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Adelaide Observer County Supplement Newspaper Archives Nov 25 1905, Page 48

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Adelaide Observer County Supplement (Newspaper) - November 25, 1905, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia childrers column. Uncle Harry s letter. No. Xci. Monday november 20. My dear nieces and Janie news i Nave just received a very interesting com Quinica ution from the Hon. Secretary of our Sun beam Loving letter league Aud As it so forcibly illustrates the excellent work that is done by this Branch. Of our society s work i am sure you will All enjoy Reading St As Inucci As i did. R Stamford Street Parkside october 8. Dear Uncle Harry first of All 1 want to Hank Piolat heartily All my Sunbeam friends who have sent me such Beautiful and interesting picture postcards for my Sunbeam album. I appreciate especially the affectionate messages of congratulation and Good wishes and the pleasure in the presentation which doubled mine. Some come from sunbeams who Are not leagues but who i am sure would be just the ones to write Loving letters. Others came from Sun item friends who Are also unconnected Wib the b..l., but who kindly sympathize with its Kvork and the rest came from my leagues Asam proud to Call them. I assure them one and fell that my album through their thoughtfulness is a source of True happiness to me for it is a sign of the love which i value. Thank you Uncle Harty for the Bright idea and thoughtful Sugges Tion which Given this individual touch to the Socie tji s presentation. Now to business. I have some glad news for you All. I know you will share in my Joy when i Tell you that i received a letter from Oue of our invalids announcing her Complete recovery and thanking the members for their Welcome letters during her Long illness i pin sure we All rejoice with her. Of course 1 wrote to congratulate Iier and now want to share with you the pleasure which her letter gives a. Pere it is a wish to write and thank you and the members of the league for their letters of sympathy in my Long illness. X am pleased to be Ible to inform you that my bums Are quite healed and i cannot be considered an invalid any longer. I have appreciated the kindness of the Young ladies who have written to me very much and if the writers Are As Nice As their let ters i would like to a talc known some of Thein she doses with the Hope that the members of the league will continue to brighten the lives of Many invalids with their cheery let ters and that at last they will hear tic Well Ilone of the i wish to Call particular attention to the following extract from another letter. The lady Olio writes it Long been one of the Best friends of our Sunbeam society. I write you a few lines to i Fonn you of the pleasure and Comfort i receive from the writers of he league letters. I received a very Inte testing letter from miss Myrtle Cole last week and that being the first letter for five months i quite enjoyed it and feeling a Little better to Day i took the pleasure of answering it and writing to you at the same time. 1 and it very hard to write now and the time seams very Long. I suppose you have heard that paralysis set in and my right Arm is the Only limb i can use Reading this can you wonder that i feel it keenly when our invalids Ilo not receive the letters due to them no word or tone of complaint in that letter Hough the writer had not received a letter from our league for five months Only gratitude and appreciation. But the unconscious a Proa a is made All the More powerful and 1 simply Lay it before you and ask what can 1 do 1 write Llie full number of i eague postcards flip same As the number of invalids every month asking the members to write. 1 know there Are Many who would not miss writing for anything. 1 , too that those Are the members who have the most to do the Busy workers who make time although the cares of a household or of school rest upon them. I will close with be letter from the daughter of one whose last s ears were brightened by the letters my our league to All the . League members. Ulcar friends it is Villi deep regret and sorrow j live to convey the sad news of Niy dear another s death. On behalf of father and All the Knem Bers of the family myself included we Linn la you All very much for your kindness in writing to dear Mother As you did. She appreciated your kindness greatly in her sad affliction of blindness and used to de Lieut in Liea Ling Sunbeam letters read. She enjoyed Many Little anecdotes that have been sent in different letters and also Many pressed Flowers that have been sent. Till you kindly convey our very great thanks to Uncle Havy an All Sunbeam members in connection with our living letter league from us All As a family yours inst sincerely Hester tre=trail." i Hope All on leagues will read this letter of m lie for i is addressed to All. Tours Lvii urls. Ellik vet t wonder Tel in it is that not one Ordinary Tetter been sent in for Competition Anil Only two Circle letters perhaps one Rea son is because the term been extended to the end of March so there s plenty of time you say. Well if you really Are desirous of winning one of the Lovely Book prizes i would advise you to try two or three times or say one letter in each month. It s Worth while i asure you letter writing competitions. Open to sunbeams Only handsome Book prizes will be awarded to Ilie writer of the Best letters published up to the end of March. Class a those under 10 class a those under 12 class 0, under 15. The following rules must be carefully observe the letter must not he written on both Sirios of the Poper. 2. It must not contain More than 200 words. 3. The Date of birth Day month and year of the i writer must be placed after the signature. 4. The letter must be countersigned by wrent or guardian As Propf that the writer not been helped with the composition writing or spelling. Circle letters. A Circle letter must Deal exclusively with the doings of the Circle of which the writer is a member when and where the meetings Are held the number present what work is being done a. Class a those under 12 class a those under 15 class of associates. Rules As above. Joseph Hocking Circle 2y. 140, lower Wonna. November 1 3. Dear Uncle Harry we held our Sunbeam meeting yesterday. There were 6 members and the Reader present. We were practising for our next concert. We were singing a song and had to be nursing dolls and we Sang a fairy song and a girl and a Way Sang another song the girl fling he words and the Hoy whistled. With eve to aunt Sophie and cousins 1 am your Loving Niece Martha Laubsch. Hugh Gilmore Circle no. 188. Quoin november 30. Dear Uncle Harry i have been asked to write Llie Circle letter for this week. We Are Busy Mak ing arrangements for our Bazaar which is to he held on november so. Good work is being by the sunbeams under the supervision of the leaders. We Hope to have a More successful Liz air than the had last year. Thirty sunbeams attended our last meeting. The contributions n mounted to 1/1. I will now close with love to aunt Sophie the cousins. And yourself Ida i. Hudson september 23. 1802. Composition a writing 8 spelling Al. "ethc-1 Tumer to Irene no. 221, Annaston motto do the duty nearest Trio tis Dull at whiles to helping when you incest them it lame dogs Over Stiles. November 9. Hear Uncle harry1 was chosen to write the Circle letter this week and As i have not written before i m very pleased to do so. We held our. Weekly meeting at our Leader s residence. We me All working hard for our Bazaar which we hate arranged to have on the 29th of this month. The big girls do fancy work of different kinds Tuch As nightdress bags tray cloths table centres Wilile the smaller ones do Kettle holders Patchwork a. There were i members present tit our last meeting. We had a Young gentleman visitor. This is All the news for this time. With love to aunt Sophie the cousins Ana yourself i remain your living Niece Flossie Cadd december 17, 1853. Composition 7 writing 7 spelling 8. Far Roberts Circle no. 253, Victor Harbour. Motto Trust in god and do the october 31. Dear Uncle Harry no do Tibt you have heard before now we have started the Circle again. A in Aeling was called last week to arrange when and where the meetings should be held. There were 18 present including mrs. A Weymouth. Who kindly promised to help us whenever she can. It was arranged that class d would bold their meetings on saturday afternoons and one or two of the associate members would take them and classes e and of miss Battye our Lea Der would take on monday evening at her House. Lust saturday afternoon class d made a Start making Sweet bags and tray Mats they held their meeting in one of the congregational. Church schoolroom. Our Secretary Jennie bid and Allie Hon Lynian took them and got on very Well there were eight present. Last night we held our meeting and spent a very enjoyable time dressing dolls knitting and doing Plain and fancy work there were 11 present. Ive worked for one hour and a half we intend to work a Little overtime to get some work done for a Bazaar at the end of the month. I think we shall manage it you know what smart workers we Are Down Here i will close now with love from All the sunbeams and myself to aunt Sophie the cousins and yourself x remain your affectionate Niece Florence Jeffrey associate. I have Totlian also tire following for Circle letters Niece Blanche Datsou Grace Vernon Bussell no. 94, Taylor s Gap senior Sim Eatn Natalie n. Barritt . Rubinstein no. 127 Anunda Niece Edith Swann Ethel Turner Date of birth not fully stated associate Niece Isa Bel m. Easter ., Hugh Gilmore a associate Niece Gertie Neumair Hoo Leader lady Henry Somerset no. 249 Niece Florence Weymouth Earl Roberts Asso Iriate Niece Winnie Grundy li.s., Jane Harkes Goode no. 257, Golowa associate Niece Sevelia Woods ins., Queen Victoria memorial no. 266, Cockburn nieces Lita Richter and Angelina Traeger lady be Hunte no. 288, Greenock and Niece Edna Roe Milieu Zulka c., no. 292. I Clarendon november 0. Pear Uncle Harry a was very pleased to re. A civic your kind wishes for my birthday and i am sending 1/ for the Sunbeam cot j und. I am very sorry that our Circle not been restarted. I am going to try to get a Leader and will write the end of this week and Tell you if x succeed. I think the Giris will be willing to help if some one will Start them. X am also enclosing 1/ from Muriel a Morphett. Hope aunt Sophie an cousins not forgetting yourself arc quite Well. I am your affectionate Niece Marjorie ii Awson. Marrabell november 11. Tear Uncle Harry i am just writing to thank Vou for the letter and pretty card you sent me for inv birthday and i am sending 6d. For the cots fund. When i wrote that letter to you hoping for a prize i did not know we had to write any More but Mother says she thinks i have and if i have please let me know. We Are going to form a Circle. Next thursday we will Start. Miss Stief is to be our Leader and she is going to work up at once for Minda and if you approve of it Vida and i Are going to put our Bazaar things to give Vliem a Start and mrs. Davis is going to give 2/0 for Luif for a Start. My Little brother Bobbie is Down at Adelaide and he is stopping at grandmas and they gave him some Broad Beans for dinner and lie wanted some More so he said to grandma t like those sunbeams grandma plea t give me some Well As i think this is All i will close with love to All from remain your Loving Niece Doris Robins. Atli Elstone november is. Dear Uncle Harry it is with pleasure i write you this letter acid i enclose of. Towards the Christmas dinner fund in London with All Mai Host wishes and love for All Tho a dear hungry children. I do Hope they will enjoy a Happy Christmas. I will Send some in next week for i Minda. 1 will be 11 years on december 22. Mother gave me . Instead of spending it i am Send ing it for the dinner fund. It is our Examina i Tion next week at school i Hope i pass in of the third class. With love to aunt Sophie and Clou Ting 1 remain your Loving Niece Elsie e. Ringvall. Iva Punda november 14". Dear Uncle Harry i received your kind letter on my birthday november 10, and thank you very kindly for remembering me on that i Trust you will always receive sufficient funds from the sunbeams each year to keep the two cots in the children s Hospital endowed. I enclose postal note for 2/, 1/ each for the cots and for Christ Mas cheer for the London poor and hops the amounts you receive this Jaar will exceed any previous year. With love to aunt Sophie and the Cousin remain your Loving Niece Gertie Hitchens. I was pleased to hear also from the Fol lowing senior sunbeams Phebe Barr B.w., 3/, for three Ethel Andul Iriam Cook and Hannah Prawshaw associate nieces Ella m. Cou Inbe b.w., 1/6,for work sold. Ada Cowin Jane Evans Eva Kelly Rose Mai rett Helena Nicolle. Boris Ockenden Verena Rugby Netta Riley Bessie Robins Clare tre main and Lucy Wilkinson Asso i cite nephews Reg. Jewell and Stuart i styles nieces Ruby Buckerfield Gertrude Harman Matilda Laubsch. Maude love lock Amy Ragless Gladys Simpson Muriel Sutton and Taylor nephews Alfred Lango Raymond Metcalf and Alick ring Tail. Many Happy returns or Tup my Are reminded that they must write to Uncle Harry immediately after to Weir fifteenth birthday and ask to be enrolled As an associate. To Morrow november 26th, to Pearl Morgan p.m., North Adelaide a Ida m. Osiier cover Street . A Salina Dohnt Palmer a Arnold m. Whittenbury Magill 14 Ellen Maud Bain Williamstown 15 James Cleyne Noar Lunea 15 Stanley Baldwin lower Alma 15 Gordon Hanna Franklin Harbour 15 Rosa mar rett Gilles Plains a Nellie Rowe Eurilla a on monday 27tli, to Ruby Cropley East Ade Laide a Ethel Ida Miller Maitland a pm est p. Prime Petersburg 14 May Langrehr Hoyleton 12. Mark Hatcher Virgina 12 Ruby Payne i Williamstown 10 Annie Machell hat i mond 10. On tuesday 28th, to Zvillie Bowden East Ade Laide 15 Fritz Basedow Towie 12 , Lye Itwaria 11 Ruby h. Young Goodwood West 15 Mignonette Kitsio Saddle Worth a Una Lunnas water Vale 13 Linda Tillbrook Brentwood 12 Daisy Welsh Glenelg 15 Percy Basham hindu Marsh Valley 15 Doris Martin dry Creek 9. On wednesday 29tli, to Ella Maud Hippo a Rose Park a Eva m. Lewis Conley j Ether Mattingly Kent town a Mary a. Golze Lamley Bridge a Vera Matthews mount bar Ker 15 Rita Adams Saddleworth 04 and Cait. L Oon indie 12 Ellie Beckwith St. Leo cards 14. On thursday 30th, to Nora Hunt Kent town a. Sylvester la. Balzli Maitland 15 Jessie Gray Wilmington a Donald Thomas water Vale 15 Nellie Hall Romandel Valley a Francis Victor Thomas North Prospect 12 Edie Hawke Uva Idla 13 Myrtle Smith denial Bay 13 Effle Jones Towie 12 Victor Offe to Nunda 10. On Friday december 1st,"to Kat Liepina e. Phil Para Hilna a Connie Degenhardt St. Peters a Maggie , Hammond tl4 Walter j. Bairstow Redhill 12 Josiah Kridan Marden 14 Clara Macgeorge Flinders Street 9 on saturday 2nd, to Stephen a. Ruddock Hil ton 15 Hilda m. Felstead Laura a Eva Morris mile end 15 Olive Millican and inc 13 Lyndon Domhardt who Warta 11 Flonie Johnson Johnsburg 10 Annie Snail mail Clare 13. Sunbeam Flower Mission. Flower should be packed in a Kero Aine tin or Strong cardboard Box with layers of Damp grass top and Bottom. Mark plainly Cut Flowers and address to the Matron of the hoi Paul Flowers to these spirits in prison Are All they can know of the Spring. They freshen and sweeten the wards like the waft of an Angel s Wing. Next week the Marialta g. Of nor ton s Summit will please Send some Flowers to the broken Hill Hospital the a. H. Goode Of the Grange to port Pirie and the Dean Farrar memorial Of port Elliot to Wallaroo. The following week ending december 9i will ask associate nieces Ella m. Coumbe and Grace l. Foggo and senior Sunbeam Louie Cook to do so. Our Christmas tree festival on behalf of the mind building fund will be held in the trades Hall Grote Street on Fri Day and saturday december 15 and 10. All parcels of work must reach me not later than tuesday december 12 the same Date As the closing of the Christmas Din Ner fun but perishable goods will be re carved at the Hall up to noon of the opening Day. I earnestly Hope that All the hundreds of unattached sunbeams in the City and suburbs will make a Point of being present at this festival As Well As doing what they can to promote its Suc Cess. I was very pleased to receive the sum of �2 from the Leader mrs j. Hart of the Lifeboat c., Addinga As part proceeds of a social recently held. The Circie �1 12/ in hand for its future use so we May Hope in time to hear of a larger and i Trust even More successful Effort being made for the Minda building fund i have to thank the unknown donors of a sum amounting to 15/ received per Reg. Id. Abbot collected at the Camp by the Cook while building the lady Kinnaird tank Hundred of Dixon for the Sun beam cots in the children s mrs. Fuller of Dawson an aged Sun beam worker sends in another parcel of neat and strongly made scrapbooks which will afford Many hours Delight to the Little Folk they will be sent to. Our Minda building fund received the following contributions from individual sunbeams associate Niece Emma l. Carr mount Barker 2/ Nephew Milford Taylor Virginia 3d. And Niece Ruby Starling denial Bay 3d. Now Dearies i must close with love and Best All to All i am yours affectionately Sunbeam cots endowment fund. R Sud fiems Are invited to Send in a Small contribution to this fund on their birthday. Ii every Sunbeam did so enough would be received in the course of the year to endow the cots without any special efforts such As have hitherto proved necessary. The total amount that been paid since 1805 for the endowment of the two Sunbeam cols in the children s Pital is �603. Please Send contribution by postal note or Penny Stamps birthday contributions. Bessie Bottrill . Plebe ban 6d. Ruby Bucko Flold 1/ Ada Cowin . Lily Davies 1/ Gertrude Barman . Celtic Hitchins a mar Jorie Hawson 1/ Eva Kelly 2/0 Matilda Laub 3d. Muriel Morphett a Doris of Kunden Kelt a Riley 1/ Stuart styles . Muriel Sutton go. Florence b. Toroc 1/ Lucy Wilkinson of. Total 14/8. Sunbeam Christmas dinner to London waifs. Every year since 1895 the members and friends of the Sunbeam society have pro video funds for a Christmas dinner and entertainment to some of London s outcast children. Last year 1 lie splendid sum of �125 was subscribed and under the auspices of the bagged school Union Over 3.000 Little ones were feasted. This year �100 will he sent to London and anything Over that amount will be equally divided Between the South Ade Laide creche St. Vincent s orphanage and est .Urt House for crippled children to provide Christmas Eliezer for the Little inmates of those institutions contributions much reach Uncle , no. 0 Register Chambers Grenfell Street not later tuesday december 12. Members of a Sun beam Circle must Send their contributions through the Leader or Secretary who will when forwarding the total sum receives enclose a list of names showing the individual amount. I the amount is 1/ or More please remit by postal note if pro curable if under 1/, please Send Penny Stamps. Money orders to be made pay Able to d. H. Bottrill. Contributions. Mildred Bailey and Mother 2/ Hannah Craw Slaw 2/ Friend 1/ Lily Davies 1/ celtic hit Ehens 1 Elsie and Aliek Ringvall 1/ Netta Riley a shilling from each of us5/ Brian and Molly Simpson 2/ Stuart styles go. Cladys Simpson and Ducci Cousin 3/ Clare Ralph and Lenny Treinin 1/g Friend go Lucy Wil Kinson 1/. Previously acknowledged �1 10/6. Total amount to Date �2 12/. The literary lights of St. Andrews. By Alice g Bant Rosmary. In Tine Junior schoolroom at St. And Rev a Rita. Callender was top of the highest form and baby Mackintosh Bottom of the lowest. Between them they ruled the remainder of the children Rita because it was her nature to dominate and baby by reason of an angelic countenance and a delightful repertoire of Slang. Of course there was unending warfare Between the two of them and equally of course the voice of Public opinion was generally on Rita s Side for Rita was Cle ver and studious and a bookworm while baby s following comprised All the outlawed and unruly members of the Junior so blood. Yet had they but known it Many reforms and pleasant changes might have been Laid at the door of baby s Enterprise. One of these was the Junior Library and this is How it came to St. Andrews Rita Wallendar was a bookworm As i have said and she hated games and so one Day when the juniors had been worry ing her to play with them she made a pro position. It was hot and she did not wish to play but she would Readi to them if they liked. On condition that they did not worry her for a week. The children accepted the condition rapturously lured on by the inviting Shade of the Verandah where Rita spent her after Noons and so delightful did the Prospect seem that even baby Mackintosh and her following were deceived by it and consented to form part of Rita s audience. Now it happened that the late head mistress of St. Andrews had been a person of old fashioned views and the new head mistress being very new indeed had not yet examined the Junior Library. Therefore she was not to blame if it contained Only books of the tames description comprising the chronicles of Elsie Dinsmore Ana suchlike unhappy pigs of Youthful literature. Now. Rita Callendar knew the Elsie books and the Pansy books and Mel Bourne House from cover to cover since there was nothing More exciting to satisfy Lier craving for Romance. So she took Down her Favourite volume in which Elsie reproaches and condemns her parents More than usual and weeps Many tears Over their want of Sanctity and read it to the Junior school. For half an hour the Junior school listened enraptured. Then there was an interruption. Baby Mackintosh had never been known to sit still willingly for More than half an hour and now she arose upsetting five or six children who were leaning against her and made a decisive and audible remark. It s All rot she Saidi. Fourteen Young voices protested shrilly. Whit s a Beautiful Story they declared and Elsie Dinsmore s just a Lovely girl she s not contradicted baby Mackin Tosh politely. She s the maddest kid that Ever i of baby you horrid girl. And when Rita s read you All that Lovely Story tool it s not a Lovely Story said baby Mackintosh with conv petion. It s a ratty Story. And she Kiin t read it to me i listened to her so there. And that Ethie Dine More kid is the biggest Goat you Ever then you d better not listen if you think that said Rita much offended. I Don t want you to baby because i would to see said Biby Mackintosh preparing to leave. It s a mad Story and i Don t want to hear your old stuff about that Elsie girl. She s a chump i with this final thrust baby Mackintosh def cited and for once she went alone ill alarms if Elsie Dinsmore proving too great even for the restless spirits of the school. Baby was somewhat Hurt at this Deser Tion but she would not have shown it for the world so she walked with Jaunty Steps Down the Garden and peered loftily through tin dividing hedge that fenced the senior playground. A to she said. It is Good to at least appear familiar with the seniors when one is nine. The seniors were having after noon Tea just then on the Shady do kept Lawn and she sighed with envy at the sight of them and called again "h1oi ? a big girl lying on the grass near by looked round and caught a glimpse of lick White Pinafore through the hedge. Who is it she enquired lazily is that you Rita Callendar come on in Here and hand the cake round for us like a Good child. You May have a piece if you baby Mackintosh climbed through n Gap in the hedge head first. Of it s no use calling that Rita Cal Lendar she announced. Here i can hand cake and stuff if Yon want some one and Rita s Readin to those kids Over Ihne about that Elsie thing. You la never get. and Pray who May that Elsie thing be when she s at Home enquired the head girl leaning Back in her Garden chair. Baby put Down the cakes took one. And nestled Ingrati tingly at the head girl s Side. Even that August personage lad no terror for the youngest child in the t Enol i it s that Cree her out of the she explained. You know. Con the Lill Rcd books in the i b by the Elsie dins More books another of the big girls laughed sympathetically. I know she said. Con stance you surely Haven t forgotten the Elsie boo have Yon Elsie Dinsmore Elsie s girlhood Elsie s motherhood Why we used to devour them when we were 1 lie Heidi girl laughed reminiscent try. Why of course i remember Elsie dins More she said. Horrid Little hypocrite she was too. Well and what is happen ing baby ? so Rita s Reading to them and you a re not listening Don t you approve of the saintly Elsie by inv said hypocrite Over to herself several times before she answered. Some How it reminded her of the zoo. And she was sure it was a Lovely word. I d know she said raising her Angel eyes to Constance s. But i said that Elsie girl was mad so they would t let me Lis ten any More. And i say. Con. Can t i stay Over Here with you this afternoon go on. Con let me there s not a Jolly thing to do when they re Reading about that Elsie but Constance Rose. Of a sudden she was reminded that it was undignified to encourage familiarity in the Little kids so she tipped baby Mackin Tosh off her chair precipitately and ordered her away. " no. No no Bun off to your own play ground like a Good child she said. You should t be in Here you know. Now in along or miss Lemarge will see you and then you la catch it. Run baby Mackintosh did not run. She walked and with As much dignity As she could Muster climbed through the hedge into the Junior playground and disappeared flow View. A moment afterwards she was Hack again. She s a mad Goat and a chump said baby Mackintosh of the divine countenance but you re a cat. So there Constance Ambrose and then she went with a certain amount of haste. Meanwhile in the Junior playground Elsie Dinsmore s Golden example was bearing unaccustomed fruit. The children began to think that they should have returned Good for evil to baby Mackintosh As Elsie would assuredly have done. So when baby made her reappear Ance in the Junior playground she found herself in great demand. But baby Mackintosh was not feeling amiable just at that moment and she greeted their change of attitude with j gloomy suspicion. Gerrut be eme Lone she muttered pulling herself Anivay from them. Yon re All inn Rita Callendar pursued her anxiously. What s the matter baby she enquired. Are you feeling ill have j of a head ache baby Mackintosh had never experienced that convenient feminine ailment but it had a Nice grown up sound about it peculiarly alluring to a Small person who had just spent live minutes in the senior play ground. Therefore she nodded and pushed Lier hair off her forehead dramatically. She was quite certain she had a head ache and a very bad one too. Let me soothe your fevered brow cried Rita still with memories of Elsie dins More. Come on baby lie Down on the grass Here with your head on my knee. I la soon make you she seated herself on the Lawn pulling after her the resisting baby who kicked and struggled in the most ungraceful Man Ner lemme alone Why can t you leave me alone Gerrut you re All mad cried baby Mackintosh breathlessly Gerrut you Rita Callendar girl an Stop Pullin me Over or i la yell and Rita released Lier unwillingly. I think you re most unkind she said almost crying. I was Only trying to make your headache better and you be kicked me till i m Black and Blue. I just Shan t try to return Good for evil any More. the Junior. School was divided Between consoling Rita and condemning baby Mackintosh. Of Vou wicked ungrateful girl Tekev cried Don t you mind her Rita. You la never go to heaven. Baby Mackintosh and you ought to be Jolly Well flattered that Rita la take any notice of you when she s so Clever and you re Only a Little kid and Rita s the head of the Junior school and you re Only the Tail too i Don t care said baby Mackintosh sul Lenly. I Don t care. I d rather be the Tail than 10 Heads any Dayan that Elsie Dinsmore things a hip a hip a Hippopotamus. Con said so. So there she not said Rita Callendar excitedly. A Hippopotamus is an animal silly. How could she be baby Mackintosh was floundering in this confusion of Heads and tails and. Hippo pot Tami. Therefore she became obstinately stupid. I Don t she said con said so and Bhe knows., cos she s head of the school and Ever so much header than i you Are Rita Callendar. Con i be does to said Rita Callendar she does said baby Mackintosh. She does to she does does to does shouted the head and Tail of the Junior playground. And then before any one was aware of it the head of them All the new head mistress was in the Middle of the throng. May i enquire into the cause of this excitement she said with elaborate politeness. Now the new head mistress of St. An Drews was very Young As head mistresses go and she was also a most charming and delightful person. But the children did not know this so they stood very much in Awe of her. At sound of her voice they parted Sud Denly. And Rita Callendar jumped to her meet. Not so baby Mackintosh. Leaning heavily Back upon her hands and with her Little fat legs stuck out in front of her she sat gazing sullenly fro the head mistress to the Junior school. They said i was the Tail of the school an i would to go to heaven. An i Don t care. Con did say she was a Hippopotamus she muttered. The head mistress bit her lip and coughed a Little. That sounds intensely Inte resting baby she confessed but i am still in the dark. May i ask what you i Are talking about baby s mean remarked the telltale of the school complacently. She Lead a headache and Rita was trying to make it better and baby kicked and dear me said the head mistress try ing to look very Stern. That was too bad of you baby Mackintosh still glowered upon her. Well she says she wants to soothe my fevered brow she grumbled and she a a Goat and i m not going to let Rita looked crestfallen. I was Only trying to make her head ache better she complained Dol fully she said she had a and she was returning Eood for evil. Too chimed in an eager voice. " cos baby hit her this morning As hard As any thing and then when Eita tried to make her headache better she kicked and kick then Why did t she hit Hack instead of Eloyina it Over me enquired baby Mackintosh indignantly. You re just the maddest stupidest lot i Ever saw. And i wish that Elsie kid was dead and the head mistress held up a restraining hand. Of hush hush Slie said. And what Elsie to do with it who is she where is she she looked around her and Eita timidly held out the red covered Book. Please she said she Means Elsie Dinsmore and she s in Here. I was read ing to them about the head mistress took the Hook with some wonder and curiously turned the pages. Then a Light of remembrance and appreciation dawned in her eyes and she laughed a Little. Why in t that poor Little prig Elsie Dinsmore dead yet she enquired. Quite agree with you. Baby. She should have been dead and buried Long thereafter seated upon the Verandah with the children crowding round her the head mistress heard the circumstances that had brought the head and Tail of the Junior school into such deadly conflict. And with a new understanding of their natures she looked from the Clever Little face of Eita to baby Mackintosh s Angel countenance. She saw the studious Droop of Eita s shoulders and knew that because of it she would presently banish Story books from the Junior playground. She saw the intelligent pathetic eyes and deft thin fingers that foretold a future of mingled loneliness and renown and Hev heart went out to the child with a new feeling of comradeship that bridged the years Between them. She too had been of Kita s kind. But when she turned her eyes on baby Xvi Mackintosh they brightened suddenly and she lifted the Little unconscious Beauty into her arms. So you Don t like stories about Elsie Dinsmore and other Good Little children who ought to have died asked the head mistress of baby Mackintosh. Suppose you Tell me the kind you do like baby bal v sat up. Ill Tell von a but Elul Book she said. It s tenable Tim and it s a Bosher. They All got out am get lost an then one of eni Dies an then an then they All get found again. It s a Lovely so i should imagine said the head mis Tress faintly. How Many Brothers have you Baliv baby did not see the connection but she answered politely six an me i. And the head mistress feeling that a Little More of this conversation would be too much for her turned in some haste to riia Callendar. And Hita is an admirer of Elsie dins More i believe she said Are you not Rita Rita was moved to a sudden Confidence. I m not really she said. I think she s rather a Goody Good girl. But but there s nothing else to what said the head mistress Inele Gantly. Of course there Are the Nancv books and Melbourne House continued Rita hastily. But but echoed the Bead mistress the Pavy books and Melbourne House Are they the Only books in the Junior Library and the Elsie books remarked Rita. The head mistress looked at her. Who you poor unfortunate children she said. No wonder you fell Back on Elsie Dine More for she put Down baby Mclvin Toslin and Rose from the Verandah and at t he Sama moment the school Bell summoned the juniors inside. Have you never read other books than those in the Junior Library enquired the head mistress detaining Rita Callendar. The child raised shy adoring Eye. Of i be read heaps in the holidays she said. Just Lovely stories about girls at school who Are accused of stealing things and then die in the end and you know they did t steal pm and and of every i smiled the head mistress encouragingly. And have you never read Ivanhoe nor Little women nor the Camp at wan Dinong " i be read the Camp at a Dinong j tried Rita eagerly i liked that. It ended and he went i always like Booklet that end and he went or and she did " a said the head mistress thought fully and with a funny Little pucker in her forehead. And then for some reason she turned away suddenly and hurried into the House i am beginning to find murmured the head mistress to herself that a sense of Humour is sometimes a decided in convenience. /. Is � if to

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