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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives May 23 1936, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - May 23, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Haig s i Scotland s i oldest i whisky i ? Japan s hint of Trade War makes sensation of Australia s new Tariff change mixed reception by local business men a sensation is being made in the japanese press of Canberra s anti japanese textile measure. In the headlines they proclaim it the opening shot in a Trade War. Treat negotiations Are wrecked they com ment. The new Tariff has been received in Australia with mixed feelings but Many believe that Japan will gain not lose under the new schedule. Locally it is expected that Industry and employment will in crease while no Revenue losses will be involved. The japanese press also report that or. Brennan the South african Trade commissioner is touring Western Japan and is actively canvassing Osaka business men and the Nagoya Mills for orders for Wool and other South african goods. Outstanding features of the new fiscal policy which will be inaugurated today says our special representative at can a Berra Are that Japan will gain rather than lose under the new system be cause although the rates of duty on Rayon have been slightly increased Large australian purchases will be diverted to her at the expense of America. There will be no restrictions oni japanese Rayon. Japan being a Good customer country will be granted per mits for entry into Australia of any shipments of these goods. Rayon has been placed on the licensed list in order entirely to shut out american Rayon. Importations of United states and car Chassis Are to be restricted to less than 50,000 Chassis a year the United states providing about 25,000 and Canada 23,000. The principles on which the licensing system is to be operated against poor customer countries Are that Chassis will be restricted to the level of the year ended april 30, 1936, and Tyr writers to 75 per cent of the nun be but licences for All other goods on the prohibited list will be refused except in the Case of National Necess to on or where employment in aus a Thalia is involved. The object of this is not to permit any of these goods to come into Australia from the United states and other non buyers of austra Lian goods. One of the most interesting features of the administration of the licensing system will be an absolute refusal to admit fashion goods from America excepting As samples which must not be sold in Australia but can be used Only As models for australian manufacturers. This provision which will be most strictly administered will upset the plans of Many of the great austra Lian departmental stores which at pre sent have buyers in America. The effect will be to divert this Trade to a Good customer such As France. Careful analysis by the Treasury and customs experts of the government s new Tariff policy have convinced the ministry that no Revenue losses will be involved. Any possible reduction caused by the restrictions on certain classes of imports will it is estimated be More than compensated for by Revenue from the higher duties on other goods. The actual effect of the new policy will be not to restrict Trade but to divert some of it into channels which the government is assured will pro vide an increasing outlet for austra Lian exports. No fears of foreign retaliation no fears Are held by Cabinet that the scheme will invite retaliation by any foreign countries but until the reaction from overseas is seen the government has decided to make no announcement of the Way in which the licensing system will be applied in detailed instances. Cabinet s momentous move has established the Tariff in the forefront of government policy As a bargaining instrument and the treatment of each foreign country will depend upon their attitude towards Australia. The government feels that Confirma Tion of its policy is contained in the announcement simultaneously of Simi Lar action by the United states to protect itself against a flood of Low priced foreign goods threatening standards in the country. The government realised that the action would be regarded not As an attack on goods from a particular foreign country but merely As a move to protect Australia s National interests. Confident that this aspect would be fully understood overseas particularly by the nations most concerned Japan and the United states the government has made no provision to meet possible retaliatory measures. It has decided on a policy of facing up to each possible situation As it arises. Cabinet considers that the time is past when other countries can regard Australia As a possible Field of exploitation. The Cardinal principle of the new Tariff policy is to bring Australia and great Britain into a much closer Trade relationship. The United kingdom is regarded As Australia s Best Market and the action now taken is designed to in crease two Way Trade with Britain and with other parts of the Empire. Australian motor traders estimate that the new Tariff schedule will in crease the Price of american cars considerably. One estimate is that cars in the �500 class will Rise in Price by �50 to �60. American lubricating Oil is expected to Rise about 3d. A gallon. The new schedule had Little effect on change prices in Melbourne this morning apart from a firming in broken Hill proprietary shares. Some doubts in motor Trade Melbourne saturday. Tariff changes have been greeted with mixed feelings Here. Motor Indus try leaders say that foreign car prices will be increased together with the Cost of lubricating oils that certain spare parts will be difficult to obtain and that the effect of the new move on Many Assembly plants subsidiary to american firms would be disastrous. Those in the motor Industry who Benefit express doubt whether they will be Able to build up an australian Industry in time to replace importations. The textile Trade says that the prices of Only the lowest Grade Cotton goods will be increased. But offsetting these apprehensions most industries acknowledge that there will be advantages. The chamber of Commerce foresees increased employ ment and applauds the support Given to the policy of the Ottawa agree ment. Tobacco growers Are jubilant and forecast a steady improvement in their Industry. Everywhere in the City the Tariff has caused a stir. Boards of directors were hurriedly called together to Ascer Tain the effect of the alterations and to advise plans for meeting them. Many big dealers refuse to commit them selves saying that the matter is too involved for a Hasty decision. The steel tobacco and indenting trades Are delaying judgment. Or. J. K. Maze Nike the acting Gene ral manager of general motors. It is satisfactory that the Commonwealth government has announced a definite Tariff policy affecting the motor Indus try there Are however certain factors apparently not foreseen which might prevent such companies As our own from obtaining full Benefit of the Tariff provisions. For one thing it would be impossible to put into operation within the 18 months available a programme of Chassis manufacturing. Another difficulty before such manufacturing can be undertaken lies in the provision of highly expensive tools and equipment. There is not at the present time in Australia a sufficient number of highly skilled workmen. Or. H. W. Harrison Secretary of the chamber of automotive industries increased costs under the Tariff will certainly be passed on. The limitation of imports which will result is going to close up a number of the smaller distributors. These maintain in Vic Toria about 30 subsidiary industries and a similar number in new South Wales. ? j continued on Page 2 popular Little princesses in London Elizabeth being greeted on arrival at Olympia London with the Duke and Duchess of York and her sister Princess Margaret Rose for the opening of the Royal tournament this month. By air mail today greeted arrival her opening Oyal this y men to take women s jobs Melbourne. Saturday. As an act of Justice but not a hard and fast Rule the australian broadcasting commission has decided to displace from employment some mar ried women who have been with the commission for some time and to engage in their place married men who have families to support and Manifest at least equal Merit in the work. The general manager of the commis Sion or. Moses explained today that about six women employed by the commission throughout Australia had been immediately affected. Most Are musicians either accompanists at the piano or in the chorus and have been doing relatively routine work not the work of creative artists. In some special instances married women Are being retained he said. One pianist in another state has an unemployed husband and another woman in yet another state is doing the work of editor of talks and not Only possesses outstanding Merit and qualifications but has personal Contact which no available Man appears to pos sess at the moment. The change does not involve the administrative staff. Care is being taken that no direct hardship will be inflicted. All these women who have been Given notice have husbands in Good positions in some instances their husbands Are men of High standing in Learned positions Centenary Parade held by horse Riding clubs horse lovers from Mast 1 arts of the City and country held a Centenary ride from Eastwood to Glenelg this afternoon. At the top is a general View As the concourse was passing through Camden. On the left the governor sir Winston Dugan is chatting to the mayor of Glenelg or. Fisk before his excellency inspected the horses and riders. Miss Cecily Campion and her dog Paddy Bottom left were among the crowd which watched the riders leave from the Corner of Victoria Avenue and Park Terrace. I ?. electorates Likely . Seems solid for voting change 27 in country 13 in City by the mail special investigator the subdivision of the state into about 40 electorates each returning one member to the House of Assembly now seems most probable. Almost unanimous support for this method of applying the government s redaction policy is said to prevail in Liberal and country party ranks. Unless there is an unexpected rever Sal of attitude a redistribution scheme in a one member District basis is almost certain to be anally approved it the resumed party meeting next thursday and placed in the forefront of the legislative programme for the parliamentary session beginning on june 4. It is a tribute to the loyalty of ministerial supporters that so far As their present attitude can be gauged he required constitutional majority in he House to carry the electoral Reform Bill is Likely to be obtained without having to rely on the vote of Jne non government member. Agreement has not yet been reached in the precise number of seats for the reconstituted House. It is believed in authoritative quarters however that the number to be finally submitted to parliament will be 40 a reduction of six with 27 in the country now 31 and 13 in the City now 15. It is Learned that the single electorate scheme placed before the party by Cabinet is not of its own creation. It has been prepared and recommended by the chief Electo ral officer or. N. V. Jeffreys Commonwealth official. Community of interest has been one of the main factors considered by or. Jeffreys in allotting areas and fixing boundaries. In addition of course he has been obliged to keep Well in mind the fact that the government in accordance with its election policy de sires to maintain the present ratio Between country and City. Seeing that the state s electoral map is to be completely changed and that there Are to be at least six fewer seats at the next election present members May be excused for harbouring some misgivings about their chances of remaining in parliament. The substitution of say. 40 single electorates for a system under which 46 members re present Only 19 districts All told is in deed a drastic change. What impresses . Yet id spite of personal considerations there is general agreement with in the ranks of the Liberal and coun try party that the chief electoral offi cer s plan of redistribution is a sound and fair one. Points that have impressed them selves upon government supporters Are the present parliament is irrevocably committed to a reduction of members in the Assembly. The necessary legislative changes should be made this year to give members ample time to make their plans for the next election. If the government accepts a scheme recommended by the chief electoral officer who is an inde pendent authority and not subject to political influence it cannot be accused of gerrymandering. Single electorates have Many advantages Over the present system of two member and three member constituencies with their disproportion ate enrolment figures. It is stated that the chief elec toral officer s proposal is strongly supported by other influential Mem Bers of the . Besides ministers including the chairman or. Jenkins and the Assembly chairman of committees or. Crosby. In 1919 or. W. A. Hamilton one of the present ?. Members for East Torrens published a pamphlet setting out the Case for single electorates and compulsory preferential voting. Outside parliament the Young lib eral league has declared its support Eor single electorates. To make provision for Community of interest it is proposed As far As possible to isolate Large country centres if Industrial population from farming i districts. Thus the following places would provide the nucleus of separate com pact electorates mount Gambier Mur Ray Bridge. Gawler Wallaroo Moonta Kadina. Port Pirie port Augusta Peterborough and port Lincoln. How it affects parties some probable effects of the adoption of the proposal Are already obvious. Adelaide electorate now three Mem Bers. Port Pirie two and Wallaroo two would undergo Little change in boundaries although they would re turn Only one member each to the new parliament thus labor would definitely lose two seats in Adelaide one in port Pirie and one in Wallaroo. The Leader of the opposition or. Lacey is one of the present members for port Pirie and or. Richards state president of the . And virtually Deputy Leader of the opposition is a representative for Wallaroo. Unless their respective colleagues decided not to seek re election or were willing to contest other electorates messes. Lacey and Richards would have to run the Gauntlet of stiff pre selection fights under the proposed redistribution. The labor party would of course be compensated for the obvious losses referred to by having almost assured prospects of Success in the newly Crea Ted Industrial electorates. Fine and mild sunday Likely tomorrow should be Fine and mild with northerly winds said the government meteorologist mfr. Bromley tonight. A persistent Anticyclone Over Eastern Australia was holding up the Advance of the depression in the West and this depression was weakening. Barometers were fairly steady. Bayville unfit for football coach complains after the Torrens West gome at Bayville today Torrens coach Buck Ashby said that the Oval was not fit for league football. The unevenness of the ground and the Sand patches Between half and full Forward were menaces to the players going through he said. At half time the players complained of the state of the ground and i instructed them not to turn in the Sand because of the risk of injuring their Ankles said Ashby. Child runs into lorry badly Hurt Brisbane saturday. Kevin Donaldson 5, of Birdwood Terrace. Auche Flower was seriously injured to Day when he ran into a passing motor truck. He was admitted to Hospital suffering from a fractured Skull. His condition is serious. Delays to Cathay delayed in Fremantle because of trouble with a Winch and further re larded by heavy seas on the trip across the bight the mail Steamer Cathay was nine hours late when it reached outer Harbor this afternoon. The liner left for Eastern states about Midnight Melbourne . B. Mystery supt. Wounded four times Story of car attack in suburb left office in response to phone Call Melbourne. Saturday. Superintendent John Brophy who a week ago took charge of the criminal investigation Branch was last night wounded in four places by shots from a revolver. He is now in St. Vincent s Hospital but his condition is not serious. Strict secrecy is being observed about the Circum stances in which superintendent Brophy was wounded but according to reports received the officer was shot by the occupants of a car that Drew abreast of him As he was near ing an address in Parkville to which he was proceeding in response to a Telephone Call. An official statement issued by police Headquarters today alleged that superintendent Brophy had been accidentally shot in the right Arm while handling i pistol according to later in quiries at the .b., the pistol was his own and the shooting occurred in the .b. Office. It is known however that superintendent Brophy was wounded in the right Cheek the right Arm in the Back of the neck and superficially above the heart. Something in superintendent Brophy s pocket is believed to have saved him from death from the fourth Bullet which was deflected and inflicted a Mere erase. The Bullet that struck his Cheek is believed by doctors to have lodged somewhere in the neck. The bullets in the neck and wrist were removed by an operation last night. Supt. Brophy supt. The Telephone Call that Ted superintendent Bro by to Parkville was received at the . He left alone. When nearing the address Given in the Telephone Call a car suddenly appeared. Only four shots were fired according to information Given the Hospital authorities and the car sped away. Supt Brophy was brought to the Hospital by a Motorist whose name is not known. The Motorist said that he was driving slowly from the direction of the City when he saw a Man standing with some other persons alongside a Sedan car. The Man hailed the Motorist and said 1 am ill drive me to Hospital a Man standing beside the Sedan said . Well follow but As far As is known no other car followed. The police commissioner sir Thomas Blarney is alleged to have re Quested the Hospital authorities not to disclose details of the wounding of supt. Brophy. Supt. Brophy joined the police Force in 1900 and was transferred to the criminal investigation Branch in 1912. He has taken a conspicuous part in Many important investigations and has been successful in bringing Many Crimi nals to Justice among these stands the conviction of Colin Ross for the murder of Alma tits cake in the notorious gun Alley Case in 1921. There were Many aspects of this crime which puzzled criminologists but it was the keen perception of detectives Brophy and pig Gott which brought to Light the minute but vital link in the Chain of evidence which put the Seal on the Slayer s Fate and eventually brought him to the Gal lows. Expert inquiry this was the finding of several strands of Auburn Nair on a Rug in Ross Footscray Home. At first he said they were hairs from the upholstery of a car and when they were proved to be human hair he said they were from the head of a woman Friend aged 25. Expert investigation convinced detectives Brophy and Piggott that they were of different Shade and texture from those of the woman but were in every Way identical with the hair of 4 via miir4arai4 curl murders to order exposure of Black legion Detroit. Sahi Orfao a nother grim secret society the Black legion was exposed today when the police charged its leaders with having committed ritual murders. The latest crime which led to the gang s exposure was the murder of Charles pople a Young worker on a Federal Relief project. Poole s body was found near a suburban Road. According to the police some members of the Black legion have admitted that he was shot dead because he had ill treated Bis wife while she was an expectant Mother. In this Case the organisation apparently followed the principles of the Kun flux klan by attempting to enforce morality through vigilante tactics. But Poole s widow today denied the allegation that he had beaten her. The police say that they expect to file murder indictments against at least seven leaders of the Black legion the members of which like the la flux klan Wear masks when carrying ont their terrible deeds. Sensational disclosures Are expected when the legion s leaders face the court. Some of the grim exploits of the mafia Black hand in America and of the Kun flux klan Are Likely to be rivalled if the police can secure testimony to support their suspicions. Canoe capsizes off semaphore when a 12-ft. Canvas Canoe capsized about half a mile South of semaphore jetty this afternoon William John Doig 29, of Bower Road. Semaphore had a narrow escape from drowning. He was rescued by Frederick John Boord who swam out nearly half a mile to the upturned boat. There were three men in the Canoe when it capsized in a sudden puff. The other two were John Julian gainer 21, of military Road South. Semaphore and Vivian Morris Carman 21, of Raven Thorp Avenue Mill Wood. Doig is a cripple and when the Canoe went Over he told Carman to swim for the Shore As he was less accustomed to the sea. Doig and gainer attempted to right the Canoe but As it began to Drift fur ther out from the Shore had to give up. They then decided to swim in. But the cold water soon affected Doig s leg. And he was in difficulties. His plight was noticed by or. Boord from his Home on the Esplanade. Stop press Haile Selassie off Haifa Palestine. Sex emperor Haile Selassie of Abyssinia leaves Here today in British Cruiser Cape town. His destination is believed to be London. Austrian nazi raid Vienna. Austrian nazis today raided Prince Star Hemberg s Castle at Wachsberg presumably to seize Liei Wehr arms stored there. They were driven off by the police. One nazi was killed and several were injured. Nilsen s y of Bill la a Kalb leis Loo off of i 1 i Hll Fil Mihld a let u 3rour washing on monday and he a he demonstrate How simple it u. 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