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Adelaide South Australian Chronicle Newspaper Archives Sep 20 1890, Page 15

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Adelaide South Australian Chronicle (Newspaper) - September 20, 1890, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia or Dubit which to be place on the Adelaide Oval on saturday att Moon both twenties were Repnow putative Bat Daly of the Norwood the souths were absent. The Une an Whites dating the Fin a Tarter Showel splendid form and a fenced As though they would make the nor Woods Fiirst had toe Victory lint their looking was inferior and they mined be atom to More. Soon after half Tine the red and Bines pot of a number of goal and it Odomd then be seen that the game As virtually won. They eventually came oat winners with 9 goal 2 behind to the Good c Woods did mod of the goal Kio Kinor for the red and blues and caused the red Flag to a railed no lets than Arevea time. One or two of the Soniba who generally Flay Exoe Lient games showed very poor form. The proceed Ings were commented at 21 minutes past 3 by the nor Woods lifting the Ball toward the Northern end. After a Little even play in which Shaw and Mcgaffin showed tip con in Comly. Roberts event the leather near the South Citadel a behind being the outcome. The Blae and writes relieved by passing the Ball along the wins and Hammond a re wig from Doolan forwarded to Fischer who from a place Bot Only succeeded in raising the minor Flag. The nor Woods were kept defending until Grayson by a Brilliant ran along the Wing placed the sphere past the Pavilion some Belr timid marking by Thompson and Monok enabled Walkley to try for goal Bat a behind was the result of Hie shot the Eastern Cmunt Baib were kept protecting their goal anti Pic Barb by some flood work took the Ball into the souths grounds. By some Rook play in which the Ball was frequently sent of Bounds on the Western Wing the souths managed to Lay siege to the Southern Coal and futher in attempting to score raised the White Flag. Hammond added a behind shortly after. The Back men of the nor Woods were called upon to do some heavy work and Allison Rush ing of to the Sticks bid an Opportunity to store but failed to do to. The Ball going behind. N. Bic Haida took the Ball away with a Roah and he and Clift carried it near the opposite posts where. Woods by a Long took secured first goal. After the kick off Monck by a Brilliant run along the Gate Wing placed the remand Braes in difficulties Bat a Mohards and Shaw were Noces Tinl in warding off the attack. At the Pond Union of the first Quarter the scoring Wab nor Woods 1 goal 1 behind. South Adelaide 5 behinds. After the Bounce the nor Woods at ones Eal Ltd upon their opponents to protect their goal and Shaw kicked the Ball behind while c. Woods who was awarded a free just after did the same thing. The red and blues kept up the attack and Shaw marked to o. Bertram who was Only successful in nil g the Ball outside the poets. Daring a tussle in front o. Woods toeing the Bau Asit was Bonno ing along the ground sent it through. The South Adelaide gradually took the Ball oat of danger and after confining it on the Wing for some time lifted it near the Cathedral goal where Doolan secured a behind the sphere was transferred to the other end and mined a Chance to More. At half time the mores were nor Woods a goals 5 Bah Inaa South Adelaide 6 behinds. On the resumption of play Shaw hoisted the Ball Well Forward and Mccarthy being placed in Possession secured a goal a few minutes after the Start. After some very even play the nor Woods chiefly through the in but mentality of Richards and Shaw puked the souths on the defensive and a Grayson tried for goal but Only scored a minor o. Weed next essayed a shot Bat he also was us the Ball not even going behind. The Blue and Whites were in their Eide verb to relieve and r. Bertram seat the Ball Between the uprights by a Long shot. Sion after tee same player made a run close no to the Northern a fete and sent the Ball along the ground and u was Jast bouncing Between the posts when 0. Woods put his foot to it thus adding a goal off again the Blae and Whites collaring tiie sphere placed it in the South Eastern portion of the Oval but the nor Woods who were Aow walking Over their opponents returned to the attack and r. Bertram running to within a few Yards of the Sticks sent it through. The souths rushed the Ball put tie Centie but Waldron and Richards sent it out of danger. When the Ball rang at the finish of the third Quarter the scoring Board showed nor Woods 6 goals 7 behinds. South Adelaide 6 behind. After ends were changed for the last time the Eastern suburban team proved far too by Toby for their opponents and o. Wooda Pat on two goals. The souths had a Short respite and Osborne picking up the Ball daring a scrimmage in front put it through. The red and blues kept the souths hard preyed after the kick off for a considerable tame and 0. Woods brought the Ted nag into View twice. G. Graybon was Aleo in securing a goal just before the Call of time the Blae and writes went away with a dash and Monok cored the Sontha second goal by a splendid kick from a diff Only Angle. The final result wat Norwood 11 goals s behind. South Adelaide. 2 goals 6 behinds. N. Richards saw Megaffin lift a Bertram and Waldron played Well for the victors while the losers were Best represented by g. Rowley. Monok j. Reed adj mat Low Powell and Scott. Or Jones was set very successful As Umpire Illunga v. Or Kathalyn by Telegraph Willu Fra september 14. Aro Oilau in acc w Manga versus a train Albyn waa played on the a Tuunga Oval on Batch Day. Strathalbyn had claimed the premiership of the South and great interest was centred in the match. A Large to noorae of people assembled to witness the game which proved a very easy win for the will naga men who had their opponents in difficulties from the Start and but for the miserable goal kicking would have scored heavily no lera than 20 easy Efa ots for Poal being missed. The final result were will Nga 6 goals 20 behinds to Stratf Albyn s 1 goal 1 behind. Strath Albyn played very a luckily right through the game. Flay was several times topped on account of the Strathalbyn players disputing the Umpire s decision. The game throughout was rough. Toe a Illunga team is very anxious to play another match at the Meadows this season to be Umpire by the City Umpire. Melbourne matches. By tide Nasht Melbourne september 14. In is Premier look wait matches on saturday the fallowing were the results Fitzroy Defeated Essendon by 4 goals to s goals North Melbourne beat the ports by 6 goals to 5 goals st. Kida beat William town by 8 goals to 3 goals Foote Oray beat Richmond by 6 goals to 8 goals Carlton beat Melbourne by 13 go is to 1 goal South Melbourne beat gee lout by 4 goals to 2 goals. Eupr tics. Stansbury bows Mclean. Iby Sydney. September 17. A squib do Matoba for �200 a Side in Wager boats was arranged to Day Between Jos. Stans Bury and John Mclean and the contest is to take place on the Parramatta River on november 17. The first instalment of �100 a to be put up and the articles signed to Morrow. M the Crew to represent the South australian rail the port River on the last saturday of this month 27th instar training very hard and if they go on improving As they have been in ring the last fortnight new South Wales and Victoria will have their work oat oat to keep Pace with them. They go out morning and night now doing � four mile paddle with a few practice starts in the morning be tween 6 and 7. And in the evening they get afloat about 6 and run Down to the starting buoy which is Between Norn s Aud 4 beacons and after resting on their oars a few minutes or Takir a gentle refresher in the Rivar they turn the boat for Home and Row hard Over the whole Doune their condition is improving daily and the better time and Swine through the boat is very marked. We Don t Kaow what the other Orews Are like As we Bave Ben Nable to obtain any reliable iof Oron a. Bat or. Goodyear who Iff Well Niwo in Ruwis. Circles in the other colonies who pc on top new South Wales men for inter � Obial eights. I coaching the Sydney View and or. Upward the leading roving authority in Victoria and who is Well known he has the of re Bonne Crew in hand. We Are not aware what kind of water the other Era a have to prac Ioe on. Bat it they have not off toned top selves to Tough water the ill find oar Boya spinning away ahead if the water is inclined to be Lumpy As it vary often if. I feet a Cricket match was played Between 8t. Peter s College and do advanced school on thursday afternoon. September 11. 8t Peters went in first and when tin aeon stood at 2� for three wickets Poole the Captain Deo faced . Tie Bare boys then went in and made 8l Obeso Creswe Basso flows 8p.8.o.-w. H. Guam avast out 108 a. D. Hay Ward. 23 a. J. Campus 69 b. Holbrook 9 w. G. Parkinson not oat s3 sundries. 19. Total far tons Wio Kats 235. Care advanced school e Davidson 6 a. ,2�.hnmnlniaj 6 al either.? a. Thomas or Smittie Jsck w0miin,0 a. Wake. P Jet Braddock a a. I Maittand a. It. Campbell six for 30 talk my font lot a. Getlik tick. Prince Alfred College sports. About 2.000 people assembled on the Bonce Alfred College grounds a saturday afternoon to witness the annual athletic sports. The weather was everything that could be wished Aud the programme of races was carried ontto the satisfaction of All present. The Wana Aem of the weather induced the majority of the visitors to turn oat in Light Spring costumes and these i ogling with the White Funwela of the boys and a number of flags displaying the College colors Lent a picturesque air to the eur to undies. Amongst those present were a by Kintore Kir Edwin and lady Smith. Lady Downer or. Colin of Morbeu. And the Rev. H. T. Burgess Tea Wab provided for the lady visitors in one of the Large rooms of the College while another was fitted out for the convenience of the teachers gentleman visitors and the Zeab. Toe running throughout was a great improve Merit on the previous year and meagre Taylor and r h. Wilson deserve to be complimented for the indefatigable manner in which they worked in the capacity of . The races were Well arranged and the boys got away to time. Messes. W. R. Bayly and a Brown officiated As judges and or. E. A Haslam filled the position of referee and or. W. Scott As starter. The committee were meters Taylor r. H. Wilson w. H. Boac aut w. I Obb f. Jade and a. Gurr whue or. T. M. Coombe made an admirable Secre tary. The following Are the results of the races Iso Jarde Handicap Flat base open first event for College top 1, f. Jade 2, b. I ions a j. Moseley. 100 Jarde Handicap Flat race under 11. I c. Oanfa 2, a. Bander on 3, 0. Toms. Champion of the colleges 100 Yarda Flat rate open w. H. Bonc it Klc clog the football open m. Bono of 60 Yards. 100 Yards Flat race under 15 a. Dapple. Second event for College top Quarter mlle Handi Cap Ope ii 1, t. M Ogombe 2, w. R. Boa Oaut 3, . 1c0 raids Handicap Flat rate under 9 1, j. Upman w. 6. Scott k. Chappie. 200 Yards Handicap Medley Baoe open 1, b. Stock pack 8 j. My Frune stalls 8. Z. J. Hann a egg and spoon 200 Yards Handicap Flat Baoe Opean 1, t. U. Ogombe 2, 8i i. A Wilna 8. H. Bonzant. 180 Yarda Handicap Flat Baoe under 16 .1, a. Gap pet a f. Hill 8, f Darling. Iso Yards Handicap Flat Baoe open 1, s. Daw kens 2, e. Ashton 8, 0. Foybe Ringham 4, f. Dar by. 120 Yards old scholars Handicap Flat Baoe. 1, a. H. Lot Taeu 2, w. Bhoodea. 180 Yards Handicap hurdle Baos open third event for College Oapl. I w. H. Boa Oaas s. By mall Iso Yards Handicap Flat Baoe Ander 13 a j. Heath 8, a Anderson 3, f. Maguey 4. H. Hill. Iso Yarde old Sonoran Handicap , j. Balk 2, h. Wells. Iso Yards Handicap hurdle Baoe open 1, a. Gurr 2. W Cobb. Half Moe Handicap flit race. 1, ibis Ohleth 2, 0. B. Date 8. H. Nicks College on. W. H. Boo Oaut 10 potato out of 16. At the termination of the sports the countess of Kintore distributed the prizes Moat of which were presented by leading firms in the of ology. Or. F. Chapm a headmaster spoke at some length on the doings for the past year and the Rev. H. T. Bub ass in responding thanked lady Kintore for attending after which three cheers were Given for the countess. The Southern suburban band waa in Atten dance and rendered a Long programme of m a Lawn Tennis. Glenside v. Fitzroy played saturday sep tember 6. Scores j. Or. Frost and 3. S. Glide a beat w. Hammond and w. P. Dixon f. 11 to 9 w. R Froat and j. G. Murray g. Lost to f. Willoz and s. Moss of9 to 11 Harry Hambidge and a Jones or lost to f. Wilcox and f. Hussey of2 to -4l a. G. Frost g beat w. Hammond i9 to 6 w. A Frost g sort to f. Wilcox of7 to 9 s. Glide Globe to w. P. Dixon f8 to 9 Harry Hambidge g beat s. Moss of9 to 6. Total Leaside 65 Fitzroy 61. ? in reference to the 81avin me Ruliffe match a late English paper writes to Liffa Bab already commenced getting himself into coot Tion for Bis forthcoming engagement with the australian Champion he and Madden having taken up their quarters near Ipswich. Siavin however not being burdened with the amount of adipose tissue carried by the san Francia Oan is still in town and yesterday a was an interested Spectator of the Cricket Matoba Between the australians and the Lyric lab at Barnes. Frank who looked the picture of health met on the ground More than one old Friend from the land of the Southern Gross and spoke confidently of his meeting with the giant from California. To show the interest already taken in the match we May mention that an offer of �1.000 Down for 100 seats hat been made but of course refused by or Temple of the Ormonde club to whom All applications for membership which will be absolutely necessary to gain admission to the cym Nabine must be made. That there will be plenty of Money in the Market for Siavin gees without saying. Yesterday Days the sportsman of August i an offer of an even �1 000 on the australian met with no response tile same Speculator signifying his willingness to Wager a level �100 that Slavin started favorite. tax Abb botox. A t � � ? i i ? us a aramaic Awuou of Uio senors claim ing tale the Cricket on the Hearth was Given at the theatre Royal on saturday alte noon by or. J. I. Toote company. The in Tince was Well attended As far As the dress Circle was concerned the other Parta of the House being Only moderately patronised. La the character of Caleb Plummer the poor old to maker or. Toole was pathetic always with touches of part that would other w he be too Ead. It a the Story of a feeble old Man who earns a living by making toys going a sear nature a he can for Aix Enoe and whose affection a centred a Bis Blind daughter Bertha. While working amid dire poverty he surrounds her life with kindly Miqu Eions. Oat of the kindness of a gentle heart he makes her believe that their wretched cottage is a comfortable Home and that the hard taskmaster for whom they work a a generous employer. The Alene in which Bertha learns the True Petate of things was most thu Bingly placed. There is Little variety in the part Tor it is one of Mournful Bat Sweet resignation to a hard Fate right through to the Point when Caleb s Saflor boy who was believed to have been drowned at sea returns to his father s Arm and to be the rapport of his old age. The cheery scene at the toy maker a where the hard old task Etc have Rometo spend Chris Tom eve went to the hearts of the audience and Wasa Little of Aritt Mas Carol in itself. Mibs Irene a Abraugh acted with charming simplicity and feeling As Bertha Plummer while rollicking to Nedy was supplied by miss e. Johnstone in the part of Tilly Sloe boy the queer awkward Nurs girl who when the baby slips from her Anna picks it up and exclaims what a Blessing it fell on its dear head 1 whether she was delighted at getting hold of a tart or terrified at the myst. Rious stranger she was always natural and de lib tally amusing. Dot. The Queen of hearts and the Sunshine of a Happy Home web pleasantly portrayed by Miu Effie Linton. Or. John Billington has made a name for him self As John Perry Ingle the bins Hearty Carter who is to proud and fond of his Little wife and so Happy in his cheerful Home. He was the very realisation of the character As drawn by the master hand alow honest John so heavy but so Light of spirit so rough upon the surface so gentle at the Core Mies Alice Deorwyn was a Graceful if rather too emotional mar Fielding and or. G. Salton was As hard worldly and repulsive a Taok Leton As need be the drama waa excellently sued and was deserving of a much larger audience than was gathered at the matinee. Or. Toole appeared at the theatre Royal on saturday evening in another new programme the old comedy s Paul pry and a delightful one act drama entitled off the lne being presented. The popularity that or. Toole and Bis company have gained in Adelaide was Onoe moi8-Temonteatedtas the Home was Well filled in All parts every teat in the dress Circle being occupied while the popular puts were Alto conveniently patronised. The piece Bath Pater off Buckes fully and applause and laughter were freq not throughout the Eves ing. Or. Took As Paul pry the interfering Bosy body whew undue out deity into other people to Motsa Rives the author an Opportunity of making Wasy Manog situations waa inimitable. His remarkable get up incl dog Bis enormous umbrella took with the audience from the eat. And his attain Droller facial fax premed and meddlesome manners com pitted i Doc quest Over those present who at the Finitza recalled the performers tit. Toole was ably supported by the other members of the Conn any or. John Billington being new a Rood in the role of colonel Hardy an to officer Bent upon getting his own Way a to he did not get it in Bis own Way or. C. M. Lowne was very natural m Harry Stanky while miss Irene a Abraugh looked and acted the part of Eliza admirably. Missel a Johnstone As Phoebe who a Riata mus Hzag in Ber love adventures created a very favourable impression and mrs. Subtle Atim Geog Cut keeper was Well played by is b ? listen fhe other characters were Nuta Ikid by or. C. Wilson a bit Bertou or. F. J. Arlton As old Stanley a. K. Wealand As Frank Oady. Fofi. Georges Tonu grasp and or j. Gann As Simon. The after piece off the Idne was a parted a of its kind and a from the porn at a a Cle Nefdt Soott. It is both amusing and pathetic and deals with the dome Atio Troa Blea of Harty Coke an engine Driver and his wife. Boxing Day is the Only Holiday in the year it Joyed by Harry and by Stoker Jem brass and the fonder has arranged to take his to ditto and his Eister Mary to an afternoon Perfo Manoe of the part nume. A toe morn ing be arrived at Home with brass after both had been embroiled in a fight at a neighbouring hobt Elty in Doune of which Coke has his coat materially damaged. Their arrival disturbs a Zonver tation Between mra. Joke and Ber sister in Taw who is in love with puffy a poetical Baker the ladies have been disc aug the ments of Harry a a husband Atid the wife wares Mary that Safe cannot expect to fird in puffy such an exemplary partner a Harry. Coke throws off his coat and As Hie wire is helping him on with another he tells her that he cannot take her to the pantomime a a swell has placed at his and bran s disposal a private Box at the theatre to which ladies cannot obtain admission. Brass to whom Harry appeals for corroboration of his statement does so with maudlin emphasis a be has not yet recovered from a Liberal indulgence in liquor. The two men leave the Bouce. And mra. Joke in her disappointment sets about repairing the damage done thergood matk e coat but has not proceeded far in her work when the finds in one of the pockets a letter written by a servant whom he and brass have promised to take to the pantomime. This communication completely upsets the conjugal Felicity of the couple and on cokes return she upbraid him roundly and resolves upon a separation. He cajole and expostulated Bat his better half is Adamant and proceeds to equally Divide their savings. She then informs him thai she is going to a Mutio Hall with a Young Man living opposite and this has each an effect upon the Erht Driver that he sets about a Whing the crockery in which mrs Coke joins Bater on file arranges that he shall discover brass who has not yet recovered from his libations Kneel ing at her feet and kissing her hand the reparation appears to be final after this but through the intervention of Mary and the revival of some tender memories of their dead child the hearts of Harband and wife become forgiving and a Happy reconciliation takes place while Mary is rendered Happy by marrying her Baw. Or. Tole s interpretation of the part of Coke was an admirable piece of character acting. His lame in Deavors to give an explanation of the letter were humorous in the extreme whoa his excellent tendering of the heart broken and repentant husband was most pathetic. He was most ably supported by miss Johnstone who won tin sympathies of those present from the commencement her natural and effective acting left nothing to be desired and in her recital of her self denial and love for her husband when he was Down with tie fever she carried the audience with her and at the finish received a storm of applause. Miss Yang rage did not have Mush to do As Mary but did that Little Well. Or. Weat and represented the bib Ulous broker in a manner that showed he had Learnt the Art of playing a drunkard s part without making it in any Way objectionable or of and. Puffy the poetical and susceptible Baker who Marks his admiration of his lady love by presenting her with numerous cakes found an Able exponent in or. Shelton. Ganeb s booms. There was not a seat vacant at Garner s rooms on saturday evening when a new Dro tramme was presented by Hugo s Buffalo minstrels. Although this company Hare now been performing four weeks in Adelaide the Public interest does not seem to Flag but on the contrary their popularity increases. Every week there is Fiona jetting Morel and attractive product a and or. Hugo in anticipation of a Ludg season Bere a procuring fresh Talent from the other colonies. The opening portion of saturday s programme consisted of the usual Circle while the background represented a Sebbie place with a number of pretty bathers Long tag about on the Rooks. After the overture or. Tom Bergin showed his Fine baritone voice to advantage in the so out while or. Wall Rockley had to respond to an encore for his song and dance entitled jump ing Jane miss Lillie Warren was very such Seafal with take me Home to Barney the chorus being Well rendered or. Will Hugo then bang of Susan and then came the Mike is Lillie and Minnie Anderson in a double 6opg and dance where the florets brow these Young ladies Are very Graceful and received quite a ovation at the Termina Tion of the Danoe. Or. Oboe. Hugo Fol Lowed with the Magpie said Home in std bad Aleo to reappear while the old rustic Bridge by or. Alf Hazlewood was heartily applauded. Messes. Baa. Hugo and Tom Swift then appeared in a sketch entitled the two Bobbie after a Short interval Henrs soak Jey swifts and will Hugo appeared in a song and dance called the rivals miss Priscilla Verne followed with borne of her burlesque specialities. Or. Chas. Hugo Sang some amusing parodies on where Are you going to my pretty maid and As an encore gave an imitation of George Darreu. The misses Verne Lilly Anderson Minnie Anderson my Fanny Saroni with messes. Rookley ands a tote gave a very pretty song and a Noe Aud mias Lillie Warren was very successful in rendering Harbor lights then followed a humorous sketch alter which miss Fanny Saroni appeared As the Florist or. Tom bargin Sang and the programme concluded with a farce called mad crazy mad the Queen of cont los. At considerable Cost the Adelaide Mascial Aero citation have secured through or. O. J. Stevens the services of the world renowned voc Slit Madame Patey to sing at three con Otilta Early in october. This celebrated song stress in expected to arrive in the colonies during the present month and Lovera of Good bid gig and the Public generally Wal Hail with Delight the Opportunity of bearing the Best contralto that England Haa possessed for to Macy years. Madam Patey made her first appearance in Public at a very Early age at the town Hall Birmingham and was extremely successful. She then Boatne a member of Henry Leslie s choir and after wards received farther instructions from Sims Reeves and Pinyati. A 1858 she married or. A Tey the Well known baritone and Sang at the Worcester festival of that year. From that time Ber rep Taucan continued to increase actin in 1870 on the retirement of Madame Sainton dolby Ehe eur needed to her position As leading contralto Ainger and As such has Sung in most of the principal new works Ever since. In 1871 the started on a concert tour in America with Edith Wynne Gamma Aga Santley and Ber Hue band and scored a re to Success. In 1875 she Sang with her uaral Bac Cees in Paris in French in four pet for Manceb of the Messiah on the invitation of m. Lamoureux and aider Bis direction Aleo of Janu to 81 of the same year she Sang in English o rest in the lord at the concert of the conservatoire with each effect that Ebe was re engaged far the next of Cert on february 7, when she More than confirmed the previous impression. In commemoration of this the directors presented her with a medal bearing the dates of the concerts a compliment rarely accorded by that conservative body to any bigger. Madame Patey possesses a Rich and rare contralto voice of great Power and sweetness and of extensive Compass and Ehe is equally excellent either in oratorio or ballads. Or. Patey accompanies his talented wife and probably the Adelaide Pablo will also have an Opportunity of hearing this popular baritone Une concerts Wui most a Seiy take place m the exhibition building and that popular prices will prevail. It in a big venture for Adelaide and the musical association who also were the Means of bringing Santley to Adelaide should be warmly supported by the general Pablo. �h�00 Aub draughts chess. Problem no. 1.465. By w. Cleave. Buck. White. White to Puy and mate in two moves problem no. L4g6 Byg Hont Horte first prize in Bristol Mcrury tourney Black. White White to play and mate in Tabeb moves. Norwood chess club. On thursday september in the member of the Norwood cheat lab played Theu first match with the Hindma Teh lab. Toe details a Loitwood a Remiash. W. F. Harrison. Rev. H m. Pour j. A braid _ 1 w. A. Weat. _ 0 q Taer _ of inn Wink 1 j. He Dekon _ b. Hindley a Boach _. _ 1 o. F. Qreen Ood _ 0 w h. Lee _ i o Johns i w. U atm stage _ l 3. Vardon 0 j. O. Inn the _ a o. Poker -. H. Barren 1 a. Vat Don 0 a. Welsa _ _ 0 j e Mutton _ _ 1 o. B. Brooks _ 0 j. Nor Garabid _1 at the time for Adlour Ament the nor Woods were thua one game to the Good. The games Between Seewa. Harrison and Pollitt header ecu do ii cult a. And j. G. Army age and pm for Sot being finished the petitions will be submitted to or. Harlick for a Jad cation of saturday the eighth round of the Handi capping tourney was played by the members of the Norwood chess lab there were 30 numbers present and 37 games were played. The will this week make arrange a juts for a tet Nyu i atch with the Hindmarsh club. The re Felt. Of the adjudication by or. Car Lek on the unfinished games in the match played at the Hindma Teh in titrate on the evening of thursday september 1l gives taa f Olio Wicor Complete Retarn Keewood inf Varsa. W. F. Harrison 1 Bev. H. M. Polutto _ 4 j. So Bald _ _ i w. A Vest 0 o. Boer _ _0h. Hanwick 1 3. Hand enc _ _ 0 b. Hindley 1 h. Beach _ .1 g. F. Greenwood _ 0 w b. Lee _ -. J o. Johns w l. Ai Lyttge _ 1 j. Vardon 0 j. G. Army Aga 0 h. O. Prker .1 h. Burem _ 1 a. Vat Don 0 a. Weiss _ _ 0 j e. Muton .1 o. E. Brooks _ _ 0 .1 1 j3_ chess notes the first article on chess Ever Publ hed a Bygland appeared in the lancet in november if 23. Therein the writer says this a Ter baps the Only game to which the medical student May profitably devote any portion of Bis time and attention. It is liable to none of the Obj Stone which apply to games of Obsince it holds out no encouragement to cupidity and while it affords an agreeable relaxation from More serious pursuits it strengthens the intellectual faculties by the unremitting Atten Tion which it demands and May even have boat influence on our moral habits by the Lebens of foresight patience and perseverance which it inculcates. To avoid errors on the one bad by foresight and Drums notion and to Endeavor to retrieve auth As Are committed on the other by patient Industry and Perse verse be of Alee ate maxims applicable to All professions and situations in life and which a the american philosopher or. Franklin has observed axe constantly illustrated on the chessboard. We have do hesitation in recon mending the Bendy of chess to auth younger Sembera of the profession As Are us acquainted with its principles on june 26, 1842, Staunton commented Hia famous Cinman on bees in the illustrated London Jucus. He died in 1874, and to him Buo needed Ijar. Robert Wormald who died in 1876, and than of die the late or. P. T. Daffy a Moat scholar whose Gra offal Compoli tin coupled with Bis tyo Loledio knowledge of problem in enriched the pages of the illustrated f it Mere than ten years. Or. Ginsberg gave a Fine exhibition of play at the City of London lab recently when in three Huib he wan 15 games Drew 4. And lost 1 to or. Jellie. Mara no in the sporting and dramatic news a sub thib practically my score was equal to or. Blac Barce s a Trade by him last month. In Tebee it is not generally takes into consideration that a a boric Man a Veteris Pribus has an advantage Over the tall Man. The latter is naturally farther from the Board and has often to assume a stooping attitude which to say the least of it a not the Bast Way to keep the head in healthy and Good playing condition. Ceres in Melbourne. Play in the final Pool of the Melbourne chess lab tourney Hub been Bigtra Bays the austra Lasian. Or. Eating Dasa i Baa beaten air. Athe iii and lot to or. Welldon Tel or. Burr in Mcaa beaten or. Arneil us and lost to or. H. P. Stephen a or. Heaver ii has beaten or. Ache iii Aud or. Loughran ii has beaten or. Thompson ii some of the games have also been played Between the pairs drawn to meet in the Fiatt round for the Consolation prize _ chess in England. Garce played at Cambridge Between or j. H. Blake and or. 6. E. Wainwright. Whits. Back. Or. J. H. By few. Or. G. A Wainwright French opening. 1. P to k 4 1. P to k a 2 p to q 4 2. P to q 4 a. Kttoqb3 3. It tombs 4. B to k it 5 4. P takes p 5 it taken p 5. Qkttoq2 6 it to k � 3 6. B to k 2 7. It takes Koch 7. It takes it 8. Btoq3 8. Qtoq3 9. Qtoq2 3. Cart los 10, castles Kab 10. K r to q 11, or to 1u btoq2 12, Xii toe 12. Q r to b 15. It to k 5 13. B to k 14. P to q b 3 14. P to q 8 4 15 b to k b 4 15. It to q 4 16. B to it 3 16. P take e 17. It takes k b p 17. P takes p 18. P takes p 18 q to b 3 19. It Tafeke r is. R takes it 20. A Tomb 20. Btor4 21. K to it 2l it to it 3 22. Q to k 3 22, b to b 2 23. Q to it 3 23. B to b 24. B takes r p cd 24. K take b 25. Q to r 4 cd 35. K to it 16. Q takes r 26. It to 8 5 27. Btoq4 27. Ptor3 28, q to it 8 23. P to q it 4 89. P to q r 4 29. P takes p 50. Qtoq8 so. Qto 8 51. Ktokt8 31. Storb 32. Tak Esq b2. It takes q s3. B to b 5 33. It to k 34. B takes b resigns the of towing game played a 1865 is pub iii Edythe sporting and dramatic news in n them the ate or i o. Howard Taylor White. Black. Or. I o. H. T. Herr Steinitz. Evans gambit. 1. Ptok4 la ptok4 2. It to k b 3 2. It to q b 3 3. Btob4 3. Btob4 4. P to q it 4 4. B takes p 5 Stobs 6i b to r 4 6 p to q 4 6. P takes p 7. Castles 7. P takes p 8. Q to it 3 8. Q to b 3 5. P to k 5 9. Q to it 3 10. Q it takes p 10. B take it 11. Q takes b 11. P to q it 3 12. It to it 5 12. It to r 3 13. R to k 13. Castles 14. B to q 3 14. Q to r 4 15. B tit of s r p of 16. K to & 16. Ptok6 16. To kt2 17. P take q p 17. P to b 4 18. Rook 6 18 ptob5 19. Q takes it p cd 19. K takes q 20. B to it 2 cd 20. R to b 3 21. B takes r cd 2lktob 22. A Rook 22 it tots 23. R to k 8 23. R takes r 24. P takes r and As 24. Q takes q Sobecks 25. A takes q of 25. K takes r 26. K to it 6 of 2& k to b 27 it to k 6 cd 27, k to it drawn game. ? ? am draughts. To correspondents. Site numb la particularly direct not a follow Tai Oloe All Correen Ondene in this department to a marked draughts correspondents in Send lat game for publication to write on one bide of Tat paper Only to use the Ordinary Druy rate notation cd to give the move of Black and White Oona Eoo telvely u in the games below where Black s moves a indicated by a dash and White s by dots Batemo the numbers. Bolu tons to Loco Mckay All problems. G. Witson lao Dong White s first move 12 .8. Followed by s.3. Makes the win Nyber easy. If 30. .25 were the Cisly move to win the problem would be very Nett. Pe0blem no 109. By Uba. A or. From the Toronto mail Black White whits to per and draw. Solution of problem no. 186 07.1& 2-w 20-4 4-11 11-8 918 11. 8 12. 8 2. 1 left a 10. 6 White wins. Bolot ions Fri coven problem no. 106 t. J. . W. Bowes. O. F. W. Masai meet a. W. Walkley. R Taylor and w j. Brad Baw Norwood l. H. Crosby hog Ursra Glenelg Edgar Ralph Mitchard. Ass oration matches. Kob Wood v. Adelaide of care waa a Large gathering at Martin s Coffee rooms on tuesday evening to witness the Natch Between these clubs. The team selected to play for Adelaide included or. O. Higinbottom who intends to play for his lab for the Etc Alder of the Beaton and was the tit Orgett the club has brought ont this year. The a Beccue however of mews. T. Kennedy who was five minutes behind time and g. Mcnally rendered the chances of the pity club Boorish a win More than doubtful. The nor Woods had As usual a Strong team. Their strength is a to lie in their Young players the first three or four players being satisfied to hold their own trusting to the others to win the match. The contest though never in debt the premiers having a Lead throughout proved internet Ting and at the Call of time the red cd by Jeb were nine games ahead i the following Are the scores k0rw0ods. Adelliss. Wpm. Draws. Wins. 1 p. B. Letter ? s j. Hogg _ _ o 0 e. Taj Lor .0 o. . 8 0 o. Cordt. _ 2 f. W. Kolte 0 1 a. W. Walkley _ l a. Somer Vule _ 0 4 c. F. W. Maschmedt 0 w. Of Socall _ 0 1 t. B. Clark _ 0 j. Anderson. 3 2 i. Dunn _ _ 1 w. B. Sfax those _ 0 0 o. A. Ken _. 1 w. Hogg _ _ 1 8 w we Combe 0 d. Ferguson 1 4 a b of More q j. B. Andrew. 0 1 3. Eaton _ 0 t. A. Cook _ 8 8 j. Smith _ � 0 y. Ruey _ .1 20 7 ii draughts notb3. In the Norwood tourney on Friday evening or. C. A Ken still farther improved he average by winning two games to nil and stands 40 games won and 22j lot. Messes. O. Cordt and a. B. Cashmore Are the Only competitors that have to play now and though messes. Kerr Cordt and Oak More will be dose up it in understand that in the final reckoning of the avenges or. A. W. Walkley will carry off first the third tourney in connection with the Boulb walk draughts club came to a Termina Tion on september 8 and proved very Success Fol. Or. A Wendenon acted As handicapper. The wince re were let prize a pipe presented by the president or. F. Slant. Mcnally with 34 wins. 10 Handicap total 44. 2nd, 16e. A dub prize. W. Moore with 83 wins 10 Handicap total 43j 3rd, 10s. 6d. Pref cited by Mac Yino ent. Anspach with 33 win. 10 Handicap i total 43. 4th, 5s. A. Club prize. O Grady Witti 15j wins. 25 Handicap total 40� we have received from or. John to gtd the Hon. Secretary of the fund raised in Aid of the widow of James Saith the Champion of eng land the following amounts collected by John Hogg Hon. Secretary Adelaide club �3 7b. 9d. Collected by p. E. Lester Hon. Secre tary Norwood club. �2 36d collected by a. H. Thor son Hon. Secretary Goodwood club �1 2s. 6d. Collected by h. Tarner Hon. Recut any South Wark club 16a. Proceeds of matches Roi noted by Mesa s. Clark Gepp and Clit in �2 10k. 3d. Total �10, the Money is forwarded by Thia office on wednesday. The end raised in Victoria waa Only �7. Draughts in Scotland. From the West Lothian courier a me 362. By or. J. Macfarlane Glasgow. Dyke. 11-15 2521 15-19 20.16 2127 22.17 8 7 23.16 2623 17-14 a a s7.24 1219 32.27 11 7 2p.22 s-12 24.15 23-32 9. 5 1519 17.13 1019 16.12 2732 24.15 2 6 22.18 3227 18.15 to 19 29.25 7-Tlo j2. 3 32-27 s3.16 710 18.15 2723 15.10 1219 25.21 914 3. 7 78 17.10 87 57 24 23-16 14. 9 a 15 27.24 1923 7. 2 2723 21.17 8-j2 24.19 1019 9. 6 5 9 so a 27 2326 2.18 2319 17.13 4 8 28.2t 1611 6. 2 2 6 26.2s 26-31 18 6 9 19-16 29.2s 19 26 24.20 19 c 2i 2 d 6 710 30.23 3127 21.17 drawn. A Dimur Jond s fourth gives this As a loss for White. B i congest this move to draw. 1814 is Given in Gnu monds which allows Black to win. A if 11-7, 96, 110, 18-16. Drawn. D 2-7 would lose by 1-6. Two tames played Between messes j. Ferris so at 0. Watt on. Inthe Lanark hire to Uerey game 363. Watson a move second double Corner. 11-15 15-24 4 8 1115 32 2s 21.19 28.19 22.18 30.46 6. 2 1524 7_ii 8-11 15-24 28-24 88.19 22.18 18. 9 21.17 2. 6 811 1 5 6--13 1322 2i a 9 22. 18 18. 9 23.18 26.17 6.10 914 514 10-15 24-28 1933 18. 9 29.s5 18.14 17.13 10.15 5-14 1115 1519 2832 a 8 25.2s 25.22 14.10 10. 6 15.19 h15 15-24 19 23 2 9 2316 32.28 27.20 26.19 13. 6 20. 4 Furrie wine a losing move 37 draws. Game 364. Ferrie s move. Orcas 11-15 7-14 s0.26 2 7 15.u 23.18 s6.19 1418 11. 2 18-25 8u 1116 32.27 812 29.22 27.23 19.15 3 8 2. 9 15 1014 913 21. 17 5 a 30 11. 7 28.19 24.20 1216 26.23 5 6 14-23 1619 20.11 1926 7. 2 19. 10 Ferrie won. A on White draw after this draughts in America. From the Pitt Sura chronicle As sir. J. P. Reed will be playing or. Yvo Hie for the championship of the world the Gere below a Worth studying. Game 365 Black or. Span White or. Re. Alma. U-15 22.17 23-26 11.15 5-14 2s.19 610 30 .33 3026 19.s3 a 11 25.22 1926 7. 2 1216 22.17 1115 14.10 14 9 23.27 3 a 8 so. 1 2630 21 17 1410 2b.22 15-19 10. 6 2622 21.17 1116 23.16 3025 17.13 1015 27.23 12 j9 6. 2 9 5 17.22 7-.mu 11. 7 1619 8. 7 1519 24 c 20 211 3. 6 12-16 28.3s in 24. 17.13 19-23 7.u 19-16 28 19 1015 6.10 1680 26.83 s2.17 2326 11.16 16 is 17.10 14-18 10.16 2226 15.10 i 24 13. 9 26-80 16 mu9 23-18 22 club 18-22 15.19 48 27.31 9 /jl4 9. 6 22lm26 15 18 19-24 is. 9 19-23 30.28 8-12 s1.36 614 6. 3 25-18 18.14 2427 2g.22 11-16 19.16 2622 s2.33 24-r ilv8 2. 7 8-13 13 9 38-32 29,-ij25 in k l9 16.11 s2-17 18.15 1 6 17.14 1814 14.21 drawn. O we bad never seen or. Sparr play the a1bj�, and were anxious to know How he would Ido Rebal Bia forces. 6 620 in Drummond followed by 33 17. See Reed s Alma Book 811 loses Here. C the Alma Book also Rives 1718 2925 1 33-27 with drawn results d 9-14 and 11-15 lose for Black. In s2 88 will draw / 1-6 2-7 24-88 also draw. A a Book Iosub by Drummond s � variation 279 retd a Alma. H 31 7foroicg, 15 is the proper reply. A or. Reed remarked i did not see tent. In too late Captain n the Champion Hama Reu red his Kings. The no. 1 Branch of the met at by cd s rooms on monday evening when or. Sowden presided Over a Good attendance. A packet of or prions stones was presented by or write or of Central Australia towards the pro pored Unju Sunj of natural objects. The evening Empett in Lutr sing to a very instructive and v mount lecture by or. Derrington. He gave of out Iise of the history of mesmerism and pc gtd a number of Carea in All parts of the w. Cd where the Power of mesmerism was used a Torgi Oal practice with undoubted suss is. He Ess Ertta that hypnotism had won it Way to recognition in the ranks of 6ci Bee it was a Power for Good of which at put Tut Little Wab known but which bad a get and Pron i Biog future before it the Leo to Fri described How the various Phenomena of Hydro Tifton Werr produced by Meohan foal ai4a and by the Grassing of the hands unaided. He r Iata � a Winber of local experiments Bat in c Ioe in Nee of Obj tical exhaustion and limited t a be did not enter into any inf thy expert or a. A Hearty vote of than kit was accorded to. for who acknowledged the vote of that lib and answered a number of question. ? px9-2i0di set Kitbag i Mun. Home is Best. By John Gleb Lef Whir Era 1 i be Bills Are Dearest which our childish feet have club to the earliest and the streams Moat Sweet Are Ever Shore at which our Yoang lips drank a torpid to Ibex Waters o or the Krahay Bank. Width theom dreary sea watch Home s far Hight shines round the helmsman plunging through tee night and still. With inward Rye the traveller Rees in dote dark by Saucier Tref cab Bia native Trees. Do crowd. By Alicec by 1 Don t crowd Thia world u Large a aug i for you As Well As me the doors of Art Are open wide the realm of thought is free. Of All Earth s places you Are right to choose the beat you can provided that you do not try to crowd some other Man. What matter though you Sharoe can count your piles of Golden Ore while be can hardly strive to keep gaunt famine from the door ? of willing hands and honest hearts alone to bold men be proud then give him All the room he Needa and never try to crowd. Don t crowd proud miss your Dainty silk will Glisten none the Leas Fie cause it comes in font not with a beggar s tattered dress this Lovely world was never Trade for you and me alone a pauper has a right to tread the pathway to a throne. Don t crowd the Good from ont your heart by fostering All that s bad but give to every virtue room the Best that May be had be each Day s record sub. A one that Yon May Well be proud give each hib right give each Hia room and never try to crowd. The Hammer. A Story of the m 4.00 Abb an times. By alb by j. Chubch. M. A., Richmond so Elba Chaphe v. The Wrath to Cosra f continued j Anong the crowd a oar old acquaintance Menander or Micah whom we Lut met in the Libra y of Jaecen. Things have not gone Well with him face then. He hid cherished a belief that greek culture the brightness of greek literature and Art would do to Methins to Amend the severity and what he was pleased to Call the of jewish life to a certain extent it had been an honest belief though the pleasure Loving nature of the Man in it revolt against the Stern morality of the Law had had something to do with developing it. Tint Bis of greek Cal Tom and its works had not been encouraging. If the reforming doctrine had to be preached by such prophets a Jason and Menelaus and the cruel end profligate Young tyrant Antio Btu it was More than doubt Fol whether it would do any Good. Hitherto certainly it had done no Good at All. The people were More unhappy More spirit let More like slaves than they had Ever been before the rulers were More greedy and eel Fiah More absolutely careless of All that did not concern their own interests. Might he not he began to thick to himself have made a Tonii take might not the old Lite which in at least the Fife of free men a better than the new he waa Busy with mob. Thoughts when he head a woman s voice behind him whisper Minab he did not recognise it at Ono out its tones Yere familiar to him and they Seeff Btl to touch the same chord in his heart with which Bia troop Hub were then Busy. And the name the old hebrew name that too was familiar though it was Long since he had Beard it he was Menander to his friends for my Fri end were either greeks or else jews who since himself had cast off the associations of his birth and rues. Micah said the voila again and he tamed to look at the speaker. She was a woman of some thirty year plainly almost poorly drae aed Bat my an the air of gentle birth and Breeding. Her face waa eau Val not with the Brilliant loveliness of youth but with that which is brought into the Faatafea by a pore and tender soul. There were the lines of Many borrows and cares upon her forehead and round her eyes and in the Corners of Mouth and Cheek but her eyes save that they seemed almost too Large for the thinner contours of the face were As Beautiful a they had been in the first glory of her youth. It was Hannah Bis elder sister who had been As a Mother to him in Bis orphaned a id Hood that meander recognised. Years had a teed Ricce they met. There bad been no quarrel but circumstance a had made a Barrier Between them. What Menander s life had been we know and Hannah was the wife of a faithful and devout jew Azariah by name who Thooe still cherishing kindly thoughts for his Young Kinsman had Felt that for the present at least they were Best apart. Brother and sister eagerly clasped hands and Menander or Micah a we will Call him Felt a Lump Rise in his own Throat a he saw toe tearful Emile in Hannah s Lustrous eyes. A Ioffe she said for you will not mind my calling you Micah though i hear you use another name but you were always Micah to Oce bib is a strange right on which we have bees looking Yob sister he answered with a gaiety of tone which was More than half assumed yes Tater strange enough but then we know that the Clouds do take strange shapes at times a current of air blows them this we or that and with our fancy to help Hes become anything in Heem or Earth that we May fancy nay Micah there a More than fancy Here. You and t used to watch the Clouds from the window in the old House and to laugh at the Odd of tapes which we found in them Liona and a cab and whale. And such things Bat we never Taw Ench a bight a this but we had not in to Hedaya such thoughts of our own to read into the eights of the skies. But Tell Nee Hanu a what do you think it leaps 2 what can it mean the answered in a Low voice but Watt to the upon a and upon cur Chile Ren ? Wrath perhaps he oried and the sky a i Muat Oon Feas. An angry look but Why dust to it be upon us ? Why not rather upon our the Ilieff i Bee nothing in the Akita which tells a bother these eights be meant for us or for them v nay my brother break not thu for you know better in four heart. The heavens give us Ebete signs or rather god gives them to us Trio nah ice heavens but he leaves it to our own hearts to interpret them. Thoy Tell us rarely of whom this Wrath must fall but sister Tell me Why on a ? Are we worse than our neighbors than these robbers of adomites and ammo item these sullen romans never satisfied except when they Are fighting these Mongrel syrians they Are Heathen said. Hannah in a solemn voice and the y do not sin against Light. Let us leave them to the judgment of god. But ourselves we Oan judge. Look at this pity we Sallit the pity of David but where is the spirit of David 2 have we not trampled the Law under foot making to ourselves Graven images of things in heaven and Earth and the water under tie Earth where is the Honor of the Abbatti w Here is the morning and the evening Sacri fice ? where Are the yearly feasts ? will on god deliver us again when we will not thank h in for the deliverance that he hath wrought already i of Micah i do not seek to anger Yon but an Yon such As on father now in Abraham s bosom would rejoice to sea you ? and Tell me How was to that we Heb Remi be. Etlea great people a syrian say to perish a our father and to before a thousand eats Weie past Solomon reigned from the great liver to the Western sea. How oame we by this might 2 was it by aping egyptian or greek did we not keep to our on Way and walk after on own Law and won hip Crar own gtd ? then it was Well with As and the nations round about feared us and honoured us but now they laugh us to scorn for we Are ashamed of on own selves Aad seek to be what they Are and cannot attain to it and so fall Bbott both of their greatness and of oars Moab stood do Tab before this fierce torrent of words. Was Thia the gentle Hannah of hit youth ? then must be some might influence that could change the Iamb into the lioness. She went on in a gentler voice you Are not angry with me brother surely not i Aust go. For my husband will be waiting for the evening meal. Home children she want of speaking to two Little Giru who a been clinging to their Mother s o Oak of no open Jet and half terrified at Thi Stravic Kineman. And to re the e my Nice ? yes Miriam Aad Judith answered Baobab pointing first to one and then to the Otott. Thi a children is your dear until Miesch the Young Man stooped and kitted the children. Voa will not it it be to Long before we see yet again ? a4d Hannah. I Aea wet was to wring Het hand and torn stay. Her word i had pricked him to the by to and he did not know whether to thank bar or face opry. We jut now torn to another group whish bad Leo been drawn to the Walla by the rep it of the marvellous sights that were to be been in the heaven. A group it attracted attention anywhere to were the contrasts and the Semb Lanoix whoa it presented. The principal figure was an old Man dusted in the everyday garb of a Prit. The Burden of years had bowed his surely Figwer for he had Long since atsed the limit which the pea mkt assigns to the. Life of Man. Bat Bis Eye waa As Brilliant a Ever and Hia voice when a spoke had lost none of its depth Aad f Alness of tone. His three companions were Nteso a the visor of life. All surpassed the common it slurp but yet none of them equalled the Bei Tiht of their father for that they were father add sons the Moet Oaqual outer re must have Teer. In age there was Little difference by tween them. The eldest May Baye numbered Abaft forty year the youngest Persapa four less. Their Drees waa mainly that of the Middle claw jew and to different fro theold Man s priestly garb but not without some Diati motive Marks that indicated the fact that they belonged to too Hondo of Aaron. The multitude of priests was indeed to great that but a very Small share in the Vervick b of the Temple even when Tass Weie Folly Carn a out. Fell to the lot of any erne Man. These Are vines had now been re do Asci to a mini Nam and numbers of the priestly Hong while not repudiating their hit diary of be practically devoted them eel to to the Ordinary avocations of life this bad been done by the three Aona of a that Nina of Mcdinh for Enoh was the name and anon tha acre trial City of the aged priest. Judas Eaid the old Man addressing Ona of Bis sons these Zeigra in the heaven Ara of a pc Trety from the lord the son addressed was the youngest of the three but it was evident from the bearing of his Brothers and from the air of respect and attention with which they waited for him to speak that they Ware accustomed to see him the first recipient of their father s Confidence and indeed it was not Dimont to see under a superficial resemblance of figure and face Soaso thing that distinguished him from his companions. John the eldest was a Plain bloat Soldier raised above the average level of his profession by the purity of jus life and Tbs depth of his religious Oon Votion. But still essentially a Soldier one who saw no Way of solving complicated questions Sava by a downright blow of the sword. Simon the second in Point of age had a singularly mild and benevolent expression though his eyes were full of Intelli gence and the lines of his Mouth and of a seemed to show that he could be firm on occasion. But Judas bad All the out Ward characteristics of a hero. A sturdier Soldier never wielded sword but be saw that there Are difficulties to which tin sword alone Oan bring no elation. Nor was he slow to follow All the subtleties of diplomacy but at the same time he never lost Hia grasp of the principles which All tha Ekil Lof the Diplomatist in unable to change. Father he now said that Theta signs Are from the lord i do not doubt. Bat what is Jon Cozumel ? speak you first my son is plaid the old Man tis Ever beat so. You might Baun willing to differ from me and yet Baia the right. Tab at least my years have taught me that it is easy for any Man to err let of stay said Judas tis True the air is stifling Snow As a free Man can scarcely Bear to breathe. But there Are Many father that look to you for counsel and guidance and we May scarcely leave them at least till tha Call sounds More plainly in our ears nay cried John the Soldier i am not As you know one that would readily give his vote for flight. But Here we Are methinks As rats in a Hole. May we not lawfully and with Good Faith to god and our Brethren Seak some place where we May at least have Spase to draw our swords and strike a blow 1 and you Simon what ? asked tha old Man turning to his second son god know that i would give much to be Back at borne. But our Brethren need a Here and we May give them some Comfort. Lat As stay judge and Simon Eaid the old in after a pause Yon have spoken Well and i give my voice with yours. As yet oar duty seems to keep us Here. When it shall Eail As hence we will follow it. And Yon John think not that you will Lone wait for a occasion to strike with the sword. It shall Home Bat Yon will be readier for it if Yon my no a Rte to meet it with this the Lite party turned away from the Wall and made their Way to their lodgings in the City. Chappee i. Tale evil dats. It was not Long before the portent which the terrified crowd had watched from the Walls of Jeru Ealum found or at least began to find its of Najfi Niento for indeed May Days were Totts before the wretched people had drained the Cap of suffering to the Dregs first there in the actual arrival of the army the Rumor of whose approach had strode such terror into Jason. At its head Costte Antio Htu in person fresh item his sauce Rafal campaigns in Egypt and in his train followed the renegade Mene tans with a crowd of a born Ploub and profligate adventurers. Taste was no attempt at resistance the Gate Ware thrown open by the King s adherents in the City but if the Ottiena had hoped to soften the tyrant s heart by their Sab Masire at Itata they were miserably disappointed. For Days the streets of the City ran red with blood. The prominent members of tha patriotic party were the first to perish then came All the private enemies of the returning renegade a and then a far greater melt Tudi who were singled oat for destruction by the Job Bession of anything that excited the rapidity of the conquerors. Lastly As Ever happen at each time the massacre that is suggested by hatred or greed was followed of the unit mrs that is the result of the merest wantonness. Bat there were victims Mere unhappy Thutt those who tub pruned by the sword of the Heathen. The Money found in the persons and in the houses of the victims did not satisfy the cupidity of their murderers. There were Tocu Babb who bad indeed nothing of Tbs Irowa to lot a but who were in themselves a valuable proper y. These were sent off in droves to be sold till the slave Market of Mediterranean were glutted with the jewish youth. Still worse in the eyes of All pions Jean than the massacre or the Captivity was the profanation of the Temple. The innermost shrine the holy of holies which the High priest Hiou Elf waa permitted by the Law to enter not Onoe on y in the year was thrown open to the unhallowed gaze of a Deteau shed Heathen. With a horror that passes description the people saw the renegade Menel iii bound to be the guardian of the Sanctity of the place actually drawing aside tha veil with Hia Tom hand and conducting the King into the awful enclosure. They saw the most a acrid treasures gifts of the piety of Many generation treasures to which the Revenue of the persian Kings and even of the victorious Alexander himself had contributed become Tho spoil of the sacrilegious intruders. Toe Golden altar of incense and the table of the Shew bread were the by the King while tha Teven branched candlestick of Gold fell As waa con Motly believed to the High priest himself. Lihty Taw it and it Alicet overturned their Faith test no visible eign of the divine Wrath f Olio wid Art impiety so terrible. So anti Ocbo a me and West leaving behind him As bus Deputy Philip the phrygian in Fra Nosera More barbarous than he who set him there. The time that lol lored was one of grief one depression and sadness. Life went Osas it will even amidst the gloomiest of roam act acts but All the Joy and brightness were Oruc bad out of it. It Siebab s sister the Hannah whom we have seen talking to him on the Wall gave birth to a son shortly after the departure of Aat Iochi. No feet was held on occasion of the rite that made the Little one a member of the family of Abraham. When the forty Days of Pari fixation were past the Mother was not take to Pitt ill her offspring in the Temple. The Temple the haunt of pagans and apostates was no place for faithful sons and daughters of Abraham. A Virit to its courts could hardly be the Seal of purification when it needed purifying so sorely itself. Annotation by right have bees still More Joyful was allowed to pass with the absence of festivity a younger sister of Hannah Ruth by name had Long before been promised to Seraias a Friend and relative of her husband. Time after time the marriage had been postponed under the pressure of evil Tittus not even Tabeli without son misgivings and Antiopi Patio no of evil among All the elders of the family tha Obj bration Zecof the Qomie Tesic kind. Not a go act beyond the Tew Friend who attended on the bridegroom was invited and it was id dead silent not with the anal snoots of merriment and Gay proof Sion of torches that the Bride was takes to her hat band s Home. And yet As we shall see even for these evils there was a comp Matug Good Toltec Tinne ask the multitudes who use Barry s Trico Pharous Why they use it they will Tell you that the hair created with it never Flatt out Bat if always luxuriant. Rxi6i Kodl or. S. A. Barnes was admitted to the Pri vate Hospital North Adelaide on tuesday evening suffering from severe internal injuries caused through falling from a horse Rake at be Hill four of he Aba were broken. For More than 40 Yean a Eft Cherry pectoral Haa been prescribed a cases this Bumm always a Toto Gas diseases. Ask Yoor druggist for it. Z8afo6lxm3 or. A. F. A. Lynch one of the House surgeons at the Adelaide Hospital has received the of medical officer at Bor Randie to the Northern ten itary. He will leave Ade Laide to take no the duties of his new pwt some Tir Ertelt tic by so Tria Brand boots an shoes for Quamir. Workun Atrip. Appear Laos Uxter it. Hon Jubay Pipiu of boat m Boet be Mike and get the com Iitto brew Aad be Taat the Braila u stamped of Tae a9ia of the tool \bsiitm�3siloc3�a

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