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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Mar 28 1936, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - March 28, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Fob scotch by a. Clipper tobacco Large plan for pipe Sinoben Light and dark Price and Quality Solu Eter Bod sole Afetna Cornell limited. Adelaide Hitler s dramatic Call to germans Rhineland Issue is Pivot of sunday s poll London. Saturday. More than 45 million germans Are expected to vote at the Reich Stag elections tomorrow. The poll is being held so that the people May endorse the Hitler government s military Iwvin Isif inn of the Rhineland in Defiance of the Versailles and Locarno treaties. To foreign observers it is an Alice in wonderland election because there is Only one party the nazis in the Field and any other vote than yes invalidates the ballot paper and threatens the voter with loss of citizenship on the surround of disloyalty. As the 400,000 jews in Germany Bare been disfranchised it is reasonable to suppose following the intensive spectacular propaganda of the last three weeks that the vote will indicate at least a 90 per cent endorsement of the govern ment s foreign policy. Every 60,000 voters can return one member to the Reich Stag which under the nazi regime has no Powers and invariably approves with cheers. And measures submitted to it. There is Only one ballot paper which does not provide for a negative vote against the list of nazi candidates. It merely bears circles in which the voters Are expected o place crosses in approval of the nazi candidates and of her Hitler s dolby. I therefore it is easy to understand Why a 90 per cent pro Hitler vote is anticipated especially As the franchise age. Has been lowered to allow 20year old storm troopers to vote. I emerging for once from their eclipse by the regular army the nazi Brown shirts will Parade the streets tomorrow Shepherd voters to the poll and arouse enthusiasm for the Fuhrer to fever pitch. Nevertheless socialists and communists at the risk of Liberty possibly of life Are Subt erroneously distributing millions of anti nazi pamphlets urging the people to vote no though the methods of recording a negative vote Short of invalidating the ballot papers Are not explained. High pressure propaganda Hitler s propaganda minister or. Goebbels has eclipsed himself in High pressure propaganda. This includes special films continuous wireless speeches from loud speakers in the main streets and Rural Highway newspaper articles a display of ban ners on houses and in shop windows stickers on taxi windows flags and posters on motor cars lorries full of slogan singing nazis River barges with bands and streamers and Housetop House canvassing by nazi leaders. There will be a nation wide Demon stration of mass Unity starting this afternoon with hoisting of Swastika flags and lasting until the polls close tomorrow. A huge picture of Hitler extinguishes the entire front of one Large building in Berlin. Proclamations Are displayed thank ing the Fuhrer for everything while everybody of the slightest importance Siens letters to the newspapers extol Ling Hitler s supremacy As the father of his country. Churches and Chambers of com Merce swell the Triumph of his train. The girl skating Champion expresses the firm belief that hit Ler was sent by god to Iffie and die for the germans who will lire and die for him. This probably does not exaggerate the sentiments of millions of germans or of Hitler himself. Many in fear and trembling nevertheless the times correspondent in Berlin tre chantly comments that the work of the Hitler regime has been done at the expense of Freedom Justice and truth As conceived by the Western world. Moreover Many germans who feel patriotically bound to support Herr Hitler will do so in fear and trembling belie Rinz that Thev Are delivering the fatherland to a new wave of nazi fanaticism. The daily Telegraph s Berlin Cor respondent records an undercurrent of weariness among the older people door. Whom the spectacle has begun to Dall. The incessant theatrical to resembling Don Quixote s oust against windmills. Other sources report the sudden re Moval from the streets of the numerous red frames containing copies of die Sturmer the most venomous anti semitic journal in Germany. These have been replaced by notices. Our desire is peace nevertheless lest the jews should at Tach undue importance to this Laud Able sentiment the secret police de Clare that any jew who has left Ger Many since Hitler came into Dower will be arrested if he returns for the pass Over holidays. Defiant talk by Gen. Goering Herr Hitler yesterday made another typical election speech this time at the great Essen armament Plant of Krupps. He declared that he wanted to re store the Sanctity of treaties on a basis of Honor and Equality for Germany. Germany had no interest in France and Belgium and denied the right of those countries to interest themselves in Germany. Referring to the London negotiations Herr Hitler said i shall submit new proposals. If other nations repeat their gestures i Hope they will be decent enough to ask their people As we Are doing for an endorsement. I Hope if they reject our suggestions that they will receive a reply. Do not talk and Mako gestures but go on with peace Defiance of the Locarno Powers Britain. France. Belgium and Italy was indicated in an election speech last night by the air minister Gen. Goering. If you Are awaiting the concessions you Are thinking of. You will wait until doomsday he declared. Does or. Eden think that we i Are the same As previous German governments which always said All right go ahead be asked. Protests have a meaning Only when backed by bayonets. The ver i Sailles treaty would have been in 1 possible had we had Hitler in 1918. We cannot longer be fettered by its i chains. Jews Are always with the Bol 1 sheiks on the anti German front. We j have seen the jew Litvinoff in Lon j Don talking about the conciliation of nations German sentry on duty out Side the Barracks in Cologne which Are now occupied by German troops for the first time since the treat War. Or an on Side Barracks Cologne hich or an the terminus at Morphet Tville air race plan Morphet Tville has been suggested Asj the terminal Point of the Centenary a a race in december. Many consider that Paraf Leld is the logical finishing place and it has been suggested that the planes could go on of Par afield after flying Over the race course at Morphet Tville. If present plans mature the race Wii finish on Friday. December 18. The Day before the Aero club s Bia pageant St Par afield. It is possible that if the air race end at the aerodrome the Aero club will stage Orel Minerv of meant events including race heats on the Friday to. Entertain spectators Between the Arn Vajs of the air race competitor. Round the world in 21 Days Mollison s big plan Sydney. Saturday. Tames Mollison the airman who is now in Sydney intends to leave England soon on the most spectacular flight att Emeteri in the history of aviation. He intends to attempt to Fly round the world Solo in 21 Davs. This will entail a 7.000-mile Solo crossing of the Pacific Ocean. In addition he plans to break in route the England austra Lia record and the record time for the North Atlantic Ocean crossing. Mollison said today that he will leave Australia in a few weeks and will Start the flight from England in the English summer not Lair than August. he will not divulge the Type of machine he proposes to use but it will be a single engined plane fitted with extra tanks to give the longest possible Range. It will have a cruising Speed of at least 150 Miles an hour. On his Way round the world Molli son will come to Australia he in tends to take off from Brisbane on the trans Pacific flight. I believe that such a round the world flight is now perfectly feasible he said today. It has become so Only a the past six months since the reliability of the radio Compass has been established. I shall use a radio com pass for the longest Pacific hop which is 3.100 Miles from Brisbane he will Fly across the Pacific probably to los Angeles then across the american continent and Over the Atlantic Back to England. Even Monet Chance i should say that my chances of get Ting through Are about an even Money bet he said. He feels confident that he can make the 24,000 Miles approximately first Girdle flight of the world in three weeks averaging More tha. 1,000 Miles in the air each Day. This plan for the greatest air performance of All time had its genesis two weeks ago in a taxi on the Way to the Mascot drome when Mollison was discussing Long distance flights which remained to be done. Since that Day Mollison has done Little else but think of this his greatest plan. He regards the Pacific crossing As by far the most difficult and hazardous Sec Tion of the trip so he has called in the Man who knows the navigation of the Pacific by air better than any living Man capt. P. G. Taylor. A delightful portrait taken at Sandringham. The Beautiful Rov a residence in Norfolk of her majesty Queen Mary with princesses Elisabeth left and Margaret Rose the children of the Duke mad Duchess or York and the roundest Royal grandchild the baby Prince Edward son of the Duke and Duchess of Kent. By air mail new councillor for Hawthorn Ward ratepayers of Hawthorn Ward in the District Council of Mitcham voted in the supplementary election for coun i Ocillor for their Ward today. The elec Tion was necessary because of the re i Sig nation of or. H. T. Eime. The re a turning officer for. L. D. Boorman 1 announced that the result of the poll was j Daly. Evelyn ? 107 col Batch George Gibbons. 93 they re off a perfect Start this Recti re shows the Loren sri Victualler cup fild prot inc away to a perfect Start at Al Loru Park this afternoon. The race was won by the equal favorite Juca to from scotch valour and Standale. Victualler prot inc a a this Stern on. Was equal och and no ticket on leg of double there were no tickets exchanged in the doubles tote on me Karoo who won the second leg at Bayville Trot Ting tonight. The first dividend was then declared on the stylish argot major Speed combination with the stylish argot Marcombe coupling taking the second dividend. The dividends for 4/ were stylish argot major Speed �36 7,3 stylish argot Marcombe �100/2 6. Special Pilot for Airliner Melbourne. Saturday. Such importance is attached to the introduction of american aircraft into the regular civil air services of Australia that the first Douglas air liner to be imported into Australia will be accompanied by the no. 1 Pilot of Douglas airlines major v. S. Bertrandias. The new Douglas dc2 and major Bertrandias will arrive on april 10. He will instruct every Pilot of the Holman air line in the control of the Douglas. Steel shafted Bat used by Bradnan hits up score of 194 Cricket s latest innovation the steel shafted Bat was introduced to District games in auspicious fashion to Day when Don Bradnan hit up 194 in 131 minutes with one of these bats. Yith the . S 1936-7 tour of Australia approaching great interest is being shown in the steel Shafter in All Cricket countries particularly in England. After his innings today Bradman said that he was Well satisfied with the steel Shaft and believed that it had possibilities. Spectators at today s match Between Kensington and port commented on the Small amount of Effort that seemed to be required even with Bradman s perfect timing in making strokes with the Bat. Bradman feels that he would like to give the Bat a thorough trial Over a season before deciding whether the steel Shaft was preferable in All respects to the Cane handle. It has to be definitely prov a that j the steel Shaft is going to give a real advantage compared with the old i handle said Bradman. Unless it does that there seems to be no need for it in Cricket bats. The Bat i used today was not a very Good piece of Wood but i purposely had had a steel handle fitted to it i would like to try the steel Shaft in a flaw less Blade against first class Bowling for a season before deciding whether i would prefer it to the Ordinary handle Bradman added that the rubber com position handle without the usual grip 1 seemed strange at first but a batsman would probably soon become accustomed to it. Glenelg Pou against Baths scheme property owners at Glenelg today decided by referendum that they did not favor the construction by the j Council of a shark proof swimming enclosure. Those who opposed the proposition numbered 667. There were 487 in favor giving a majority of 180 against. Only about 30 per cent of those entitled to vote exercised their fran Chise. In moving a vote of thanks to the returning officer or. F. A. Lewis the mayor or. Fisk said that although he was disappointed at the result it1 was Only right that the property owners should decide such an import i Tant question and the Council was1 ready to accept their decision. J however there was some satisfaction in knowing that practically everybody favored the construction of Baths at Glenelg but preferred that they be not controlled municipally. He urged i that All who voted today should now pull together in an Effort to have Baths constructed by private enter prise. Or. J. W. Sutherland who seconded the vote of thanks said that he War pleased with the result and believed that the ratepayers showed Good judg ment. He realised that Baths Wolef be a great asset to the town but Toj Day s vote had shown that the rate payers were opposed to them As a municipal Enterprise. The voting at the various polling berths was As follows in favor Jarst. Inf town Hall ? 3r4 40 2 new Gurne. 32 235 2 St. Leonards. X6 p2 2 ? Sanderson s Reserve 19 52i ostar votes ? 16 8 totals ? 487 667 6 fire threatens school a Small fire in scrub country threat i Ned the Heath film school and Ychon Orchard this afternoon b it ready response of firefighters saved by pro Perty. The fire was first noticed at j.30 o Rock. Nah Burnt until 6 o clock j Blu Ern 50 and Fin acres of scrub and i some fencing were Burnt. Two killed when train hits car Perth. Saturday. In one of the worst level crossing smashes in the history of the state a Man and Bis wife both invalids were killed today. The victims were driving to a hos Pital to keep an appointment when the crash occurred. They were negotiating a crossing at Napier Street cot Esloe a suburb close to Perth when overtaken by a suburban Pas Senger train which made an almost Complete wreck of the car. John Albert Arthur Jerown and mrs. Elvene Brown both about 50. Resi dents of the Arthur River District were the couple killed. Since 1931 45 people have been killed and 58 injured in level crossing smashes in the metro Politan area. Pleasant sunday Likely tomorrow should be pleasant with temperatures moderate and a Little higher than Adelaide has had this week. This was the forecast Given today by the government meteorologist or. Bromley. Stop press fatal Knock out in ring Brisbane. Flyweight boxing Champion Bobby Clements was knocked out by Tiger Donnelly in Brisbane stadium tonight and died in Hospital without regaining consciousness. Ominous Boeder clash Moscow. Japanese cavalry Pat Rol crossed the siberian Border and attacked russian Frontier guards. Three japanese were killed. This is the second Border Fifo week. Burnt to death tragedy at it. Pleasant it. Pleasant saturday. Or. John Buder aged 80, was Burnt to death tonight when the shed in which he was Livi fir at in Finelon. Five Miles from Here caught alight. It is believed that while lighting a Primus stove or. Buder spilt some methylated spirits on his Haties and that a few minutes later when lighting his pipe the fumes caught alight and set fire to his Long White Beard. The fire broke out about 6.45 Peru messes. Benjamin Graetz and Richard Wilson knowing that Buder As in Side dashed into the blazing shed and dragged him out although not extensively Burnt about the body his hair and Beard had been destroyed by the flames. Huddled in Corner when the men entered the shed they found Buder huddled in a Corner and the Primus stove alight on the floor. It is believed that Shock contributed to his death because he was dead when they reached him. A bucket brigade was formed and by 8 . The flames were under control. The shed which was soft ions contained a Laree Aua tiry of Timber. The damage is estimated at �200. The building and Timber were not insured. Constable James of mount pleasant who is urea rinse a report for the Coroner is ende Avorine to get in touch with a relative of Buder. Is is believed to be Livine in Adelaide. Suffers concussion Stanley Dillon. 21. Of Gilbert Street Bowden. Was admitted to the Adelaide Hospital tonight with concussion and abrasions received when his motor Cycle came into collision who a motor car on the port Road. Bro Trotola. Pianist returns won Success Perth. Saturday. I Fiss Eileen Joyce one of the most noted of the younger women pianists reached Australia in the Moreton Bav yesterday and was met by a Large crowd of relatives Anc friends also representatives of the australian broadcasting commission. Today in an interview at Perth miss Joyce said that she was tremendously proud of Australia and expressed some distress at implied criticism of certain of those connected with her Early life which had been expressed in interviews obtained by eng Lish writers. Miss Joyce left Western Australia eight years ago when barely 15, and has since advanced to the forefront of the world of music her Early life was spent in the Kununoppin District where her father engaged in farming pursuits. Later the family moved to Boulder City where her father became a Miner and the child was allowed to attend All hallows Convent where her Marvel Lous pianoforte hand soon attracted at Tention. Transfer to Perth the priest of Boulder City was responsible for her Transfer to the Loreto Convent at Perth where the further development of her musical Talent be came possible and finally she was assisted to make the journey to Europe to continue her studies. Today she smilingly admitted that English journalists with More Gene Rosity than appreciation for australian conditions had somewhat coloured the Story of her Early life. In one paper she had been described As the girl from the Prairie who attained Fame. Miss Joyce disagreed with the suggestion made by foreign artists that australians do not take Art sufficiently seriously and Are not prepared to make necessary sacrifices. Sheer slogging is the basis of what Success i have achieved she said. I am almost too excited to talk about my return to Australia. It is like a dream to be Back Home again five . Men fight for seat Melbourne saturday. Five candidates All members of the United country party will fight out the by election for the Rodney seat in the legislative As Emoiy maae vacant of the death of or. John Allan. They Are John Davis of Mansfield Fanner William Dunstone of Wanup Farmer Sydney Mitchell of Echuca. Solicitor Thomas Roddis of Tongala. Farmer Edward Sullivan of too Lamba Farmer. Or. Sullivan did not Lodge his Nomi nation until 10.30 an. Today an hour and a half before the nominations closed. All candidates except or. Davis will carry the party s endorse ment nil ens or half Chi c h pc �29/10/ is he or �3 Deposit 5/ weekly m9h see the Thor today you it 1 i the Best a ? just released new 1936 i radio Las % from 15 Gas he a Small Deposit easy terms. A write for i a bsh particulars of by a free pc. A Rhi a daily straight line by tuning he by Rundle Street he Adelaide to 28,000 at exhibition More than 28,000 people visited the Centennial exhibition a Way Ville today compared with 16,700 last saturday. The total attendance since the exhibition opened it Friday night u 189,006. Governor to drive new engine. See Story Page to Skull fractured in fall from Wacon Gawler saturday. John Retalick 16, of Kornye received a fracture of the Skull today when he slipped from a Wagon he was driving and waa dragged by the team. He was motored to the Gawler Hospital. His Condi Tion is critical

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