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Adelaide Quiz And The Lantern Newspaper Archives Aug 15 1890, Page 1

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Adelaide Quiz and the Lantern (Newspaper) - August 15, 1890, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia coals. Coke. Firewood. Best new South Wales household steam or Smith coals Coke and Mallee firewood delivered anywhere at lowest current rates. Henry Simpson & sons 27, Currie Street Adelaide and Maclaren wharf port. Telephone no. 250. Our opinions. Wanted a dissolution. There is no need to explain the circumstances which have led up to the present political crisis which has been expected for a month past and at last became necessary in order to bring about a More satisfactory condition of Public business. What the country has got to ask is How Are its interests being considered in the struggle that is going on ? will South Australia be benefited by the deposition of cock Burn and the Elevation of Playford ? quiz does not believe the slightest substantial Good will result unless the Premier in prospective is ready to Swallow his expressed opinions. It is to be feared that personal ambition actuates the majority of the men who offer them selves As leaders and that straightforward sincerity is utterly unknown amongst them. If the secret history of our political life could be disclosed the people would awaken to a state of indignation and disgust. Why it was Only at the beginning of this session that an intrigue was attempted to bring about a coalition Between or. Playford and sir John Downer and what is More it would have been accomplished if sir John had consented to make the first actual approach. Failing this he connived with or. Cock Burn to secure the appointment of or. H. E. Downer As attorney general. Here we have the spectacle of a politician ready to go either Way disregard Ful altogether As to which would Conduce to the Public welfare. Everything is sacrificed to individual ambition. Then take the Case of or. Rounsevell who was a strenuous opponent of the last Playford govern ment and who assisted to oust them. On the hustings he put Forward principles directly opposed to those of the member for East Torrens because he had to win the Suffrages of a working Man s constituency. The other Day he took part in frustrating the progressive land tax which he had advocated so recently and now he is Active in his anxiety to turn out a ministry which on principle he ought to support. Certainly he does not feel particularly lonely in his Jim Crow attitude. Or. Stock or. Kingston and others Are there to keep him consoling company. The conduct of these members cannot be explained upon any other ground but that of miserable self seeking. But there Are other members who although they May not be so culpable in this respect must unless they Are Blind or idiots see that they Are playing into the hands of the non progression lists. Bungling and shifty As the Cockburn government have proved themselves incapable and weak if you will insincere also in their declarations yet what will be gained by replacing them by a party who have no sympathy with a Liberal policy. One representative of a country electorate who gave his honest support to the progressive land tax was recently told by an irate squatter alias monopolist that he would leave no Stone unturned to ruin him. As a consequence a ring of squatters who occupy lands not a Hundred Miles from the Murray River has been formed to Boycott that member s boats and they will not receive or touch an article that is consigned through him. This is the class that heedless politicians who Are not prompted by a Chance for office Are favouring by frustrating the carrying out of a just policy. Quiz does not mean to offer an apology for the present occupants of the Treasury benches whose Lack of Candour and Backbone has created a Well founded discredit for their sincerity but if they Are ejected and it is understood to be inevitable who shall we get in their Stead or. Playford As nominal Premier with sir John Bray As the real Premier or. Kingston probably a Man of rare ability but false to his principles or. Dashwood the most uncompromising tory in South Australia or. R. C. Baker whose tenets Are opposed to everything that is Liberal. If we could be assured that some of the younger generation of politicians such As or. Bews or. Homburg or. Jenkins and several others who Are equally credited with consistency were allowed to try what they could do there might be some Hope but at present it looks like a disheartening Exchange from scylla to Charybdis. The Only solution is an Appeal to the country when the electors Are acutely acquainted with the situation. Therefore let us have a dissolution. Protecting the Public. The Public is proverbially Gullible. Show him a few figures indicating an easy Means of getting Rich and you can easily Lessen his banking account. He does not want to be logically convinced that a certain course of action is possible Only bring for Ward a sufficient amount of plausibility and you can secure your prey. As a matter of fact the Public does not like to think too deeply on any subject and where a question of Money making is involved and he might be expected to be somewhat cautious he rushes into the breach with a hot haste that Angurs ill for his mental equilibrium. Some writer has truthfully said that the world is composed of knaves and fools mostly fools. The experience of South australians is no Dif Ferent to that of people living in other portions of the Globe. We have had bogus companies by the thousand the crowd have bled freely for the Benefit of the few and yet were the Opportunity again offered they would bleed As freely again. They certainly do not thrive under the operation but they return to the Slaughter with an imbecility which makes the Calm observer wonder. It seems Idle to talk of affording Protection when they Dis regard the most simple Means for securing their own safety. The glib tongued swindler knows his Marks the compiler of elaborate prospectuses has an excellent knowledge of the fallibility of human nature. The world is their Oyster. Protection however is what the Public requires. We place our insane under lock and key and it seems necessary now to do something which will prevent our fools sacrificing their All to the Ever ready knaves. Let any one quietly consider the mining Boom of a year or two ago. People became Silver mad. It was Only necessary to announce a new mine and the shares were speedily Over subscribed for. It was not necessary that a pick should have been put in the soil investors were willing to believe that Fortune awaited them so soon As the Hardy miners commenced operations. Absolutely worthless properties were placed on the Market and the speculators who had bought them for a Mere song reaped a Golden Harvest. Then came the time for revelations and after the revelations came repentance and after repentance denunciation. But it was too late. The Money had gone. Now while it is quite impossible to provide by legislative machinery a new set of brains for every individual in the Community something can be done to keep the operations of the knaves within reasonable Bounds. This can Only be carried out by enacting very stringent provisions with regard to the publication of prospectuses. Or. L. Cohen m.p., has quiz is glad to know taken this matter in hand. During the mining Boom the scandalous statements printed concerning properties that were not Worth a brass Farthing were the subject of common remark. Results of assays were published which the assayers must have known were false or misleading indeed it is open to belief that very often no assay was made a certificate being Given whose glowing Ness depended largely upon the amount of monetary consideration received. This is not the language of Romance it is hard Stern uncompromising reality. Or. Cohen is seeking Reform in the right direction. His object is to make those persons who allow their names to appear on a prospectus responsible for misleading statements which it May contain. This is the Only Way of reaching the swindlers and quiz wishes him every possible Success

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