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Adelaide Register Newspaper Archives Jun 24 1904, Page 5

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Adelaide Register (Newspaper) - June 24, 1904, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia or. J. Dunbar has been appointed act us manager at Adelaide of the Union Bank of Australia limited in place of or. F. E. Bryant who has been granted extended leave. London advices mention the retire Vincnt of or. J. Ii. J. Self Secretary of the Bank and after More than 50 years service during which period or. Selfe has been 2s years Secretary at the London office. The appointments announced in connection with or. Selfe s retirement Are those of or. 1. C. C. Saunders As acting Secretary and or. C. M. C. Shannon As acting accountant. Sri. De a Virgie and Carco who have been visiting Western Australia in interest of labour candidates for the local Electious Eit to take up their Federal duties in Mel Bourne by the Ortona on thursday. Or. Vincent Graham one of the most popular commercial travellers doing Busi Ness in Tasmania died on sunday at the comparatively Early age of 40. The de teased gentleman went to Tasmania a few weeks ago As representative of the Adelaide wide company. He was a native of Swan sea on the East coast of tie Island state where father the late or. Alexander Graham was a Well known storekeeper nud one of the first magistrates of the state resided. At an Early age or. Gra Ham entered commercial life and was attached to the firms at Ilo Batt and Launceston. He subsequently entered into Busi Ness with or. James finn at Latrobe. Retiring from this connection he proceeded to the Mainland where he spent several years lie was attacked by Diali etes which gave much trouble for three years but got better and when he returned to Tasmania recently he was the recipient of numerous congratulations upon recovery. Or. Graham however became ill again aleut 10 Days ago and succumbed on Sun Day. Deceased has left a wife and three children in South Australia. The late Mir. Thomas Nixon sex scr cant of Kate Clivos in Victoria who died this week retired from tie Force in March 1903, receiving Between t Soo and �9u0 in compensation. Sgt. Nixon s name was associated with the conviction of Many Noto rious criminals observes the Melbourne Argus. In 11 87, in company with Detec Tive now sub inspector Ward he arrested Christie Farrell who escaped from tie lifelong gaol. Farrell was arrested in a in Taroy and As Nixon ran into the room Farrell fired a shot which was deflected by a pocket Book in the Detec Tive s coat. In 1s90 he arrested John l oud who was hanged for the murder of an Indian Hawker in Gipp land a crime which became known its tie haunted Stream murder Nixon traced the Offen Der in the big jewel robbery at Tartak Over s pawnshop in Smith Street. The Man who was convicted of this crime a velvet Ned made notorious by Iii con Section with the Corn jewel robbery n historic London crime. The Eden Hope mystery in which a Man was murdered has body burned tie murder of or. And mrs. Davis at Narb thong the London Bank robbery at Llora Liam and the a tact a Viand murder Case were other crimes which Nixon helped in detecting. Mare recently he had charge of the enquiries which resulted in the arrest Tiu execution of mrs. Knorr in 1s04, for the atrocious baby fanning crimes in Brunswick. Boulder Persever ra1ncemine. The Ore reserves. Startling revelations. Kalgoorlie june 23. A profound sensation was mused at Kal Inolia this morning when it became known that the exhaustive of the great Moulder perseverance Ore reserves which has been carried out under the supervision of the new general managers of the com Pany messes. Bewick Moreing & Toimil resulted in proving that theore re i it its figured out at Only 15 j Kins of to dwt. Ore Worth approximately �430,000. Barely throw months has gone by Saice the us Annau of Sjue cars is. L rank Uard in Erin addressing the shareholders at the annual meeting or the company held in London referred to rumours which had been circulated to the Eifret that the mine was being rapidly worked out. He followed this up by lung Altai the Ore m Sigut in the mine Workings had been increased Dur incr the yer to it i a 77 pm i fold approximately rallied at �2,133,000 Sterling. was Laid by or. Us Milt in the fact that nothing had been in Slid cd in this Esth Uata in respect of Ore hollies known to exist below tji ii seventh level and shareholders were asked to congratulate themselves on what was to tried the gratify ing fact that the mine was it pc iced three years ahead of the treatment Plant. Believing or. Gardner was taking rather an optimistic View of the future and having a suspicion that the Ore reserves wer not nearly so Large As id been estimated in the annual i pert by the general Nia Nagee or. Iii Nichols and confirmed by the Utai Raan a number of influential share holders insisted upon an Independent Eatn nation being made of the property by Tia Lew management. Liis Lias since been done. The first y sampling carried under tie supervision of or. W. A. Prit Chan and or. A. J. Lori i showed the cold contents of Ore in sight to be 375,001 v7 Liis examination was by no Means a thorough one and was not reported to Headquarters As such. Since then however like mine Workings have been carefully pled from end to end and from top to Bot Tom with the disappointing result mentioned above. Following closely on the hour d r a Tep level fiasco the publication of this latest estimate of the perseverance s Ore value has already had a most depressing effect on the share Market and it is quite in the cards that it will shatter Confidence in Western australian go Ilii Piug our a it Tig time. Or. 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Copies wore forwarded to tire different depart ments for the information of the officials and immediately there was a Rush by pub Lic servants anxious to know their Fate. No classification scheme Ever yet satisfied every one. Nearly All the local officers expected increases. Many were disappointed and there was rather a sad smile on the faces of those whose offices were declared to be of less value than is being paid for them. Or. J. Gardiner the Federal in Spector remarked on wednesday that the postal officials in South Australia have been paid much higher salaries than in the other slates but this was due to the fact that in tin s slate there formerly prevailed a minimum and a maximum for each class and once an employee mis promoted to a higher sphere he Rose automatically to the top wage in that division. The officers acre valued but in the new scheme tie duties Are assessed and the men appointed to those positions will a Given the remuneration fixed for those Talts. There will be however As the result of the new a in gement a levelling up in Many casts but a levelling Down in others. An ultimate saving. There Are at present 1.-154 Federal officers in South Australia 1,041 in the Post and Telegraph 100 in the customs and 13 in the defence Force. The total increases will amount to f 4.6s7, made up of �3,455 in. The Post office �1,080 in the customs and �152 in the defences but ultimately it u expected that there will be a reduction of about �9,000 in the Post office and �810 in the customs or a total of a 0,810 tiie extra amounts Are due to increases in Sak Rita and the reductions to the stoppage of the percentage for the Sale of postage Stamps which was formerly granted to postmasters and the fees Given for the management of the savings Bank agencies which in future will is paid into the Gene ral Revenue. Another cause of the decreased expenditure will be the reduced value placed on certain offices. The rebate allowed to officers for tie Sale of Stamps last year amounted to �080, and tie payments by the savings Bank to �3,765. the increased the state will have the advantage of not having to Grant certain increases to officers on the fixed list Winch would total �1,800. In cases increases of �5 instead of �10 have been Given and in others no rises at All. Since tire classification was drawn up positions carrying Sakrina amounting to �li00 have been abolished. When increases accrue. ? the classification takes effect from july 1 Ifft and subject to the following condition Sinthe Crisc of Oli ices whose fabrics have Lwen raised of classification and loin whom increase provided under the appropriation act a lab a wore withheld by Itra Tion pending clarification such Tucen shall receive such increases for the period Tor which they were provided up to but not exceeding the amount accorded by it ossification b Nerc the increase by classification exceeds Tow amount appropriated for the period Prece Iii july 1, Lwi the officer shall be paid the my Rente Between the salary received for that period Ami the amount provided under tie appropriation it and payment at tie classification rate i 1 with from july a 1u0i. C where an increase was appropriated for an officer for the period Hkh-4 but such officer s present salary Lias not been raised a tie appropriated increase will Lap d in the Case of an Olicer who u not promoted by to a higher class or Kaije than that appropriate under the common wraith Public service act or regulations of the salary previously received by and whose by was augmented within the 12 months prec Din ? july 1, 1901, by an amount equal to or exec Dir the increment prescribed for class or Prade the increase if any accorded by classification shall not or Cruz until the expiration of 12 months from the Date of such augmentation. For example a an officer was receiving �260 per annul on tune 30, lflo.1. Provision waa made for an in crease to �285 per annul. He is classified at the latter salary and will therefore receive the unpaid of �25 from july 1, 1003. B an officer receiving �2-0 per annul on june so ims is clarified As third class salary �310 per annul. An increase of �23 was provided for Inos to. He will receive the unpaid increment of �1j from july 1, 1003, and payment at the rate of �310 per annul will commence from a try i 1.001. C an increase of �25 was provided for an officer Tucci Vinor c2g0 per annul on june so 1ks. By classification he remains at �200. Tie increase therefore a news. D a South australian officer receiving �350 per annul was under the Law of that state classified in class ii. The appropriate class for such salary under the Commonwealth act is team i. The officer s salary was Viup rented from �330 to �350 on november 1, 1mi3. He is now classified in class hi., subdivision Iii., salary �300. His Inen Raflyn from �350 to a w will accrue on july 1, 1004. A general did inn Noliti a an assistant received prior to classification .c63 per annul occasioned by or. Increase from �p0 to �00 on february1xh. He is now classified As Aren Stant Silary �72. The increase to �72 shall accrue on july i. A. Whore an officer if classified in a position Ouier than actually occupied by at the Dale of classification list to which it is intended he shall be transferred Sis soon As Arram Ruments can be Maine thire Jor then where Rich Transfer involves an inc Kisoda salary to the officer such in Cream shall not a pow until he takes up the duties of urn new position and on y subject to the conditions previously of pacified increases. There Are increases in the Post and telc Kra i departments for -j91 officials ranging from 10/ to 0, and decreases in the assess ments of offices numbering 302 and varying from 10/ to �450 an abolished position. In the correspondence Branch the chief Clork remains at �500, but one clerk is lifted �25, an operator and a Messen Ger �20 each and there Are other rises of a and �5. The accountants Branch has a number of extra amounts. The Click clerk has been favoured with an addition of .�40 other clerks �30, �25 2�20, and smaller . All except two clerics in the Money order Branch have been in creased by �20 to �5. The supervisor in the postal Branch or. H. 11. Dollman has an addition of �20, nine Sorters �2 each four i one �18, and eight �6. Some Small increases Are Given to lesser paid letter car riels but in tie enquiry Branch two clerks will he pleased wit i �15 and �18 More a year. Three workers in the stamp Branch have been awarded extra of �25, �20, and �15. The increases in the Telegraph Branch Start with �40 to the manager and the three assistant supervisors and �39 to the supervisor. Nearly All the Telegraph operators except those standing at �210 have had larger placed opposite their names three in the lit Tii Grade get �13, one in the fourth Grid do �20. Four in the third �25, one in to Lac �10 and two �26, eleven on the Cabo Mark first Grade �5, six in the division �100 salary �25, and ten others receive �10 and one �20. Tie chief Grants in the issuing division ate �45, �35, and �25 to female assistants and a 10/ to seven messengers. The chief electrician 51r. C. A. Unbehaun will be rewarded with a �50 Rise and there Are a number of Small increases running up to �1s in the Branch. The supervisor Iti charge of the Central Telephone Exchange will get an additional �12, two Moni tors �10 each but none of the assistants Are altered. There Are big alterations in regard to country Post and Telegraph offices. Ten Telegraph lists at Eucla will secure �30 More one �21, and one �20. The principal increases to the postmas ters and mistresses in tie suburbs and country Are Annaston. �87 Greenock �3g pert Darwin clerk�50 Waro oko .j43 Yanka Jilla �41 Jintaro �38 jct Chism and Ardrossan �33 Petersburg and port Adelaide assistant�35 a tet sle �33 Hamley Bridge and Victor Harbour �32 Kilkenny and Masill �31 Murray Bridge �29 App Ila Yar Rowie namely and port Victoria �2s Claren dry �26 and mount Gambler clerk and i 1 Orl Pirie clerk�25. Tie inspector of lines will have �35 More and the clerk �55. The decreases. The chief reduction in the department is in consequence of the abolition of the Othee of the superintendent of the Money order Branch �450. While when sir Charles Tedd resigns tie salary attached to the i Sittou of Deputy postmaster general will be reduced from �1,n 1 to �700. In the City office the principal decreases when new appointments arc made will be to lower the Duanea of tie inspector by a c5, a clerk in accounts Branch �50, several others �20, the receiver �05, one sorter a another xxi eight dispatch Oln Cera �30, supervisor parcels Post �25, Sis in Vars �24, 11 letter carriers �12, and 23 k i graph messengers �5s. In reference to these it is explained that a number of them have been overpaid being in receipt of tie minimum Vasfie of �110, but they have now been classified at �50. They have to retire from tie position on reaching the age of 18 years unless they Are promoted. One operator at Alice Springs �65 will be abolished. There will be great reductions in the country offices when fresh appoint ments Are made the principal being Lort Darwin s operator abolished�303 Cleri Cal assistant abolished�248, postmaster �122 port Augusta two curators abolished�225 Quorn operator abolished�153 Wilmington operator abolished�140 North Adelaide operator and letter Coirier Al wished. �18s mount Barker operator abolished�110 Hawker Ines Singer abolished�120 Eucla postmas Ter �200 Overland Corner �160 Are �121 port Adelaide Telephone attendant �110 Parkside messenger �110 Hindmarsh �97 , ski tie Ashport Beltane Macdonnell Bay Winlaton and Cerri Eton �84 to Orma Mill amount liar or so in Panda Vul Gawler and Morgan �73 Blinman �-2 Auburn Kaduna Kingscote and melros3, �60 Brock greek and Bui Rundie �05 Elliston �54 and Jamestown �51. The customs the main increases in this department Ace �50 to the collector �30 to the pay offi cer and a number of increases ranging from �5 to �30 to tie Landing waiters and clerks. Fifty seven officers have been favoured with extra Wilile in the future rearrangement 22 likes will have less pay attached to them. The Landing waiter at port Darwin �350 will be abolished and the in collector Cut Down �75. The Surv collector and acting sub collector at port Augusta will not be reap pointed resulting in a saving of �270 and �210 respectively. Tie sub collector at port Caroline �150 will disa Pilar and also the clerk at Servic town �120. Other important reductions will be cashier �140 senior inspector of distilleries �50. Inspector �40. Aud a augers 2�40 and �21. The defences. The increases in the defence department amount to �152, which Are principally accounted for by the statutory increases of officers receiving under �160, and by a few Small increases. The Hergott shoot ing Case. Afghan committed for trial. At port Augusta on tuesday before or. J. T. Keats Shore Khan of Iler Golt Springs came Driver was charged on the information of . Ireland with a aug on May 24, at Hergott Springs shot at Moosha Balooch with intent to murder. Or. Lle Witson appeared for the prosecution and or. A. M. Lardy for accused. Nine witnesses were called for tie prosecution and of them were Cross examined at length by or. Handy. Toe wounded Mam Mooslin Balooch who was still in a weak condition identified the accused As the person who shot . Or. A. Chen cry gave evidence of the extraction of a Bullet from Moosha s body and stated that one wound was dangerous. He found two wounds one on the body and one on the and an abrasion on each Temple. The hearing occupied a Day and a half and at its conclusion the accused was committed for trial at tie next circuit court port Augusta. .13ail was refused. The West coast murder Steve Hart committed for total. ? at port Augusta on june 22, before or. J. T. Keats s.m., Steve Hart an aboriginal was charged upon the information of sub inspector code. With Havine about end of August 1903, at Yalta near Fowler s Bay killed Sambo an aboriginal of the West coast tribe. . Donegan of Fowler s Bay and or. Hillman store keeper of Yalta save evidence of the find ing of Sambo s body and three aboriginals and one half caste corroborated. . Thomlison of Tarcola arrested accused in june 11 at the Blacks Camp at Tarcola. Accused was committed for trial at tie nest circuit court a port Augusta. A dispute settled crowded out of arbitration court. Sydney. June 23. A mass meeting of the Tramway employees Union was held on wednesday night and to Day to consider certain pro to sols i the Ali Ilav commissioners with a new to the amicable Settle ment of the dispute which was referred to the arbitration court in november last. The statement of claim filed by the Union covered 97 issues and As the congested state of the business of the court made it highly improbable that the matter would lie dealt with for another year or 18 months the men resolved to try and arrive at a satisfactory settlement. Conferences took place Between the commissioners and representatives of the Union with the re sult that the issues were narrowed Down to 21. Of which the commissioners admit Ted 14 and disputed 7. These modified terms have now been accepted by the employees. An arbitration aspect. Labourers wages. Sydney. Jump 53. During the bearing of a dispute in the arbitration court to Day or. W. Stuart a prominent building contractor said that although tic recognised minimum wage for labourers was 7/ a Day lie paid them up to fl/6 a Day according to the value of the work performed. Lie could however obtain scores of men at 5/ a Day and even less. If the builders Choc to do it they could reduce the Standard of wages to Morrow. They could get plenty of suitable men at lower rates than were being paid and could get just As Good results. The War. The Hsicheng Battle. Stackelberg s Despe rate situation. Encircled by foes. Another raid from Vladivostok. Kuroki s movements. London june 23. Renter s special correspondent at Liao Yang confirms the report that a severe Battle has been fought in the District be tween Tashi Chiao the railway Junction a few Miles cast of Niu Chwang and Hai client but lie says that owing to tie Rigour with which the censorship is applied to press messages he is unable at present to furnish details of the encounter. To implies that Gen. In role won a great Vic tory Over the russians. Reports of All movements at the front Are again rendered almost valueless by the ruthless manner in Ali id the censors excise nearly every bit of interesting information but this is a sure sign that highly important operations Are in Progress. Disconcerting japanese strategy. Russian commanders outwitted. London june 23. Russian newspaper correspondents who witnessed the military operations in Southern Manchuria admit that the Japan Ese strategists Are adepts at planning and executing turning movements Wultich Ren Der their opponents positions untenable. Much of their Success has also been Dua to their methods of concentrating Large bodies of troops at Points where they would be least expected by tie muscovite generals. It is asserted that the latter tactics were adopted at talc Sze with the result Bat the russians were overwhelmingly out numbered at the Points where the hardest blows were struck. St. Petersburg journalists accuse the Clinese of having materially assisted the japanese during the recent fighting by signalling intelligence regarding the disposition and movements of on. Stackelberg s forces. It is alleged that tie signals were transmitted by Means of mirrors fixed to Long poles. Terrible russian losses. Sharpshooters picking off officers. London june 23. Gen. Koropatkin in a despatch to the minister of War at St. Petersburg reports that the losses sustained by several russian regiments encased in the Wittle at Teje Sze were appalling. The 1st division of East siberian rifles alone lost nearly 2,000 offi cers and men. The dead bodies of 15 offi cers and 3s6 soldiers attached to the division were removed from the Battlefield before the rout began and.9 officers and 992 men who were More or less seriously wounded arc now in the Field hospitals. In addition to the number mentioned 12 officers and 56s men who were either Sun or injured during the later stages of Alifi conflict wore left lying on the Battlefield when the Retreat began. The death Roll of the 1st artillery brigade included 10 officers and 103 gunners. The casualty lists furnished by other regiments show that an enormous proportion of the officers who took part n the fight were disabled by japanese Imp shooters. In instances muscovite detachments lost All their officers As the result of the accuracy of their opponents marksmanship. Reserve officers summoned. London june 23. Tie minister of War at St. Petersburg has sirm Monad All the muscovite Reserve officers in the Warsaw District to prepare for Active service As they will be required to replace those killed or disabled in the recent engagements. Ambushed by artillery. Russians caught in a Ravine. London june 23.the daily mail s representative at Niu Chiwing reports that on sunday 8,000 russians under the command of Gen. Lvon Drayovitch were ambushed in the a Fiig Lau paving about nine Miles from Kaiping in a South Easterly direction. Batteries of japanese artillery were concealed on the slopes of the Ravine and the gunners fired with deadly effect on the moving columns in the narrow Valley. Fresh Confuo at hand. Expected catastrophe. London. June 23. The position of Gen. Stackelberg is exciting the utmost concern in St. Peters Burg. In View of own defeat at Tele Sze last week and of the serious reverse sustained by Gen. Kuropatkin s column while gain to Relief russian officials arc haunted with the fear that the Baron s forces estimated at Between 30,000 and 40,000, with about 70 pieces of artillery will shortly be practically annihilated or captured in the Vicinity of Kai Ping. At least three japanese columns from different directions Are moving against them Keuter s correspondent at Liao Yang mentions that a Strong Force of the Mika do s troops is holding Yentai a town 20 Miles North of Iii Ping and is pushing thence southward doubtless for the purpose of completing a Circle around Stackelberg s array. The russians report that a japanese column apparently that under Gen. Nodzu is now is Miles cast of Kai Ping. Military experts in London infer that Nodzu s route wits from Pai Yang Kan along the Road Fol lowing the Pili River to wan fun Chwang and thence across the Mountain ranges. South East of Kai Ping is a Valley Between Hills which Rise to a height of 4,000 ft., and it is not unlikely that the russians Are encamped in this locality. After the Battle at Tele Sze a division of Gen. Baron Oku s army from port Adams proceeded northward near to the coast and occupied Siu Rijs Yucheng a town 22 Miles South of Kai Ping. The muscovite Garrison evacuated the place without offering any opposition. A japanese Squadron in the Gulf of Liao Tong kept within sight of the Mikado s troops and supplied them with provisions and stores. Thus Stackelberg s beaten forces Are menaced from the North the East and the South. An unequal struggle. London june 23. The Standard s special correspondent telegraphing from the japanese Headquarters via Fusan says a Large russian Force in country North of Fena Huan cd finc attacked a Small body of japanese at la Suesli Mien. A stubborn fight ensued and the Brown men eventually retired. The daily mail s correspondent adds that the japanese casualties were heavy. The incident is interpreted in London As a sign that numbers of japanese soldiers live been withdrawn from the District and seut towards Kai Ping. Skryd offs torpedo boats at work. Japanese losses. Admiral Kamimura s report. London. June 23. Admiral Scrydloff in a message to the Czar from Vladivostok reports that a division of russian torpedo boats under capt. was to Thi of Japan on the lath inst. And returned to port on tie. 21st. The prevalence of a t stick fog prevented the flotilla from entering the port of Sashi on the Island of hokkaido As Lead been in tended but several trading and transport schooners were captured while engaged in the task of conveying supplies of fish and Rice to the naval ports of Casebo and Shi Monoski. English naval critics Are dispose cd to de fend Admiral Kamimura against the occur Sancion that he should not have Given the russian War vessel a Chance of leaving Vladivostok. They Angne that in reply to detractors he can urge that first duty is to ensure the safety of tie japanese communications across the Straits of co Ria. The vessels at disposal arc not sufficiently numerous to allow of Liis doing tins properly in addition to bottling up Vladivostok. Sydney june 23. The acting Consul general for Japan has received the following Cable from Baron Kimora of Tokio Admiral Kamimura reports As follows at 7 . On the 15ti� . The picket boat at Tsushima reported that a russian Squadron had appeared off Okiyo Shima. Our Squadron reinforced by a torpedo flotilla hastened to the North of Shima and round to the Southern end of Fairhu with the object of intercepting them from the South. Meanwhile the pie k to boat kept a constant watch on the enemy s movements and reported them to our Squadron but at length in consequence of heavy rain the enemy disappeared from View. Our Squadron hurried to the South of Okiyo Shima but saw no Trace of the foe As it was understood they Lead retired northwards under cover of a dense fog. We proceeded in that direction but the rain in creasing there was no possibility of sight ing them. Consequently we decided upon a place where vre could wait for their re turn. At Dawn the next Day the 16th we reached our rendezvous. By this time the weather had desired but although we could now Sec for a great distance no Trace of the enemy was discovered. We cruised about in other directions without Avail. A it was thought they might still remain on the japanese coast we turned South on the 17th, but could see no sign of them. We returned to our base on the Day. Useful captures. London. June 23. The japanese army which landed at Takii Shan reports that combi cd scouts of cavalry and infantry sent out on the night of the 18th inst. Encountered the enemy about 30 Miles South West of Shichi Han Tei and at Many other Points. They captured one officer and two men and killed 50. Many rifles and lances were also captured. Their own casualties were one Man killed and five wounded. Manchurian bandits in Corea. London. June 23. Seoul advices state that a Large Force of armed manchurian bandits has entered Northern Corea and is marching to the District of Gen san which was recently pillaged by. Some thousands of cossacks. A Fleck of a British Steamer. Bound for port Arthur with Coal. London june 23. A Capetown Telegram announces that the British Steamer la Porte 2,448 tons Laden w to Coal from Cardiff foundered on wednesday off port Nolloth As the result of an i explosion on Board. The Crew got Safe to Shore. The Steamer was bound for the Ger Man port of Kiao Cobau in the chinese pro Vince of Shantung but her Captain intended to attempt to run the blockade of port Arthur whither her cargo was consigned. Lit Porte was launched at Greenock in 19 j2, and was owned by r. Hocken & co., lon Don. Germany and China. Important Concession claimed. Japan regretful. London. June 23. The Tokio correspondent of tie Standard says that japanese official circles Are giving considerable attention to the action of Gennav in persistent la As cinc China for a lease of the Lungting Lake. In the Yang Tsze Valley i order that German gunboats and Small cruisers May hold manoeuvres there. Doubts Are expressed regarding the alleged motive for the request and the idea prevails that the Berlin government wishes to assist Russia by holding a menace Over the Pekin court. The pressing of such a claim at this delicate juncture is deeply in Gietter. The Lungting is the largest Lake in China and contains several islands one of which is. Floating and formed of Trees and Drift. The Lake which supports Many fishermen receives several Large Rivers and communicates at. Its Northern extremity with the Yang Tsze Kiang. It serves As a Reservoir for the drainage of almost All the province of Hunan and its area and form vary according to the amount of water in the Rivers. The length is 75 Miles and the breadth from 20 to 27 Miles. The murder of Gen. B0br1k0ff. Russian police disconcerted. London. June 23. Advices from Finland intimate that the russian police have been prevented by a Clever ruse from establishing the. Theory that m. Schumann the government official at Helsin fors who shot Gen. Bob Rikoff j last week was the agent of the swedish j revolutionary party about six months j ago m. Schumann deposited with a Friend a sealed envelope in which he had enclosed a copy of the letter found in Pecket after death informing the Czar of the wrongs which the people of Finland suffered and attributing them to the lies told by Gen. Bob Rikoff and m. De Pleve. The As Sassin gave instructions that the packet was to be opened when circumstances Curr of which in the opinion of its custodian appeared to justify an investigation of its contents. His object in doing this was to prevent the suppression of the letter and to prove that he planned and carried out the assassination of the governor of Fin land on own initiative. His instructions have been Faithly mowed by the Friend to whom he entrusted the document. It is said that the publication of the document has completely paralysed the police who were endeavouring to identify the Assassin with the swedish party. ? China s ruler. Seventieth birthday celebrations. London june 23. The dowager Empress of China celebrated her Seventieth birthday this week. The venerable Monarch signalized the aus Cious occasion by granting free Par dons to the political offenders who incurred her displeasure by taking part in the re form movement inaugurated in 1898. The Only reformers excluded from the Benefit of the Royal clemency were Kang you Wei Lanjo die Chen and Sun Wen. In september 189s, the emperor issued a series of edicts establishing various re forms All of which were in the direction of the adoption of european financial Aud administrative methods and measures. The policy waa ascribed chiefly to the influence of Kang Yuei a cantonese reformer and the new measures were promptly repealed by the dowager Empress who assumed control of the government for the third time. An order was issued for the arrest of Kang you Wei but he escaped from chinese Terri torn on Board a British Steamer lie declared that the coup d eat was the work of the Manchu party which restored the Regency of the dowager Empress in order to frustrate the Canton Ese Reform party to whom the Young emperor gave an attentive hearing. Six to formers were executed for alleged conspiracy against the Empress and Many others were stripped of their official status and banished. State its own insurer. New South Wales scheme. Sydney. June 23. It has been stated that the treasurer introduced the system of state insurance with a View to cover risks on government property in the event of damage or destruction by Are. Sir. Waddell when spoken to on the subject to Day said he Lead established such a fund and a substantial would be placed on the next estimates to insure All government properties which it seemed Wise to cover. A Premium had been placed in the Bank As received and would not be capable of being drawn against. The fund had been established on careful business lines and was called the state treasurer s fire insurance fund. It was estimated that it would effect a saving of 20 to 25 per cent on the Money now Piid to Public insurance companies. There would be no additional expense in carrying out the scheme. At present Only certain lands of government property were being insured but in time Trie scheme would be extended to buildings with valuable con tents. Legislator and mining inspector. Hobart june 2?. Lii commission of enquiry concerning the changes made by or. J. J. Lon member of the of Assembly against or. C. Curtain inspector of mine that lie had committed a breach of tue Al Siino act by divulging the names of persons making complaints under the Protection of that act. That he Lead neglected to inspect certain dangerous work and had discharged duties in a manner Absolu tory for of Eiting the Confidence of the miners of the Lyell District has resulted in the commissioner reporting the charges not proved. Morocco crisis. America s determination. Perdicaris alive or Vaisuli dead London. June 23. Col. John any Secretary of state at Washington has forwarded through or. Gum acc the United states Consul Gene nil at Tangier a despatch to the Sultan of Morocco demanding that or. Perdicaris Liall be rescued alive from captors or j in the alternative that the dead body of Liaise i the brigand chieftain who kid napped fail mail be handed Over to the Consul. The despatch was read in wednesday be fore the National Republican convention at Chicago and was bailed with wild Entha ism. Or. Gunner a confirms tie report that the brigand Bond which captured or. Perdicaris an american citizen and son in Law or. Cromwell Varley a British subject is the that kidnapped or. Harris the times correspondent last year. Turkish misrule the revolt in Armenia. London. June 23. The Odessa correspondent of Tho Stan Dard telegraphs that according to Trust worthy advices from tiflis the rising in turkish Armenia was wholly engineered by a revolutionary committee in the caucasus territory of Russia. A letter from tiflis dated May 15, to the armenian Organ published in Paris tie pro Armenia states that the armenian villages in the Plain of Mush Are occupied by turkish regulars and by kurd who commit All sorts of atrocities. The Chris Tian population which fled to the mountains in Samsun were air rounded by troops and Bashi Bazoukas. A series of can Gunnary engagements took place Between the soldiers and inhabitants of Samsun who on april 12 vigorously rep emed an attack by their assailants and inflicted heavy losses or. Them. On april 23 the governor arrived with thousands of regulars and kurd. He was accompanied by the arme n u j Bishops of Mush find bit us but in Spile of their presence the Village of Chenik was captured and Burnt Down. An Advance was then made towards Semal but was repulsed by the people of Samsun. The turks having dozens of Nien killed. On april 25 an attempt was made at the in stance of the governor to induce the in i bit its to surrender the Superior of a Convent and the two armenian Lii slips Al ready mentioned proceeding to Schmal for that pure we. This Mission was Only a feint As on the 2 Ith when the armenian clime be descended from the mountains to negotiate with the commissioners sent to Dis cuss the terms of their submission the governor ordered an attack upon them. This attack failed however As tie armenians were Able to retire in time but Semal and Dasch Tok were seized and set on fire by a Batter of artillery. A sanguinary encounter took place Between the armenians and the pursuing turkish Force at Gull Ian Guzan in which the latter Are said to have been Defeated and to have left on the Field of Battle 130 lulled and a Large Nunder of wounded. The armenians had seven killed including their chief and eight wounded. Naval militia in Canada. London june 23. The Canadian government Lias definitely decided to adopt the principle of a naval Dihtia As part of the Dominion defence Force. Patriotic War fund. Needy fam noes of slain soldiers. London. June 23. The administrators of the Royal patriotic fund have issued an Appeal for additional assistance for the widows and Young Chil Dren of British soldiers who wore killed in the Boer War. They state that �250,00 j is needed to enable them to Render Neces sary permanent help to these bereaved persons. King Edward has notified Best wishes for the Success of the fund. General Cable news London june 23. A successful recital. Madame Antonia Dolores the popular vocalist made her reappearance in lon Don on wednesday night when she gave a recital in St. James s Hall. The concert was a great Success. Sir Percy Girouard. In new of the desire of the legislative Council of the Transvaal to replace col. Sir Percy Girouard As commissioner of railways for the Transvaal and Orange River Colony by an experienced Commer Cial railway expert. Lord Milnor has granted the Gallant Soldier six months leave of absence. Royal colonial Institute there was a Large attendance of australians at the annual Conversa Zione held on wednesday in connection with tie Royal colonial Institute and the engage ment was a decided Success. Privy Council Appeal. The judicial committee of the privy Council has dismissed with costs the a peal in tie Case of Lodder versus slower. The Atlantic voyage following the example of the Cunard company the International mercantile Marine company has reduced to �3 the steer age passenger rate from new York to Europe. English Cricket. Middlesex v. South Africa. London. June 23 in the Cricket match at the Crystal Palace Between London county and the South african eleven the Home players scored 272 in their first and 225 in their second innings. The visitors totals were respectively 287 and 210. Each Side there fore made 497 runs and the game was drawn. Queensland s prospects. A Rosy Outlook. Brisbane. June 23. In connection with the annual dinner of i3 Queensland colonists in London the Premier has sent the following message to sir Horace Tozer Drou Priit Thorou Zelv broken up during the year Ana the pastoral Industry is recovering from the recent heavy Loh it sugar prospects Are exceptionally i Pood. Mining is quiet but is Consoli ground. F prospects for the coming year Are the Best for years and the Outlook justifies confident i Hopes sport. London june 23 or. R. H. Helium is horses trained by j. E. Brewer won three races at the Gat Wick meeting. British politics. The tobacco duties. London. June 23. The of commons in committee of Supply on wednesday adopted Tow Chancellor of the exchequer s revised duties on tobacco but the government s majority was Only 32. On Toba Oca stripped before importation parliament has imposed an additional tax of 3d. Per it. Tie duty on foreign Pipirs is increased by cd. And on forage Raga irettes by 1/ per la. The moisture limit is caused to 32 or cent. For 1003-4 the to Bacco duties yielded �12,500,000, and or. Austen Chamberlain calculates that for the current year the Revenue from them will be increased by �530.000. King and Kaiser. Naval manoeuvres at Kiel. London. June 23. Naval manoeuvres on a Large scale have been arranged by the emperor William in honour of King Edward n visit to Kiel. Twelve ironclads. 10 cruisers and several torpedo boat divisions will take part in the Marine display. The but ii correspondent of the daily chronicle wrote an May 18 from Kiel it is reported that the entire Herman sleet in Home Waters will to present to receive King Edward. In naval circles much plea sure is Felt at the Opportunity of welcoming the ruler of the greatest naval Power. In Kiel Harbour a huge floating hotel will be improvised out of the big american liner Graf Waldersee. Nearly 500 yachts will take part in the various racing events 3tio of these will by German. A novel feature will be motor boat races. The newspapers. Which comment on the coming of the King Are exceedingly courteous recognising the King s growing influence As a great Intel National peacemaker and expressing the Hope that the of visit will be in improvement in the relations Between or Many and England. Salvation interested. Kino. Edward converses Wilt Gen. Booth. London. June 2.1. The court circular notifies that majesty the King on wednesday received in audience the Rev William Booth com Mander in chief of the salvation army. The London newspapers state that lord Knollys at the command of the King recently intimated to Gen. Booth that it was majesty s pleasure to Grant n reception. The to Loran salvation St accordingly waited on the King and gave hint detail of the work performed by the army. Gen. Booth says he is much impressed with the King s kindness and is grateful for the Opportunity of submitting to tie court information regarding undertakings. His majesty listened with evident pleasure to what to told and Showel special interest in the efforts that arc being made for the Relief of the poor an a the outcasts of society. The interview concluded by the King paying he cordial1 Iri shed the salvation army continued Prosperity and Success. King Edward Queen Alexandra Ami it lick Royal personages have latterly taken sympathetic interest in the work of Tow army. Commerce and finance. London. Time 23. Iriti . Mining shares. On tie Stock Exchange mount Lucils Are Selling at 15/0. Antwerp Wool sales. The next. Seri will be held in june 29. Luno 30. And Luke 1. The catalogue will consist of 8,545 Balw of la Plata and 840 of punt Arenas Wool. Copper. Standard brands on spot �311 10/ at three months �5g 7/0. Previous prices �50 13/0 and �56 12/6. Bread stuffs. Tjie visible Supply of ame rican wheat is estimated at 24,071,000 Bush Els compared with 28,878,000 bushels a week ago. Eleven thousand quarters of australian wheat shipment at the end of May has been sold at 29/, and 7,000 qrj., july at 29/3. Tie cargo by the barque Inverkip from Melbourne on March 25 brought 23/6. Apples. The Market h steady. Ship ments by Tho Oprah were sold it from 5/ to 8/6 per Case and by the Salami at 5/ to 7/. The Saleable fruit from the Devon realized from 3/ to 0/. The new Guinea suicide. The Merrie England affray. Melbourne. June 23. The minister for external affairs or. Hughes received a message last night rated from port moresby new Guinea. It was sent by a Steamer from there to thursday Island and thence by Telegraph to Melbourne. The text was As follows i regret to inform you that or. Robinson the acting administrator committed Sui cide this morning. All arrangements were made to Day for leaving in the Guthrie with messes. Bruce and Jewell. Tie two latter have proceeded to thursday Island and will there await telegraphic instructions from you if commission is cancelled. Please instruct. Or. Tier the resident maps irate is to return to Duru new Guinea via thursday Island. No native witness have been sent As the late judge informed me that he did not require their evidence or. Hughes added that he was very shocked to hear of the painful tragedy. He did not yet know what course Cabinet would adopt. The question of the cancellation of the Royal commission which was to enquire into the Merric England affray would be considered by Cabinet. The Queensland crisis. Prospects of dissolution. Krts1unk. Jin it the whole of the discussion in political circles to Day was regarding the likelihood of a dissolution. The ministry and the government members go Nenilla contended line a dissolution is unavoidable but main Beis of the opposition oppose the View that tit government Are bound to Appeal to the country. The re tilt of the division in the Lteif Jativa Assembly on wednesday night on the amendment to the address in reply was received with government cheers and cries of rats five Ministeri lists crossed Tho . Or. Morgan we fun seen afr the ilou3e Rose said he would an to the on tuesday what Tho government proposed. Or. Iii up Leader of the opposition says it was the largest division he had Ever seen taken. Last year i government resigned with a larger majority. He expected that if the ministry resided the formation of a fresh team would be entrusted to sir Arthur Rutledge. It is generally believed that the Premier will ask for a dissolution. Parliament has been sitting 17 Days on the air Drossin reply. Speeches on the government Side occupied 45 hours and these of Ibe opposition 46 hours. Population problem differing views. Interesting discussion. Mix Rourke. June 23. To the of representatives this afternoon or. Dealan called dilution to the Cable me siege ii newspapers off me re Smirl of sir Horace Tot for in London. He had stated that a Cheino kid been set a foot for importing a number of italians for sugar growing in Queensland but Liat Ai present the scheme was difficulties of importation under Toni part. Were got rid off. He wished to ask the minister for act trial affaire if 1 in Vot any proposal to in Troutt italians under contract whether he a a Iverc if Xii was labour enough offering to replace Tho Kanaka who would he deported so wily and whether he was aware of anything 1-w should give reason for the remark of or Horace Toser that the scheme was at pre sent impossible tie minister for Ixl Cirii affairs or. Hughe raid he had no information that a contract had been Pompo cd and my reason Why Tow Law of the previous government should be altered or. Mcdonald asked the minister if he was aware that on a former occasion the government of Queensland had imported Jorge number of italian to work on the niger plantations but that within throw or six in Outlin they were working in the mines. Or. O m Al Ley to asked if the minister Dkl Mil a nov that italians w1k went to Jojou Isiais under con irate formed a mafia at cd Iatrou Ami shot or. Mcnuety chief of police t the minister said lie was nut aware of the fact ii stated. Or. Cakin moved the adjournment of the and said that the reply of w. Minister so far As it Linail Guno. Was satisfactory Inonu i but a noticed Slutt the representative of Queensland did not View with favour the introduction of italians. An in Tarj Calion from one member seemed to show that there was . Go Iccil objection to them. He did not think italians too worse than tie people of it Lien Nalmus and thought it a fortunate that general re Marks should be made affecting a particular people. He bad made Icse remarks Don i time Apo. Since then he had through u gentleman in England received a letter from one of the sons d Gen. Garibaldi. The writer Lead resided in Australia mine years Apo and he asked what were the Jos pets for agricultural work for italians it was Well known that Vine culture and the cultivation of Many other products should be pushed Here Ami in Lvpl lion the men from Northern Lily were i Perls. My made Pood ctr lists. And in View of the necessity for population in Australia it was Munfort Natu tint any one in a position should so far misunderstand the position As to say that people of this kind could nut be introduced lie thought mean should be taken by tie government to a right those who had been milled. Lit regretted thai tie prime minister had 1- no More information than he Hud and from the prenup ers of the slates i n Fufil to land available for settlement. Or. Liemford said the representatives of were not disposed to object t � a Good class of immigration but would not permit syndicates to introduce cheap la Bour while there was plenty of White labour to be had. One company id employed a considerable number of chinese at � co operative Plantation. Tho celestial Wero paid 28/ a week and had to find them selves. That company had previously had White men working for 30/ a week and find themselves. When be wus last in Queensland or. Philp had told that so Many Whites were unemployed in the Kay District that the f voc moment Hail to find rations for goo people. There was or objection to a Good class of immigrants Aud he understood an offer would lie made shortly to introduce Danes norwegians and swedes who had in ado of the lust colonists. Or. My Williaims to said it wok Well known that italians were tie wont class of immigrants i the United state. Or. Wilks . Did not altogether approve of italian immigration and refer red to the musical artists who were to to neck in the Street producing Mikuc in the mangle principle. These men and tin Flower and fish Fellers and vendors of is Cream were not wanted. After further discussion the minister for _ external affairs said the first consideration would be whether there was plenty of while labour ready to Supply the demand. The ministry would place ii obstacle in the Way of men coming Here it they were Lalio hirers of a Good Daw especially agriculturists but they were not going to allow Large consignments of cheap labour to be introduced Ighile White men in the Commonwealth were not Able to get employ ment. The motion for the adjournment w.13 negatived. Federal quarantine. Conpet5excr of Commonwealth officials. Mellijo Btrne. June 22. Tie conference of health officers from the various states convened by tie minister of customs for the purpose of formulate a system of Federal Nikii ranting and health prior to the taking Over of 1- department by the Commonwealth lie Gan its Gittings to Day. The following representatives worn present or. D. A. Arcs Sivill chairman of the Ari Torian 15-urd of Public health or Arii Hurlon Tiomi on chief medical officer new South Wales or Ikun Sny Smith chairman of the Hoard of Lara Lii South Australia or. A. Ii. Hani com missioner of Public health queenslander. T. 0. principal medical officer Western Australia or. J. S. 0. Kington thief health officer Anil Perma nent to id of the department of Publio health Tii Binagia. The minister for Cus Toms or. Fisher was print at the open ing conference. Or. Fisher in welcoming to Iowa present paid that he raw that the idea had occurred o of having the conference called. Tie subjects on which lie More particularly desired their advice were 1 the Ludvisa Blencks of taking Over tie administration of the quarantine Laiva from the state the questions need Smirk a desirable to introduce into a Federal quarantine Bill in regard to a us prevention of the introduction of disease frown abroad b tie prevention of the dissemination of disease e the quarantine of Mutual and plants generally in regard to a Tho method of administration of the Central staff &e., b and and matter which it might seem Climmo wealth legislation should Deal with. The government would be Ghod to have the opinion of the conference on any question it Milit deem adv Imbie to bring under notice. He tru to. I that the result would lie Tho Complete Safe guarding of the Commonwealth from disease when the item act win brought into Force. Or. Fuher Thon withdrew. After electing or. Gnaw will a chair Man the con Ferneo attended a luncheon party Given in its honour by Tho Maul T it parliament . Daily sittings Mil Law held Ottem limit pfc is expected Over about a week. Bevy of bad boys. Humorous exploits. Broken Hill am in Ernest Holzberger aged 15 years Thoro a George Day 13and Frank Karin 11 i cock into a shooting gallery on june 12, and a cured three Oca rifles and 500 cart Rihtar Lluis armed they Lead a Good Day g shoot ing at Lipil Goat Hill. They were How err arrested and were charged at the police court to Day with having stolen the articles. All the accused had pc Sioui con View com age sins them and their per Antn said they were beyond eur Netrol. Llo Bergoc and Kerin a re also charged with Iii air in company with Ernest Gillespe aged 15 years made illegal use of a horses. On june 7 the boys to Uhrt Hixa on the common bridled Ihetu with i.,. Of clothesline and with Sticks for bits held a race meeting. One horse had a i Boulder dialog item. Hoi Zberg and Day Wert. Wit to a reformatory for lir cd i univ and Kerin for have years. Gil Tapie was fined a or. Cne month s imprisonment. Tho Fine pm not forthcoming and Aca ised went to gaol

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