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Adelaide Register Newspaper Archives Jul 19 1905, Page 8

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Adelaide Register (Newspaper) - July 19, 1905, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Tarot commission Salt wines. And spirits. Second Day. The Tariff commission continued sit Ting parliament House on tuesday. The Salt Industry. William Kiddle machinist Envor of Yorketown presented a a petition in bit Xiali j of those interested in the Salt Industry of Yorkis Peninsula which stated we the underpinned business firms like owners Ami residents on Southern Yorke s Penin Sula respectfully desire bring under your notice the importance of the Salt Industry that portion of the state. The decrease of exports of halt from this state since the Federal duty of 12/ per ton in 1001, and the increase of imports of Over Salt the Commonwealth Cue viewed by us with alarm and anxiety As tending jeopardise one of the Staple products of tin s of tafe. We depend upon the Salt Indus try for the greater part of our business Ami give employment a Large number of workmen. The Farmers in the District find remunerative employment in scraping and Salt after the wheat Harvest each year. The population of this part of the a is 3.5s4, and a great portion depends upon the Industry As Timeir chief moans of sustenance. The Money circulated in the District for payment of Salt wages cartage fuel. A. Amounts approximately 10.000 per annul. During the Salt season nitwit 400 hands Are employed gathering fall and about 70 Drivers and 3tio horses in carting from lakes the aboard. Large sums have been expended in building factories erecting machinery and improving Salt lakes and in enlarging and extending Imine ses and Lio Luinys. Unless the Salt Industry has ample Protection of Leas. 20/ ton there h a probability that our Confidence in the Hope of increased exports has been misplaced. The maintaining and Extension of tie Trade of Yorke s Penin Ficili is of considerable importance us. And we confidently rely ii Jan your com Mission making such that our interest i and the interests of the workers will he fully guarded appended were 104 signature lie did net know who prepared the Veti a. He Ivis Heil represent the Inte rests of the District though lie did not know and Tun i about the working of the Salt. The chairman intimated that the Evi Dence of tie witness would be heard a inter Date. Wine and Brandy. Or. I. F. A lend continued Evi Dence i Garding tie wine and by tidy Industry. He stated that the approximate amount invested in tie Industry was �1.000,000. Or. Walmsley would partly meet your Vio if the act were amended allow you be my highly rectified spirit in. F think grape spirit fihs wild be used. To get a higher Quality Liy using it. Spirit for fortifying costs about ii a. And i generally ure about -3. To supervision in South Australia As effective us in Victoria do not know that Letknow is infective Here. a been said that supervision was not Lilii term ? is More lax in other states. Witness in reply further questions said that if was Good for imported wine Mew in n higher Standard than the v Civ allowed they wanted make similar Lush class wine. To As not a matter of free Trade or Protection. had been said by i expert who United Australia the i if Trey Ranuld fortify their wines that extent they would get a Market in Lush my. There was nothing in the Carriage Europe whith required Hill ice . was a matter of Quality. Ill. Ross fluid. 3ur. Allau Ross Lleida Vigneron. Said he re presented the distilling Industry. He was one of the a ions of chateau tit Nunda. When they started shut business they bid a preferential Tariff of 5/s per a silk. Wit ii Liat Tariff they obtained is Good hold of Cyinth australian Thule let since federa Tion when in was put to a. Piece Ronit they found Impciil-1c do Busi Ness in c the ind in other s Tiitus any extent which showed that the differ ence of / per Cral Loh wis not quirk enl Taro my the local prejudice against any thing australian which was one of the tilings they had fight. Their business had been established 13 years and had been impose Ible during that a void pay a dividend. was started with a Emtel of -cso.ooo. U f which Alle ept was i Jid up. Other Tonry had been put. Into the business. Lie a i sure Australia would never get a name for highest Csiss of wine unto they Ivere allowed of fortify no the euro can Standard. Tic did not think a pos Ible compete Rith Finch Brandy in the English Market. The Brandy Etlia a from grape inne spirit were of Keiit patients let lie h a never that Barley ethers were of similar Bene fit. Or. Fowler South australian Handy cannot successfully compete in knt a with the French no diet no. The Cost of production Here is too High compared with the inferior French article. We re via Teddy receive oilers that if we can sup ply Brandy of such Ami is Price Busi Ness Quidd he. Done. In Huzina Jyh Brandy one has no iia Sintee limit the article floes not contain Bret up . Witness continuum i evidence said that was Idun wily in in this state in the wine and spirit Industry and the value of Plant and build Ings ran into . I or a 1.00 1. Pm. The average Price of grapes in the past five years i out .c2 15/ per ton. Ami the production of wine was slightly Over id. Per gallon. An inspector of . Imp. Edward 1. Clarke. Senior inspector of i Prisc submitted returns dealing with excise duties and distillery statistics in periods before Jiuu after federation. In. Reply for. Sums Lay. He stated thai not withstanding the and Vamp of id. Per Gailon on proof spirit fortifying wine there i jail been an increase in the Quantity Forti lied. J he Cost of supervision on the i Arr. Of excise officers had give atty once Fri Lenitina. I a scr the tale regime there was a margin of ? Oer and above the Cost of supervision when excise vis i a. Per Silion. The importations of Fordon still Unne in 1ss1. When the duty was 5/ per gallon amounted Ioas Gal Lons Anil in Flo 5. When the duly Variell from a. To 2, io7 Gallons. Ii of this conic nudity had fallen of & wore trifle and might be a Mcd that tin. Tariff As Afi eded that item Hud Hen of Nii ivc in the interests of this suite. Fitiris. Which the witness produced showed that there had been a increased production of spirit Here Sis the excise duty was rated. Ucli Mure produced last year when the duty was 11/ than a few years ? when was 0/4 or a. The Revenue Joni in min a �120�j. Sind in 100. Is Salto. Exports of Brandv in the last Vij years averaged nearly Coop Anu Quilly and Piru civilly ill of was inside from wine. South australian wine needed Sulci Tindal spirit preserve it. natural Coholic strength was from 20 20 was not Sulci Cut port wine. A lot of locally Nide spirit was sent the other suites in the form of silent spirit and Brandy. He did not think would Lead vis Ibio insist on spirits being kept under i. Bond for two three or More Yiirs by legislative enactment wond be unfair. So Long Sis spirits were certified be fit for consumption that was sufficient. would be advisable in the interests of the Industry and the if the of government issued i Ert seates of que Edity. Brandy should not leave a distillery without a certificate. O rape spirit none so Ould be a cd for fortifying. To Tito spirit ruined wine Jan off Sci was not desirable for fortification. A Federal wino Dank oration act should be passed. A measure on the lines of the \ Iron Ria act would meet require mint. ports soul sherries would deadly improved by Allowin a fortification Over w. And would be in the Inte rests of the Trade allow it. The commission adjourned until wednes Day Moraine. G.f5axck 31issionauy band. Tiff a nub people ii the Irani i. Mihr Tho or .ii1ttfliin of mrs. Ward held a Surowi Aivil Silt of air air. Juri Wije on Rii pm. The pal her is i Cryami tote i a Wiir Urivi. In Sale i of by mis. W. Ki-11. Of us. , Plire , in is pcs tril wit i a Jou ii of Rosis Ami on i a miss Vainisi a. Hie Lulli Wildeis were a Liiro Utis and master k. Steward ill n. I Tono swi Jav runs 1 Sirj and k. Lart fancy. M3 1. A Aust. Ii. Mackiva d. Self Vij aul v. Play want bran Pii 5fiss. Aitor Riun i misses h. M. Steward m. 1 non and. A hit Fyk t Vasi rns t. Crane. Mrs by. Anda Mccoy Hutton Hote. 1m. A m. and i. Stone. A said Young tumbles Tohe. Ifesu dates enough will i turn into a Calendar you will turn into bed this instant sail the elder Tum Blostone or i will assist you he turned in. An authority on Pinky a fair wine for tiie Price. Leforc the Riff commission on tuesday morning or. G. F. Cleland in reply questions gave some interesting information the much abused Pinky or. Walmsley is not possible my is bottle of colonial wine Hirae of hese Tihon try stores say 1/? yes. In own can be had 7d. And so is nut that wine even under the pc act tit fictions of highly intoxicating Cha sister 1 would not Call highly into i a siting. Of you drank two Gallons would Luike you Tiht. ?. R would not i bottle give Yon a Liehua enc a would not give me a headache. I o Nowc know about you. 1 Cople wow rank a Flagon Rig lit Olf got drunk. If Vou were billowed the oho Lii Strong Ali of that wine would not to harm no. 1 think higher fortification would a made in the higher Cliss Ivins Only. would not pay fortify cheap wine. Continuing said they would like see is proper wine act enforced. The victorian act bad a Good Luann faults. For inst ii a in Salt was the natural production of the Graie. N France the percentage of Silt had Jweda to 70 in consequence of Many wines Stiving that Quantity of a Alt. They had linked for sin act for years. The hands of a kill and requirements Sid been s no plied Tiro state Civ Crement. But they were still without an act. Lie would Sisk Hias of elation Supply the commission with what they considered should be a 1 Vilonia wine adulteration act. Or. Fowler is Pinky highly Forti hed what ire ill effects due the Blitz a Phi on or incs. Is Pinky fortified Sill Strengs is from 2s Toto never Over 30. is a Clit sip wine. If is Cli Cap. I presume is new is fairly matured. What would Yon sry is too much drink i should say three bottles Belore lunch. Is a fairly wholesome article in most cues. is a fair wine for the Price. To what is cheapness due due having Large stocks in our cellars. Is a genuine product of the grape in most eases. is not made from refuse in mos rises is pure wine. Should we have legislation preventing fortified wine going into consumption under a age depends Pou How you work your cellars whether a wine matured quickly. Is not. Wine under is year old frequently sold for consumption not Here. In France is. But Thesli wine is not fortified no is very thin. There is no Law prevent a Viper on Solliec his wine As new As he can get a Market for it. In reply or. Mcgregor witness said was customary sit one time fortify wine with any land of spirit. Band association. The monthly meeting of the Barel a.�?3ciaif.n, Helix on july in a is attended by 24 Delegate. question of Leavins a a no Conte in the Merlh a a brought Forward nil utter Here read run various Vii. was Decideda con act be held on lie Ivil Wilny in i it Lal Oil exc Ulivi ton Tjitte in fix hit site nil torn All i tatters. In All prob ability the Tuzii Sligo a will ? in Tal a Jooi. If. G. L in Lucy Proich sed the Rollo Riner tick i Yew. Which was carried so a cited band Sunli allowed u play any ,.ijtra Cit Iier h a Inu Nilica of the hand or As a proves . My Byi a who is Usu err financial Cro Iero ration any Oiler associated land or any win u net a fire Tifi i no her 3f an Atsu Fiat ii band an Alk ii of the Rule put u and ? a rate Liuis n flip same Sotirin an a Simili i Init. By allow Init them play pro Fis Nal was lost and or. Try Loar win proposed Tio lion Javo notice that to i Cvet meeting he would pro Towt the whale of the be Shnitk out in As in away Itilio River vital the system of play ukr professionals who Are Dot in Ribers of a band. Or. A add gave Multi fur a new bylaw the effect that As band be allowed Odny any men where a non-a.=3oeiatl band is Tawns part. Tic old gentleman had just stepped into the Crowdell Tram and Accident Billy trodden of Algy Fitzgerald s foot. Con Carol you Yon careless old in flaw cried any. You be crushed my foot a Jelly a Saiid the old Man rally. Calf s foot Jelly. I suppose Apple Export Trade. Method of London Selling. Interesting notes. Exporters of apples London will interested in Reading the following Rem Sirks Hysi South australian now engaged in Busi Ness pursuits in London. The writer i Pesu a is Jung an interest in the sales if australian produce and Iblis thlire ? room for improvement in existing no thous i have recently been some ales of australian apples covent Gar k i and for the life of me Mot see now the grower Ever expects get the Benefit of and Rise in the Market. I was Lold distinctly by several ret oilers list Ivecek that there were no api Les coming into Jondon now except from Australia nid sism Uii i. You would naturally expect therefore that Good prices told be obtained but never while covent Garden is worked As is by a ring. Tie auctioneer seem i a me lie in league with each other and with the buyers sind the buyers sire certainly in Lescue with one Mother. I have a suspicion that Well known brands Are often sold privately and not under the Hammer All. 1 saw seve ral disputed bids but. Instead of the lots being put up Siglain. The auctioneer says toss for the two buyers toss for the lot so that the poor grower should not get ill ext sri 3d. Or cd. A Case then again there Are retail stalls c of vent Garden. Yho owns them was a thought that came me often. I saw sinanian applet sold under the a Nimr s/6 and / is Cai a. And the fruit United 12/c in the stalls soon after australian shippers of apples Mil never get Justice under the present system of Selling through event Garden. The yrs this cud Combine and formting protect themselves but the Sven jeers if growers of the fruit Are to cacti try and paddle his own Canoe stud in most cases he has seek sin Advance from some one before he is financially Able ship on his own. ind australian shippers of fruit should form a. Kind c f co operative society Strong enough Advance again act shipments individual Mari Jirs and control their own Selling and distributing Agery sit this end. I took the prices which a certain consignor s goods were so a and paid a Man for taking Down prices two other Siles. 1 Sun Send ing that a figures Ray Friend and wonder whether his account sales will tally yith the prices i am sending him. The ship pers arc so hopelessly in the hands of the auctioneers Suid buyers sit covent Garden that i would not is surprised of any discrepancy in a ounts is and if questioned thereon of course i j lie a clerical error deputations. Platform and shelter Mill Wood. A deputation consisting of messes. J. H. Gooke mayor of Unley Aid. V. Lewis and or. Mack in Unley _ corporation a. Lane Dou. And g. Gliddon. Waited on the hallways commission or Jar. A. G. Pendleton on tuesday no Rinir and asked for the construction of a platform and i Light shelter Mill Wood Iping place of the South line. Or. Trice ., who introduced the be station. Said that pre sent was very inconvenient for passed Gers. a sides get in and out of trains Mih Wood. The Road took Only one Carriage a time and travellers in other carriages ver compelled Cross Tow culverts after alighting in order reach the Road. The awkwardness of Elauim Loring into the cars was obvious Ami j of great inconvenience the considerable number of lady passengers who patronised the line. Or. Pendleton in reply said that though the Triffie on the South line was not increasing As fast As he would like to. Still was growing and merited tiie consideration the deputation requested. Lelej would have estimates prepared of the Cost of a shelter and a. Platform Tytke three carriages and would let them know More of the matter in two or three weeks time. any rate said the cheerful minded youth though this is a cold and Dis agreeable Day. brings us one Jay nearer summer yes growled his Friend and brings us one Day nearer next win ice r ?. Early closing last. Fine and dismissal. 13efore mi1. J. Gordon ., the Adelaide police court on tuesday morning a. T. Paper was charged on the information of inspector Liui Nican with Havine on june 24 failed close his shop in Laundle Street the time appointed under the Early closing act of 1900 and Amend ing acute. Defendant who pleaded guilty stated that his Sussin Tants silk says left the shop immedi Aidy the closing Lime arrived. On the occasion in lies Tiki they had All gone when a person entered a few minutes after 0 o clock the closing and desired be obliged with is Smigill sirt Iele Wlinich defendant supplied him. Or. Piper was ordered pay �1 5/ in All. T. A. Braid am of King William Street was then charged on a similar information. Inspector 13iinnigan prosecuted. Or. J. M. Stuart ., who appeared for defendant submitted that the information was bad 1 because of the want of explicitness and 2 because id in effect seemed Dis close Tavo offences. He asked How was a person meet a Case of that description. There was no allegation of a Sale or the disposal of ? goods any pair titular per Iron. He contended that the owner of tie shop ought be informed in what manner he was alleged have broken the Law by himself or his servant the in formation should also contain particulars of the goods so that defendant could Ascer Tain whether they were exempted or not and if the seller came under that Section of tile act which allowed a shopkeeper remain open until half an after the proper closing attend customers who had been waiting be served Clos ing time. The . I cannot hold with you that the information is had Buti i Sigree with you that Fuller particulars should have been disclosed in the information. Or. Bannigan tie desired details will be Given in evidence. Tie In that Case the information can be amended so Sis include them now. Then we com proceed a. Stuart sad afterwards if you consider you have been taken uni wars you can have an adjournment. Sir. Linnigan while amending the in formation a should also like Silver the number of the Sho a 135 is incorrect. Or. Stuart i object. Why Tiss information is not Only i artistic is misleading As Well. Spice May my client Lias been m another shop altogether. The information sets out a particular shop in a 7-articular place which makes the offence under tie act Antl we have Here answer that charge alone. Let or. Bannigan abandon his information pay my costs and Lay a fresh one. The to or. Bannigan the court has no Power Amend the information unless by the consent of both parties a air. Stuart objects will therefore be impossible continue. The information will be dismissed defendant be allowed �1 1/ costs and 5/ witness fee. Or. Bent s comic songs. Not common ones ? Lue victorian Premier or. Bent and the chief Secretary sir Samuel Gillott on saturday afternoon pad a visit uan Denoff. And in the evening the musical and elocution Ary competitions which or. Bent presented the prizes. The ministers were introduced the Large audience by or. Layward. And received a warm Welcome. Or. Bent said that he had been listen ing Timeir comic song competitions but the gave him no Points for a speech for he did not go in for the Connie i i is. Laughter their last pm was for a Little girl about a Little Black child and i a could not dance like her loud laugh Ter because his legs were Tylik Ker and he carried too much flesh. Continued laughter a voice try. Laughter or. Bent of no. Laughter but he was very pleased indeed be theve. Lie had attended very Many of these gatherings and they were not merely entertainments but were intended improve the education of the Young people. He was in parliament when the education act was passed and he had been pleased watch the strides in education that had been made in every part of Victoria. Thera were people who were fond of praising Osi Luida America the Arr engine and last but not leam., new zealand always talk ing about the wonders done in those places. He said let them go Canada or zealand As far As lie was concerned but of All lands Victoria is the and of lands for Meir ear. Hear Victo Ria stood head and shoulders politically and otherwise above every other part of the world. A voice question. Or. Beef perhaps that gentleman would like go elsewhere lie did not doubt there were everywhere people ready cry stinking fish about Victoria but he would take Victoria Man for Man woman for woman and child for child and show stood head and shoulders above the lot. Hear Bear England had had follow Victoria in vote by ballot and m various other Lare reforms. We had created an education system the envy of All parts of the world. The pioneers who had come this country had done wonder Ful works which must win tie respect of the younger generation. Hear hear they bad seen that their children should get educational advantages they did not live themselves and Siny had deprived themselves of comforts give their children education co fit them take a position in the world. Hear hear such competitions As were being held added the Comfort of life and encouraged soda feeling. He had noticed in their programme the comic element appeared several times. As they knew not Long ago he went Bendigo. Laughter a voice live us is Corrie song. Or. Bent they said was Infra dig. On his i to give a comic song and having been rebuked like that he did not intend oblige Thorn now. Laughter cries of of. That is disappointing do go on a lady just one or. Bent. Or. Hent could that a comic song was what Good people liked. The songs he gave were of 50 or co years ago about diggings matters not common comic songs laughter but Good illustrations of the kind of life that was lived alias time. No matter what the papers or other people might say the people of Ben Digo recognised that his songs did illustrate the diggings life Ami he had been told that they had is Good effect on Bendigo. Laughter a voice hear hear. Encore. Or. Bent was pleased with Toliese com Petita ans and see in nearly every Fanner s House a piano or other musical instr in Cut. Tic said again we were tie finest people on god s Earth. The knew the difficulties of securing education particularly in so Sitterud districts and he was proud have assisted in giving a Chance for the children of Mic poorest get the University if they had the brains and application. With their secondary system was proposed enable the pick of particular districts obtain higher education. He Felt greater pleasure in doing that than in anything else he had done since he had been Premier. Hear Bear the Mel Bourne Agns. Law code Tel Keme in Banco. Tuesday july is. Before their honors the chief Justice or. Justice Gordon Aud or. Justice Albion gha flt Mills v. Lucas & co. Or. J. Henderson for tiie plaintiff handed in consent by Matthew Lucas judg ment for �75 Foj plaintiff without costs be paid within i Days. Case struck out of list no further order Here As consent was judgment in the local court. Suprj3me.-c1vil sittings. Monday. July 17. Before his Honor or. Justice Gordon. Petitions for divorce. Mckenzie v. Mckenzie. I lie Petitioner Ethel Mckenzie who was represented by the attorney general . R. Anderso applied for a Dis solution of her marriage with the respondent Viii am Stephen Lel Venzie on the grounds of misconduct and cruelty. The latter did not appear and was undefended. Petitioner s evidence was that the Par ties were married St. Luke s Church Adelaide in september 1894. And that they had lived together in and Ade Laide. Her husband had been a lecturer the school of mines. had been wit Ness s oils Tom accompany him the school when he was about lecture Sis be was intemperate. Often she waited there that she might see her husband Home. Once in january. 1895, she saw a woman waiting and her husband went away with her. Subsequently he told wit Ness that he was the father if the woman s child which was born before his marriage. He also confessed subsequent misconduct and stilted that he intended Send the woman Western Australia. He promised witness that if she would Overlook jus errors she would never have occasion forgive such conduct again. Soil time after however he confessed having mis conducted himself with a married woman. In 1s0s the respondent visited port Elliot. Witness had suspicions and on accusing her husband of i he Siglain admitted having mis conducted himself. She then refused live with him any longer. Petitioner of gave evidence of her husband s cruelty her and related occasions on which she had been menaced with is razor. He had Mote them once exhibited is revolver and threatened shoot her. Respondent was not now in South Australia. Corroborative evidence was Given regarding specific acts of cruelty and in respect certain con lessons made by the respondent. His Honor intimated that he would report the full court that he had found the charges of misconduct and cruelty proved. Stacey versus Stacey. Henry William. Stacey of Stirling North petitioned for a dissolution of his sir Ridge with Catherine i Easby Stesy. The parties were married Jar Rota in december 1s90. Alliey had lived together sit Stirling North and had Oliree children. wus alleged that respondent had mis conducted Hei Seif with Edward Wade port Pirie in sep tember Liim and that she had on Occa Sions since july of that year is i lowly misbehaved herself. Or. T. Pope represented Petitioner and or. Paris Nesbit appeared Tor the respondent. Or. Ives bit stated that an had been entered by the respondent and leave granted file a defence within 14 Days of july 14. He would not object the evidence being Given by witnesses who had already come from port Pirie As he did not want put the parties unnecessary expense. Catherine Farrell of port Pirie said respondent was present residing her House Sie had three Chi Ydren and a Young Man living with her. Witness Lead heard him called cd word Side. They Lead two rooms a Din ing room Aud a bedroom. On june 27 last mrs. Stacey gave birth a child. By or. Nesbit witness had not known Wade previous his residing in her House. T Victoria j. Tooth wife of a salvation army officer said in May last she saw mrs. Stacey who told her that she wished become an inmate of one of the maternity Homes. After some conversation respondent admitted Tusit she had been separated from her husband for eight years. She added i must Tell Vou the truth he was a Good husband she said they had Sepa rated because of a misunderstanding and that the father of the coming child wits Little More than 20 years of re. She would not mention his name but referred Wade As her Nephew. By or. Nesbit when witness visited mrs. Stacey she was living in a four or five roomed House poorly furnished. A few Days later respondent had removed mrs. Kan Ell s House. Mrs. Stacey when re Ferring the separation from her Hus band said he bad left her in consequence of a misunderstanding in reference Tho paternity of one of the children. God knows she added. 1 wuss not guilty she further said that she had been Silse y accused. this stage the Case was adjourned a Day be fixed. 1nsolvbncy. tuesday Luly is. Boford or. Commissioner Ruscoll In re James Quinlan of Henley Beach Road agent adjourned final hearing. Or. 11. O. Pcs bit for tie insolvent asked on by Liruo of or. T. S. O Halo rain solicitor for the petitioning Anil opposing creditors Tor a Furt Lier adjournment August 15 a United. Lit re Nathaniel Hill late of Bly Taliwood hotel licensed Victualler now of do or Street Malvim out of business first hearing. Referred the accountant. Port Adelaide trip slav. .t.,is before or. T. Gepp John Michael Cillen was charged with having no lawful Means of support. Sub Poctor Edwards sited that since defendant s apprehension lie had ascertained that Cullen had been twice in the Lunatic Asylum and had been Rpnert part As a Smilic Winemi if is Kin Nis iia Wier since june -21. He asked for a remand Friday enable him communicate with defendant g people. Remand granted. Mount gamb1kr monday july 17 before in. Ii. Climb Era William Widdison sind Wil Lite my Quiriy. Banners verve charged with hav ing Glencoe in Juno stolen sheep the pro Perty of the Ion. G. Dolorh of Noorine. Wid Dison was changed on a second information with Havins stolen a sheep in july. . Carter stated that he arrested accused their residences in the Glencoe District on the previous Day. He executed a search warrant and in consent inn be of Viat he found arrested the defendant. Jar. Sychr. For the police asked for an adjournment till wed malay for the collection of witness. Jar. Ward for the defendants offered no objection and the cases wore adjourned. Protectionist association. A special of toe Council of lie pro uni list association was held on Monure eve Junor there were present Means. A. To. P. Giddin s in the elair.7. A. Flag saw Lawton Sli Carer. 11. B. Thompson. K. Matthias u. Fin. W. Bartle. J. P. Mellor and j. F. Martin a. Braun and or. J. C. Genders Secretary in chairman introduced or. Brauer who Lead been appointed lecturer the association and the doctor outlined Oie programme he proposed carry out. The Secretary reported the action he had fam in connection with obtaining a id acc be submitted the Tariff commission was approved and various meetings were arranged for tie purpose of going into further details and discussing the anomalies of the Tariff. Caring his Fren nent absence from Adelaide lir. It. A Gully resigned As chairman of the Council and or. A. .1. P. Giddy is was appointed in his place. Or. A. Bartle was elected tile vacant position on the Council. Port Adelaide sunday school Union. Tie quarterly social of the port Branch of the South australian sunday school Union was held in the Woodville methodist. School building on july 17. Tie president or. E. .1. Stacy occupied the chair and there was a Eood attendance. I. G. Mlls orc on behalf of the local school welcomed the Union and friends. The a silent sail was intended hold a United communion service in september and a sunday school rally and song Cycle in february of next year. A discussion followed on decision Day those who took part were Mears. T. J. Matters a. 1. Symes g. Willsmore u. Sutton j. Re Enron. V. C. Widdop. K. J. A Woodroffe. and .7. Forsyth mrs. Myles. M s5 a. Mitt Lii . And tie president. The majority of the schools bad held decision.y lately with stood snlt3, and there was a general consensus of opinion among thu speakers the advisable Ness of hav ing it. Songs Wero contributed by mrs. Ii. A. Gunter and or. G. P. Willsmore. Refreshments were supplied by the ladies. Police. Adelaide tuesday july 18. Before we sir. J. Gordon s.j1., c. E. Taplin ant .1. R. Oli Amnion. 1 eight cases of drunkenness were dealt with. ? Frederick n. Rattray was a lunged with having Adelaide on july 17, been in Noss Eanon of 17 packets of Ciao cues which might reasonably be suspected Lave been stolen or unlawfully obtained. Accused who suited that lie found the cigarettes under a tree on Victoria Park course. Was found i guilty and sentenced a month s . British settlers in the new7 hebrides. To the editor. Feu1 in the Yuney press of june m Ai pc Ircia letter under the Libove Lacadin Sisu de by a iritis i settler in which some Home Tutlis were a laced before the aus Public is the Pight Sintish settlers in lie new hebrides Lind Theu selves placed in of Viri the imposition of duties upon their produce by the Commonwealth of Augu Alibi. As a settler sad planter of Many years experience May 1 be permitted and live every one of tiie Stisi cements made by the correspondent. is a matter that passes our comprehension Why tiie Commonwealth government should afford us extra Steamer facilities and the same Tinie shut us out from our Market by Prole Bitite duties Budi As the impost Olod. Per Bushel a pm Maize 3d. Per 11. Upon cof fee x4 per ton upon Millet a. is most have steamers calling on us twite every month deliver our let ters and sailing away with empty holds Wiville we sire uns Ible Avail oui selves of the Opportunity Send our produce Market. no doubt a great convenience missionaries storekeepers and vials get their newspapers and letters regularly but where the advantage comes in the plan Tor and settler without the necessary Cor Ollay of is Market for their produce unions Timeir own countrymen has not yet made Itse of apparent myself or fellow settlers. If was announced in the press this week that hums Philp & co. Had reduced freights on Maize of Garter schedule rates. While we a appreciate the generous treat ment afforded by the shipping company is quite insufficient counterbalance the heavy duty levied by Australia and fails utterly meet the Case besides which we think we should look the australian government for any adjustment of our Jiri chances rather than be thrust upon the generosity of a private company no matter hew freely their assistance May be Given. We do not claim have been actuated by motives of patriotism when undertaking settling and pioneering work in this group of islands our Persona interests Are purely commercial but we do feel keenly and bit Terly the fact that he British subjects in the new hebrides Means that we sire be placed sit a distinct and decided disadvantage. Speaks Well however for the patriotism of the British subjects in the new hebrides that they do not in bloc Transfer themselves thu French Flag and share in the advantages that nation gives settlers. is most galling when this subject which form one. Of the principal topics of Conven Stion in our Iskend Homes conies up be informed with a thru of the shoulders iry our French Neighbours Weil is your Koivu fault. Why do you not become a Frenchman and share in our privileges your government will not help you Why do you remain under their Flag when your whole interest is stake is not As though the rulers of the common wealth wore not aware of the position. Over and Over again our grievances have been ventilated through the commissioner and through the press your governments Well know the anomalies that exist and yet no thing is done relieve the situation very few of your Public men take any interest beyond their Little local concerns. May i ask what View would be taken by them if Tor lusts Iee the member for a Countey constituency after fighting for and obtaining railway facilities for his Bac Block District the Metropolis found ill his efforts Nulli fied by regulations the terminus which absolutely prohibited his constituents from availing themselves of the line yet our Trade belongs As much. To the Cornmon arc As that of any resident of the Commonwealth. All our supplies Are drawn from australian ports carried in austra Lian owned and manned steamers and the Only Market we have for our produce is Australia. Several australian Public men More far seeing thai their colleagues have Over Aud Over Siglain warned the Public of the strategic value of this group not so much value Australia Sis value against Australia in the event of being held by a foreign Power. Or. Stani Foch Smith when addressing the Senate m july. 1904. Tron the subject said we want Nisick As difficult As we possibly a for foreign attack us and i event foreign from establishing bases in the Pacific which will always be dangerous Australia s peace j\1r. Johnson and some other members in the if fax a of representatives about the same Lime most emphatically pointed out the value of Vanah Arbour and other similar ports in the new hebrides As naval Lases which might be established by foreign Powers menace Australia. We who live close and Are personally acquainted with the harbours mentioned know the truth of the statements -.made, and if australian statesmen cannot give us concessions on our merits As British subjects surely is incumbent upon them i arc some action upon the wider ground of National expediency sad self preservation. Prior the imposition of the com non we sixth Tarsir is scheme was initiated by the Commonwealth through Burns Thill for inducing British settlers of Small capital the islands undertake planting. Under the conditions then prevailing the scheme was a Good one and a Young Man with a capital of �3c0 or �400 stood every Prospect of doing Well but these Are the men who most easily succumb the Pinch of the present position because they cannot like the older established planters carry on in spite of the disabilities the Conse Quence is that they Are giving up the unequal contest and leaving the group which unfortunately those who have established interests Are unable do Aud yet with natural conditions every one of those men could succeed Suid income a permanent 15ri Tish unit strengthening the balance of popu lation in the group. During a recent visit Queens Lind i had Many enquiries from men who had heard of the settlement scheme and were anxious for information first hand but i was utterly unable give them any encouragement and had warn them that would be utter madness for a Man of Small capital attempt Settle in the new hebrides while the attitude of Australia was hostile and act every one of those men would have made excellent plan Ter and 100 of such men in the new he brides would turn the balance of Prepon debating interest in favour of English ownership instead of As present tie French population steadily increasing and the position going from bad worse. T sincerely Hope that this letter will have the effect of Emp Basi and endorsing the remarks made by British settler which i can. Assure you Are the opinions of every British settler in the group and the. Public May rest assured that if the matter is Lowed Drift further the position will be lost beyond the possibility of retrieval and the acquisition of the new hebrides by France May become an accomplished fact with a then dint loss of Trade austra Lia and possibility of additional menace in the event of foreign complications. I am. Sir. Of Ham Naon Scott. Gosford. july 14. District councils inspection. Walkerville. The annual. Inspection of Wal Uville �a3 made on Lueala. Litre were presort cars. J. Dicapri Nickic c Larne Eagle 011 3, tip licit Ciui tideland Vivian Anu ill. James Xoi Ugi. T a re. Liliu Patty met j.3u . Ilu Nan and Wiki . Tagi Aioli inspected the stage Ami Seaway and agreed u Tau Tome of the scenes touched up Back dressing Ronnii papered and cd with Fuji Wescom Burn is draw Iliff tables Anil iras. Llie i y Indjic died Tennyson Grid fee and with exception of i air abase in Ilic wooden shoot Chi Rothuis Vias Lomidz miss factory. Pc solved that Earth i Der the Sloot be and a placed with a raid Kukul Relf. Jik Urain scat Walenc s Diry miss was found Dicicc tic and the was referred hit Dairy any sector for report. Joe coir Nici idd twin ecu aide of tin memos in Walum Greet be . Ill cake s Burdier s Arwi Jwj were thought be veil kept. Conrad s Dunchus sird Anil Breiu secs wow Lund m by v ? i d he wine a Nark applied a. Ton s Dairi Urmi. Fuller Street. this stage Lulli Lnla of m the invitation of or. Clarke adorned Joe Elwa and partook of Light refreshment. Of pro Vecdi Rhrou a Walken Ille Ward the Toto Tow Wulis ror have nt10 Metal Ling be org Street making up Side of Iron Waker a no. To Smith Street no Monk footpaths with screenings Salisbury Terrace irom males arms burling iou treet p 1, i the table Plieni a irate eat irom state school in Suchke a Premie and turd Afflis a with screen inns from Lawler Terrace Muon Aid s property Stephen Terrace. L a ii. On North Walkerville Ward was agreed o make up hide of Road pc Lar s bakery will Quarry liable torn and make Ujj Chain Road Bronsack Street West few drains of Road in same Street from St. Andrew s Street in Easterly Uon Hillside of Road new Culvert Bruns Wick Street with rubble. Contin Muiir byway of Bur Linston Street was decided construct Cul Vert intersection of that i tract and a Nurali in rite define and tour Russ with Seree Nini a foot a the from Church Terrace Devon stare Sirwet i be Waichi table Side of Bur Yungton Street Iolite Mes i Horn & Kelly pro Eirv meal wid and effect better drank Nice soul end of Burlin Sion Street make up Side of Road onto cite or. To pets premises Ami zip ? a mar Are. Ila property of Barker eau members Lien pro.cede.1 Johns s milking Pliett. And Virv Prau and found them in Isaac tory condition. Jets Ulvid that Culvert be Eon Striet cd intersection of St. Andrews Street d Devonshire Reed the Council then drop tic Road known As ure Downe Ter race and by Pik Ilni met the members try vat Ali soil Ali ? a Stritt Council. is agreed slut Methins should 1m. Done define is proper toured for tie re Oil Walen. Hio p a Nicl attic of Sill i resent a Deane a or tame Lull Len hot Tho Terrace exle Duir aleut Ihrcke fourth oa mile and divert the water direct tie River. Webster s Dairy premises were found in fair Ciocu. wad recommended Liat Tew Van of Larry nil Ible be put Down opposite Bocie s Smith shop. A movement was then nude a a state school where inc Vneil Bers were met by air. Urdu Cli Annan of inc nor i Adelaide Kaiti of advice and Jar. B. A. Roach head Mau a. Itie i by inspected tie school. The accommodation provides for a thu dress. But the attend i eat uie time of Jee Tiou is 294, and the number on the Roll is of whom 33 Beli Lara reside out of the Nis net. Sev unil scholars the time of the vat were Crowdedut. Of is and were compelled make stats on the Elwir. The Wordies attached Hie sch Oil Are utilized for classrooms. An adjourn ment was mad2 the Sussex Anns whew the councillors were joined by or. Sanders unfair Man of uie Prospect i strict councilor. I run and the in strict Haltli officer or. It. Brum Mitt and Dij full a notice a capital spread provide ii by hosts. Cotlage. On proc cd intr Gilbert Ward was recommend cd that aleut 10 Luins of paving be constructed in water table Gilbert Road from uie Hall Kivor Street also a Nilar work Hames Street. was decided top dress with line screen inks footpaths in than ii Torrens i fiver and Bordini streets and Stephen Enuce. Inspection Back of pin on Gilbert read and one in Street Revi Utal tie fact Liat immediate improvements Are i acc Sarr. The Blind end of be Street was Wen and Sis resolved that Levels be taken for drainage improvements. Mclachlan s and o Brien s dairies found in Good order. Uek led Liat paving Gilbert Street oppose. Or. Oul Loek a houses be taken up and repaid with Vit Rifici Bioc or and .a opposite Rohu y1 property be paved. Footpaths and water Ables in Lowi a i Oriun of Gilbert Street be cleaned Ostli Toper cased with Metal toppings. Councillors then proceeded i Xiver Bruthers a factory a. Tark Terrace which was in goal order. Proce Odins through Gillert Avard in was recoup Len dial Liat lamp lie Precthl in Matilda. to i Rov Kion is be pc Ken against storm water niacin a Over surface of i Atli Buckinghan Street sad Wii Bini Olf thu . was recommended Liat a bins and paving1 be continued or Ortli Kaat Road Gilberton. In Medici Din wan was resolved define and make Footpath Opi site Vanders s new air crises Johns Road Deflon Aud make Footpath and extend paving Easi Side of in Hawker s Road fill up rate in Road Victoria Avenue and level Rube on fool Pat exist Side of this air tit Footpath opposite d Williams s reside a be formed Low spot a ii Rit Claril s Smith shop North Toad be Alec up Waro Rabl on Yorlli Road from i Pitcl Isirdo i Smith Hep Dutton Terrace be cleaned Cul Vert nor into a Arlinr Street recon Mendel continue Init Kobe Terrace was agreed Filici ill Square half the Width of this Terrace Tot end and make foot Cross inf. Underground eld Vert intersection of Myrtle Street and Road Lead ing Barton Terrace found faulty and new rest recommended. Heaps of Earth in Marl depot. Robe Terrace lie levelled and excavation of Pil be gradual in worked nut lie surface level footpaths be made Opp oath Katon am Horna Crook s . Palm Street and avens gardens respectively As Foch As the Premie com Pletch. Kills in i of Tibet be filled up Forth with. Footpaths with Ide of Myrtle Street in Naua and Herliert Metal Topping be Sprat on Footpath North Side of oils Street and Side o Road be made up with Quarry nibble cer Ding Darling of Street was a Speed Mela Street from Gazard s properly Lutton Terr arc. Side i Litton Crraco be male in with quark rubble Liere Nec Esfarj. Hawker s Road was nex i receive attention and was unsolved Uiki up hide of Road opposite Bampfield a ? Bright of oilers. And of premises with of Quarry Nili Bli s Milar work decided for Norelli Kat i Wmk. Extend from Wakefield s property top of med indic fix Patli Arthur Street i top dressed Gritl Creo Ninffa and Roa Divay be metalled. Wai decided set exact Levels with View Lian enl Orts Pon pm Cpd croat inns inter Section of i Jolt tar race and Tea kor s . Prospect. Tim annual Insixi action of the Dis Trifi Council of Prospect took place on july 35. There were Proem cars. A. C. Sanders Clairmane. If. Colton .1. 0. Dae k. Cox. T. Clettle j. J. Nettle and w. Ii. Crann a Mats .1 clerk. Banc Junior clerk and w. C. Bee i inf working overseer. The party started from Toj Lall 0.30 . Tie effects of tie Long Stiell of wet weather were noticeable but As a whole th3 metalled roads wre found in in a Rood state. Pro ceding Down Gladstone Road and along Bauml Raul various works were noted for consideration. In Fitzroy Ward uie following works were noted enlarge Drain Down Aralia Street n Forni Eliza Beth Street Harrington Street which .s cinc widened by he owners of land on he North Side of the Street by removing Back their fences 1 attended a lion uie widening is completed Kerbing be completed in Clifton Street and All culverts be replaced by inverts Clifton Street Extension watch table on the North Side be made up the kerb North end of Ronto Street. Viri Slian be made two and a half chains the cast end of Daphne Street be made. The party then Kingston Ward and tie following works were noted Cul verts in Ballville Street be replaced by. Inverts portion of Gloucester Street Extension made water tables on the East Side of Prospect Road from strict Pulsford Row be Maua up Vith Limestone and Liard Metal sides of roil in Milnor Street be made up kerb foot path in rim Street be attended. Tie coi Cecil inspected or. Corse Hodges s Wood. And cd ref Yards which i were found lie in a bad condition. After having inspected a portion of nails Worth wan Flie Pirty adjourned for dinner thu Hampi Tad hotel Ali arc they were joined by or. E. G. S. Uncan and k. J. Clark and were met by messes. Iii ulcer. Koli erts Cohen and Sellar s for the District and or. .1. T. Melt a Clial Man District Council of Walkerville. Seve ral nutters of interest the District were brought under the notice of the members such As the need for a Post and Telegraph office the Extension of the deep drainage system in the District and the question of preventing any Furt Lier Extension of tic North Road cemetery. After dinner the in of jail Worth Ward was comply cod and the following works were noted Kerbing in har Rev. And Cali Formui streets lamp erected till Junction of Hon Ned and Rogetta i treats Cali fornia Street be comply two Atli Limestone foot Patlis in Jones Street be attended. Tie nails Forth school premises were inspected the is Atoff of the Outlin Obers showed Trio necessity for deep Drc Inase being extended the school. Tie House occupied by tie caretaker was foul lie in a dangerous and dilapidated state. St. John s Wood waru was next visited and the following works veers noted Pulsford Road water tables lie made an i tarred Watkins Street and Moona place be attended of eight dui of Road be made in Johns Road 11 chains of Footpath he Kerned in Gordon Road four chains of path no the North Road North of Percy Street be Kerned and paths attended As far As Irilli Harp Road Irish Narp Road be reformed Kirr Tore Avenue be intended. Highbury Ward was next inspected. Parts of the lower portion of the Ward were found be in a bad state needing immediate Atten Tion. A Large Culvert which has been constructed across the lower North Road the end of Vic Toria Street and a Drain which Haa been made on the West Side of the Road wore inspected Arne while has had the effect of preventing the flooding of the Yards of the houses the but Tom of Victoria and Alexandra streets the Council Felt trat something More will have be dope speedily effectually dram that put of tie District the following works were noted Kerbing lie done in Olive and Vine streets Myrtle Street paths and Wau tables be attended Connau tit Street be formed remaining portion of Vic Toria Street be made Edinburgh Street be formed and path on the Easi Side be or Jde foot parts Alexandra and Victoria streets be made. ? Woodville. On tuesday the members of the District. Council of Woodville commenced per annual inspection of the municipality and will Complete an Early Date. Cd. Talph chairman. Kemn. Lines. . Butter yield Pudney Williams Mininan and Bridgman the town clerk or. W. H. Dale the assistant clerk or. W. Ii. Lame the health Cill cer or. A Bollo nand inspector Morris constituted the party. Owing tie great area governed by. The Council was derided extend the inspection Over two Days. On tuesday Grange Kee ducks Findon Henley Beach and Vork w were visited. The bulk of the time was occupied in the inspection of dairies and wineries a Large number of which come within the jurisdiction of the. Council. On the whole these re found in a satisfactory condition but minor improvements. Which will enhance their appearance. Pc Oral Utility and Deal Insp arc be ordered. On whole the roads reflected credit upon the. Council and testified the judicious of capita. A few Worts were approved including the Morniing of 30 chains foot title on the East Side of Seaview Roati Graffi. The making of a path for about a similar data acc on the Soili ride of Henley Beach jetty the repairing of the approaches gramme jetty the repairing of Grange roid and the Oopik traction of a. Fence about 104 it. Long on the Banks of the River Torrens in St. James Par Findon Wrd. Tho party inspected the Woodville and Grange schools and visited the Beverley Reserve where lev cuing Lus Liet a in Progress by gently Trees were put in. And a pro posed Plant the Reserve with Couch Granai nil a local Cricket club Lias promised Lay Dowie a p . Alien these works have Lieen a coins Lisheid the Reserve should be a credit tha locality. Births marriages and deaths. Births. uie Luly Riverton. Tho wife of or. K. Mcm. Glynn of a son. Gratton. On uie july Lipner Bridge Street Keri Sinton my and mrs. E. P. Gration u son. 111w1n. Us the june the wife Oll Offler. Irwin of Boulder Cit Western Australia daughter. ? Keek. On the 2ith . Moon. The wife of . Keen a Sun. Mcfay Quiane. Outline 10th july Milford Jef Leott Street n.a., the wife of Allan ill Arlaca. Jue Piast Wellington luvs Murray a son he1u. On Ihu loth june North Adelaide the wife of Lister Lii in stun Lleida of mull Alt Mullah River Darling of a . On the 15th May Kin William Road North Unley the wife of Alexander Swann a son. tie 17th july Yamuna. Klin 1-Eki Street Eastwood the wife of . Joyce Walsh a son. Llott Well. Wiuli on the 20th june Leith Hon col lin.od, the wife of j. White a daughter. ?\vill,iau5-. On tic july Piui iry read. Semaphore the Inife of ii. J. Williams � daughter. Mai truces. Atkins dial shall. On tie 20th june the let Oditt Church. Solodu onion by the Rev. C. E. Sclia fur a rival Atkins Eli son of or. Aifred b. Atkins Eleanor Hose Mars will Clde a daughter of Lar. Thonius War Liall both of orc Berry Day. On the july the Resi Dence of sir. Jacob Abbott Raffill Road St. Taters by pastor a. Rankine hairy e., son of the late k. A hero and ills. Abbou Clara fifth daughter of or. Alfred Day of i Thuu a. Bohks Lla Koru. On we 21st june the Home of mrs. 1. Fea Ortli Unley by the Rev. W. J. Wildy George v. Birks of Walton Green Oak second son of John if. Birls of Perth w Olive., Youn Frost daughter of mrs. Chas. Kail Ford of the Ines Greenock. ? Buick Flie 29th june the methodist Church Grce Bushes. Western Australia by fee Rev. H. Roluna Ciu Irles eldest son m the Date James Buick of Kangaroo Island and mis. Fanny Buick. Now of Parkside Jennie third daughter of Hans and c. Mack of Henley Beach. Cowan wh1tlock. On uie 2lst june Chafet Church North Adelaide by the Rcv. In a stir h.u., Harry Albert eldest son of the late James Cowan of Burnside Elsie play Joun rest daughter of the late via him Lii Telouk of Adelaide. I Wisott Kevil on the 37ti i june tha Alberton Baptist of lurch by tie Rev. Re. �. Tun or. William Herbert second finn of or. W. I. Dowsett. Exc Ter Tara i a Disney Holmes eldest daughter of or. V. Kerr alb ruin. Ekers Bota in. On the 13th june Medin Church by tie Rcv. P. R. Riley George rold thud Eon of Charles Akers. Gil a ton Edith Florence eldest daughter of Rjobert Slotten Prospect. Tatlis so lakh. On the june the Resi Dence of uhe Bride s Mother mrs. W. 11. Wash Klensin Jitou Park by the Rev. A. C. Rankine Benjamin John Bon of James Gates. St. L Peterfi Daisy Hope Daus Citer of the late w. F. Bier. Hay the 2 april the Cli urch Bordertown by the Rev. R. A. Old vell John eldest son of the late w. Hay Olive Grove Bordertown Flora eldest Daric of the late Gilbert for Zircon of i Elta. La rde Rujan. Kingsborough o Liall Orax. On the 21ft time St. John s Church. Adelaide by uie Rcv. A. G. Kins. William Arthur second son of the late John Kingso Roufeh Mary lieu Kier i me uie Patrick o Hal Lorati. Kaunda. Lee Tho his june it. Augustine a Church. Unley by tie item. Kuac is Perrin Demird Augustus eldest son of John Lee. Of Plain Poi. Talice Maud eldest daughter of Aumi Stii Schwerkolt Unley Park. Siena plane the 4-h july the residence of the Bride s parents balls Noona station by lint Rev. O. .1. Smal Leome. Walter Henry Only son of 1. Mcfarlane of Lii Nan Isibella Mctizic Rirl youngest daughter of George Noble. Of . Paternoster Waddell. On hip isl i May. the residence of Rev. Spencer Lexington Ken Tucky America by James Thor Nap assisted by Coni Ringsby Gordon Ira Adira Patern Foiter. I i Lueky University Yoi Gest son of J. Pater Noster Salisbury South Australia Ethel Olive eldest Sii Vivine Daup liter of John Waddell. Korth Field. Stockade. A null Australia. Pol Sou Scott. On the july cock hum by the Rev. W. R. Milne of broken Hill. Georiciylor, fourth son of late genre Taylor Poison of Hack Bani Elizabeth Lessic a., eldest daughter of William Cou of cock Kirn. Us Volt wedding. Site Uku Maxx. On tic Luh july 18s0, St. Bartholomew a Xor Wood by tie Rev. J. Havens. William a. Son of tie late John off Tan Ronda. To Anna a. Younst of the late Wilshi uni Neumann. Anunda. Golden Wedd tag. Milway Nussli . On the kith july 1s55, St. Itei s i Macli London by tie Rev. Havril Harrison Oliver eldest my of the late Henry Ali Way Lilton. Sittingbourne cast Kent in ii ii youngest laughter of William Hii Ssell. Kish in Crim Greenli Itaf Kent. Present address i oar Uii is . Deaths. Bot cart. On the 12th Luly. miss hand s private Hospital Hutt Street Adelaide Walter Hillary Lio aut. Of Nilmei by Park ounce Barker third Foch of sir James a Boucaud aged 33 years. Ellis. On uie 17th july the reside Ico of his son in Law or. S. J. Hamly karhoja Street. I Jade irk c fire the beloved Luisi and of Niew Ellis late of Scanu Porc and formerly of Meadows in his ssh Yair. Leaving 11 children. To or ind Cli Ildron and 25 great grandchildren. Arrived in ship Rajasthan 1810. Dyke. On tin kith june St. Herlie Jersey c. T. Thomas Eyre eldest Sun of inc late Cap Tain Trio mail Bare and Eldit half brother of i red j. Eyre of North Adelaide awl 73 Yiu ire. Goddard on the 14th july South Var Victoria John William. The a loved husband of magic Goddard need 65 a ears. God s Rit a Sweet. Hayman. On tie Sot i Lime Hughes Street. Mile end of heart failure Rebecca beloved wife of William 1 Layman aged 75 years. Arrived in tha ship theista in -47. Kenai on tie 11th july sit his residence Roliard John Gall Kin car Sid dlr late of the 1mb july Wir Rabara. the residence of Andrew Aitchison brother in Law Minnie the beloved daughter Oll team. La Isfield and mrs. A. A Isfield. Pence. Anitas ton Ackerl 2 years.ma1mjerj?. On the 17th july a Lairn of i Vera Arlin Invof and void nicest a laughter of w. E. And ii. Jln Ducra a we a and 8 months. M4rtix. On the 1 the july tier resin knee. Sara Thill in. Elizal Reth Bessie Only Tau photo the late Richard Martin and Mary Jane Sun. Aped is years. Rest last. tie 14th july new Market Street Eily. Euph Craig. Relict of the late James Muirl Iead formerly of Elisabeth Street. Norwood. _ nines. To ii Ninnes. The beloved Hub ant of Eliza Lieth s. Ninny a of tar Cowie cd s years. the 14th july men Inanc stat slim s. Pase of dec huns late of Clarmin b s Frt i year. A colonist. Of 48 years. Stalley. On the 11th july . the of her sister. Mrs. John Tilbrook. Or Yucka Susanna Stalley. Of Marr Ille ased years. Sejfo s. On the Tilv. his reside Nee. Morgan James pylons. In his 77th year. A Colo nist of 5-2 Vears. Home Napers please -7j-j the 13lh july scr Raj Parkside Harriet the beloved wife of Robert Wallace awl 74 years. Fawler monday. July 17. Present the mayor or. J. Fergusson and cars. Dennett Anlu. Formic Lynch Smith and Garrett. I Lic mayor re re d that he had received �0 2 0 from May s hand Beira the proc of a concert recently Given in Aid of the Miaritis of tha Toro. Of. Bennett on Hon if of the Loans inti and of Peers a reacted the mayor with a set cd pipe3 Anil a Pii a Case in honour of Bis birthday and wished him Many Happy returns of the Day. His worship appropriately replied. The Mindla Wirra South District Cincil asked be suf Mlicki with a copy of of the work proposed be done in repairing the footbridge tin North cud of Murray Street be forwarded. The ten Der of ill. H. L. Marsh for the erection of Sani tary buildings the Willaston cemetery for a was accepted. The insole tar reported that the inspector general of main roads had visited Gaw scr and examined the Road Bridge Over the South Para. The official expressed Surprise the condition of the Structure and evidently was of opinion that was not a troop enough for the traffic had carry. Or. Antwis proposed Liat 50 Yards of Limestone rubble be procured for blinding Road Metal. He considered that material would be better than Street sweepings. Gravel which was lie Best material could not be obtained. The sweepings were bad when the Wea ther was wet. Or. Smith seconded and said Street Swec Pinsl were objectionable from a Sani tary Point of View. By using struck sweepings they were practically spreading disease broadcast. The inspector said they had found there was no material so satisfactory for Blind Uip As Street sweepings. They had used them for various inn poses for several years and Kiev would be thrown Avry if not so user. The motion was carried. Sir one cup of of Plasmin 31 Cocoa ? a a Tatum of my Tarry Cotea. R few we a her a from fill h til. � i � facts of vital importance every sufferer from blood Poison fact Oue takes time Tell five the Freeman red 5 by a treatment or merely path cd up Edical Centre in Australia that makes i for toe present. The euro of blood Poison a specially. \. Fact Sis patients cured by i fact two the Freeman and the Freeman and Wallace electro Wallace electro medical Institute is medical Institute arc constantly Pas s Tho Only medical association in exist sins successfully the very rigid sex i once that has been treating blood a Nau of con Kauvo j Pomona Long enough know that san Tiff ,.ations for atoms patients Are cured stay cured. Sion into the army Ana Navy of Tho i fact these the Freeman and government. I Wallace electro Mcd in Institr has fact seven if you take the Inary patients who cured by Freeman and Wallace elec Romedi magic treatment eighteen years ago Cal Trca Tenent under their arrant cd � who Are Day sound and Well. You Are absolutely sure of a cure or ? ? your Money Back. T fact four Many patients fact eight every other me that were cured by the Freeman and Thod of treatment known the Ionedi 1, Wallace electro medical Institute Cal profession gives but temporary a eighteen years ago now have children Relief. Grown manhood and womanhood fact nine Good health is the p in perfect health and without a most important thing in the world blemish. Any person. Tic Ove nine facts Are absolutely . I aa.afvaaaa, Bairnsdale 1st december 1m3. 9 1 a � 5-ar,r/%aa3 m a i saw your advertisement in the i j Tatsi �sq,.l. I paper As cure of blood pol ? a ?vvvrvtvfyv7v�vvt�\ son anal desire seek your advice. I have talked with several persons who speak highly of the Institute and 9 one of them said you effected a permanent cure in his Case. I have doctored in vain 3 for some years rid myself of this terrible disease and have spent no end of 3 Ney i have now decided adopt your treatment As i see you guarantee cure. 3 signed w. B. Arthur. I another grateful patient writes tour last course of Medicine i finished some three weeks ago and am pc Ejler. S Fine. The horror of blood Poison has about left be. Occasionally however i can notice a faint Celins. As though my Throat was become nor sore again. I notice Din this when lifting Sorn Ethine he avy or whenever i Strain the Muscles of my neck. I. I have no other indication except this and there is Only one living soul and you Arbo it �3 know what 1 have gone through. 1 think another course will about banish All re. I. U rain los symptoms. 1 thank you for your kindly efforts and you May de ?.? Pend upon i shall always have pleasure in recommending your Institute. L. 5,-� fuse Man i Wallace upon the different parts of the body \ ? elect3.o Zilski Cain i Estt and the Poison even destroys the ? f. Tute solicits the most obstinate Bones. I cx-3es, and challenges the world for the Freeman and Wallace electro % a Case they cannot cure. This disease medical Institute has a specific for v. R has always baffled the skill of the Blond Poison and cures even in � roast eminent physicians. For Many worst forms. is a perfect antidote. T years the Freeman and Wallace for the powerful virus that pollutes f electro medical Institute has made the blood and penetrates All parts i a specially of treating this disease of the system. Unless you get this ? and they have unlimited capital be Poison out of your blood i ruin in Hind their unconditional guarantee. You and bring disgrace and disease i % you can be treated at. Heme for the upon your children for can be j same Price and with the Kur transmitted from Parent child. % acted. With those who prefer id go write for their free Home treatment j them the Freeman and Wallace Book clinical experiences goo pages s electro medical Institute w in con of you have not received it. And learn ? tract cure them or pay Railroad a a about contagious .c2d Poison. If ? and hotel Bills and make no charge you medical advice give a his ? if they fail cure. Tory of your Cane and their Physicianscontagious blood Poison will furnish All the information you a begins usually with a Little Blister or wish without any charge whatever. J sore then swelling in the groins a your salvation depends on the i red eruption Breaks out on Tho body Freeman and Wallace electro medical. \ sores and ulcers App a in the Mouth Institute and on them alone. They 1 the Throat becomes ulcerated the hair will surely cure you. No other a eyebrows and lashes fall out and method of treatment will cure you. Or. I As the blood becomes More co Tami r. Wallace j.i.d., the phys eau in ? Natch Copper Colour a splotches and chief is registered by australian i Pustular eruptions and cores appear English and american medical boards. A Why hesitate one Day in beginning1 this wonderful Curc i write Day and give As Complete a history of your Case As possible the fe1sman & Wallace s electro medical and sri Gie Institute \ Gor. Bourks & Elizabeth ., Elesure. 5j Howard frogman. Director. . I. J3i.-fc m or r. Wallace. physician in chief. 2 or. Elizabeth White women s diseases. . the Best present you can take Home is a bottle of Ayer s Ciao ref pectoral quiets the cough makes breathing easy and heals the lungs. And cures even advanced cases. Make no mistake. Be sure and get Ayer s Cherry pectoral the Standard cough remedy of the world. Sold for 60 years. Beware of. Imitations. In Large and soil bottles. Avoid constipation. Hasten a cure by Tho Ayer s fills. aral by or. J. C. Ayer co., Lowell ftzu., for chronic Chest complaints.?Woods great Peiter mkt Oeub 1/6. By Royal warrant her. Majesty i Queen Donlook old. With advancing years cry Nacsa increases. Stop this with Lockyer s Sulphur ii aut restorer which darkens the former Colour and preserves the appearance. Lockyer the English Nair restorer. A Len of cd a corf of 40 years Tandine removed by White s Corn cute. Seventy warts removed from the hands of two persons by White s Corn cure. Price Vot chemists and storekeepers. Noa mitc the. V observer the Best Esau strayed paper. Corporations. Theta botox tuesday. July is. Present tiie Mavor ill. W. H. Anil cars. Alliott Pirszel Howe drano Troni Sconi Der Filsell. Lloyd Worth and Dillon. Finance cedi i40s expenditure jc123 main Road a ,f.4 .4-Lfl Rio if a Ilni ii i l41i. In flip new Tion or. Ura Stroin was Loo id i Liat the amount of i per Dav the Nii Simuni Waie Jaid Laboi piers by the corporation. The work commit a final the of Bride eat their nor i Jervis Street and curl ton Parade be re Pai cd that a footbridge lie procured for mus a wet Ward thai tenders lie called for the Supply of second Ela Blue Metal for dare bin Street irom Falcon Avenue Hilton Lioun Iiara Ruad in Milner Stilet. And Gladstone from the railway line East Terrace. Adopted

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