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Adelaide Register Newspaper Archives Jul 19 1905, Page 1

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Adelaide Register (Newspaper) - July 19, 1905, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Moto Tyre repairs vulcanized repairs to covers and takes executed without work done at our works in Adelaide. Tom Moe tube co., no., Sak motor Cah owners insist on. Having Dun lop vulcanized treads. Fitted to your motor covers. The Only ones that give Complete satisfaction. The duh iop Tybe co., ltd., 7&zfs for High Grade Fum Marti ii 0 on i to everything fo1 furnishings. Cuil 11 i flan i 111 & uu., Liu. The Home. Known All. Over Australia. Treasures from the East. Three Bales of magnificent Khamaria carpets or.? Murza Pur natives. L the most Beautiful and durable carpets in the world arc unquestionably those of Oriental origin. So far no carpels Woven by any euro Rean process can be compared Nith the truly wonderful Oriental hand made production. They Are perfection. This masterful Colour blend 1 Ings the Beautiful colours use the wonderful designs combined witty he faultless finish form a combination of carpet excellence ? Chiofa. Are the admiration of the world. A. ?. India the Home of Many wonderful crafts ?. Certainly. Bears the Palm in carpet weaving. J he Superb assemblage of All woo hand made Indian carpets squares Andl hugs showing m our carpet Section bears undeniable. Testimony of this fact. They Are the Best wearing carpets in the would. Adelaide ladies Are cordially invited to inspect this interesting exhibit artistic furniture. Furniture that pleases the Eye and Satis of Culfa to emf no you get it Here. i furniture conies in for ? a considerable or Marr rih to i amount of attention at this store. Our Luton wit nov 1p f Stock contains All the desirable grades a l 15 i the kind you buy with satisfaction and plea 4f/bl i p Clif in cure 3nowing that you Are getting just ? Fri la i is i is a you desire Well made Well seasoned Ujj pkg i _ guaranteed articles at lowest possible Cash by of Jive the store you hear so much about the g q , where your Money goes farthest bundle Street. Buy furniture from us. Furniture of every description. Tvs ? ? ? ? ?. 198c. A Miller Anderson 8c co. ? ? to stocktaking Sale. ? o ? carpet department. 7 pieces Yard wide Best Brussels Stair and Hall carpets 9,6 for q/9 2a pieces 5-Frame Best Brussels 5/9 for 4/9 10 pieces Axminster g/9 for 5/6? ?. Eiderdown quilts full size. ? 1 Green and Blue Satin both bides75/ for 42/ 1. New Blue and Olive reverse57/6 for 47/3 the Reuia ining Stock of Down quilts All at Sale prices. ? o ? ? blankets a Sale discount of 10 per cent allowed on All sizes. Lace curtains. A Sale discount of 10 per cent allowed. Embroidered crea31 Linen blinds 3c in. Wide 7 it. 6 in. Long 8/6 for g/9. R. O ? draping and curtain. Tai entries. Mercerized tapestry Canvas in Olive greens blues and pinks. 3/11. For 3/6. Cathedral tapestry in two shades of Green 4/9 for 2a1 silk tapestry Canvas for draping in Terra electric and Gold 2/11 for. I ii .,.--. Heavy furniture tapestries for dining room and Library chair coverings 5/ for 4/g. J tapestry table covers 17/6 for 14/9, 21/ for 17/6, 27/6 for ? 21/, 29/6 for � -22/, 47/6 for 39/6. ? o ? ? floor cloths and linoleum. 6 it. Wide for 1/11. 6 it. Wide 4/ for 2/9 6-ft. Wide linoleum 12 Good sifting Lioom and bedroom patterns of for 3/11 a it. Nide linoleum 6/9 for 6/ Yard 12-ft. Wide linoleum 7/3, 9/3, 10/9 Yard two lengths 12-ft. Wide Best linoleum 18 it. Loner is 14/- a years. ? passage linoleum1 Yard wide 2/3, 2/0 \ \ 11 Yard wide. Now for 1/6. .1 piece Only passage linoleum extra thick. 45 in. Wide 6/3 for 4/6. ? 2 pieces Only 1 Yard wide passage linoleum extra thick 4/6 for 3/ 2 pieces Only/18-in passage linoleum extra thick 2/9 for 1/6. Remnants of passage and body cloths at cleaning prices ? o ? j. Miller Anderson & go., 20, 22, 24, 26 Hindley Street. 200c f o a l e s. The celebrated american . Erect form 60bsets, that every lady finu3 such comport in wearing. A magnificent Opportunity occurs for ladies to buy owing t3 being overstocked in several numbers. Ladies Black . Corsets to wit slender figures. Ladies Grey . Corsets to suit Stout figures. Ladies White . Corsets to suit medium fiches. The above three lines Are marked 10/6 we Ahal sell the whole lot at 5/11. Every lady should Armenoui . Erect form corsets. ? ladies Black . Corsets to suit slender figures All Sites a Beautiful Corset Worth 12/9, Sale Price 7/6. Ladies . Corsets in Grey with one he u suit Stout Fenre. Ladies . Corsets in Grey with inc clip and suspenders to suit Stout figure rs11e y. �2?h i a ? g�7 jul a lilt axe Worth 19/6, Sale Price 12/9.ladies . Corsets in Black uti Wiite. Ladies1 . Corsets id Grey. Lames . Corsets in White. The above three conets nit All time. At 23/6 to 25/6. Our Clearing Sale Price Stolf 15/9. Ladies. Buy your corsets at foals and be pitted. Seal whale80se q9rsbt8. Lone waisted Small Sixes Price 10/6, Sale pries 1/11 each Only a few left. Foales Rundle Street Emporium next Tough and Harrow hotel. A phenomenal development. Our Gleat Winter fair ? to Day we. Make another. Forward step in theg icat sweeping movement of our. Winter Stock. Treat preparations in additional build nos a Well in hand Ana this wet in conjunction with he act that we Mair to Clear out every Par Ticle of our Stock gives us a Ovir Nii nation to make a National reductions ii i. Pixies. Visit us to Day. We arc practically giving away the balance of our Winter goods. A great upheaval in our ribbon department. 1,x Yards 5 inches wide Lovely. Merv rib -1os for millinery neck or Tsa Slies. Good colours the Virv Best Sellin colours viz., Skles Light 11lues, Light Tuiuri Polsi ,. Blues dark. Tutti Wolsk Worth s d. Yard our sensational Clearing 1 Iipp. Only lid. Yard. The above Kibb Oiw arc 5 inches wide. Buy them curly to Day. Extra sensational prices in 1hch Satin and velvet k1bboxs. These Lovely Satin and \ Civet ribbons ladies Are the newest thing this Winter. Over mind we Are to Seil and out they go regardless of Cost. ? a great lot of. Colour Tel Satin and velvet i muons Best Quality one Quarter of an Inch wide. We have them in nil Cerise a link Pink sky ? tuscan yellow Gold White red Reseda usual prices 2 d. Yard. Our sensational Clearing out Price 18 Yards for my Pexce. Theft Hibbons ladies Are done up in lengths of is Yards and on account of their absurdly Low Price we cannot Cut the pieces. You must therefore buy the is Yard icing thu. Ave Olfer you in the next line a most phenomenal bargain. A great lot of Rich Quality Satin and velvet ribbons. One Inch wide an Inch and a half wide and to and a Quarter inches wide three different widths. They Are Here in Greys deep creams Maize and Canary. The usual prices Are sjd., lftld., and 1/3 Yard our sensational Clearing to Day is lid. Yard Penny Halfpenny per turd. We write the Price out in full s that you May not think your eyes arc deceiving you. The next line ladies is a still greater bargain. Note tie charming shades we Are offering. A great lot of Rich Quality Satin and ear it Riri sons in two widths viz., Onk Inch and one Inch and a half wide. We hate these in Cream Pink Lovely. Skies charming shades of blues Turquoise and dark cult Coise All the most useful and fashionable shades. The usual prices Are so. And lord. Catt s sensational Clearing Price to Day is Only 2sil. Per Yard. ? we write the Price again so that there is no mistake two Pei of Halfpenny per Yard is the absurd Price of the above charming inc of ribbons. And yet another line or still greater importance. A great lot of Rich Quality Satin and velvet ribbons two and a Quarter inches wide exactly the same Width As the column in which this advertisement appears. They Are Lere in Lovely Blue shades skies Cream Turquoise shades and Green usual Price 1/3 Yard Catt s sensational Clear ing Price to Day i 3d. Vard threepence Halfpenny per Yard a phenomenal bargain also is the following line a Large lot of Rich Quality Buck Satin and velvet ? ribbons three quarters of an Kiich and one. Inch Nide usual Price id. And 7id. Vard our sensational Clearine Price to Day Iid. Yard twopence Halfpenny Pek Yard 150 Yards Rich Quality Cream Beaver and Cream Astrachan trimmings 2 Iii Chea a wide marked 1/jt Yard our Winter fair Price Only 6m. Yard. Our Stock of Navy and White Stripe , marked 6ld., go to Day for Only 3jd. Yard. Indies we draw your attention to the marvellous bargains. Benir offered in our Mantle and millinery Del arts kits. Trio Sands of Yards of Rich Quality coloured japanese Silks in pinks Csc Salmon Heliotrope Royal nil Turquoise and Otho pretty rides usual Price old. Catl s fail Price cd. Yard thousands of Yards of Rich Quality Colour. De japanese Silks in sky Turquoise. Pinks. Heliotrope nil Moss Vieux Rose. Gold Royal. White Cardinal maroc Cerise Light Brown Blank. Saw usual Price 1/0, cat i fair Price Llyd. Yard every lady wears silk. You should Benj them ? by tie piece. ? the prices Are actually Absiire. Rich Black Sura ii silk marked 2/6, Catt i fair Price 1/ Yard Superior Quality Black Meh. Silks marked /6, Catt s fair Price 2/g Yard 13 inches wide accordion pleated Chiffon silk a Rich material in White and Cream marked 4/0, Cau fait Price. 1/0 Yud. To Iasi Are in .16-Yard Lens this. They Are so absurd Low in Price that ladies should buy them ii the Pierc. I51ch Quality coloured Merv. Silks. In Rose Gold Vieux Rose Brown Grey Cardinal usual Price 2/11, Catt s fair Price. \3 Yard Beautiful All Wool. Nun s Tkv Turquoise. Salmon Pink. Black Cream Market 1/3, Catt s fair Price iced. Yard Superior Quality Buck Cashmere a Beautiful cloth i marked 3/11 and 2/6, we Practa Calls live Thorn to you indies at a i Ned very Rio Quality Black Biarritz Cash Mere usual Price 3/6, cats fair Price 2 Yard Beautiful silk figured Amazon cos tume cloths the Ery newest and bestir Navy Brown card. Green usual Price 4/t Yard Catt s fair Price 2/6 Yard rim Quality so Inch White twill sheeting usual Price 1/0, Catt s fair Price 1/11 Vard ? our Stork of Plain White sheeting in ii and Fly Inch marked i and 1/6, Celt s Price Sid. Yard. This is the greatest bargain we have Ever seen offered in Good sheeting. Our Stock of White Turk towels and Brown Turk towels will All be cleared Al big reductions Rich a Lity in Sims in French Blouse Flannelette usual Price 8jd. Yard Catt f. Fair i ice. A. Yard ,. A Cli arming it of Rich Quality French Blouse Flannelette in pinks reds blues Guscena. Pc annl Price 9.d., 10w., hid., Catt s fair Price go. Vat Hunt reds of Yards of Beautiful All-w001 French Blouse flannels in the newest designs usual Price 2/3. Catt s fair Price 1/ Yard children s Lovely Quality. Cream Bea ver overalls marked 0/11 and 10/0. Cats fair. Price Only 5/11 our Stock of Cli Ildron s better Quality Cream Beaver tunics and overalls will be cleared 19/6for 12/6, 25/ for 15/, 2 /0 for 15 ii a Feu Only children s Rich Quality Cri a Casum Eue and cloth Pelissey a lev trimmed cats fair. Price 21/ for 13/0, 25/ for l nex Mexal bargains in jackets. 25 Only ladies very Good. Grey twee jackets usual Price 17/6, Catt s fair Price ill our Stock of ladies Rich Quality Grey Twel d jackets usual Price by i Catt s fair Price 6/11 ladies of cannot afford to pass such bargains As these ladies pr17lty Grey Tweed jackets col. Lar Lofs usual Price 15/6, Catt s fair Price 0/11 Rich Quality Grey Tweed jackets. Collar less marked 29/6, Catt s fair Price 15/0 Superior Quality charming ski a 1weei jack1cts, with. Rich cloth and velvet cuffs re collars marked 33/, Catt s fair Price 19/6 our Stock of ladies Golf blouses in All the prettiest styles will be sold at 10/0for 5/11, Utti for 7/6, 17/6 for 12/. ?. 15/6 for a ii our Stock of very Choice All Wool French flannel blouses usual Price 10/6, Catt s Kair Price Only 4/11 25 Only ladies Best Quality crap Knetl e Shower proof cloaks. Collarless. The very latest style usual Price 25/, Catt s fair Price enly 12/ i ave arc making absolute gifts of our ladies skirts. Our reputation for the value of skirts of All kinds has travelled far and wide. We add still further to our reputation by the marvellous value to to Civen at this Sale. Our Stock of ladies very Rich Cream and Klack japanese silk blouses trimmed silk insertion usual Price 1 a Catt s fair Price Only s/11 Rich Black ja1v silk hlouse3, 25/ for 15/, .1.k01 dozen ladies White he stitched handkerchiefs cite s fair Price 1/ dozen our Stock of Rich season s Paris net lacks and All Over lacks. The laces run up to 12 in. Wide and Are marked up to 2/11 Vard Catt s fair Price 9d. Yard 210 ladies warm Cream twill flannel Ette combinations to ruled Torchon lace and tucks Tisdial Price 6 Catt s fair Price 1/sa pair. The material alone in this line Cost 2/6. 360 ladies warm Cream twill flannel Ette combinations with Yards and Yards of real Torchon lice usual Price 4/11, Catt s fair Price 2/b pair. The lacs on these Gar ments and the Flannelette Combine Are Worth 3/6, not Countin the Cost of making. Our Stock of Winter % millinery Flowers of All sorts usual prices i of to 1/11, Catt s fair Price 4jd. Lot 1. 36 ladies trimmed hats marked from Sll to 12/fi. Catt s fair Price Only 5/11 lot 2. 42 ladies trimmed hats marked from 13/ 1 to 21/, Call s fair Price Only 8/11 lot. 3. 37 ladies trimmed hats marked from 21/ to 42/, Catt s fair Price Only 15/ our children s Yitkam millinery will be cleared at halt acc our Stock of ladies Straw hats marked up to 5/11, Catt s fair Price 1/0 each our Stock of neck furs and fur muffs will All go at Cost Price 300 Yards Navy Chiffon veiling 18 in. Wide usual Price 1/. Catt s fair Price 41d. Yard 1,000 pieces Black Glace ribbon narrow Width for thess trimming usual Price .2/11 dozen. Catt s fair Price is Yards for 1/0 Lovely heal Torchon laces and Good Guipre insertions marked up to 1/6 Yard. Cats fair Price fid. Yard Anil a thousand other bargains equally As Good. We could fill this paper with a list of our bargains. 1,000 pairs of ladies All Wool Host Plain Cashmere marked 1/3. Catt s fair Price 9u. Hundreds of pairs of ladies fabric gloves marked up to a Catt s fair Price 1/ pair. Be with us to a or some time Durini the week Arr a will a Morv. F. C. Catt 70 Rustle Street. Marshall s great Winter fair still proceeding. ? o ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? genuine Sale prices at every department. Moriette skirting. Linen department. Moriette skirting. ,. Fri ruled austrian Linen runners 50 in. Long e have just purchased at a Job Price the Fol usual Price each Clearing at lord Cadi lowing colours in Moriette skirting Magenta fringed austrian Linen runners about fio in. Grey mid Brown Green and Navy they arc Low usual value 1/6. Now Ela iring at lord. 35 in. Wide. We arc Selling them at tie Small Ach a Ioc of 1/ per Yard. Do not fail to Purchase fringed austrian Linen dollies sizes 6. 8, 10. And a skirt length. 12 in. Square usual value from 4d. To 71d. Each ? Clearing at 2d. Each 1/11 dozen ? ? Al nne Lettes. ? i fringed damask tablecloths size about 6j x so Ink Flannelette. 28 in. Wide Nice Bright shades a. Pricc.7 ? a we cd to. 4/ 1 Faeh vow dozen. Sale Price 2/11 for 12 Yards co. Bol i noped Tea cloths size Al amt 3c special line of heavy Mike of striped Fia incl no ? c for.,1 d cute for boys shirts and pyjamas usual Price Blu Bordt he stitched Linen covers 28 in. Lid. Per Yard. Sale Price 4,6 for 12 Yards no / ilsua2 Neefs Only 1/6 each ? a have Only about 10 pieces left of our Cash. trimmed runners and Tea cloth Merette Anish Tennis cloth suitable for blouses rapid up to 3/11. Now being sold at 1/11 each. Dressing gown cd usual Price 6ld. Per ? Yard to be cleared at 3/11 for 12 Yards. ? fancy department ? Pio jl-v276 double hooded All ? Silks Silks Silks. Alms ill Jho steroid a to �7 7/ each i i Urt. � at a in is a in. White Cream and Ivory japanese Silks uni ache arts Lirt a ii i � of heavy weights ? Brilliant ainu a soft As own Banmon ibo a i f plete -12/6 cach 2/.1 for i of 2/11 for 1,11, 3/11 for 2/6, 4/11 for tons flu Leas and c Burck a Danree Silks. We have these Good 1$tztohto? a Jolt Ai Ewein dyed under special supervision. We Are paying. Rin Ruko s envelopes and m Shee s Supe four times the usual charge for dyeing so that envelopes. � i ? no possibility of a change of Colour nay taken lev no Toti a such Plue 2/6 for 1,6. 2/11 for 1/11, 3/11 for 2/3, Waverley jacket pm Keti i a Abms note the Width one Vard it Cluren. To Boota 1/ wide in White Cream Ivory Champagne Pale of books cd lot to Clear at j. 2fpjavzdbiuct Buck rate a a talc 3b for to to 9fs Usua prices tripe Blou Silks a Nice Raie 2/6 Jor 1/ ? to zilch to dear it one a. For Irr a we as3ortldcnt. Millinery showroom. 3,b for 1/11 per Yard. Exceptional ? value in fashionable Una Crimms ? came hair Felt shapes mushroom picture a dress department. Styles. Pillbox and torpedo toques Worth 3/1 earn Cre Poline nth coloured silk embroidered la for 6d i 1/6, and ill each spot and Small design a Lovely material for even rough. Felt Cape Ine flops All Good colours in a or pretty blouses 2/11, be Worth 5/11. For 1/ each diced to 2/6 per Yard ? ? ready to hats in Felt and Straw Smalli Lack accordion nun s veiling .40 in. trimmed for Winter latest shapes Pricci Price 2/6, for 1/11 per Yard ? Roni 3 11 to 15/6, Sale prices 1/, 1/11, 2, h Lack and White Check Panama will make smart ? vhf 4/11 each ?. Frocks double Width and pure Wool usual Price Lovely display of French millinery Flowers of 2/11, for 2/6evening pretty violets geraniums Ciosci Leavy costume cloth 4s-in. Wide in colours. Poppies and assorted sprays usual prices 1 reduced from 1/9 per Yard to 1/ per Yard t. To -/1 a 3d. 64.,. M., and 1/ Spray. Not opened a Verj special line in All Wool great Clearing Sale of trimmed Milliner Thes coloured Cashmere in ill colours at ill per include the balance of our imported toques am Yard ? ? ? hats prices from 15/6 to 59/6, for 5/11, 7/1? i earn scotch Wincey which is absolutely in 0/11 Aid 10/fl up shrinkable double Width l /8, 2/6, -2/11, and splendid assortment of All that is and smar 3/3 per Yard. In Poms All colours prices 3d., m., ? ? ? and 1/ each the trimming department jus Tarrh de Nevi est designs in evening Perial line of Colp Rod Pearl trimming in Pink a 11 mounts ? Blue and Green 4/11, Bur Sale Price 1/11 per oys and youths clothing depart of Sah Price to fort or speral Isle. Boys fancy special line of Light Colour cd applique trimmings overcoats. \. Regular Price 2/11, our Sale Price 1/11 per Yard Fawn Tweed trimmed braided Sailor Collar size Hack folded silk belts at special prices 1/3, 1/d, 1. I1, 11/0 for 6/11 1/9, and 1/11 each. Fancy Tweed trimmed Astrachan Collar. Sizes 1 a Cial. Line of coloured silk belts in White 2, 3,. 4, ,12/6 for 7/11. ? sly Scarlet. Nile Navy and Brown and Black Blue Serge trimmed Drill Sailor Collar sizes 1, 2 with 8 Gilt buckles our Sale Price 1/3 Tali 3, 4, 12/6 for 7/11 lot of Jet ornaments thrown out to be cleared Plain Navy and Green cloth trimmed Astrachan u special prices. Ask to see them. ? ? Collar sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 15/6 for 9/11 1 ? ? j oys Blue Serge Conway snits 10, a 12/6, 15/6 Haberdashery. Boys Waterproof overcoats 13/6, 15/6, 17/6, 19/c up ? gents Init apartment. Strong Black to read in ,-6d. For2w. 2� in cents a hit Blue or Grey Flanne packet. ? ? ? shirts 1/11 each tidies Wiite Metal thimble with Ivorine Finger 10 dozen gents crimean shirts collars or band shield in Box old. For 3jd. Each Sale. Price 2/ir . Lio Sands of manufacturers Sample transfers 3d., 0Tn gals heavy crimean shirts collars am 4 1., 6d., and 8d. Each every design different packets Sale once 3/11 each . Belt frames Black or White. Old. Each 5 a Tabor made crimean shirts line Hack Saxon mending on cards Best Quality. 4 bands. Sale Price 6,6 each card for Sid 3 Doican gents super Quality. Tailor made Crimea \7.ite India Corsage tapes Large assorted Pac feh Irti Sale Price 7/6 . Eti 3jd and 7jd Nae act 4 dozen gents natural Wool Over shirts ? 1 ? 2/11 each. Hosiery department. bark i Ace spun silk Hose 3/11 for. 2/11 tacks and Hammer Complete for 2jd. Each 5. 6 for 3/a per pair ? ? Bra tongs 2/9 for 1/6 Joy s extra heavy Black worsted Thieker Horn Bannister arid file Brush 4ld., 7jd., 1/, 1/4. Sizes 6, 7, 8, 10, and 11, special Clearing Dustpan old. And 71d. Each prices 1/, 1/2, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, and 1/10 per pair Fri try stones walcott1/ for 2id. Jadic Plain Black Cash Meitz Hose Cotta. Spliced Wirs lines. 9d. And 1/3 each medium weight and Fine texture 2/6 for 1/11 pegs. 12 dozen or d. It pair ? l Adies Plain. Black Cotton Hose with natural m and oilcloth department Wool feet 1/4. Tor. 1/ per pair ? s Rolls Cut. Wide linoleum usual Price u/6, Sal Vidics Plain Blick Cashmere Hose in the Well price9 per Yard Known Llama Brand 2/3 for 1/9 Ner pair ? 5 Rolls 6-ft. Wide linoleum i usual Price 5/11. Sal children s Fine ribbed Black Cashmere Hose. Price 3/11 car Jward ? sies j to a marked prices 2/3 to 2/11, All sires 4 Rolls 6-ft. Wide Art linoleum usual Price 5/ h to Clear at 1/11 per pair. Sale ?.Price 3/11 per Yard ? 5 remnants of6-ft. Wide linoleum la nets u Mantle and costume department. F a 1 Price 5/ p be 3/ ?2 Udics of cock and. Plaid All Wool Trotter cos i Roll 9-wide oilcloth usual Price 4/11, Sal tume skirts 12/9 each. Price y6. Per Yuri 36 Ladi Rij Black. Navy and Grey costume skirts 6 Rolls 12-ft. Wide oilcloth usual Price re Sal 1/11, 2/11, 3/11 into 5/ per Vard s00 ii pics. Fashionable Tweed jackets and Coats 20 Rolls 2-vds. Wide oilcloth usual Price 2/3 Sal Lyril. -2/11, 3/11, 4/11 ? Price 1/9 per Yard ? 42 ladies Styli a Cra Venette and Shower proof to Rolls 1-yd. Wide japanese matting. Sale Ericc Oaks. 12/9. 1s/921/ ? 7jd. Per Rord 50 indies Fairey Flannelette dressing. Gowns 100 japanese matting Raics 1/3, 1/11, 2/ i each 2/11, 3/11, .4/11. ? 3 japanese squares. 12 x 12 ft., usual Price -12/ 10 dozen ladies stylish Floral Flannelette Bioust Sal. Price 30/ each and slips 1/, 1/6, 1.11. 2/11 ? ? i japanese squares 12 x 13 ft., usual Price 47/t o ladies fashionable Winter coat and. Skirt and Sale Price 35/ each Ito Dice costumes 6/11, Sll 10/0. 15. N japanese squares 12 x to ft., usual Price 52/c in dozen ladies Blaek Brown White fur neck ? Sale Price 40/ each lets. 1,6, 1/11, 2/11. 3/11. ?. ? ladies Glove department. Ladies underclothing department. White kid Glo is pretty Novelty 3 domes Sil a dozen ladies. White. Natural and Pink Wool ver Luxemburg kid gloves White ? lates lists a 1/, 1/6. 1/11 design in paintings a Dainty and will Firth 7 dozen ladies heavy Merino combinations 2/6, Glove 4/9 pair 2/11, 3/11 pair ? ? ? 4. Radium domes White French kid gloves lates dozen ladies heavy Merino bodices and vests paints. Self and Black. 4/9 pair. 1/11, 2/11, 3/11, ladies desirous obtaining a pretty coloured o 0 dozen ladies heavy Creme flan Notte night White kid Glove for afternoon and even uni or cafes 2/11 3,11. ? functions could not do better than insect of in Down ladies Large White Muslin aprons cd., Nugnis Wicent Sunok of up to Date gloves. One o and. /. Two facts Worth your notice 10 to zen children s fancy Pinafore and overalls firstly we Only Stock gloves made at the Lead 6d od., / ing factories. 7j ladies. Coloured and ? Black Okeen under secondly we import direct for the manufacturer skirts 2/11 3/11 4/11. L an All gloves Aie made expressly to our order. A ? Lii enal inc tis to produce goods at the bes. M department possible value. We Gui Rance both perfect c special throw outs for to Day. No satisfaction. ? a paid full size English nude White Wool Blanc p Nirve sets with Blue headings usual Alue 16/6, to. Of hits hat department. Daj s Sale Price 12/6 per pair watch our windows to Day for prices which Wilio pairs single Hod size White Wool blankets Tartie -y011,. Made in Eneld usual Valik 11/6. To Day s cents soft lounge Felt hats to Clear to Day Sale Price s/11 per pair 1/ each. 3 real Down quilts covered in Trench ? bordered genta1 stiff i Cut hats 1/ each nral Cambric. Liht soft and warm size r gets Black. Square Crown hats 6/11 for 2/11. To x ft., usual Price 25/6, to Day s Sale Price a ear. ? 18/is each ? 0 real Down quilts size 6x5. Covered in French cunts umbrella department Floral sateen with. Floral Satin Centre Ohli ? bought Job. Job Job Job w lob Boright nary Price 52/6, thrown out to Clear at 35/ hundreds thrown out honour counters to Day. Each Gnu. Umbrellas Strong to ? Clear to Day 2/ 2 Java Down quills covered in Floral Cambric each very soft and warm and Large. Enough. For i. Gents umbrellas Good covering,1 to Clear to Day double Beds usual Price 16/6, Clearing at. 3/11 and 4/11 each 12/fi each ? ?. Gents umbrellas Nice handles and coverings a on farther pillows usual glue 3/11 each for 5/11, 10/6 for 6/11, 17/6 for 10/6, 25/ of Clearing at 1/0 each. 18/fi. ?. Bargains in furniture. The present time is opportune for the purchasing of furniture bedsteads a our great stocktaking Sal being m Progress. The whole of our Beautiful Stock of modern up to Date furniture has been reduced enabling buyers who Purchase to save 25 per cent on usual prices. Brass Kerbs antique Copper Kerbs brass or Nickel fenders. Fire Irons. Our great display in these lines Well Worth inspection. 4 Only All-t5rass Kerbs Complete with fire brasses stops &c., each one different in design and marked to Clear at .25/, 35/, 45./, and 55/ 2 special lines in fire brasses being cleared at 4/3 and 5/6 per set. Curtain poles. Bamboo poles with end rings and brackets Complete 1/6 Wood curtain poles Complete with All fittings. 1/6. I a ? ? ? ?. Inspection cordially invited. V toilet sets. White toilet sets. 6 pieces Complete 8/6.v ? ? ? ? \ 3 it. Italian bedsteads. 3 it. Only 25/ each and Many other lines Al. Equally Good value. Our sideboards in the latest designs at prices reduced to 59/6, 90/, �5 5/, �6 10/, �8 15/, �10 10/, 4c, Are really marvels of cheapness. Austrian Bentwood suites. Of 7 pieces comprising 6 dining chairs and 1 armchair from -43/, 51/, Complete suite. Extension dining tables. G it. X 3 it. 6 in., 39/6 8 it. X 4 ii 62/6. Screw Extension Well made and finished. ? z Duchess pairs with Bevel Glass in dressing table Marble top and tile Back Wasli stand 3 it. Wide Only 39/6 pair. Our Laige illustrated 1905 furniture catalogue with prices. Posted free to any address on application. _ for furn Itu re ? of any desc Riffon it is 1mpossd3le to beat mar8hall& drapery and clothing. Martin Brothers House. Manchester department pure lox cloths and Cali Coes from All tie leading makers. 2/11, 3/6, 3/11, 4/6, 5/8, 6/6, -7/6, Sll and 10/6 per dozen Sarji. Unbleached Cali Coes 2/11, 3/11. 4/c. S/6, 6/6, and 7/6 per dozen Yards. White willed Suee Tings 54 in. Wide 71d., old., and 1/ per Yard 72 in wide 10w., 1/, and 1/3 Yard 60 in. Wide 1/2, 1/3. 1/6, and 1/11 per Yard 90 a. Wide 1/3, ,.l/7j. 1/11, and 2/6 per Yard. Us bleached sheeting both Plain and willed first class value 51 in. Wide jjd., lold., and 1/ per Yard 72 in. Wide. Lojd., 1/1. 1/3, and 1/44 per Yard 80 in. Wide 1/4j adj 1/0 i per Yard. \. Herringbone twill sheeting which gives unqualified satisfaction the herringbone twill. Doubling its wearing capacity White. 54 in. Wide -1/3 72 in. Wide 1/6 so in. Wide 1/11 per Yard unbleached m in. Wide old. 72 in. Wide 1/3 80 in. Wide 1/4j per Yard. Turkish roller towelling. White pries 7jd., 8jd., and 0d. Per Yard Brown Price 55d 7d sjd., 9jd., and lord. Per Yard. White turkish towels of first class value 7jd., hid., 1/3, 1/6, 1/11, and 2/6 each. Brown turkish towels. Lojd., 1/, 1/3, 1/4 a 1/8, 1/11, 2/6. And .3/6 each. White table damask 5c in., 1/11 1/6 64 in. 1/6, Lal and 2/0 70 in., 2/11, 3/c,. And 3/11 72 in., 2/6, 2/11, 3/3, 3/6, 3/11, 4/11.1 5/11, and 6/11 per Yard. Unbleached Taille damask 46 in. 101d. 60 in. 1/41 68 in., 1/u and 2/6 72 in., 2/u and 3/11 per Yard. Damask table napkins sizes 24 x 24, 5 x 3, and i x i prices 3/11, 4/6 5/11, 7/6, 8/6, 9/11, 12/6. 15/, 17/6, 21,/ and 23/ per dozen. ? d Oyles table centres Duchess a tanners. Sideboard cloths Calveri tray cloths &c., acc Indus id the newest in Renaissance fancy veined Tene Nife and other Tyl. To moderate in prices. The above goods Are of the very qualities Heing bought from the Lea Dias manufacturers and Are All quoted at Salk tricks. Novelties in All departments arriving every week by the mail Rte amen. Very Complete collections of patterns Are forwarded to any part of the state upon the receipt of postcard or letter. Accumulation of dress remnants to 3r cleared regardless of Cost. Martin Brothers Burlington House. 172mwfo Shierlaw s stocktaking Sale. Sac suits -42/ to measure. Trousers 10/6 to measure. 16.-hindleystreet.city. Shipping Howard Smith line. Steamers will leave tort Adelaide a follows circumstances permitting to Western Australia. He Mantle. I . Coolgardie Rani Hippik for a tuesday. Auf Rubt 1. Other . Porti. J at 2 . To Eastern states. Sydney v it i ill 0and Queensland port shut . Newcastle \ fair is a bos Tran shipping at Sydney f Queensland ports. Cargo in. Colf ports to Sydney and Newcastle. . Era leaves port Pirie tuesday july 5. . Era leaves Wallaroo saturday 3 uly cargo must be alongside Steamer not Leaf Olianne hour before advertised time of sailing. Note. Saloon tickets Are nth inters 3te companies subject to conditions o be ascertained on application. Howard Smith company limited. 113 Kins William Street Adelaide and North Parade. Port Adelaide. 24e in k. I to Mas t co., mercantile shipping customs and general printers. Ore fell Street. Adelaide. 583c drapery and clothing remnant week at b irks1 is approaching and in accordance with our usual custom Ive shall devote the next few Dava to the clearance of Large numbers of useful remnants in every de. Part pent. On this. Occasion we shall in clude under the Terra Kem ? Nants All remains or Stock such As mantles millinery under clothing fancy Liace goods dress ? lengths of tweeds and other cos tume materials Black dress goods sizes ii overcoats. Hats. Caps ? and clothing generally. Carpets and linoleum cd. No buyers ?. Will be allowed to leave the establishment without the satisfactory feeling that their Money end time have been Well spent and every Purchase will Bear the closest scrutiny in the Home. Every article is Good of its kind. No Low class goods Are offered to the Public at Birks remnant Sale ? in Progress. 195c Shierlaw s stocktaking Sale. Boys Tweed and melange Knicker suits. ? ? 17/6 to 21/, for 8/6 14/6 to 16/6, for 6/6 10/6 to 13/6, for 4/11 9/6 to 13/6, for 3/11. Sizes 1,2,3,4, 5, 6, 8, 9. These suits Aro very Strone and Well made and Are Well Worth inspection. Shierlaw Shindley Street.191c shipping ? the Adelaide steamship company limited will dispatch steamers from port Adelaide m under circumstances permitting Albany and Fremantle Tran shipping for Esperance Vasse Bunbury Perth of Ralston All North West ports and Singapore on through Bills of lading. Grant Ala ? saturday july i 3 . Melbourne Tran shipping for Sydney and Queensland ports. Grant Ala thu Day aug. 3 i 1 pm. Sydney and Newcastle. Shintaro. Saturday july 22 i Coon port Lincoln j100nta, Wallaroo and Franklin Harbour. Ferret. Tuesday july 25 3 -.m. Point Turton Liln Lacorie Porto Luckaby ? Victoria and Broughton Wallaroo Arno Tumby and Louth Bays. Yeubert saturday july 22 1 . Ports Augusta germe1n, and Pirie. Investigator saturday i july i noon. Saloon passage tickets interchangeable with Ather interstate companies subject to con Duons hich ran be ascertained on application. Die Adelaide steamship co., limited. Adelaide Ard port Adelaide. ? steamers will circumstances permitting be Dis a Tchad from port Adelaide for Fremantle 1 1 com commercial wharf Tram hippie for Ger Yarka 7.fx0 tons. Alton Perth . /-tucs., july 25, 3 . Ports of ., and Kanona 7,000 tons Singapore. J tues., aug. S. 3 p1 , Sydney Kanona 7,000 tons Tran shipping for nou 1 lues., july 25. 2 . Mea fijian ports Al Vongala thurs., july Queensland ports and 27, 2 . Thursday Island. J t Alliue at Albany. Twin scrotal. ? to an Init first second and third class Pas sengers Saloon tickets interchangeable with other interstate companies subject to conditions. No cargo received after noon failing Day. For particulars apply to .s.n. Co., ltd., s7 King William Street and port Adelaide. 162c hudea8trparkel & co. Proprietary limited will dispatch from port Adelaide circumstances permitting for Sydney Tran shipping Tor Queensland and zealand ports. . Kanona a essay july 25 i 2 . Albany Fremantle. Bunbury Tran shipping for Perth Ger Luton and Ortli West ports. . Bombala saturday july 29 i 3 . Saloon passage tickets interchange Able with other interstate companies subject to conditions which can be ascertained it our offices. 120c d. & j. Fowler. Limited. Agent. Mcilwraith Mceacharn & go. Proprietary limited will dispatch the following passenger St camera permitting Albany \ Yok gala Bukiu Vintle saturday. Bunbury. J August 5, at j . Fremantle. I Buk Rumbert Geraldton. / tuesday. July 18. Tran shipping for Stitth whally and Alt . Ports. Melbourne trans Iii Pinc for s d 1 Buu Rumbert Ney and i a Iii and a wednesday aug. 2. Ports. J note. Saloon tickets interchangeable after Erst port with other interstate companies subject to conditions to be ascertained at the company offices. ,. T Mucila Ralth Mceacharn & co. Proprietary limited National Mutual buildings 91 King William. Street Adelaide or j. Rawlings & son port Adelaide. 24 Melbourne steamship gdy., limited will dispatch their steamers from port Adelaide As under circumstances permitting Albany 1 -?-.,., Fremantle. ? . Hobart ? Bunbury i july Al Geraldton. Bov a Newcastle. J july 27. No True shipment. Splendid Stock accommodation. Aug taking cargo through to Perth wharf. For freights. And passages. Apply. 2 h. 11ueck� k co., Adelaide and port. 1jort Wakefield shipping. port w Akif Iid Lillie May sails Liui Day 2i the ih.-t., at 4.30 . Fri kit 3/u per ton. A. & e. In mess Urier l Oit Adelaide. ? Jort Hibib Sippl inc . Port a Pirie tie Diax Kller receiving cargo no. 1 ached . Wharf sails Saunby Nii inst. A. &.e. Lemessurier agents. 200,2 is. Essex from Liverpool expected Widnes Day july 19, a 05. Consignees Are re Quested to pass entries promptly. Hills of Lamn i must be presented and freight paid at our port office before delivery. Claims pack Ages landed in bad. Order must be pointed out on the wharf and examined in the presence of thu Chi stain and nil claims for damage or Short Deli Era rendered prior to departure of. The Steamer or they Rill not be Recap raised. All goods Impf in a disc Harry will be landed and stored at consignees risk and expense. Captain Young will not be responsible for any debts contracted by his Chew without he written authority. Elder Smith & co., limited Kofl no Adelaide Ami port. Carriers a. Rofe & a a railway and general carriers _ forwarding and shipping agents agents for the South Wales carrying and Agency co. Sydney messes. Com pole k. Co. Broken Hill. Offices Divitt Street port Adelaide North Terrace Adelaide. Goods forwarded with care and dispatch. Telephone 20. Port 7j, Adelaide. ?7mwfc shipping Orient Pacific line for Plymouth and Londos via from Anile Colombo for All Indian port Suci canal i Tonsi commander. ? lady aide. Orontes.10023 a. F. Ruthven july 20. ?0mr4h. S231 jew. S. Shelford aur. O. Orient. 5453 a. Nicholson up. 17. Al Reba. I5s5s is. W. S. Plunkett. Aug. 31. And fortnightly thereafter. Twin single �38 to �75 return �63 to �u2.? ? ? third aass �17, �19, �21. Liberal dietary Lisle ?. ? -.? Fremantle Saloon �6 to �7 third. �3 15/. Passages from any port can be prepaid Here. Full particulars on application to a g. Anderson agent Sliser i 12 Waymouth Spe Clu trains for passengers and visitors to the . Orontes will leave Adelaide for Largs Bay at 10.02 and 11.4s . Of thursday july 20. Tie last launch for the Shore will leave the orontes at 1.30 . I001 p. It 0. Fremantle. India China and Euroia. Steamer. Tons commander. Leaver. China. ? 7012ls.deb.lockyer, 27 fac Lama. 9500 e. 1l Gordon Jaunt. 10 Acedou. 10a2lc. D. Bennett . Aus. 21 Victoria. 6522 ,. Sept. 7 Himalaya. 6s8sw. L. Broun . Isept.21 Judia ? 7buk. W. Vibert. . 5. Bra Lannia. 6325ic. L. A. Feild oct 10 Mongolia. 9505 ,. Nov. 1 China. 7012 , nox. 16 tmarm.0ra10509e. Street Jov. 30 and fortnightly thereafter. ? ? of twin screw. ? first and second Saloon passages panted to Europe India China and Western ? Australia. Special and round the world excursions arranged. Pac swes arranged for any port. ? ? ? � for information and handbooks apply to elder Swath k. Co., Liju Ted agents ?. ? ? i ?. 191e n. D. L. ? ? n Kord de Tscheu Lloyd. Imperial jail steaj1ers. Y four weekly service. V. London and cont vent via Fremantle. Colombo Suez Canar Kaples Genoa Southampton Antwerp and Bremen. 1 i Lenive St amen. Tons commander. Add. ? Laide. Prinz Regent ll1tpold ? �2ssh. Kirchner july2 Greisen a ? sos1e. Malchow a. 26 Seydlitz ? 7942c. A Ewari sept. 23 Zieten. ? eo43ib. V. Binder oct. 21 8abbarossa ? Una half. Wilentz ? nov. Is All twin screws. Departure hour 2 . From Larga Bay. Passage Money from �15 to �77. Passages from Europe can be arranged Here. Interstate first and second Cias return tickets Are interchangeable with All the mail lines or the return journey steamers having room. To China and Japan. Regular four weekly service calling Brisbane Britain and Guinea Lor Hon Kong Kobe and Yokohama next Steamer leaves Sydney. Willehad August 5. For All particulars apply u. A Dukore k co., Adelaide and port Adelaide. 2i0r Shaw Albion co., la. ? London via Rio Janeiro. Passenger unsurpassed. Passengers booked through from Adelaide via sew zealand and Rio Janeiro thus escaping the bed sea passage. For full particulars apply v elder Smith & co., limited. ? swe v Adelaide and port Adelaide. s. Federal Houlder Shire. ? the Fine fast full powered steamers of lie above lines will be dispatched from port Adelaide taking general and. Refrigerated Careo for South african ports and the Una Tab kingdom ? Langton Grange ? 5s03 tons aug 6 r1ppingham Grange. 5s04 tons sep. 6. Essex. ? 7010 tons sep. 21. Excellent accommodation for passengers. For freight and further particulars apply elder Smith & co., limited 125c ? Adelaide and port. Canadian australian line. The All red mail route. Aorangi sails August 7. Excursion to Canada. Chance to visit the islands of the Pacific. See the grandest scenery in the ? ? ? ? world. ?�65 i / for 15,000 Miles travelling. All expenses included. A Tisot sailings. September 4, october 2. Dius rated pamphlets pc free on application. White & Hosier broken Hill. 1s3wc a.u. Company Adelaide. Union line of steamers. To zealand ports. Fejleh Melbourne Warr Moo i Bluff. Wednesday. July to. To to Silvia. From. Melbourne Loon Gana for Launceston. Saturday. July t 2. It Arr Moo Hobart. Wednesday july 2. From Sydney m0n0wa1. Via Wellington. Saturday. July 22. Moana. Via. Auckland Wal nonday auretto Samoa and fill from Sydney Nav a tuesday july 25. For rates of freight and Possage Money apply to a.u. Co. Ltd., agents 87 King William Street City and Queen s wharf. Pott. 21isnwfcv drapery and clothing v Closing the season. Charles Birks & co s great overcoat Sale. Latest shapes. Perfect farting. All prices from 1 0 a i the knitted Vest latest shape with Fly. ? from a a each. Charles Birks & co., 48 Rundle Street. L��8 20s ?

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