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Adelaide Register Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1904, Page 1

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Adelaide Register (Newspaper) - October 22, 1904, Adelaide, South Australia National Library Australia ? shipping Vuk Kab Gritt Nord Deot Suer Ovd. Imperial mail ste.u1kk.s. The blk weekly Surv ice London continent. Rte Fremantle , sl-k7. Canal no u-3, Genoa Southam ton amt a Ilfilen. J j i leave i steam its. I tons. Cumma Niler. Add j 1 hide. Oldenburg. I 5,006 Jit. Troitzsch oct. 22. � Schahn Okst 8,000 . Or Csc nov. I1 Imi Barossa. A balls if. Meni3 dec. 3. Go skit i Jtj furst. 13,152 Iff. i. I j left ? Roon ? i Soa la it Iuchs . 14. Rhein ? 1o.-j5s a. Rott i be. 41. Fuel Piru i i per Kosse ? k. Prager ? fcb. A. Twin screws. Departure Bour 2 ., from Lars Jbv. T to i re Money from Ali to pass pics from Europe can to Irsai Iroil hero. Interstate first Alsa return arc in with All the mail line for is i re Vern a Curacy Estt Micro Laving Ira. For All particulars apply 11. My take for co., Adelaide Ami i Ort Adelaide. I Olav 0r1eht-Pacifig line for Plymouth and London via Fremantle. Colombo for All Indian ports Suez Caius Naples Marseilles ten ins Lars Bay 2 Okul z. I kb7 i a. J. Coad . Out. It. a. I 7m5 r. Heartier ind. 10. Ok1zaka. I his7 r. Arric Rison. J4. � oho Tes i 1wj3 i to. F. Knit Van Doc. S. Twin is. And fortnightly therr , i 3 to �77 return. Cd w i ills. Third class �17. �19. �21. Liberal dietary Hie. Frewa nue Saloon. �7 to a third �1. Paso Ces from and port can lie prepaid Here. Full particulars application to i 11. G. Anderson agent 29cv is Street. Fee Mastle 1.vdia, Chiba and Ecron. ? Stamer. Icons . Oceana. I a Jioie. Sirwet hc12ic. I. Lien Nott no. 17. China. I 7i 12jg. K. Vrient dec. 1. Ujj hold \ i a. I Kinq a. H. Gordon inv. 13. Victoria. 6ihil. L. Pec. 2. Himalaya. Chat jew. I. I Laroun Jan. 12. India. 7911 f. Ii c . A bb1taxsu. K5-\ i. Hanii-1 a. P. M910ma_ re cd l fun n f . U f twin screw. Calling St Llo Burt cd route from Silty. First and second Saloon passives a noted to Europe India China and Western Australia. Special round the world excursions Aira Ireri. For information and handbooks apply to elder Smith it co., limited agents. ? cd messaceb1es wait Ives Armand i it Iii ? Finio not fun. Jim. .1 pm. 7 Jvn ? t Hev Aii a Ian. . By. 4. Adi Maitle to London via Colomaio Roj Jay. And Pauls. I i Nitt Nio Rcv includes table vein in. English spoken . Bari further particulars apply ? july key k co., Ltd. Lund s Blue acc Wtipil these full pow re a i us steamers Aro a. Room Cut i leave the port Auri Aitla wharf Natal. Capetown. London. _ 5,w tons Alum Xor i Nahrung. J 5,Ilis Toa i about a. 29 Eiilwn 7, m ions Al it 1jc 7 Commonwealth till tons Al it Jan. 21. 1 Tiv Iii screw. Kor Elwir i Finnin uti Cin in Pasac Deri for freight a a apply to fir okie wills. Co., Kutsi Atli tamp re Adelaide and por i Irio. Focan Suar ship Paliv Ltd. For London. Live tool and Tilas Gow taking w �-1 to All Yorkshire in too. The steamers the above line Are some the finest Arul fati i Marco beats it Ai. Tiny will love Ocean St wharf Adelaide. Anten . I a Ais about nov. 5. Teexka1. ions. Almut nov. . I 7,h tons await de.-. U. I to tight and particulars apply to i a wills u to. 231 tits Adelaide and i Ort Adelaide. German Austral Ajr Sega Boular link steam irks from port Adelaide to Iatavia .s.v.makamj, s0m.\. Bau. 1.hj-a1.iaim.mjarork, and pen ask. Itzkhok Ili sail from port and. Aid Tor Iava ports an i Slof Tanoue 1 1. Anil will. Followed by other Seii nivers it it in weeks. The sic Tiou llillcrr., mar Chanty and life Knpp to i., i notch in this Kif Raj Luj in it Siulin Irjud pitl. Javanese sins ipod and a her \ Emu in p rat. Sutie cd okie wills k co. Adelaide. Fob duhk1rk. Aht Erpf and Hamburg. ,rsl\.n-afstrall.vn the Misiph Coy. . it j he Ironi Ocean steamers wharf port Adelaide for How. Ports about Avrail blk skin we ils for All Continental centres. So the i Korge vili5 a co. Alienis. Or London. Liverpool. And in fat Kim Wool to All centred. Var following file. Fast. steamers Vil be i spat he from i Ort Adelaide i f i about october 27. Nail Shire i i aleut nov Emler so. ? calling it South african ports. Tak Ihk Keal awl a Lar i So elicit finist and Steerage Aco Jef Odd 1 1on it fabrics. 1 Frei Hiir ply elder Smith in co. Limited 23�tfae ? Adelaide and Porf. For Dunkirk Loi Floid Antwerp. Vii sue canal the Fine j2j knot Stu ship 1i1larils, he dispatched from port be butt 22nd october testing wools for All Continental us ret. For freight Ipp a elder Smith & co., limited. A the ? Aii Elicide Ami port. Oceanic steamship company said Francisco. To America Casada great Britai Europe. to England in 20 Days. Fir and Lux Uricia thru my i Clinus and tranquil seas. The splendid twin screw mail steamships Tbs Sloop line 3,000 Tow Pic Billy la tilt for tie Afifie for inc und Alloi d a Sec dial . I Rigi Uarl every three �v-.k. I Ikier. J f a in us a Huim. I i act ? s. Arnora ? Hon Oua ? oct. Ail Iii i Ventura. Nov. In Sun. Ujj dec a w i i lil its in 4 in u Imick at Samoa and Honolulu suicfuwkla7 at tar Olga rite by to e finest railway routes acro a the Une rican Lent int and by the i cat. It limn. , Wiio sur. kudu i i l to and Contin Rar. T Touart fee world by and route. \ for fun i Piti u Urs Jpp-,., \ Mcilvo Kaitis �-,.\flfali.v. It \ wore tar Ticoli Salui a ii in is. M kias a Street the i ii. .2j3 a Pippino rhe Adelaide steamship company limited. Will Depatch steamers from port Adelaide u under i ii Ncry and Truiti dripping for Esperance Yauae Perth lieu titon All North West purls and Siu Sapo Ali Rush rills in Juji Iligir Cir Astala. Hat Imlay i oct. 29 i special a Prea train Tor passengers leaves Aue. Laide for the port at in u On sailing Day. Melbourne and Sydney. Trans hippies for Queensland ports Yoff a a i thursday i out. 27 i i a arrive Lii i mall Kunii tollo Wii Satoda morn in in ample Tine for t Auau it Torian dirty and Mel Rurue cuu me Unis. Sydney Newcastle and ports with out tra Nihil i Cal a Vicovac ? saturday i odour port Lincoln , a1-1 ,10 Franklin Harbol a and time Bay. Miranda ? i i Vislay i oct. 2. I i5 port Lincoln North Shields is a Tumby Hays Wallaroo 1 him Roria Minla Cowie and Point Tirton. Felaret ? i saturday i out. 22 i pm Poi to cerme1x. P1rie, and Al it Sta excellent Pas niger acion Madation. 1 us saturday 1 oct. 22 i 1 a Saloon passage Tice it Intro Thor interstate companies to �11 1 la High Ean be ascertained at the company s Mohica. Tripi Inu a be Alon Serif Steamer non two hot is before advertised time sailing for All information apply to Mitpon the Adelaide steamship co. We old Cupric Street. Adelaide commercial snarf. Pett Altwood boots household and Smiths Coal. Ma1.i.ek w ,0d and Smail roots m City and , at current Bates. The weight in All cases Are verified by authenticated Weighbridge notes. Head office ii Eric Street. A chide. Steamers vill Pennis tins be Ilia psych no from j Ort Adelaide for Fremantle ? Kanona. tur l e the i twin screw. 7.uw , Geraldton. . Ports ? saturday. Oct. J2. Of ., and Siuga j 3 . Nor. J comic racial wharf. A special express train loaves at 2.20 I port Adelaide Pait Fongers. Lor the Ivanowna turning from i Ort Adelaide at a Louie \ . By Del i to Iii to ii a 7.1 ions. Two slipping for nou a Nice fijian ports a i i in i Yue Casland porn and oui i i wharf. Thursday Island. J carrying lira s Ron and third class Passyn frs. Piloun Kukets with in Lisiate Cir panic ii bisect to condition. A Arajj Lei Vii up to two hours before Siiling. For i Arthular apply o . Co. Vuk is King William Sweet and port Adelaide. Lac Huddart Pari & 80. Puochi Kathy , will i i pitch from i Ort Adelaide Uruu Wauneta Icin Jiuing fur Allunis Sun Lity Freilan Lle ast Geraldton. . Purul a befit i tuesday j nov. S noon. To Ruggli Hills Lauin to penh. Lelu Lornt and by duct. . Al Ruc melt i Ihu riday oct. To i 10-un\. passage to Cleta interchange a11le with other into route companies subject to which ran in at our folic i. 12 d. K .1. Dowlut 1ju1ted, a juts. Incl wraith. Sea Gharibi Cut 1 Gorki Teaky. Limited Mil dispatch the following l Sicari Cra Irmi Liui Merrol Hali coi Gaj die Syd nov Tia Nav. ? a a ? k Trip .1- Pilu Ariu ,\.\n.e, y rur Jav nov. 1. Tran shipping Toi Kutu wharf Euald ton Ana Uii .n.w. 1-Okta through Lwills Luisiii. Note Saloon tickets interchangeable after lint port Wilh other interstate. Companies subject to Judit Iurii to be a act Uinci at. The a Oftle. Ilell wraith Mceacharn & co. Pro 1 i Etaka. Umit Kiv. National Mutual 91 King William Street Adelaide j. Rawlings k. Tox. Port a Claide. Sic Selb Odthe steamship Coy., limited will i Faatili their from port at Elaido As under circus Yucca Pernik thing eunuch a is. Perth Fate Mantle. 24th Hub , j , i Sydney Al inst Mica six j no . S let quid Stock accommodation. Also Lakin Carro through to Perth wharf. For freights and Posa is apply ii ? 11. Mueckl i co., Adelaide and port. Go navigation compy., Ltd. Direct steam to Japas. Yia port Darwin if sufficient inducement thursday 1slaxd, Manila and Hong Gong. S Amer. Tuns. J Sidni Cuan Csupa. I 2,300 j oct. 27. ? _. I ? nov. To. _ fares reduced s3 l-3rd per cent to port Darwin ind Eastern port. Frej it rates application. Ill Smeu Home i co. Agents. Z59t i Crentell 6trect. To tie cilia team passes Jer is Suvick. L i Luston. A Mdse Stiliany. Cali a i rat. Do is a a Hays and Point since Aluciic in Nikitins the . Molt Silini Lui Siuy Lith int. Fivi Brlit mul in Lomax Jarlin & son. Town and port. I la i. ports. Fool #�-i3\ Leslil run. Luis. Ami . Kintore will ss3j3 sail jilt Uritis the 22ml, Tiwon. Dais Vav i Cizin any Linin my Adelaide and port. I a g -3,_ Jpe Uii 1j.ve.-for Wakefield is Flo Itkin be Maud sails even Saab est f . Kii Fcker. Port. Carriers a Telephone Adelaide. 150 and 522 port add., 77. Ii. Graves & co., gov run Cut contractor Hailway general camera. Custom House and form Din agents to 1 parts the australian slats. Alio at Perth and Fremante Floods received f stors. Furniture carefully a Moyed. Mii lied by , week Man Ali. Or year with horses \ Chicles and Drivers special attention riven to the collection past enters linage for ship meat Henvis a Fanny made arrangements with the steamship com vanity. Our men Board All steamers Arri val at Lores Hay port Adelaide for uis collection and delivery parcels and Luggage to an i it the state. Head office 3 Cottrie Street and Divett Street port Adelade. 133thc i Pippino Howard Smith line. Leave Howard Smith wharf As follows circumstances permitting to Western Australia. Fremantle 1 in inn no the latest and fastest let route Pas Ember and cargo Steamer. To Eastern states. Sydney. A Oasie. . Era. Axi Al eels land Tuic Suay. November 1 i Sirrs Cartro Only. At sync a we Bol re. 1 Sydney ? . Bouba iia. Nil Queensland ports tuesday november a Tran shipping at sad at noon. Nay. J Gulf pouts. To Sydney Newcastle and Queensland ports. . Time leaves pout Pirie tuesday to 8.s.rtlme leaves Wallaroo today october 2s. Carlo Niu to be delivered alongside St camera not less than one hour before advertised Lime sailing. Lotc Saloon tickets Are interchangeable with interstate companies subject to conditions to be ascertained application. Howard Smith Coj Ipaty limited is Kins William Street Adelaide and North Parade pert Adelaide. 24e Toj k. T ii m a s j . Mercantile Al Pippino customs and general printers ? Grenfell St debt Adelaide. 233c Money a annuities wills legacies a advances ii. Mad .1, 7 per cent., interest purchased. Trust a loners at Lou Cost current rates. Dal & Counsell Grenfell Street. Solu Stu Frotton i i in Pixie to a lend at in Owoc rates. Land bought under . Act. Transfers Llort rages leases and other do --iiir.tnt3 prepared. Properties sold and All Oiler Agency Liu Sines transacted. 2g2thrcv t Loans �500 and upwards no com Misifoa. A a Hackett & Hunt opposite Loyal Eich aage. 121k los Xix discount and mortgage Baa a i Pike Street Opi site suite Sank. Lestaw Ualifi 1st2.1 in consequence Iti cont Iauco clicapncs3 inc Money Market we arc prepared to mate at i per cent per annul Freehold it iritis repayable a Iti Stalmanis. A Al Vive no 0114rgks Koit inspection commission other a std. Ai Ivancic from a a to is Aru Aljo Wade to i cd Unis i their own note hand in Bills Tajc us posit i deeds with out mort5i Aii Ontl cd tide pills and any available Sefc drily at the following reduced a act. Of in Terest larsons borrowing �5 receive �1 12/6 Cash. Persons borrowing a receive j09 5/. Cash. Perelom borrowing 20 a Xiv ils 1u/ rash. I sons borrowing receive �37 Cash. And upwards. Any loan Between these amounts inn itch at same Nite i without Auy Cost charges Deli action whatever. Lii ils discounted daily. Lar furl her info nation apply to the a Faagau. Office Alloun .1 to 5 monday Ami Ali Ureda 9 to 0. K5tn 1 k e t to lend mortgage at lowest current rates. F. W. Bullock co., auction Cis land and estate agents stat Faamu City Chambers Pirie Street. T\7� lend Money Bills Sale any other Security at. Sixpence interest per Pound per Calendar month. Borrowers have the option paying any portion the principal at any time. Then the interest cease the amount to paid they can simply pay the interest. Call and Sec s. . 5 and g Spiric Chambers. Pirie Street 223c Ashlee & King uos1x Blok us. Share and Coli Mission , Jogi Adstone Colvil Riklis Pirie Street ? 4 doors from Kin William tue Etc. Money advanced Bills Sale l Mai Story notes Bill Ladisic. Or any other Security from �5 upwards. By Toniu Ispay Inetti. Bills discounted daily. Shares Itou Ihl and sold commission i Cash advanced Good scrip. The Best office in Adelaide to Deal with Anskeit & King Moxey , share and coils Sion aide its 15 glads one Chambers. Pirie Street Adelaide. ? Erz Money to lend so Mort arc it Lowitt current ratio. Shuttleworth k let Cuffori licensed ind broken Kikuse and estate agents u King William Street. City. ? i58tbscn Money to lend in Small and Large amounts at reasonable hates interest. Apply the Continental import finance corporation 20 Alfred Chambers Cupric Street. 273thsc Money to lend at current Rales intercut. G k b in & o., land agents. Pirie Street. 2ua �3000 �4000 Swait Itic immediate invent mint City Security at up a cent. Harry p. King licensed land broken. 22 puj1e Chaj Ibers Pirie Street. ? mkt Fafel florists seeds men a e. & s list seeds for the Flower and vegetable Garden and Fra for Spring and sell built is lady. Gratis application. Also catalogue novelties Ana specialities. E. & Hackett seeds men. Nurserymen 73 Rundle. Street. 250ct a s t b k s. Ford Hoor fashion including ill ebola Tirie tics m. Packet. A clan t Zinman Cox Superb strata g4 packet. Balsam came Lii flowered 6d. Packet Portulaca Finett double mixed. 6d. A Catt e. 13. Cox & c o., seeds men sc., Corner Rundle Street and East teme. ? 2j1o swell s Liichi Bituin double fringe be Tunby i ii per Patow. s exhibition Pansy / up packet Sewell s exhibition Delphinium 1/ be. Macvl. Socwell s exhibition pets Timon 1/ Paev it. s Esh bilion 10 weeks stocks fid. Per packet. Sow ready. Be inv Corker and Payne Hail mrs Khy. Msj Hsc remember we close at 1 clock to Day. James Marshall & compy s latest quotations articles daily wanted. All popular prices. Mantle and Cost Tajii department. Ifo ladies crash jackets. 6/11, Sll 127 crash j jacket sleeves and canst a. 10/9 tji very stylish crash jackets trimmed Pisan Cartrie. 10/9 i a Beautiful Black Manlius and stores 21/, 2j 51 Lovely Ulasek Lake Csipke mantles 21/, 25/, 26, i 32 requisite Black silk mantles trimmed lace i j-6, t i indies Marabou and Ostrich stoles and Lioa 12/8. 15, 11 ladies handsome Marabou and Ostrich steles 21/. 25/125 dozen ladies stylish Flora Muslin slips Ami blouses 1/u, i it dozen ladies White Muslin and Nai Sool Loi As 2/11, 3/11. ? o ? . Ii dozen civil Drin s Lovely White Sim hats Wil Concis 1, a 1/11. 2/11ijt dozen indies crime and White knitted Coitan combination. 2/u. 3/11 ii-0 to Lomeii ladies Crenic and White knitted a Dick vests. St. 4jd, 1/ Iii dozen ladies Holland and Linen Cookin aprons 6d a. 1/, 1 i. Ilcin ladies White Mel to Drc a Muslin aprons cd. M. 1/, 1/fi i if Doron nurses and housemaids in rec Whit aprons 11/6, 1/11. Dopa tement. To Day we Are showing the Sample pieces a tie line Russore rite. Bought in the adjoin i states at a big reduction. The Best Virun Russore silk. With Raintr printed designs. In be goods arc North 3/0. To Day we offer the Sample pieces to 1/11 per Yard a in. Tii Sfire Silks Friia Rantel pure 2/6 per Yard i in. White Cream and Pale Blue Lap. Sifts 2/11 per Yard 1 lease understand we. Buy All our Jap. Silk dec from the looms in Japan. White Ivory ? Ami Cream Jap. Silk. 1/, 1/ 1/4, 1/ii. , ? 2/s. 2/c, 2/11, up to 6/11 per Yard. .iis.3 Oie. Dur accents Are the spot where to arc Silks Are made and they Only buy when1 Ino Market is Low and the Exchange in oar favour. 10.000 Yards in Stock. Old 1/, 3/s, i i 1/6, 1 11, 2/�, 2/6, 2/u, 3/6, 3/11, 4/6. 4/11, 5/11, 6/11, 7/11, .8,11 per Yard a visit Hie Mies counter. I i Jammy in Nide Yolo and choline costumes with embroidered silk spot in All the season s Laden. 2z/ each coloured Lake voile. All Wool and double Width 1,t. Per Wrd Olour Erl Panama a Strong go Oil . Sll tha dress i Ivor Viil St arc so fashionable. 2/3,Yir i. 2/11, 3/3, 3/9, and 4/3 per Yard my Long cd Zirrel Panama 10 in. Wide 2 11 Eitard by is. That Are All pure Wool and fast Dye 1/3, 1/11, 2/3. 2 6, 2,11 3/3. Per Yard Mora Delaine . With silk Kripe. 2s in. Wide Only old per Yard Cream Canvas voiles All pure woo2/. J u 2, i. J a Vii per Yard i pm Jno Vilts j costume in goths Only one each a Sipi no ure Robe a tool Black Trench Delaine 1/0, 2 2/fl, 2.j1, and s/9 per Yard. Boys youths clo a jilt. Department. Loj a was Iii Ivous. In our famous exc Exsior Brand i a Lull. 2 9. 2/11, 3/11, i/8 Crary. Nylon Bailor suit ii 5,11, i Nway suit. All sizes s u toys Hue onis i do. Do., 10 g a Raflin tunics. American car and with soul ii ats. 16 suite 5/11. Is Brown Urill Merican tunics All sizes. 4/11 i c. Do. Suit Oll Low All Wool melange Tinics 31/0 do. Runic suits a to All Wool up Ianc Lyron salonsa0, Etc la Lii i so sri Lyron Aii lors. 7/11. A a ii 13 v. 15/0. It i. 21/ i. Oys Illus sense knickers. ?.,a to 3,11 it 1 ii toy. No Nolk suits in striped flannels15 v 22-0, 2u/fi Jwj Noncek suits in fancy tweeds 10/0, Ilid. 5/6,1 ,.hosiery . I s. Xvi f w.1-a n i Cashmer. Hip. 1/11. 2/3, 2/6. And 2/11 per pair a medium Wii lit do., either i Ull fashioned seamless. 1/0. 1/11, 2/3. And 2/6 per pair urn Iii ask it Tan hitch i inc Lisle Hose tit most effective goods we have Ever shown at the Price. Or pair. So the Iulf-do7i ?. Tuccia i me Plain la Lack cult . Hew in s.w., w., s. Sizes 7�d per pair the half dozen la ladies mercerized Hose in ton a lace Piliro Eho it 1/0 pair. So the half dozen i Ollk a Al lil k motion hos. Wil l Cashmere keel. Ii and i por pair in Lii dive s Kili cd Mack Cashmere Hoo we arc showing a sice us she Fine make for sum Mer hear with invisible split inc Knec san Ankles Sites 4, 5, 6, 7. And sat 1,0, i i 1 1u. 2. And 2/2 per. Dozen. Ril Amelung Ware i tacit next. ?. Lospoc i our Stock Hozore coing Seiliert. Just to hand Tilroe cases a goods , 1 be 5/6, 17/g, 21/, 25/ 35. J Case kit Les. 15,8. If a i3/.0/ hand hags solid leather. 4/, Mil & a 10/tictmpicssed Cane to mks. Us incr trunks and dress trunks and suit a discs. From All the makers Saratoga True if 27/ 1. 3035/. 15/ up sled trunk. 7/fi. Lb0, 12/0, it 1s/0,i i to co eco. 2/s, 2/u straps. Pm. I. 1/6. 1711 Luggage labs 4ld and tid., Mill Sery showroom. Urls Cap clinic flops Walloon crowns Wii it tuscan and Satin effects prices 6d, fed a 1/ii. 1/11 i girls mushroom troop hats in Siroun White. Manila and Panama Stow prices from 6dto la e Ich i ladies Panama and Manila hat. Ven fashion Abl for the season prices 1/, 1/0, 1/11, 3/11. 3/11 each arrived novelties in untrimmed Straw shaves. Smart Chip and fancy i i Killil town a Ana brot0 Sailor and Rich vat hats. Styles Puje i 1/6, 1/11, 2/u, 3,11, splendid assortment French Miili Ncry Flo web i u St opened. A Lovely display is Union Abo to choose from. As5orted Speari floor Era. Prices i a 6d, 1/.-1/6, jul Spray up. I up. A it inbox a Ceciia ? Llanil class Stu boys at Job prices Kp. . 111 Yard ribbons 2-11 Yard ribbon. S/0 Jard. Take your Choice dry Lovely Al in. To Day 1/ a Ord. I Critsil us irk at Lack Dwart Mest. To in your nou Auslin silk voile costnm1 you Rill re Quev the Lac insertion Mariliall s have them at 2id, 3jd, id. A. Find. 7jd. Sad. 9jd. 10ld. 1/, 13, 1/6, i,1?. 1/11, 2/3, 2/6. 2/u, 3/6, 3/u. 4/u, 5/11. 0/li. 7, Al. Ski 9 6, 10/6. 12/0 Ard to trim your Muslin silk voile costume you will require the Dainty Ider Galon at Marshall s. Prior Sid 1w, a 0 d. 7-i. Sad. My my. 1/, 1/3. 1/6, in 2/6, 2/u. 3,-tl. Oll 4,10, 5/c, fi/0, 7/fi, s/6. Il/6, 10/6,11/6 is c. 2 / Yard trim your Muslin silk voile cos to you will require the Dainty All Over 1-accs. Marshall s have them at 1/3, i a i i la. 2.tt, 2/fi, 2/11, 3 0, 3/11, 4/6,. 5/6, 66, 7/-j. So 10/ii, 11/0. 12/6 Yard to trim your Muslin silk voile costume you Mav require tie silk Torchon laces and insertions. Marshall s have then at . 7-.d, Sid Fly a 10 Dud 1/, 1/3, 1/0, 1/0, jul 2/3, 2,6, 2/u, i i 1/fi, , 0/0 Yard. ?. ? gents Mekic Klidy out augment is is summer it Laek Cotton i , 4�d. Fi-1. I a. 1/ pair menu summer Merino 1 Hose Ila. 7 did 1/ pair fiends summer nature Woi l 1 Hosp 1/, 1,3. 1/c pair cents Sunior a Cashmere Slose Navy and Black. 6d, 9d, 1/, is 1/6 pair cents Black silk \ Hosp 211. 3/u pair Finis Bath costumes. 2,6, 2,11. Ill. Each Hoys and youths Una costumes 1/u, 2/6, 2/u Eadi fonts hath pants. 9d. 1,. 1, a 1/5 pair Hoys and Koutlis hath pants id. 6d, a p i a d Ess livens. There is no More fashionable l Soful for australian Wear than Linen. Linens arc first favourites. All colours and pretty Shade linens 36 in. A de. For 1/3 per Yard Shio Nawe Panania Linnis a very open texture list and Cool 32 and. 36 in. Wide 1/11 and 2, per Yard Black i res . I la. In Yard a hit dress linens and Linen Paunu cloth. I c 1/11. 20 per Yard flemish and Russore linens 01d. 1/, a Bari Linen l Ninde kobe.-, a few Spe dial by Este a novelties in White with coloured ept5, an Oil Mcmeley Light Woven Linen. 51 / silk Stripe grass Lawn. 1 ii 26 Yard. Manc Ali Star ubi a mkt. Spkc1al links. Fretty cushions covered in Floral Art Canfoti to. With frill a Verj special line at 1/11 each i blvd Pillow cafes. A each White honeycomb Lili. For single Beds. 1/u each Avo ind guilty for single unt. I la Oji i twill sheeting. For double bods k ii re Yard we i ii Iii oth. In 12-Yard pieces a Cooil. Suit finish Luiu for Pinafore kz., 2,11 per piece White Micro cola jilt me for thav Quarter Icil. 5 ii each White . Single lied sizes Verj extra value. 1,11. 5,11, 7/fl. Pair. Ribbons. to Day. A Midbo Iirene Stock Lii Fri Las Faney rib Toni. Usual prices 1/u, 2/u, and 3 6 the Yard Tai Dav ill one Price. 1/ the Yard to Evar Al Hilu Urillia ribbons. In All pretty i he is Ados 3 in. Wide to Clear 4ld the Yard and in a Ranum . 2 in. Wide. Sid the yarn Ali sift Glace Hibbons in All Light Shade greatly in demand 4 in. Wide old the Yard just to baud a Laree ship int the narrow ribbon for gathering up so much used Tor dirt a Trini Nainys. In Black Cream Iii Whitt 2/6. 2/u, 3/6. And 4/6 per Down Yards a nil varied assortment sunshade in Ali the newest designs to choose from 2/11 Mil in cards Iii stadium Kibo in6 in. Wide in Beautiful Light Shade id the Yard. � o ? ? James Marshall & co Complete House pc risks our Quality and prices Are right. Al this is Drem Snite. As shown Only j stolid Vahie was Iona Cut. Of separately Duch cts Fri Pkt s and Chat 32/8 a Aastad 21/ Stro to maj Siroi Only 7/6. Wardrobe . Wos Atas be Are Man fac pc St a 1 everything required top he it no sol country orders receive crw Chat pour prompt quention. It to toilet pair As shown 39/b. Taupe do any co Lour Ohy 2i/t. Weeams. Prams. A Large shipment a i a Large ship3tfent design Fedj design ? prams Jarl prams Best Tanu Tucture is Bis Esau a user just to hand. He Jet to hand. ? to have a isl unpaid cd a Large so pm it. Of pjsram5 the Wal Knowis what no a manufacture and Haw s them marked at prices which it sell diem. We Havo greatly Rcd Nad the balance our old Stock and Nare reruns from 32/6. 17/6, 55/, 57/6. 63/. 70/, to �3 10/. Marsh All s. Drapery and clothing collectors coupons note this startling fact. Up to the 26th october we shall give six Green coupons Kkt cat Purchase Purchase drapery and clothing. An unequalled Opportunity for collectors to fill their books quickly. This splendid offer is open to our customers without any restrictions whatever All drapery millinery clothing. An immense up to Date Stock unsurpassed for values in the state amounting to �25,000 toselectfn0m we arc showing charming creations in Chiffon and sequin hats Beautiful trimmed millinery unequalled variety Straw and chum hats children s Chaste millinery hats Beautiful French Flower trails All shapes in ladies1 Cor sets handsomely trim red White undershirts crash costumes crash skirts crash jackets. Just to. Hand ?. A big shipment White and Cream lace curtains. One thousand pairs 2/11, 3/6, 4/6, 5/11, 6/11, 7/11, s/6, 10/6, without exception the finest values Ever offered in Australia. We cordially invite comparison. ? fifty pieces splendid washing French Muslin. For 1/9 dozen. One thousand Blouse lengths pretty printed Cotton voile ? 3 Yarda for -1/ each. Six Green cooperative coupons for each v. You spend. Don t forget this. It is the Best discount Ever All Day wednesdays. ? closed saturdays at 1p.m. James Smith & co., 52 and 54 Hindley Street. 279c Martin bros., Burlington House invite inspection their weekly mail Steamer shipments summer novelties in All departments. Dress Brics in Black and coloured Canvas voiles l amines Shadow Check voiles graduated spot Canvas voiles accordion pleased crepes. A. Lie. A. The latest productions in French de Laines and other Blouse fabrics. The Choice materials for dresses in Coli Yuuki fabrics ranges in Primo fron 1/6 per Yard up to 4/11 Yard. All the most successful novelties in Silks including spot Russore Silks English Assam Silks Check lol Sines foulard Royale. Crepe de Chines a &c., 4c. Cotton and Linen washing dress fabrics including spotted linens crashes. Examines. ? voiles cd &c., from 6ld. Yard to 1/11 Yard. Complete sets patterns posted upon application. Laces ribbons and trimmings. shipments novelties showing. The veils. A splendid Assort ment including the Ramage ceilings. motor verb 1 spot Chiffon ceilings smart application veils bordered veils. Washable fall nets Chenille spot veiling &c., cd. shipments taffeta rib Bons mugs Felixe and Glace ribbons Tangerine Shade Satin and velvet ribbons narrow Glace trimming rib. Bons smart spot examine ribbons French millinery ribbons Inin in. Novelties in neck Wear continually arriving. Our assortment novelties for the neck includes All the latest productions. The fashionable Long shoulder i scarves in frilled Chiffon and fucked Chiffon smart lace ficus. Dainty mus 1.1n stocks Infix stoles cd in. A very smart assortment trim mings in the latest styles. Including the crash pm Brol Deuhs White Linen trimmings the Ball spot Linen insertions. Guipre salons Klencon insertions cd a. Smart Milan buttons. Novel Metal buttons Blouse ? buttons. Novelties for this department arrive by every mail Steamer. Martin Bros Burlington House. Drapery and clothing at Flint s value and Quaty is Manchester goods. L Vitlean Cirei table , 51 in. Wide. A Ltd 1/3, 1/0 Yard table damask 6s in. Wide 1/ti, jul. 2/3 Avard a Tiirik table damask 1/4j, 1/7j, 1/u Yard White Serviettes 5/s Sie 2/a dozen larger Siiss 5/0, 7/6, ill 11/t. 1s/0, to 21/ Down h Rin Gei table Hux ers lord 1/3, 1/0, 1/u each table , with red Blue centres 1/3 each table centres pretty Desigio. With lick and insertion 3/h, m/0, 3/9, 4/fi l n bleached . Towels 2/0 dozen Hulti and turkish towels 2, it do Ien Allfie unbleached turkish towels 1/3, l/71/9 pair extra Lauoe Winte Ami turkish path Towel 1/1 1 each turkish roller Tower Jug. From 5d Yard Oak comb roller to Wellim 516 Awn Strong l la Forfar bid 7. A Sid 9\a Yard Check class cloth 2/u Down 65-in. White twill sheet1xo, Nojd Yard 7-2-in. White twill sheeting. 1/. 1/3 Yard so in. White twill shect1.ng, in 1/6, 1/u Yard 3fi-in. White Calico 3,3, 3 11, 4, a 5/11 Dor in. W. T. Flint & son Ltd. Drapers ironmongers Vur Fishers Hindley and Bank streets. 296th9cv g. Mcdonald & co., late Mcdonald and Walter. Fashionable tailors and direct importer8, hive completed the Purchase and can Over from e. Lucas & co. That fashionable and commodious tailoring business known As the White u0usb. K1xg William Street. The Eck season s woollens Are hand. Over 300 distinct and exclusive High grads l at Turnt there will be a. Superior tone and finish to All our garments enabling gentlemen to Drc with Pood taste. Or. Johnson so favourably known As a first Clisi Cut a will be retained. Note address White House Hng Wil Luji Street. I Althea Charles Birks & co., carpet warehousemen desire to Call special attention to three shipments axh1nster carpets. arrived by the steamers Britan Nia tort Victoria and Makool. To lice goods Havel Doc Natl up to our entire sat is action and Are View at our soften five carpet showroom to. 13 Rundle Street ground floor. For artistic patterns and Colour inns these goods Are in surpassed. The very bc3t English Jiu vim arc represented and the qualities Are Giunn Jcj. Suitable pat1erxs drawing room dining room Board room and offices x., acc. Charles Birks & go. ? sic Shierlaw s god tone bags. 17/6 to 80/, kit bags. 17/6 to 30/. Hand bags. 5/9, 6/9, 7/9, to 12/6. Travelling rugs. 5/9 to 32/6. 16 Hindley St. ? 263c Tir apers circulars. Has Bills Price lists sc., to the. Neg step. P1uktijjg offices. Gre fell Street. Adelaide. Business notice Al Cale bargains in ? in bedsteads Beau we crockery Glas , and u0useuolo goods every for one month lot Cash and Cash Only. No time payment no cd tended credit. Pay Cash and get full value to a cur Money. Kitty Strong single Budi toads 8/9 30 Piil full file Llyd steals. 15/ 120 double wire voc Spring witty tics ipg w double Wiro Uvo Lodi Lead stretchers &j6 chests 3 Drawert Light dark 7/ii 5-drawer Heiti co b drawers Light dark full column s3 5/ Duchess pairs withstand Marble top tile Back table Larisc swing Mirror 2 jewel i sol the Luis Tift. By 4 it. Ext Moo dining Tiblom Patent screw. �2 14/ c i 3 Eiter Ioa tables Patent Crew 40/ bae some Hula Pine chats 3 drawers �4 5/ Cedar Cresti 8 drawers brass Lian Dlug. U the Best value in the Sute very Fine Cedar wardrobes Bevelled blur Doois �4 15� splendid Duchess pairs to Sitck. _4 a bargain Huon Pic i Droom suite 4-ft wardrobe Bevelled Mirror door. Duschea pair Vashti am Marble top tile and Bevelled Mirror Back 2 drawers table drawers Large Centre Swine Bevelled Mirror and 2 swing and by Vellejo Mirror 2 chairs and Towel rail the Complete suite i 15/ the lot upon Cedar wardrobe with 2 Bevelled Mirror Doore �5 Ery Floe 7-jt. Sideboard 6ft. Look Caw a t. Kate Avion table Patent screw and extra leg 3 Cood leather suites k Unn Uig room suite grand citing a intr ser cd 100 pieces 50 lots Hso i Wak Rind Hall Plau Dware 20 stuffed s , a 30/ each Good Cebu Frame. Lei her covered Spring rated couches 35/, 40/ Loi Odd Clia is cheap Cedar Waszut Padg and Tablet 7i g each Kitchen Tablet Dressm top pure Odd 4c, to. No charge for delivery. Packed and nut slap at the Adelaide Sla Tiou ret. Charles Sega general dealer us bundle Street. Nearly opposite l itch s Corner. ,. I33m�m , China and earthenware. ? by orc buying inspect our Large and Var a if Feck. ?. ? -.?. We k t. Rhodes. ? a Rundle ? Lieut and James place also to tort ads hide. Mishio John Martin & compy Ltd Dainty summer underclothing at prices which waste time to. Make your own garments 1we can Supply you with under clothing Bel str fun by i made and finished in the latest designs and in the Best. Mock at prices you could not Ihry the material at alone. Cil Dainty ga1uients As these. Then yith their Low ar13 tue our Bijj fit and Liberal buying Forcash those who to a ave Money with Little to Mai 10 spare a a n info. Should not Overlook time offers to ? tij1s season s underclothing. ? ladies Long cloth kn1cke1w, Tri Minfu self frills 1 pair \ ladies Long cloth knickers Tiiu Uick embroidery ivies 3/fi, 3/11, 2/6 pair ladies lightweight w no Clotis Knick its. Pc Tilly trimmed with Kimbro Idery lace 2/11, 3/ii. A. 4/11, vol. I-/11. 7/11 p in lad1e.v l1ghtwkight Lono Cutill chemises All full made and Well finished Trimi cd self frills. 1/0 each ladies lightweight Long cloth. Chemises All Lull made and Well finished trimmed embroidery 1/11 each Jalso others daintily and liberally Trimi cd with lace embroidery and frills. 2/ti each l ladies summer weight Long cloth Chi Ailshi. Full and strongly made prettily trimmed Irith lace embroideries 2/u, 3/ti,la each j others Beautiful la and profusely trimmed with Jaci embroidery full made and latest lesions 4/11 up to u1 i Silt ladies n1ghtdiiesses, in Light Hummer we split Long cloth full made and Well finished trimmed self frill 2/u each ladies summer weight lon Uloth full Raul strongly sewed and finished. Daintily and Han Tuomela Triu Imi a with Embri Lery frills. 2/11 ont it others trimmed with late frill. 1 11 each also a Law Dutiful collodion Smaler . In All the latest Deans Chi visit Ely trimmed with tin pretty luvs embroideries shed to this Doss Wear. They Aro full made and Comfort. Iblis titling. Tho work which has been put into ii so is the Bent whilst the cloth was manufactured expressly for Thini. 5/11. I/11, 7/11. Sll. Up to 21/ each ladies Summit weight Long lot 1 combinations. Trip med i rills 2/15 pair trimmed embroidery 2/11 pair Trimmi a full frills air trimmed pretty embroideries. 3/11 and 4/11 Mir and in combinations at -i./ll. I la. 7/11, up to 14/11 pair. We can Supply Mihic ilm most Beautiful a i tons. Trimmed with a Wodtli Liiv Ein Oil Ideris sup Eijiro slip a Odili. For i Ider in Nier Wear in White Lawn 1/3 and i each White Lawn i a , 1/11. 2/0. 2/11, 3 11. And 4/11 each in Nain Sook underwear we Kive a very excellent showing All Beautiful Xvi trimmed full and strongly made and Iii shed to Lortt Vlious in latest de i sinus knickers. 2/11. 3/6. 3/11. 4/11. Ii a. I la 7/1.1 pair chemises 3/11, 4/11, 5/11. 6/11, 7/11. Sll. La i a nightdress. 5/11. Fi/11, 7/11. Roll. 0/11 tip wards 4/11, vol nil jul us a up Llo dices 2/li 2/11, a/0, 3/u, 4/11 up. A display these Superior summer gar3ients is to by seen in our windows today in the departments. You. Should inspect them. In our. Cost life Salon. You will find an interesting gathering crash jackets crash costumes crash skirts. Linen Cost tones. Stylish in camb1ucs, muslims. And Silks handsome undershirts at Yery special prices. ? o ? the 3 i g st0re wheel your Money goes farthest. Hundle Street. ? Ito Sfilio a i i my Kkt ? ii inn there is Only one Way to Rel the right kind clothes make your selection cloth and have them made for you Wear clothes suitable to your comi Sexion adapted to your business and made 5n the style Best suited to your form you can choose from 200 Nobby up to Date fabrics and to vill make your clothes just As you want them. Better investigate write for samples and self measure mint form better still Call in and inspect our assortment fancy Tweed suits to measure 30/, 55/, 50/6, 63/, to 00/, Navy Serge suiting 45/, 50, 55/, 59/0, 63/, to 90/ the suit. Melange suiting 45/, 50/, 55/, 59/0. 03/, 70/, to 84/ the suit cricketing trousers to measure 10/6, 12/6, 17/6. 2ty�, crash trousers 10/6, 12/0, 13/, to measure ? ? o ? w open All Day wednesday. Closed i clock saturday ?0 ? a j. T. Fitch Rundle Street ? ? 287th sct2 Shier Law s summer tailoring ? i fancy Tweed Sac suits from 55/. Tennis crash. And silk suiting. Navy and Black Serge Sac suits from 60/.? patterns Tost free application. P ?. ? 16 Hindley Street City / Ufa i ? drapery and clothing. H come s @ Uli great saturday s bargain carnival Bedrock priors Thuong Lieut ? 6 Kilteen co operative coupons for every ? Wmk shilling Purchase. Whims 3 Creek operative coupons Fok every 6d. 1 fitted to in Cycle in sure Comfort Ami Case propulsion and Are More durable than All outliers. Guaranteed for twelve months. The Dunlop Tyre co., m i Dunlop motor tyres should be fitted to All cars they Are specially made for use the rough roads Australia ? the Dunlop Tyre co., t17 cadc8treeti

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