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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Nov 28 1936, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - November 28, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia i a Kyat Scotland s i oldest i i whisky i Clipper tobacco Large plug for pipe smoker. Light and dark Price and Quality snit everybody sole a ends Cornell limited Adelaide. Sparton today s most amazing refrigerator value f i i ? the anti Frost electric pc to Johh to clock is Only one of the r Hes Eulf Llull a St of spart0n features. Jef or jew you must see the Bas Kador. T2ffirs ift3is Vega bin. Fast freezing unit 0k3 Al Job is Vece try release. I a once in a lifetime so be sure a it s Sparton Quality. K / a ? yours in a ? 1 for f9lvweekly refrigeration 11 if is master s voice magnificent models to choose from Hajj a he he huh the silent dependable and Effi by pm a client mechanism a Foch has made ass so his master s voice re Ricara a a ? a of the ors famous is rivalled Only by the Bill i. ? or vim Beauty of . Cabinets. The -1 / i he Graceful elegance and flawless Al no a workmanship maintain fee rep h i v in a i la of can choose from several acc a ii pm designs All Standard models at a ? a a. J ? i a a ran to prices and sizes without his a i vols safes a a p0 in value for Money. By a 0?% feb see me new . Before you of a. Levi 3-Ssb Kuy a costs no More than Ordin children magnificent in pageant of Empire 23,767 plate i Fig spectacle cooler conditions a Welcome Relief inspiring in Conception and magnificent in effect the pageant of Empire played by nearly 14,000 metropolitan schoolchildren before a crowd of 23,767 filled three glorious hours at the Adelaide Oval this afternoon when it was presented for the second and last it was indeed. Conditions were better for the Young performers with a lower temperature and a Breeze. There were fewer of those pathetic collapses to arouse regretful sympathy and distract attention from the Progress of. Events. About 130 coxes of fainting among. The Young performers and spectators were treated com pared with 950 yesterday. The pageant was a spectacle which Only children could have achieved children Well trained and splendidly costumed. Adults would not have had the same effect for it was the spontaneous enthusiasm of the youngsters their obvious love of the work they were doing that made the pageant a joyous affair. The attendance was officially Esti mated at 23,767, slightly fewer than yesterday. Takings were �975, apart from reserved seats. Many men were in the throng today. Proud fathers uncles and elder Brothers came to see their Young relatives do their memorable part towards the Success of this their main Centenary Celebration. The pageant was in five main acts the first symbolical of the British Isles the second of Canada the third of India the fourth of Australia and the last a massed effect of tableau in which Britannia gathered together All her Peoples of the British brotherhood of nations to pay homage to the Flag. A sealed to the heart from the opening moments the pageant was an immense Success. It was something which appealed to the heart As Well As the minds of the on lookers. Many people went to the Oval Early this morning waiting until the Gates opened and then waiting again Tor 2.30 o clock to bring the performers into charming Light. But their wait was Well repaid. Long before the actual beginning of the pageant thousands of girls in the cos Tumes designed for the dance of toe nations entered the Arena and took their places round its margin. Their frocks made principally of paper were like a glimpse of fairyland. The tall roses of England the Dainty daffodils of Wales the Little shamrocks of Ireland and the Perky thistles of Scotland framed the spread of Sward in color with their pinks reds greens blues and yellows. Then applause thundered from the stands As the 70 boys attired As yeomen of the guard with red uniforms knee breeches Black Rosette hats and Hal Berds Complete to say nothing of extremely realistic beards came out to perform evolutions before drawing up in front of the main stand. The applause burst out again As More than 500 youngsters representing Grenadier guards marched out in a Long column rifles precisely sloped. Drawing up in double rank across the Arena they formed a guard of Honor with the yeomen for the chief Justice sir George Murray the minister of education or. Jeff Cie Fand the director of education mrva Dey. Heue it was that fat sterner Side of the pageant became apparent for some of the lads almost fell victims of the heat. They Knelt drank water and then gallantly went Back to their places refusing to break the ranks. This was the spirit animating the whole of the children in the pageant. Whether they were big boys High school girls or Little girls from the Infante classes. According to one Esti mate about 200 of yesterday s per formers who suffered from the heat did not appear today. They had done their share and done it Well the remainder closed the Gap and carried on. Youth at its Best it was a thing to make the onlookers proud. Here was Australia s youth at its hopeful Best a wealth of youth looking steadfastly into the future. The reaction of the crowd was expressed by one Man in the main stand who said in a Rush of enthusiasm to like to buy All these Lovely kids and take them Home first the dances in the British Isles Tableaux charmed the onlookers each group dancing to form the shape of a vast Rose. Thistle Shamrock or Daffo dil As the Case might be. Then came scene after scene to take the breath away. There were the Canadian fantasy of the fall of the Leaf in which girls costumed to represent autumn leaves were overwhelmed by living snowflakes and then Rose again in the Green of bursting Spring the Joyful antics of the red Indian braves the Rich splendor of the Indian scene with the dancing girls and the microscopic Rajah upon an elephant. The australian aborigines and the prowling roaring Bunyip were there also the stirring dance of the Wattle and gum blossoms the March of the Khaki lads speaking eloquently of australian loyalty the forming of the Centenary message in the words peace and Goodwill and the figures 1936 and the gripping glory of the ultimate tableau with Britannia enthroned on High above her nations the whole ringed by Soldier lads and a Fence of flags with the Union Jack triumphantly aloft one Flag one Empire. That was the declaration of the pageant a pageant which will remain a vagrant memory throughout the years. Relief at Breeze although the demand made upon the St. John ambulance brigade was no where near so great As it was yester Day this Volunteer organisation again did great work. Ninety officers from six metropolitan and three Junior divisions working under inspector Grosset with 22 Sis ters were prepared for a Busy Day. No one was happier than they however when a Cooling sea Breeze came up in the afternoon. Nevertheless about 130 cases were treated in the casualty rooms where the work was supervised by the ambulance commissioner or. S. L. Daw Kins and or. Christie of the Educa Tion department most were Young performers overcome by heat and excitement but a few spectators also were treated. These w2re All fainting cases except one a woman who was struck by a bottle thrown among the crowd on one of the Mounds she was not seriously Hurt there was a remarkable response to the ambulance men s Appeal to the Public yesterday for Lemons. Hundreds of them Many me than could be used were received and several cases have been sent to the children s Hospital the pageant was not without Numor. For example the elephant provided pleasant diversion. As imitation elephants go it was excellent walking with a ponderously realistic stride and absurdly flicking Tail but when it halted in the Middle of the Arena it was assisted to remain stable by Means of poles placed by its attendants while the wind Plas de tricks with its con Tours. The Rajah grinned in Bis howrah and inside the elephant its talented motive Power or. T. S. Bennett and or. F. H. Harvie two tall masters from the Theberton technical school prayed for fresh air. They said after wards that they were glad that their part was Over. It was warm work. At the close of the pageant the director of education or. Adey said to the mail that the display had been an absolute Triumph of co operative Effort there had been co operation he said Between the children the teachers the organisers the designers and the mothers and parents associations. The superintendent of education or. Martin congratulated the teachers and the children on the Success of the pageant and led the youngsters in three deafening cheers for miss Adelaide Miethke. Miss Mietzke was the de signer and producer of the big display. Little pageant girls pass to the beyond a Bright Little gum Blossom and an equally Bright Little scotch Thistle were missing from the ranks of the thousands of schoolchildren who Wancea gaily and Macnea Ora very m the Empire pageant on the Adelaide Oval yesterday and today. Death had claimed them before they could play their parts. They were Betty Rowe and Roma Persse who had been looking for Ward to taking part in the pageant with All the eager impetuosity of their eight and 11 years respectively. Betty who was an expert dancer was to have led the gum blossoms on to the Oval then Fate intervened and she was taken to Hospital with meningitis a fortnight before the big carnival. Roma suffering from diphtheria entered Hospital a Little Over a week ago. In her illness Betty knew that she would be unable to dance in the pageant. She had been photographed in her gum Blossom costume and last week her parents or. And mrs. H. R. Rowe of Alfred Street Park Side brought this photograph to Betty who had not seen it in the Hope that it would brighten her. But the Little girl was too far gone to see her picture and on monday she died. Roma whose parents Are or. And mrs. P. Persse of Agnes Street. East Wood had died on november 19. The children of the Parkside school where Betty and Roma were pupils sent wreaths to the funerals. And in spite of the exuberance of Early youth and the importance of the occasion there were Many Little gum blossoms and scotch thistles who suddenly Felt sad in the midst of the pageant when they remembered that Betty and Roma were not with them and difficult for child minds to grasp never i would be. I Betty Rowe in her gum Blossom costume. E her go behind the scenes at pageant scenes from the Empire pageant this afternoon to get behind the scenes of the big pageant one had to go outside Adelaide Oval to no. 2 ground. There huge hessian dressing rooms had been constructed and the Young sters were made up and marshalled be fore going on to the Oval. Many of them waited like old trousers for their Call but others be cause they were boys and because the heat was not nearly so oppressive As yesterday were up to All kinds of pranks. It was fortunate that the hundreds of Adelaide golfers who play on the North Adelaide links could not see the Way one Fairway was desecrated. Long be fore the pageant began today a big Sec Tion of Fence bounding the links had been broken Down. Games on Fairway scores of Small boys played games on the fifteenth Fairway. Some took part in steeplechase Over and through the bunkers while others clumped across the Green with heavy boots. The greens attractiveness As a place for a rest was not lost on about a dozen boys who stretched out full length on it under a big tree in the Parkland a teacher told a Cluster of Wattle Blos soms a fairy Story to keep them quiet until their turn came to go on the Oval a less peaceful scene was enacted under another tree. Here a Young revolutionary voiced a noisy protest about the pageant being staged on a saturday. They work us All the week and expect us to go All Day saturday too he declared to the Little crowd of school Fellows gathered round him a stump orator in the making girls practise Steps in other parts of the ground Little girls feeling their artistic responsibility to the full Practised Steps they were to dance later on the Oval bigger girls made the most of their time by effect ing repairs to some of the costumes Fol lowing yesterday s performance. Teachers making up the aborigines for the Corroboree scene worked at full pressure. The boys thought it All great fun and on Many of them some of yesterday s make up remained for today s performance. It was much easier to get the make up on than off they said. Marshalling was a masterpiece of organisation. Come on Trees get ready would come the Call from the loud speakers. From the various parts of the ground Trees would smartly line up. It was the efficient handling of this part of the pageant that assured the smooth running which was a feature of its Success. The thousands of spectators who saw the Empire pageant will not forget the memorable scenes for some time. Triese three pictures taken this afternoon on the Adelaide Oval show top the Rajah in the India presentation walking on the Oval Bottom left the elephant carrying the great Rajah across the grounds and right the yeomen of the guard lined up shortly after the pageant began. ? vf.-. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? police answer Bushfire . Sydney saturday. When the town of Hazelbrook in the Blue mountains was menaced by Bushfire an . Was sent to Sydney and 30 metropolitan police rushed to the scene in cars. Tonight the Bushfire was reported to be Well under control. The town is out of danger provided the wind does not fan the flames again. At 9 an. Today the fire was burning strongly some distance from the town. The danger to the town at 350 . Was so great that a Call for help was sent to police Headquarters. By 6 pin. The danger had been averted but police and civilians stood by. The fire is still burning in the valleys some distance from the town. Metropolitan brigades turned out to 24 suburban Bushfire today. Five cot tages were in danger when fires raced through 50 acres of thick Bush at Lin Field. Less study More music advocated for girls Melbourne saturday. Fewer school subjects for girls and More at Tention to music for boys and girls were advocated today by miss Julia Flynn who has been nominated for the position of chief inspector of secon Dary schools the first woman in the department to be nominated for such a High Post the nomination has been made Fol lowing the appointment of or. J. A. Seitz former chief inspector of secondary schools As director of Educa Tion. Miss Flynn outlined some of her views on education today Between interruptions caused by a bombardment of congratulations. Her nomination is extremely popular among education department officials and teachers. I am very keen to lighten the Load on girls in education. I think they study too Many subjects miss Flynn said. There should be More provision for the Choice of subjects she believes that mathematics and science should be always available to be studied at Choice. While believing that examinations at present impose too heavy a Strain on scholars she does not favor their abolition. To set standards that were unattainable caused much discontent she said but a Good system could perhaps be evolved with the approval of the director of education. I should like to see music made a More important school subject. There should be music for All pupils so that they leave school with a genuine love of music and Are fitted to take their place in choirs or carry on their study of it in other ways. Health and physical education too give scope for further development in schools i believe Ini Mil in in High n 1 1 1 Ini Mil i tit non inn a Iii Rihm Iliin want Tim t tit tit to n w wifi i h. Bastian South Australia s leading jockey was suspended at the Amateur turf club races at Chelten Ham this afternoon until december is. Details on Page 4. Suppressed name Case now ended the attorney general or. Jeffries indicated today that so far As the government was concerned what has be come known As the suppressed name Case was now ended. Neither he nor the magistrate or. R. J. Coombe concerned in the Case would discuss today the opinion of the Crown solicitor or. Hannan . That the order made by or. Coombe had no Legal effect. Acid squirted on girls frocks Brisbane saturday. After a lapse of nearly four months a mysterious acid thrower is again at work. Two separate cases occurred last night when i girls walking along Brunswick Street had their frocks ruined by acid squirted on them from behind. The police Are inclined to believe that the person responsible stands in a shop doorway and uses a water pistol. Post office Bandit steals �50 Calm escape on bicycle Melbourne. Saturday. Holding up the postmaster m. Lewis Bernstein with a pistol and threatening to so him if he moved a Man stole about �50 from the Post office and common wealth savings thank at Kensing ton shortly before noon today. He escaped on a bicycle. Or. Bernstein was alone at the time and although Many people were pass ing on each Side of the Street the Bandit s behaviour was so casual that he aroused no suspicion. This has faced the police with a difficult task in tracing his movements after the robbery. Or. Bernstein said later that he had his Back turned when the Bandit Leav ing his bicycle against the door of the premises strolled across and said. Put up or i la plug you i put up my hands said Bernstein and the Man came to the Back of the counter. He said where s your Money and at the same time opened the drawers while he kept me covered he used his other hand to Transfer Money from the till to his pocket. The Money consisted of notes and Silver. When he had taken the lot he backed towards the door saying if you move for five minutes i la shoot you the Man then jumped on Bis bicycle and Rode round the Corner towards North Melbourne. I immediately rang for the police. An unsuccessful search of the nume Rous Side streets with which the District is honeycombed was made by the police patrol which arrived within a few minutes. It Gambier out of water has four lakes mount Gambier saturday. For the first time since the establishment of the waterworks 52 years ago mount Gambier which has four lakes. Was without a water Supply last evening. Fortunately the trouble was rectified and the service restored before it assumed serious proportions but Many of the hotels and business premises were inconvenienced. Although the pipe Between the water s Edge and the Reservoir blew out on thursday evening the Supply in the Reservoir kept the town going until 4 . Yesterday afternoon. From then until the Early hours of this morning no water was available except from tanks. The fitter in charge of the water works or. C. A. Rogers mustered a score of artisans including All Mem Bers of his own staff and the repair work went on until it was completed about 11.30 o clock last night. It was unfortunate that the break occurred on the hottest Day of the season. For Many of the big business places the water shortage was serious. Lady Dugan s plea at fete Hospital and Oval contrast people who imagined that most of the children in Adelaide must have been at the Adelaide Oval this afternoon for the Empire pageant would have been surprised by the number of children on the lawns at the children s Hospital annual Lawn fete visiting children with their mothers not the Little patients who remained in the buildings. The Only Little patient who was dressed today was May Hind aged nine who came Forward shyly to pre sent lady Dugan with a Large sheaf of magnolias. Lady Dugan in de Claring the fete open made a warm Appeal to everyone present to empty his pockets for the children. Any of you who were at the Oval yesterday As i was must be struck by the contrast Between this function and that she said. Toe saw there 13,000 Happy healthy children who gave a most wonderful display and it gives one a Shock to Realise that almost that same number of children will be requiring treatment at this Hospital this year after having bought gifts at some of the 14 stalls. Lady Dugan who was accompanied by miss Sybil Roberts was conducted round the Hospital by the chairman of the Hospital Board or. Henry Gilbert and the Matron Sis Ter f. M. Knight. Lady Dugan spoke to each child who was awake and left Little gifts for them. Probably because of the counter attraction of the children s pageant the attendance at the fete did not come up to last years but about 2,000 attended during the afternoon and evening and a Good financial result is expected. Stop press Cah charges crowd Melbourne. Charging the big crowds crossing Flinders Street late tonight a stolen Sedan car knocked Down two men who were later taken to Hospital with broken legs. After a police wireless patrol had fired several at the car it was stopped near the Elizabeth Street intersection on the wrong Side of the Road and a Man who attempted to escape was arrested on a number of charges. Hundreds of pedestrians fled frantically from the car s path As it careened madly across Prince s Bridge towards the i City. Tension grows sequel to x4ppeal to Geneva figr Teno at Madrid London saturday. While the rebels Are awaiting a Complete motorised division to renew their attack on Madrid the Spanish government s Appeal to Geneva has caused renewed inter National tension. A Surprise meeting of the British Cabinet was summoned last night. Three ministers cancelled engagements in various parts of the country and hurried to Downing Street according to the daily mail the government s perturbation at the Spanish situation necessitated the meeting and ministers were warned to be in readiness for further consultations if necessary during the week Eschief obstacle to the rebel encircle ment of outer Madrid apart from loyalist counter attacks in the Talavera District is the dogged tenacity of col Muncada who is holding the seconal. Thus threatening the left flank of any rebel Advance West and North West of the capital. His overthrow must precede any effective insurgent demonstration in this area. Therefore the rebels Are concentrating All available forces including a Complete motorised division whose arrival is eagerly anticipated to attack col. Muncada s outpost meanwhile activities on the Madrid front have resolved themselves into an artillery combat. Wintry conditions have necessitated the Issue of blankets and rubber boots to the troops. Bad weather yesterday brought maund a further respite from air raids. On the whole the and Argente though their position the not As Des Perate As depicted by their opponents Are in a wors of Natton than they were a fortnight Mgo. The Spanish embassy in Paris has received word of the execution by rebels in Segovia of Francisco Largo Valvo the 22-year-old son of uie Spanish prime minister Senor Largo Caballero. This is stigmatised As an unjustifiable reprisal. Earlier Spanish cables of Page. 3 Xmas number next saturday the big Christmas Issue of the mail will be published next saturday. Articles capturing the True spirit of the festive season particularly in association with South Australia s Cen Tenary celebrations will be featured. As the demand for this Issue is. Already heavy it would be Wise to order copies Early. Stabbing in City Square serious wound with a deep Stab wound an Inch and a half Long in the left ear a less serious wound Over the left Eye a probable fracture of the Skull and concussion. Savos Mahramas. 58, of the greek club Hindley Street was found unconscious by police on a Lawn at the South Western Corner of Light Square at 8.45 tonight. He is in the Adelaide Hospi Tal in a serious condition. It is not yet known How the injuries were received but the police Are investigating a Story of an attack on Mahramas by some aborigines. Constables Hughes and Moss who were on patrol duty found the Man surrounded by a crowd of people close to a Footpath near the intersection of Waymouth Street. He was taken to the Adelaide Hospital in a police ambulance. He was still practically unconscious when admitted to Sturt Ward and talked incoherently. Inquiries Are being made by Detec Tive Mcconnell and Constable Judd. Foot caught in bicycle wheel when he caught a foot in the front wheel of the bicycle on which he was being do keyed near the Parade ground tonight Robert Omond. 19. Of Hargot Avenue. New mile end Roxy welder fell and received lacerations. He was admitted to the Adelaide hos Pital the rider of the a Cyde Les lie Anderson is try Chapel Street the Barton grocer was treated of Abra to a knee. Joseph o Reilly,49, of Crozier Avenue Mitcham Park was admitted with con Cussion received in a fall from a Dray at Hyde Park. Richard Harris 40 of Westcourt Street West Croydon was treated for a lacerated face. Sunday cooler tomorrow should be Fine with moderate temperatures the divisional meteorologist or. Brom lev said tonight. The Chatta had not been very pronounced and tomorrow should be cooler than to Day with a few Clouds and South to East winds

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