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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1923, Page 12

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - September 1, 1923, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia direction ? d. Clifford theatres Ltd. General manager ? w. G. Morgan. In monday tuesday wednesday at port showing wednesday at semaphore Anthony Hope s most famous drama the prisoner of Zenda the greatest drama of the year j patrons be Well advised. Book your seats. Do not be i disappointed. Monday at port Amateur singing Competition Young ladies from 18 years. Special prize Gold medal. Enter now open to Al Comers. Al Titae a. Luso. Monday wednesday vaudeville and pictures Farewell appearance of another first rate australian the. Popular artists / Reg Thornton production the original kangaroos Ter and Frank Dennie Brilliant soloist and Saxo i he Ponist. X1c picture Section headed by a Ujj sep Blue Mountain it a a mystery san of is baffling drama of life in Al a Jav Bebe Daniels i h Delight in comedy the agent also i Colleen Moore Nancy from the Wallflower j supported by the Man above the Karl Law Inow nere monday no Nimit we Farewell night to the popular Marion Davies but in the original kangaroos Ter. Paramount delightful drama. Also a 1 j p Frank Dennie acim sued Eva Saxo supported by ? picture Section includes the big _. ? ,. Domestic drama the a � Ery drama. A a a shop i Loe Birls supported by -. Gladys Walton Manf Susi Mvi Tkv in Universal s. Comedy drama Muhi a in cry the Lavender Bath lady monday wednesday the biggest programme we have Ever presented. If jobs pc i Wiliiam Fox presents a damaged we a Louis ? la ? & supported by 400un 00 one million c in jewels the powerful drama ? of a fighting Parson. A thrilling melodrama of the Ikpi Affif a lmss�3 customs service the glorious fool a i Story of is n smuggling in Millili 1 1 i i i ii ii i i i i i i ii � i .iln.llliimii. Gelpi Kimom Niin Lilly ill ill ill la Lull Llull a i Iii la i ill a great reception a great audience a great show a last night commenced a new Era in the theatrical affairs of Adelaide he re s the secret the world s Best plays at popular prices he Hugh j. Ward s tremendous Success g 1 the Bachelor s honeymoon j i or Atod a positive furore at the King s theatre. Your own company is the Best All round combination Ever seen in Adelaide. Go the bachelors honeymoon is the world s Best comedy Success. Is every week a record Bre Alung production will he staged by this company with new and elaborate scenery mag = a if cent lighting effects and every attention to the smallest detail. = pm monday night and every evening next week. I the Bachelor s honeymoon i ii prices 3/, 2/, 1/ � a saturdays and holidays reserves 3/ extra. Box plan at Allan s. He books wisely who books Early s of i in ii Mim go if Jab to Best and most monday and All next week the greatest racing drama of the year fhe my qty ghz Universal presents Blue ribbon 7/ i Eai Flabb lbs a melodramatic gobs Flo k 1n i ult Clits Sec is we a a Wpm m ww1m ? jj/j0pfkm\ Derby a eth by torn Baggot. W Oto ? Universal Jevel. Second attraction Frank Mayo in the altar stairs a Story of a South sea adventurer who amid sensational circumstances fought his Way to the altar of happiness. Lee Moran in ? foolish lives comedy 6d ? bargain prices 1/ on stage and screen Cinema Sparks temptation which will be shown at West s next monday shows the lure and glitter of the great White Way the mad Pur suit of pleasure. Restless hearts Are not Content with the simple things of life. All these things make temptation a tremendously powerful Story of modern life. When Knighthood was in Flower Fea Turing Marion Davies. Is a coming attraction to the York theatre. Teeming with action Radiant with Beauty redolent with the warm flavor of Romance Here s the most talked about picture Ever made. The Leo Pardess starring miss Alice Brady is the second attraction at the won de graph on monday. The Story is of a girl an ungovernable South sea Maiden and a Man a Multi millionaire adventurer who tries to tame her. The background and edicts Are most picturesque. The Pic Ture itself is thrilling and intensely drama tic. Without exception this is miss Brady s b3st-bcr.een appearance in Many months. Edward Longford leading Man Heads an excellent supporting cast. ? a most thrilling horse race is the crash ing Climax to a mighty drama on land and sea with one of the finest casts Over assembled in the Kentucky Derby at the grand theatre on monday next. Pay Day showing at the York theatre is shirt to be one of the brightest gems of comedy that Charles Chaplin has Ever Given the screen. Pay Day is Replete with Humo Rous gags and incidents revolving around the comedian s elation Over pay Day in his screen role of a Horny handed son of toll. Encounters with Friend wife the ubiquitous female who is always around in pay Day and the customary gang of panhandlers furnish two reels of unu3ii.il Tom adv. ? the nth commandment is another humoresque it is just As human just As True to life and just As finely acted. In fact everyone is talking about the work of col Leen Moore As the Brave Little wife in this Story of a big City s upper and under worlds. The nth commandment has been transferred to the Pavilion for a Short season of three Days commencing monday Brothers under the skin showing at the York theatre and adapted from the Story by Peter b. Kyne is a diverting comedy drama of modern marriage. The vein of comedy tapped Early in the first reel yields excellent tonnage of laughter until the final foot of the last reel. But there is a sub stratum of powerful drama in Brothers under the skin which makes of it More than merely Fine screen entertainment. The cast is a perfect one 2nd the photography excellent. George Mel Ford s latest production. Java head will be screened at the wonder Ranh on monday with an All Star cast which includes Leatrice Joy. Jacqueline Logan Ray mond hattor., and others. It is the tale of a reckless Young american who brought Back a Lovely chinese Bride and then found he loved another. ? ? Charlie Chaplin the greatest of All comedians will be seen at West s next monday i i pay Day a picture written and directed by himself. Edna Purviance Syd Chaple the Start s brother and Mack Swain All have important roles in pay Day at. The grand theatre next monday a great horse race thriller will be presented. The leading role is taken by Reginald Denny an-1 the name of the picture is the Kentucky Derby it is a drama of land and sea. Shipwreck with a crashing finish of n Coree race that will leave the be boiler breathless. The additional attraction is Frank Mayo in the altar stairs a drama of the South seas a Story of a pretty native dancing girl a rough Island trader and a pathetically lonesome Little French girl. Ai Pavilion patrons Are promised generous entertainment this week. On monday the Para mount classic the nth commandment Witt special support wiil be presented. The thursday change Vil include two Strong at traction tace to Marl alarm transferred from West a and. Stepping fast the Speed Iest Tom mix picture yet presented. Sherlock Holmes is a coming attraction to the York theatre starring John Barry More. Every Effort was made to get an effect of absolute and intimate authenticity. To this end Many of the important scenes were taken in Limehouse Baker Street and other sections of London. Scotland Yard St. Johns College Cambridge and in Switzer j land. He left the fellow he hated in charge of the Inland Post while he went away in a native boat and when he returned the natives were drunk and the Little missionaries Church a wreck. Ro.1 Maclean was never a religious Man but he was 1 White Man and. Sky Pilot or no sky Pilot the Little preacher needed his help. See Fri no Avo in the altar stairs at the grand theatre next monday. The Clang of the Gong the shriek of the Siren the blast of the whistle the dash of the plunging horses tearing Down the Street the surge of the roaring engines belching smoke and flames the Rush of excited throngs in the Wake of the apparatus shouting screaming wild eyed. Of. Gives but a hint of the smashing action and 1 vivid drama of the third alarm which i will be shown at the Pavilion next thursday. The grand larceny a coming attraction to the York theatre is the Story of two men and a woman in which one of the men commits what the other Calls an act of grand larceny in stealing the affections of tue others wife. A novel twist to this Type of society Story a introduced by the Atti tude of the woman who is the innocent victim of what is apparently a Chain of evil looking circumstances. I or. Francis Halls Adelaide s own and Australia s greatest baritone will Render at the j Vandergraph theatre next week at the after noon and evening performances Tommy glad Margetson the Lane to anywhere Greenland Little town in the Ould county Down Carlo and Sanders. The Ace of hearts coining to West s next monday features Leatrice Joy and Lon Chaney. The letters remarkable performance will go Down in the history of motion pictures As an extraordinary physical As Well As an histrionic achievement. ? another episode of Universal s thrilling chapter play in the Days of Buffalo Bill will be screened at the Pavilion next Mon Day tuesday and wednesday. Hair raising thrills with excitement reach ing across the Pacific to China and whirl wind action form the greater part of Tom mix latest production 3tep\itr-s t it to be shown at the Pav next thursday. Townies and hayseed commencing at the York theatre on september 8, Breaks fresh ground and is away from the beaten track that has became so familiar in Arue t rican pictures. The titles in it Are exceptionally witty and Many of the incidents Are of a topical nature. The Climax is an j excellent one and must not be spoiled. By telling it Here. Adelaide is in for Many 1 a Good laugh at townies and hayseed 1 if Winter comes this scene is from j. Williamson s big play production of Hutchison s famous novel to be staged next saturday at i ? the theatre Roval. Or. George Blint Rev. Fortuner. Garry Marsh Mark Sabre and Siss Jane Saville Mabel Sabre. Illia son s big l Atchison s f Ous next at i theatre lint v. Ort Nearry Ark abre. Java head beginning next Moil by. Or. George Milford s outstanding Paramount auction Java. Head will be presented for one week Only at the wonder graph. It is a Piet urination of Joseph Tierce Zneimer s Lamous novel it is a tremendous Story of the Par East. The theme deals with the adventures of a seafaring Man and a chinese girl of Hirah degree in a dramatic and thrilling manner. It is a Superb production in every respect and the featured players include Leatrice Joy Jacqueline log in. Raymond Hatton George Fawcett. And Albert Roscoe. As a chinese Maiden of prominent degree in Java head miss Joy essays her first character Rol. Her marriage to an american sea Cap Tain after her dramatic reduce by the Iatter from chinese ruffians is the pre Lude to a series of absorbing incidents iof compelling interest and which snakes this production one of the 1110s notable of the year. The supporting drama features the popular Alice Brady. Paramount Star in the Leo Pardess a mystery Romance f the. Smith . J i d Ward Langford 9 s opposite miss Jeraldy and Montague love is an unusually forceful villain. Torchy s double Triumph a Sewell Ford com Jedy with Johnny Hines provokes much laughter and there also Are interesting gazettes and pictorial re views. Special item of this work s Bill is or. Francis Halls Adelaide a own and Australia s greatest baritone j who will Render popular ballads at the afternoon and evening sessions for next week Only. I pay Day there is Only one complaint about pay Day the latest Charles Chaplin picture which is showing at the York theatre All the week its two reels should be ten. There is Only one Chaplin. Anyone doubting it need Only see pay Day t a distinctiveness of Art is something that can be acquired neither by study or work. It is a matter of ability and instinct and Chaplin is the one person who can blend the Fine Art of pantomime with a serious Mien that makes the whole impersonation irresistibly funny. Don t t ask what pay Day is All about. It has t a plot like the kid it in to supposed to but it s just As funny. F00tli6ht flashes it is a most unusual thing oat eight Mem Bers of the famous diggers who Are playing a Short season at the Prince of Wales theatre went away from Australia together. Five of them were blown up and buried As the result of a Shell bursting and the other three were taken prisoners. The most remarkable part about it was that the three escaped from prison and reported Back to the company the very Day the other five were released out of Hospital and also joined the company. ? ? Dion Boucicaut whose Fine Art As an actor will be seen in the part of Caraway Pim in the forthcoming production of or. Pim passes by at the King s theatre Mel Bourne showed his highest gifts As a pro Ducer under Charles Frohman from 1901 to the tragic death of the great american in 1915. Frohman was a lavish Man and he tinted nothing in the preparation of stage effects. He gave Dion Boucicaut an entirely free hand and at rehearsals his own criticism would amount to suggesting an alteration in a Sene if it appeared to him to be dragging or was otherwise incapable of securing a dramatic effect. In his. Way he was one of the most remarkable men of his time and he took failures with the same whimsical humor with which he took successes. One piece on which he spent thou Sands of pounds and which he believed would make a Fortune failed on the first Nisbet the following Day he received a wire from the anxious author Reading How is the play going and telegraphed Back the one word gone � ? sir Harry Lauder is having a Brilliant sea son in Perth. Scotsmen turned out to a Man to Welcome him and at every performance he is delighting crowded audiences. Visits to Ballarat Laun Eston and Hob it will bring his australasian tour to a conclusion. Madame Lydia Lipkowska has Well Satis fied Melbourne of her musical ability and. The vivid Way she dresses her parts getting Rich operatic effects on a cold concert plat form quickly informs people that she is an artist in everything she undertakes. She also demonstrates that she is a Singer of marked personality often departing from a traditional interpretation to give quite a new and arresting aspect to a song or air. Madame lip Krivska is possibly the Only Finger alive who depended for her training on a Monarch s Bounty. In the Days when she was poor but ambitious she bad singing lessons at the Petrograd conservatoire the late czarina generously paying her fees. I one of the greatest qualities of the Fisk Jubilee singers entertainment is its wholesomeness. Their inimitable easy manner when rendering the quaint Oid melodies Vas a Charm of its own and makes one feel at Home with them and inspires a tender a ? pealing fascination Flint convinces Sci that the artist Are sin sins from their Heirty. I As with All popular singers their methods Are simple and direct. I Irene Vanbrug the great actress who will i next be seen at the King s theatre Mcl j Bourne in a. A. Mine s comedy or. Pim i passes by could talk All Hizy about the interesting dramatists she Frt ii Tret during the course of her career. She Well remembers Oscar Wilde coming in assiduously to the rehearsals of his comedies when they were first being produced at the St. Panic theatre London. He was Roost courteous and Hei Ful in sup Cessions a ii was always very particular a out a Ptiip the Richt amount of emphasis into some of his telling sayings. English vaudeville has my excellent artists but Ristori and partner who have been booked for an Adelaide season com mencing net saturday at the Prince of Wales theatre surprised London with the brilliance and Novelty of their offering. Just what Ristori and partner do is not to be divulged Here for the Surprise in the act is part of the fun. Suffice it that they come to the Prince of Wales theatre with the very highest credentials As vaudeville . Steel away to Jesus was first Sung by slaves living on the Border of a River. Opposite was an Indian reservation on which a missionary was Labouring among the indians. As the masters were very cruel in Thea Region the slaves would steal across the River at night engage in worship which they were not allowed to do at Home and before they were missed. This they called stealing away to Jesus the Fisk Jubilee singers Are the greatest exponents of this Beautiful Melody. ? ? Jock Thomson one of the famous diggers who Are appearing at the Prince of Wales theatre is an artist to the Finger tips. His Clear Well trained voice is heard in operatic numbers which Are without doubt enjoyed by the Prinze of Wales audiences. During the recent season of the diapers in Perth Jock Thomson proved one of the highest Singi no successes that Ever appeared in the Western state. The Fisk Jubilee singers the Fisk Jubilee singers whose pre Vious appearance in Adelaide have met with pronounced Success will open a season of seven nights on saturday next september 8, at the town Hall begin Ning with a matinee. It is seme Vears since this popular combination has Given entertainments in this City and their artistic rendition of those Beautiful negro melodies Are still remembered by lovers of this class of entertainment. Spe Cial interest attaches to this season in View of the fact that the management has secured a Fine pictorial represent a Tion of mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe famous novel Uncle Tom s Cabin Dur ing the Progress of which a number of negro melodies and Plantation songs will be rendered by the company. The first part of the programme consists of Indi a visual items by the members and Uncle Tom s Cabin occupies the second part. The Box plan for the season opens on monday morning at Cawthorne s. The nth commandment Frank Borzage director Francis Marion scenario writer and a Fanny Hurst Story the Trio largely responsible for the Success of humoresque collaborated in the making of the in commandment a classic or screen literature which will be shown at the Pavilion next monday tuesday and wednesday. Naturally the two j pictures must stand comparison act while the nth commandment is entirely different in theme and treat Anent it can be classed As another humoresque it is a vivid and very human Little Story of every Day life and Ordinary people it is Rich in Appeal iof a Brave Little girl wife who gets out and struggles to support the Little family when her husband is no longer Able to work and it tells of her trials and temptations and final Success. The title refers to the a it that there Are occasions arising in life that require sacrifice and self abnegation even above the Terete of the commandments and such a one Little Sarah Juke was called on to face. Brothers under the skin a diverting comedy of modern marriage is the Bol Wyrie photoplay adapted from the Story by Peter b. Kyne Brothers under the skin which will be shown at the York Thea tire ail the week. Its thesis that All men Are Brothers when it becomes a question of marriage and a Man s re lations with his wife no matter what their economic or Schai station in life. Jis one that permitted ? or. Kyne to 1 weave a Story about two households Ione in a Flat the other. In an apart Anent hons that Lent itself to Vera Ocious comedy treatment. The Story concern the troubles of Newton Craddock shipping clerk and Thomas Kirkland. Vice president and general manager of a plumbing manufacturing concern with their wives Millie and women Are pleasure Loving and spend More Money ?.nan their husbands can afford. Crad Dock is sent to Kirt land s apartment to deliver a note and before his pre sence becomes . Witnesses a j quarrel Between Kirtland and Dorothy which is but an Echo of his own troubles with Millie. The wealthy Kirt land proceeds to administer to Dorothy a measure of Caveman treatment which proves so efficacious that Crad Dock after helping to straighten mat ters out Between his employer and his wife uses it on Millie to equally Good purpose. The two men were Brothers j under the skin in Moro ways than one. Week s theatres. R theatre Royal Sally Majestic vaudeville. of Wales the diggers. West a temptation Java head York Brothers under the skin Pavilion the nth commandment grand the Kentucky Derby the Kentucky Derby. Reginald Denny is featured in a. Thrilling Story with sensation in land on sea and in the air entitled the Ken Tucky Derby which will be screened at the grand theatre on monday next. This is the most thrilling of All turf dramas and the action is Laid in the Blue grass country where men love their horses almost As much As their sweethearts. The Romance surrounding it will Appeal to everybody and it is one of the finest pictures Universal has Jet made. The Kentucky Derby was not made in a motion picture studio but the real thing run at Lexington the race tracks and the Derby j crowds and even the famous hours ,. Morvich and others Are Shewn. The supporting feature will be an exciting drama of the South seas entitled the altar stairs Frank Mayo is seen in a virile Roie of a ship s Captain and trader among the romantic islands of the South seas where sensuous influences often wreck the Best traits of a White Man s character where the whisky is equal to the american Boot in potentiality and the women Are equal to anything in the world if left to their own environment. But what happens to an All Man White too clean at heart to mix with the natives who Falls in love with a delicately bred French girl who was already married 10 a villain makes a vivid and thrilling Story. Star suburban circuits Unley and Goodwood. The latest Paramount cosmopolitan production Adam and Eva is the Star at traction at the Star theatres Unley and Goodwood on monday night. As Eva Kingjr miss Davies Only worry is How she can spend her dad s Money As fast As he is Able to provide it. Then comes the Shock of her life. Her father loses his entire Fortune. What does she do sell her jewels and live in Comfort in an up Tox in apartment she does not. She equips a farm in the country the Only piece of property left of the once magnificent King estate and makes it pay. The support ing programme includes the australian drama the Blue Mountain mystery on wednesday the popular vaudeville artists Dennie and rep Thornton will re appear in a Complete change of acts. Star theatre Norwood. Another entertaining Bill will be presented at the Star theatre Norwood on monday night. Frank Dennie the Brilliant saxophonist and Reg Thornton the different comedian who has something to say about everyone ? and everything will reappear in a Complete change of their acts. Those who enjoy a sparkling comedy Brilliant titles and a Little weep or two will find All these in the Wall Flower which will head the picture Sec Tion. It is a truthful Story of a Young girl who had been so repressed by her Mother and Brothers and was dressed so Queerly that she seemed to herself and everybody else a ugly duckling. At dances she was left sitting against the Wall. She tried to kill herself but met with failure a transformation came. One Day when a. Pretty Young Westerner taught her How to dress and walk and she be came an idol. The supporting feature is the Man above the Law on wednesday the australian drama the. Blue Mountain mystery will be screened. Port and semaphore. Commencing at the Star theatre port Adelaide on monday night and showing at semaphore on wednesday night an Thony Hope s most Brilliant masterpiece the prisoner of Zenda will be screened. This drama has the recommendation of the management of being the. Greatest photo play this year. None has exceed in its Appeal to the a yep. The heart., and the imagination. Few have equally its 10.000 feet of wondrous entertainment. On monday night at the port another Amateur singing Competition will be held for Young ladies from 18 years and in. Tuesday night will be the Farewell night to the popular vaudeville artists prank Dennie and Reg Thornton. Torren Vilee and hindu Aroff. /. The biggest double programme that up have or shown will be presented at the Star theatres Torrens Ville and Hind Narsh. On monday night. The Tittle Church around the Corner Heads the Bill. It is a Story surrounding David Graham an orphan whose father was Kii a in a mine Groves up to manhood and enters the ministry. Anxious to help he Nour in jigs town he believes it can be done by reforming the Rich especially my toil the millionaire mine owner hard and Flinty who refuses better conditions for his men. David accepts the pulpit of the wealthy Church of which Morton is a member and Falls in love with his daughter Leila. After carrying on the work against Hyner Crisy and sin lie learns to his dismay that he is treated like a matinee idol. Disappointed and broken hearted he returns to his people. He comes in time to find a score of miners trapped in the mines due to Morton s failure to introduce improvements. Infuriated the miners demand revenge and strike. Tiow a tid saves the mine owner from death How he convinces the strikers to forget and forgive through a Miracle ire the High dramatic Points in this remarkable drama by Charles e. Blaney the famous author. The support is a highly entertaining feature the glorious fool picture vastly different to All others. Miss Ruth Taylor physical director of the presbyterian ladies College Mel Bourne arrived by the Melbourne express this morning to stay with or. Gertrude Halley in order to Jude the physical sections in connection with the girls clubs competitions now being held

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