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Adelaide Register Newspaper Archives May 24 1905, Page 4

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Adelaide Register (Newspaper) - May 24, 1905, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. Tides at the semaphore May 24. Low a Rater 12.10 pint Hych wider. 6.20 . ? � Timi Ball tuesday May 23 Ball dropped at in. Of. Os., corresponding to 151u 30m, May 23, a Recti Ticu time. 23. Afric. S., tons f. B. How Ahu from liter Pool via South Africa and Albany. Dalgety and co., a Ente. Passengers from Liverpool mrs. E. Day misses 11. Gay and c. Key messes. A. To Annan r. Gay Lever and a. W. To Cilcy. From Capetown mrs. R. Jackson or. And mrs. Ii. Jackson and four children and mrs. Watch Man and seven children. From Albany 22 and 132 in route. Koo Rinsa s., 150. Worlein. Ard Rosain. Eclipse sth., t8, t. Hustafson West coast ports. Ceres g., 58, w. J. Spells Ardrossan. Projected Del atones. For London. Lutrar about May 31 India june 1 ram orc head july 4 Fifeshire june 10 Ormuz june a Britannia june 10 cite Long june j9 Carpentaria june 20 Oriya. June 22 Mon Golia june 2u Ortona. July 0 Marmora. July 33 common tilth. July 17 Langton Grange july 14- orontes july 20 China. July 27 of Rah. August 3 Tchur. August to Moldavia. Angst 10 w Makool aude to 14 Macedonia Burusc 24 Victoria september 7 Himalaya september 21 India october ii. For Bremen. Karlsruhe june 3 Oldenburg july 1 Luitpold july 2 Darmstadt August 26 Sci Blitz september 23. For Marseilles. Australian May 27 Villo de la a stat june 24 caledonian july 22. For South african ports. Fifeshire june 10 ocelot a june 19 Commonwealth july 17 Lang ton Granero july 14 Makool. August 14. ? for Java Sumatra and Straits settlements. Offenbach May 25. ? for Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping for inc Casland ports hold it. May 21 ? tool Circlio 3fay 25 Yong la May -25 Kiyarra May 30 in naming a june 2 Bon Aala june 8 Kanona june 13 bump beet june 7. For Western Australia. Bombala. May 27 a no rna. May 30 Sydney. May 30 Yons Rala june 3 Coolgardie june 0 Grant Ala june 13 Bur ruin beet june 20. ? sailed. May 23. Burma meet s., for Western Australia. Tassen a re 7, Saloon h second Cabin and original in transit. Afric a. For Eastern states. Ferret s., Spencer Gulf ports. Kooring s., Ardrossan. Juno s., port Vincent. Defender k., port victorial Victor a. Port Broughton. Postbox sch. Tort Victoria. Juio Hawkins a. West coast ports. Lillie May a. Port w Ike find. Amp Ghinns a. Port Wakefield. Excelsior s., West coast ports. 1mports.-May 23. Afric from Liverpool 185 tons general Crehan Bue. Matecka from Catherine Hill Bay 2,051 tons Coal. 23. ? birr Rumbert Tor Western Australia 470 bans 1,320 flour 125 caws 40 Liaf Cut facts Tea 50 caws sauce. S do. Boot3. Co do. Bananas. 15 do. Fruit 50 do. Syrup. 10 do. Brandy. 94 cases 7_ Kess c wines 40 cases 2 i vinegar 72 casks arcs. 40 Baas Oats. 50 do. Pollard 125 do. Bran 31s do. Barley 50 Ihms raisins 2 pres. Machinery. 3 do. Bacon 0 do. Leather 10 sacks sugar 15 cows 7 claws and Sun dries. Australian Melbourne. Arrived May 23 Barrier new Castle. Sailed May 23 Tel cog Sydney Woitha Rina port Elizabeth Amy Moir Hobart Britan Nia Sydney Fortunatus South Africa Flora,1 Devonport Kawajiri Stalian Taij uan Nev. Sydney. Arrival May 23-Dilkera, Fremantle Moor Abool Melbourne Tambo South islands. Sailed play 23 Ville de la Ciotta Noumea Ani Witta and Moor Abool Melbourne aramaic and bar , Brisbane time Wallaroo. Newcastle sailed May 23-Iiarlech Castle West coast of South America. Brisbane. Sailed May 23 Woli Owra Sydney to Nowarra Rock Hanpton Marlon Cairns flin Ders Bundaberg. Fiji. Suva arrived May 23r-Aoransri and Iris. Sailed May 23 Aorangi and Fiona. Outposts. Co Well. Arrived May 22 Success . Sailed May 23 Broughton port Adelaide. Pout Augusta. Sailed May 22 investigator port Pine. Wallaroo. Arrived May 23-Uerbert, ports. Sailed May 22 Lulu port Pine. Port Victoria. Arrived May 22lurline and her Bert port Adelaide. Sailed May 22 Herbert Wallaroo Macintyre warding Island Lurline defender port Adelaide. Ed1tu i Biumi. Sailed May 22 Larooka port Ade Laide. Ardrossan. Arrived May 22 Ceres port Adelaide. Sailed slay 22 Victory port Adelaide. Port wakef1eld. Arrived May 22 Perry port Adelaide. Sailed May 22-Cecilia, port Adelaide. Kix Scote. Sailed May 22 Ion. Wallaroo. Kingston. Arrived May 22 Kintore Bea Elnorr. Robe. Arrived May 22 Kintore Beac port. Sailed May 22-Kintorc, Kingston. Beac port. Sailed May .22 Kin Tore port Adelaide. Rivers. Max . Arrived May 22tyro, Murray Bridge. Sailed May 22tolarno, Morgan Wilcannia Blanchc town. May 22 Ruby Lorenn. Sailed May 22-Ruby, went Worth. Wentworth. Sailed May 22-Mcrle, Mir gain. Vij ? ? River Levels. Tic following shows the state of the Rivers above summer level at the undermentioned places at 9 . On to Sony May 23 a Vaggi Ragga. 1 it. I in ? Huy 1 it. Gou Plopi 0 in. Mun Gundi c it. Mori 1 it. 3 in. Namoi .7 it. Burton 13 it. 7 in. Or Carrina n it. 10 in. Bourke 14 it. 0 in Louth 10 it. 1 in til a ,19 it. I m Wuhan Nia 21 it. 1 in. Men indie 17. It. Sin. Poon Crie. 18 it. 10 in. . 4 in Echuca 2 it. 3 in. Eire on 5 it. 1 in. Overland Comer 2 it 9 in. Morgan 3 it. 0 in. Renmark o it. I -nscet.laneous. The Wiite Star liner afric left Liverpool in april 13, Capetown on May 3. And Albany on Mav. Arriving at the semaphore at 7 . On tuesday she bail an uneventful voyage. Movements of steamers. A. & 0. Line. Mom Jlia left Colombo on the morning of May 21, outward. . Line. Old Avnir left Colombo on the morning of May is outwards. Seydlitz arrived at Colombo on the isor Nin of May 22, homewards. I White Star Lina da1 Ely & co. Limited have received a Cable message advising the arrival of the runic at Dir can on May 21 the Perezic reached Plymouth on my 19. Wither reports and forecasts. Forecasts. Forecast of probable weather from tuesday afternoon till wednesday night. Issued at 1 . On tuesday South Australia. Cloudy and unsettled with rain. North East and northerly winds. Victoria at first Fine with northerly winds gradually becoming Cloudy and unsettled Vul rain. Sea slight. New South Wales. More showers in the North list. Fine temporarily elsewhere with North cast Wirds but change for unsettled weather and Simc rain rapidly approaching the state from the West. Write to. Australia. Cloudy with scattered showers chiefly on the Seuth West and South coast. Rain reports. Rain tins fallen in 24 hours up to 9 . In Western Australia Light to moderate chiefly along won Ami South West coastal districts. South aus Virilia Iscla 1 5 Points. Victoria 12 Points at Tilla Biratu. New South Wales Light to Mode rate on coast. Queensland Light to heavy along the co is. General remarks. The barn Petrie disturbance shown yesterday off the i Wii in has moved off to the South during the test 24 hours and the barometers on the South Crast of i Tern Australia have risen consider ably. At the same time however it has made some Progress eastward and the pressure has been Rethi cod Over this state but the barometer is still very High Over South Castorri Australia and tas Omnia. The influence of the disturbance is a neurally throughout South Australia this morn no it heavy Clou Bank covering the of Hie Caricu uial areas Anil extending to the contre of the continent. Conditions therefore Are hopeful for rain in this state before Long. Todd government astronomer mail notices. Great Britain. May 27 via Suez 10.15 . Aua Ralien registered letters and 9.15 . Port Adelaide 1c.40 . Registered letters and newspapers 10 . Bri Tish Anil Fui eign narc is Post close at Lic neral Post oboe at 9.15 . Mails due in London june 311 May 2f Marai ill . Australian up10.1.1 . Late letters 10.4s . Registered let ten and newspapers 0.15 . June 3 . Karlsruhe up. 11.15 . Registered letters and newspapers 10.15 . Great Britain and United states a san a Macrik of. Mav 26 i in ., Ventura up. Via Vancouver Island. June 10p.m. South of to tic a Durban direct. May 25 3 ., overlaid to Melbourne then per Jie ii. Hon Kong Japan and Manila. June 13 ., Over land to Sydney thence per Taiyuan. Miv Civilli Donia. May 2u 3 ., Overland to Sydney thence per fir to Opportunity new Australia Paraguay May 253 ., via new zealand. Java ports. May 25-10.15 ., . Samoa and other South .a islands except Fiji May 273 ., Overland to Sydney thence per Nav a. Western Australia. Fremantle May 2710.15 ., australian up. Albany. May 271.16 i-.m-. In Nehala. Leaett Wiuf states. daily Overland , Queenstown and a Beikian Taan Anja to Iii Ilia 3.30 Overland to my Bournes new zealand North Island May 25x-3.s0p..- Overland in Sydney be zealand South Island May 2.v-3. ., Overland to Sydney. Ardrossan. Muy 25-0,30 ., Kooring. Edit Burgh. Tills Day-l30 um., Fowler 3o-ia45 ferret via port Lincoln. Eur a. June 61.45 ., via port Lincoln. Fiji. May 273 ., Over land to Sydney thence per Erst Opp part ilnits Franklin ? ret via Wallaroo. Kangaroo Island. This Day -0.30 ., Ceres. Northern territory. May he Overland to Sydney thence per first Opportunity. Tumby Bay. May 7 l ., Herbert up. Port Lincoln. May of Cri ferret via Wallaroo. Port Vincent May 20 a i0 . Janis Comrie. Stanful Lily May 2.t-6. � ., James com Rio. Ooi Nad to to. Charlotte Waters Alice Springs and . June s-. via Doodna Datta. Herau Nesburg june a -f-.5 . A of. Up. Indicates that mails to be forwarded by this Steamer Mist be specially marked. Narome Rucat. Readings the follow Nii. Table has been constructed from observations recorded in thin office for every six hours during the last three dab and for this morning. Height above Ria level 147 it a. 3 . 0 . 3 . 0pm sunday ? 30.15 ? 30.13 .15 monday 30.17 30.01 30.no tuesday. 30.00. ?. 20.07,.20.91 29.9 note barometer 20.83, 2 o clock this sailing 1 overcast special advertisement Donaldson Fob hosiery & cloves. 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Ami special summary prepared for trans mis Sini to England for the single charge of half a Crown extra lines 6d.-eai.4i. Tie and address of the. Sender must in All cases be Given. Births. T5ro3e. On tic 22nd May Wakefield strict the wife of a. Brose a daughter. the 18th Hay at Victor Harbour the wife of f. J. Dourlas a son. Turner. On the 20th july at pc Vidon Angas ton to or. And mrs Charles ii. Turner a Xii ruler. ? marriages. the. .23tli april at Llin Marsh. By Rev. L. T. Mound William pro if Yogi nest son of the late William Carter Walkerville. To Tossie Marrion. Eldest daughter of the late William Sommerville Croydon. Smith Lano. On the 22nd april at Christ Chuich. North a Deheide by the very Rev. Dean Marryat m.a., assisted by tiie Rev. W. 11. Winter b.d., Henry Hutton youngest son of capt. Julian Smith of Halifax Street to Florence Kate eldest daughter of the late William Sidney Lang of Buxton Street North Adelaide. Silver wedding. Foreman cant. On the 24th May 1ss0, at tie residence of tic Bride Uncle Prospect by the Rev. Silas John Foreman of adv Laide to Annie second daughter of Thomas cant late of Kin Bolton Hunts England. Present dress Weller Street Goodwood Park. Deaths. Bungy. On tie 19th May at Glen som Ltd Emily Louisa the second beloved daughter of a. And m. Bungy aped to years. Hall. On the 20th Muy at her sister Resi Dence mrs. .1. W. Williams mount Barker Ann y Hall of Momerto youngest daughter of the late Thomas Hall of Bugle ranges aged years. In Memoria i. Findlater on the 24th May 1901, at mess Murry Spence tic in wry beloved son of Daniel and Bessie Findlator aged 7 years and 5 Mont pcs. The relati\t5s of the late Annie y. Hal wish to thank their friends especially mrs. George Fry for their kind sympathy and Floral tributes in their recent sad bereavement. 1723. Statement of the atmospheric pressure,1 tem per attic rainfall and state of the weather registered at the Adelaide Observatory during the past seven Days at the hours mentioned ? 1. Bar. Temperature. Kain ,. ? ? Date. 3 therm. 3 . 9 weather. pm Ira. Min. . To san. Shil ?.--? wed. 17 2�.95 127.6i 75.0, 54.8 ,. Thur.1830.03 84.2 83 2 . Fri il9 .27116. 63.8 46.0 ese...vry-pl. Sat 2030.201121.9 66.8 51.0 w,,Fine, sin. 2li30.14il23.6i 70.6 45.� n,.nne,. Son 12280.04 118.9 70.41 56 7 ene.,o . Tue 23 29.951 85.2 69.0 61.,.o cst.t3ir. Irmo. Tie barometer is reduced and corrected Tri 2 Dee. Fahr., but it is hot reduced of ecu level. The temperature and rainfall Are for the 24 hours preceding the time of registration. The weather column relates to the condition of the weather at the urn of observation Only. Index to advertisements ? ?. ? ?.? \. Ii ? Pae ? 1page amusements. A. .10 merchandise ii. 1 auctions. 10 medical. .,.,.,.10 Board and lodging. 2 motors and cycles. 3 business notices. 2-3 mining ?10 businesses for Sale ? ? Money. 10. Or wanted 3 municipal and Dis carriers a. 1 strict Council i. I. /2 companies & societies 2 patents and Trade. Drapery and cloth Marks 2 ing. V.?. 1 persons wanted 2 education. 1 poultry dogs a. 10 electoral a i ticks. 2 produce. -. 1 florists seeds men professional. 10 &c.-.1 properties wanted .--.10 funeral notices. 2 properties for Sale. .10 government Adver Public notices. .2 Tise ments. 2 publications and ? Holiday resorts. I 10 Itonery. 10 horses cattle be shipping. 1 hides. 1 sporting. 10 hotels � restaurants 1 situations wanted 2 insurance notices. I 1 special Advt. ?. 4 hotels for Sale or tenders. 2to let ?. 2 to let ? 10 in 3t and found. 2 wanted to buy. 2 machinery ? 2 wanted to sell. 2 Isle Tim ? / ? ? ? ? Adelaide wednesday. May 24. 1905. Australia Golden Opportunity. Tubero is one problem awaiting Lution in Australia which transcends in importance All others. It is More pressing than socialism it is certainly hire practical than All the Short cuts to tie Nillen Nikuni and its settlement would make possible the development of industries throughout Australia to a far More Permute it degree than a new Tariff. Most of tie questions that Are now dividing political Ca ones and bringing Abonit a condition of an est de development throughout our Laid would fade away like to Ming Mist before the Sunshine if the Murray and its tributaries were Only made to fulfil the functions intended by nature. It is one of the ironies of federation Liat having joined the Union Pai by on the strength of representation that a few years of Central administration would do what half Century of divid i control had failed to accomplish we should Noav be brought face to face with tie fact that the. Commonwealth authorities Are doing Little or nothing to help the states to arrive at a better i understanding. The triangular con test is being continued much along the same unies As in prel ederal Days., Sturt discovered and explored the Ray in 1s30. Twenty year latest thanks to the Energy and vision. Of us. H. De. Wal Fox Youn then governor of this state the Murray. Was. Opened to a navigation and during the last half Century it has been the main artery of Trade Between the coastline and that portion of i Kidd Australia served by the Rivers system. Notwithstanding the important part taken by South Australia in tie opening up of these Waterways and the immense service that has been rendered thereby to settlers in Victoria and new South Wales there i still considerable ? ignorance throughout the Commonwealth concerning the Rivers system and tiie opportunities for agricultural expansion along the Murray Darling and Mur Runi Bridgee the average australian opens wide his eyes and gives expression to his astonishment whenever he is told that tie navigable length of the Murray and its tributaries is equal to the distance from Adelaide to port Dar win across the Effot deut and Halfway Back again Down these great Chan Nels there daily flows to waste in the son an enormous volume of water and when the Day Peridis come Australia with one voice laments i the fact that nothing has been done to store the prel ious Fli Iid in flood time that it May be made available during the drought. Every one admits that tie right thing to do is to place locks and weirs across the Rivers at stated intervals and turn to sic court the great storage basins which nature has generously provided close to the streams. But nothing is done without a single exception Ivery candidate during the present political Cain Paigin in this state has expressed himself in favour of a Vigo Rous policy in connection Ith the River Murray yet past experience justifies the fear that the first practical proposal for accomplishing some thing would not Only be treated with sceptical criticism but would have to run tie Gauntlet n of Ucli opposition. Would members ror instance of pre pared to it once Sanction tie erection of locks Between and the Border the six locks deemed necessary by engineers to be completed within say. Five Yea re that would be a test of the sincerity of their promises and the government might Well consider the advisable less of Briti Gehg Forward some such proposal. Acc have been beating the air quite Long enough with out courteous protests and our desire to placate the other stat Sand some thing More thao talk is urgently required. ? if Softli Australia set Ito Avorie Audi constructed tie locks which the. Com Mission of experts declared will be required Between Blanch Etori and the Border the Money expended could be deducted from the third share which this state is willing to Bear in connection with. The Complete scieme and the beginning of a work of this kind would strengthen our claims to riparian rights if a Case is Ever put be fore a Legal tribunal. The Enterprise could also be justified from the state Point of View for failing the agree ment of new South Wales and Victoria to a comprehensive. Undertaking it Woi ild be necessary for South Alistra lians to do something for themselves to order to provide compensation for the water which is already being diverted. Navigation must hand in hand with irrigation. Tie one is the Corol Lary of the other. Without the cheap transit facilities provided by the water Way irrigation kits would never be Able to make a Success of i b.eir1 Holdi uss and this is a proposition which sir William Willcocks has distinctly Laid Down in connection with the great irrigation works with which he has been connected in Egypt Mesopotamia and in other countries. The alleged arid land in our River valleys is not the de Sert that it is represented to be but Good pasture country awaiting tie application of that great fertilizing agent water. The commission of experts estimated that there Are 50.000.000 acres capable of irrigation in the three states of which 2,500,000 Are in South Australia an area exceeding by 400,000 acres the largest total acreage of land Ever put under Cereal cultivation in any year in this state the experts further committed themselves to the statement that the River Murray judged by its length of Channel and area of catchment should be one of the great streams of the work they went on to say it is therefore mat Ter for Surprise that the problems which it is the function of this com Mission to investigate still remain unsettled where the great Amer an desert existed a few years ago there Are to Day \ thousands of Miles of Ca nals distributing water to 8,000,000 acres of kind which last season produced crops Worth �20,000,000. The great american desert has been Avi Ped off the map. There is a Call to Australia to wipe something Oil the slate and that something is tie neg Lect to take advantage of a Rich inheritance represented by Bur unused Waterways 7 v ,.there is no other question in aus to Ilia that Calls for statesmen Broad gauge Long Visioned men much As this River question the settlement of it is of such pressing importance to Australia .1 that patriotic legislators should come together and agree to drop the divisions of party politics until the Nate ways Are rendered ? permanently navigable and sufficient. Supplies of. Water. Are guaranteed for the carrying out of extensive irrigation systems. If tills were accomplished it would Settle As by a magician Wand the Unrein pity id trouble and would increase pro auction in Australia to an enormous extent. Consider Ito. The promises that candidates have. Made on the hustings me reasonable Hope is that when Par i ancients meets the government of the Lay will recognise ? the wisdom1 of adopting a More aggressive policy than hitherto in Corine Etiopi with River mat ers. Victoria and new South Wales should be told to the most emphatic inane in that s6ulh Australia. Insists m some finality in connection with the dispute without any More dil Lydall ing. Either they must agree. To join hands in a Complete conservation Chenie or Liis state must have re Jourse to Law in order to test the be a Litof of diversion Avoris completed my co template by the neighbouring 8ta Les. Sir Edmund Barton Sheri prime minister declared at Corowa hat the Commonwealth Constitution Ivas framed to. Be worked by. Reason Ible men and that therefore there Mist be an exhibition of Wisdom to be ratio1. And Good sense betwee ii the states of the commom Ealta considering that South Australia has been writing letters to the other states Liol Ding conferences and in various Vajs negotiating for Over half a Cen Tury it cannot be Trutlin fury urged that we have been want aug in reasonable lessor lacking in Ioder Atibel the1 of engineers estimated that for provi Diug a Complete system Tif locks and weirs tie Cost would be a a proximately ?�2,Uoo,o6o. This is about the sum which Western. Australia Laid out in a local water Schemeit is ridiculous that three states like new South Wales Victoria and South Australia should Haggle Long Over spend ing this a mint of Moljery consider id the colossal Behi fits Itiat would Flo a from the streams of water stretching Over 3,000 Miles into the Interior would be of Inesti Mable value to Australia and yet the magnificent result can be attained at a comparatively Small Cost it does not say much for our statesmen or for the matter of that for our reputation As an enterprising people that there should be this Long delay in coming to an agreement upon a subject. That is Vitai to the welfare of Esi Cli state immediately concerned and indeed to australian Progress. The Driver probe lera is no problem at All itis capable of the simplest solution and Engi neers have pointed the Way times with out number. At a Cost of less than �1.000,000 each the three states Cou Eer hed am not Only provide permanent Waterways one and a half times the distance across he continent but they can make available for dose settlement 50,000,000 acres of country that is now practically uninhabitable owing to the want of water. There is room for Mil Lions of people in tlie5 valleys of the Muriny Lac Laii and Darling Why when. Australia is languishing for want of population is this Golden Opportunity persistently neglected. Eaf Piile displayed by the Vari Ous colonial 1gk-venuneut8 relative to the selection of May 2i As Empire Dav is indicative. Of a growing sense of tie practical value of patriotism As a National asset and f that stand Point tie innovation May be Reg Ardeil As an auspicious augury of the solid Arity of the British Empire in the future. To Day thousands of school children in All parts of Kin Edward vast dominions will receive instruction specially resigned Byr Editn tonal experts to inspire patriotic enthusiasm and inculcate intelligent appreciation of Stile duties arid response abilities incidental to British citizenship the form in a Whilce tiie import amt lessons Are to be presented to the scholars has t largely to the discretion of the teachers but the list of suggested topics is sufficiently comprehensive to afford at pie scope for the nost diverse personal predictions. This year australian schools will participate in the co lob ratio of Empire Day. Thus completing a world encircling Chain of Imperial sentiment which cannot fail to strengthen the Bonds of Union be tween the motherland and the Coli lies. The Success of the movement has been due in a Large measure to the enthusiastic advocacy of the Earl of meath whose persistent efforts to quicken the Public sense of Imperial National and civic duty Are worthy of the High est commendation. In a speech delivered at Lames Hall in Aulon Hist year the Earl epitomised the objects of the league which he represents As follows in tic first place we May say at once that the ideas of the promoters of Empire Day have absolutely nothing in common with the condition of mind ? popularly known As jingoism we. Desire no aggrandizement of the British. Empire for aggrandizement Sake. We do not believe that the honour of the nation or the respect due to tie Flag in be in any Way Piug meet de by wars carried on for Mere Mili tary glory or do we desire to of Laurit the glorious Standard which has braved a thousand yews the Battle and the Breeze defiantly in the face of any potentate or people. We wish to live in peace and Amity with the whole world. ,. There is no occasion for boasting. It is Only the weak who need to boast. We Aro conscious of the niacin licence and Power of our Empire of its absolutely unique character of its extent and almost boundless re sources of the loyalty of its populations of the unrivalled Freedom and lil erty of person enjoyed by them All these things we know. There is no occasion to recapitulate them constantly but it is Well occasionally to re member that the blessings which an All knowing Providence has thought fit to bestow upon us May take unto themselves wings and Fly to other nations should we prove unworthy of the Trust reposed upon us. Recognising that in youth the mind is More especially malleable and therefor open to receive lasting impressions lord meath and his co workers wisely decided to concentrate their efforts primarily upon the important work of instilling into the minds of tie rising generation such Noble and inspiring sentiments As those of loyalty to a common sover eign of patriotism towards a common Empire of self sacrificing Devotion to wards fellow citizens of a state enjoy ing the rights of Freedom and personal Liberty in a greater degree Luin the inhabitants of even the most advanced republics ? the prominence which will hence for ii be Given to those inspiring themes in schools and colleges cannot fail to make a profound impression upon the Young people of Australia. The late or. Pearson in bus pessimistic analysis of National life and charac Ter asserted that patriotism is dying and predicted that the modern English Man would change his fatherland As lightly As he does his coat no one who witnessed the remarkable demonstrations of loyalty in the various Colo Nies during the dark Days when British supremacy in South Africa appeared to be trembling. In the balance could truthfully apply that accusation to the present generation of colonists. The Transvaal crisis demonstrated in spite of the cynics who would have us ? be Lieve that patriotism is Only another for self interest that sentiment counts for a great Deal More in National emergencies than would commercial tariffs or formal treaties which Appeal Only to cold business motives. It must not be forgotten however that there is no natural Affinity Between the diverse races which owe allegiance to the British throne. Cosmopolitanism is inimical to the spontaneous develop ment of the primitive Type of Patriot ism which Springs from instinctive love of country Ami racial prejudices. Those elementary passions Supply no Force for the fusion of such antagonistic races As the French canadians the dutch settlers in Duth Africa the exclusive by thins f5 Van Lia Vian d our own German colonists. The ties which bind these apparently incompatible nationalities to be motherland and to each other Haye. Been evolved by a slow and Complex process. What has brought these younger nations to great Britain jul Ndu eed them to Spring to Cven before you called upon Vliem ask Feia ser Chamberlain in tie House of commons a few years ago. I it is the Imperial instinct which you Juri Leand,sco.-r? self i5eoin inon interest of common duty of As Iiran ser Mutual support of Pride in the great edifice in which they Are All members it is with tlie1 object fostering and strengthening that Ini Pervai instinct which denotes the a Iii of the Empire that the anniversary of the late Queen Victoria birth Lias been invested with a new significance. Tie innovation is in Larmony with modern theories regarding tie. Scopo and purpose of education. The ideals and impressions which children derive from their academic exercises cannot fail to make a profound impression upon their characters. In order that the rising generation May be Able to fully realize their obligations to tha state they must Nave a rational Rebii caption of the magnificent heritage committed to their care acid they can Only learn to emulate the loyalty of their forefathers by acquiring a Tho rough knowledge of tie history arid achievements of the Empire to which Tivey belong. Cultivating patriotic ? instincts. ? a prominent australian writer expressed the opinion As of Evvy year 1. Ago that there is Teal danger that for tie average you Tii tie great mimes of British Story May become meaningless sounds and that his imagination ii will take no Colour from the Ril or arid deep tints of history this May be an exaggerated criticism of the admittedly in perfect methods of teaching which prevailed Iii tie past but if the list of subjects suggested for discussion on Empire Day should be made to form the basis of systematic study there ought not to be any occasion for Simi Lar pessimism in the future. The topics selected by. The department cover a wide Range of. Useful information which should prove of inestimable value to the scholars apart from the Imperial Bias ? which the lessons. Are designed to create. King Edward dominions beyond the seas cover a vast area and afford scope for Many kinds of Industry the conditions of life in various parts of the Etc pts e Are Dis Sinai car and the religious Cliff frences Are .infirked, that those branches of contemporary history alone would sup ply ample material for Mouths of fascinating study. Much of the friction Anil misunderstanding which have of cured in the past has been due to Lack of knowledge regarding the conditions of life and modes of thought in widely separated colonies. The information Itiat will be gained by scholars in the old country relative to tie opportunities and inducements which the various dependencies offer to enterprising Emi Grants should silo be of practical Utility when the time comes for them to choose avocations. All of these important matters cannot be adequately dealt with in one series of lessons but it is not unreasonable to Hope that the prominence Given to them in connection with the annual Celebration of Empire Day will stimulate a taste Tor profitable Reading during the rest of the year. Arrangements might also be made by teachers to follow up and Ela borate topics in which tie children Are specially interested thus giving effect to lord suggestion that tie scholars should be trained during the whole of the year with a View to enabling them to understand More thoroughly than they can be expected to do at present the purport of Empire Day. The ceremony known As Salu ing the Flag might aptly be Nide a prominent feature of the Day proceed Ings because it is calculated to inspire respect for the Banner which is the Symbol of Freedom wherever it is unfurled. The vivid impressions made upon the minds of children by picture is due demonstrations of that charac Ter Are More lasting than those derived from abstract principles and the me Mories associated in their minds with such incidents can never be wholly eradicated. Children of British Parent Ige especially Are not Likely to forget the lie Roic deeds which have been done through the centuries to vindicate the honour of tie grand old Standard Oor should they be allowed to Overlook the fact that the Empire has been built up by men whose loyalty to duty was stronger than the love of life and who dreaded Dishonour More ? than they feared death. It was to them that or. Watson invited the prophetic injunction o be by wandering tempest sown. Neat ii every alien Star ? forget not whence the breath was blown that wafted you afar ? t for be Are still her ancient seed. On younger soil let fall. Children of Britain Island Breed to whom the Mother in her need x perchance May some Day Call. News of the Day. Kain shortly. Or. Griffiths stated of tuesday the barometric disturbance which was Clear y marked yesterday off the Leemoin has moved southward Durins the last 21 hours and the barometers on the South coast of Western Australia have risen considerably. The Easterly movement of this Low pressure wave has been and still is retarded by the High pressure Over South Eastern. Australia. Since saturday last the barometers Here have been Reading about 30.50, but they Are slowly being reduced und this morning the maximum is about 30.40. In South Australia the influence of the depression is Felt All Over the state a Bevy Clou Bank covering the whole of the agricultural areas and extending in land to the Centre of the continent. The barometers Are still High,1 but Are gradually falling hut one hopeful sign is that tie p the Interior Bas fallen nearly As much As at Adelaide. Further Rains have fallen in the Western state and Light rain also the last night on the extreme Avert can Border of South Australia Eucly registering 0.16. In these conditions we May consider the Outlook hopeful for Radii within tie nest 3 5 hours old age pensions commission. Lip. Austin Chapman chairman of the old age pensions commission who at the completion of the sitting of the commission in Western Australia joined lip. Deakin in a visit through the state returned by. The Steamer afric on tuesday he left for Melbourne inthe afternoon., h ? ? , du1mb Anibals. I a successful meeting of the society for tie prevention of cruelty to animals was held. In the banqueting room town. Hall on tuesday afternoon sir Lancelot Stirling presided Over a Large attendance. Anions those present were lady the Llu tej lady Avav an the mayor and Mayoress or. And mrs. Theodore Bucey mrs. Ennis who Galvam a the. Society into new life read a , land Well Pritten report. The.chairman-., who is noted for his kind and generous nature was particularly eloquent in moving its adoption. In colds Iii his speech he said the objects of our society Appeal to every in Slius to of he Marity in its highest form Ami mail in his sober acid thinking moments would say Yea to every Noble motive which we Ada Ocate even if he fails to practise them in of heat and temper and i think Iione would mail Tea chord the fullest in Ede of sympathy and support to air the society desires to attain 1 the Power to attain thereto however lie in the Mutual help and support riven to those efforts Bys. People v throughout the state. It is for t1i to not my dietary Althou Gli this is required in a ,.ipl or degree thai the society appeals to Trio Community aha by a pics alone our children can be ?.-. Rigl Tiv trained. Acid our adults guided in a Toble and. Humane re Gard for. The Protection of those animals of the creation which i Tidence has de Creed should occupy with ind serve the Nice of Ina ii on Earth other speakers a re testimony to the Dvork done by. The Soccie a. I. J. Kyffin. Thomas m my Vinc a vote of thanks to sir Lancelot for presiding and also Jor the Able speech which he had Niide said they were much indebted to sir in ocelot for having added tie Weig it of his great influence in be halt of the society not Only As a Public Man but As a sportsman of the Best Typo. Sir Lancelot said whenever his services were Reid Isirdo they would be rendered. Mrs. Wilnis was highly praised and thanked for her untiring and zealous efforts in behalf of the society. A full report of the meeting appear ? in other Columbis. J i ? How the King reacts papers. A veg Edward says i. Lie Foj vew neck Herald v always1 tries to maker certain. Sof ? never missing anything in the ii apers which lie. Thinks lie ought to. See Eitnier about himself or any of the numerous objects and movements in which he is interested such As different charities the. Visits to him of his foreign friends and Forth. Since difficult for either him self or Liis secretaries to make a close Ejk urination of. The whole of All. Tiie papers every Lay to ensure Liis being done with any degree of thoroughness his majesty Many years ago resorted to press Cut Ling agencies for assistance. He subscribes to two of them and they Send him in the usual Way each Day every line of printed matter that has appeared in any paper concerning him each. Paragraph or article being Pas cd upon a separate Sheet of paper with the of the journal from Width it was Laken and the Date of publication. All these cuttings Are glanced through by his secretaries the less important weeded out. And those which it is considered his majesty ought to see Are duly Hoti to him. The King keeps Many Large cutting albums and whenever he desires to preserve any of these extracts orders Are Given for them to be pasted up in one of them. In this Way it is practically certain that everything that is written and printed about the King duly finds its Way to one of the Royal palaces and there has been on at least one occasion an instance of the King very effectively expressing his opinion concerning one item. His majesty does not in the least mind the personal paragraphs that Are printed about his doings habits Ami Forth realizing that the Public curiosity in regard to these matters is great and that it has some claim to be satisfied but it is an instance of his keen scrutiny of uie papers that 011 one occasion two or three years ago when a paragraph was going tie round of the daily papers which he did not consider to be in the Best of taste he forthwith caused a request to be sent round to the offices that in future they would refrain from the publication of such matters. Beat the train during the last few months trials have Bern held in the various states to test the efficiency of motor cars atidvmot6r bicycles but it is doubtful i fatty of the latter were cued upon to perform such severe ser vice As that accomplished by machine belonging to or Gully Sof Vadina on tuesday morning a gentleman who desired to reach Adelaide ii tie afternoon unfortunately nursed Fifette train and was in a dilemma until Jeri Gull came to a ssh Aid and offered to convey him. To the City on the parcel Carriage of r his motor bicycle. A Start Vas made from 4�adina at 9.20-r-two h Ouirt after the departure of the train and Adelaide was reached to 1.40 ,., or.,11, minutes before the express two pure tires were received and repaired on tie Road. Words words words the mysterious Hamlet s ? exclamation coupled with tie dictum of Hugo that be Mot est in etre Viva formed the basis of an address by the. Consul general for France in Australia recently to an Assem Blage at the Sydney Royl society rooms. M. Pinard and the Circle with which he is associated desire that the English should hear French spoken by French people and the Consul general fortified his claim by the pretty and characteristically French confession that he iinds himself in a coun try where the entente cordiale really existed before it wins happily consecrated by treaty All the same the Consul general pointed out that to become acquainted with the language of a country leads to sympathy and Friendship with the country itself. 1 Leleo guiding then tie Utility of words perhaps outside of parliamentary ? debate although he did not make the exception m. Pinard has taken thu practical step of inaugurating French readings and to add to their Scholastic value has decided to make the selections from the authors mentioned in the University papers. The University itself ,.he said has mapped out the course and we intend to pursue it strengthened by her approval the con sul general is not in favour of a Universal language a sort of Vola Puk that would be spoken from Brest to Vladivostok. Of course the loss to literature by the adoption of a Universal argot if it were practicable would be beyond calculation but that is not the objection tie consult Erie ral raises he More aptly says it would be tiresome and he foresees Liat there would be what he modestly1 terms differences of pronunciation How for instance would the Singapore Rickshaw men get ii Ritli a Cockney cabby in every Way m. I Nard efforts Are ? commendable and his invitation to the company to give him a rendezvous for May 24 ought remarks the Sydney morning Herald to result in an interesting assemblage on. That Date. Rain at Tarcola. Our Tarcola. Correspondent telegraphed on tuesday after nearly a year dry weather heavy rain set in it win of great Benefit As Al feed was dried up. An alluvial find six Miles to the South West is reported but no particulars i Ace. To hand i \ i -. ?. ? v to Yit a Adelaide an in . Member of the australian contingent in. �. Waukegan by the of rank Butcher. It prof. Adelaide South Auster. Lia who i recently deserted .,.the, City and the 1 cult of Dowie to of co Odd people i says Why Don t the artistically inclined 1 in t Waukegan Start up a saturday ? or wednesday of Teraoku sketching club ave have them in Australia allover. The country and they Are a big Ihung. Many of the Best painters have Arisen from the ranks of the sketch club. Waukegan has no Art. It has produced no great painters to is eak of except Fanny y. Cory and she never became famous until after she left Here .1 am in formed. Situated in the midst of a natural Paradise such As cannot be found in any other spot this Side the rookeries Wauke Gan ? is witli6ut Art Sultan tally. Where is her sketch club where Are her paint ers and artists / it is True that some gather and talk about Art or even Rei d papers about it. ? but the practical work where is it now with a Little club. Of cd genial souls Many a is Lea Sanfac afternoon could be spent afield with the Brush Pencil and and Here is. Another Point.,., the sketches a wonderful record of the Topography of the. District. Why Only a Short Jime ago when . Had a suit with. Some who claimed the ends of several streets the most valuable document in the. Place was a Pencil sketch of the town of. Wauke Gan Over 50 years ago. Sketches have a value beyond the Mere culture that they undoubtedly furnish the. Man who Tsi if . Above is adds the Waukegan Gazette of March 6an artist himself and Woi ild be glad to be associated with other artists if there be. Any i Waukegan the uncultured and Barbai us to follow up Liis idea of the City. ? ? ? ? ? ? i ? How Money grows. The fact that compound interest to 1 the extent of �26,000 is claimed presumably seriously by a ? gentleman owning i tried Siiro. Bill for �100 dated ?,1745 raises seve ral curious Points with reference to that Fonn of accumulating Money. Leaving out the question As to whether re Asuit ? lulls of that Date bore compound interest or Niv it May be pointed out that the capital and interest at. 3 per cent. Would Only a ave amounted to about �13,000 on j 160 years an debt ,26,000 Money a i3 per Xie it. Compound interest doubles itself. In slightly Over 23 years arid tie rest of the calculation. Is Maple. It Adays to pee Money with Banks at com Pound interest. Slow As the doubling pro Cess is. �100 Vonld-be1 enough to absorb the entire Wealti of the Avold were it undisturbed for a few centuries the nearest approach to compound interest is a de posit account in which the customer instructs his Bankers Ito Transfer the Inte rest annually to the Deposit account nor Mally the interest goes to the. Customer current account on. Which no interest. Id paid. At the death of the depositor tie executors withdraw the gun and. The i o Cess is stopped. A generation ago in eccentric old gentleman made a will direct ing that his Money should accumulate Iii this Way for some centuries Leav Ungi the ultimate Keifs the richest persons Ini Lii Ivorid. The lawyers set. To work upon it Aud Lone before. The capital had doubled once even tiie estate was exhausted in Legal expenses. The danger was seen lid or Over by the legislature and an act called the tie Lusson act after the Nani of the testator inf. The great Case Iwaya passed making it illegal to bequeath Money in alias Way for a longer period than the life of a person in being and for 21 years Sif Ter ? r -. ?.i o. St. Cuthbert a rectory a Prospect h Iiri a rectory has been built on the Church site in Ballville Road. The building which Lias been erected by or. ? w Watts under the guidance of or. G. H. Well and to accordance with his plans Lysio Neuff Ali finest in the state. On saturday a june 24, it will be open for the inspection of parishioners and their friends. A special Effort will be made to pay Oil the debt on the building 011. August 9,. Ali i lady be Hunte will open a Village fair at the pro Spect v Vath Man Reg Neil the there has just been formally completed 011 the Cumberland coast a work not Only unique in its Pitri fee tout which embodies novel features in desist. This is a Barrier 7.000 it. Long built in a semicircular line from Shore to Shore Over the Dud Don Sands a Llody Arrovo near Jill of foe the Hod Banow mining company in order to exc hide seawater from an area of fore Shore 170 acres in extent that the under lying Rich Iron deposits May be mined for a distance from the present headings of 500 Yards Seaward. The Barrier says Engineer ing is More time an embankment As it was needs Sara to exclude the not Only from the part of the Estuary enclosed but also to prevent As far As in Swible percolation through the substrata. The Hodbarrow mine one of the richest in England was discovered about 1845, through the occur rence of veins of Ore in the carboniferous Limestone which forms the rocks on tie Shore of Cumberland at Hodbarrow Point. T in late or. William. Barrow observed that these veins converged towards the West and on putting Down a borehole at he probable Point of intersection he proved 100 it. Of solid Hematite Ore. This was in 1s5s. And the work of sinking a Shaft was at once proceeded with. The underly ing Ore trended towards the foreshore on the Suddon Sands and the Hodbarrow mining company subsequently got Uniek lease extended to empower them to mine Seaward. Asti surface fell l a tile Ore was extracted it became necessary to pro vide against the possible submergence of the. Area above the mines and successive works were undertaken the latest being the Hurrier now to be formally Consul cited. S0m15 famous swindles. I tile 13ank of. England has been ? repeat edit attacked by rioters. In 1709 Bays tie new York Herald the tory rioters after Sacki Nir and Bur Niue several chapels in the neighbourhood began to storm the Gate of the Bank and it would have tuck ill with the old lad if the Queen Laii not promptly sent her guards horse and foot to the Rescue in 1780, after a fanatical mob had destroyed Newgate and left behind it a Trail of blazing Catholic chapels and tallow Chandlers shops ii marched thousands Strong ii the Bank. Its reception was a hot one for the roof of the building swarmed with clerks and volunteers who had actually moulded bul lets from the melted in stands while a ring 6f soldiers fenced the building. The rioters made two furious onslaughts but they were received with. Such a murderous Kail Bali us. Leta that they turned Tail and. Feed hut where raiders arid rioters failed to do the old lady injury Many a Cleves forger he succeeded. Old Patch lottery Ofhie keeper robbed her of no less than �200,000 by a Lonz series of forgeries. Hive Ich lie manufactured Ink and paper engraved the plate and printed the notes single handed he was caught at last Aud obligingly hanged himself a gaol. Fauntleroy a Banket was still Myrd successful for he pocketed �360,000 by a system of forging Powers of attorney to my Stock which was not his. He was hanged at Newgate but it is said was Clever enough to save his life by insert ing a Silver tube in his Throat escaping later to Paris to tie enjoyment of his ill gotten gains. Johst a Timison a Clever Amateur engraver and the most daring forger of Vliem All printed Bank of England notes by the in Midred forging the water Mark skilfully As i almost Detec Tion acid scattered his counterfeits Prodi Gitil Froin Ohl end of ehg Lilwid id the. Other. He was cleverly caught at last by okie of the Bank clerks but even them it is said lie would have escaped conviction had he not con fessed his Guil Tju. A spirit of Jet a v Yado i ibs Ion a ul1i-ntie8iiowie produced the Watermark. S suburban railway stat loss i much needed Iii tlie1 Way of for passengers Are being several of the. Nii Way stations ? on the in Job Adelaide Kiuei i4t particular great inconvenience has been sex of fenced for a Long time in Eon Seq Renee of the absence of. Proper Slie Lubrin it Roca a ther. Portion of ,6f the Beita ii shed on tie up platform Bias been Encl Merj with Glass a Hichs tto draw it in rays of the nun during the sum Rier will Ernbie waiting passengers during wet weather to escape a Drew Ching from drive Ingali Beers. It is a pity seeing the ? port line is Ucli Ulah Zed i by Oversea ? visitors. Going to and from the City a a that a Little More Pride of pot taken int Heji station buildings and surround pigs by the \ railway Deim rement. First impressions it Are a strife and it is to be feared that if is South Australia reputation for neatness and smartness were judged by ther. Railway structures passed on the Way to-1 Adelaide visitors would away with a poor opinion of the state. Colman no. 1 starch my in i in lir owl laundries manufactured in England. ? a-?.? ?/.- it fat a forlorn Hope. The most thrilling thing seen by or. Vil Liers one of the most thrilling thing3 Ever seen in War was the capture by the broken remnant of Liis Ouchi regiment of the ban a san during the present conflict be tween Russia and Japan. During the at tack of yesterday morning on Han a san Al Itiat was left of the Ouchi regiment which was supposed to be entirely annihilated sought shelter in a Trench 24 it. Deep 12 it. Wide and 90 it. In length about 50 men. In All. At the Bottom of the Trench the water is from 4 to 5 it. Deep and the mud reaches to one Knees. The one Day food of these refugees gave out Long ago. They have already searched the. Pockets of their dead for tie last crumbs of biscuit and grains of Rice Aud Are now drinking uie bloody water in which they stand. These men have watched from hour to hour for the last two Days and one tight All at tempts to Succour them from their deadly i peril fail. They know thac regiments of their comrades have been wiped out even in the desm rate struggle to reach the foot of the glaces. There is absolutely no Hope. They must die of starvation or by the bul let of the foe. Capt. Sugiyama in command of the units Liis will live for Ever in the hearts of his countrymen is suddenly possessed of a mad idea he proposes to capt. Kabayama that a final assault must be made on the fort above. A whole Divi Sion of tie japanese array has attempted it Anid failed and he with his half Hundred starving worn out men up to their Titipa he water among the floating dead will creep up to tiie enemy Ca Semate and de stroy their machine guns and. he succeeds by. Brother officer shall charge with All the survivors from the Trench. Accordingly sgt. Himeno wriggles. Upwards on his Back his face turned skyward feigning death till with in a few feet of his goal where he Long stiff and still that hi8 comrades think him dead. Presently he turns slowly. Ever on his stomach crawls to the outer Filopei of the Ca Semate lights the fuse of a hand grenade and rising and Rushing Despe to 3y Forward thrusts it Ali Rouglin the loophole. This he and other heroes do again cud again. To the mystification and demoralization of the russians who cannot Iruegas whence tie shells have come. One Liard grenade fails to explode and pet. Naki ainu. Who Hau placed it in Posu Ion is Eha fled by ids comrades for the failure. He pushed straight towards the fort examines tie explosive finds that the fuse has gone out delights to places it in position and Only then is shot Doilyn. When capt. Sugiyama perceives the russian Garrison to be demoralized by these mysterious shells which a cocked their machine guns lie urges capt. Kayn Kawa to charge with his 50. Unhurt and 20 wounded men and this Little Force of half dead or half starved men absolutely storms the fort and wit i Ali Eliely of reinforcements carries it slut a what Cost of the entire regiment Only the 17 men whom Genu Yogi amused wit i the Siopa that they might be sent again to the front lest they might commit suicide sur lived. National Day. Almost every modern nation keeps1julid i Apiki Ersary a of its greatest achievements. J ame Ifica stirs the irnagihati6n of tha ninjas j yes into Devotion to the Flag by tie fourth of a Julep Fri France celebrates her fete upon july 14, and the German Empire com ? Mem rates its rebirth upon the anniversaries of the epoch making Battles of 1870. Empire Day which is synonymous with Victoria Day is firmly established in great Britain and provides a suitable of Capon apr recalling to mind the greatness of the British people and for cultivating in the rising race a just Conception of historic honour National length and Imperial duty. From the colonies there is a Long list of official collaborations in the Celebration. Canada since 1901 has observed the Day As a Bank Holiday. In ind a tie Day is observed As pm press Day and the most influential of the native princes do All they Cau to encourage the Holiday As Well As its educational exp eos. It is also recon ii a in the Straits Settle ments Jamaica liar Bados and South Africa where state supported schools Are properly equipped with Flagstaff and a set of the National emblems. In the Orange River Colony Malta Gibraltar Hon Kong British Borneo Gold coast Colony and Sierra Leone it is a Public Holiday and nearer Home new zealand has adopted it with enthusiasm and general festivity

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