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Adelaide South Australian Chronicle Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1894, Page 6

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Adelaide South Australian Chronicle (Newspaper) - March 3, 1894, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia at teto0. London table talk. From our special Carreno Nentl London. January 5. 1s94. A frosty fog wrapped London in its dismal folds during the last Days of the lying year and continued till after service on sunday evening. Then As if by magic the wind suddenly changed and the fog blew away to that when the Joy Bells began to ring in the new tear the stars had Home oat in a Clear by and it was a perfect Winter s night. The superstitious and other believers in portents might be forgiven if they accepted this Wel come change As an Omen of Good things to come in 1834. Ninety three was a period of exceptional financial storm and stress to Many thousands. Wherever your correspondents in the City they hear the same dolorous tale. Usually there is a single big financial crash or series of crashes during a business year. Last Twelvemonth there were several and everybody seems to have been bit More or less. Those whom the severe australian crisis left untouched Andale goal strike spared either the Liberator frauds or the collapse of the Trust companies or the Silver scare or the continuation of the Baring imbroglio have lamed. London is hard up and tradesmen and charities know it. Only the Royal wedding Bays the munificent uni Versal provider saved 93 from being my worst on record. Amid these distressing reflections it is con doling to learn that bad times do not appear to have materially checked the flow of Christmas and new year amenities. There was Marta Only a heavy falling off of nearly two millions in the number of Chru Mas letters dealt with by the 6.p.o. This of course indicates a diminution of the Christmas card craze. Whether however the Eaid diminution was due to Economy or to the absolute Lack of Novelty and ingenuity noticeable in the designs of the cards is i should say very doubtful the parcel traffic increased enormously. Turkeys were phenomenally cheap All Over England and in consequence mite. Brown Jones and Robinson bit on the Brilliant notion of working off obligations by bending their friends a particularly Fine Bird. An eminent colonist was generous enough to Honor me in this respect. He meant Well but he does not know How to buy turkeys. In its feathers my Christmas Box looked Noble. When however it was trussed sad roasted a Sharp Shock awaited our family. Breast and wings the poor Bird had none. Its Bole edible portions were two huge cadaverous legs into which All its energies had Evi Dently been thrown. Turkeys cannot i am assured Cycle or we should have suspected the disappointing fowl of Over indulgence in that. Pursuit. Absolutely the Only thing it resembled was the by rivalled and Bent bodied enthusiast with abnormally developed calves one sees struggling desperately with a Rudge or a Singer machine. Amongst the financial fetishes whom 1893 has brought to irreparable grief is the old lady of thread Needle Street. Both in and out of the City a solid belief prevailed in the absolute Impre inability of the Bank of eng land and impel ability of All connected there with. The safeguards Eor rounding the gentle men who daily Wallow in Gold and banknotes were supposed to be so perfect that no one a ? j i void u1x1bj Ciuda a Olla without being instantly discovered. Hardly however has the financial world recovered from the Shock occasioned by the compulsory retirement of the chief cashier whose irregularities had lasted for a Long time without the Board discovering them than Aoler a slept Watkins is arraigned for theft. Moreover we do not read that the miserable Man was found out nicking Odd fivers from the neat bundles of bran new notes of which he had custody. On the contrary he had helped himself As occasion required for months past to Over 100 of them. The duties of or. Watkins were to number and tie up the bundles of new notes As they came from the printers. He bad annexed two bundles using fivers Only and there is nothing to show he might not have gone on robbing the old lady of thread Needle Street interminably. It was conscience drove the wretched Man to Fly on december 14 and to write to Hia Superior confessing his depredations. Watkins received �100 per annul and had been 40 years in the service of the Bank. In Hia suburban Home or. Watkins of the Bank of England was quite a personage. His family lived just a wee bit smarter than they should have done. The official enjoyed a Good dinner. These trifling facts led to the Money lenders and from their offices the descent to Avernus is certain and Swift. But the poor old Man had been honest Ever since Lull of Pride he entered the greatest of Banks a lad of 17. Nerves heart habit brain and Zoub Orenee revolted from theft. I can stand it no longer he confessed and Flung himself on the mercy of the Board. If the poor old Man went on 4u years service and a blighted career Tanir age have any voice i Hope the authorities will take my punishment As sufficient and not follow it up but of course the Una tin of Ilinor twin Ftp Nark they Are not pressing unduly on the culprit. Both this Case and that of or May prove Chat at is not Safe or desirable to leave even men of Long tried probity experience and responsibility in positions of supreme Trust without proper supervision. To make a comparatively poor Man like Watkins the custodian of Mil Lions and Nob to reasonably safeguard him against himself is both foolish and cruel. New evidence in the Maybrick Case crops up As regularly every year now As the Tea Serpent and proves on examination about As reliable a that Marine monster. The witness whose testimony the Baroness von Roques Hopes Fin Ftp nil Nolc the r3rviri of a inn a in the merchant service for whom or. Harris the latest solicitor to take up the matter states people vaguely have been searching for Many years his deposition sate Forth that he knew Maybrick in con Elution with the transit of Ootton cargoes Between Norfolk Virginia and Liverpool and was also a personal Friend. On one occasion on entering deceased s office in Norfolk he found him pouring a White powder like Pepper into some Hominy which he was mixing Over the fire. May Brick told the skipper it was arsenic. Man that is deadly Poison ejaculated the astounded visitor. We All take Poison More or less Maybrick replied calmly i am now eating enough arsenic to kill a Little. It will tickle up your cockles witness declined to experience this singular sensation. ? i take it once in a while to strengthen me Mab risk to nor Liiri View a if this belated Mariner could have Given his evidence at the trial and stood Cros Examina Tion i doubt if the matter would have weighed against the three Cardinal facts proved by the prosecution. L mrs. Maybrick by her own confession gave her husband a White powder. 2. He died with All the symptoms of arsenic poisoning. 3. She had a Strong motive for wishing to rid herself of him. We have by no Means done with the litigation in connection with the Ard Lamont mystery. Even if Monson escapes being re Quested to explain various signatures which the apparent writers have repudiated he will be sued for libel by major Hambrough. The Tetter s solicitors have in fact stated As much and begged the Public to suspend judgment on the major s conduct generally till this Case has been heard. It is also said there will be and amount of Law Over the �20,000 insurances effected on Young Hambrough s life. Too Ord ing to latest reports the Monona May get the Money. A minor in Scotland though he can not assign can it seems make a will and this u is Oon Senjea Young Jua Brough did an the Holograph letter assigning the policy to bus. Monson. Soott is the hero of a fresh Rumor every Day of the week. He has been recognised in Carlisle and fled that ancient to owing Bis Landlady a week s rent like Wise he has comm tilted suicide in an East end lodging House and been murdered in a Brawl m Colorado. One Well informed person met him in chancery Lane on Christmas night whilst the Steward of a new zealand liner unspecified solemnly declares that he has Noe october been a Barman in Chris Tehurel finally we Are assured that Scott has offered of Home Forward and give himself up on certain terms and that these have been refused. Finally of Youree the mystery of the Man s disappearance k As great As it has Ever fee of 1,000 guineas which the . Monson paid or. Comrie Thomson for a is z1 0s undoubtedly wrong Lily Well earned. Hia speech for the defence proved one of the finest forensic efforts Ever delivered in a scotch court and made an immense impression not merely on the jury Bat what was far More important on the Fadge. It a transpired that up to thurs Day the jury were absolutely unanimous for a conviction. Or. Thomson s speech however Shook them and the judge s summing up aroused All their cautious scotch instincts. The famous advocate s face fairly shone As the lord Justice clerk emphasised Point after Point on Wincn the defence relied. In rather less than ten minutes the situation had entirely changed and the experts in court were As much in favor of an acquit Fisl As they Tad previously been expectant of Oon Votion. Poor Charlie Boss the very Clever Young dancer who accompanied i think it was the first gaiety company to Australia died of decline at Cardiff on Christmas Day. He began life As an infant phenomenon at the London music balls Sod scored Success Ere he maa ten. For Many years he and Bis sister under the title of Maude and Charlie Boss were a favorite torn at the first class Halls in town the boy s step dancing being exceedingly Clever. Or. George Edwardes eventually persuaded Charlie Boss to join the gaiety com Pany As male dancer and during several seasons he filled the place subsequently taken by Fred Storey. Young Boss whose real name was Gant had countless friends and was Alto gather to use his pal s phrase a capital of Hap he had just turned 24 years of age. Miss Maria Jones who Pas with Lonnen s Gap by in Australia also died on boxing Day. You May remember her As Donna Inez in Don Juan Martha in Faust up to Date and similar comic old women parts. 1 can remember miss Jones m the sixties at the Oid strand theatre. She belonged to the class of actresses designated useful and fitted in Odd Corners admirably. In private life she was everything that is estimable and very popular. The complaint which carried minis Jones of was one irom which she suffered occasionally and not considered dangerous. The news of her death caused great Surprise and concern at the Lyric and gaiety theatres. _ the death of sir George Guiott who began life As a pit Laddie and worked his Wuy up to be a Coal owner a member of parliament a baronet and the president of the Institute of mining engineers deprives the world of the typical self made Man of the Century. For years sir George has been held up to the youth of Lancashire and Yorkshire As an example to be copied. He has also been exp Iricea to us in the pages old Uncan As air Gorgius Midas in Bubines it is a fact that old King Coal As he was irreverently nicknamed was Sharp As a razor and hard As nails. Lla knew How to judge men and few capitalists have been better or More economically served. Having risen from the ranks himself sir George naturally posed As a tory and Pooh poohed the masses. In society he consciously lived up to his prototype in punch. An enemy once Oon doled with the baronet on those disgraceful Carica Tures but his poisoned Dart glanced harmless y of sir George s colossal conceit. No one but a ? fool like you sir would suspect my Friend Dumaurier of making pictures out of me he replied Wrath fully. Lord Bea Oci Enfield Una Tuaone called a sincere regard Lor sir George and frequently invited him to Hughenden. Perhaps it would have been truer to say he never tired of studying the most remarkable specimen of a self made Man that these islands have produced politically sir George was certainty a curio for he voted consistently against All measures for the amelioration of the condition of the masses. There Are Many Scotchman in the Antipodes and they will relish the following Good Story of How a simple Highlander skinned toe Eye of a would be smart base enact. In one of the Western islands lives a very considerable Wise on a Par with his intellectual capacity. He is Worth a sight o brass but in person he is so skel pit and mean that strangers Are Apt to treat him contemptuously. One Day on Board a local Steamer our Friend a Bee name Tor the purposes of this Story shall be Mactavish made the acquaintance of an eng Lish drummer of loud complexion. This person set himself to take a Rise out of the diminutive and shabby Highland Man. They were taking a dram in company and bags was boasting of Bis Trade connection in the Highlands and the islands. Aye and what was it that you was Selli what Effer queried Mau Mavisb. Of every thing from coals to coffins j said bags with a chuckle. Aye Aye Aud was it coins you sell i dear dear but you will not be Sellin Many coffins in these parts at Alii of yes. Heaps of pm said bags at All prices delivering them every Day Aud what will be the prices of your coffins More over1 of i have pm at All prices from 2s. Fld. To �20. Well Well it will be a baby s a Oisin at 2s. 9d. Not a bit of it said bags a full sized 6i by a it. Deal Box Well made Well seasoned and finished furnished with screws and handles All for 2s. 9d. Cash Mactavish meditated awhile Over the Manifest advantages of secur ing a Supply of 6i by in it Deal boxes at 2s. 9t. A piece if Only for herring packing. An do you deliver those Vonins at that Price 1 yes Eaid bags Carriage paid to Portree Stornoway or where you like Well Eye Mac suddenly waking up from Bis confidences with the whisky Tumbler i la Tak a thousand of the coffins Tor Cash to be delivered at once. An Here s Tae be right you Are quoth Baga taking the joke and the drama la Book you but i m Binkin you la be some time a working Oil that Stock maybe Aye said Mac. Hut a memory s not coot and you will be a atm just a Little note Down in my Book v the pocket Book was produced and bags following up his joke jotted Down the order and initialled it for the term. Then another dram and yes another and finally a parting. Some weeks later the principals of the Bagman received a Curt note from a. Mactavish asking Why Louo coffins at 2s. Cd. Each As per specification bad not been delivered and requesting them to be forwarded by next Steamer Treigh paid without fail. As the firm knew no More about comas than they knew about chinese being wholly in the Sof Gootis line their bewilder ment May be imagined. They queried they boo fied they argued and blustered but All to no purpose. Mactavish held them responsible for the action of their drummer and finally the term had to part with a Good round sum in lieu of delivery. The Fate of the smart Young Man need not be told. A queer Varn Ching a War Dinc names from Hugot Etten in Baden. The Burger Meister bad arranged to marry a Young couple on a certain Day. The appointed hour arrived and with it the Bride and her relations but the bridegroom came not. After an hour s delay the lather of the missing Man came upon the scene with the news that his Eon to celebrate his wedding Day had imbibed so freely As to utterly incapacitate him self. He was in bed and to bad that there was no Chandoo of his getting up that Day. Of course the Young lady cried off altogether but in Germany the parents have a greater say in the marriage of their children than the principals and they wanted to arrange for the wedding to take place next morn ing. Herr bin Germeister however did not fall in with this solution of the difficulty. He had made arrangements to Start upon his holi Day Jaunt on the Morrow and did not tee his Way to postpone. If said he to the elderly bearer of the untoward news your Sou chooses to gee drunk be cannot expect every one to alter plans to suit him the wedding must take place without him accordingly the ceremony was gone through without what is generally considered a necessary for a wedding a bridegroom. The Register was duly signed a Blank being left for the husband 8 signature. This was duly tilled in upon the Young Man s recovery from his pre nuptial Debauch. The Burgermeiste s original plan of marriage came to the knowledge of tiie higher authorities and he has been relieved of his position. The question not yet decided is Are the pair legally married or to legit Matise their Issue will they have to undergo a second ordeal or. Pyne s experiences in Afghanistan. Few men have had More interesting Pioneer ing experiences than or. Thomas Salter Pyne c.s.i., the englishman who has introduced the mechanical arts of steam and electric manufactures into Afghanistan Aud a representative of the St. James s Gazette has Beon fortunate in getting him to talk about them. For a Long time after his arrival in the country and for Long periods since or. Pyne was the one solitary european in Afghanistan. At the present time there Are but three europeans who regard Kabul As their place of abode. They Are or. Pyne who is styled chief Engineer to the government of Afghanistan or. F. H. Cletu ence his Able second who is superintendent and purchaser of horses to the afghan government and or. Walter the government tailor. Or. Pyne is a native of Coventry or. Clemence is a Young Cheshire Man and or. Walter also is a mid Lander. Or. Pyne who As the Public is aware accompanied sir Mortimer Dur and on his return to London the other Day is a smart Good looking Well built Man of Between 30 Aud 35 High bowed clean shaven save for a Mous tache Well fleshed a Man of vigor and muscle As Well As brain just the Man in fact for his work of pioneering european civilisation among the haughty and sturdy afghans. In him and his colleagues the Ameer has Excel Lent servants and they on their part Evi Dently entertain a genuine respect for the character of their employer. A better Man you could never Home across was the phrase used in i talk with the interviewer. If you treat him property and Are honest and straightforward he will treat you properly. We Are perfectly Safe As Long As the Ameer is alive and you Are absolutely the Only three englishmen who live at Kabul ? ? that is so. There have been others but owing to a Little awkwardness caused by them selves some of them left the country in Mav last year and the remainder in september. We _ had a doctor there and a geologist a mining Engineer three assistant engineers a Tanner a Currier a Gardener and an assistant in the department. Those have All left. About four years ago there were two other engineers but they left the afghan service on their time expiring. And there Are no English traders or visitors f none whatever. We englishmen Are quite by ourselves. We have our separate rooms in the compound of the workshops and save when out of the country we see nobody but afghans from one year s end to Ano Euer. Or. Pyne was kindly received by the Ameer when he first set foot in Kabul and has been Well treated by him Ever since. He had a Good Deal of trouble at first nevertheless. It was. Of course very distasteful to Moham Medan fanatics to Nave an unbeliever put among them and it was not Nice for an englishman in that position to remember that a moslem thinks killing a unbeliever a certain passport not for the unbeliever to a better world. That led one Day to a Little incident or. Pyne is shy of talking and did not himself Tell the Story tie bad a narrow escape of death by the Bayonet. When he was Riding into Kabul one Day to the Post office which is a Little place in the Structure of one of the outer Walls of the drag Palace a Soldier thrust his Bayonet at him. Had not his horse riven a Sharp turn Pyne would have Felt that Bayonet. The matter was reported of the Ameer and since then they manage these things easily in Afghanistan very Little has been heard of the impulsive Soldier. Then when the machinery arrived for the workshops the Ameer had commissioned or. Pyne to establish there was Home manifestation of religious objection. When or. Pyne was get thug up an engine the playful afghan would amuse himself and. As he hoped propitiate the Prophet by emptying the boilers at night causing a lot of mischief. That sort of annoyance was cured in time. The Ameer let his subjects see that he meant to uphold the englishman in his inoffensive work and As they pay at Kabul if the i am is with you who can be against you i but the people still contend that the machinery is to eed of the Devil. Visitors from the country districts come in and see the machines at work and Are conv used that there is something fearful As Well As wonderful about Teui. Also they Are often heard to exclaim what marvellous people these Feri Chees Are we have in Kabul an electric Plant and we Are putting up shops for electroplating do you to say you have the electric Light in Kabul ? we have the Elmo Crio Light and also the Telephone. At drag the Ameer s chief Palace the Garden is lighted by a big electric Globe Light. The Telephone is from the Palace to the workshops but that is not now in working order. Royalty used it so much in the Middle of to night that Toni Howis Prat disconnected very unfortunate Pray what else Are you going to do Well we Are about laying Down a railway from the workshops to a Marble Quarry about 10 or 12 Miles out of Kabul. Ullh Ameer has the intention of building a new Kabul a new City of Marble which we shall get from the Quarry anything else we Are build Nir a Nanor Mill also a Large Sawmill but it is not at Kabul Yon Bave no Lack of metals for your manufactures v there Are plenty in the country although not much worked yet Gold and Silver and very Good Iron also Lead and Antimony and any Quantity of Nitro. Iron Ore is plentiful in various parts besides All the activity disclosed in the above conversation the of Gibau government is taking notable strides in the matter of improving the live Stock of the country and introducing european dress. And it is eats factory to learn that the Ameer has Liberal notions with regard to Trade with his neigh bore which May Home Day result in a very prosperous and mutually advantageous com Merce Between great Britain and Afghani Stan. A dramatic Duel. The London daily Telegraph s Vienna Cor respondent sends details of one of the most remarkable duels on record which took place Early in december. The principals Wero a Well known physician Aud a military Olicer in appears the doctor invited a number of friends to his Bunting Box near kor Nomburg 13 Miles from Vienna. The estate rental by Garrison the members of which Are nearly ail passionate disciples of Nimrod and rather resent the neighbourhood of civilians or Philis tines As they Call them. When or. X. Reached the limit of his grounds a officer on the opposite Side of the Border cried out Here Are these ? viennese philistines again whereupon the physician s Gorge Rose and he demanded an instant apology. But the Mere notion of such a thing made the military Man wild and be took to swinging his heavy Hunting stick in a most threatening manner and would Bave floored his antagonist then and there had not a group of officers come up in the Nick of time Aud pre vented the outrage. Then the doctor politely requested his assailant to give he name but the pugnacious Loncer refused Point Blank. ? very Well then exclaimed the doctor turning on his Heel to rejoin his guests i will take 6 Ood care that i shall have full Satis faction whereupon the officers disappeared in the Forest. Next Day the physician was up betimes drove Over to the Barracks of kor Neuburg called upon the commanding officer and narrated the incident of the eve winding np7 with a request to Bavo the officer challenged to meet him in fair fight. The military authorities however contrary to usage induced their brother in arms to give them a written Declara Tion to the effect that he apologised for his conduct and regretted that he had insulted duo Vul him to. Kijuu Vul 3 jul j Amidol Willu to u1uj self the son of an austrian general declined to accept the apology and insisted on an Appeal to arms. The n to was informed that hip antagonist was professor of fencing in the military Academy of Wiener Neustadt and one of the most Brilliant swordsmen in Europe but the doctor declared that if be possessed the sword of Vachek it would not matter in the least and that come what might they must Cross swords. Preliminaries were therefore arranged and the Duel Larue of strange to say the doctor was so certain of the Palm of Victory in spite of the Odds against him that he made an appointment with his guests of the previous sunday whom in under took to meet one hour subsequent to the time fixed for the combat to take place. The weapons were sharpened sabres there were three rounds in All in each one of which the officer received a Cut the last one slitting his Cheek and depriving him of two Teeth. Or. X. Was unhurt. The regimental physician on being appealed to for his opinion declared that although the Duel was Over one of the wounds were sufficiently serious to end the dispute definitely according to the received code of Honor whereupon tha principals agreed to meet again in the afternoon and wind up the with pistols. Meanwhile the Vietn firms Nitro Indian pm. His appointment with his friends and travelled with them to Vienna intending to re turn by train after dinner. But scarcely was he seated in the railway Carriage when the conductor slamming the door suddenly crushed the thumb of his right hand and caused him intense agony. Of his arrival in Vienna an operation was performed on the mutilated member by a professor of the University who ordered him to carry his hand in a Eling. Despite the face that his pistol hand was thus utterly be less to him. Or. X. Was punctually on the ground at the hour fixed determined to make the Bast of a bad bargain Aud use his left hand if not killed or wounded before his turn should come to shoot for the off tray a minor Fyk person challenged had the right of tiring Birtt. The signal being Given the Militar professor his face patched with of clicking plaster raised his pistol and fired carefully. The Ball grazed the doctor s neck at first indeed it was believed to have struck him Bat he stood in his place unmoved. Than lifting his pistol in his Lefo hand he fired and the officer at once fell heavily to the ground without a sound. Hushing up to his antagonist or. X. Asked him sympathetically Ard you much Hurt what do you feel but he received no reply. His adversary struck in the Chest Lay unconscious on the Damp Earth whence the seconds had him speedily conveyed to Hir Home. He is not expected to re Jover. The physician returned to Vienna where during the name evening he had to undergo a second and very painful Ops ration upon his thumb. This affair of hour is the All absorbing topic of conversation in Vienna and Budapest a plea for the prize ring. Or. A. Conan Doyle the Well known novelist in a letter to the London daily chronicle of introverts a statement in its columns to the effect that the prize ring has never produced heroic qualities. He 6aye Tho poor ring has to fallen from its former glory in these Days of crossed tights and paper to ilk that we May at least allow it credit for what it has been. It bred a Laco of men of indomitable courage Aud Energy. I cannot Una Krstana now any one acquainted with their record can doubt it. At Waterloo there was As far As i know Only one professional pugilist on the Field Shaw the Iafe guardsman who had he lived would probably have held the Cham Pion Belt of England. The Homeric combat in which Shaw and colonel Meliv fought Back to Back is now a matter of history. It was said that ten lancers Aud Cuirass ers were Cut Down by him before be was shot the number of the first class pugilist whose deeds were matters of Public interest was at any one time very limited. Yet among this Small body of men we have Many examples of nobility of character. The incident of Pearce can rame thick in. If incr Hin life in t Street Bristol by getting on the parapet of a burning House to pull the upper window by the wrists when her safety had been despaired of is a Well known and authentic Case. As to the innumerable cases where men like Gribb Pearce and Randeau interfered to protect the weak or to defend women from insult Are they not written in Pierce Egan or in the reliable pages of Roxiana one Champion of Vingiano John Giuily became a member of parliament though in those decorous Days he did cot find the same Field for his talents there which he might have had More recently. The old prizefighter were As a Rule men of steady Law abiding habits if Only for the fact that they always either kept or hoped to keep a Public House. In either Case their License depended of their behaviour. Their main fault was that they often consumed too much of their own Stock so that it was a rare thine for any of them to a a a. In at Blair Tel Milot Tui a inv to �k_j1 we of Var uom4 a a Hwy cd a us 1u Lului that ewer men lost their lives through the ring in a whole generation than Are killed by football or Hunting in one season. During the whole of the time when the ring was at its height i can Only recall one fatal fight that Between Curtis and Ned Turner. On the other hand the exhibition of systematic fair play must have been an object lesson to the hundreds who saw and the thousands who read. It is time enough to discourage any instinct when it has leased to be of use to the Community. With All Europe one armed Camp the fighting instinct is As necessary in this country now As Ever it has been and the Day May be coming when we May find that our ancestors had some reason for its systematic encouragement. It is really the ring Side betting Aud Ruffia ism which have killed the ring but the pugilist them splits were i think men who had much of the heroic in their natures. The old love and the new. Before you can be said to know a Man Yon must have eaten 40 1b. Of Salt in his company says an Eastern proverb the truth of which is corroborated by the following interesting episode in the life of a Vienna artist rea.t-=d by a correspondent of the Soudou daily Tdeo Raph of january 19. Like most titles of Courtesy artist is a trifle elastic and i Raj eau a., Aii Hough a permanent attraction on the boards of Oue of the popular music Halls of the City could scarcely be regarded As a priestess of any of the nine muses. True. 6he Sang several favorite songs every night which were vociferously applauded by the Golden youths who probably would not have accepted a free pats to hear Patti warble but Lor All that she might have truly said i do but sing because i Inuss and an impartial critic would have certainly added her voice was Ever soft gentle and Low a excellent thing in a woman though less commendable in a diva on the other baud she was universally admitted to a a thing of Beauty. Her eyes raining influence and reflecting gems the gems of her admirers and As for her Amber dropping tresses they were of the kind of which the poet wrote that Beauty draws us with a single hair Small wonder that the aesthetically inclined Eon of a wealthy viennese manufacturer should have been smitten by the charms of Fraulein a., and having no words to express his feelings should have uttered them in diamonds and pearls. His father an indulgent Man of the world having made up Bis mind that youth must have its fling smiled Good bum redly at the passing follies of his Sou in expectation of the Dawn of Wisdom of which they must obviously be the Harbinger. But it soon became evident that it was no Mere transitory fancy and that a Fortunatus purse would scarcely suffice to pay the Cost of the jewellery. Then the irate Parent put Down his foot and ordered his son to Reform. The youth refused. The father insisted and the a the enamoured Ewan declared that he cared nothing Lor life without the society of his goddess. Fearing tragical Coce Equit aces tha old Man hoisted the White Flag and his adversary remained in Possession or the Field. Very shortly after this a Happy Accident occurred to get things right again. A rival to the Young a i Ovelace appeared upon the scene and Cut him out As neatly As a ladies tailor. This was an elegant Young gentleman with repossess ing manners plastic and Graceful movements and All the ways and Means of a grand Seig Neur. He was introduced As Baron g., and be took the fair one s heart by storm in the course of the first evening putting his rival completely bore de combat. The very next Day the wealthy manufacturer s son received Bis papers so to say and in spite of gems and diamonds was informed that his services could in future be dispensed with. It was a cruel sen tence and nearly killed Tho victim who became literally mad and had to be conveyed but of v Lenna by some Strong men Ana kept in surveillance for Home time before he recovered his tenses. This was the second act of the drama. The last act has just been played in one of the principal cafes of Vienna. It was night about 1 o clock and Fri Klein a., having executed All her songs and reaped the never failing applause was now heated aft table with her new protector Baron g., Aud a select company of wits and sybarite receiving homage and conferring Bliss. It was a very Jovial gathering and attracted the attention of the few serious people who were Bitting apart Reading their papers and sipping their Coffee. Oue Gruff old gentleman especially seemed to study the faces of the merry makers with a degree of scrutiny bordering upon rudeness. Then he Rose from his place sauntered up to the cashier and Eaid those people Over there appear to be thoroughly enjoying them selves. But i wonder they Don t try to manage it without the help of a convict who has just served his time what a convict whom do you mean ? Why i know the 1 mean that handsome Young fellow there sitting beside the lady now it was the cashier s turn to Rise and Goi Jig Over to the artists Circle he repeated what he Imd heard so loudly that All present in the cafe could hear every word. The Baron sprang from his seat As if stung Aud exclaimed where is the foul slanderer who dares to ? but the Gruff old gentleman interrupted him and Eaid quietly i made the assertion. My name is x., and my position is ? Aud Here he mentioned the Post he occupied in the ministry of Justice prison Section where upon the Baron disappeared As if by magic Aud the company broke up like a before the summer Sun the lady having first had a alight fainting attack to which however Bhe denied Ordinary fair play. That evening she evidently eang her Swan s song for she will never again appear on the boards of that music Hall nor probably of any other in Vienna. Co operation in nature. Professor c. Stewart lectured at the London institution on thursday night january is on the Way in which diff irent animals plants and living organisms enter into co operative unions for their Mutual Protection. The first example of associated life was the common Lichen forming so pleasant a Relief with its Gold Brown and prey tones on the Walls and in Fly of a hrs a Iii Cru Coria Era to a a Colony of soft Green cells of protoplasm living in close juxtaposition with a surround ing Colony of minute fungus cells. The Green cells or Al a found food for the fungus growth the protective and reproductive cells of which gave us the various tints so much admired. In the next example touched upon Tho professor carried his audience off to the ver Durous forests of tropical America Aud had something to say about the struggle for existence going on amongst the vegetable life which teem 9 under conditions of abundant neat Ana Tooa. L be Leat Cut tag ants dwell in Tumuli at a depth of 5 it. Or 6 it. Below the surface of the Earth. Each of tha Chambers there found is about two thirds full of what is apparently Brown snuff in the midst of which warms of Small Ante Are busily running about engaged in their duties. The scuff How Ever is nothing else than a compost formed by Mast Cating the leaves of Trees. The leaves Are not used As food. The compost is used for the purpose of growing on its surface a special kind of fungus which is the special food of the ant and that with which in particular it feeds its Young. A crop of fungus is kept in perpetual cultivation on the Leaf Mould soil. The eggs after thy Are batched by the Queen aut Are tended with marvellous Devotion by a special raw of Small ants called nurses whose methods seem in ludicrous travesty of the human kind of nurse. Tha egg which is half a Chrysalis opens its Mouth Whan it requires food whereupon half a do in nurses bite off some fungus in the Garden and hasten to parity the Little creature by tilling Ita Mouth. Tho fully grown Chrysalis is assisted out of its Case with the greatest surgical care eau no As it w presented is Caret Uley and affectionately massaged and shampooed. The newly born infant 19 carefully tended in its first toddling Steps until it can bite off and eat fungus on its own account. Equally marvellous Are the ways of the much larger and More powerful class which goes Forth in a continual Stream climbs Trees bites eff whole leaves and carry them Back to the caverns Lor mastication by tha nursing ants. The Stream of harvesters is Euper intended and directed by one or two powerful Fellows who do to work themselves but merely direct Tho labor of others. Even division of labor is under stood by these creatures. One gang will remain up in the Trees chopping off the leaves another will effect the removal of the fallen material from the ground Beut ath. Perhaps the most human feature about the nursing Community is that they gee an occasional Day out for exercise amusing themselves during their Holiday by running about the ground and occasionally taking a ride Home on the top of Home Leaf borne by their larger and More powerful Kindred. Naturally the professor pointed out the foliage was devastated terribly by them. But there is it appears one species of acacia which defies their attacks by a device which it appears to have developed on its own account. This device which was described in a Exerina of a. Cellenti illustrations a nothing less than keep ing a special Bryd of ants housed and fed of the branches which fiercely repel any of the Leaf eating intruders. The acacia has developed 1 special houses for the protecting Ante distils plenty of Honey and Oil to give them food in the shape of solid Hydro carbons and nothing neglectful also provides fountains of the nitrogenous or Fiest forming Nutriment on Tho Points of its leaves. Liere a every thing an ant requires from birth to death on a Oil Gro ainu a Tutu a web Uruu injuring gn6 Plant itself. The virulence of these ants in repelling the attacks of other ants was de scribed As intense. Space does not permit us to describe Many other curiosities brought for Ward by professor Stewart. We must be con tent in conclusion to refer to the self Proteno Tive habits of a Little fish which invariably Fol lows the sea Cucumber about in its slow wanderings. The sea Cucumber is practically a great hollow sausage open at either end. Immediately danger threatens the Little fish bolts into this convenient receptacle where he remains As the professor said with a Happy smile on his face waiting until the Clouds Roll by. ? a ? to ? i see Eves the peopled remedy. Morris s eve ointment still without a rival alter fifth year,-,1 be throughout astr la. Nothing like it and no Home Safe without Ita being sways Atman. s a me Muat be on every pot. Sold everywhere. Large Pota 2a. A a def Terai to0. Australian natives association. Address by the Hon. E. C. Baker. An address entitled an introduction to political Economy was delivered at the fort right in meeting of the . At Beach s Romais on monday evening february 2 5, by the Hon. R. C. Baker c.m.g., president of the legislative Council. There wag a Good attendance and or. W. P. Auld president occupied the chair. .1 no vol a n h ecu Haicl cd �1u in his introductory remarks that political Economy As a science was not recognised by statesmen it was often scuffed to by politicians eager for popularity it was not taught in our schools the great bulk of the Community never thought whether or not any proposed action is or is not in accordance with its Laws and the press would unhesitatingly support any proposed action which is popular utterly regardless of political Economy As a science. Notwithstanding this we might depend upon it that the Laws which it is the function of political Economy to Detine exist. The governed by Laws and although human thought and mental ability had Only discovered and formulated some of such Laws every new Dis covery rendered in More and More probable that nothing exists and nothing happens except As a necessary consequence to some casual antecedent or group of antecedents Aud that a perfect knowledge of the past and the present necessarily includes a perfect knowledge of the future. After dealing with the mistakes As to cause and effect made by the earlier writers on political Economy the lecturer Eaid it was often objected that economic truths Are too abstract to be a guide to practical action. Now if any Conception or Law was Correct and True Tho More abstract it was the More extended its scope the More Weicht it ought to have and the More certainly would the disobedience of its teaching be visited with disastrous consequences whether such disobedience be by an individual or by the state. Although such writers As Jevons Marshall and the Duke of Argyle had shattered into fragments some of the false conceptions and theories of Ricardo Mill Aud the older writers Uliey had Mere firmly established borne of the conclusions of their predecessors and had widened and strengthened the foundations of the science by new conceptions and new theories. The first questions which must be answered were Kas anyone or ought Ady one to have the right to the exclusive posses Sion and be of anything and if so of what ? was there any natural or divine Law which forbids any tyrant whether tue tyrant be called a King or society or any other name to deny and confiscate such rights f 13otjh Pika nah nil Iris Al answered emphatically yes and history asserted that although such rights have been constantly challenged and denied All Nega Tion of such rights has one and Only one result suffering stagnation decay and death both to the individual and to the nation and an ultimate relapse into absolute barbarism. A right to an exclusive use of a thing was quite different from a right to an unobstructed use of the eau thing and this difference must constantly be borne in mind. The first rights of exclusive Possession and use which a Man can claim were to his own mental and bodily Powers. The abolition of slavery was followed by the equally mischievous fallacy that it was within the scope and Power of the legislature to fix a rate of wage and the hours during which a labourer shall work and although actual results proved the futility of those measures yet in modern Days and even in countries where Freedom is supposed to have made her Home it almost appeared that Man is not fitted to be free for we found the same exploded and disproved fallacies advocated and urged upon the legislature for its adoption. This proposition in the reign of Louis Xiv. Was adopted and believed by All the governing classes that it is the undoubted privilege of the King to sell the right of any of his subjects to dispose of his labor what a howl of just indignation would be now any such proposition attempted to be enforced or even proposed and yet we saw that organisations unknown to tue Swand the Constitution claim and exercise those same privileges. They said unless you belong to our Union and pay the Entrance fee you shall not work with us in this locality in this or that Trade which was often practically the same As saying you shall not work at All if the right of exclusive Possession and use was once admitted it was an easy step to conceive of its extending to external objects and we found that such right has been claimed and exercised by Mankind during All historic times in All countries and in All states of society and that their exercise and Extension has been contemporaneous with the rhe and Extension of civilisation. This right of exclusive Possession and use might be held by a the tribe Jer nation & the family c some artificial Section of some defined Community or d the individual and it was an undoubted fact that in canons stages of the history of the world and of countries various kinds of property have been held sometimes in one of these manners and sometimes in another. When the first rude attempts at cultivation arose a less communal Possession of Laud became a necessity and in some instances the family and in others the Village stage of communistic Possession of land was developed. It was astonishing How in some of the Back slums of civilisation and Progress for what a Leusch of time this stagnant and uneconomic stage has Exi Ted and we were told that there was for a Long time Oue great drawback to the economic Progress of Scotland arising out of imperfect Possession which was due to no defect in the Law Bat entirely to an ancient custom which once prevailed universally Over Europe which gave Way but slowly to the Progress of knowledge and improvement which lasted longest in the most backward districts of the celtic area and which has been Down even to our own time the abiding cause of stagnation of poverty frequently amounting to destitution and not Seldom of actual famine this was the by Stern of cultivating the land by men living in Village Settle ments under the system called in Scotland rung and in. Ireland Rundale under this system there was no certainty of Possession for any individual of the group because the arable land was divided into patches which changed hands by lot every year among the members of the Village bet Lement. The reason and origin of the drawing of lots was the struggle for Equality so that no Man should monopolise the Best soil. Pernicious As this system had been it was now attempted in South Australia to revive it under a worse form. In Tho rung Village settlement a Man was at All events entitled to reap what he had sown but in the South australian Village settlement not even this Small modicum of individual ownership was to be permitted. In All those nations which Are in the Van of Progress and civilisation the unseen but inexorable working of natural Law had forced into existence and firmly planted in men s minds the conclusion that the right to exclusive Possession and use whether of land or moveable in absolutely essential to Tho exis tence of society in & highly civilised condition. The old definition of wealth that it includes every material object which is u3eful to or desired by Man might not be incorrect but in certainly was defective and led to the Uso of the word in an entirely different sense to that which is commonly meant. The Duke of Argyle in his great and recent work tha unseen foundations of society appeared to most adequately define and Analyse this word. He said wealth is the Possession in comparative abundance of things which Are the legitimate object of human desires and which Are desired by men who Are Able As Well As anxious to acquire them at the Cost of Home sacrifice or exertion there were two kinds of Possession absolute and temporary Aud it was concerning the nature of the latter that some i tue Usebia Ai errors Naa Ueen made it 11 gave a an absolute Grant of something in return for the temporary use of land Money Bouses or any other chattel it was called rent if the subject matter is land or pianos interest if it is Money and in some cases hire but the nature of the transaction was the same in All cases. Salaries and wages were also of he same nature. They often heard that the producer should be favourably considered and men who should know better sometimes described All the great army of distributors such As judges merchants agents lawyers and others As necessary of these conceptions was in Correct. In the care of a bag of wheat delivered at port Adelaide it must Bave been grown on the land and in Allu Aoa duo Diu Cuil i cuu or is equivalent was one of the elements of production. There was the farming Plant to be considered and the accumulated brain Power and mental activity of thousands of years were factors in tie result. The Farmer s plough his sower his reaping machine the railway which brings his wheat to the port were All important ele ments in the production. The manual labor not Only of the actual ploughman and the reaper but of the railway employees who Aid in its carnage to port Adelaide who bring it from a place where it is absolute v valueless in Oon sequence of an excess of Supply Over de Mand to a place where there is an effective demand for it were All in the sense of the words producers of the wheat where it be comes of value. And above and behind All these causes of production was a stable government and a bed and just system of Juris prudence. Mental capacity and Energy were the largest factors in the production of wealth. A arts inventions machine re tools systems of jurisprudence and capital were the results of mental capacity and activity. The physical labourer in his lifetime was a Small Factor in production and when he died he ceased to exist As a producer but the mind of Man lives after him and continues its work for generation after generation. Economic ser Mone properly so called had nothing to do with the happiness of Mankind. It might be questioned whether Man in a highly civilised state in which wealth has largely accumulated is happier than he Wab when he had less material comforts and those who affirm the negative Point to the unrest and discontent which undoubtedly exist among Large classes of the nations who Are in the Van of civilisation. The causes of these results could not now be discussed buc comparing great Britain with itself at different epochs they would see How false the assertion that the Rich Are becoming Richer and the poor poorer Reily is. In great Britain the income of the wage earners in i5o0 was equal to the entire income of the whole nation in 1800, and the income of the same class in 1ss0 was equal to the entire income of tha whole nation in Kiwi. Again in Lis 13 the wage earners in great limit a numbered to ? 1 1 ? ? .i.t. U8. Ana l a received an income of 2o5 millions the total income of the whole nation being 515 millions. In la to the Wagn earners numbered ii3 Neil Lions and they received an income of Glio millions. Their Ioco us in 1s 3 exceeded the whole income of Tho Whoso nation in 1s43 by 145 millions and in proportion to their number they received 47 millions More than the whole nation in 1s43. If we went to any other european country where statistics have been kit we found similar results and if we looked around South Australia Aud noted the fact that hundreds of Able bodied men who say that they Are the poorest among the Community refuse the offer which the govern ment has made them that for Oue Day s easy work they Thall receive one week s food although we might say that the poor Are becoming More discontented and that their Standard of the value of their muscular Capaci ties is extremely High we could not say that they Are becoming poorer. It must Al wave be borne a mind that during the present Century the Price of food clothing and All the Neces Saries of life has been constantly falling so that the economic condition of the poorer classes As compared with their economic condition in former years is not adequately measured by the increased Money wages. That there in and has been poverty and destitution in All countries and under All social conditions cannot be disputed and the inspired utterance the poor be have always with you seemed to be a recognition of the results which must inevitably arise from the working of the a it seems to Many cruel and relentless Law which governs All organic nature the Law of the sur Vival of the fittest. Thia Law they All deplored but it was one which can Only is Miti gated by the discovery formulation and Obser Vance of Laws. All he had attempted to show was that one of the Laws which govern the growth of the organism called society is that Man should have the right to the exclusive Possession and use of Bis mental Aud physical faculties and of those things which constitute wealth that the negation of the first pro position would justify slavery and of the second would cause the human race to perish by starvation. If any of them would admit the correctness of the conceptions he had endeavoured to convey he must come to the conclusion that a great Deal of legislation which has been passed of late years in this and other countries and a great Many of what with unconscious irony Are called Liberal and advanced proposals Are returns to fallacies and to systems of society which Bave been tried and abandoned by those Over whom we vaunt cur greater knowledge and Wisdom. Cheers or. E. P. Nesbit proposed a vote of thanks to or. Baker for his paper. Although be had the highest appreciation of or. Baker s prac tical sagacity he was somewhat disappointed with his philosophy and with much of his reasoning. He Leared or. Baker had been misled in his reasoning by my. Mallock a Clover statistician but the Prince of sophists. One palpable source of confusion was that the lecturer had not distinguished Between the so called Lawn of nature and the Laws Laid Down by a legislature. There waa no such thing As government in the Law of nature although there might be it Quence. In seemed to Hans the sole question for the legislature to con Sider was what is most expedient for tha state t As to trades unions he and air. Baker were the fortunate members of one of Themo to successful trades unions that Ever existed. Laughter or. It. V. O log Lis. M.l.c., seconded the motion which alter further discussion was carried unanimously. School of mines and Indus. Tries. A meeting of the Council of the school of mines and industries was held on monday there being present mess a. J. L. Bonython chairman. Scherk m.p., a. Adamson l. Grayson r. E. Rogers Tro Festor Rennie and the registrar or. J. J. . The chairman reported Tea a the scholarships had been awarded As follows first year Day 1s93, Herbert Ridgway Shillas Day 18rf4, Edgar Hogan Taylor. Second year Day 1s94. Herbert rid was Shillas no Minnir 1s 4 John William Moule. Third year Day 1894, William Henry Jones Lewis evening 1s94, Alfred Edwin Davis. H 4 also mentioned that the fees for associate Day Soude uts had been reduced from �5 5s. To �3 3s. Per term. The finance committee reported that the credit balance at the Bank amounted to �519 16s. 6d. The report was adopted. The registrar reported that the first term began on the 20tb, and the number enrolled had been in huh larger than for any previous opening week. Three Hundred and six names were recorded by saturday. The largest pre Vious enrolment for an opening week was Iso. In some of the Industrial classes it was to find a greater amount of in Terest shown during the currency of the term than at the beginning. This was probably due to the act that students and visitors had their attention drawn to them while they were engaged at work. It was suggested that classes such As those and perhaps some of the science classes also would be much increased in their numbers if some form of popular lecture or exhibition open to the Public were Given on the first night meeting. The three circuits into which the electric Light installation was divided bad been More evenly balanced by transferring four of the rooms from the Western to the Southern circuit. By this Means a considerable Economy in Gas lighting had Bien secured. Donations been made by the Abief store tary messes. J. R. Mckay r. Mckenzie and a. Bethune. The report was received. An arrangement was made with or. F. Chappie headmaster of Prince Alfred College for a carpentry class on wednesday after Noons. An application from students for the forma Tion of an electrical engineering class second year was referred to professor Bragg and or. Chapman for report. The zoological society. A meeting of the Council of the zoological society was held at the of co of or. Henry scots on Friday february 23. There were present or. Henry Scott president in the chair sir William Milne. Sir e t. Smith or. Barlow or. J. H. Finlayson and the director or. A. C. Minchin. The director a sorted that the h a to a Siam was suffering from a sloughing ulcer in the left Eye and that she is now under the Cara 01 the society s honorary veterinary surgeon and or. Symons. Tenders for the year s sup plies were considered. The Council acknowledged the following gifts received since the last meeting Peu Kuln o. S. Haddy Booboo Cal Jask Eod ? Kong Moo j. Mcrostie Blue Longua Lizard a. W Ware White rat �. Giffin Knafle f. J. Tuker 2 Parrot Bliss k. Sanders opossum Mia hum Berteon 3 e.-, 1 Kry Wallaby unknown 3 Laj Taukiu put us z canaries lira scam ice ? 2 ponies w. W. Rankine Brown Snake h. He much i Tuatara i a j. Shaw Bittern l. Guylor 18 Whito rate p. 1. is Blakee miss k. Mats Hawk a. She eaglehawk air. Markey Snake a. Yug heu 7 Cutie cats. C. Qum 1 Young emus m Beith i opossum v Eilev ? teen Monfrey w. E. Stoke 2 doves Ilisa Barlow 1 Brown Snake h. Make 1 night Jar miss c. Sampson 1 Snake �. St. Lieut be 1 Homo to. Museum v. White raw a. To Raifeh Kin Crider. U. L. Phi Mia a cite Dove a. Wil hiatus Booboo of i w. Lop Jae native cart or. Thurton 6 magpies b. N. Colley 8 Piebald rate. G. Maybes Snake e. St. George 7 a Piee e. N. Couty cockatoo d. Lin Mastui Landrail miss o. Ute Black Swan f. J. Sander cd 2 try Wai Iubile. Do. By rec e. Flaws to 1 Emu m. Green 1 opossum mrs Green 2 Bill or gulls f. J. Sao Dereon 2 Mountain ducks do. 2 i in Hawke 2 jacks Detford 1 Wal Uby h. Lia Ibert 8 magpies e. A. Siam cell native cat or. Warner 1 Emu L. Ware signs Jar u. Is. Heo Pierson opossum c. Evrew Black duct k. N. Colly , w. G. Road la Black Duel. Mrs. Colly 4 magpies Mies Iuo Cost native Turkey. J. Hedder eaglehawk . Eagles 6 Black Dick. It. N. Holley Eucyle Hawk. L. H. Giles 2 Cruwe. E. A. P. Burt 5 plonk swans 1 Tutle 1 native pheasant. Us. Germoe Cau Heas it Grey Wau Auy Blue Root. Unknown z Laud Puidk jacks p. A. Hora laughing Jack mra. Scam Neil Dino f. Oct i oppose to o. 3. A Loeb Black swab. 3. N. Willie 4 Silver pud 1 Ilover f. J. I Anderson eaglehawk b. Is. Mcdonald iguana U. Tho up Sou Bluetongue Lizard o. F. Holland 2 Bine Crane. S. S. Kaili Dingo j. Bag Leaa Diogo h. Turkina 2 Dative Pheasa its j. G. Mcdonald Peu Yuin Niji Jit Jar #. A. Lulu Moore Sparrow Nab or. Haiut Aoa Cook . Thurton 6�p�rrowb�wk8, p. A. � Orn euro. O. Angus 1 of Poani f. Bennett Enle Hawk h. A. Longton i Sparrow Hawke 8. 6. Hajji i. White coat hit s. Rowmell Black Auu pie it. Tier Black Opp Osum k. W. T. Geyer 2 Bronze Wing pistons 2cre3te4 pigeons. F. J. And Lizut c. Brake but 1 Elerin Lizard 1 frill Lizard i. A. Jamieson Brown Hawk. Lord Bishop of Adelaide mandarin Duck o. Ii. Angus 43 White rate o. Morgan Brown Hawk. Lir. Brummett sleeping , a. W. Silver bleeding heart Dove a. Law Dove a. Heartland log Micir Jot �. H. Zallack s Enayee b. C. Pc Tessey Grey opossum. B. G. Holn Ell 42 White Nixa c. Ilo Gao 1 Waraby miss b. Miller carpet Snake k. P. Align to. Fob the blood is the Clarke s woel0 famed is Moo ult Uettia warranted to cleanse the blood irom All impurities irom whatever cause aria up. For Buo Rula so Ivy eczema Felon and Elora diseases and a Reti o a 1 kinds Ita effect a be Narv Eliab. Thousands of testimonials. Sold in Boutee 2s. 9d. And us. Each by cd i and Patent glad Cine Vendor Ever where. Sole proprietors bbl Lkooch and Lajb Cou Tib dwt Cut Ancoin. To fund. Saje piawa9a Eumeter and other Beith Tia a. M in urge variety exist a. W. Robbia k 00, a hut Russ 198 locomotive construction. The commissioner of Public works the railway commissioners the engineering chief and the locomotive Engineer arrived at Gawler by the midday train on tuesday to officially take Over Tho tacit of the new Type of d class entries designed by the locomotive Engineer or. A Kobe its and constructed by messes. Jura a liar co. Are Tho extra Large driving wheels which Are it. 0 in. In diameter and the boilers which Are larger than those in the Ordinary Type of Pat Singer engines. These were designed to increase Tho facilities for reaching stations with As Little delay As possible and especially to Cope with the increased Speed required on Overland line. After inspecting the purines those present wore invited by the Hon. James Marlin chairman of directors to luncheon at the old spot hotel. After Lun Cheon the Commissi Quek of Public works the Hon. W. Holder said to know that Buch work could a done in South Australia As had Buou turned out by Mesorp. Martin & co. Pleased him exceedingly. If some 10 or 15 Jears ago anyone had suggested that they could turn out an engine in the Colony he would have been ridiculed. Yet the engine they had just viewed was one of the first of the second contract for supplying locomotives the first contract having been completed about twelve months Apo. He had gone through the Phoenix foundry in Ballarat the largest Loco motive works in Victoria and previously had been through the government workshops air ? Newport but the appliances collected by mess a. Martin & co. Greatly excelled what he then saw. Hear hear the manufacturing skill attained in South aus Trulia with its comparatively Small population spoke volumes for the Enterprise and ability of those who had taken up these tilings. Hear hear All South australians must rejoice � know what could be done in this direction and especially those who reaped the advantage of Tia a vacant in in. . Which was much better than that of the Pat. It was a matter for congratulation too to know that when inter colonial free Trade was adopted South Australia would be Able to compete successfully with the other colonies in this line. Hear hear South Australia it is True was just now passing through difficulties but she had come out on the right Side through a previous depression Aud although the in the present Cloud could Nob yet be seen they had no doubt that in the near future they would be Able to see it. Hear hear he hoped that when Prosperity returned messes. Martin Jiuu Vaj. Wuriu participate in to Ana Man new avenues for Trade would be opened up. Hear hear broken Hill had meant a great Deal to us West Australia might mean per haps More and no doubt other industries would be brought into existence. He believed that South australian industries bad passed the initial stage. Much More could be done by irrigation and much Ilso in the direction where Success had Nob yet been achieved. Hear hear he had much pleasure in proposing Success to messes. James Martin & co., limited and to Enuine no. 28. I cheers the Hon. James Martin in reply said the engine they were delivering that Day was the first of the new Type designed by the Loco motive Engineer and the firm thought in would be a fitting occasion to invite the rail Way commissioners and or. Roberts. They were also pleased to s be the commissioner of Public worke and regretted that his excellency the lieutenant governor wad prevented from being with them. The engine was Des Praed by or. Roberts although it was Nob claimed that the design was Alto Gether new. There were several new things about it however and there were no engines like it in the colonies. The trial trip to Rose worthy had been very Success Ful and or. Roberts could further judge the locomotive when driving it to Adelaide that afternoon. He believed the workmanship in the engine was All that could be desired. That was the wish of the firm for they could Only retain their reputation As manufacturers by turning out thoroughly satisfactory work hear hear he hoped there would be plenty of traffic on the line and that All the engines ordered would be required hear hear he trusted that when this con tract was finished the government would want some More. Hear hear and laughter with the commissioner he hoped that the Colony would develop into something infinitely better than it waa just at present. The few people who had got a Little Money were afraid or unwilling to venture and consequently there was not the development going on that they would like to see. Unless the initiative was taken by those people he was afraid that those who had no Money would have do that a Altir Cima or 1#i fat Lecta -4iil or Narma Tula Ted or. Roberts on the Success of Bis de sign so far and proposed Success to no. 2g, coupling with it the names of the locomotive Engineer and staff my. Rosie Bra thanked or. Martin for the kindly manner in which be had spoken of himself. As or. Martin justly observed the engine waa not a Novelty but was of a similar Type to some running on the continent of Europe. He had endeavoured to follow the types of engine that were in use so As to get duplication of parts As much As possible. Some time ago it was stated that we had no engines that would do the Speed at which the commissioners wanted them to run. He had a very keen idea of the compound engine which was a very great Success in Marine and land engines but there was still a very great doubt As to its being so great a Success with locomotives. He had spent a great Deal of time when in England and America enquiring into the rival types of compound engines. Or. Via Den and or. Webb two High Autho Siutu Omerea As to Cne superiority of the compound Type or the old Type. The great bulk of engineers still preferred the old Type to the compound. One told him lab he had one of or. Webb s running for passenger express purposes and the results wore quite As Good As those from compounding. He would like to try the compound engines but when we had no Money to throw away he stuck to the types with which we were Well acquainted. He had designed an engine which would meet the wants of the express Pas Senger trains As Long As they would last. Or. James Maher proposed the health of the railway commissioners. No doubt the position they had to fill was not at All tunes an agreeable one. As a firm messes. J. Martin Aud co had never asked anything but what in fairness they expected to get. The commissioners had a very difficult task to please everyone. It was much easier to do to when things were booming but the colonies were not in that position at present. When anyone had to do a Little cheese paring As the commissioners had bad to do lately they could All sympathise with the troubles they had to encounter. He hoped things would mend and the commie Souers present term would be As pleasant Asil was in the past. Hear hear or. J. H. Smith said this was the second occasion at which he had been present through the hospitality of the Hon. Jas. Martin. The first was that on Bieh the first engine was delivered to the railway commissioners. In the records in the locomotive Engineer s office the engineers Sheet one of the treasures of the department showed that it was driven to Adelaide by lord Kin Tore. They had now to accept the second locomotive from the firm. Or. Roberta had shown a great amount of labor and skill in designing the engine and he was quite sure it would maintain the reputation made by messes. Jas. Martin & co. At the time that the contract was entered into they believed the requirements then necessitated u2 Bein ordered. They were urged upon ail sides to consider the great traffic with broken Hill he would have been sorr to have seen the cont Rob elsewhere after All the trouble the firm had gone to in putting Down such a Complete Plant. He was always actuated by one feeling and that was Bis duty to the state which employed him and towards messes. Martin & co. Who had the contract. The present prospects were not quite so pleasant As when they gave out the contract but they looked for the in the Clouds. South Australia would Rise again As she had risen before and that Rise to Prosperity would redound to the credit of the Colony. Hear hear it was the last year of their term of office and be ventured to say the Commir Inners Hud been actuated by one desire and that was to do Justice All round. During their term they had paid every Penny of interest on the capital invest id and bad Given �300,000 to the treasurer notwithstanding thao they had to contend with two Large strikes the maritime and the broken Hill he hoped this would not be the last time that he would have to respond for the railway commissioners hear hear the Hon. Yaites Martin proposed the commissioner of Public works whom he was pleased to see amongst them that Dav. A trusted that he would Long occupy the position he was in to Day. Hear hear the commissioner of Public works said in All Public positions in life what people looked for was consistency in Publio View. That was what gave men influence in life. Take for instance the railway commissioners. We had unfortunately speculated in broken Hill. When the order for 92 locomotives was Given broken Hill was at its Best. We should try to rely More non ourselves for the future than we had done in the past. He had much pleasure in proposing the health of or. J. T. Martin who had done so much to the firm in to the proud position it occupied. Or. J. F. Martin suitably responded. An adjournment was then made to the works and the visitors left by no. 28 engine aft 5 o clock

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