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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Aug 3 1839, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - August 3, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia advertisements. Tau advertisements must be pit it fur i rest. Us to insertion unless forwarded of such of our j i Tittle a Liaf of priced null Obi my if its it flip Otic i Utt l advertisers me ii-/.-?/i Nubia that pm. F o ii o0 a i. C tto s7 to Amii in m to Cir y Pul r Al vice Terr a j s a air ii i is Ioria i if or. Lit Trio South a Laii i in ii i it. I i. A i idylls 1 111 i v. co. I of c Lafita to iu7 Lii fun to fun a ply to Jaily .1. . I . Roll 11atav1a, via , a a v Pill Riillo -t.s.ilill, so i 4l toys is a t will Lor the Obi pc Feu tscn.er.-. Aii l carries a air on. F in ass. in to it o i o i Icv Allan. A Clit. Lii Niiles stud l. Hizy St. I. I i it to i in t Fri ii i. F m fast sail july-20, 1 ?3. To Smi about the. In Iddle of next Vleit of Larn Livston Dihkit a a Mihk Fine 4, 1839. Nellt of x ? at a via to Fli in a Tew Days i irk l Chaklis Foriss 370 tons Leister c. Lai Iier . For freight a in j Lylo Cias. of Art Janle tuly 2 1m31. Of i w Ziai a no so my " i i j i ton i. Hart com j Nandur. For fro split or Jia r o apply t in All its brandies and Liujie by attention und pm Pietu pity t Merit a so ref to in yet. Cuti ii to and remain de. Qixin grunts or an is Pai Roj. I idly Street july 22. I of a Ikie Tauy College in South aus t Kali a. On of Trio Iroini foundations upon which Erity Ami t ural Cli Bractt rot the new a of but i Aust Aiu vow. Inti in t l e . A provision to . The Sadvari t ii is i in Camii a . This Joe l 1 Toa Lily jul Jil in View l y inc iils Colony Anil in to . 0j, of tin South Audru i i a. Ill to Cecii Liy Iari ?. Tin i of v Culf a s Kiriy i Ivil to i is rate . t i in i m ill a Lii i ski. .1 in. A to of Jorrin tin Lii Ivr i or a Kava , a i 1- i by 1.,. I. 1 Ward to. in ,., i in. W tin is of air . j. A h Ivel V 1.-. I tin t " a v. J i. .-.-. P j a i. J i Thi. i m. A r .-it. Tj-1 t a Isiah a ,. A Otner Limul ,., Ai,.,.- us in it Tiv i iv.m a. i. ,., lire Liu Lils for ii Lioa to s Tommy air than j i 1i.fiyt 1i.-. I .ii, in fairy to Iroini lilo . Omli Slisi it will to ill Vil s to fair Ivull ant to Aii if to ii ,. Ii in ?.-t tier i Tim to a Iron Jill h Goliji n ,.lcii nit n i and visit tji it Tii. Ii in Jivu is Pitin a t moral of i ., pliability Ilo Sliu it live an Imp it ii in. 11. I t.? i lit re r r i it \ .r.i.,n a Lii. A mils i l 1, i. .,., -.-.1j Liy i 1. ,.-yf,v.1 i an Ani ."-t Lii like is with Ati i Ilia Ami iian of air Tii "1 i it is to a Liu i that to. I i.,.is i l.n-,-. Coins Irr i by Atwil i iici./.-cv a. Oit of to Tali la j . It a Kui Jav. Only us. In i. " a of 111 Ai Ilidf s / r 1. /., 7 ,.-, of the /.-/. L a ,1 ,. A i. � -.-. A. C ,.- i lwai.l a Nvvf ii ilm Hijii into it1o stoj..-ii-, l i 0 ii. ?. 100 o 0 j. I in toxin l o y i lilies lion sub a Vav Mizii Joo 0 0 Macl aria 100 o 0 c. U. Hawaii John dial jut Jilin. Henry Watson to 0 0 Stephen made 100 o 0 William Wyatt John Kliott at 0 0 August a Cooki w. I. Coluci. 1 h 0 0 John Liron ii Jamos Irtle Lih ice 5 o i k i j Wii. Hikita u fat \ tlioiii.i in it o ii a 7.-, h i i Lui ii Vivi c it. J. In slam thus. . I i tibial i slur \. Kavol Vurman Luton Tiivi . A. ii to -Yan .-.. Lip lit. itu.s& a of o 0 Wii Lipini l i inc % of o a. And a wifi la o j. W. Ury q Utji of fee Chis of us to Matthew Sii Zillic ,. William on Sal 11, Vuk , of of Amazie abet.ibid act i join . Tea am in a Oti acal split ideas Piuri Bailey biscuit Heel Jirik Liuti to Liams uni sins re iv.ij i nests min i Ltd Aiu Iotis ii Ustari. Vinegar soap Zidik told Sidon and Bur Tun i wins and Iiri n Oas w wat deals Shaffn and whole Lig Iblis Coa s . A arc Neil a Iron int of Ironmongery a wafer tin ii ii s f.?, vat Jerk i Hiis suor.j-, ii to p a Luigi to si.it-. I Tan cts rays l at Ria Liery to Sii sentry my in i in dial Mkeys or usher aug to Liv Isit 1insiss, & co. St Silveti i to i race. Township of . Ofa. Allotments of Uit Awe ivc i r m lease. to or. A. i solicitor Nortli-.-.iiv. To by i Uteri Fox Tutor a Wii i to i is Tii try Lii Eli air i it lot i in Jil Sikl shillings ice a ". Cir Sile in l i us ? v.ikv1i Lill Tyllia Sll in i. -. it at Niv j Ort. I Lulu ii at Felt Ali la. I Ai Mitty of wry in ii dior i Pius. A l . til , Jor. Nuri i Kivilin. Aj. O is . A a i so in uinih.ptroi to nearly Cibij Rositi to lips \. I a.liiiir. irl .ie in or. St a i. Ai in m acid Ai i Law uns Lor Lungi Vii flit i Tho j t v n jul o x g Xxx i in Siu. V Irr is Uli i u i m. Imiru. J Nuil ii price./. Si. I or. R. I t i s s ,. T b e Mil in i 2 y in in j or. I Al. a c no i. I in v to m.l a Ali. A a o no. Soi. No a i . in. I a 1v.,i?l 1. .i.1e. is j.?r? a ply to w. II. A. I Aii. Of St t i. J / j \ " a ii buy i n i " in Milfs or Triail Rizii Cultivar inc Iari of. R \ a h t the Vir. Rio Lui lit i Dilbur Clit Dionesi i is ins civic lust i m Ith a Well of got i wit or town a Civ no. 1, of a t0 , country Seel Iuli 260, Ort a a. H. Davis & co., Gilles arc de. Nous x i on Gal c. Of at Large, to Itson seven Lai e to Lueil u four Stu Llod tub la Wam is l .Irh Liui Lilily l Piir a a f -. In or j,.-iy i in1,1.j. No fiin., ,. In. Rie .,?t v. 3u.iliio pt.nm i in Tii Mii to i in icily i m a. . It , ,. 1 Iol. Vi a .v. Kick. 4"am? is. ? us w v the ii.l.t l ,., useful u i 1.l shh a air Lor to work i u s . And u ise . Iii. Mid 1 tji Ulicni j i. A is i inv Caf i Iitir Portta Tyli a Siroun Stout . Caudal is Ujj Ecsi a i of i it hiring cart Aid Lii tic. Ii t Ivirty flit up Sidn. Als i Tiereo lice i and nine months mid Are perfectly clean ii i Good condition. Lirui approved Bills i three awl six months. .1. W. Bull. mid Stoik Agnf . Jiy2fi, i. R tin Halo of it be table. I visits. I Lai to him six is. Potatoes canals. Tuni its Ca Bungo lettuce Kad Dibir a arc now ready for disposal us also a Jiw Lioic t Oloizi scuds und As the season Adlai Ofosu. W. R. Rojics to have a Reg Iligir Tucei Snori of Juel us the Colony a or Dilce. 1. W. R. Lias spi ired no Espi Nice in trying the capabilities of till to i and he trusts Tho Public will Meiji of him. Adi re in Siai Kkt. A Lily Tii Sias Kmitis Lisle Salesman in ii i ukr in Tiitu Lor Reli ill Toi i.,.i of i lev t -. Iii Noih frontal is of x la is " to by w Yea to flu in near Lii " by s ii to a. I .7iv. I mr.h t it a s i. Livi a .l.s i ,. S runt ing 7 i Sui a. Lir ii via t j Viii lavs no terms i or. Tik a Olliie. I ."m.\. Nov. In Cui Irv in ii to \ in. -Elli ? Ikeie of u -,i., i in Lii,.d Ujj i. A. A Jwj a 1dm. 1. vol .-., in old at Elisa a j Hack i .1 lire a idiot i u ii vie in used i t to lev ii us jul Ritt apply to ten ii a i cock or to gouge tax North rate. Attention Fri in kits for to i grand Ottpry, consisting of i Nim Viry ivies May be obtained at Linch Anuku to ii uni Conier of King William und in Stidley Street n. I. Tin import unit prize is Asti mated As Worth twelve Hundred i funds to be sold an Eig Section of land no. Do Ulmont time find is Milf Miles from i Vituli Adelaide on tic 4th Creek partly on each vide of it Olieve Ali in is ws. nearly throughout tiie year. A farm cottage is built on the land ill a portion i it nit wins very Sunj error Timber tier re to ii in Wail adapted for Multi Tiuli. Apply to j. Titt it Misson auctioneer. /ftw.vvfn-f, pm 439. Vaia asm. Aipunou mop Katy. In lie sold ate. Contract that very. Valuable Lioi Omlid in. The House is diw2oi three or with a hide tile Rozion May be used us one Louw with tin rear. This Pirty is i in Jease of fourteen years at ? in Toimi rent of Lorty Pound ii n year com twi ii Milu The oiiios.t v to wild in the particulars to to. I i. Jail Psi. Ip3?. V o re n Xiv a to t e a Bwl i in a tag 4 property in end .l., Tih Yatuni in Adelaide and of ample value. Ajl to or. M. Sluts solicitor Nordi Tenaro a . July 2i, 1630

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