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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives May 2 1936, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - May 2, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia i � i a bib ssr8 a a a mystery stabbing 2 women l attacked i at night w % ? followed by assailant in mysterious stabbings in Queen Street Croydon late last night and Early tonight two in Man or slashed. Neither can give any clue to the identity of the assailant who quickly disappeared when the women screamed. Nearby residents Are alarmed and to night detective Curtis and acting sgt. Sullivan of the Hindmarsh police made exhaustive inquiries in an at tempt to Trace the Man. The victims were Bliss Nancy Newbau 19, of Glan ton Street West find Marsh and mrs. Ruby of Queen Street Croydon. Shortly after miss Newbau alighted from a train at the Croydon station about 11 o clock last night she was at tacked by a Man who had followed her along Queen Street he struck her on the head and when he attempted to make another thrust at her she held up her hand to Ward off the blow. Miss Newbau screamed and the Man jumped a Fence and disappeared. Her screams awoke or. And mrs. E. T. White who live a few Yards away. Mrs. White opened her front door and the girl ran inside. Almost swooned she was crying out save me save me mrs. White said tonight. At first she was too frightened to Tell us what had happened. We Laid her on a bed just As she was about to swoon. There was blood on her head and shoulders. Miss Newbau received attention from a doctor who inserted a stitch in her head. She is still in bed suffering from Shock. According to her account the Man had a hat pulled Down Over his face and he was wearing an overcoat frightened by her screams he jumped a Stone Wall and after running through the front Garden of a House went out of sight Oytt the railway line nearby. Miss new alts description of her assailant tallies with that Given to the police tonight by mrs. Ruby oct Kinzli who was attacked tonight. She lives almost opposite the scene of last night s affray. Something gleamed i left my Home about 7.30 . And crossed Over to Euston Terrace where a Man was standing mrs. Oct Kinzli said. He was just past tiie Croydon Sta Tion and he walked behind me. Sud Denly he grabbed me by the right Arm and i screamed. Something Bright was gleaming in his hand and i snatched at his hand. He pulled it Down and at the same time i Felt a Stab in Roy left hand. He ran away crossed the railway and disappeared. I went to the Sta Tion and saw that my hand was bleed ing. A railway official told me to see a chemist but he got in touch with a doctor who put a stitch in the wound. When seen tonight mrs. Oct Kinzli had her left thumb bandaged and was Pale. She told the police that she saw very Little of her attacker. She said he wore a dark overcoat pulled up Well round his neck. His hat was Over one Side of his face. That was All she had noticed in a Quick glimpse of him. Appeal made for Flowers to make the Floral festival in sep tember the Success it was hoped it would be everyone with a Garden should assist by Rowine As Manv Flowers As possible Between now and the event the chief Secretary sir George Ritchie said tonight in presenting the prizes at the National chrysanthemum society s show in the Adelaide town Hall. Sir George detailed the plans for the Floral festival and pageant to be held from september 17 to 28. It was hoped he said to turn the fair City of Ade Laide into a veritable Garden of Flowers and enhance its proud title of Ade Laide the Garden City the festival should prove one of the Best advertisements Adelaide and the state generally had received. It was anticipated that thousands of visitors would be present during the festival period. Police search for Man goes on detectives have Noj yet traced a Man from whom they desire to obtain a statement concerning an altercation arh Irh i is said to have had on thurs Day with Howard i. Mcfarlane 50, in valid pensioner of Hindley Street who collapsed and died outside a hotel m Hindley Street yesterday. An autopsy was held today to Ascer Tain whether the death was connected with injuries to the head and an Arm received by Mcfarlane or whether it was due to heart failure. Constable k. H. Craig is preparing a report for the City Coroner or. Blackburn. It will depend on the Doc Tor s report after the autopsy whether in inquest is held. Abyssinian emperor not beaten will resist to last Addis Ababa saturday. I am not beaten yet firmly declared emperor Halle Selassie addressing foreign newspaper correspondents in the abyssinian capital today. Although it is generally expected that the Strong italian army advancing from the North will occupy Addis Ababa by next thursday the emperor is not downhearted. If the invaders cannot be stopped he plans to move the seat of government to a Mountain Strong hold 60 Miles Westward. While an italian aeroplane circled overhead today the throbbing of native War Drums summoned the people of Addis Ababa to the emperor s Palace to hear his Appeal for a last Effort to de fend tiie City. I ask every Man who is neither wounded nor sick to take arms and enough food for five Days and proceed North to attack the italians shouted Haile Selassie. Then tiie crowd fronting the Palace surged Forward crying we will go with this hastily levied army the abyssinian commander Ras be Natachu will March out of Addis Ababa today to meet the invaders. Face Haggard emperor Haile Selassie was still wearing his Field marshal s uniform but his face was drawn and Haggard his Beard was streaked with Grey and both his hands were bandaged. Abyssinia is not suing for peace he told the newspaper correspondents. If i am compelled to evacuate Addis Ababa my Retreat will have no significance. I will establish a new seat of government and a new general head quarters in the West. I will reorganise and fight again. Never will i enter into direct negotiations with the italians for peace but will negotiate Only through the league of nations. The War is not Over yet by a Long Way. My army is still capable of re sisting and i am More determined than Ever to fight to the last Man he concluded. Earlier cables on Page 3 reported that the emperor had sent forces northward to oppose the italians but intended to abandon the capital and make a stand 60 Miles Westward port May reintroduce filming race finishes t r a. V. Benson chairman and or. S. J. Pullman Secretary said at Cheltenham this afternoon that the re Ommittee of the port Adelaide racing club had decided to Call for an immediate report on the advisability of reintroducing the cinematograph ing of race finishes. This was in operation some years ago at Cheltenham and was discontinued. The results were always similar to those of the judge. The port Adelaide club was the first and Only club in the Southern Hemi sphere to have photographs taken of finishes and the apparatus for it is still at Cheltenham. Improved methods Are available now too. The practice has been used with Suc Cess in other parts of the world especially in America and recent Success Ful trials took place at Caulfield. Pictures of the finishes can be taken printed and seen before the horses return to the weighing . A. V. Benson. Committed on two charges Brisbane saturday. Herbert Kopit who on Friday was committed for trial for the alleged wilful murder of Harold Edwin speering in tha Bundaberg mail train on april 2, was committed again today on a second charge of having wilfully murdered Michael Francis costello. The third charge arising from tiie train tragedies that of having unlawfully attempted to kill William Henry boys conductor of the train was adjourned until monday week. Inspector Jessen who prosecuted said he was not prepared to proceed with evidence on the third charge at present because of the condition of boys. There was no Chance of the conductor s being Able to give evidence for at least a month. On other pages pages. Or. Strehlow talks about natives ? ? ? 2 racing ? 4-6 Garden contest ? 9 radio news ? 13 football ? 16 Gold ? 17 trotting ? 18 women s Section ? 20-22 talkies ? 23 Magazine Section evening frocks ? 1 paving the Woy serial. 2 film Star ? 3 Book reviews ? 5 pattern service ? 6 crossing tragedy girl victim struck by a train when standing with her four year old brother on a railway crossing at West Street Brompton at i5im . Today. Betty Joan Raymond 5 years and 11 months of Pickering Street Brompton Park was killed in stantly. The children had apparently watched a train from Adelaide passing when Betty was trapped by the 11.30 an. Train from outer Harbor the engine of which threw her aside inflicting fatal injuries to her head. The train which was delayed Only four minutes carried the child to the Adelaide station. At the Adelaide hos Pital life was pronounced extinct. The Driver of the train was j. O Callaghan and the guard c. Downs. At the time of the Accident Bells were ringing at the crossing which is narrow and is regarded As extremely dangerous. Residents advocate the re placement of Gates which were for Merly installed at these and several similar Crossings in Brompton. Or. E. F. Raymond the victim s Eather was at Cheltenham races when he heard a broadcast message asking him to return Home. He has Bee unemployed for six years. Or. And mrs. Raymond have six other children aged from 11 years to 14 months. Constable Dinan is preparing a re port for the City Coroner or Black Burn. This is the sixth death from crossing accidents in South Australia in six weeks. Men unhurt in Loo it. Fall two men travelling in a lorry loaded with Wood had remarkable escapes when the vehicle crashed through a on Nurete Bridee and dropped 100 it into a Creek three or four Miles on the Ade Laide Side of the Gorge Kiosk this after lorry turned Over several tunes and the Woodwork was splintered and the Chassis twisted when it came to rest in water several feet deep. The two men crawled out unharmed. They were Royston j. Bradbrook of Athelstone who was driving and Doug Las Hautop passenger. It is understood that the steering gear locked when the lorry was pass ing Over the Bridge. It was loaded with several tons ? of Wood and was travelling. From Man to Athelstone. Youth unconscious for Long period now in his fifth Day of insensibility Arthur Webb 20, chemist s apprentice of gland Ore who was injured in a collision on monday appears Likely to emulate some of the previous terms of unconsciousness suffered by Hospital patients in this state. Two years ago a country boy Lay unconscious at his Home for three weeks after an Accident on his bicycle but later was restored to vigorous health. Congratulations for Winner of Pony mrs. W. J. Smith of Clare with her Little son Sinclair beside her being congratulated by the Lay superintendent of the children s Hospital or. E. A. Smith on winning the Pony and Shay at the fete in the grounds this afternoon. S. J. Of Lare Ith Sinclair beside Lay the Hildren s Ospital r. The afternoon. Governor s Rural interest meets Farmers and visits their Homes 21 trips to country evidence of the wonderful interest of the governor sir Winston Dugan in the country areas of South Australia has again been brought before his people by his present visit to the pastoral stations in the North East. Possibly no Man knows this state better than his excellency. He has not Only studied the work of coun try people but has visited their Homes. Although he has been in Adelaide for less than two years he has visited almost every part of South Australia and shown much appreciated sympathy and interest i the people. Sir Winston has experienced the trials and the Joys of country life. He has been detained by dusts tonns travelled Over rough roads been acquainted with the terrific heat of the far North descended mines eaten out door meals and chatted with the men and women who carry on the work of the state in Outback places. Every trip has been distinguished by his kindly interest in the people i encouragement and enthusiasm. Since August 1934, the governor has made 21 trips to towns far from the City As Well As numerous Shorter Day visits to see local shows and other functions. Some of the longer Tours have been Cor More than a week. His first trip was to port Pirie to inspect the damage after the disastrous floods. Shearing shed visit pastoral agricultural mining and fruit growing districts have All been honoured by a visit from his excellency who has often been accompanied by lady Dugan and usually attended by Cape St. John Forbes. In these districts tie has. Seen As Many Homes As time allowed stayed at station Homes visited farms and in every Way in creased his insight into the methods of living of South australian people out Back. In his first year in South Australia sir Winston visited the Peninsula where the people will never forget his coming. He took a personal interest in men and. Women and showed enthusiasm for returned soldiers activities. Everywhere he enjoyed the in formality of the tour during which he travelled hundreds of Miles a Day. At a visit to a shearing shed he talked the governor sitting on a Bale of Wool while fondling a sheep dog belonging to or. J. Correll when he visited Sunnyside station on Yorke s Peninsula. Vern r a while fondling to i item Sunnyside tation Yorke s Peninsula. With the shearers and was photo graphed sitting on a Bale of Wool North to the Alice in the North West his excellency went from port Augusta to Cook visit ing All the stations along the line in june last year. He also visited 17 pastoral stations on this tour. In july sir Winston travelled to Alice Springs and saw All the places including an go Richina along the Northern line. Last october he toured the South East including mount Gambier. At present the governor is staying at Pas toral stations in the North East. Later this month he will travel to port Lin Coln this will Complete an extensive tour of the whole state. Most of the trips have been actuated by sir Winston s own desire to see the country. \ football season opens and fans reappear to the enthusiastic football supporter the opening Day of the season is a red letter Day even though they do suffer great anxiety at times during the match and possible disappointment at the finish. Here is a Section of the crowd which followed the South Torrens match on Adelaide Oval. Alleged theft from City Mission Basket after having seen a Man allegedly take a parcel of clothing from the Ade Laide City Mission Basket at the Ade Laide railway station tonight. Railway detective Batty followed the Man up stairs and then arrested him. At the City watch House a Man aged 58, of Adelaide was charged by Detec Tive r. L. Leane with larceny. He will appear in the Adelaide police court on monday. The clothing was Worth 10/. Melrose is in Sydney likes milk bars there Sydney saturday. So this is the Young Man who drinks milk such was the greeting of the assistant minis Ter or. Hyan on behalf of the new South Wales government to the Young South australian airman c. J. Mel Rose when he landed at Mascot today. Did Melrose Ever put anything in the milk or. Ryan asked. No re plied Melrose i Don t like the other stuff Melrose said that he was glad to be Back in Sydney with its Many milk bars. He added that he had gone commercial and would concentrate on taxi work from Adelaide. Continuing his air journey from London Melrose flew to Sydney from Melbourne in 2 hours 45 min. On a Goodwill flight for the South austra Lian Centenary. Two passengers with him. Were messes. G. R. Lampreia publicity officer for the South australian government who will open a Sydney office and h. Plumridge South australian Aero club who is helping in the arrangement of the South australian Centenary air race from Brisbane to Adelaide starting on december 16. Melrose will Fly on to Brisbane on tuesday. Residents of towns Between Mel Bourne and Sydney Learned about the South australian Centenary today when Melrose showered leaflets on them. When Melrose left Essendon his plane was loaded with enough leaflets to worry All the Street cleaners from Melbourne to Brisbane. He lunched at Cootamundra. steel ladder from the air Melbourne saturday pedestrians in Footscray were startled today when 4 it. Of steel ladder hurtled from the sky and crashed into the Middle of the Roadway. The ladder fell from a plane believed to be a windhover flying boat that was passing overhead. The ladder is of the Type used for climbing into Large flying machines. Stop press wa1tville trotting Yacka Handicap Sava to 7/11 wee Tennessee 10/12 Erica Derby 20/13. Lee Globe -6/4 on fax. Quorn Handicap elect de sign 16/11 lady Adonrum 3/12 Van Lassie 10/13 grand Indi 5/2fax. Abductor caught on Trail for 3 years . Police succeed new York. Saturday. Alvin Karpis America s Public enemy no. 1, was arrested today in a Bouse in new Orleans in a surmise raid by a it Arad of a men Federal police led personally by their chief or. J. Edgar Hoover. No shots were fired in Marine the arrest which follows three years unremitting search by Federal officers assisted by the police of several states. With Karpis. Were Fred Hunter wanted for Bank robbery and an unidentified woman. Both were arrested. Major crimes for which Karpis teas wanted Are the kidnappings of or. William Hamm. Fun., a St. Paul millionaire and or. E. G. Bremer a wealthy banker of the same City Karpis is also believed to have been the Leader in the sensational Kidnap Ping of George Weyerhaeuser. Nine year old son of a millionaire lumber merchant of Tacoma in May. 1935. A Ransom of �40,000 was paid by the boy s father to secure Bis son s release. When the abductors began to Cash the notes the numbers of which bad been Given to the police Man named Herman Waley and his wife were arrested and later sentenced to Long Orison terms but Karpis escaped. Bremer kidnapping the kidnapping of or. Bremer on january. 17. 1934, caused a sensation throughout America. There was a hitch in the Ransom arrangements and it was reported that the victim had been killed by his captors. President Roosevelt a personal Friend of the Bremer family took an interest in the Case and no less Ihan 200 Spe Cial Federal offices were sent to St Paul to assist the state police. But the frantic father begged the police to keep out of the Way until be could secure his sonts return. Reluctantly the police agreed realism that the desperate men whom they were seeking might kill or. Bremer if tie negotiations were protracted much longer. A big ransoms paid finally Rafter �40.000 bad been paid in notes of Small denomination or. Bremer was released. He reported that he had been beaten and that his eyes had been bandaged for 22 Days. Later three men were arrested for participation in this crime but Karpis eluded capture. Or. A Tain was kidnapped on june 16, 1933, and �20,000 was paid by rela Tives for his Safe return. Here again the police quickly suspected the hand of Karpis but no arrests were made. Few bets Asp. At course new Rule in operation a after the first Day s operation of the betting control Board s new Rule for starting Price betting in the Derby and on the Flat at the Cheltenham races today it was Esti mated that the total number of starting Price bets Laid with the bookmakers on the Day s transactions would not amount to More than 1 per cent. Prices were practically identical with those bet in the grandstand and Only in the Case of Tenterden Winner of the hurdle race did starting Price backers receive any Benefit from the official starting Price. It had been suggested that provision should be made for bookmakers on the Flat and in the Derby to receive a ser vice from the grandstand giving progressive prices but this was not car ried out. And bookmakers in both out Side enclosures today bet their own prices. In various instances scattered Silver bettors requested starting Price prices from the bookmakers but so far As could be ascertained the most starting Price bets Laid on any one race by & single bookmaker was about a dozen possibly the biggest starting Price bet Ting was on the Rosa Ala Handicap where the total was estimated in the Flat and Derby at about 100 bets. Fielders not worried this new Rule came into effect today for the first time. One leading Book maker on the Fiat remarked that he and others were not worried about the starting Price betting As most of their patrons preferred to take their Odds which were As Good As in the grand stand in Tenterden s Case the general starting Price in the Derby and Flat was about 7 to 1, while the official starting Price was 8 to 1. While Gold Tress offi Cial Price was 5 to 1, to to-1 was freely on offer in the outside enclosures. In the Case of King Ridge the prices did not differ while in the Rosa Ala Handicap in Costa and Alinur finished about 4 to 1 each outside. The offi Cial prices were 4 to 1 Jucatan Ana -5 to 1 Alinur. ? Croden lad s backers could easily have obtained 6 to 4 outside in com Orison with his starting Price of 5 to 4. There was Little difference in Nan Holme s Price. Cool tomorrow Ruhe weather tomorrow should be Fine but Cool. The government meteorologist or. Bromley said tonight that a mild morning to Morrow should be followed by Cool southerly winds during the Day. Shura Cherkassky the world s greatest boy pianist praises the famous Money saving family remedy for coughs colds bronchitis and influenza costs 2/ saves � s Over one million australian citizen annually prove that the Best remedy for banishing ailments of the Chest and Throat is the mixture so easily made was sweetened water to a two shilling bottle of concentrated Reenzo. Ujj Sussek Ssiss a in bottle of Reenzo Mnew Reenzo should be used in every face Clipper tobacco i # Large pings for pipe shaken. Light and dare Price Ana a sky Balis Ere Tab a sole a Entik Cornell limited. Adelaide

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