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Adelaide Observer County Supplement Newspaper Archives Nov 18 1905, Page 12

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Adelaide Observer County Supplement (Newspaper) - November 18, 1905, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia from dust were in most demand several Lota of Well skirted Wool Light in grease bringing front Lod. To 12d. Per la. Ordin Ary and Wool a Little heavy in grease brought lower prices. There was better bidding for lambs Wool and prices were higher than at previous Sale. Good free samples in Light condition and free from seed realized from 6d. Per la. To 9d. Per la. " Xiv. Pike Tung Killo . And did. Xiv. Xiv. Fro Raster. Yacka Lod. 11. Moore Jamestown 041., gfj.sjd., Sid. James Shepherd Harrogate George Wyatt Penfield 9d. O. Gant Hamley Bridge 9d. Thomas Hobison Auburn 3d. Springbett & sons xxx Woodford Sandy Creek 9d., 8jd. Mckay Brothers Canovie beit did. If. Halone Jamestown old. Thomas lord rapid Bay. Did. J. Oakley the x Ine Prospect hit 9d,b. H. Bell Xvi anger ., 9 T. Strauss Ifon Arto South 93d. Thomas Clarke Lovely x Ai 3cy. Xxx attle Flat did. J. Lloyd Lake Albert Jle Wingie moro9jd. Chester & Saul tre Legi ill., via a Wentworth 9d. To sad. J. Cavan anti Callington 8jd. Mrs. H. Cummngs sen. James town. 8jd. 11. Grundy port x incent 9id. D. H. Incs tar Cowie 9i 3.t p. Natt Langli Orne Creek 8jd. R. Stakor Jamestown 9d. C. Samp son my Ponga 9d. Bhagwan Singh port Clinton. Sad. John mitc Liell Riverton Sid. Ii. Colin Bon Spalding 8d. John Newell Poppio but. John Oliver Hack Ham. 9d. G. V. J. Roper second Valley 8j d., 5fd.a. & h. Moody mall Ala cd god. A. Mclean Clinton Centre cd. Strachan Cheadle & co. Report we Licud our fourth Sale of the season on Mon Day. When we offered 1,883 Bales and sold 1,753 Bales. There was a Good attendance of buyers and we had a Good Sale bidding being very animated and we report prices on a level with the previous Sale with the exception of lambs woo which sold at from to �d., and in some instances for Choice lots id., Over the preceding Sale. Among the principal lots sold by us were 37 Bales Merino grown by or. A. J. Tucker of near Strathalbyn which realized 10d., the crossbred in the same clip bringing 10d. 10jd. For or. W. Llen ledge of encounter Bay Lod. For or. A. Tucker Meadows 9sd. For or. 11. P. Hobbs Tung Killo the same Price being yen lived for or. G. Bradford clip from mount plea Sant. Messes. J. Croser & sons of a Rooka sold up to 91d., the same Price be ing obtained for his crossbred lambs Wool. Mrs. Robertson clip from Appa Waldree old. For the Merino and up to 93 1. For crossbred. Or. M. Calling of Harrogate realized Loicl. Or. H. J. Dennis Bala Hills s., 91d. For Mei Ino and from 9jd. To 9d. For crossbred j. G. Williams of leasing Ian 10d, or. Albert Gebhardt. Of Macl erode 83d. To 9d. Or. John Chapman of Jamestown 9id. And or. J. U. Sandland Kooring 9ju, other Prin Cipal lots sold by us were . J. Chapman Bute 71d. Mrs. G. P. I. Whit taker Dowlin Gvillo 8d. .1, eel Tua Waul Fie. Streaky Bay 8d. P. P. Kenny Colton via port Lincoln. 7td. Ii. G. Tossell Maitland 7 Estate late j. Cameron Rochdale men Ingie k.w., 71d. To 74d. J. H. Withers & son Ada Branch River Darling 71d. G. Reid Duffy Bend hive Darling 9d. A. Fergusson Crystal Brook 8d. M. Williams Blyth sad. J. & p. Petrere Donhaugh App Ila Yar Rowie 9d. To 9jd. A. Depledge encounter Bay 10 H. E. May Ilfeld Bald Hills s., 9jd. 11. J. Dennis Bald Lills s., 9jd. A. Turnbu Rockleigh 9d. Mrs. I. Hall. Mount pleasant 9jd. W. Teakle mount Torrens Iod. M. Carling a Rogate lord. , Urania . I Phi Ibey Alford 7jd. W. E. Jacob Kadina 8jd. J. J. Nonuser Brent Wood Sid. W. Ii Onner Brentwood 8d. T. Kenny jun.,, sad. J. P. Walter Lama 7d. G. Snook Owen 8jd. Mrs. Lang Black Rock 7d. R. J. Nobes Kadina 71d. To sad. Mrs. R. M. Robertson Normandville fled. I m. Nolan Harrogate 9d. W. Harding South be Tiverton of j. Chapman Jamestown old. A c. Fian Dymit Kooring 93d. In. P. Barker bal Dina 7d. To 73-d. C. Clark & sons Kyunga 7jd. Of p. Pearce moral Ana Creek via , 7$d. W. Coombs Lakeside via Wau Karina 7d. W. Coumbe Woodforde 7jd. To 8jd. J. L. Wehr Kilkerran 8ii h. C. Wilson Warrow 9d. A. Puckridge Wano 8d. Alien Yorketown 8d. A. Robertson Hoyle a Hill War Auburn. 7j4 a v. W. Poolner Hallett. Sid. 0. A 1044 Dreuw Phit Burgh sad g. Bradford mount pleasant Sid. 8. Al cum & co., men Ingie N.W. 8jd. J. Scale Belale Springs and. A a. Long Ondalyn 9d. Parsons Brothers Inman Valley old. T. Fitzpatrick Spalding 8jd. H. P. Hobbs Tung Killo Aid. D. F. Alien Gulnare 7fd. H. Beck. Wat Orvale 9d. G. Robinson Balaklava 7jd. J. Mccall in lips i Yaran Yacka bid r. Salmon Kallio Ota 71 E. Hoffmann Bevalie 9d. To old. Mrs. A. Smith Farrell e Fiat sad. W. Tucker Meadows 10d, j. Cuddeford Tulipa Warrow 3d. M. J. Chirgwin Bay of Shoals ., 8id. A. Gab Hardt Macker de Eoo Ringa sad to 9jd. J. G. Williams leasing Siam Lod. W. J. Tucker Strathalbyn 101d. R. Richardson Jamestown 9d. Greenslade Urania 73d. W. Wehrmann Jamestown 9d. W. Llan Naford Saddleworth sad. Mrs. In. T. Harding Middleton 10d. U. C. Slay Leld Bald Hills s., 9jd. R. H. Haines Hindmarsh Island 9 H. Ii. Peake mount pleasant 9jd. A Patch Edithb Uigh 9d. It. T. Mcfarlane Yorketown y.p., 9d. M. Avery Woodside did. J. Bignell Prospect Gilill idd. . Fergusson Crystal Brook Sid. Ii. C. Mav Field Bald Hills a. 9jd. H. E. May Field Bald Hills s., 10d, w. Grundy Hindmarsh Island 9d. To 9ld. R. Ii. Haines Hindmarsh Island 10d. H. J. Dennis Bald Hills s., 3ld. To 9jd. J. Croser & sons Larooka 9jd. H. Leverington Yan Kalilla 9d. To 9jd. Mrs. 11. M. " " a. N Robertson Nonn Anville 9d. To 9j ii. Mccomb two Wells 8d. W. Richardson wooden Cater 9jd. Mrs. M. I Francc Kingscote ., 8d. To 8jd. In. J. Tucker Strathalbyn 10d. J. Mar shall Inman Valley 8jd. B. H. Haines Blind Iri Arsh Island 9jd. T. Kenny juii., Winolla Sid f. C. Ardrossan 9d. M. Avery Woodside 9jd. W. Tucker Meadows of. A. J. Florinee Kingscote ., 8jd. Slattery Brothers Waterloo sad. T. Dodd Lake Albert 8d. To Jid. . Ii. Whitehead mount wedge via port Lincoln 5 re. A. Kotz tar Cowie old. Mrs. G. P. A. Whittaker Downingville old. J. Feltus Aulgie Streaky Bay 13d. P. P. Kenny Colton via port Lincoln 6d. H. G. Tossell Maitland did. G. Bid Duffy bed River Darling 6jd. A. Fergusson Crystal Brook 6d. To 8d. M. Williams , did. F. W. Heusler Fri on old. J. Ii. Teague Orr Oroo 6d. L. 11. Wake Redhill 5f.d. R. & p. Fetherston laugh App Ila Yai Rowie god. To 6jd. J. & p. Papilla Yar Rowie 7 A c. Mayfield Bald Hills South 9ld. W. Deplete encounter Bay 9d. W. Grundy Hindmarsh Island old. To 3d. Ii. J. Dennis Bald Hills South bid. A. J urn Bull Rockleigh cd. Mrs. I. Hall mount pleas ant 8 W. Teakle mount Torrens old. M. Carling Harrogate 9d. J. J. Honner Brent Wood go. W. Plonner Brentwood 5jd. .7. Croser & sons Larooka old. R. .1. , Kadina old. Ii. Leverington Yan Kalilla sad. Mrs. R. M. Robertson , 7jd. Too i. J. Mayfield Inman Valley Ted. R. Godfree mount pleasant 7jd. M. Kolan , old. Mrs. W. T. Tia Raing mini Eton a. J. A. Nanu Laid to Orinda Vijil. To 73d. W. Coombe Wood Ford Cut. J. L. Webr South Kilkerran 7-\d. H. C. Wilton Warrow via port Lincoln 7ll. It. Clark antechamber Bay " , m.p. D. Taylor Onel rce Hill of. John Mccrachen Kilroy Park Colton by. B. H. K. Dunstan mount i Ryan East of. George lock Coulta 9d. David Kelly mar Tara Giles Corner. 9d. J. Hannan Salisbury 9d. F. And ii la lunar Cape Willoughby Of. T. And p. Mcdonald mar Valc station tuba 9d., lambs od., pieces old. J. W. Lines Taro owie by. Clarles Hall Eurelia 7d. To 9d., pieces 4jd. A. G. Downer. Melton station 7jd. And 8id., necks 9d., pieces 7jd. Andrew Tennant Point Lowry station of. To 8id., and account same owner from Fillippa station to. And 7jd. Ben Cliff Fey Morara Poon Caira old. To tid. Other principal lots sold were . Graham Calt Owic 8jd. James Melrose Lla Lett 8jd., skirt 8jd. J. B. Harvey Curra Inelka Sid. A. J. Burgess White Lagoon Sad. R. D. Mcewin Jamestown 83d. Luke Barracloug i Duffy Bend via Wentworth 83d. William Brycc Lla Lett 8jd. J. Trethewey hog Bay ., 63d. D. Dowd Whyte Yar Cowie 8jjd. P. Llaves & son Wir Rabara 8d. Bellies 53d. Wil Liam Goodlad Point Providence my indic Sid. E. W. Kelly mar Cara Giles Comer a Jed. J. Cooper Wiite Fiat port Lincoln 83d. Wil Liam Gunn Lairg Way 83d., lambs old., pieces 5d., bellies 53d. C. Haivor sad Tilbrook Mona to 8d. Charles Griffin strata Albyn 83d. E. Linklater Mitt Aleclia Wilmington Sid. A Koennecke Larooka 8id. A. & w. Milne Murray town 8jfd. W. Howard pc Meshaw. K.i., 8d. E. Fox War alter Sid. And 83d. Arthur Murdock Larooka 8jd. And 8 J. R. Warren Whurlie Cubero station 7d. To 8id., lambs 4id. And od., bellies Oil. W. J. Wade Frome Downs via port Augusta 03d. To 83d., lambs 43d., pieces 2jd., bellies 7sd. Robert Shannon Zatara Stockwell 8jd. Mrs. Agnes Rogers Neilia Vale men indie n.w., 8td., lambs 7jd., necks Sid. A. Rodda Grosu d Plains West bid. E. T. Humphrys. Hanson 81d. G. Wait re ionic 8jd. Alexander Buick hog Bay ., 8id. A. Miller Elliston 8id. Gliomas proud port Lincoln bid. Joseph Kelly Mailland 8id. Ii. G. Lillicrapp Turret held Gawler 8id. Lull Kin & lie Eldon wind mingle Wentworth 8.jd. W. Llobcrt8, mount Hope port Lincoln 8id. Tilka Sisters Harriet River ., Sid. G. J. A. Freeman a inside 8id. Rasli ced Brothers Jamestown Sid. Are. Helen acid Para station Wentworth sad. D. Mcfarlane & son Linnian Sid. C. Green Brentwood 8id. T. Rickaby min Laton cd. M. Elson yorker gown Sid. A. Cor Nish Stansbury 8id. Arthur Murdock Larooka 81d. E. B. Tracers Tare owie Sid. E. W. Blades Hoo Willia Sid. G. J. Short our Zamulka 8id. A ice Brothers Kulpaka sad. And 8id., pieces 4jd. Ii. Burford Yaeka 8d. To 8id. A. R. Villiers anal ranch Wentworth old. To 8jd., pieces fijd., bellies 5ld. A Winrich the Pines via port Augusta 8 James by Rne Larooka sit. G. If. Bailey two Wells Sajtl. Hugh Ness Warrow 8 Janics Sampson 8jd. E. Badman Yaeka sad. E. Spinkston Kyunga 8jd. A. I. Slater Bramfield 8jd. F. Barnes Streaky Lay site. To. It. Bishop port Lincoln 8 A. Lahijan Virginia 8jd. J. Vans tone Brentwood 8jd. P. Wade Murray town 8jd. A. Boutell Par Naroo sad Joseph Ford Basin farm Kooring 8d. And 83 1. Lambs 7d. G. Holland Wir Rabara 75d. And sad. E. Treasure Larooka . P. Kil Dea to Ricetown 8d. M. Willing own Nguie a. A Buick hog Bay ., 8d. E. Burgess mount Eleanor ., 8d. J B. Moody Maitland 8d. C. D. Nick american Biver ., 8d. T. Haren estate can Wie 8d. T. Hill m Obi Long 8d. G. Martin. Brentwood 8d. F. T. Vandepeer Ardrossan . A. Caldwell Ilo Niton 6d. Mrs. A. Kanaley Maitland 8d. Tucker Avil Lowie 8d. P. Sheridan Lilliston 8d. J. Cummings Black Hill May 8d.j h Craw Ford Louth Bay . J. & m. Sullivan Hal Bury 8d. S., sheriff Brent Wood fid. J. T. Brinkley Baumga 8d. Ii. Burgess Ayi Leannia Road broken Hill 8d. Fen Escey & sons Clinton Centre 8d. Green and sons Bute 7d. And 8d. Estate late j. Hope Para station Wentworth. 7jd. And 8d., lambs old., pieces 7� 3. John Brennan port Augusta god. To 8 3. A. Gillies Yong Ala 7gd. Mrs. C. Travels Tarcove 7�d. N. A Mcleod Peters Burg 7jd. A. Tee Dowling vile 7�d. Fennel to Ricetown 7jd. M. B. Hall Bute 7jd. A. J. Scott. Mount Hope port Lincoln 7jd. John Smyth Salters Springs 7jd. Donald Gordon Dalkeith farm own 7jd. J. P. Bruce ill sea. Ellison 7j 1. A. Standley Pinery 7fd. Nat Stephens lower Broughton. 7d. John Tapley. Aara Taka port Augusta 73d. A. G. Pryor Mun Dallie port Augusta 73d. H. N. Moody Allandale North 7jd. Thomas Cozens Latina 7d. And 73d. J. G. Moseley Yard a. Via port Augusta god. To 7�d. M. Mccormack Bute 7ad. A. It. Heaslip. Glenroy estate Carrietown "id., jambs 6 a j. It. Deer Terowie 71d. Mrs. A. C. Barling Maitland 7jd. L. H. A Tiitu a indoor 74 3. A. Miell Roscommon Crystal Brook. 7jd. A. O Grady Paskev Ilfe Tad. Ii. P. Marshall Hope farm Ava Sleys. 7ad.e. Harris port Augusta avast 7ad. E. Donaldson and Ron Home Park Moonta 7 B. Law bookable 7�d. Agricultural College Rose Wortlie 71d. A. T. Andrewartha Kadina Al id. And 7jd., bellies 5 1. H. Cornish Brinkworth 7jd. E. N. Two Jieny Quorn 7�d. Aat. Drennan Wilmington 7jd. Sirs. 1. Undo Down. Ood Navalta a. Francis Myers natio Midale Elliston 73d. Lambs old. John Story Milllie. Franklin Harbour a. Avilliah Maiden men indie 7jd. John i big nectar Brook 7-jd. R. G. Mould. Lincoln Gap port Augusta 7d. And 7jd. G. Goodenough Hammond 7d. A. Story Crystal Brook 7d. A. Mekenzie denial Bay 7d. H. Chamberlain a i Rabara 7d. A. & 0. Marshall Ava Sleys 7d. George Miller Redan broken Hill 7d. J. J. Goroncy a Ilmington 7d. H. 0. A. Nutt Orro Roo of T. In verse cd a Fotie god. James Moloney. A Ilmington 6jd. E. Bristow Avil Lowie 63d- a. Inglis Georgetown did. J. G Moseley had Hamalka via port Augusta go. Pieces id. G. Ii. Voight Wilmington. God. R. T. Edwards. Broken Hill 6ld. Jeff Miller Bokl Abic god. N. A. Richardson pert Augusta god. A. A ills port awake fled 0�d. Crossbred Ami a. F. Thomas Sandy Creek Gawler or cd. C. Car. Fowls second a Alley a id. Richard Smith Sweet Home strata Albyn 9 J. Try Viewey hog Bay ., cd. Tom Kirfel in a Ashbourne 9�d. G. C. H. Cattail n Airlie. Jurt. Ii. Monas a oui ii Utu. Downing Ana Dunn tar Rock Kativa 0jd. E. D. Scott cur pc nov Creek old. J. Blake m Laren Vale old. A. F. , ski. old., lambs of. James Malthouse Norm Neville 9d. And old. Estate late w. Gerrard Folio Delamere Sotl. To old., lain sad. And 9d., pieces 5jd. And 7d. M. Lynch Stone hut 9d. Joseph Bennett Winlaton of. W. Howard Krmic Slaw ., 9d. Til Brook Mona to 9d. A. J. Baker. Two Sivells of Brooks Brothers Kulpaka eld. J. Cook and sons Quorn Sid. James Heggie Argallon Sid. In. Oldland Yorke Torii fild. Paul Dawson App Ila Yui Rowie Sid. G. A Buick american River l�-.i.,8d. Fenescey & sons Clinton Centre by. College Ros worthy. 8d. Nat Stephens lower Broughton 7jd. Ben ii affy Morara Paon Caira. River Darling. 7jd. J. G. Moseley yawl Malka via port Augusta 71d. Robert Shannon Zatara Stockwell Shropshire lambs 7jd. Luxmoore r. J. Coombs & co., limited report the Market As unchanged. There was a full attendance of buyers and Competition was very keen. The firm offered 2.003 Bales of Wool and 645 sacks and sold 1,958 Bales and All the sacks. There was a Strong demand for clean Shafty Wool. Their highest Price for Merino was lid., for l. Mcllean. Mount pleasant lord. For James Cahill. Mount pleasant trustees of h. A. Evans estate Ivanhoe ii. A. Jewman Charleston Charles Dunn Charleston George Spencer of Claren Don and g. Promnitz Blumberg lord. For e. A. Hermann mount Torrens an

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