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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Sep 2 1933, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - September 2, 1933, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia you will never taste att a finer a Fly cocktail ekes feb Thau a Viky a Gin and two \flte7 All hotels. A flu Pir Brutto. A hip to 3/6. /mid1ght\ \ flumes i edition a flu i a s i at All chemists and stores i i prepared by Burden Ltd. Adelaide j move to punish native killers train hits motor car at crossing urgent request from Darwin fears of massacre in arnhem land by the mail special representative Canberra saturday. Following the murder by Caledon Bay natives of con stable Mccoll which is the culmination of a Long record of killings arrangements Are being made by the Federal government to equip a punitive expedition against the aboriginal slayers. This is being done in response to urgent requests from the administrator at Darwin who strongly advocates an expedition. According to Darwin advices there is fear of a Gene ral massacre of missionaries and other Whites in arnhem land unless Strong measures Are taken by the government against the Caledon Bay natives. Must be taught lesson the supplies for the expedition will travel to Darwin in the Steamer Larou Bra. The equipment will include a 6pecial portable wireless set which will enable the expedition to keep in constant touch with Darwin. Although the minister of the Interior or. Perkins said today that it bad not been finally decided yet whether the expedition would actually be 6ent out the general impression in Canberra is that it will be authorised. The minister has consulted several of his colleagues on the question and will disuse the matter with the prime minis Ter or. Lyons on detailed report about the in Der of Constable Cooil bag Ben received by the department of the Interior Froin the administrator. Who strongly urges that a punitive expedition should set ont As soon As possible. It is essential he says to teach the Cedon Bay natives a lesson. So far. They had been unimpressed by the action taken by the government following the Fri girder of a japanese party some months ago and had defiantly threatened to at tack any additional police parties sent out against them. This threat bad been conveyed to Dar win by Friendly tribes. The minister Points ont that the threat was put into effect with fatal results when Constable Mccoll was speared to death. As a result of their Success in this at tack the natives had become bolder and. It tras feared that missions would be in danger of attack unless immediate action were taken by the government to sip them that they could not take life with impunity. The administrator Points ont that the expedition sent to apprehend the murderers of the japanese sailors Lias resulted in the death of Constable. Mccoll. And it a apparent that sterner measure arc necessary. A the arnhem land natives be the most warlike of All the australian tribes. Thev have a formidable record of murder Dat ing from the first White occupation of Northern Australia. Since time immemorial they have waged an offensive against malays and others who have touched the australian coast and their prowess has reached the islands lying to the North of Australia. They have always resented White intrusion. What expedition will do the object of the punitive expedition will be to impress on the natives that the administration cannot be trifled with. The tribes concerned will be required to sur Render the natives guilty of the Mccoll outrage and to give hostages for Good behaviour. Advices received by the minister indicate that Public opinion in Darwin is aflame. The administration is being urged by ail sections to take action lest there be a massacre of All missionaries in arnhem land. The general opinion is that Only a die play of Force can Avert a catastrophe. Arnhem land natives Are vicious by instinct. Killing is part of their tribal code and they Are inspired by an implacable hatred of White people. Their enemies Are ambushed and no Quarter is shown Darin people say that they roust be taught to respect the White Man s Law otherwise the life of so White person throughout this vast area trill be Safe. The minister has been advised that a Section of aborigine Protection association officials is in favor of Strong measures. The views of the missionaries on the subject differ a Good Deal but those in arnhem land Are stated to be extremely apprehensive. On monday my Perkins will discuss to question by Telephone with the per manent head of the department or. Brow who will then have reached mount la on. Hie Way to Darwin. This 2,500-mile conversation will deter mine whether or. Brown is to proceed immediately to Darwin to take charge of the organisation of the expedition. The present plan if for a car to be sent from Alice Springs right across Central Australia to mount Isa to pick nor. Brown. Expedition As last resort a punitive expedition against the Primi Tive natives of arnhem land to ave Sre the deaths of five japanese fishermen and Constable a. S. Mccoll should be a last resort according to the director of the museum or. H. M. Hale. Or. Hale added that it was difficult to ascertain exactly what was behind the natives action. What were the japanese doing there lie asked. Were they poach ing or had they the right to fish in the Waters or. Hale said that probably some of the japanese had the Richt to fish and that others were poaching. If they were poaching they were asking for trouble. It would be necessary to knew the whole of the fact to give definite opinion what should be done but a Puri Tive expedition should be a last resort. Generally it was better to leave the natives alone. If they Carue in Contact with White people their old tribal Cus Toms were broken up and they soon went to pieces. Scientists believed that the Only Chance of preserving the aboriginal race was to have reserves in which they could roam undisturbed. Or. X. B. Tindale ethnologist of the Adelaide museum who spent two years with the arnhem land natives said that half measures were no Good in handling aborigines. There were Only two things to do either to let the natives alone or to control them. Or. Tindale lived in arnhem land from 1921 to 1922. He found even then that the aborigines were beginning to feel embittered against the Whites. They feared the loss of their women. Generally the natives were Friendly but it was necessary for White people to take every precaution and to be firm. Any 6ign of weakness was a temptation to the natives which would not be resisted. For example the leaving of stores unguarded simply invited theft. Above a native holding a Spear of the Tyoe used by the Caledon by natives. Right the strik ing head of a roote Eylandt native. Above the right Trik head f roote typhoon menaces Shanghai City Waits in terror mail special representative Shanghai. Saturday. Shanghai awaits with foreboding the approach of a menacing typhoon. It is now rating across the China sea and is expected to strike Shanghai some time tonight. It is 18 years since there was such a visitation. The latest reports placed the a torn 150 Miles away to the South East of the City., it is proceeding directly North West with a Force of 50 Miles an hour. Since the warning gun was fired at 4 . Yesterday smaller shipping has sought shelter while Large vessels Are anchoring in the Mouth. Of the Yang try Kiang River waiting for the storm to pass. The history of the. Storm is somewhat unique. It originally consisted of two typhoons which on thursday combined and Are advancing As a single storm. It is feared that the Whang poo River will flood the business Section of the City while there is a possibility of grave damage from the wind. Havoc wrought the season for typhoons the cyclonic storms of the China sea is Between july and october and past ones have wrought much havoc on shipping As Well As build Ings. Although the circular motion of the wind May be a mile or More a minute the whole storm advances Only at about 10 or 12 Miles an hour. Radio messages from ships at sea gave warning of the typhoon and the falling barometer confirmed these. Shane liar. The great commercial metro Polis of China has ajl Nilion people. To population it is the fifth City of the world. Ita International settlement contains some magnificent buildings Orr Ned by Europea companies. There e a foreign population of about 36,000. Hurricane in Cuba injures Many Havana. killed and 64 injured a the casualty Roll of a Hurri Cane that swept 200 Miles of Cuba s nor Thern coast last night. Two men caught looting were shot. The tropical radio co. Has intercepted a wireless message from the British cargo Steamer Josephine Gray 2,000 tons say ing that she is aground 100 Miles East of Havana. Immediate assistance was asked for. The vessel was driven aground by the storm. It is assumed that her Crew is Safe. Only the Tail end of the storm struck Havana and the damage to property was comparatively Light. Communications Are interrupted with the towns and it is impossible to learn the extent of the damage there governor attends dinner of accountants about 80 Mera Bece of the sooth austra Lian Branch of the Institute of chartered accountants of Australia attended the inaugural dinner at the hotel Richmond to a Light. The South australian chairman or k. W. Neill presided. The dinner was attended by the Gover nor the chief Justice sir George Mur Rathe Premier or. Butler and the acting lord mayor Aid. Cain. Among those present were sir William Mitchell or. F. Mcgregor Reid the presi Dent of the chamber of manufactures or. Drenthe president of the chamber of Commerce or. A. Sim Sonand messes. H. R. Stuckey. J. E. Bunter. The auditor general or. Roger the Federal Taxa Tion commissions or. Mears. Messes. To. Cawdell t. S. Wilson and the Reeis tray or. R. M. Steele. The governor was attended by capt. Williamson. . Buy locally As a Means of relieving unemployment the. Industries promotion Council has launched a Campaign urging All people to buy locally. In the opinion of the Council manufacturers 6hould draw their supplies of raw material from local sources and in return _ primary producers should show their Faith in South australian Workman ship and Enterprise by using locally manufactured implements fertilisers and other requisites for the farm or Earden. Workers housewives and Consumers generally Are urged to give preference to clothing and foodstuffs made in South Australia. Spectacular fall in today s steeplechase stimulant. Mah in the Carl car Down at the first Fence and interfered Uilah my. ulant. Fence interfered is Luck in claw of Kangaroo i Chance for test by Texas Man i does a Hind foot of a Kangaroo carry the Lucky Charm which a Rabbit s foot is supposed to give to it possessor if Euch an elaboration of the Well known negro superstition is Correct then it might explain Why two Hind feet of a South australian Kangaroo will be cent to. Dallas in Texas next week. The Cenzy the South australian chamber of Commerce received the most extraordinary request in its history. The chamber was asked by a Dallas resident if it were possible to Purchase cheaply a Hind tool of a Kangaroo. The Story of the Oao snal request was in blushed. In the sol bad . Feet of a Kangaroo were received at the mail office and later Given to the chamber of Commerce for ship ment to Texas. They were sent by or. R. �. Mcdonald of Mona to who under a covering letter wrote As of lows the claw i noticed in the mail the re quest for the Hind claw of a Kangaroo and a Day or two later while in scrub country where there Are a few kangaroos left i came across the remains of one. It had probably been killed illegally and the flesh had been eaten by foxes. In response to the request i have secure the Hind claws and will be obliged if you will Forward them with my compliments to the enquirer. The specimens forwarded Ere from a half grown Kangaroo the superstition attaching to a Rabbit s Root in one of the Best known in the world. Ilex owner of a Rabbit s foot is a Lucky person according to belief not Only among negroes but until quite recently among europeans also. One legend states that brer Rabbit disposed of the last Witch by putting Pepper in her vacated skid and therefore he was Bawn Ter Luck i he Possession of such a Charm _ is sup used to give to the owner immunity from everything rheumatism to ghosts. Gold up 6�d. Of. London saturday. The Price of Fine Gold on the open Market in London today was �6 11/3 an ounce being a Rise of he. Of. Compared with Friday s quotation. This Price is the highest in history. Arrest follows passing of spurious coins Sydney saturday. Counterfeit coir were passed in City hotels this afternoon but soon after getting the alarm the police found a Trail which led to an. Exciting arrest. Just after 4 o clock the police Trine told that a gang of men were visit Rig pity hotels making Small purchases and changing counterfeit florins. Detective Simpson of Regent Street station followed a Man from hotel to hotel in the Haymarket District. Hear rested him As he came from a bar in rail Way Square still holding the bag which he carried into Many hotels. The police Ailese that at least 20 hotels were visits. The Man was being taken across Cen trial Square to the Regent Street station when another Man ran up to him. The detective and his captive were soon the Centre of a crowd and efforts were mad by a Man to recover the suspect s bag. After a scuffle during which the file pet is alleged to live handed another Man a handful of coins. Detective Simp son handcuffed him and took him to the station. The Man was charged wit i uttering and or to having counterfeit coins in his Fos session. The police allege that when the bar was opened 100 a efts of cigarettes and � 0 Worth of shillings and sixpence were found. ? elderly woman s leg broken mis. Louise Solomon aged 8 i. Of 1 Clyde Street. Parkside. Bras admitted to the Adelaide Hor dits tonight suffering from a Frac nral right Lee. The in Surv was sustained when mrs. Solomon hipped. Aud fell in her Earden. Big prizes for Apt titles last Chance to compete enter at once can we lift the obstinate artist entries to �3,000 for the last big com petition what a wonderful finish it would be for the contests that have raised More than �13,000 for Charity during the past 17 weeks 2 the above table shows How the prize list would read if the �3.000 Mark were reached. Tie writer of tie Best title for the obstinate artist s Ture would receive a wonderful gift of �600, and there would the 183 other Cash prizes ranging from �180 to �1. And All for writing a title of a few words too Good to miss this is too Good to miss. It will be your last Chance to win so make the most of it. It is even possible that the entries will reach �4,000. In that Case Charity will receive �2,000, and the remaining �2,000 will go to the prizewinner. With a record first prize of �800. Of course if the entries Are not up to expectations the prizes will be Cor a responding by smaller. But we feel con 1 rident that readers will not miss this last Golden Chance to win. The picture for the final Competition was published for the first time yesterday and already several thou Sand entries have been received. This is a Good Omen. Give a few minutes to the obstinate artist Over the week end and you May be at least �600 Richer next saturday. Write a witty title the picture is on Page 5. All you have to do is to write an Apt and witty title for it and Forward sixpence for each entry the original title for the picture was. Doing it for a rail we mention this a a guide to the Type of title that will win big Money. Tie final judging next week will be in the hands of or. Baden Pattinson senator j. J. Daly mrs. Walter Kidman and the editor in chief of the news and the sail entries will be taken at the front counter of tie news office up to 5 . On thursday but Liose received in Friday morning s Post will also be accepted and carefully judged. Country readers should remember that they Are not handicapped because of remoteness from the City. If coun try entries Are posted before identical titles Are published in the news they will receive equal consideration. Same Chance for All hence it. A not necessary to see the news before sending in your titles. Pre Vious prize lists have proved that country people Are As skilful As City people at writ ing Good titles. So they must not fail to join in the last birr treasure bunt. Don t forget that every extra entry Means More for Charity. The whole of Charity s share will be handed Over to the lord Mavor s fund for Relief info in Adelaide and the suburbs the picture for the final contest together with this week s prize list. Is on Page 5. Four words bring �283 Flur words were Worth More than �2s3 in the obstinate artist contest this week. They were Holdensr a criminal sitting Liis title was submitted by tvo entrants each of whom will receive �141 15 3. The winners were or. W. J. Parry. Of jetty Road. Glen Els. And mrp. 1. Belcher of kure Avenue. Kingswood. Or. Parry has had Only three months work in five Vears. So the Ivill be particularly Welcome. Mrs. Belcher Xii rented regret that the competitions were Couch Ngirur nest week. Slie said that she had found them most enjoyable. The fact that Thev Lind produced Fitch wonderful results for Cli Ariev reflected much credit on the organisers she kaid. Or. J. K. Jell Cit. Ased 26 Earp. Of card Well Street. Adelaide and Are. E. Golder of Muuro Street Novar gardens share tie award of �88 13/ for second prize. Air. Jellett. Like last week s first prize Winner will find the Niones a useful wed Dine present. He Cru he married two months from today. The title Wae feel ins Gold and pinched Are. J. K. Carlisle of Salisbury ave nue. North i Nley. Olio �70 19/ with the words getting Well soaked without shouting is a woman s Hairdresser. She was Over moved at the Nevis of her Suc Cess. Mrs. C. E. Stead of fourth air ii. Alberton East was awarded �53 4 6 a fourth prize for the title. Guaranteed not to run when washed pull Prizel St on Page 5 or. R. W. Newton of die casters la a. Melbourne Uio visited England to study developments in the engineering j Side of the motor Industry is return cinch in the Cathay which Jea bed outer liar j Bor Toni London today ? Iii Iii. ? prize list if �3,000 is received first prize 20 . �600 second. 6 . 180 third. 4 . 120 fourth 3 . 90 fifth ? 2 . 60 sixth ? h it 45 seventh 1 pc. 30 9 of �10 ? 3 . 90 18 of �5 ? 3 . 90 30 of �2 10/ 2i . 75 120 of �14 120 total 184 prizes 50 �1,500 Gold strike reported in North Darwin. Saturday. A mild Gold Rush Bas set in follow ing the report of a Rich Gold strike at the Pinnacles nine Miles from Teu Jiant Creek. The strike bras made within three Miles of two previous finds of cold be Rinir strata. Already there Are 40 men on the Field but As the Pinnacles suffers disabilities Simi Lar to those at the granites the Minine Warden for North Australia for. N. C. Bell has strongly advised against a Rush. Very Little definite information is Avail Able Recard intr the nature of the strike. Or. Bell will make a special trip to the Pinnacles on a Edneeda to inspect the Field and Strain been out the Claine. Extremely optimistic Rei Orts on the Field i have been received privately in Darwin. In one message the strike which bras made by Rov Cooper is described a very Rich ? the lode which runs through a Tal Tose and drop formation discloses remarkably hic. Values the message continues. The Trike was invade two Miles East of the Peter pan mine which consists of a lode of cold betting Ore. The Nev strike shows a lode surface extending for four Miles and carrying various values propriety trs of the Pinnacles Are not ret aware of the extent of the lode. At pre sent ther Are crosscutting to ascertain the Width. I there is a Short Are of water which has j to be carted nine Miles from the Teles Ranh i station at Tennant Creek. The Field i does not warrant a Rush and the absence of alluvial Eold Fili Ould act As a deterrent. Conditions Are As Bard As there those at tie granites. Cathay skipper commander h. Elliott Smith in Captain of the Cathay which berthed at outer Harbor today from London. Ali iof at Garden contest 235 entries received by Spear grass two Hundred and blurt live entries j have been received for the mail r ? �33 3/ Garden contest. The entries closed on thursday. They Are Distri j buffed As follows j Section 1 Ope for gardens in which the work is done by hired gardeners j \ Section 2 for Home gardens in which a hired Gardener Hae been employed for not More than one Day a week. 63 Section 3, for Home gardens in which ? the work is done solely by the j owner occupier or Amateur Mem. Berg of the family ? is in each Section the mail will give ? first prize of �5 or a trophy a second j prize of �3, and a third prize of �2. In Harris Scarfe Ltd., eeed6men, of Rundle Street will award a trophy valued j at �1 1/ to the Winner i each Section. ? jul during will begin in the first week Iti i october. Ollor Ili Loo fatal stabbing fyn a. Arthur macintosh r 31, fatally Etab hed himself with a carving knife in a Boardinghouse in Kiley Street this afternoon. City wrestling Joe Dawson Defeated Tommy to Ian by two fails to one at the City Baths tonight. Dawson gained his second fall in the eighth round. Search for flood victim w Page 2. Little girl killed in father s arms tragedy seen by Brothers and Sisters smash at Long Plains before the eyes of five of her Brothers and Sisters a Little girl was killed in her father s arms today when a freight train struck his motor car at a crossing near Long Plains 45 Miles North of Adelaide. The victims were killed Brenda Mcardle aged 4. Injured or. B. Mcardle 41, Long Plains agent for the South australian Farmers Union fractured leg. Joan Mcardle 12 gashed leg. While driving from Long Plains to mall Ala where or. Mcardle was to have played in a Semi final football match the engine of his motor car stalled while the car was crossing the line. The freight train from Wallaroo to Caloma was approaching. Four children in the Back escaped in time. But the three victims who were sitting in the front seat were till near the car when the train struck it. Or. Mcardle who was holding Brenda in his arms was dragged some Yards by the car. Or. A. G. Clark a brother of mrs. Mcardle. Who with several relatives went to the Mcardle Home after the Accident said that apparently or. Mcardle did not see the train coming until they were near the crossing. He tried to Stop the car. But it stalled on the line. With the train bearing Down on him he tried to run it into a cattle pit on the Side of the line but it struck a Post and stayed there at an Angle across the line. The four children in the Back Vin cent aged 14, Kevin 9, Chris 6. And Daphne 11, ran Clear. But the three people in the front com not get Clear because of the Post on the Side of. The car. Or. Mcardle clasped Brend a in his arms and with Joan leaped out of the motor but when the train struck the car and dragged it the car struck or. Mcardle. Hie Little daughter Brenda was Flung from his arms. Or. D. J. Daniels who was Riding a horse in his paddock near by galloped Over to the crossing to help the victims of the smash. It does not matter about me Gaid or. Mcardle. Do something for the Little girl but the child was dead before a doctor Conid be summoned. Or. Daniels summoned pastor Durdin whose wife went to Long Plains to break the news of the tragedy to 3lrs. Mcardle who had stayed at Home with her 12 months old baby. Some of or. Eardle g team mates who were on their Way to mall Ala to play for Long Plains in. The Semi final against Grace Plains drove to mall Ala and told or. H. E. P. Boucaud of the smash. When he arrived at the crossing he found that some of the railway Crew bad attended to or. Mcardle. Who was sent to the soldiers memorial Hospi Tal at Balaklava. Hie condition late to nil rat was reported to be fair. Or. Boucaud took the dead child and her injured sister Back to mall Ala. Seve ral stitches had to be inserted in a Fraslin in Joan s leg. The car which was dragged about two chains by the train was badly damaged. The Mcardle family is Well known in the District where they went to live about five rears ago. Mrs. Mcardle s parents settled in the District about 60 years ago. Fide sunday is forecast a Fine sunday with the possibility of a few passing showers was predicted by the government meteorologist or. Bromley in a Spe Cial forecast issued tonight. I the Lyndhurst Al of a at a Price you cannot Reeise is Zuj i i Eddys Ltd girl missing from Home at Norwood Joan Wilby aged 6 years Bas been reported missing from her Home at 146 William Street Norwood. When she left at 5.40 . Ehe was wearing a Blue knit Ted skirt and jumper and Black shoes Atil socks. She has very fair hair and in about 3 it. Tall

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