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Adelaide Observer County Supplement Newspaper Archives Apr 1 1905, Page 7

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Adelaide Observer County Supplement (Newspaper) - April 1, 1905, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia White Man Ever present at some of their feasts. Later on the Blacks looked on him a their Friend and protector against the shooting by squatters which new Rife 40 or 50 years ago. In 1882 25 of them insisted on being branded on the pm with the letter p in a Circle to that when we go. To Brisbane every one will j now be belong to miss Petrie has one Well to gave from oblivion by presenting in Book form the vast body of in formation garnered in the perishable store House of one Man s or. Roth 1 99 attested the general accuracy of the chapters concerning the natives Clear straightforward statements of facts Many of to Hin by analogy and from Early records 1 have been Able to verify Thev show an intimate and profound the volume contains a list of native names and terms and a few Good. Plans and photo graphs. It May fairly claim a place in Ever australian Library. The Root of evil. The Money god by j. P. Blake w. Heinemann interest in Liia Story is More or less commercial the events turn on those things that Are Al ways going up and Down in the City As mrs. Nickleby so felicitous by Jet it. The shares in question Are those of a great British ordnance Trust which has been consolidated by the Genius of the Secretary of the Kirton galloping gun company who sees his Way to a Combine of All such. Concerns. The crisis begins with the Fai lure of a Bank and disaster is averted by the declaration of War. Bankers company promoters and distinguished military men who lend their names in the capacity of Guinea Foliga All have their place in this Clever gallery of contemporary portraits but the Central figure is that of John March whose fortunes Are traced from his Nursery and school Days till he finds him self High on the tide of commercial Success. The pictures of childlike Are distinctly Well done no Over intricate analysis of psychic Phenomena or elaborate sentimental izing such As some writers seem to think demanded in the treatment of this theme but Crisp simple narrations of events that would linger in the boy s memory or even if they faded go towards the moulding of his character. He is a likeable Bov More Over sturdy and straight Forward As school boy full of pranks As office boy with ambitions and a belief in Thrift which costs him much in self denial in Strawberry time As clerk As Secretary and As director he holds the interest of the Reader. His wife is a pleasing figure and the rift which for a while threatens to part them is amended Idue course As the worship of the god has not taken quite too Strong Possession of the hero to Warp his future. Kirton dreamer and scholar in Ventor of the galloping gun is rat Jer inde finitely drawn and his Feather headed ame rican wife is not altogether convincing. The Story throughout is Well written with a touch of Humour of a quiet kind and a distinct flavour of optimism. The charac ters Are level headed with their emotions Well under control. Our bookshelf. A Good Book and a Loving Friend Aie sunbeams Ever until life s end. Our . Wait novelist do you think has most successfully dealt w1t1i nature and Juliy rider Haggard in tie , so wild and interesting in it it a Haggard s Well known wok so always Appeal to me As grand. They Are so out of the com Viii and unlike any other of so options of the Nin of writers that one sometimes wonders if there be any such places k wild and Majestic on Earth. The heart of Africa where the Story chief la takes place must be if any thing like the descriptions in the Lrol a weird splendid place full of mystery and Mystic be Ings and though perhaps they Only lived in the writer s imagination who can Reju she with out being awed and wonders Kuck in the same Way As one looking Over a Der p precipice or up at a outre Mountain at the grandeur of nature. 1 in Elvn nos. Sir Walter Scott. Sir Walter Scott. Why because he has the Happy Lonack of making his descriptions is nature romantic and yet real. He i s Nathies and keen appreciation of Romance. So in Ivanhoe a Beautiful Oak Forest. Sir Walter Scott. Sir Walter Scott was one of nature s novelists. He come vied a Nie of his work Riding along the renal pc and the spirit of nature seemed to enter into it. The dainties of his descriptions is that of Flora s Bell in it reminds me of dewdrops glistening on Grin in the Crisp Cool morning. In the lady of the Lake there is the wonder and Beauty of in a Katrine word painted with a most delicate touch la the Talisman the burning arid deserts and in Ivanhoe the Green charming Woods of England Are brought before us. The rugged wilds of Scotland Are made familiar and the keen snows and Rigour of the Winter lie was chiefly Scotland s writer but he describes nature scenes in other countries As Well. A Jill Moklev. No. Of words i2s. Sir Walter Scott. Not being a great Reader of novels especially those of the present Day 1 am in no position to answer this question in its broadest sense. The old writers have always held me with their Charm their attractions being such that As yet i have had but Small Leisure or inclination for the novels of our own time. Speaking therefore from such a standpoint i consider that Scott deals with nature in a Way scarcely to be sur passed by writer of Lici Iun. Ilia dominant passion was the love of the years of his life were spent in visiting the most favoured spots of nature which a has reproduced in Liis books in a delightfully realistic style. The grand Highland scenery introduced in and so Many of the companion novels alone will show the Way in which Scott was capable of j dealing with nature. He has depicted lick in Lier most varied moods his word painting being such As to Charm and impress his readers. Scott loved nature therefore Olio More capable of writing of Bennett 179 words. Ralph Connor. Trio novelist who i think has most Success fully dealt with nature is Ralph Connor in those Well known books of american Forest life Glengarry men in Glengarry Days and the ski the Canon in the latter is surely unsurpassed among descriptions. I consider it the Best word picture i have Ever seen and the wonderful forests with their Snow capped paths and weird loneliness Are marvellously portrayed in the Glengarry books. One Longs to visit the locality and View their Beauty and somehow imagines the residents As simple hearted hospitable Ideal men and women immense like their environments and altogether Superior to the Ever Vav people constantly met. The lights and shadows in these graphic representations seem to me blended More artistically than in Mary Johnston s Boks which Are Wyva forests hut not so vividly Sij m a.\. Wily backs ache o kidneys Seldom to blame. Terrible Case cured by 3311. Williams Pink pills. There is move silly nonsense talked about backache than about any other disease. Some people have been frightened into the belief that every backache Means deadly kidney trouble. That is utter rubbish. You might As Well believe that every pain in the stomach meant appendicitis or Asiatic cholera. As a matter of scientific fact not Ojie backache in 20 has anything to do with the kidneys. Must backaches come from sheer weakness. Kidney drugs can t possibly cure that. You need something to build lip the strength and Brace the Backbone. And the one Medicine to do thai is or. Williams Pink pills. They actually make new blood. Next to weakness the commonest cause of backache is muscular 13 a Williams Pink pills have cured tha worst eases of rheumatism Ivy driving the painful Poison out of the blood. Oth a backaches arc due to Lumbago or a chill. Others again Are symptoms of Ordinary ail ments such As influenza. Ind estion constipation and liver complaint. Some Back aches Are a sign of coming curvature or paralysis. In men spinal debility is � common cause. In women backaches of ten come from those Eeck it internal Trou Bles that follow so surely on any weak Ness or i regularity in the usual blood sup ply. The one Way to cure All these Back aches is to strike at the Root of the trouble in the blood with us. Williams Pink pills which actually make new blood. New pure red blood is better than drugs for any disease. That is Why or. Williams Pink pills Are the Best cure for backache even when kidney disease is really the cause. The new blood flushes the kidneys clean heals the inflammation soothes the soreness and gives them strength for their work. What drugs could do As much the Only drugs in 33r. Williams Pink Pill Al Are the very elements that go to make red blood. Perhaps the worst Case of backache Ever cured in South Australia was that of or. A. 13. Linehan Angas Street Adelaide. Or. Linehan tells in his own ivors How or. Williams Pink pills cured him after All the lotions and common backache medi Cines had failed. A few years ago i suffered untold agony with a bad Back says or. Line Ian. It started after malarial fever. Every change in the weather started it aching. I would be doubled up with Sharp shooting pains that gripped me right in the Small of the Back and across the loins. When i stooped Down. I Felt As if i could have cried with the awful Pynie. Gradually my whole health broke up. My nerves collapsed. My stomach went Back on me and i could digest nothing. Everything disagreed with me. Fits of dizziness would come Over me and my heart would beat like mad. My head ached nearly As bad As my Back. My feet used to get icy cold and my face flushed. I lost weight and was As weak As a cat. All Day Long i was Dull and drowsy but could get no rest at night. My skin turned yellow showing what a terrible state my blood was in. And All through these years my Back ached and ached till i thought it would break. After trying everything else in vain i made up my mind to give or. Williams Pink pills a fair trial even if i had to take a dozen boxes or. Linehan went on. The second Box gave me an Appe Tite. Then my head got clearer my sight improved and i Felt better in 50 ways. Soon i was Able to eat anything. My nerves grew steady and every muscle got new strength. Last of All every Trace of my backache disappeared and i have been Strong and sturdy Ever since. That was a Good time ago so i know i am cured for Good. Or. Williams Pink pills alone saved me from a lifetime of suffering with a chronic probably among your own Neighbours you will find cases just As wonderful in which or. Williams Pink pills have struck acc the Root of other blood diseases like Anae Mia. Indigestion rheumatism sciatica Neu Ralgia nervousness headaches and the Spe Cial secret sufferings of growing girls and women when the regularity of their blood Supply is deranged. Remember or. Wil Liams Pink pills do not act on the bowels. They do one thing Only but they do it Well they actually make new blood. If you Are not sure whether your special Trou ble is caused by bad blood or not write for free medical advice to the or. W Jih ams Medicine co., Sydney. From the same adores you can order the genuine or. Yet Liams Pink pills by mail 2/9 a Box eix bores 15/3, Post fre the observer reaping club. These essays were hold Over Lor want 01 space last week Disraeli Gladstone Dickens. H. M. Stanley 1. Sec Douala stud it Edison. As Komi of tie most notable men of the Vic Torian Era x have chosen from a political stand Point Disraeli and Gladstone As a writer Charles Dickens explorers h. M. Stanley Anil Ilc Doull Stuart and an inventor Edison. Benjamin Disraeli Burn in London 1805, was a novelist and statesman. He presented himself for election into the House 1 f commons several times before being successful. In 1&7 his desire was attained. He delivered Liis Maiden free Eli in a very High flown sly. With extravagant gestures which excited the laughter of tie House lie was so much Dis eing an elaborate work on Homer and the Homeric age in three volumes. He carried several treaties and reforms through parliament which proved to be very much for the Good of Tho country. These two political men have helped greatly in making Tho Laws of England what they Are to Dav. What Nojd t country be like without a writer however Goat her other men May be one of the greatest writers of the victorian age was Charles Dickens who was Only one of Many. Ilis books not Only made an enjoyable recreation but gave one an in sight into human nature which they would never have heeded had not their attention been thus directed. To also helped to Reform Many place such As the workhouse and schools like Dothe boy s Hall by showing them in their real Light in his books. Next come the explorers from whom have chosen ii. M. Stanley and Mcdouall Stuart. Without explorers there would be no need of politicians or writers because lands would Baun explored and the inhabitants uncivilized. Stanley Well known As the discoverer of Livingstone whilst he was lost explored a great Deal of the Interior of Africa afterwards writing a Book of his travels called in darkest Stuart an austra Lian explorer is not perhaps so widely known but had he not crossed our continent from South to North we should not have keen in touch with the Mother country As we Are to Day namely by Cable. It was through Liim exploring South Australia from Adelaide to port Darwin that the Overland Tele graph was Laid by which route the cables Are sent to London. Last but far from least Cgraef the inventor Edison who although not an eng Lishman has helped England and her people As much As is own country. Where would Busineau people be without the Telephone with which they can talk to people Many Miles away As if they were present this seems to me to have been the most useful of his inventions although such things As Hie electric Light have necessities now. Still had they never been invented we could have managed without hem. Just19 marvellous As the Telephone seems the phonograph i which can reproduce any song or speech suns or spoken into it and the electric Light which can be obtained by merely pressing a Button and As a Light a second to none. Among these Sis men Are the men who find the country those who make the Laws und history one who provides literature and one who invents the tilings which go a Long Way towards civilizing a Solo Mon Clifton Street Prospect . 17 years a months. To. Of words 650. Charles Dickens sir Robert Peel d Tenny son Wheatstone Cooke lord Lobi its. There were a great Ninny notable men during the victorian Era the six i mention i think de serve our esteem. Charls Dickens was the prcntea1 novelist during the victorian Era. David Copper Field is supposed to be his greatest work. In Addi Tion to hi-3 books being most wonderfully written they have done a great Deal of Good by showing up tha bad management of some of the charitable institutions of the Day and doing so somewhat la is Ching the sufferings of those poor people Rte i Pendant on thu in his books in Many other ways helped to improve the times. No prose writer was Ever More quotable or quoted than i Riekens. He die 3 in the year 1st0. For my second notable Man i will choose sir Tobert Peel who was a very Emi nent British statesman. From 1847 to 1848 he was one of the most important props of the govern ment whose free Trade principles he completely accepted. He was regarded by the working and Middle classes generally with much grateful re Spect. One of the last hours of Liis us Ful life was 6p?Nin discussing the plans of the great. to Ion of the Industry of All nations. An in exre ten catastrophe put Ari end to l i care a. He was thrown from his horse on june 29, 1853, and s severely injured that he died on tuly 2 in his sixth to Laird rear. Alfred lord Tennys n was the third of a Large family several other members of which shared with him in some measure the Denim which has won for him undisputed rank As the first English poet of his time. On the death of Wordsworth in 1850 Tennyson succeeded Lipini As icel laureate. He gainer the Chancellor s medal at Cambridge for a poem entitled tim in 1850 the series of elegies entitled in ," first appeared. He died in the year 1sh2, aged 83 years. I have now mint incl a notable author politician and Pool i think i shall choose As my fourth and fifth men wheat Stone and Cooke who in js37, jointly constructed the electric Tele seraph. Their first successful trial took place on. Wires Laid Between Huston Square a London and Camden town. We who to e electric Lele Axiph and always i ave had it Cun hardly realize what a Boon it must have been to business men and others. Last hut not least is i Karl Roberts. A notable Soldier one of the greatest men of our own wines. How successfully he Man aged the whole of the British army in South Africa in the recent War is known to All of Lis. When tilings seemed at their worst Karl Roberts was behind the scenes working and influencing those under him not. Only helping them to he Good soldiers but Good men As . Solo Mon. I years 1 month 400 words. Essays by Bel Sunman and Ilia Moseley Are held Over till next week. Magpie. Our discussions. Each Moil tit we discuss one subject and think of another for the month to come. What shall we talk about All Are invited to Send in questions for discussion and answers to the questions for the month. Answers must be Complete in themselves and must not exceed 200 words. While Lihe Date mentioned is the last on which questions or answers can be received the sooner they arc sent the better. Prizes at end of series. Question for april. Waii is most interesting to you in your newspaper answers for april and questions for june should reach this office not later than april 29. Sooner if possible. Answers for february. The placing is As follows -1, Bel Sun Inan 2, Nemo 3. A Clennis 1. Ilia. Moseley 5, Pearl 6, trixie Bennett. Questions for april and May. The placing is As follows -april-1. Peach 2, trixie Bennett 3, Nemo 4, Harold Woodlands 5, Ellie Wemyss 0, Pendennis slay-1, uns Iffie 2, Bei sum Nan 3, Pearl 4, the judge says the Batch of questions for May was a very poor one and i could Only place four. Peach a question for april should provide an interesting discus Sion. No. 2 English Humour Siw is also a Good summer end fag. Jimile Beans 10ne up the system. At the end of Sunder the body run Down by summer s beat needs to be toned up and prepared to withstand the trying autumn acid Winter seasons. The liver and digestive Are deranged by summer s heat and their imperfect operation i be called summer end bile Beans act directly on liver and stomach and by thoroughly stimulating them tone up the body and pre pare it for the coming season. Thousands of cases prove this Llerve is one. I. E. Gooch of 131 Harrington Street Ade Laide says for the past 12 months i have been taking bile Beans. I suffered from ind Gestson bilious Ness constipation and sluggish liver. I was also troubled with severe headache and tried Many remedies to relieve ine. Bile bean i found to be the Best of All. They Are an infallible i Lite for a bilious attack and live cured me of indigestion and constipation. 1 Al ways take Aldose or two of Beans when at All out of sorts and they never fail. I can. Reich men them to being Are a Safe family Medicine and ii roved cure for bilious Ness headache indication constipation piles debility female weaknesses nervousness bad blood bad breath anaemia disturbed sleep loss of appetite pimples and All skin. Eruptions. Rheumatism and in fact All ail Fuents that owe their origin to defective Lille flow Aesir foliation and digestion. Obtainable generally at 1/1j, or 2/9 Large Box contains three times the 1/1j size. Chess. Problem no. 2111. By or. Arthur Cli Arlick Rose Park . This position was awarded the prize in Section 4 in contrib cities in the Leader tourney. Motto the Black-7 pie pcs. White-7 piecc3. 1. While to retract his last wove so As to mate in 1, and self mate in 3 moves. 2. Black to retract his last More and mate in 1. Problem no. 2112. By or. W. J. Mcarthur Birkenhead. Lefevre s Peninsula . A neat competing position in the late Leader tourney. Entered in Section 5 Minia Tures. Black-2 pieces. White-5 pieces. White to play and mate in i moves. The new l Oil to tiie a s gambit. Another a specimen of the modified version of the Charlick counter gambit l played in the late London tournament White Shoosmith. Black Van . J p to q 4 l. P to q 4 2. P to q b 4 2. I to k 4 3. P lakes in s. I to 0. ? 4. It it to b 3 4. B to q it 5 5. P to k it 5. B to k 3 p. Q it to q 2 6. It to q b 3 i. Q to it 4 7. B takes p 8. P to q it 3 8. B Lake it he. 9. B takes b i. Q to q 4 10. Q to b 2 10. P to 6 Al 11. Q to b 3 11. R lakes 1� 32. B to re f it ii takes a 33. K takes b 13. Castles q n r 14. K r to k 15 14. P to 0 b .1 15. P to o it 4 15. P takes p 11. B to k 8 in. It to b 3 37. P to q i 4 17. P to k 5 18. It to q 4 18. Q to r 4 he 1. K to k 1. It to q 4 20. Q to b 5 20. Q it takes p 21. R to it 3 21. It to q 1 cd i. R takes be 22. P fakes u 23. Q to 11 r 23. 0 to k 4 24. If to q 2 24. K r to if 25. 11 to b 5 2 ". It take b 2 �. Q take. R p 20. It to b � he 27. White resigns. Chess notes. . Arthur Churlick of Rosa Par the Well known South australian problem com Poser left Adelaide for on monday March 27, by the steamship Nukool via Llie Cape. The trip will last six numbs and is my Titi Okcu on tin score of ill health. Lie is accompanied by his Sitter. The Leader problem publication of the awards in this important Competition was continued last saturday when the judges announced the result in Section 2 suicidal problems. The prize assigned to the unions problem st Hen Max l Eipl. Of Vienna. Or. J. J. O Keef f Kogarah. N.s.w., received first lion mention and second him. Was bestowed upon another austra Lian composer sir. Aithur Charli of Hose Park South Australia whose Success in recent competitions has been so marked. Hon. Mention wait also adjudged to other entrants in the follow ing order messes. J. Iteele of Norwich p. 1 ". B an. Of Liverpool Herr o. Nemo Weiss of Vienna the two being bracketed equal and Ifor Max Foigl of Vienna. To Day the award in the first and most important Section the sets in which five prizes will depend will be made known. Charles Rollin a youth of 15, Lias a ii the Handicap tourney in connection with the Brisbane school of arts chess Clyl. Militant War for respondent of the Standard says that chess is eagerly played in the japanese and russian time. Thae is this difference however the Frame is played by the Japa soldiers of every rank but Only i y the rus Sian officers who Learned to Plav at the Academy of chs in cows is the most intricate game in the world. The Board has is squares. 20 pieces Are used and the pieces change in value when they arrive at a certain position on the Board. late or. Ii. M. Mac master whose untimely at the Aire of 45 was recorded Lan. � to will be. Remembered As one of the Sirone to la Sirur members of the Bradford club in the eighties. I joined the club about 1ss1 or 1682. And was one of Llie 11 lit of a bund of Bourg players who during the next two in three years began to be prominent in Cornice Ion with the Fame Anions them in ing the Brothers t. A. And j. A. Guy o. A. Schott Mallei of Den and Ollai d. Of Bradford the late James Rayner i. M. Brown and p. Tothill of Leeds f. Ii. Wright of Wakefield g. E. Wainwright of Ilkley set i Ward jun., of Dewsbury and others. Or. Mao in Aster s connection with til Bradford club was severed As far As match play fits in 188the claim. Of his profession iii Reasin a at observer of january 2s, 3903. Chess in an intellectual Fame and l capita exercise for one s mind and patience Piro Pluf not possessed or this purpose Trio. Board should have holes in tic squares and the pieces be provided with pegs or 6pikes, the Iniard being supported on the Knees of the players. In cases a Jere tie length of the spikes exceeds Tho depth of the Hole you will of course allow your opponent to have the Board entirely on his Owh Knees. Passengers entering or leaving the compartment can please themselves Hellier the is can be obtained for 9d. A 1/, and will teach you far More than i can in an article of this length. 1 say in an article of Liis budget

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