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Adelaide Saturday Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1923, Page 11

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Adelaide Saturday Journal (Newspaper) - September 1, 1923, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia the collect. Almighty and everlasting god live unto is the increase of Faith Hope and Charity and that we May obtain that which Tsiou Dost Promise make 6s to love that which thou Doit command through Jesus Christ Jur lord. Amen. Star of truth. 0 Star of truth Down shining. Through Clouds of doubt and fear 1 ask but neat thy guidance my pathway May appear. " however Long Hie journey. Haw hard Soe or it be. Though i be Lone and weary. Lead on 111 follow theet i know thy Bles de radiance can never Lead astray. However ancient custom May tread some other Way. E in if through Huntrod deserts or Over trackless sea. Though i be Lone and weary Lead on i la follow theet the bleeding feet of martyrs thy toilsome Road have trod but tires of human passion May Light the Way to god. Then though my feet should falter while i thy beams can see. Though i be Lone and weary Lead on 111 follow thee i though Loving friends forsake me. Or plead with me in tears though angry foes May threaten to shake my soul with fears. Still to my High allegiance i must not faithless be. Through life or death for Ever Lead on i la follow thee. A. 3. Savag by the Rev. W. Llew. Williams. A e although the Fig tree shall Root Blossom neither shall fruit be in the vines the labour of the Olive shall fail and the Fields shall yield no meat the flock shall be Cut off from the a n we h f e s. A be n0" Herd in the stalls yet 1 will rejoice in the lord i will Joy in the god of my Hab. Iii. 17, 16. Let me translate this text of mine into modern speech. Although business fails to Boom and profits cease to be mad although work becomes scarce and unemployment abound although wages tend downwards and prices soar although dividends decrease and Bank balances vanish. Yet " How Many of us could repeat rest of the text very few. Now i Habakkuk is but a shadowy figure but in this prophecy of his we get a Clear picture of what he saw awaiting his people in the near future. They were an agricultural people and the War he saw ahead meant the economic ruin of the nation loss of wealth and Power yes the Impe Rilling of the National existence a ruin in truth in which he also would share. Well what then it is & protest in Advance against the pessimists against the materialists who declare that Joy in life and the Power to rejoice depend upon material conditions and possessions that when and where these Are favourable and abounding life can be full genial Jovial but where conditions Are Adverse life must Grey gloomy full of sighs and tears bitter memories and bitterer regrets. Against that Conception of life Habakkuk protests i will rejoice i will putting a cheerful courage this protest was never More needed than it is to Day because in the first place the Pessimist is abroad pessimism pervades the world and the Church. Those who regard everything As radically bad and that the whole world of men and things is Rushing to destruction meet us on every hand. They regard Joy and rejoicing Sot Only As impossible but indecent not Brave smiles but the grave Demeanour the Long face Are alone fitting. Now things Are bad they Are dislocated disorganized and reconstruction in any and every department almost surpasses the wit of Man. Levity would be unpardonable. But surely we May urge that there Are two ways of facing a crisis the method of the Pessimist who wrings Bis hands and moans and groans and the method of the Man who puts a cheerful courage on sets , and tries to make the Best of a bad situation without refining and wasting time and strength in ineffectual sorrow. Habakkuk Are rare but pessimists abound and Are doing incalculable harm in Church and state. When a death occurs in a Home blinds Are drawn and the natural sadness is emphasised by the unnatural gloom. The Pessimist is doing that for individuals and churches. He is a Joy quencher he kills the capacity for rejoice aug. He paralyses forces and limits energies. _ pessimists Cut no ice in history. In their Wake Only barrenness and desolation can be looked for. It is our duty to resist this spirit. We May not be Able to Joy and rejoice but but our self restraint and patience and hopefulness we should at least counter the influence of those who by the spirit and temper of their lives Are darkening the Lite of our Day and preventing the revival of the work of god for which so Many after the example of Habakkuk see verse 2 Are praying. Refusing to be mastered. This protest is needed because of the grossly materialistic Standard of life which prevails. That is the popular Standard in evry age against which the Prophet the idealist the spiritually minded Man Light persistently. Life for the average Man consists in the abundance of possessions which enable him to eat. Drink and be it is impossible to be merry on a crust of bread and water. Joy and rejoice lie none s world is in ruins impossible there is no room for Joy in the life of poverty Only room for bitter hatred against those who possessing _ a monopoly. Of goods the monopoly of Joy against that i attitude towards life Jesus protested when he said Man s life consist eth not in the abundance of he possessed nothing. He had nowhere to Lay his head. Yet he lived the fullest completes most perfect life under the same conditions his _ Brethren knew. A and he spoke of his Joy with the Shadow of the Cross upon his path John Xiv. Ii the attempt to Bare human life upon this material principle is fatal and has its logical outcome in the denial of any conscious life beyond the material life we know. It degrades and debates life makes it the preposterously Dull unlovely thing it is when envy malice and All uncharitable Ness fill the minds and hearts of men. The Best and most emphatic protest Christian men and women in these testing times can make is to join Habakkuk in refusing to be mastered by them to say with him the just shall live by _ the protest is needed because it puts life upon its True and Only permanent basis Stead this me Book Habakkuk and you will see How profoundly conscious of god he is in his own life and in that of his nation. It is True he foresees evil but he is even More affected by his Confidence in god s presence and his sense of god s activity on behalf of his people. We shall not Dies he cries. He turns away from changing human conditions and contemplates god. Art thou not from everlasting 0 lord my god mine holy one unchanging unaffected by Tim covenant keeping. Here his Power to Joy and rejoice Spring. The just shall live by his Faith not die but live not Droop and despair but rejoice and Joy. The life by Faith linked to god time and events cannot touch. Habakkuk discovers that in staying his mind upon god somehow the Power of ill in life to destroy Joy and rejoicing vanishes. He discovers that Springs of Joy and the Power to rejoice were in him and would Manifest themselves at All times and under All conditions. David traced it. Thou Hast put gladness in my heart More than in the time that their Corn and their wine psalm in. 7 Paul the aged and the prisoner knew it when he bade his Friend rejoice in the lord alway again i say Phil in. 4. It s a secret known to the humblest of Christ s poor Brethren who have proved that despite loss pain loneliness danger to Joy and rejoice in god Are possible to the men and women who Cau add with Paul i can do All things through Christ which strengthened Phil. In. 13. The god of my salvation the god who Means to achieve that to bring to a Happy and successful Issue the work of saving however imperilled menaced the life May be. Friends it is the men and women who have grasped god s purpose in Christ to save the men and women who hold fast to god even in life s extremities who can Joy and rejoice. They can say or sing his love in times past forbids me to think he will leave me at last in trouble to sink Yaeli Sweet Ebenezer i have in review confirms his Good pleasure to help me quite get this Faith in the unchangeable god this grip of the Uusen this conviction of god s redemptive purpose in your life and the world and you too will be Able to rejoice and rejoice ? the weekly diary. September 2fourteenth sunday after Trinity september 7st. A Kurchus september 8nativity . Napoleon on Jesus Christ. His eternal reign. An Adelaide lady who is on tour overseas writes noticing St. Helena in the distance and in France his Tomb in the invalids revived my interest in Napoleon. I have been Reading some of his memoirs and came across the following extract from Napoleon s talks to Gen. Bertrand his Secretary at St. Helena which impressed me very much. I know men and i Tell you that Jesus Christ is not a mail. There is Between christianity and whatever other religion the distance of Infinity. Paganism is the work of Man. I see in Lycurgus Numa and Mahomet Only legislators who performed a lofty part in their times As i have done. They had foibles and errors which ally them to me and to humanity. It is not so with Christ. Everything in s him astonishes me. Spirit overcomes me and his will confounds me. Between him and whoever else in the world there is no possible term of comparison. He is truly a being by himself. F his ideas and his sentiments the truths which he announces. His manner of convincing Are not explained either by a human organization or by the nature of things. His birth and the history of g his life the profundity of his doctrine which grapples with the mightiest difficulties and which is of these difficulties g the most admirable solution his gospel his appearing his Empire Juliis March across the Ages and the realms everything t is for me a Prodigy a mystery insoluble which plunges me into a reverie from a which f cannot scat a mystery 6 which i can neither deny nor explain. Here i i see nothing human. You speak of Caesar of Alexander of their conquests and of the enthusiasms they Enkin led in the Learte of their soldiers but can you conceive of a dead Man making conquests with an army faithful and entirely devoted to Hia memory my armies have forgotten me even while living As the carthaginian army forgot Fannibel. Such is our Power a single Battle lost crushes us and adversity scatters our friends. The Progress of the Faith and government of the Church Are a perpetual Miracle. Nations pass away throng crumble but the Church remains. Christ proved that \ he was the son of the eternal but his disregard of time. All his doctrines signify one Only and the same thing eternity. C the gospel is not a Book it is a living being with an action Power which invades everything that opposes its Extension. I have so inspired Multi-1 tubes that they would die for me. But after All my presence was necessary my. Eye my voice a word from me then the. Fire was kindled in their hearts. I possessed this Power but i could never in part it to any one. None of my generals Ever Learnt it from me. Now that i am. At St. Helena now that i am alone chained upon this Rock who fights and wins empires for me who makes efforts for me m Europe what an abyss Between my deep misery and the eternal Reiga of Christ which is proclaimed loved and ? red and which is extending i Over a the Earth ? it was a party. I think a Friendly party. I know there was real Happy Friendly feeling among the givers. Would very much have liked to linger and Chat with some of g be ? the never mind. Some other time when it in t a special occasion that May be possible. Special occasions Are not particularly Good times for chatting Are they most specially occasions like this. A gathering of old Folk. Of course on the Twenty eighth every one is singing or saying or at any rate thinking mow Varu Tiou on the Universal theme of 1 Jemeil be r j " but sometimes you do not want too much remembering. The gathering was a most pleasant one. Time about 1 p.m., the place the City Mission in Light Square. Entertainment Given by miss Green and the helpers at the City j Mission on behalf of those who had cheer fully responded to a plea for Good things for old Folk. Really you know it reminded you of old cheer up Days. One almost wishes the old hut could be preserved for hospitality for As Long As it would stand Well Well see. Who knows even in its new position it May preserve too much of its old spirit to consent to become a Mere museum. Meanwhile Here were tables decorated with Flowers Sweet peas and roses on one table and Iceland poppies on the other. At the end a carving table and a Carver slice slice slicing in the Good old Way. Out on the sidewalk rows of forms and a watchful photographer. Our photographer and As he has handled hoards and tribes of children and soldiers and members of every kind and sort of association bean East club conference demonstration educational or other kind of festivity so he handled the guest of honour at the dinner. Arranging them cheering them generally under the ordeal of being when you think of it what a Many sided sort of life what Sharp contrasts in it must be that of a newspaper photographer. But to come Back to where we were. This is a Welcome to Folk not just starting but coming towards the end of the adventure of life. Not quite the end. As the lord mayor said there were Grey headed men there with Pluck for another try if they could find another Chance. But the last Lap certainly it was a Case of that. You know encouragement is not always dealt out just where it is most wanted. We cheer the starters we cheer the winners who cheers the losers or those who May be losers if their courage goes the City Mission seems to me to be just a kind of cheer up society for those who Are finding the Battle of life too much for them. The guests on this occasion were just old Folk men past working age for the most part. It had struck miss Green the superintendent of the Mission that some meeting place some set interest and a touch of cheerfulness might count with them. Hence meetings Are held every monday. _ they Are frankly religious but particularly simple and direct. Good music old Well known hymns the kind that sing themselves out of the Long ago memories of most men a Short Bright address. Then afternoon Tea and Chat. That you understand is the usual procedure. This was a special occasion. A dinner Given by those who cared to assist to members of the meeting and such friends As they cared to bring. There is something quietly spontaneous about the manner of the helpers yes. I have seen some of them at the cheer up hut. Now when you think of it that is what this City Mission of ours has been doing since Long before the War. Lend a hand in time of need acts As friends when other friends Don t seem to come up to the scratch cheer up those who Are facing a real hard rough bad time. Let me see what is the Mission s Mission a sort of Mission of All work. House to House visiting by Sisters and voluntary lady workers. Work among women and girls including gospel services women s guilds and savings clubs sick comforts school for mothers girls evening classes and clubs. There is also work boys and men and special classes for the chinese. For children meetings for children gathered from streets kindergarten on sundays. Relief in the Way of garments boots blankets a. Now if you have any unconsidered hoardings of of any kind just come first and talk awhile to miss Green then go Back pack up the &c., &c., garnering from yesterday. Cocking & co. Will Call for them free of charge to you just pack them up tie a Label on Adelaide City Mission s s car is " 4u a ? share T brotherly club. You might take a stroll round the Garden. How Are the Orange Trees looking yes. Start with oranges later there will be other fruits. But Start now. We May not All be certain As to our real Mission in life but Here is a Mission we cannot go wrong in lending a hand to. The party of it went quietly and cheerfully. It did you Good to hear the Hearty voices applauding the few direct speeches. It was linear some to hear the voices joining in the hymns. Onward Christian to me that stands for a sunday school in the country with the Breeze blowing in through Gumtree Douglis and a subird songs striking across the silence that is when there was any silence. One turned to that hymn knowing that however trying the boys might have been they would into line and Square their Young shoulders and throw Back their Heads and sing with a will when one started that hymn. Soldiering of any Brand is out of fashion just now. Will be till next time i sup pose seeing that just now we Are express sing our horror of War by forgetting the services of those who kept that horror from our doors. Of Well. That is another Story. Take it How you will life is a Battle evil is an enemy a Good fight has to be put up and some fall and others Are wounded. And the end of the March is Apt to be hard. So Good Luck to the people who do lend a hand. If you really look into the mat Ter this Mission and others like it not Only offers help to those who Are up against it but a Chance to the rest of us to give thanks for such Success As May have come our Way to share with others what we May be Able to spare. To warm our hearts not with self approbation but with the thought that we were permitted to help. The More you have seen and Felt and understood the More you Are Likely to value this. Magpie. J w v w u y w v v w w u w w w u w w m u w w v v w u w w v w w u v the Register features daily. The social round. Mondays. A comprehensive review of All week end sports. Tuesdays. A Page for women full of household hints and Bright Reading. Wednesdays. The motoring world. Everything of interest to motorists. Thursdays. The real property Page. Invaluable to those interested in land and houses. Fridays. Notes on All sports by experts illustrated. Saturdays. The literary Page. For the student of literature. Reviews of the latest books. An advertisement in the Register is Worth More than it costs j v w m w m w m w w w m i w j v w j l w w u w a v z21gs

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