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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Oct 3 1936, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - October 3, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Haig s i i i Scotland s i 1 oldest i j whisky Clipper tobacco Large Flag far pipe smokers. Light and dare Price and Quality snit everybody sole agents Cornell limited. Adelaide. Commonwealth plans to revive migration text of letter to states 3 suggestions made exclusive to the mail Canberra saturday. Three definite suggestions for partial resumption of assisted British migration to Australia have been submitted by the Commonwealth for consideration by the states. They Are 1 Grant of assisted passages might be extended to relatives of persons already in Australia. 2 if a state desires that female household workers or farm youths be introduced the Commonwealth will arrange for their introduction on receipt of requisitions. 3 persons of British Stock resident in the United kingdom who would be in Possession of a specified minimum amount of capital might be Given the same benefits As Are contemplated for nominated migrants under the first suggestion. Capital requirements proposed Are for a married Man not less than �300 on arrival in Australia or alternatively a pension or other income of not less than � 100 a year for a single Man. Not less than �50 on arrival. Under the third proposal any person from the United kingdom who is in sound health and in Possession of a valid passport is eligible for admission into Australia provided it is not considered Likely he will become a charge on the state. High Steamer fares Are considered to be an obstacle against people with capital in the United kingdom coming to Australia. Under the suspended agreement be tween the United kingdom and Commonwealth governments provision is made for granting assisted passages to certain specified classes of migrants. Continuance of this agreement in a re Vised form is under consideration. It is not proposed in future to make Loans towards assisted passages for migrants nominated by relatives because it appears highly desirable that this class should arrive in Australia free from financial encumbrance. The Commonwealth will probably take up with the United kingdom the question of increasing their joint contribution towards passages in these cases. Inquiry into suitability it is also proposed that in future every assisted migrant introduced into Australia shall before embarkation be required to undergo a strict Examina Tion As to general suitability Tor life in Australia in addition to medical sex. Am Naton. The Commonwealth Hopes to avoid As far As possible the introduction of misfits. Assisted migration was discussed by a sub committee appointed by the re cent conference of Commonwealth and state ministers and it was decided that definite proposals be submitted to the state for consideration. It is Felt that the full co operation of the states is an essential to the Success of the scheme. In the Long communication that the prime minister or. Lyons has addressed to the state premiers on the subject there is no suggestion that the British government has inspired the move but remembering the utterances of australian ministers who have visited England in the past 12 months it is assumed that negotiations have recently taken place Between Canberra and the dominions office the British authorities were no doubt consulted on the proposals be fore they were submitted to the states. An Early resumption of assisted British migration to Australia was confidently forecast by the sooth australian Premier or. Batter on his return from abroad in septem Ber last year. He said he was hopeful. That Bri Tain would initiate the proposals which he Felt sure the Commonwealth government would be prepared to con Sider from every Angle. Co operation by suites he was confident too that the states would willingly co operate with the Commonwealth in properly investigating the possibilities of Success with these proposals. It was recalled in Canberra today that at the time or. Butler s Confidence and evident enthusiasm were not openly shared by Commonwealth authorities also that London comments while giving him full credit for his Friendly Altitude did not substantiate the suggestion conveyed by his remarks that an Early resumption of assisted migration was contemplated. It is evident now from or. Lyons letter to the premiers that the Commonwealth government has been work ing on a scheme for some time and that it is ready to put it into opera Tion almost immediately if sufficient encouragement is forthcoming from state governments. The Commonwealth communication Points out that before the depression preference was Given to certain classes of migrants from the United kingdom inasmuch As part of their passage Money was defrayed jointly by the United kingdom and the common wealth governments. Since 1930 assisted passages have virtually been Dis continued. Concern has been caused by the fact that in the past three years statistics have shown that increased gains of White alien population were made by Australia but losses to Australia of Bri Tish Stock by migration during that period were greater than the gains. Since it has been frequently emphasised that the population of Australia comprises 97 per cent. British Stock the position revealed by the figures is considered to be very unsatisfactory. White aliens attracted improved economic conditions Here Are attracting White aliens to austra Lia in rapidly increasing numbers. The Commonwealth government does not consider that the time is yet Ripe for rest option of assisted migration on the same scale As that which obtained before the Depres Sion even though during the past four years unemployment Fig arts have fallen. However it is Felt that a partial restoration of provi Sions for assisted passages from the United kingdom might be made to the extent desired by the states. From time to time it is stated the Commonwealth is receiving Applina ions from australian residents for assisted passages for relatives whom they Are prepared to guarantee. Various voluntary migration organisations have indicated that they have Many applications from Farmers for boys and Are unable to Supply them. Organisations which have been encouraging settlement of australian boys on the land also report a demand in excess of the Supply. It is claimed by the Commonwealth that there is an unsatisfied demand which cannot be fulfilled until assisted passages Are again granted youths from the United kingdom. The Situa Tion is the same in regard to House hold workers. The Commonwealth feels therefore that in View of the improved conditions a continuance of present restrictions on assisted passages might be contrary to the wishes of the states and the states might desire that some encouragement be afforded by Way of assistance towards passages in order to stimulate migration of suitable classes of persons from the United kingdom for farm and household work. This is believed to be desirable be cause of the indisputable fact that of the total number of migrants to Australia today the proportion of British Stock is much lower than it would be if the obstacle of High fares from the United kingdom were partially re moved. 1 1 ii 1 1 till 1 1 1 ii 1 1 1 no h Pfuntn Liitt by Iii Iii us Imi i i 1 1 1 ? m m Iti 1 1 1 explosion at incinerator Sydney saturday. When a terrific explosion occurred in one of the com Bustion Chambers of the City Council s incinerator at Purmont today or j. Boadle a visiting Melbourne City Council Engineer was injured. The cause of the explosion is still a mystery but one of the visitors present said later that he had smelt cordite. Whether the explosive was placed in a rubbish can by some care less person or dropped purposely among rubbish the police Are unable to say officers of the explosives department will examine the debris found in the chamber. Bars of the chamber were blown out by the Force of the explosion and three doors were torn off their hinges and thrown some distance away. Little other damage was done. Or Boadle. Who was standing directly in front of the chamber was ? thrown backwards and burned about the neck and hands. He was taken to Hospital but allowed to leave after treatment. Showers on the Way Fine weather with warm Gusty northerly winds May be expected tomorrow according to the acting government meteorologist or. Treloar in a forecast to the mail tonight. However it is Likely that later in the Day the weather will become cooler with Westerly winds Ond probably o few showers. Port win exciting final game big crowd s enthusiasm a triumphing in one of the most dramatic grand finals seen at Adelaide Oval by three Points against Sturt port won the Cen Tenary league football premiership today. Indescribable scenes of enthusiasm followed the final Bell and it was impossible for the governor sir Winston Dugan to carry out the presentation of the Gosse cup presented by the president of the Norwood club or. J. H. Gosse according to sche Dule. While in the midst of the Surg ing crowd the governor lost his stick but after most of the excite ment had abated it was found and returned to his excellency. At the conclusion of the match it was proposed that the two teams should line up in front of the grand stand for the presentation. The authorities however had not anticipated the wild enthusiasm of the port supporters. Jumped the Fence As the final Bell rang they jumped the Fence and surged on to the ground. Jack Dermody port Captain was lifted shoulder High and enthusiasts began carrying him round the ground. Other port players were shouldered and in a remarkable scene spectators forget the presentation. In the meantime sir Winston Dugan with other members of the official party had walked on to the ground where they were soon in the Centre of a wildly cheering mass. Police officers were unable to Cope with the excited spectators but sir Winston remained unperturbed and smiled at the enthusiastic scene. Dermody was carried shoulder High to the governor but he could not be heard by More than a few persons standing next to the governor. Sir Winston congratulated Dermody on his team s Victory and told him How much he had enjoyed the exciting game. The handsome Gosse cup was handed to Der Jody but enthusiasts held it High so that it could be seen clearly. The unbounded enthusiasm prevented any further ceremony and players who were in the crowd were seized and again wildly congratulated. With sir Winston in the Middle of the jostling crowd the police had a difficult task in Clearing a Way for him to the official stand. Report of grand final on Page 13. Weed killer thrown on contest Garden a dastardly action by some unknown person has resulted in the pretty front Garden of mrs. A. F. Chambers of Anzac Highway. Hay nurse being Marrea to an extern of Burnt looking dead patches in a bed of Odetia and in a strip of Lawn. Furthermore Lobelia and anemones in a Side bed were so damaged that they had to be removed. Mrs. Chambers had entered her Gar Den in the mail Centenary Garden Competition and when the judges messes. A. S. Orchard w. Champion Hackett and a. J. Quarrell saw the Garden during the week they came to the conclusion that Weed killer had been wantonly thrown on the Flowers. Some person apparently threw Large quantities of Weed killer on the Beds and Lawn and spoilt the general effect of an excellent Garden said or. Quarrell today. When the Beds and Lawn were affected mrs. Chambers was mystified and she still has no idea who the Cul Prit might be. Although naturally an noyed at the vindictive action. Mrs Chambers has taken the situation philosophically. When we first came to this House about six years ago. Someone entered the Garden one night and pulled up j about 12 Rose Bushes she said today i about four years ago pot plants in the front of the House were damaged j and the cushions taken off the seats in the front Verandah. I believe How Ever that the damaging of the pot plants was the work of practical j jokers a thief also broke into the House i in Broad Daylight and stole �5. I above the ruined bed of Odetia in the front Garden of mrs. A. F. Chambers showing How the Flowers have been destroyed. Below a strip of Lawn in which Are Burnt out patches. Above the Detia is. A. F. To the ers Burnt out end of nation s suspense dutch fliers found unharmed near dry Lake bed Kalgoorlie. Saturday. A nation s suspense ended today when capt. C. W. Snook located the missing dutch fliers messes. W. D. Rous and h. J. Van Beekman Safe and Well 30 Miles South East of Karonie. All Australia had been watch nor with tense interest the search for the lost men which had gone on since thursday morning with an increasing number of planes. Capt. Snook of airlines ltd., flying his spartan plane miss Leonora saw the missing men running about excitedly and waving their hands on the Side of a Salt Lake. On the bed of the Lake was scratched the significant word water on his return to Kalgoorlie capt. Snook told a vivid Story of his discovery. Relating his Story capt. Snook said it s great to be Able to Tell you this. Things looked pretty grim. I was a bit late joining in yester Day he continued but was away Bright and Early at 6.30 today. I took a new Cookst further South and East than any of the other planes had flown. Two hours after i Trad hopped off 1 began to see the end of the terrible Forest country East of Wedgie Moltha and touched the fringe of the big Chain of Salt lakes that run 60 or 70 Miles South from the East West line Well Over 20 Miles South East i spotted a Small thread of smoke. It was too Small for a Bushfire and might have been a signal so i turned that Way. Every clue had to be checked up. As i got near i dropped a bit to have a look but i was almost Over the plane before i saw it it was right on the fringe of a Small Lake a few Hundred Yards from another dry Lake bed that looked two or three Hundred Yards Long and the plane was pretty close to some Trees. As i flew Over it i saw two men dash Cut towards the Centre of the Little Lake waving their hands frantically. It was a tremendous Relief to see them on their feet be cause All of is had been wondering How Long they could last on a quart of Coffee. Coming Back Over them the second time i saw that they were pointing at a big sign water that they had scraped in the glistening Lake bed where the water had dried out Leav ing a crust of White. They had scooped through this crust until they had reached the Black soil underneath so that their Black and White sign could be easily read from the air. I dumped overboard the can of water a flask of Brandy and Sand Wiches that were parachuted ready for such an emergency and came Down to 50 it. To have a Good look at the plane. The men picked up the water and food and walked Back and sat Down underneath the Wing out of the Sun. I daresay they made Short work of the stuff i sent Down. They must have been feeling the heat because they had orly their shirts on and were wearing no boots. I looked very hard at the plane and could not see the slightest sign of damage. They had apparently made a perfectly Safe Landing. That gave me the idea that where they had landed safely we might be Able to do the same and pick them up by air. Propped note that seemed far More feasible than rescuing them by truck which might have taken Days to plug through the thick Forest. The big Lake seemed quite hard and Long enough to get on and off safely. I dropped a note saying that 1 was going Back for assistance to res Cue them and flew to Karonie. I scribbled another to the settlers at the railway settlement there so that they could let Kalgoorlie know the men were Safe and pull the other machines off the search the dutchmen left Perth on wednesday. The country in which they were found today is extremely dry and would be most difficult for a land party to reach the men because of the heavily wooded nature of the country. Eight planes including two air Force planes which passed through Adelaide yesterday were to have taken part in the search today. Five were to operate from Forrest and three from Kalgoorlie. Fliers reach Kalgoorlie the missing dutch fliers arrived in Kalgoorlie this evening in their own plane accompanied by the machines which had taken food water and petrol to them. The dutchmen were very tired but otherwise Little the worse for their experience. Their position would have become serious if they had not been located because they had run out of food and water. Soon after arriving in Kalgoorlie they settled Down to a meal at an hotel. Their machine had run out of petrol but was not damaged. They intend to remain in Kalgoorlie until monday. acceptances for Mon Day s racing at Rand Wick appear on Page 5. Backers of Waii in steeplechase lose their Money at second Fence Wau did not give his backers much of a ran for their Money this afternoon for be fell at the second Fence in the Koono la steeplechase at Cheltenham. The leaders at this stage of the race Are not shown by t the first horse in this picture is lady Madge who won. Then comes Wau giving his rider l Tregenza a fall with Stormy dream who fell at the last and Erlend third following. Ship sinks in typhoon Tokio october 3. Sixty Passen Gers and four of the Crew were drowned when a coastal Steamer foun dered in a typhoon says a message from Seoul Korea. Girl injured by motor car now in Hospital Shirley Edna Adams 8, of East Parade Kensington was admitted to the ? children s Hospital tonight with head injuries including a Cut on the Back of the head and abrasions to the face elbows hands and Knees sustained when she collided with a motor car at Magill Road North Norwood near the inter Section of Wellington Road. The Driver of the car Robert Joseph Edmunds Mechanic of Osmond Terrace Norwood said that on approaching a Tram he noticed the child Dart from the pavement behind the Tram. He applied his brakes and when he Drew level with the rear of the Tram the girl collided with the car. The child was treated at a nearby surgery and taken to Hospital by police ambulance. Sgt. Bourke of Norwood prepared a report Falls from tree falling from a Bough of a Moreton Bay Fig tree on the Northern Mound at the Adelaide Oval when he was watch ing the football final this afternoon Alfred Whitbread 2s, of Blanche Street Gawler received a lacerated Scalp con Cussion Xiuji abrasions. He was taken in a civil ambulance to the Adelaide Hospital and admitted. After striking the ground beneath the tree he rolled Down the Side of the embankment collapse at Oval after having collapsed while watch ing the football final at the Adelaide Oval today the Secretary of the . Bowling association or. Arthur h. G. Edwards of the Crescent Brighton was taken by Civ and Durance to Rocca Porena private Hospital South Terrace and admitted. He is believed to have had a heart attack. Toni. To v three Hurt in City two men and a child were injured in an Accident at the intersection of Pulteney and Wakefield streets tonight. They were Harold George thurlborn. 27, of ninth Street Bowden admitted to the Adelaide Hospital with concussion and a fractured Collarbone. Horace Francis Smith 32, of Cuming Street mile end treated for abrasions. Betty Voit Mill Street Clarence Park treated at the children s Hospi Tal for minor abrasions. Smith was reported to have been Riding a motor Cycle with thurlborn As Pillion passenger when the machine collided with the child who was stand ing in the Roadway with her Mother. Injured in collision Richard Thomas Palmer 19, of sixth Avenue st. Peters was admitted to the Adelaide Hospital tonight with concus Sion and lacerated Scalp received in a collision Between his motor Cycle and a bicycle at the intersection of Queen Street and Beulah Road Norwood. The cyclist Felix Herman Budzilowicz of Magill Road Norwood was treated for Scalp abrasions. Frederick Bell 21. Of Dudley Street colonel Light gardens bread Carter. Was admitted with injuries to his legs received in a collision Between his motor Cycle and a lorry at Cross Road. Unley. Stop press wakv1lle trotting Edward stakes Logan Park 1 electric boy 2 Findon Derby 3. Gay Lover loses Epsom on protest Sydney saturday. Backed to win More than �25,000, Gay Lover was first past the Post in the Rich Epsom Handicap at Randwick today but the race was taken away from him on a protest. The 33/1 outsider capris was placed first Gay Lover 5/1 second and a Pottle prattle 8/1 third. This sensation followed the defeat into third place by talking and Mala of Gold Rod Odds on favorite in the �5,000 . Derby Mala s performance was exceptionally Good because this morning he was struck by a Tram car near the course and had two legs injured. Bookmakers at Flemington paid out hundreds of pounds on Gay i Lover before they and the punters knew that a protest had been entered. Six lost almost �200 each and it was reported an hour after the race that comparatively few backers had returned the Money paid out in error. Gay Lover was Ridden a great race by w. Cook who let him run along when he had the measure of Spear Meta who at one stage held a five length Lead and Black laughter. Gay Lover ran the mile in 1.36%, next Best to the race record time set by amounts. Capris one of the outsiders of the Field paid nearly 40 to 1 on the tote. J Brittle prattle was a Good third and i Black laughter was fourth. The Vic i Torian. Panay. Finished too late again j with one of his Brilliant bursts. Jockeys versions s. Cracknell rider of capris said that he was running second to the turn but when entering fhe straight. Was car ried out by Gay Lover. He thought that he would have won comfortably Bard his mount not been hampered. W. Cook on Gay Lover stated that his horse jumped away Weh and had a Good run most of the Way. Gay Lover and capris accidentally collided your fading the turn in the concluding stages. Capris was running out and he had to hold his horse off that Mare. Shakespeare began the Derby sensations when he fell soon after the Start. Gold Rod led into the straight but talking always in a Good position finished brilliantly to win Well from Mala and Gold Bod. Gold Rod according to present intentions will leave on monday for the Caulfield guineas but or. Watt and the Trainer George Prince will Confer later about the Colt s programme and it is unlikely they will worry about the Melbourne cup with him. Fancies for metropolitan Sydney saturday. After the races at Randwick Silver. Bine had a slight Call Over sporting blood the metro Pok Market and fee order of popu Larity for monday s big race now is ? Silver Bine a sporting blood High Cross Wykeham Lough Neath Spear Prince soft step or fair Diana loud applause Royal messenger Gerberry sat Moth. 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