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Adelaide Register Newspaper Archives Jun 24 1904, Page 1

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Adelaide Register (Newspaper) - June 24, 1904, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Fry s latest line i Fry s Cocoa and milk Couman s no. 1 White starch. M made in England. W shipping 1 a , Axl Karol e. . Tom. Omnia Nilor. Leaves. My Thousia. It inc -. It Annot Lime 30. ? it Tih. V. I Lysum Only 14. Kivit ? ?.n-i.\ m. Tendon july is. I1ixa ? 7h2c k. Wright Amr. 11. i Vlk. Ii. Uon Lii ails. 25. 1makmora ? a Effiec. I. Us Horne sept. S. Himalaya. Sci saw l. Hromi sent India ? 7.lljr . Of tort let. I. Kij Tannia. Irk ii. Seymour -k1. 20. Elvin scr us. First and second Saloon i in got Granta to Europe India China Ami Western Australia. Special round inc our i Kex versions arranged. Kor information and handbooks apply to elder. Smith 5 co., limited a Anta. Lii 0rieht-pagif1g lie Tor Plymouth Anil Londonia Fremantle , for All in Ian ports san canal Naples , Leann Hay i . On Luz ? i ius7 a. J. Coad july 7. 73 5 a. Fletcher july 21. Orizaba ? c2s7 Al. Arris or aide. 4. Oho Tes. Kk3 u. 1. Ruthven a. Is Oprah ? 3?91 of. S. By Rains sep. 1 ? twin screws. And fortnightly there Ilter. Sai.oox-sinsk1, is to �77 it turn �66 to �115. Third Cbs-il7. �1?, �21. Liberal dietary kale Saloon �7 to �9 third. L from any port on lie prepaid Here. Full particulars on application to of agent 22scv 12 Way Raou h Street. Xoi deut Wieb m/0y1. Ill . Mail St ail kits. service. and continent i , so Khz canal. Al Les. A Boa. Soutis Mattox. Ast Bremen. Lews Steamer. I tons. Con Munder. And ? ? Iwuc. Gena ? 5,00a 1. Dahl july 2. K.1klsruhe. ? 5,037 Foj. In web july 30. Darmstadt. ? 6.012 l. Maas a get 27 ? 5,000 r. Roitsch set 21. Weimar ? 1.036 f. V. Fatten oct. 22. Petersen scour Enorst. Pm nov. 12. Baba Joasa. f. Menu ivc. 3. R twin screws. Departure Lour. 2 ., from Jorge Bay. Passive Honey from �15 to. �77. I ski axe Fruin Europe Kan a arranged Here. Kirs class a Euirn tits kits Are in. Ici cleanse Jim until ill the mail lines for the it guru Junu a steamers having from. For All particulars a Friy i. Jjlia Kukk k co., acc kide and i Ort Adelaide. 201cv of Aida Lino of steamers. To zealand 1 outs. Of u Oliai Journo mox Owai. Via la Gulf Uvyn they june 21 ?10 Jioji my Tirol Knob i at Eva for the stay june 2s. Ill Malwal. Ill part. Wednesday june 3�. 1 rom Sydney . M Cuington. Saturday june 25. , via Auckland eurus Day july i. To Sadioa Axl i by Dinky Maxas Ojiri. Tuesday june 23. For Ritre of freight and raise Honey and ail Ira Ormatina a ply to a.u.8.x. Co., ltd., agents or King Willt ajl Street City Ami Quiem a ? Steri i Ort. Ai if Yorkes Phi Hula c0.f Bdl . James Comrie thursday to s-30 , Reu Ardins same Day. Saturday at pm ., Rutner nine monday. Port \1xcent.-sj. James Gomric Fri Lay Ai 9 ., returning tame Day. Saturdays at to j ., a cumin mondays at ss.3u Tax Sarilo Iii and. . Kooring Satur civas a ., returning mondays . James frn Itic. Inf a kurnia at 9 o clock re Tiunis fans Kin St to win csehy at. 10 And hog ital at noon. Edmtcukg.-. Larooka. an-1 �aturdaj-8, at 3 ., returning thurs Dara ail loom Days. Aki . . To Orintha Tiu Adays at 9 ., returning same Day. Thur Alaj s at 3 pm turning fridays. No Warjo received wit Iii half an hour of All Ine time. A Vna too Iii and Fri sets to la prepaid. E. C. Muecke Sicri Lary Adelaide and i Ort. Sam wac to to Rex Mark went Ifasi a ? u,0 Fri and a i Uka. Kick ass St Corowa Wil Liaf Flo rain on Satu Nlay june 23 insi., i ice arrival of Aile Laidi train. For Ircia lit or pats Airit apply to a. H. A Ani Affili _ 174.r, Register Clmmbi-r.-, Una full Street. Tort i Zikik ship exc Coy.-1 of tort a l Irik tic Diapella Iraq receiving in. Slid. Mohren i Viiar Aik Sounlay 25u i inst. A. K e. Be a Gnu. 174,6 a Ort Wake ibid Silipi Ixo Porta Wakefield. 1 Eltoft -Ai.4 kit Only Ritli in to. A. T e. A i Airick 1 on Adelai in. Kyj k. Thomas k my mercantile. customs. And general printers. ? cre3fell Street. Adelaide. Rsie carriers a. R o be to cot railway and general carriers Tohwa Eding Aux Shiju Plovc agents. Agents Lor the a to South Wales can wins and Agency o set Lupy messes. Pm dapple & co., broken Hill Olucci Dyett Street. Port Adelaide xort1i Terrace Adelaide. On oils forwarded with care and dispatch. Tel Choss 20, port 74, Adelaide. 97mwfc florjst3, seeds men a e. B. Cox & co. Oiler plants. Manurk9, and Ilotti cuchural sundries for the Garden farm and . Write for fatal urn. Rundle Street ant East Teru Azih Adelaide. 17lc ma2t&il seed. Long red Orange Cloch a 1/ in. Excel Lent fodder boots. E. & w. ? Hackett seeds men. Nurserymen 73 Rundle stint. In Sci Hippo no the Adelaide steamship comply limited will dispatch steamers from i Ort Adelaide As under permitting ali1ury, linux Bujny and file Mastyk. Tran shipping for Espa Adt Perth Geraldton All North Wett forts and Singapore on through uu1� of lading. Yox Oala ? saturday june 25 2 Melbourne and Sydney. for Queensland Pori Grant Ala saturday june 25 10 Port Lincoln Moota Wallaroo fun Auklin Harbour and Tumby Bay. ? tuesday june 2s s Ports Augusta. Ghu11ein, and p1rie. Excels Cut Paar ngut accommodation. Deck Cabin. saturday june 25 noon. Saloon passage tickets interchangeable with other interstate companies subject to condition which can lie ascertained at the company s office. Cargo must be alongside Steamer not less than two hours before Adver turd time on sailing Date. For All information apply to the Adelaide steamship co., limited. Currie Street Adelaide and comm Cial wharf port Adelaide. Australasian United steam navigation co., lt9. Stern res will circumstances permitting be dispatched from port Adelaide for Fremantle , Tran shipping or Perth twin screw. 7,000 tons Geraldton . Ports ? saturday july 2, of w.a., and Singa 3 ., pore. J commercial wharf. Melbourne an i a than shipping for nou. 7j j01 Mea fijian Poris ill i a Queensland ports and n a tvs Tiu today Island. J i in s wimp. Carrying first second Ami third class Passen Gers. First and second Cess interchange Able with other in Terstage companies subject to conditions. Particular upon application. Cargo will 1 received daily up to two Izura before railing. For fares and freights apply to company s offices s7 icing William St., and pc can s wharf port. 162c Kundart Parker & fio. , limit will dispatch from port Adelaide circumstances permitting for Alibay bum bub Fremantle Gerald Tok. . Burrum Reet i tuesday i Only Lyl i noon. Saloon tas Sace tickets interchange Able with other interstate companies subject to conditions which can be ascertained at our offices. 120c. & j. Powler limited agents. Howard Smith line. Leave Howard Smith will of As follows circumstances permitting to Western Australia. Fremantle ? a q Momiu Calao Takir Carco for St to Day Perth. Traa shipping Jav for Gerald lon. J Only a vibe latest and fastest interstate Pask Nasr and cargo Steamer. To Eastern states. Sydney l c c to tax Castle . A-an8oippnie at Sydney Carco Only for Queensland ports Lark Gulf pouts to Sydney Newcastle. And ports. . Era loaves port Pirie tuesday june 2s. . Era leaves wait Roo Friday. June 24. Cargo must be delivered alongside St Camea not less than one hour before advertised time of sail ing. tickets Are interchangeable with intestate companies subject to conditions to be ascertained on application. ? Howard Smitn company. Limited m Kin William Scuttt Adelaide and North Parade port Athaide. He Mcilwraith Mucea Shmul & go. Proprietary looted will dial Audi the dowing passenger sic Mem s pc titling Melbourne \ pju1arua. Sydney. I tuesday june 28. Albany 1 cools Aidle Fremantle. / tuesday Junful 28. Tran slipping for i Erti wharf go Taii ton and All . Ports on through Bills of . Saloon tickets interchangeable after first part with Tolhur in panics sub acct to conditions to be ascertained at the company s . Tjce Schark & 00. Pro pr1etaky, list Ted. National in tips building is King William Street Adelaide or j. Raft incs it son port Adelaide air Melbourne steamship Coy., limited will dispatch their steamers from port Adelaide u under Circum Stedin permitting Seton. J is. Sieu5ourne, j Devo Tobt. I Suer. Sydney i s1j. Newcastle. Jno . Splendid Stock acco Nunda Tion. Also to Altir cargo through to Perth wharf. For freights and passages apply u. Lutcke j co., 34? Adelaide and port. J. & a. Brown s line. V eve Nvvf 1 is bjittenh4u or a dam. I Btl edvy june 2s Newcastle j freight at create a reduced rates. Jas. I Alex. Brown. Jf.7in%-c w. B. Cave k co., Agues. Professional Lyons & Leader Imperial cilia Jerry Adelaide Viand estate and financial agents licensed broths under the real property act. Money to leu at eat current Tistus on Freehold Security ? City. Suburban Csc suntry. All business under Llie heal pro Ertz act Truis Arteil. Loans Entiat a. Joernt Dent and other land sales attended. 52mwfcvd bu8ine88es Tor Sale or wanted eighteen words in the resistor and the inc journal. 1/ s insertions 2/6, prepaid. Good to lease for Tenn owners a. Leaving . Apply direct to p. O Connor and sen Hawker i2e Blacksmith s business to let or Sale with machinery for Mamuri Ethride i require Eti in in Bendid agricultural i wrist a Fortune for a ii Man owner retiring from Trade rent Low. Apply Blacksmith this office. Al7jt Larig Teu and builder s by Sixes Fob u sauce works iop showroom the bar shed House of six rooms Good Garden Iki other Busi. Ness of similar kind in ? District. P. Geo. Johnton Crystal Penok. Al75 drapery and clothing a a b a o Kladt user Kofl Pobish and Walt o a bowl Street shops. O ? important announcement. Gents tailored garments. A visit of inspection solicited. Complete ranges of materials. O ? ? in order to maintain a High Ganda of excellence in handmade gents clothing we Hare reorganized thetailorir.rl5raneli of our Liu siness. Clients will readily air re crate the h. Vit is of a. Ill Golf class cu1ter and up to Date methods. We use 11ak1xg trousers to Alk asure. From 5/11. 10/6. 15/9. 17/6. 21/ to 25/u i7e Are making suits to measure from 42/, 50/, 55/, 60/, 63/, 70/, 75/, 8i/, a to . Test Soyi lies and swell Eft Kul s in Taylor made cloth not. Pips of Eimira Sale is proceeding. Oil James Marshall & compy. Great Winter Sale. Another revised list of bargains foe Friday. Manchester department. Great Sale of j1la-\k.kts. Jia irs Strewl size Wiite Wool blankets King do at. 2/11 pair 100 i ours Avite Wool Bias kits. Size 4 i x Ca in., s/6 for 4/11 pair 50 p Urs Wui Ilc Wool l blankets. Single hed size uial Price a for 7/6 per pair 39 pairs Wiite Blankco double bed in. 17/0 for 13/6 Lier air 25 pairs Wiite soft Mecer Wool aus radian mad full sizes Clearing at 1s/1-, 21/ Kiir s pairs White Wool blankets. English make Lai fac heavy and soft usual value 42/, Clearing at 27/ 5 pair 23 pairs White Wool blankets and Wei it Cotton sanity Ira blankets slightly soiled thrown ont of our counters. Fco be sold very cheap. Great Sale of Down quilts. .2v single bed vegetable Down quills co Vered in Turkey Chintz size 3 it. 6 x 6 it. 10/c for 6/11 each ? 12 vegetable la in quilts covered in tur key Chintz ? size x 5, for double Beds usual Price 13/6, for 10/0 each 15 vegetable Down quilts covered in from i front i Floral Repp size b x a for double Beds Pratt useful warm and Verj Durbak. Usual Vidue 20/, our Clear ing Niue 3/6 Neh 14 a Cal Down quilts in French Flom Cam Bric usual Price 27/0, fur. 22/ i each 21 Rad Down quilt covered in Frenchi Floral sateen with Border.? on Bot ii Furles , very Iii res izes. Usual Price 43/ to 50/, being cleared at 35/ each 1 Only Ileal Down quilt. Frilled covered in French Floral Satin with Plains Atin Bor Der and frill size g x 4 it. To marked 84/ i red till to 33/ 3 Only real Down quilt covered entirely in Rich Satin with Floral Satin panel and double Plain Satin Bonier and Plain Satin kick size g x 5. These Are the Best Quality goods imported Sawl value five guineas reduced in a a 10 Java Down cot quills in Turkey ked size 2 x 3. A Learnt at 2/1 1 a Iii. Great Sale of she tongs and Calic oks. 23_ ?Pioces-1,500 cards w write twill Sheet ing Douwe Width usual Price 1/ per Jard our Sale Price 7- d fwd 10 pieces White twill slide tip double Width Kusiw value j/3 per Yard out Sale Price lord Yard 5 pieces White. Twill slice Ting double Width usual value 1/3 per Vard our Hisle Price 1/ yard7 pieces so in. White twill show Fang values a third Clear Iii at 1/3 per Yard v r ? 6 ii is unreached twill sheeting Al wit 2 Yards wide present ulue / Jet Vanl Clearing at 8 Yard 10 pieces in cached twill so tin. About 2 Yards wide usual value 1/4 per Yard Clearing at 1/ Yard. White Flannelette she clings so acid a in wide. Rale prices 2/3 did 2/6 per Vard 2.i Pic res while Guico. Present value 3w Pei Jwa. Or Silt Price 2id per yard1 w pieces White soft a nge Foth. In 12-Rard lengths present wine v. Our Nolc Price. 2/1 dozen Yards 75 pieces soft a a cloth. In pieces Mil glue 4/11 Down on Mac Price 3/11 Dobrien Yards.2 it Ini finish Galico Imsen 25 pieces san. Soft sad Ipoh lon doth very my and free from Dravin usual value Myrd. Our Sale Price oidvanl36 .32 to 35 in. Velvet Rad Satin Mugil Iosca pure makes Jed Good wearer usual in Eort 7jd, a so vants cleans at re in Don 10 pieces did Oread Sony besi to 18/6 done. Now thrown ont on our coi Miers to dear at 10/6 dozen Ranis. Ca Coes Artru Eli t1lvn they Are to Day. 40 dozen White honeycomb quilts. A a Price 2/11, for 1/6 tapestry covers fringed j 0.il ?2 Yards Long Worth Fdl 5/11 each Clearing at 2/11 each w 75 gob red red a Mats. Will Wool fringe size for double Beds usual Price to Eadi nov desiring at 5/11 each. Mousing flannel All Wool. 25 pieces Clousing flannels in be Annali tip but Odd Una sorted patterns usual valncj/11 to 2/3 Yard Faro i out to dear at Elfid Yani i 7.i pieces Blons flannels All Wool snood patterns All of this Winter s Desy is to Clear it 1/3 per Yard a Black Check stiff Muslin lining usual Price Yard per Yard Manche slip . ?2 10 piece Jil Ourine flannels the Verj la test pattern ? and Best Toloui in Tovler Al 1/9 Yard so dozen Ilou Escomb toilet covers to Clew at a i each. Linen i department Clarino out Tiv pinions. 10 pieces Cream table damask Atout 50 ? in. Wide. Loid for 8id Yard i pieces White table damask. 1/4 for 10id pit Yard 20 dozen fringed Kcd-bonlci1 in Scala Asl or sup a , about 50 in. Square Clear ing at 1/ Cadi 10 dozen fringed lied Border a breakfast cloths u Yards Long Cloa Rinc Al 1/0 each 76 a rinsed Borden a Baths in it 2 Yards Long /3 for 2/3 each and oddments in Serviettes and damask cloths -1nmifactiircrs Odd menu and throw outs bought Job from the i5el first Fictor Ica. Thrown Down to be cleared Hwy Chi Cijka ring out damask cloths at Belfast prices. 20 Vin Laiful l at Etui damask cloths. Nerds Long Good value at 30/, to be cleared at 17/0 Cali g unmask Clatl. 2. Yards Long usual Price 21/. For 14/8 each 10 damask cloths 3 Yards Long usual Valuo 27/0, for is/15 a Uli 5 j Ai Kisk cloths 3 Yards loin usual value. 31/, for 22/6 4 damask cloths 3 vard8 Long usual Price 42/,for32/g i damask cloths. 21 Yards wide. 4 Yards liw i Sud Price 52/6. For 37/6 3 damask cloths. 3 Yards Long usual Price 42/c. For -2/g each unmask table napkins Small sizes Clearing at 1/.2/p.3/j 1.4/11 dozen damask table napkins full sizes Clearing at 3/11, 1/11. 5/1 dozen. Clearing out tale Lowkis. 2 cases striped turkish towels usual value fid each for 2/11 dozen 1 Rase Hron ii striped turkish took usual Jaice each Clearing at a Cadi 1 Case White turkish of towels. In dial value c death in Clearing at each jul dozen 1 Case Lai aide to Kish towels. White usual value 8f.il each Clearing at by each 5/11 dozen 20 dozen White japanese tin Kiili towels ? Large and heavy cry Lenaiy Price 1/6 each ii a. Creating at 1/i. Each 2/6 dozen ? 140 dozen while american Cotton Towick wonderful wearers in Row out to Clear at. Eich 20 pieces air rican crash ill a top Blin Isid for s a Yard 40 do in heavy while turkic i towels usual Price 2/3 and 2/fi Cadi Cie Arin _ at 1/1 1 each 7 dozen Linen roller towels. 21 cards Long thrown out at 1/ each 20 dozen Unble Alicd honeycomb towels Clearing at 1/11 dozen Black stiff Muslin lining usual Price Yard. No lid or Yard 10 pieces 40-Inch j5r in Union Forfar for an on or towelling usual value 7, a per Yard Zartl 3/11 dozen Clearing out the handkerchiefs. Children s picture handkerchiefs a caring at Fri dozen White he stitched Hamu Radii fits a caring at 1/ dozen. 100 dozen White items pitched Ilander can of usual value 3/g. Foa 2/6 dozen 2 Eich 30j Dozi ii Penis tidied ladies Lland Kerr Juelfs in White and coloured Borders in assorted bundles font in Ijiri one dozen Eracli these handkerchiefs Range in value from 2/6. To 4/0 dozen to lie cleared at 1/ per bundle ladies embroidered handkerchiefs dear ingot 6jd, 7?.d, 102d each its while Lawn Handke reliefs. Clear inc at 2/6, 3/11, 4/6 dozen. B ?.cleajuno out the curtain. My slavs. Plain Art muslims in various colours cos inns Al / dozen Yards moral Art muslims Clearing at 2?.d. , 4wcd Yard /. A pieces striped curtain Murfin in various 10jdu-Rdsuil Price 1/3 iwo Clear nor at Fril Letl curtain Book Masl ins with Mojo Jimj Stjes usual Price 2/0, for 1/6 White and eem spot Book muslims frilled on Joth sides usual Price i a for 1/6 Yard and. 2/6 for 1/11 Yaj Madkins ii skins in White and Ecru dear ii at. 1/. 1/3, 1/6, 1/11 Yard. Marshall s we Tan Only instance a few items in this and Titi ement but if Toni. Most a Meinung proof visit our fool Rose showy Fri is Hal n .5 with All the latest ideas and a i n 31 1dbrv Sli vm1T? to cowl desirous of sav1-vg Money Ami Sarv to of k n i i ? \ Al Joir Cio ods to sect from impose to be and Treel e m a Remc t. Visit Marshall s 7f/g-a v3l kciain., from -11/0. 12/pfo/ft/ w0 17/0 8/8 ale a 10/ reduced to a 10/. These i5idcbo.ds Are worthies action bargains in furniture. ? in thaw pm pm 1. I Price 30/cj.uuj-,1 Paitis j Al. Wide with Towel Kai on Wosylis Taitl in Inin Ier 4 it. Wide Hux j Jaxk wa11dr0hib. With two doors we step tin one door. �0 w. Reduce to 15/ Sale Lyric a jew venue i error ,.sldssf 7 T u in a is ? a o volts Pru so 1 poll i to Rcd Choicy Aldol an l str easy armchairs Biol Sterud in saddlebags. 57/c 03/ 79/c in Good we Init arc Triine. 37/li. 45/ / i drawn i hoo11 sums of i i Ieese Strong in tapestry genuine Bai Garais at .c5 17/q. I a a handsome dra Wixo hooa1 suites of 7 pieces solid Brickwood frames ,f/-,irs2 photslerci1 in a Siik a feel bus a spin mid on View. prices from 2/g. 3/ i. 6/6. 7/6 10/fi. 12/0, a up to � i 10/. Two Verj special lines in fire brasses to Lee cleared at 3/11 and 4/11 per set Bamboo curtain pols. With fittings Complete from 1/ torm17r.sers.-5 piece Nice fruited pattern 8.3 i i i eos. Plain while so Cood value 6 Voca. 1 printed patterns from 10/6, 12/0, 13/0, 15/6. 16/6, 18/6 i ?22/6 up. This ii cts Are Well Worth inspection. Roll top office de5ks.-a spec Nam line 50 in. Wide fully hitch for Sile Price �6 17/6. Person about to vurxist1 or requiring furniture of by desc Kirnon cannot do be1ter t1tax inspect Marshall s huge of % r if i t u ? e e. Drapery and clothing when buying a jacket Refore buy incr elsewhere Call and Sec the u1c lot we Are showing. They Are a marvellously cheap lot the i Imit value in Adelaide. ? ? style Quality ? value. They Ark the very latest. Hey Are Worth from 30/ to 50/ the Price to Day is less than half to jackets for 12/6. 35/ jackets for 35/ 45/ jackets for 21/ 50/ jackets for 25/. At our Sale to Day. Wide twill , 5/11 for. 3/11 dozen Blue Scarlet Maroon. Heavy Pink and White flannel ? Ettli 30 in. Wide 6/6 for 4/11 dozen White Long cloth Calico. 20 in. Wide 3/11 for 2/11 dozen natural pure Wool flannel heavy full Width. 13jd for l a Yard White twill sheeting. 2 Yards. Wide mid for 81d Yard. White twill sheeting. 54 in., old Yard for 73d orig Ivel Tali jail ask 50 in a for 8jd Yard Pike and Pluf. Checked gla5s,. Cloth 10 in., 3/6 for 2/0 dozen. At our Sale to Day. Men s Felt hats 2/11 for 1/11 men s Weavell Terai hats 4/6 for. 2/11 boys Bijack Apfl Wuite vim straws 1/ for old men s Cotton Weed trousers. 3/11 for 2/11 men s j5f.St Linen collars 2 shapes. 2/11 dozen men s Large All Wool Iran Nels. 3/0 for 2/6 men s Merino pants. 1/11 lot 1/3 men s White Cotton singlets l/6for lord ? men s heavy fleeced pants and singlets 2/6. At our Sale to Day. Men s Strong by uglier boots 3/0 men s Sti Iong lace boo is 5/11 men s Ellis Watert gilts 7/11 gents Solo sized dals., s/0 gent s carom Ella Bals. 4 shapes10/0. ? men s leather 5/11 lamps 1-Ball shoes 1/11 ladies red Oxford shoes 3./u ladies lace and Button shoes. V.11. Ladies. Style isl calf shoes 4/31 children s Strong school boots sizes 7 to 10, 2/11 sizes 11 to 1, 3/3. At our Sale to Day. ? blankets clothing floor cloths at Sale prices. James Smith & Coy. 52 and 54 hot dolby Street. 173c v Sale j \ ? / great attraction in our showroom to Day. Special 15/ fifteen n 15/ shillings Sale. Tic following goods will he offered and is Many As possible will be shown in our Eastern window no. 1. 6 Grey Tweed jackets Green cloth Collar 29/0 for 15/. No. 2. 10 Grey Tweed military jackets 29/6 for 15/. No. 3. 20 Grey a Ebelins jackets full Back 35/ for 15/. No. 4. 14 Fawn cloth collaru3ss jackets with Cape 29/6 for 15/. No. 5. 6 Black cloth jackets newest shape 32/6 for-15/. To. C. 17 Grey rain proof jackets. Price from 25/ to 42/, for 15/. No. 7. 2s rain proof cloaks 25/6 to 37/0 for 15/. No. 8. 7 Navy rain proof cloaks 25/6 to 35/. For 15/. No. 0. Special-23 ladies cos Tumes All Pood stylish shapes prices 23/6 to 49/6, for 15/ each. No. 10. 12 children s Navy Serge Coats and skirts assorted sizes 25/ to 35/, for 15/ each. To. 11. 30 Good Quality Black i Una costume skirts. 19/0 to 29/c, for 15/. No. 12. 22 Ostrich Feather Boas. All colours. 29/6 for 15/. Nto. 13-Ciioice millinery including 50 trimmed hats and toques prices 2.v to 35/, for 15/ each. So. 14. 46 stylish coloured tunics and dresses for children in Hest qualities prices 25/ to 45/, for 15/. No. 15. 42 Good Quality Cream Bear tunics 30/ to 42/, for . To. 16, Choice millinery for Chol Tjien. Prices 21/ to 35/, for 15/ each. About 12 Only Kilt. No 17. 6 Only Muckin tosses newest design 39/6 for 15/. So. 13. � Gordon laity Moreen under skirts. 21/ u a. For 15/ each. Special alive Are All a mine Haiduc Giorc. A Aadot Send any f tic gods an approval. Birks Sale 17. Oakry and oloth4nq j. Miller Anderson & co. Carpet department. Lle St Quality Brussels carpet without Borders a Choice of 10, Good Pat terns 5/6, to dear at 3/9 lest Quality Brussels carpet Ivi Tii a hitlers to match 18 Good patterns very suit Bible for dining room and draw ing Robin 5/6, Sale Price 4/3 Imperial Wilton pile carpets. Art Green with Border to match 6/6. Sale Price 4/ three Quarter and one Yard wide Stair carpet to match the above Light drawing room Wilton pile with Border to match Light Fawn and Green 6/6, Sale Price 4/9 do. Do., 1 brighter shades 4/3 Imperial Axminster carpets ? with Borders to match five High class de signs. 6/6, Sale Price. 5/3 m Perial 1axminster carpets without Borders 7/6,. Sale. Price 4/ 5 bust piling Holland blinds Tasel Cord find Spring roller made to order at 3/11. Floor cloths and linoleum. 6 it. Wide Sale prices 2/3, 2/11 6 it. Wide heavy linoleum 4/3, 3/3 6 it. linoleum in Good bed room and sitting room patterns 5/, nov 4/3 12 it. Widlin Cjene 8/0, 7/6 12 it. Vivid floor cloth one pattern Only s/6 for 6/6 12 it. Wide linoleum a Nice assortment of newest patterns at 9/ passage linoleum Best Quality 1. Vard wide very special 4/6 for 3/3. Taule covers one Yard Square for Gipsy tables. In tapestry 3/11 for 3/6 silk finished and fringed 3/6 mercerized Cotton in Light Art shades Sale Price 4/3 silk finished tapestry Cushion squares Good colours 1/11 each Art Linen Bedspread and curtains. At greatly reduced prices. Curtains. Plain coloured centres a hic Block ? Borders. ? ? 2 pair electric Bine. 1 pair Pink 29/6 for 21/ also 2 pair electric Blue and 1 pair Light Green very slightly faded 29/6 for 16/6. ? ? ? bedspreads. Wain colours with White Block printing in Park electric Blue Olive Green re Seda and nieu Rosc Only 1 Cadi 3 yes. X 2 yds., reduced to 12/6 2 Only electric Blue slightly add 16/c for 11/fc 1 each electric Blue and Pink 3x3, 21/, for 15/6 White ground bedspreads with Green and Cli figured 3 yes. X 3, 22/6 for w/6 White ground do., with Blue mid Green de sign 3 yes. 5. 0 yds., 42/ for 32/0 White centres with Pink wide Border 2i yds., x 3 yds., 22/6 for 16/6 each White centres with Blue wide Bonier 2i yes. X 3 yds., 22/6 for 16/6 3 Only bordered and frilled spreads 2 figured Green and .1. Pink Sale Price 10/ each. Japanese draught proof screens. Fin painted fourfold and abort 66 in. Iii a 13/9 for 11/9, 15/9 for 13/9. 16/9 for 14/c, 32/6 for 29/, 45/ for 39/, 47/6 for 42/. 55/ for 49/. Art Serge curtains. Plain centres silk Finis lied Borders. Olive Crimson Terra and electric Sale Price 19/6 Art Serge curtains. Plain Centre tapestry la Odleiv Olive Terra and grm ton Sale Price 19/6 Flat Serge curtains Plain top fancy Dado Olivo Crimson Dud Terra Sale Price 21/ rap Stry Cross tried curtains Crismon and Olive 37/6 for 25/ Art Serge curtains Plain Centre tapestry Dado Crimson Olive Peacock Sale Price 29/6 ? tapestry table covers at Sale prices 2 yes. X 2 yds., from 8/6 2 Yate x 2j yds., from 16/ 2 yes. X 3 yes. From is 2 yes. S 31 yds., from 24/6. Household linens and furnishing dept. Bleach damask. All pure Linen. Best Irish and scotch makes. 6 in wide reduced to 2/7 0 in. Wide reduced to 3/4 \2 in. Wide reduced to 3/6, 3/11, 4/, 4/3. Cream a masks. I2 in. Wide reduced to 1/7, 2/1 w in. Wide reduced to 2/1, 2/4 of in. Wide reduced to 2/3, 2/7, 3/, 3/6. Linen damask Serviettes. Small size Sale Price 4/9, 5/6, 7/3 medium size Sale Price 8/6, 10/6, 12/9 full size Sale Price 10/6, 11/9, 12/9, 15/6. Plain White Cotton sheeting. Our Standard makes. A in., reduced to 1/3, 1/5 ?2 in., reduced to 1/5, 1/9, 2/. 2/2 10 in., reduced to 1/9, 2/3 a in., reduced to 1/9, 2/3, 2/6, 2/9. White twill sheeting. I4 in., reduced to 1/3. 1/6 i in., reduced to 1/5, 1/10, 2/1 i0 in., reduced to 2/2, 2/4 k in., reduced to 1/10, 2/6. 2/9. L Miller Anderson com Hindley Street. 175e drapery and lot hint Martin bros., Burlington House. Dress department. Special reductions. All Wool French flecked twked5, 44 in. Tide 1/6 for 10d Yard 1/11 for 1/6 Yard 2/6 for i/0 Yard. All Wool curl cloth 44 in. Wide in All fashionable shades 2/6 for 1/9 Yard. All Wool confetti cloths 44 in. Wide in All up to Date shades 1/11 for 1/6 Yard 2/6 for 1/9 Yard 2/11 for 1/11 Yard. French Robes to Clear 42/ for 10/6 each ? a Lynrae accumulation of dress Rem. Nants to be cleared at half marked prices patterns Post free. Martin bros., Burlington House. I72mwfc Shier Laws Winter Sale. Travelling rugs 5/11, 7/6, 10/6, 12/0, to 45/ Bush rugs 7/6, 9/6. 12/6, to 25/ Blue blankets 7/6, 10/6, 12/6, 14/6 Gladstone bags 17/6, 21/, 25/, 28/6, to 63/ kit bags is/6. 21/, .25/, 30/. 16 Hindley Street. ? 176c Wilson Brice & co. Big values in blouses ?. ? ? and ? ? dressing gowns we arc Selling these goods at phenomenally Low prices at Praseut. It will pay you Well to buy at once. They arc going very Fata and cannot lust much longer. To Day is the Best time to come. Blouses. We male a sporting offer for 30 dozen to ii35 Wint Fol blouses in Imit Tion French flannel and of Anne Leuc v Loch to our Surprise was accepted. We1 can therefore offer you these at is than half the usual Price. They arc of newest strip Khz and Floral patterns open at front or Back. These Are bargains we Are proud to offer and it will pay you to Sec ?em-3/6 for 1/6, 4/6 for 1/11, 5/6 for 2/b. Dressing gowns bought with the blouses above. Warm Winter gowns in Flannelette and imitation French flannel. Newest l at terns and colours frilled trimming with Large Sailor collars. The Best Quali ties Are trimmed with lace silk or fancy trimmings. Regular Price 12/6, today 6/11 regular Price 15/9, to Day 8/11 regular Price 19/6 to 25/6, to Day 12/6. Fancy Flannelette dressing gowns frilled with Large Sailor col Lars a Good assortment of patterns marked 5/11 for 2/11, 7/11 for 4/11. Gift prices. Ladies Navy cloth military and go turd Coats straps. Piped with red Green or White Silver Gold or gunmetal buttons newest Cut foil sleeves every jacket is equal in Quality and in perfect condition regular Price 17/6, to Day. 7/11 ladies Grey Tweed military and guard shape Coats Plain or strap Ped wit i red or Green brass or Silver buttons full sleeves latest style regular value 17/6, to Day 8/11 firdies Plain Navy guard Coats faced with dark red or Green cloth Geld or Silver buttons very stylish Rem Lar Price 19/6, to Day 10/fi ladies Grey Zibelin and fancy Tweed jackets. Colhou less with Cape and stole Check lining very re feed and Good regular Price 19/6, to Dav 10/6 ladies Shower proof Tweed jackets collarless. With Cape and stole Grey shades very useful for Winter , 29/6 for 13/6 Liatos Fink Nat cloth guard shape Coats with full of pics. Piped with red or Green smartest Cut sleeves Gauntlet cuffs cold or Silver buttons. This is the finest and most up to Date coat obtainable and is absolutely the cheapest jacket Ever offered in Adelaide regular Price /6, Sale Price 12/9. Wilson Brice. & co. Che. Famous dress warehouse. A ? 175e business notices when you want a a to Send for Price lot and term Linke pianos the King of pianos. To Only Dew ilex. Collins sole agent ? Hindley of skeet. Ian re Commonwealth port land Cement. Union Brand. Supplied to the Public works department the Silway . And the my troop ii a Bond of water Supply and be Rase of St Soulli Wilts the Sydney Lii Nirupa Council the Sydney Harbour Trust the Melbourne Ami Ali troop Titan Boardo worke to Uil Wiy Connia Kinonen of Jutt it land the War and so Wing Joanl i Listort Ami Dune in. Ibo to the Adelaide and plod Kex a sgt co. For the markets nov buc a rated in Gre Seui Street. Bee to advise that to have him appointed sole a enu in South Australia for the lie of the above Cement and can confidently recommend it to Marc As being in every parti str run error to German or other i Mortn -nwnt5. Strachan Oheale it to abet Ide Ajja port Adelaide. U0m�2u i ? watch to Moskow Fop Jolden mice re f11o3i j he col Keum .ai1nk. A sensational Slaughter of High Quality towels. Crawford s Reserve stocks. Crawford s Reserve stocks. Towels of j High 5mjte at nearly half Price. 0 ? ? this great Sale of Oraw okd s Stock is with0 t equal la t11j.s Kyj ate. O a Ever before lits such an Opportunity ii Cen offered of swirl Ira such Simla. To sat such Low prices Marvel your to Day Kok . Hotel. Proprietors , Axl cil Mutalik institutions. ? ? o ? ? 1,000 High Quality towels. Today at sensational reductions ? huge Slacks of brow Turk towels. 4.1 in. Long 211 in. Wide i Tudor a Price 1/3, a sent National if again Al Sid each these Low prices Auk hacked up Ster liar Quall v. Huge stacks of urow Turk towels 50 in. Long. In in. Wide Crawford Price la. A sensational at 91 each. Prices that shout their own Praise. J Etc stacks of file a Row Turk towels 50 in. Long 24 in. Wide Crawford s Price 1/8, � i5entiatioii.il Bui pain at Lold each magnetic prices that will draw thousands to our Stork. Huge Slacks of grand Quality i rown Turk towels. Is in. Long 22 in. ? wide i a Vford s Pii a 1/0.a sensational Dunlin at Load each. Joy Orlia Ting pm maj. I hip stacks of snowy White Turk towels 53 in. Lonj 2i in. Wide Craw Ford s Price 1/gj, a sensational Dargi in at 10w each. Una approach Able persuasive prices. ? Huro stacks of grand a Row Turk towels Niue in Kink Fellows Fol in. Lony 25 in. Wide Crawford s Price 1/7j, a Sensui onal Itai gain at 1/ each. And comes the afoot sensational yalui2s in towels Ever of Ere. Huge stacks of sutkr1or Quality show i White Turk it ayes. Soft and heavy 50 in. Lois 20 in. Wide. C Rawford s Price 2/3, a a National Ltd said at 1/3 each. See them in our window. These re51ahkauly Low tricks will Al Hal to every Kyoko 11 ical i arson in the City. Huge Slacks of extra ii arg White Turk towels White tip driven Snow c l in. Long 30 in. Wide nearly Iii no ugly for a quiz crap Ford Price 2.mj, a1 sensational Hargain at 1/3. J these pr1cj3s talk. No arguments Are a Emiuel. Huge stacks of Cream Turk towels and dark Brown towels splendid thick heavy makes 5 in. Long 2j5 in. Wide Crawford s Price 2/h, a sen i tonal Wiir Gisin at 1/ij. Sec them in on window. Our famous Low prices aide hacked up by Sterling Quality.1 Huce lots of Superior Quality White Turk towels soft heavy Iii us own White 5o in. Loner 2, i in. Wide Crawford s Price 2/4 i ii sensational liar gain at a i Cadi. Our famous u a prices make the we ileum the Dic Iest. Sure in this so ate. Huge lots of Estiu Good Quality Brown Turk Tow a the Lina Towel we have seen for Many a Long Day 49 in. Long 2.5 in. Wide a Towel that will list a lifetime Crawford s Price 2/ i a sensational bargain at la. In offer int these Libish Cilisk towels no such exceedingly Low Prius we place l forc you an Opportunity that May never occur again. The of museum 16 and is Rundle Street. 176c John Martin and company limited. O a fur Sale to Day Clearing out the ? furs big stocks of fur goods still on hot. The season and our great Sale so far advanced compels us to make an Eolia Effort to d1stose of these Beautiful Winter Comko itts wb1a1p0rteo some very handsome furs Tor this season s Trade extra merge quantities in fact being a fur season and although we have been Selling ii Iem rapidly throughout the season to specially reduced prices. Yet be Many on hand hence this specs Al fur Sale. ? o ? ? fur neck lets and muffs. Exit 1. Pretty fur be Klets with 4 tails and clasp in Sable and brow Ordinary Price 1/11, Sale Price to Day 1/ each lot 2. Handsome Sable and Brown fur neck lets Salto lined ots round ,-.wilh 4 tails and clasp usually sold at 2/11, 3/11, Sale price1 to Day 1/11 Cadi lot 3 the fashionable Marmot fur neck lets 4 tails and clasp usually sold at 4/11, me Price to Day 5/11 Cadi lot 4. A big lot of Hare and Marmot fur. Neck lets 4 tails and a Nice Large size thick and warm usually hold at 6/11, 5/11, Sale prices to Day 3/11 each also Large quantities of fur neck lets at 4/h. 3/11, 0/11, 7/11, 8/11, fl/11, 12/9, 14/0, 16/9, 19/6, 21/, 24/9, up to 49/ Cadi. Most sul Stantial reductions have been made on All the above. Those who buy furs at our store to Day Are loin a to save Money. Lot 4a. A few of the stylish mole fur neck lets. These arc of a wry handsome design and arc Worth 20/g each they will be sold to Day at 12/& each lot 5. A special lot of comfortable Lack Pur muffs will be offered a 4/11 each lot 0 a grand collection of Sable and Brown Hare muffs of 5/116/11, 7/11, 8/11 each. _ ladies should not miss feeling the above two lines. Lie re is a Deal of Comfort to be got out of a Muff during this weather and i arc arc Many More cold wintry Days before us yet. ? o ? 7th grand Pian Ola recital to Day at 3 Pr0gm-m.me. Grand polonaise of. 194 Konte the pianola oello sonata of. Is in 5 a. Lui Binstein Ollero Molto or. Harold Parsons and the pianola by special permission director of elder conservator ruin val do Cuna re Sieniawski the pianola sons 0 divine redeemer Viyer miss Martha Bruggemann by special permission director of elder conservator Iuni ? am Gen acc see of. 139 f. Bun Delthe pianola cello Solo Cantilena Goic roiannmr., Harold Parsons by Jie Cid permission director of elder to Yiben Albrium fruhling shed or eng song. O. 170 Yun mar Iuie Plu iou song. Goodby 1 Tosti. I Martha Brug Ojemann Coons in uie cant Brake 1 m a Clayson. Messes. Henery m. B1rgk & co., sole agents for the pianola take pleasure in announcing that they will hold their 7th pianola recital in the magic Cave on Friday next at 3 Tickets will be complimentary. And can be had by apply ing at our enquiry office. Or will be mailed on receipt of request. All accompaniments Ali ayrd by the pianola. G 1l a w1lksch, Adelaide manager. ? o ? i the g g st0re where your Money goes farthest Rundle Street. I7g

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