street lanyard importer of grinder and Shoemakers tools Lei a Street Adelaide. the Trade supplied wholesale on Liberal terms. Observe the Beehive established 1840 183qv a country store to be disposed Al Al of. The proprietor is in a position to offer it on very advantageous terms. No application need be made unless Good references can be Given. For particulars apply to 226-kv Goode Brothers bundle Street. Fischer upholsterer a ? Morphett Street begs to inform country customers that for their More general convenience he has opened pp.sm1ses in Kundle Street and Hopes to receive a continuance of their kind support. 101, bundle Street june 1856. Let Rcv Moyed. C. Gries Book Binder and station be from 100 bundle Street to 42, bundle Street next mesai3. Goode Bro thers. 20636v Ain s Castor Oil pomade. Patronized by lady Younus. This pomade is delightfully perfumed and is superseding the ube of All of lick preparations for the Orth Ana nourishment of the hair. Prepared Only by a. Main family and dispensing chemist Kinju Williaam Street and Gold in pots at is. And 2a. 107thv brass and Zinc door Aud window plates made and engraved in the first style and to a reasonable terms. Old plates recut and blacked equal to new names Eno avid on what laps harness plates writing and dressing cases a Stencil plates made to order for marking Linen sacks packing cases a monumental brasses neatly executed. W. H. H1llier, stationer s7n� to. Hind lev a tweet. Par Paulins tarpaulins cd j. . Text Aud maker general Iron mox Geb a King Villiam Street has for Sale tarpaulins of All sizes made of Tho Best Dundee Canvas which he Wili guarantee cannot be equalled at any other House in the Colony for Quality and cheapness. . In consequence of the frequent applications from country storekeepers he takes this Opportunity of informing them that he is prepared to Supply them with any Quantity at Slode rate prices. Canvas for Sale by the Bolt Cut. Observe opposite Waterhouses and three doors South of Lindley Street. 137, 43-233r223 and out a rvs i Ilock printing office. T Etter press and Copper plate 8 1 printing of every description executed in the most Superior Ste and on the most reasonable terns under the superintendence of lir. Wiki la h. Hitter posting Bills of Ali descriptions pot out on the shortest notice. Handbills business cards cards of Addran circulars Bill Heads Mill and cart notes chemists and other labels programmes plans catalogues Mer Cantile prices current , deeds with with onto Law co work and Job work in a Engrav work executed in inks of All colours and in Gold Silver. The proprietors Are constantly Reec Ivine Fresa accessions of typs and try Terai fro a the Best foundries and manufacturers in great Britain sad ast Hsy import direct from London their supplies of inks paper cards and other requisites they Are enabled to execute work to a style not to be sur Piast a with the utmost expedition and As fee lowest remu Prativa prices. Orders received at the Oce is Greco str it at the Branch office in Hindley Street by the insure ship Peg reporter at the port and by the various. Agents a Tat site . -.?. i if mfr i .?.a. ?ii ? j i3, .?., business hqtice3. I a Delaide concert and Asse Hubly ajl rooms King William Street the above t ious Roosna being now completed George White of spec fully informs the in Abitanta of South Australia b and the neighbouring colonies that he ii prepared to Iet the same by tha Day week for such time As in say be required on tha most reasonable term3 in in liking this announcement g. W. Feels the utmost Coa is Dence in Asser ing that no rooms in the colonies can to a compared with these in extent convenience for e e numbers which they will comfortably , tether required for concerts balls exhibitions of All kinds. Bazaars for charitable purpose Public meetings and dianer3, meetings and dinners connected with 1 masonry Odd Fellowship forestry a Etc. Attached the largest room Are other smaller rooms Well 3apted for committee meetings arbitration a and hich May also be hired on reasonable terms. For the comm ovation of the musical world g. W. Lias Pur biased and placed in the concert room a grand piano just imported by those eminent makers Bousselot and on of Marseilles to whom the Gold medal was warded at the Paris exhibition. J the Large cellar under the rooms together with an j office attached Are also to be let of reasonable terms. C Adelaide july 19, 13i6. 2o3-33v l a Rthur Simms & co., chemists l and druggists King William Street beg to 1 Vite attention to their preparations for family i be Viz. A their Rosemary pomade prepared expressly for pc Ai venting the hair from falling Oft t their family anti bilious pills without Mercury re from the recipe of a physician of Long experience in of the Colony. I their Balsamic Eye lotion a valuable remedy for blight and other Eye a senses. Their aromatic bitters for indigestion and loss of f appetite. Their antics tie tincture for preserving the Teeth and preventing Toothache. Finest Bermuda arrowroot pure quinine cod liver Oil genuine eau do Cologne and concentrated l essence of Jamaica Ginger. Horse and cattle medicines from the Best English red Pes kept constantly prepared. J storekeepers and country dealers supplied. 170cv a Delaide Chambers King William f to. Street George Aldridge Aad Henry iayst0n have Thep Leturc of in g Abitanto of Adelaide and the surrounding Neighbour e oods that they have taken one of those spacious shops i the same suite As the new concert room where they Jave opened a3 confectioners in which every ranch of artistic Al confectionary will the 1 married on under the immediate superintendence of one j f the firm from whose Long and varied connection with lie profession in England they flatter themselves being q enabled to win the patronage they at present solicit. Attached to the shop will be found a separate Lun 1ikon Boom at which soups Coffee a. May be 6 obtained at All hours. Wedding breakfasts balls and suppers i applied. Of . A private apartment for ladie3. C augins1856. ? 217cv c Slatts s show rooms. A Large c l variety of goods to select from papier mache Al cabinets desks Glove boxes netting cases Silver a vory and tortoiseshell card cases magnificent for boxes jewellery pianoforte music stools Ancy envelopes and stationery new Musie albums Tankard works in Rich Morocco bindings highly to p Ligated and illustrated works toy and games lechery Cricket atlases and a profusion of articles f taste Gold chains Alberts and ladies Gold Lens and Pencil cases Vinaigrette christening p. Inns cake knives Silver paper knives Silver g Loun cd penholder magnificent Gold brooch she latest fashion ladies companions Gold _ and Silver fitting is card boxes Tea caddies Ink f hands work boxes writing desks and portfolios music stools Fawn foot paper knives fancy card Leskets ornamental pen wipers toothpicks in boxes _ ladies Seils Church services Violet Ink letter clips. M. Thermometers Call Bells Tea Bells lamp shades inc semen backgammon boards letter balances letter a eights a very Large assortment of water colours in ones baby jumpers and 3,000 fancy baskets. Platts 91 and 95, Hindley Street j 128q ? established 1s39. ? largest Stock of l pianoforte that can be relied on As warranted to tand the climate is open for Public inspection at Platts s. 152q established 1839. To private families. On Sale a Al Quantity Mill fed pork. Any one re hiring a whole half a pig can be supplied by a lying at the company s Mill. Price 10d. Per la. 2i4c oranges oranges. Oranges. Aldridge having made an arrangement for a continuous Supply of the above Elicious fruit from the extensive orangery of e. C. Wynne esq., beg to Call the attention of the Public to hem As being the finest Ever Jet offered and at a very reasonable Price. 222cv to proved portable Sovereign l balance to we Vijh Aud Guage sovereigns and half sovereigns. Warranted so exact that no counter it can possibly go through the Gaage of sufficient Reight to turn the balance. 20 q Platts 1 and 95, Hindley Street. The Branch office at the port of a the Register and observer newspapers is removed from the Parade to the office lately occupied 7 the Burra Burra steam packet company adjoining Lalton a he Tel 301cv n opting presses Complete with j boards Oil papers and damping brushes at Platts a 1 and 95, Hindley Street. Lily established 1839. Hopper plate printing the pc a Prietos of the Register and out Trier newspaper 8 Oving imported a new and improved Copper plate press and engaged the services of a first rate Workman and a Superior artist Are enabled to print cards circulars Lii head a in first rate style and on reasonable Erms. A Good Supply of Copper plates of All 6izes, ind every eau Etc material. T. Shatter general Printer ? Gawler place Adelaide. 67c Casey & Gall printers near Green s Eich Anee Kin William Street. 21 la business cards circulars Bill o Heads labels handbills and every description of printing got out in the neatest style ind on the shortest notice. A great variety of new fancy Type and Borders recently imported. Apply to i William Holieb begilera3x& observer general print nor office. Profess vital. To the Legal profession. We a. Hillier bookseller and general 3tatioxee, rettirn3 thanks to those gentlemen who have supported in the Law writing and Law stationery , and begs to inform them led the profession at Large that he i3 now enabled to execute work equal to any London House Aud with the utmost promptitude. Plans copied reduced enlarged. Memorials to the governor to the legislature engrossed written on Short notice. Plain and ornamental writing in every variety. 10, Hindley Street. 205o. H. Higginson late Secretary to the City and port railway and formerly chief clerk in the land office begs to inform friends and the Public that he is desirous to resume business As draughtsman and Surveyor. In this connexion he is Happy to refer to the Large sectional maps compiled by some time since for the Central Road Board the legislative Council chamber the South australian company Green s and col Ley s land marts a he has also Fot Sale the lithograph map of the Colony As advertised and having on hand a few copies Plain in sheets will be Happy to prepare them coloured and finished to order. Portico of Green s Exchange july 16. 199 229v 22 to Totice. Messes. Richman and a Wigley. Solicitors a removed to White s Adelaide Chambers King William Street. 21sa16v 43 professor Hall begs to inform Hisil friends and the Public generally that he has removed to no. 83, Hindley Street premises lately occupied by . Muirhead adjoining Dale s medical Hal where portraits Are taken by All the new processes in photography. November 19. 1855. 32s due Tea brother photographic artists King William Street Corner of Grenfell Street Adelaide. I59e a Budnot to education for Young ladies Al la Glenelg. The misses Fickling successors to mrs. Adams having removed their establishment to larger and More commodious premises have now Superior accommodation for boarders where in addition to the advantages of bathing and a healthy locality every attention will be paid both to their Domestic Comfort and mental improvement. Terms Board and instruction in the general branches of English education. Above 2 years Elace 40 guineas under 12 years 35 guineas. Music singing dancing and French Eitra. Payments quarterly in Advance. 211thcv to Kensington elementary\. School. . Septimus Webster having obtained additional household accommodation is enabled to receive six boys As boarders. Terms for boarders 50 guineas per annul Days molars �3 12a. 6d. Per Quarter boys under 7 years �2 per Quarter. Payments a Arterly in Advance. 3 and 4. The Grove july 1856. 20535v publications a3td stationery. Handbook on the arts of Themi dle Ages and Renaissance As applied to the decoration of furniture arms jewels a. Trans lated from the French of m. Jules Labarte. With notes and copious illustrations. In English we have no separate work on this subject. The reputation of this production in France is deservedly very High and it is now made accessible to tha English student enriched with More than 200 Beautiful illustrations. We have manuals on nearly All subjects in our time but among books of this description of the very first class we must place this handbook by m. Jules Labarte Brit ii quarterly by Cinoc. 205q Mukut London. Platts Adelaide. Mow ready in 18 vols Crown 8vo., handsomely bound in cloth. People s edition of the. by Hume Smollet and Hughes from the invasion of Julius Cesarto the accession of Queen Vic Toria with 8i steel plates of historical illustrations portraits of thas Jve reigns and their autographs it is in All respects a popular and pleasing edition of a quite indispensable history very Complete and very cheap examiner. Quite a Book for tha Library critic. Accuracy combined with elegance of appearance and both United in cheapness of production Confer on this edition of these National histories Peculiar and Strong claims la Tropal Standard. A. Pj4378 s8tblheais39jblxcatioffs affy Stati Oxbry. Ottney round the dead and in the Bible lands including a account the discovery of the Sites of Sodom and gomorrah f. De sail Cut. 2 vos., 8vo. . De Saulney s work not Only possesses Ereat Ere to from the lands he has visited but the Reader is o Unitarily attracted by the fluency of style and diver ? j of is Idene which pervades the work. We consider it this author May now be considered an authority in ins and Ries of Antiquity literary Gazette. London Bentler. A it Laid ply feb. .7q i fourth edition illustrated Price 7s. Sil. I roman s Friendship. By Gracs t age Tab author of Home influence in to show us h 3w divine a thing a woman May be made Wordsworth. Groombridge & sons publishers 5. Paternoster Row. 2lq Platts Adelaide. Lbmo., cloth Price is. 6d, 12th impression of 1 copies 1 ittle things. It will richly Reward j perusal. ? finely ill Stratig the phrase of . Ilmers the Power of Littles Christian Hamilton Adins & co. Adelaide Platts. A ? 221q ministers of religion and others s i interested in the distribution of religious tracts1 not in connexion with the Adelaido tract society i informed that e. S. Wigg will get out to order 5 acts of the religious tract society of loading at a nctionof25 per cent from tha published Price. The must to Given one week before the end of each inter. H2q ? e. S. Wigg. No. 4. Rundle Street. 10 sunday schools. Just arrived 5 _ 8,500 Reading and Joward Rooks the smaller series of the religious tract society and o 3,500 do. Of the larger bound books. I these can be bad in any quantities As usual at the Ndon published prices. L13q e. S. Wigg no. 4, Rundle Street. St published at the Ety Uter and a Berver Ofaye ? Price 6d. He new Constitution comprising the Constitution act and the electoral Law a 3sed by the legislative Council last session. Tho i Coral Law contains the div Ian of the Colony into Coral districts. To be obtained at the bran a office l Hindley Street of Platts Wigg Ilu Lett Howell and ler stationers. Yap of South Australia. Just Al published and arrived per Ladr Ann. A map of settled districts of sooth Australia i mailed by h. Higgins of and j. If. Pai tee a materials liberally a applied from official sources i lithographed by disc met Boosa of King get covent Rarden London. This map measuring 39 inches by 1on a scale of teen Miles to the Inch extends from the boundaries the Colony on the South and East beyond port Lin n Westward and northward to mount Pearlo in a Dinar the cattle and sheep runs showing the unties distinguished by coloured outlines and the a dress and District Council by dotted boundaries 0, the Post towns and principal roads in with a piety of miscellaneous information. Price of roller varnished ? �1 10 0 in Case for pocket ? 15 0 5od by messes. Platts nos. 1 and 95, Hindley Street Well 11, Windley Garect Hillier 10, Hindley Street j igg1, 1. Re Dulc Street Gries bundle Street Duchane Iier William Street Penman & Galbraith Gawler w. Farmer refreshment booms Adelaide bail station and ii. His Ginson Draus Rotsman and re Cor portico of Green s Exchange Kinsor William get. ? ls929v22 ten thousand a year. Diary of a physician. New editions carefully revised with notes and us rations. ?. ? Platts. Adelaide. I72q a table bed 1839. Rating paper. Whatman s bes Turkey Mill double elephant Imperial medium d Demy just received at 133q Hillier a 10, Hindley Street to writing desks in Rosewood and t mahogany gentlemen s dressing1 cases in hand me inlaid Rosewood 112q ? at e. S. Wigg s. No. 4, Rundle Street. Tore new music just unpacked la and ready for selection a Largo assortment of e Best and latest song quadrilles polkas Wah Zes Ive Aile pieces Chat 203q ? 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Government of South Australia including exec Tive Council Lep Stative Council in. District councils with names of chairmen officers and Pound keepers places and times Al meet nor situations of pounds poundage fees a. Table of dispatch Aad arrival of Inland mails with postage rates and other valuable informatics relating thereto. Farmers aaa Oard ekers Calendar com prising instructions for the Mana repeat for every mox in the year of the Kitchen Garden frail Garden Flower Garden and the held re written and extended by . Is Max ii cents mercantile information comprising South australian customs Tariff wharfage dues ? tonnage ones Bales and regulations at the of Harreit Harbour due3.toomre Kates Stevani Tus Bates of Pilotage mooring1 dues Light dues custom House port Adelaide charges on goods stored a the bonded Ware boat port Adelaide storage of Gunpowder land and share agents charges Beegi station of births deaths 4e Banks chamber of co Meres Adelaide cattle for Public con Eyan ? ,. By Dii a Baingi ? .-.? i Deap Eby and clothed. Ready Money Price for Winter goods ? ? at the 1 times drapery 3iaet, Alfred Spain sole proprietor. Lisly Square and Loag Shattls iss. Od., 22a 6d 29 i 3ojn 4ia., 49s.uherc Square and Long shawls is. 84., 12s. 6d. 13s, 21siss. Wed and cloth mantles 10s. Pal 12s. Go iss. 6d 21s., 25s, 3cs. A Fame girl Sand women s Wool polkas sjd., is. 3d, is. 9d 2s.6d., 3a. 3d, 4c Rich Cashmere dresses All at 7s. Hid. Fulldres3 Worth Lis. 000 Yards French wills in All colours Only is. 2jd_ Worth. S50 Yards French wills of Superior Quality is. Old.,cheap at 2s. -5d. 900 Yards circassian cloth All at is. Of. J 200 yard3 real French Merino ail at 3s. Lld.,Worth 6s. ,000 jard3 Hoyle s prints Ell wide warranted fast i colours All at Sij cat any Leneth 5,000 Yards Horrocks s Lon Clotus Superior finishes ? 33-Mch wide 4s. Lid., 6s. 3d., 5s. 9d., ind 6s. Lid. I per dozen Bales real Yehh flannels warrant Ca All Rool Llyd. Ls.2d., um., ls.6j., and . Per Yard Bales Witney blankets tis. 3j, 8s., 10s 9d_ 12s, 153., and is. 6d. Yards wide Grey Calico sheeting , 9j4, 10 is., and 18.3d. ? Yards wide White sheeting old. Is. 2 and is. 4jsl Yards wide White sheeting is. 4jd, is. 6jd., Aad is. 3d. Too cards Rich washing damask in All colours All at is. 2id. Per Yard fringes Aud trimmings to s match. To Cotton umbrellas 2s. 3d, 23. 9 d., 3s. 3 3 and 3$. Fld. 1 sonnets. Caps ribbons Flowers laces. Stays Muslin goods ready Madu clot Huig be at such Low prices taking into the real value and i Quality As Are not to be equalled by any other Housa i in the australian colonic. Alfred Spain importer times drapery Mart Rundle Street. I . A. Spais bars to inform friends and the Sablic that he has let the times drapery Hart there ire Calk particular notice to the cwt that the above ? in prices will be strictly carried out As the whole of is valuable Stock must be sold by november Neit. 12th june. 135t3. 16ihcr genuine Clearing Sale. A Craig &. Co s great Clearing Sale ill continues. Immense reductions on their inner Low prices. Remember Hindlet Street opposite Leigh Reed ? ? 169c Edwar Mitchell late Mit cull anti Tola wholesale and retail Draper town and Bush clot Liinar hoots and shoes 4c commercial House 77260 ? 117. Hindley Street. Peter Cumming & sons Woolen and Linex drapeb8 and silk mercers. Slops carpets boots and shoes. &c., a 4c j 2ij handle Street. 28lcr St Christie begs to announce to the t t ? Public Eadelaide Jed Ita Vicinity intention Clearing out the greater portion of Well assorted Tock of drapery � Aud under Cost Price previous to Stock taking and the ? Seipt of fresh goods. This Bond fide. Selling off. ? ? very article will be submitted at Cost Price. Come and judge for yourselves. The Sale to commence on monday 18th. Opposite Ottoway 8 Victoria hotel 226j9r 8 Hindley Street. A North Adelaide. Cheap dra la & Scott have Purl Iascu several Lars re lots of drapery Goyiw at greatly deduced prices consisting in of 2,200 pairs of women s Aud children s boots and shoes 6,00i pairs assorted hosiery several Bales of White and Rev Calico blankets 4c. 44ths scotch plaids. Wool and Cashmere shawls in a. G. & s. Will this Day show the above goods Wilh the Jainder of their Winter Stock at Prit is regardless of Ost in order to effect an immediate clearance before Tock taking. Commercial hons trite Street. 197e 00de Brothers in returning Theiron sincere thanks to the inhabitants of North Idelair its Vicinity for the Liberal Patron Are i tended to them during the past seven years beg to in a their customers that they have disposed of their Forth Adelaide establishment to . Ohn Good on whose behalf they Beer to solicit their patronage and support feeling assured that no exertion fill be spared on Bis part to Merit a continuance of the Vours so liberally bestowed upon themselves. Of reference to the above John Good l begs to state that it will be tis study to ustain the reputation and Confidence so ions Njo Jed by predecessors and Hopes by tact personal attention to be her with Solline for he smallest profit consistent with Good articles to secure a continuance of the valuable support of the inhabitants of North Adelaide and Turrou Ridini localities. . J. G. Begs to intimate that the whole of the present Stock will be sold off at a great deduction for Cash in order to effect a clearance of he same and to make room for an entirely new Stock of Spring goods Claua cuing on monday it the 4th instant. Kermode Street North Adelaide August 1, 1ss6. A la persons indebted to Goode Al bi10thers Aie requested to pay then respective accounts either at bundle Street to . John Good Forth Adelaide. 214cv he premises of the undersigned will be closed for alterations from this Date be notice will be Eiven of re oper mar. Miller Anderson Hawkes Lafo Miller & Bucklin Hindley Street. A Frost 31, 185c. I amused fights. Royal Victoria the management of . Chas. Poole ate manager of the theatre Royal Melbourne. The theatre open every evening except saturday. First night of a new play Ingomar. Ingomar ? . H. N. Wamer. Parthenia ? mrs. Charles Poole. Miseries of human life. On Friday the play of the stranger. Tickets can be obtained at tha York and Napoleon elot Els also at . Hillier s and . Platts a b Iok Sellers Hindley Street and at the Blenheim hotel where Only private boxes can be secured. X postponement. In consequence of Tho severity of the late Sale Burton s National 21rcus will be closed fir the present and re open at port Adelaide on monday 18th, for three nights Only a Noa Lunga on Friday Aud saturday 22nd wd23rd and at mount Wiliker on monday 25th, one week. 2 /j3lv i Ramic views. Pantheon King William Straat. The Dio Ramic views inst imported will be exhibited As above on thursday evening next August 14, and every succeeding evening it 7 o clock consist in of the varied events and Locati tvs of the russian War accompanied with private music. Admission is. 6d. Each children and schools half Price. Doors open at half past 6. F22i7 Ball at the commercial inst to h1ndmarsh, this evening. ? x Nivoli hotel. Dancing every a monday and thursday evening. M9mho j. Schirmer. Hotels and livery stables. Al. Barron begs to announce that he can now offer to the citizens of Adelaide a Tore than Ordinary treat in a prime haunch of Kangaroo Venison served up with Fine currant Jelly. Kangaroo Tail soup at moderate charge torn 12 o clock till 4 . King willism Street August 13, 1856. 227a � Blenheim hotel 14, Hindle Streer. T. B. Jones in returning thanks for the support he has hitherto received bogs to solicit a continuance of the same and gives Assurance that a exertion on part Hill be wanting to Render establishment perfect in every respect. The wines spirits acc stand As they always pre eminent. The bedrooms Are clean comfortable and lofty. The Ordinary at 1 o clock is All that can be wished. Tha billiard room is acknowledged to be equal both in attention and Comfort to any to be found in the Colony and is fitted with one of Webb s Best slats tables. Captains of vessels and occasional visitors to ads Laid will Jud Here a comfortable Home. The latest English Sydney Melbourne and be close papers always to be seen in the Coffee room. Prices moderate. T. E. Jones. Juna 9, 1851. 162a253 x1reemas0ns tavern stables. Cd Edward to Hill in returning thanks for the very Liberal patronage bestowed on by the Public since a commenced business begs to state that to meet the increased demand of accommodation required he has taken the above stables a addition to present ones in Currie Street and Hopes the in port to liberally bestowed will be continued promising that of exertions on part shall be wanting to make them the most Complete in Adelaide. Horses taken in to bait. Horses carriages and every other description of Thiele always ready at the shortest notice Aad oaths easiest terms. Wedding parties and others requiring Mitra carriages can always meet with the very Best description at prices thai trill be satisfactory to those Thani. A. Polhill Currie Street and Pirie Street. June 30 183s. Ls�rak27iv Dort Wakefield. The undersigned Al. Is most respectfully to inform the settlers and Othet inhabitants in the North that he has Complete d new hotel licensed under the name of the rising Sun. The House has Ben finished and furnished regardless of expense and the Stock of wines spirits Beer a has been selected with every care under the Best brands. The Domestic under the cars and superintendence of mrs. Cherry will be found to meet All the requirements of traveller Comfort and Economy being the proprietor s principle of business. 224o ? Luke Cherry. T Ercy bi7nn begs respectfully to in format he Friend and the Public generally thai he has taken the Exchange Liv jetty. And bait stables where by assiduous attention to business he Hopes to please All who May favour Mai with their patronage. .--Sorses at bait Well attended to. On i arc Henes quiet i Saddle and harness with Good vehicles. 1 Sis se w .v.1. I i in. -.? so a i i i a ? -.? Public notices. _ View Constitution act. Notice to voters. Persons Bavin Rea Stewrt their Ames on the Elecio Ual lists for tha Disimo i id a Striet of the City of Adlaid and who Are not e5idents therein Are i Quested Yotsko notice that the , o i Bosforo tic23thin Tant base All names so registe1ed, it the Uit sat Aud Maui i of the act. John Lazar Deputy Estu Nln officer for the Diavion and to turning o3cr for the District ot1 Mio City of Adelaide. Office write s Chambers Kins \7illiatn-Strcit, a unjust 13, 1353. L of re Tho matter of Henri stewari1. ? whereas Henry Stewart of the Golowa arc keeper has by , Barins a e the 41 h Day of Wust ls6. Assigned transper1ied, and add Over All heal and. Personal fio ties within the province of South Ai Stralla save i in said deed a to Thomas Graves and 3hn Hodgkiss City of Adelaide gent semen son Trust stir Ali Benest of null Federal creditors. Yotsko Natilea that Tho Tuzid deed of assignment lies by once forthe Sig nature of eur h of the Saiu Cid to of Tho said Henry Stewart As shall within our week nne in Aud sign tame either by them Silvas their it Tivr attorn is. Dated this 8th Day of August 1s5b. John Tuthill Ragot solicitor Lor said tra tce1. N v a office c a s buildings Adelaide. To the credit Era the said Henry Stewart. X advertisement to the kd110e of the Register. 3ir noticing in the times of to Day an j article got up in the Stylo i Hivo been by Loni Jcu atoned to professing to give an account of a pretty quarrel Between me and tha City survivor i 5sr to state the of Lowin facts. . A Critean for reasons tolerably Well known has i More than one occasion injun cd Crim Osious Elings against me in strong1 Der Wintory expos Sinai id especially has publicly stated that i i rat cd Psi Jenl the company s 3iill Bridge. Naturally Ami i ill also say justly irritated by repetition of this ?3 a senion i exact a what Tho Trentle an of tha time states i wrote to Tell Pery an that he had uttered a deliberate falsehood id i consider myself quite justified in to Dorius coarse Imper Vicenca the writer Calls it who Evi utly hardly Kuon the real of a Tenor i never tie d Sirn he alludes to nor Ever knew lathe sent one in. Tiie question of this Bridge was Rita tej and to a certain extent settled previously to my Ming into office and twin designs were returned to maim before that period at least they were not Longst the records of Tho Board when 1 came for lather desist a not had been Fleet a which for jasons i Sabra fitted 1 declined to party to carrying it. How therefore not having to can that design shame and a Blanci cannot for the life of me in errand . Perlman atom fed to Cim Irnee a correspond me which i declined and he then fled to Tho a ilm nos which Are always so invitingly open especially Hen the subject of coarse Lave Etive and on Ivd round Cas attack is the writer of this myself and on Jing permitted a faint insight through that paper into the Nitro of . Pc Remau s later i am the More Satis ii of the propriety of the course 1 took. I sub join a letter from the gentleman who insisted in Guttin up the working drawings from my signs and 1 beg to conclude by repeating that the Iser Tiou of perv Mau the City Surveyor As to pm rating a design for the company s Mill Bridge is utterly round Lesa i bes to remain is Geo. E. Hamilton civil Engineer. August 13,1856. Adelaide August 8, 1856. My dear sir tour note of the 6th instant convey in the statement . Peryman had Mode with regard i the company s Mill Bridge Viz., that How a the Allbor of the design and that you had pirated it from Ira. Both astonished and apprised me. From nay intimate connection with that work from s very first commencement i have no hesitation in tying that i believe such a statement to be utterly without foundation. When the Cuin missioners of the Central Board of Fain roads first determined on making 1 hat Bridge you Ere requested by them to prepare a design with Emu lates of its Cost. This was approved of. And As Yea Ere then pressed Lor time and had no draughtsman i a listed you in completing the working drawings these Era made by me from your designs and the details of your verbal instructions. Had any design of . Yrau s existed in tha office it could not have escaped by observation and this is the first time i Hittye Ever card of such a claim so that i cannot conceive How a in possibly claim credit for the design which is entirely and justly due to you. It gives me great pleasure to be Able to assist you in refuting . Peryman 8 assertion. Believe me 4c, ? .?-?.-. Joas exo Lajud Jan advertisement to 1kb Bdl Rob 01 tub Blois Tab. 2ir i have just seen the Leader i your j contemporary of yesterday in which i find Tho Fol Wing paragraph ? but Man Yum the speakers and writers referred to Bove denounce the system of borrowing Aud one of those ent Lemmeu in particular who is Worku Orthe Mhz with which he h connected with British capital insists Mare july than All the rest upon cur not going into the Inrush Market for Arys Ueli purpose. I those remarks evidently have reference to myself ? a a the Kapun a mine 1 would assure the writer of them if he does not Kanwit already that not one Farthing f British capital has been employed in working them am any other capital than that furnished from its urn internal resources. With the Point nay i request the of this in the columns of tha dec Ithra iam sir to c. H.ba00t. Kann a August 1% 1858. ? in Opril Valley Road. A. Pubic meeting was held on tuesday evening last at the firemen hotel Hopa Valley to consider the Arnout passable site of the Road from that p Aco to the Ard Ornish school b. Milne a a in the chair. Resolved that a committee be appointed consisting if the following gentlemen to obtain subscriptions o wards the repair of the Road messes j. Stuckey h. Clapper Jones to. Halden and both u ?. Of ?. Cental vaccine Board july 4th. 1b59 Yacc Fallon will be performed Gra t Tui tousle at Tho office of the Board Dyson s. Druggist Hundle Street on mondays and thursdays from 2 to 3 o clock. William Gosse acting colonial Sui Seon and chairman of 187thct Central vaccine Board. South australian sunday school teachers Union a la a tue ill be delivered to the members and friends of the above Union in . Hartin s school room Freeman it rect on Friday evening next the 15th instant by the Sev. U. H. Fabb. Subject the importance of system n sunday scowl teaching lecture to commence at i Quarter past 7 o clock William Gil esq., in Tho hair. 2278 ? j. A. 1iolpent, pro secretaries. Leu rices of astronomy and Nat Jean Histora two lectures on the above subjects will to delivered in St. George s school jail by the Rev. G. D. Mudie. The first on monday &.u?ust 13, at 7 . Section 1st astronomy will explain the Earth its farm motions connection with Tho Sun and Moon eclipses tides seasons a. I\lu3 rated by diagrams. Section 2nd natural history Birds. And the second of we Jne Day August 20, at 7 . Section 1st astronomy explaining the solar system planets. Fixed stars Corner Keri tie sins of the Zodiac constellations cac. Section 2ad natural history a Malixi to quadrupeds with repro tentation a. The lectures will commence each evening at 7 o clock precisely. Tickets May is had of 3iessr3. Gozzard Wiliins Jones and at St. George s school. ? 2 27 31v pfc sans having claims against me j. H. R. Ferkek3, Are requested to Send the am to we. Boykett Bulic Tor. Port Ade Laide on before the 31st Day of August instant no Foo All persons indebted to me Are requested to pay their debts on before that Daj. J. H. A. Fer bees. Prince s Lotel port Adelaide ausust 13,1330. 227 9 Otice. All persons detected Cut Tinct removing tim15eb Wood from any of tha undermentioned sections the property of the English and australian Copper company will be prosecuted. A Reward of �10 will be paid to any pers a Giviner us h information a will Load to the conviction of any offender of findeis. Sections to. 171, 174, 175, 320, 327, 19 1, 495, Hundred of Clare county of Stanley Formin the English and australian Copper company s farm and adjoining thereto any other sections belonging to the company. James Hamilton Manser. Ansu St i. 1 83fl. 22 c Raj Fujs i of ads Kev Baku. Some person a. Having last night either stolen Orth Iown into the uivei1 Toni res from off the company s Miu Brid four pieces of ik0w0rk, the above if Ward will be to any person giving Erich in formation a3 will Lead to the co Vii tin of tha Flinder. England &. Coulthard. Mill ant August 13, 1856. Xiv the Morphett Street Weigl abridge notice. With ref Reneo to the re port of the inspector of weights and measures respect ii the above the undersigned its to inform Tho Public that Tho Sama will to cursed for the remainder of this week for the purpose of a thorough cleaning and Over hauling. It will to reopened on monday next Ana will then be guaranteed strict of Correct. Xiv Joseph . Companies aha societies. We the undersigned being three of of the Vicioria mixing company do hereby Call a meeting of the share holders of the said company to be held at the once of messes. Fenn & it Cariag. Solicitor Exchange Chambers Adelaide on Friday the 29th Day of August instant at noon Lor the purpose of determining whether the said comply shall be dissolved Uncur the provisions of the act of Council no. 5 of 1854, in titled an act to facilitate the dissolution and Provido for winding up tha Ai Yiirs of joint Stock companies j. H. Skales. Wicksteed. J. Phillips. Dato August 13, 1850. 2hf7 Adelaide and provincial to buil Dix Socletyat the monthly meeting of this society to to held of thursday evening thai Ith instant at 8 o Clork at the Napoleon Bonaparte King William Street six shares will be bold. 2j7 ? Nathaniel Summers. North Adelaide building Sccietysecoxd Issue of skare5 10 shares Entrance fee 2s. 64, and is. Per week half shares entrant.fee, is. 3d., and 2s. Per Vrcek. Intel Diaff shareholders can cuter their names of tuesday evening at Tho Queen s head inn Kerm a Street and at any time on application to the Secretary. _220a 32 , Secretary. W est Adelaide Buli Idina and investment society50 shares sub Ovioe Gic Mart wa37a Iab aug Ting ii0ti0e3. Gel a september f a k d auct1 0 if s1li la will to held a Tho l a i l e to ?. Septembers. Kill Day. September 5. I wno., ure of Ultra to re a i Plo Fuci us ii for the auction of Befort to just nist. 224ct Willu Nuz Hipo Taxt notice. Pow sin a will Tonga � Bruit Fri Nice tic Ltd to request All tia.m., us ,.r party will shortly to in Saroct As per , Rix us. 1llu.nha. Date of Salic in l Ulner _ oko Ikhi Ai i in hand aeon. Is change land o s, Kin William Street. Rill-2rah to ? Mogey. To a x s is e g 0 t i a t e , to i Tiu. Tue Send & co ? w306tiloxr.y to lend. F of Jas n e g 0 t i a t e a la Cash a i v a n c k u. In l a o of Sorali sums. ? Leo Kab Exchange land offices Street 188qi a to lend of mortgage. Apply to to Smith k Caln us Litora King Willuam 1 f ?. 141 33� pro xxi to lend in Small Large so. Sunn and for Short Long periods. Inter it current rates., a Kight beotheb8. 276hfq woh iry Tolkko in any amount from vol � to to too Lon fre Holdi Burra Shire and it securities. Apply to . Parties Roq Airin at Ristaneo in the per Chile of aids at Tho government Mes will to Liberal a Ortato ?. Ellet Toney on most Gragrie of free t xxx pm. X abth0b Hjordt. I intr Wllliam strict. -,7, 171o Tifoney. Money. Money. Money Al to lend in stunt from �50 and pin rat. Of Rcch Olds Burra shares and other i c0llis0n4bayly, i i old and Money drop Al. Find Lar Twet. April 14. 1b55. ? Logg a Fonfey to lend on mortgage. ? -�1 mom3 ,�wleitor,8c King Wulfan Street. A Del aide land and Luah cd. Officetcmporart loan from �30 to �1,01 0 a tailed on Deposit of title seeds. Larm Small uni on mortgage. C3haele8 Simeon. Am. A by ? to Gwillam a Turret. John Richardson Shabe. Sandmo by Oke Hoosby Aud land Kern a ? Mon Eye ent on mortgages and ppr ored Security and Bilu discounted. Land and estates valued. Off Cei King Willitts Street. ? l3sqt several Large sums of Money j tolendonfreobold8niritt. Apply to j. A Bakst 185o Vattbnudingt,. Pod Itce. On Sale by the undersigned the Westmount banker seed Wolleat. ? j. C. Cleve 4 co., Greffen Street. April 22, ism. ? life port Elliot Tho port Ellio steam Mill i now ready Forg bist wore. Heat stored free of charge. Apply to e. H. Dodd in Harare at the Miu. ? cjoly8,1858. I9i0t \ a heat purchased in any Quantity w. W. Oxfords agricultural implement depot Grots Aad 221ct Gonger , Adelaide. W wheat Oats and h aule vat the it Ghent Narket prices will store tie same for Farmers and Nake Liberal cosh advances if req Nimrod. Bagi up plied a Briner wheat in. ,. Collison 4 Bayly Bowden Grain stores. January 26. 1856. ?. /. 8 heat Jearley a. Thund Migu a ii a Purchas of wheat Barley and butter at Jie highest Market prices. . Clark Adelaide a scr ctr Mill Bli cult bakery a Allfie Street. Wheat. Wanted by the undersigned 1.00j Buhela ipod wheat.ii6-33fly j. M. Link Cater lot treet. Wool Copper &ctho purchasers Otto ool Copp filand other produce will make Liberal advances on Sioui Lumenti to their frien Mittun. Frohder a Fry ? fax & co London mans. Bich Ardion Brothers ind co Liverpool. Fox Lloyd 4 co. Grenfell Garcet 24th Only 185q ao6e ? w vol skins tallow a. The undersigned Are purchasers of these articles. Heats Ooi Oil on Sale in any Quantity. ? 2?4et j. A. Taylor Theberton. A tool purchased advanced to on y the stilling co. November 13, 18b5. ? Valri ool hides and Tallowtlw undersigned Are prepared to make Liberal and ranges on shipment of the Aberne to their London Liverpool . 8amuel Dixon 4 co., i75cv Carrie Street near the Bank of Australasia. W ool. Tie undersigned Nishti Purcha Advance on Wool. W. Peacock son. Wndell Street. December 26. 1854. Let Pili undersigned Are Al Aad other 1 Tio Duce and make advances of London Liverpool. \. Ill. being resident in London will be Tappy Tont tend to any bus Lesii entrusted to firm in a Laide. ? Kirchner Gak Dechek 4 co g9iv Al Renfau to Trout. To but Chelis and others. High Price for orca by Wool. ?. Sheepskins hide tallow. ? ?. ? _ w. Peacock 4 Sou Grenfell Street february 22, 1856. 63e� houses. Cattle vehicles a. Rank. Tho import Eil Korso Frank will Al serve marcs this can at Ulcy farm. ? this horse Rich Brown Ami stadia 15 hands 3 inches High 7 years old was cot by a idly Buck dam by Lri a Bird Grandam red Rose Bys Comour. By whisky uni Icso. General stud Book. Vol. Vii., in be vj.? term i hi., Coom dec included. ?. ?. I resp Adilio kcdat3s.pirvtt t a Wilmont Resann in intr. ? 2 7v ? Charles 8c0tt. For Sale an extensive cattle station on the Mukuam Eivet Miles from Alin iry. Tie quart a. Fri a a fro Ataee of 10 mile to the liver Murray cents tin chiefly of Plains with open Forest at the Bai area i,00 acres and capable of car rain i to head if cattle will be sold by auction if not no ii within a Rtia Urille turn private contract with from 3,000 to, 100 head of , and from 300 1� 400 horses. There larja1 proportion of fat cattle at Presont on Tiro run none having Hern suit to Market the season. The improvement Onnist of Lints Stock Yards a s3 and cultivation p Iddoo i cd. The in tic Are Miod and Vury from it Vii Jears downwards a threat proportion of Bullocks it for the Marker Alto in fiut they Are n us ii a fat Jmc and old. The boundaries Aro i Lis put. T. E above is cons Dert a a very valuable property and worthy the attention of capitalists. Fax fut her Par Tirakis to set sirs. 8. To to ii Rand Boro car Usu learn to less thu ? Yal Grix & wilp. House for Sale by private . 1\ ullars auctioneer. Kins1 Viniam Forert. 136at ? forsake a capita Goat in full at 4 a to 3iiet. 228 a i Busler Hale. For Sale tha. Express on mrs. The omnibus is that which was imported by Prois car Hall having been ? made to the order of trial i nil Conan in in Gand after ? ? ?. A ? the Model end by them Nafije Turcus the prise on i at the Loci in Cit jul. The i press is boils to carry 21 Friiss no Ira. Apply to . Cottril sic Hui Der Rundlo-6trct. Aujjrtl3,iav3. ? 227ao? tilted Sukino Oart horses and Ess to to disposed of in consequence of j he owner Bavin i � for bar us for them. Anulf to w. G. Lambert a lion Hart Idle Street. 22s. Cog vey maces ortconv�yance.Are, Ono Shil Linirthe to Ilvy Hukki Wili continue to inn. Between Adelaide and the Polt i it the above fares. From Ade nid. I i rom tie i ort. At Hulf a by ii . I at Nulf pm 0 . At half past i Jun. I at Liaf past 2 . Ixo. k co., 22i 9 Cupric it ret Adelaide. To notice. Todd Loci Drite Sand la Wood cutters. Ali spin i met the English end australian Cropper conic i in far cutting on Slid after the 1st of september Mutt . Parton aa3 for Carth Jef to Tho Burro Copper it works Isa m. Pet ton. James Hamilton Lla Uimer. ,ela7tiaegat ie55, ? we
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