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Adelaide South Australian Chronicle Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1889, Page 2

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Adelaide South Australian Chronicle (Newspaper) - November 9, 1889, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia fur Sicre 4ke, Hooper s one of at Liege it Anli Che fam stocks id and Diaw l Cill a a Sele i a to. ?9, Corner Kellii Street and blvd left to Ett. I it Vax Dumaop pafckl5tf.s j i write for fret Pfaar House bold artiest wanted. Shipping. ? Rik the p. & o. A n. A up a company tinder Royal mail Obj a contract will Dib Narcih she following steamers Tot Posdon. Calling pc Albany Colombo. Aden Brindisi ? Malta Gibraltar and ply Hooth steamers. A tons. Commander. 2dellidi. Left awol u362 of. B. Andrews nov. L8 bomb _6011 a. W. Adamson . 2 bbl Tanula _i8o61g.h. Hector _ 1ft, Cam Fiagle _i6oi3b.q. Stead _ Deo. So Victoria hs266g. F Gates Valr tra m9i9io. W. Atkinson Jan. 37 Ballarat ,47641b Ashdown feb. 10 a rent and second Saloon Passen jeers allowed to break their journey at intermediate ports. So third class passengers carried. Cabins reserved on special terms. Liberal concessions to families. Passages from England can be arranged Here. In the second Saloon if i. Arrangements have been Foo roughly reorganised the accommodation offered being no surpassed. Ba1es of passage Money. To London in Firlet Saloon _ �80 to �70. Do. Do. Second do. �30 to �37, Betom tickets from _ _ �54 to �115. Cargo and parcels received up to noon on the saturday Pilot to Steamer s departure for handbooks and All information apply to elder Bmith & go., l1miied. Agents ? 19hcxl980, Tafess Gerler steamships under mail Contaoi with the French government. Add Laid to London via Marseilles calling at Albany Seychelles Aden Suez and port Bald. Adelaide to London in 31 dats. H.s.8. Tons 1 commander. Leave Adelaide. Fam. Niobe l. Boulard . Sat., nov. 30. One Arlen 4088 to. Didier. . Imon., Deo. 80. Bates of passages include wines or ass at meals. To Boob of Dkl cd tickets Marseilles to Jjo Dos Iseed Here Tio Orney 24 hours Only tie company s interpreters will accompany through Pas sengers from Marseilles to Paris and London. Luggage conveyed feb by Steamer from Marseilles to London. stewards. My cow carried single tickets to Marseilles from �20 to �66. Return from�s4to�loe. Third cues accommodation unequalled. Wanra and All Cabin furniture included in fares. Passengers Are booked through to Mauritius keun1on, and sooth Africa via Seychelles. Passet Gere booked to Bombay la Kubra Ohee per Branch Une from Aden. Taboo booked through to Havre Genoa Antwerp i Amburg and Bordeaux. For foil Partica Lare apply to 2cx69o ? Gar sold Brol Gebski Orient Lin of Royal Hail steamers. She following Soyal mail steamers belonging to the Obi no and Pacific companies will leave Adelaide semaphore at i . On the under mentioned dates for London via Albany Colombo Suez canal Naples Gibraltar and Plymouth a Reubia 4,688 tons o. F. Dixon nov. Ii Obj Toz _ 6,116 a. Charlton nov. 25 i Keia _ 4,702 c Adey Deo. 9 to steal. �.688 j. F. Ruthven Dee. S3 Cuzco 8,918 j. H. F. Nixon jan6, 9o Ort so 6.3s6 j. E. Budler Jan. 2q Lejb Teakia 3,b25 i a. Til left i feb. 8 Sobota 6184 s Studdert feb. 17 Orizaba c-184 1o. N. Vonlan 3iar. 3 and f Norfol Gutry thereafter. Saloon passengers May break to Tell journey. Anti ref Ca in reserved on most Liberal terms. Estes Ion return tickets at Low rates. Passage Money. First Saloon -�6b, �63, and �70. Second 8&loon �80 and �37. To bid and steer Abb including bedding mess utensils a j two of Cert Cabins �22 each adult. Four berth of bins �20 each adult. Open Berthe �17 17s. Each adult special facilities Are now afforded for bringing Sot friends and relatives by the prepayment of Pas age Money Here As above. Parcels carried to any part of the United sing dam at a Low rate managers f. Green & co., and Anderson Anderson & co Fenchurch Avenue. London . Foil particulars on application to m. G. Anderson Branch manager icx7o 28, Grenfel Street. Re. This kor ste am8 hip ohm if Fth a a Pany of new zealand. Soyat fail monthly service to great Britain through America. The b . Alack a win leave Sydney about wednesday november 27. Lor Auckland Hono Lulu and san Francisco. Passengers booked through to principal Points in hairier a and great Britain. ? the wkly departures for new . The magnificent steamers of the above company Are dispatched As follows calling at All sew Zea Laud pobt3 ? from Melbourne to november Jvn Kph Waka Tipo november 19, _ via Wellyn Rod. Mana Pouri november 21, ? via aug Ucland ? from Mel Bulke 1 a Upo about Friday Koloi Fiji i vember 28. ? from Toi i Wainui about wednesday Tonga and Samoa i n vember 20. ? for Pax age Kates. Freight. &o., apply to 870eowc�s74o Harrold Brothers. Adelaide. \rord.dsot8chea of Honfi � Lloro. Regular monthly lib of Vasz pass ngee steamers to Antwerp and Bremen via Colombo Aden and Suez con fofialmodiy8886088 Mma 1taa under mall contract with the Imperial German government. Calling at Southampton to land and embark passengers. Che splendid Steamer Hohenzollern 8,098 tons will leave Adelaide on Noveh beb 13. 1x&3. Steamer will Call Ai Genoa to lans passengers. Passages from Adelaide 10 Bremen �14 to �60. Passengers and cargo booked through to it Dou and i a Dpi euro Peak ports. Passages hem Europe can be prepaid in thess Lonley. Foi freight passage and All Otter paid clan a pay to tue agents ? al Muecke & oo., Adelaide and pert Adelaide. Kit steal instruments. G Marshall & sons Kyj 62, bundle Street sole agents in South Australia for the famous Thurmer pianoforte she cheapest and most reliable instrument in th3 Market. Highest award at the Melbourne Centennial exhibition and the Adelaide Jubilee exhibition. Collard it Pollard pianoforte3. A31tte Lead inc Continental makers instruments kept in Stock. The Smith american Organ the cheapest and Best Orean made for 8chool, Church and Home use. Highest award at the Melbourne Centennial exhibition and the Adelaide Jubilee exhibition. Any Rob frument May be purchased on the time pay. Sent system Visby 6, 12, 18, or 24 monthly Pimente. The Lar Cost sek cuon of Rass. Fife and drum band instruments. Violins Bat Jos and every desc Letlon of 3tringed instruments and fittings. Violin strings a speciality. The newest music received every month. The a selection of the celebrated Auger litolff.? Stet Oghaber editions of was Ricail mud m the Feodot do count to schools and the to prices and catalogues of instruments on Appu Calori. Be Cutti on the 6h� s. Marshall & son 62, Rundle st beat. 33alucx54a Board and residence. Elmont residential family club 18, 20, 82, Carol not Satre to four doors from Pahler s hotelwynard8q0are, Sydney overlooking the gardens first Iasi accommodation for suitors at very moderate charges 40 Large airy bedrooms. Smoking room and every possible convenience. Viatora Saccom Moilane i for one Day and upward a. ? x27 263 Seaside. Grange family hotel. Superior jetty opposite. Attention to invalids made a speciality. Mrs. M. Hodgkins preppie tree 297eor323�299-3i0 favorite piano Hohing of Spangen ,1 Bergt Sahel s pts no showrooms plate Tenet Tito drapery Ana clothing. James Marshall cd. The people s drapers a Adelaide & London. Spring and summer show 795 cases already opened in addition to the Choice of the Loo onial markets. Stock Over �100,000 actual value. Silk department. Liberty Silks in All shades 1/6 Yard Lessore Silks for dust cd Yalcs if Yard Floral Poi gees 3/11, reduced to 1/11 Yard striped washing silk 3/11, now 1/11 1/ard fancy moire silk 2/h, to Clear at 1/11 Yard fancy trimming Silks 4/11, 5/11, now l/11 cd 2i-iu. B ack pushes 3/11 Yard stack moire Silks 4/11, 5/11 Yard White moire Silks 6/11, 7/11, %11 Yard White Pongee Silks 2/3, 2/6, 2/11 Yard 2-5-in. Black Surah summer weight 3/11 Yard Black Wear proof silk 6/11, 7al 8/11, 10/6 cd Black pros Royal 2/11, 3/11, 4/u up print and Cashmere dept. New printed zephyrs double Width 1/3 Yard new Floral berate 7jd. Yard Worth l i. New zephyrs 3/11 Doz., great bargain Worth 7/6 sos pieces French sateen 10�d. Yd., Worth 1/3 3,c0j Yards striped Flannelette 3/11 do. Oai Alea stripes 2/11, 3/11, 4/11 Doz. Neir Cambric with Borders to match soil ended line Drillette 4/11 dog., Worth 6/u millinery department. A magnificent display of Best French millinery hats and bonnets in our special showroom ladies White Sailor hats 1/3, 1/6, 1/11 ladies White Gem hats trimmed ribbon 5/11 Young ladies in. Cabbage tree hats 2/6, 3/fl to pedal and Willio hats 6a. Each girh1 Sailor hats ribbon trimmed 1/3 to 8/1 ladies Fain Manilla hats 2/11 each ladies1 new trimmed hats 7/11, 8/11, 10/6 girls Muslin and lace hats 6/11, 8/11 each or ii bonnets 3/11, 5/u, 6/11 Liberty silk do., All colors 5/11, 7/11, to 15/8 ladies Caps 2/6, 4/11, 5/6, 5/11, to 9/6 Keir housemaids Caps. 7id., 9dlord 1/, 1/3 100 boxes of lovers from 6d. To 4/u Spray costume and Mantle depts. Ladies summer cloth jackets 4/11, 5/11 Laius washing Garibaldi blouses Lyril ladies print costumes 5/11 and upward ladies silk Garibaldi blouses 4/11, 6/11 ladies promenade Fesia 1/ii, 2/11 ladles sunnier lust cloaks 12/9, 15/9 la lies summer mantles 21/, 25/, 32/6, 35/ \1 be in i coloured mantles trimmed Jet 21/ ladies flan Vedette dressing gowns 8/11, 1q/9 children s summer costumes 3/11, 4/11 1 .000 to Adies washing Garibaldi Blountt 1/ 1.000 ladies White washing blouses 1/11 100 ladies Good washing costumes 9/11 Eye ladies washing morning gowns 3/11, 4/11 5t.g lilies print dressing gowns 2/11 1 00 i ladies print Princets Robes 1/6 each ladies summer dust cloaks 9/11, 14/9, 21/ ladies Black braided jerseys 2/11 la Hes Plain tight fitting jerseys 3/11 ladies White embroidered Cott Iune 21/, 267 lace department. Ladies lace handkerchiefs 6j-?. Each whits and fancy coloured silk do., 1 silk sashes a colors 1/6 each the Neva Cashmere sashes 5/11 each a lint of lace Collar ettes 1/ each coloured silk tulle for Falls 4�d Yard White Cambric embroideries 1/6, 1/11, 2/c Dot. Special line do. 2/11 per do. Black Spanish laces 2d., 3d., 4&-i. Yard Oriental lace Floun cirs 1/6 Yard embroidery flounce re2/11 Yard Black lace Slowich f 1/11, 2/11, 3/11 Yard dress department. The new carmelite unmade Robe 17/6 the new French beige unmade Robe 15/9 All Wool Tamatine beige 4/11 Doz. The new silk Asid Wool Robe 23/6 White unmade Robes 9/11, 12/6, 13/6, 15/9 new dress materials of every fashionable style Click and Stripe tweeds 4/11 Dos. Memo. Dressmaking in All branches fashionably executed at moderate rates. Mourning orders receive our prom test Atten Tion. All Wool beige and Stripe tweeds 4/11 Doz. Mio Xci lot of Wool Etc hinges 2/11 Doz. All Wool Plain and tic ill beige 6j-f. Yard All Wool Jersey cloth nuns Ber is cd. Wool Clevron tweeds Tyd. Yard Alva Check tweeds. 6d said double Width All Wool French. Voy gouge 2/6 double Width All Wool French Tweed 2/11 special. Cream lace Sicilia Ine 10d cd. Sanglier Samitier Tweed. Id. Pard Black Cool Devon lace cloth 9d. Yard underclothing department ladies Flannelette shirts full size 1/11 each ladies print skirts. 2/6, 2/11, 3/6, 3/11, 4/11 ladies Zephyr do., trimmed embroidery sell knitted turkish skirts 1/6, 2/11, 3/6, 3/11 a very Large Stock of ladies chemises drawers and night dresses commencing at 1/ each garment a very special line at 1/11 and 2/6 each ladies under vests italian Gauze 1/, 1/11 2/3, 2/11 spun silk 5/11 to 13/6 ladies corsets a Good line at 1/11 pair All Sixes also the latest designs in better goods up 24/ each children s washing Sailor tunics 3/6, 3/11, coloured Serge tunics 4/11, 5/11 children s Sun hats and bonnets 1/11, 2/11 children s Muslin fico pcs g/11, 4/11, 5/11 up men s Beady made clothing. Men s Tweed suits just opened 18/6 to 50/ men s Slimmer Serge suits 17/6 to 45/ each men s White and drab Nan keen suits 16/ 2fei s fancy Lustre suits Vest to match 27/6 Mien s fancy Lustre Sac Coats men s Wiite and fancy Baden vests men s fancy Cashmere vests Nei Oest patterns men s White Nan keen Sac and patrol Coats 5/6 men Lite Drill trousers extra value 6/6 men s Tweed trousers and Vest 8/11 to 25/ a. Special line of men s Tweed trousers and vests colonial made Light colors 15/6, 21/, 25/ usual prices. 22/6, 28/6, 32/6 0 patterns Post free on application it for further prices see this Day Register and windows. James Marshall & co. Adelaide. M 198ox203c ? produce. ? chaff. Chaff. Chaff. To Farmers and others. Tenders Are invited up till tuesday the 19th Day of november 1869, Tor the Supply o Good sound clean Hay chaffed to a Quarter of an Inch gauge and delivered in bags of equal weighting tons of 2,210 Ibe. To the ton As May be required at out under mentioned stables. Tons. Ions. Adelaide _. 450 Greenock _ _ 50 Ane Aston s5 magnum _. _ 16 Auburn 50 Meadows _ .,15 broken Hill _ 150 a Sponga _ 35 Black Wood _ 25 Noa Lunga _ co Clarendon _ _ �2 Palmer _ _ 32 Clare _ _ 80 re Hui _ _ 35 craters _ 25 Bynella -35 fret line _ _ 26 Rochester _ 40 Georgetown w Stoj Creek Bemberg 18 gum Eracha 60 Yunta .30 baps in All cases supplied by John Hill & co. Monthly payments. Deliveries to commence la january 15 90. Tenders will be received for the whole or Ary portion required at any one stable. Replies will be pc Fet d on or before saturday no vember 23, 1889. Tenders to be add exceed John Bill & co., limited x306-so ? Plurie Street Adelaide. Traw. Straw. Straw. To inf eps Are invited up to tuesday. November 19, 1s-e9, for the Supply during the year 1890 of. A ,. Of Olean sir for stable bedding at per to delivered As require dat our undermentioned stables Adelaide _ _ ioa tons. Aubura _ _ _ 20 tons. Glare. _ go tons monthly payments. Tenders addressed John Hill & co limited 130620 ?. Pirle Street Adelaide. Who in line a yme the also american organs. O. Kotanen Adelaide.il�6o drapery and clothing. It Artin j bothers Burlington House Rundle so Reed Are now showing in All departments a splendidly assorted Stock of the latest novelties Fob the pm Beni season. Inspection invited. Patterns forwarded on application Floral Cotton Pongee 8�d per Yard. ? French Broche Muslin 1b. Per Yard. All woo summer weight French Veitres 9 d per Yard. Liberty Silks in new Art Oringa la 9d per Yard. Lady a Black Cotton Hose 9jd, is 3d, is 1w, up to 4s us. Lady s Black Cashmere Hose is is so is 9d, up to 4s 6d. Children s Black ribbed Cashmere Hose very special value sizes 3, 4, 6. 6. ? 1b, ,l6 3a, is cd la Fri ? ladies silk taffeta gloves is 1b 3d, la lid. 2s 6d, 29 lid. Ladies pure silk gloves is 3d, is lid 2s lid. Ladies pure silk double tipped fingers is lid to e8 6d. Ladles pure silk and eld tipped fingers la lid 1 3 be 6d. Ladies suede gloves 8-Button length from 2s us. Denis Francois Cal vats fownes Brothers celebrated gloves kept in All Bizet colors and qualities. Martin Brothers Buelin Gion House. The latest and most Suo Oess us noveltie9 in sunshades. Moire silk sunshades in All colors and Black 15s to 42s. Pongee silk sunshades in All ,6a us and los 6d. The few White Pongee sunshade frilled 10s 6d, ms6d, 19s 6d. The new shot silk sunshades 6s 6d,10s 6d, Isa 6d,2ls. Higher Ola a sunshades in enormous variety. ? Ibe new Gladys Muriel Doris and other fancy silk in filings in All the new Spring shades from sad per Yard. All the new colors in the folded silk for the neck. Novelties in neck ribbons in All the newest colors from 2 d Yard. White embroideries splendid patterns la lid 28 lid 3s us dozen Yards. New Directoire Collaretti pleadings in liase net afghan and Pongee Muslin from be to 2a fld per Yard. White he stitched Linen Cambric handkerchiefs from is us dozen. Swiss Lawn washing Border handkerchiefs splendid value three handkerchiefs for one shilling. ? ? ? g87wecsci292aa j. To f j t � h i Jive for sub run dub a Ltd Foteney btrbbt6, Jtb goods to All departments Noial likes is sew Bess goods k0tslt1es of sunshades and a Bunek by Abbt. i Jhb Cut Job value Root a iks deck Toi variety and it tie Chi not be bes1 to Delft me one tit buyers May u Vekasi depend on Pimpl i of Efcic sear too of thai Oiden. J. T. F i0h be John so bundle 4ffy Pul Tinei streets i Mckimie wanted gentlemen wanted to every town to take a orders on a new work �6 to �10 per week easily made by energetic agents. The Hook Ells itself and All meet with wonderful Success As it b wanted in every Home. Apply for particulars to Box 976, g.., Sydney. 194-2121310x216-362 Hittmann s labor office Pulteney. Street near Korth Ter Baoe. Employers remember the address. Fone other but thorough Good hands engaged and forwarded from this office. Married farm and station couples. Farm hands and mechanics always on hand. One trial will suffice. Busiest office in Adelalde 82eow9x96.-sa o. Hittmann. Of situation wanted by a married my As o working overseer on a farm Good references can be shown if required apply by letter to anxious port Lincoln. ? x299-313 situation wanted As manager of a s3eep or cattle station very considerable sex Peti ecce and beet of references. Douglas Gooch Scott a Plains. ? 396,9,13. 16,19x306-820 the Harvest. My Many Farmer friends Are informed that in the event of there being Manyeo Sci lot Agiou Wrubal hands i have a number of farm Ham 3 in Victoria anxious to come Over and help . Kemp Penney Bank Street. ? ? �313 anted As travelling agent for the us tax. Ass Bane society of Vic Tycria a gentleman of Energy and Good Ladresa. Ability to ride and drive requisite. Also Good Cit canvasser Liberal salary and commission new popular tables. Country applications invited. Arpy by letter or personally with testimonials t3 the Secretary Victoria buildings Grenfell Street. 312-5x313 matrimonial. ? two pc Irma ladies Kwh to it two yous Gest Lemon us a View to Matrimony must be fond of Home and Tuttie sees not to exceed 27 years pm Stoa sex f wanted. This i to Enuine. Address Alary ? and ? it Sim Ituna , Ylli District . It Otic to d1steh3t clerks. Parbon Lai instructions Are Rapi sled u w the number of insertions required for advertise. Sents for the chronicle. When no instructions Are Given the advert element will be 3oserted Antu it is out of Date. ? ? ? il84o Dalrymple District. ? ?. ? s1. ? tenders will be received at the noun ii of Floe Oak lands until 2 . On saturday. November 30, 18e9. For the eight of Wolc Botelno Tollis on goods placed on the Stansbur Brand Wool Bay a sties. W. ? ? ? ? tenders to be for one year from toe let december 1889. Envelopes containing tenders to be marked tender for jetty ? neither highest nor any tender will necessarily be accepted. Tariff same a hitherto. For farther particulars apply to the undersigned by order 812x813 ? Ewd. Stonhouse clerk. Melville District. Notice of general Bate. At the meeting of the District Council of help Fife duly held on the 2nd Day of november. 1889, a general Bate was declared of four incs in the Pound upon the assessment of the do Folot and All persons liable Are required to pay the amount of the rate to cording to the assessment. To the District clerk at the District office. Dated Thea 2nd Day of november 18s9. By order. 813 ? Penton clerk. Notice. The hours for Burn ing stubble grass. &o., within the boundaries of the District Conof Lvpl Yong Ala will be from 12 o clock noon to 10 o clock . Anyone wishing to Burn grass on roads can do so by strictly complying with the provisions of the Bush fires act. By order j. Humph is. District clerk. November 1889. ? Psia a Booboo distal of. Notice is hereby Given that All closed rots in the above dial rect must forthwith be thrown open or a lease of the same obtained from the Council. Applications for Leses received up to saturday december 7, 1889, after which Date any person Bavin a closed Road without permission will be . By order of the Council a. T. Beck District clerk. office Orr Oroo. November 6,1889. S3l3 Tara Wirra District. At a meeting of the District noun poll of Parra Wirra duly held on the 21st Day of october 1889, a general Bate was declared of sixpence in the Pound upon the assessment of the District and All persons liable Are required to pay the amount of the rate according to the assessment to the District clerk and collector at the District office males tone dated this 2bid Day of october 1889. Xb06-13 h. H. Blackham clerk and collector. Government advertisements. Over Hekt land sales. Surveyor general s office. Adelaide november 7. 1880. The following sales Are advertised Tor the ensuing month. For full particulars see not brr 14. Sale of allotments towns of Arthurton men Ingie Senoia North. Coo Burn Bute. Alford port magnum Pekina Charra Hundred Horn and Keith Hundred Stirling. Sale of unbranded cattle on Angilena and Wir real Aruns. Nove bbb 21. Sale of miscellaneous lease Reservoir situate be tween Mio Gary Bali Way station and Stu Nooroo mine. Sale of pastoral leases on Kangaroo Island. Dkcbmber4. Bale of pastoral leases near Barrow s Creek Telegraph station Northern territory. December 6. Sale of pastoral lands class 1 oomph used in leases which expired on december 31, 1s88. Do camber 10. Sale at Palmerston of pm Oral leases situate South East of the Victoria River. Western land Hollix applications for Ltd received before the s3rd december 1889, will be dealt with at the first meeting of the Board after that Date. By direction of the Hon. Commissioner of Crown lands. W. Got dub Misiek ? Surveyor general. T Abd Board Central Elj District. The Board will Heet to at Tot land and Deal with applications Lor Surre Derand trips feb of the Date and at the places specified below. Applicants for land Aad to surrender and Transfer should a tend at the appointed places. Al the government land office Adelaide. Tuesday 6th november at 11 a a hundreds of Adelaide Noa Lunga Kaipo we Lunga and Tatala. Ai the Institute h1cl, port vc0t3r. Saturday 9th november As 10 am. Enn Drewfs of Tanta Msj Valt Pieiga my Ponga Cendo Parriga and Golowa. At Milan. Tui8dav, 12th nude Bee at 10 . Hundreds of Freelong Bremer b. Inkley and Alexandrina. At the courthouse Murray Bridge. Thursday a the november at 11 am. ads of to Rodarto and Llong. At the inst Turi Hll Man surf. Saturday 16h november at 2 p to. Monday 18th november at 10 . Hundreds finnish Yoang husband forever Ellsley and Tung Kisio. At Sedan. Wed Elday 20th novel bib 6t ii . Hundreds of Anga North Rhine bigot Fisher and Anna. Thos. B0bgotoe, commie incr of Crown lands and immigration. ? x2t-9813 Lahd Board Northern District. The Board will meet to hear appeals and Deal with applications Tor surrender and Transfer at places and on the dates specified at 10 . Each Day novrmber20 _ Willowim. -.ovtmber21 _ _ Boole Roo Centre. November 28 port Tiesu Ein. November 26 port Pixie. November 28 Crystal Brook. November b0 _ _ Laura x313-20 ? w. Straw Bridak chairman. Crown lands office Adelaide. Sou october 1s89. Tee attention of pastoral another lessees is directed to the conditions in their leases requiring them to destroy vermin on their leased lands. Immediate inspection will take place and the government fill exercise the Powers reserved in the leases of re entry upon the lands and will cause the leases to be cancelled in All oases where the conditions As to the destruction of vermin Are not being Carriel out in terms of the conditions of the leases and to the satisfaction of the commissioner. Thos. Burgoyne �04,6x306-13 commissioner of Crown lands. ? books stationery. Rigby s list of new an Standard literature. Ward Timber and some of its diseases 6s Linton through the Long night 6s. Knox Little Sunshine and Shadow in the Christian life.7e.ed. Lir Don sermons 5s. Merson words of life 4s. 6d. Osborne the children s Faith 3s. 6d. Unclear an introduction to the creeds is. M. He a miss Kate 2b. 6d Maiden Jane Austen 88.8. Sharp children of to Morrow 6s Medola chemistry of photography a. Grey Jacob s letter and other stories 6s. Far Jeon toilers of Babylon 8s. 6d. Matbell e new popular educator vol. 1, 69. A Utcowitz earthquakes 6s. 8topf on Bemine scenes of a regicide 148. Nicol political life of our time 8 vote., 248. Lilly a Century of revolution 12a. Bunner a woman of Honor 2s. 6d. Hid ton a new Era of thought 4s. 6d. Nomad the a troys. 6s. Perelman ran away from the dutch 28. 6d. Newspapers and magazines for 1630 now being ordered. Price list Gratis on application. Toui orders respectfully solicited. W. O. Big by wholesale and retail bookseller. 74, King William Street Adelaide Telephone 32&. Loiialucx2o jew songs. New songs a thornless rope. D to f and e to o Stark Mcrobb the Border b to e _ _ _ Stark adrift. A to d _ _ Diehl Castanette e to d and f to e _ _ Bonheur evening 1 of noughts c to some Golden Portal d to e _ _ ? _ Jade bravely rest d to e _ _ _ _ Ger Matabel Home memories d to b _ _ _ Seebold imperfect us o to e _ sir w. Bowl non la Marilena. E to f and c to e _ _. Tours old and new vocal Gavotte to f ? _ Bonheur Fly Routh sound e to f and d to f. _. Tjui embed me no More e to a and b toe _ _ _ _ sir w. To Bonbon Shadow Light b to b _ _ _ dolby 1 he old Cremona c to g and b to f ? Jade the minty deep baes song. _ Jade any of the above will be applied Post free 9s. Id in Stamps. 6. Marshall & sons 7 _ mubicsellkr8, 62, Suhle Street. ? ?. Y .?�s7weoiat8b7b papkkhanging8 from a Spence per Rod at Buhel i depot we Trett. A Flo ? athletic sports rat not Horn athletic club App Ila Tab owie. Annua sports. New year s Day Tisi january 1890. �108. Prizes. �108. Griat Nob Thih Hab Cap 87 bomb. Distances. Iso 260 and Seo Yards. Beef bold Elk Dicapu her dub Barb. 12 80vb. ? 135 Yard Over 10 hurdles 8 feet High. Bic Cut rack 2 Miles Handicap 9 Sova. Milk walk had loan Sova. Full programme bom secretaries James Daly 1 _ �s13 hbbb8bt mayor f88 6 188 a posts. Sports. Spo3ts. Moro hard annual Christmas sports is Luilla Moboa Abi on wednb8day. ? Christmas Day. S306-lg the annual Pironio an athletic sports win be held on the exhibition grounds Crystal Brook on or about sew Ubab s Day. Further advertisements shortly. Z813 ? Public notices. ? Public meeting will a held lathe District Council office al 3pm. On saturday november 16, to discuss the imposition of the single tax. William Scott chairman . Of , Novemb r 6, 1889. ? 313 t Oyal commission on mining. The commission will be glad to receive the names of All persons who Are desirous of giving evidence. All communications to be addressed to h. A. Grainger Secretary 867,9,71x2710 Victoria equate Adelaide 8. A. No h o s. Cook & son. Cook s cheap excursions. The next cheap excursion train to Mel Bourne win leave Adelaide on tuesday novem Ber 19, at 9.45 . Makes. To Melbourne 1st class return �2 0 0 2nd Iso to Sydney let 8 10 9 2nd i 10 0 tickets programmes e., from. Thou. Cook it son h. P. Wilson Agen Esborne Chambers Pirle Street Adelaide. Fares from any railway station in South Australia on application at above address. 12iw 8xl2 i Delair ? r etb1at. Special facilities Are now offered to persons to enter the Retreat at Belair salubrious climate comfortable borne and Good table with every necessary attention full particulars from the Secretary Benalt i. A. H. Gault m.b., Mitcham or. D. Nock Glenelg or or. C. H. Goode Ore Feu Street. Adelaide. X264-348 to Farmers. Corns asks. We beg to inform our customers that we Sui have plenty of corns Aoka Tor them at Cut Mills and agencies Early enough for the Harvest. John Dunn & co. Adelaide. October 3, i860. ? x878o kot1oeto Farmers. Sieve for winnowing machines refilled and a Large Stock one to sieves on band Low prices at o. Arntzer we reworked Tobey Street off car Riceton Street East 299w313x299-313 ? boots and Shoei. ? f. B. C. We Are now unpacking another Large shipment of boot3 and shoes which for value exceeds any previous ship ment. Not our prices. . Ladies a kid elastic sides Patent toe Caps it u ladies to. Kid elastic sides blocked fronts usual Price 7e. 9d. _ 6 11 ladles leather Euelio sides double Solea _ 4 11 ladies leather elate to sides pegged Best make -6 11 ladies Levant elastic sides to. Button _ 7 11 ladies Plain lasting elate o sides military hotels ? 311 ladles Plain lasting elastic sides extra High _ -.311 ladies lasting toe Cape elastic sides military Beelby _ -46 ladies House boots Wing fronts Low heels been ? 3 Tadite lasting Victoria shoes Patent to Capa sewn _ _ -48 ladies Patent House slippers elastic fronts been _ _ _ 4 0 ladles Tan Oxford shoes Lake very fashion Able _. .8 11 ladies cloth top Oxford shoes lace Mili tary heels _ _ 70 ladies Wallaby Ada shoes very fashionable .76 ladies me kid Button echoes sewn _. C 11 ladies Levant Oxford Lake shoes military heels. -4 11 ladies leather Oxford lace shoes Strong _ 4 6 ladies to. Kid Balmoral Glace fronts grand value -10 9 ladies Alma Balmoral pegged Best make _ 7 11 ladies Levant or me. Sid Balmoral .5 11 ladles Alma Balmoral Sood value .66 ladies leather Balmoral or stockyards ill maids Tan Oxford shoes lace very fashion. Able 5 c maids leather Oxford shoes lace Strong .46 Maide Alma Balmoral extra High _ .40 maids leather stockyards colonial made. 3 11 maids leather elastic sides colonial made .40 youths her Gaiman Blucher Heel tips .46 youths leather Balmoral brass Hooks. 4 11 youths hungarian Lake with Heel tips. 6 11 youths leather elastic sides blocked fronts. 6 6 youths leather Oxford shoes peaked toe Caps f 11 Hen s calf Oxford shoes peaked toecap9, sewn. .10 6 men s cloth tops Oxford shoes sewn. 8 11 men s leather Oxford shoes peaked Caps 6 11 men s Brown Canvas shoes Basil facings. 8 11 men s White Canvas shoes Basil facings .2 11 men s Alma Balmoral Levant tops sewn 10 9 men s leather Balmoral brass Hooka _. G 6 men s Blue doth tops elastic sides toe Caps. 10 9 men s leather elastic bides blocked fronts .66 Lien s hungarian watertight pegged .99 men s sip hungarian Lake befit make8 11 men s leather hungarian Lake Good value .66 men s sup. Kip hungarian Blucher pegged. 6 u men s hungarian Blucher Heel tips. I 11 11 x 1 children s Patent strap shoes Strong .46 7 x 10 children s Patent strap shoes Strong. 3 6 10-18 children s Tan Oxford shoes .46 6x9 children s Tan Oxford shoes. 3 11 10-13 children s Alma Balmoral Good value .38 6 x 9 children s Alma Balmoral Good value 2 11 10-18 children s Alma be Morali extra High pegged 4 6 6x9 children s Alma Balmoral extra High pegged -36 10-13 children s Alma Oxford shoes Good value -3 11 6x9 children s Alma Oxford shoes Good value 3 6 10 x 18 children s leather elastic sides Copper toes _. 2 11 6 9 children s leather elastic sides Copper toes __-._--26 10-13 children s leather lace steel nailed Copper toes 36 6x9 children e leather lace steel nailed Copper toes 29 3 x 6 infants Levant elastic sides Strong 2 6 8x6 infants Grain Balmoral Strong .16 2 x s infants me. Bale Patent fronts 1 3 2 x e infant to. Sid Button boots Patent fronts .16 s x 6 infants Patent strap shoes with Bucklee. � 9 Price list in Book form Post free on application. We should be pleased to receive Sample order and Promise our Best endeavours to please you. A letters should be addressed f b o78. Rundle Street. Stamps should be avoided if possible. Branch establishments gouger Street West Adelaide and st. Vincent Street. Port Adelaide. �92weo 16ii lox292 Lar h. J. Pea Roe manager. Hotel and restaurant forsake in the North hotel and 112 acres of Good land first Elasser property with furniture �600, terms 6 per cent. G. G. Mayo 41, in Erie Street. X285c ? miscellaneous. ? or Sale. 1cbaping machine English Waggon both Good working order. Also few Choice Lincoln rams. Samuel Dawson Waterloo. ? 304-5x80613 Tob Sale two Light run Nimr reapers Good p a Achinee and in goad working order. Apply w. J. Martin Marridy. ? x313-80 tact new winnowed by Easom for Sals cheap i3i also heavy Dray. Farrar & co. Carrie Street. 2_ ? ? ? 311-7x318-20 anted known. Mrs. Dillon duly Quail fled midwife keeps private lying in hos Pital Comer Wakefield and Pul Tecsy streets Adelaide. Adie and respectable single women Moom moated. Terms moderate. ? 228weo8i8x889-318 aka Reward will be paid to any watchmaker 3bo who can prove that t. Shepp4rds Gowka Geneva watches Are not finished Well enough to Wear Well for tin tears. It shall coat you nothing the first year not even it Mua Aprong Breaks afterwards repairs never exceed 2s. 6d. �6 Reward is offered to any one who has paid me Over 2s. 8d. For impairs to a Onivea watch with my name 00 dial Given fair Wear and tear since their introduction nearly two years ago sent Post fre9, with steel Alberi and guarantee on receipt of one Guinea. Address Pelt Joey Street. No agents. �6 is. Wai levers As Ebnali a a ?., 308weo3filbttartv3 1anos and org a Vij by a Oreg a bag v Kuhnel e piano show Robbia Pirie Streel t & \ Anmie pallem ? Alma extended Gold mining company. No liability. Notice la hereby Given the a third Call of Sann sub per Abate on shares Nob. 60,001 to 100.000 Baa been made by the directors of the above named company payable at the registered office of the company Eagle cbambr8t\King Willham Street Adelaide on wednesday the 18th Day of november 1889. W. L. Wabb manager. Adelaide november 1, 1ss9. 808,16x313 ? . 7orsaie= ? x1 2 thoroughbred two year old fillies 1 Highlander out of Pride of Troy 1 do., out of lady w. Dean & son Stock agents 3t318 ? Delahe. A is i ?88 t8horthobh, hubs 168-anaflb0xlfl6ilt8 ? ? patents provisional Protection and Trade Marks obtained. revised or prepared for All colonies Charles n. Oolson licensed by . Patent Law. And land broker. Foreign member Bruah ins tute of Patent agents Santo buildings Waymouth surest Adelaide . ? ? 123alncxl23o Phe cheapest shoe warehouse in Adelaide Brandon a 67, bundle Street. Price lists poet free on application. Xl87e Edgar s. Wigg 38, King Wtlliah-8treer. E8tabl1biied 1868. Pure homeopathic medicines reduced to of. The bottle. Of All chemists. 305-8x8080 Edgars. Wigg homeopathic chemist 38, King wivut., Adelaide. Wigg s special tincture of poop Bollam wigq8 neuralgia drops. Wing s Taraxacum Coffee specially persons. One shilling per tin. X266a Pitt son Badgery limited Stock and station agents a Conns sales rendered and proceeds paid on tet Day after Sale. Beenke of sales at corporation Farda telegu Sbei of Vendor the same evening. Comm Selon and guarantee by per cent. Stoki Stock and private sales 2 per cent our business us la thai Over two i Tho ? of the Whol to bad. S0o to Farmers. Improve tour pigs. Pure bred Maggie Poland Chima pigs at reduced prices n Strong cases and forwarded to any part of the Colony and freight paid on any railway for 76 mile on receipt of port office order. A. W. Ware Exchange hotel or t. Kino Hanzora. Xi6m White Crystal sugar 2d. Per la. By sending remittance of �2 to the import company 131, Grenfell Street Adelaide Yon will receive 20 la of their famed is. 6d. Ceylon Tea _ �1 10 .0 and 60 la. White cd total sugar so. Per la. 0 10 0 �2 0 u by sending remittance of �4 you win receive 1 half Chest of their famed Ceylon Tea 401b., is.6d. _ _ _ _ .�3 0 0 120 la. White Crystal sugar 2d. Per la. 1 0 0 �10 0 the import company deliver free on Board vessel at Post Adelaide or at Adelaide railway station. ? x271-355_ m%ktm3es. Xie cars gun makers. Risk William-8tkeet next National Bank. To Kangaroo shooters we now have u Eal Winchester Cartridge Lor Sale at 66s. Per 1,000 net. To opossum shooters we have a special line of Breech loading single guns especially suitable for the work at 60s. Each. Xlfi2o improved 8teel strippers reaping machines Dnepr passed for lightness of draught durability clean reaping and Good threshing. Also implements of All kinds. Dress j. G Ramsay & oo., x2s5-334 ? mount Barker. Established one Hundred tears. Day Martin s heal Japan liquid and Oil pasta blacking is still without a rival for excellence of Quality. The jurors at the Melbourne exhibition 1888, awarded them the Erst order of Merit miso a drapers printing mar executed on the shortest noise and of Iberal terms hates advsrtissr3-h pal to pkg office. Properties Tor Sale or wanted. Us meet when a univ a0ctioeers, Tal Dessl Siock. Stain air l Lahd. And general financial agents. Head office Waymouth Street Adelaide with branches at Jamestown. Kap Noda bom Orr Oroo and broken Hill . Soles of fat sheep and cattle held in theade Bhe me weekly Kra bom Orr Oroo Petersburg and at Brozeal Fzli valuations of a kinds efficiently carried out a Large number of farms for Sale. X1 Wak Efow owing to falling health of owner Stom 628 acres Good land ali4earedaiceptrto Tao acres Good Timber fou roomed Lous Ijo one. Tanks Lour dams fenced with posts and wire dose x313-20 David Yirgo auctioneer Bala Kuva. Jul improved gardens Sec. 289, 286 acres leasehold and numerous others. Also City and suburban proper use. Villas shops and Money to lend on Freehold Security. A. G. Sohr deet waterhouse Oha Bersi 131weocxl3io ? song wham Street. 13tob. Salbi privately sections nos. 10, 77,78.jp 236, 254, 266, s66, 267, 868, 271, 272. 6m, 685hundred of Grace near Wallala. Font Ainone 1 6m acres known As comely Park and Campber a la nearly All fenced sheep proot and will be sold Reutter in one lot or a Tetrev fms 01 about an equal area each farm Bav mtr All Nee Nesary improvements. Por further Paru Clara apply to 5t84u-a28bo ? John Forbes mall Ala. Cubhin6 1pbopebty at the Meadows iams. Comprising Superior grazing Agri. Ctol pral and Garden land All Well fenced subdivided and substantially improved by Homestead and other buildings the whole forming a most compact Little property and Well wort bythe ins 52? � the out for one of Thuoc a situated As it is in one of our Best districts and Wittma a convenient distal of of the City. For Pardon Lars or. Edward Simo or Nathl Oldham it son auctioneers and estate agents to City. A sask Ujj v � . error. Paru Colars obtainable on application. Nathl. Oldham son sb13k land and estate agents Ftp. City. T and Fob Sale or to Lex. Hundreds i Ali Adelaide a Tenno Para Yant bask. S5s�ss ass Ato . Stepney sooth Alberton but Aldol nuns Islington workshops iwo opt tages tour rooms each Bathe Price �190 each. Money to Lendl Jat. A. Johnson. Frankm Otnel ? ie2-aasaeoxi6fl i68 Ujj Mortimer Tucket licensed land broker land loan and commission a est National Montal inf Didgs i cobia Square West Side Adelaide. Sections 138, i lib and u2, Hundred Balas data 1,936 acres in two blocks with House about Ball fenced and subdivided Good sheep country fairly Well watered. Working men s blocks Fob Sale suburban to Moonta Wallaroo Brunga Gap Snow town and Owen. Port Germent fort Pirie Watertown Cryatal Brook Gladstone Georgetown and Marridy. Port Augusta port Augusta West Doorn car Teton Eurella Orr Oroo and Yaro owie. Ambleside i Ilunga South Strathalbyn Henroy Millicent North Hathern Eib Lundale editor urge and Arthurton. For plans numbers and acreage apply Mortimer Stuckey National Mutual boil Dinge Vietoria Tea Are treat Mie Adelaide. X39c tort Victoria . To Lei of a lease it or Fob Sale allotment no. 66, close to jetty apply mrs g. Williamson broken hoi n. S. W. ? 289318x299-318 Section 1426, to. Kaunda 100 acres tenders will be received by the undersigned up to tuesday november 19. For the Purchase of the above Section which is splendidly situated about one mile from a Panda and abutting on the b Iver Light. Terms Cash or half Cash and balance in cent no tender necessarily accepted. Lyons it Leader Imperial Chambers Adelaide. ? x806-20 of Enders jul be received up to nov abbr 16x for my Freehold and leased lands adjoining the township of Iturra Dulkai the choicest land for cultivation and grazing on the Peninsula. Apply b. F. Wilson j.p., caftan hh1, Oum Mulka. ? _x306-13 yx7 anted to Bent wit right of Purchase 20 to to 60 acres with House Good soil and water within 15 Miles of City. State Price to poultry Fatm this office ? 806,9. 11,3x313 properties to let. T properties in let. Tenders will be Teo Elved up to november 15, 18s9, for ? seven 7 years lease from March 1, 1890, of the property know As we. H. Dunn a situated in Hundred of Pekina four 4 Miles West of Pekina township the whole comp rung 2,686 acres splendid and grazing land Wen and substantially improved and subdivided with Steep proof Fen die. A a Tver failing Supply of Good water in the property also splendid Stone House Garden stables baggy and Claff Beds men s hate Aid outbuildings. The Orr Oroo and Melrose Mau passes this property three time a week thereby giving the benefits of a Tri weekly Post a government school within half a mile and religious institutions within easy distance also afford Otler advantages the present owner retiring Only through ill health. Tenders Are invited for the property in blocks or in one lice. ? ?. Inspection invited. No accepted ? for further particulars apply to John pal Indge mount Barker re. We Donn address tenders b. W. R. Dunn Orr Oroo. Lost and found. Cams into my paddock one Redan Dwhite spotted cow in milk no brands. Owner can have same by paying expenses. Fredk. Morgan Prospect Hill. ? x318 t Ost from sear magnum Black Mare aged i a with Lump under belly if branded not known also running with same Black horse foal about seven months old. Ten shillings for information �1 delivery to j Kent magnum. ? x313 lost from Baroota one Grey Colt about i year old Long tall branded p67 near shoulder one dark Bay or Brown Colt about four year old Bony Large head Short Tali Small Star to fore head one dark Bay or Brown horse about Bix year old snip Lin face Active up Standin Long thin Tail All draught and Collar Mai Kedi Tea shillings per head for information leading to recovery or �1 delivery to j. Thomas & son Baroota. Xb99o Ost stolen or strayed from a Slowie station Bay Mare branded l near shoulder 10a. Reward for information leading to recovery. W. H. Jones. A Proee. X8o6- lost f rum Wallaroo one Low set Brown Mare in Good condition branded 9 under in conjoined dear shoulder Spring cart Winkers and rope on. �1 Reward will be paid for the delivery or 10a for any in formation that will Lead to the recovery of same to Boa. Evan Wallaroo. S806-13 lost from boo Leroa Centre on november 1st, 1&9, one dark Brown Mark branded 8 Over 8 near shoulder Star in forehead Long Tail and shod All round. Ten shillings will be paid for information leading to her recovery or �1 for delivery to Hector Mckenzie Carpenter care we. Hunt Jan., Boole Roo Centre. ? x318 t Ost from Keith Early in october one Bay Saddle i filly two years old White face White Hind toot Small Lump under belly Alco one Obe snut Colt yearling Star in forehead two White feet no brands visible. One Pound Reward for delivery or ios. For information leading to recovery of the same to Thos. Freeman won Tea . ? x813-2qat Ost one Bay or Brown heavy draught horse i Star Andl tripe Hind a White Brandson shoulders and got sore shoulders and one draught Che nut Morfee. Star in forehead had shorn on when Obj ii Ore sin Dera. Lor Toton motion eat Lair to their recovery or two pounds Lor delivery to hos. Tait Green s Hains. ? 3l3o be Pound vew8dr-vm. Bay Mare. Wrel�iwrdtewnd1oovbrbdedwnear in Square off Houmel ust Nim Whtie. 3c6o t b. Sgt Paft Bill Langton. Tims Puust rewabites0st,3mi1efnt0r a one Iron Grey 6 susn6, and o \ tto Cirecie ii eat Honker toe above wort Fultn mid Tom one a be intr the ame to one. -3bo. W. Oti key Macij North Rhine. X813

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