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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1933, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - March 11, 1933, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Haig the Fathor of All a Roth whiskies established 162? agent ckok1om 4 co. 149 Flinders Street Adelaide 1 9fie greatest of All ? edition a by Hoover ? up 1 2 killed 4,000 injured in californian earthquake South coast rocked for seven hours huge wreckage for 200 Miles damage amounts to millions mail special representative los Angeles saturday. All last night and Early today the coast of Southern California from los Angeles to the mexican Border was rocked by the worst earthquake Felt since los Angeles has grown into a full sized City. Cities and towns Over an area 200 Miles Long and 30 Miles wide have had their buildings smashed and Burnt. At 1 an. Today it was estimated that 120 people had been killed and More than 4,000 injured. The damage runs into millions if not tens of millions of dollars. Many bodies have not yet been identified. At Long Beach City on the coast 25 Miles from los Angeles martial Law has been proclaimed to prevent rioting and looting. Four thousand marines and sailors have been landed from United states battleships to keep order. Starting before 6 ., when crowds were leaving the City buildings the shocks lasted intermittently until after 1 . Today. There were 15 severe ones and hundreds of smaller tremors. Los Angeles Compton Long Beach Santa Ana san Pedro Down to san Diego in the South were among the worst affected places. More than two million people in More than 100 towns were Sha Ken. Hollywood too was damaged but no deaths have been reported from there. I a tidal wave is said to have swept Avalon the Centre of Catalina Island 30 Miles from the coast. But communication is Cut off and the report cannot be confirmed. At los Angeles alone More than 3,000 people had been treated for injuries of Midnight. Two Hundred of these were Hurt by jumping from windows. One Hundred were injured by explosions and fires and 600 by falling chimneys. Five Hundred Volunteer surgeons Atid nurses Are working desperately in the City. Sixty five bodies were recovered from the ruins of Long Beach alone. Earlier. Reports said that Oil Wells were fired these but these have not been confirmed. This City a on the coast 25 Miles South of log Angeles. At Long Beach 25 bodies were Sot identified by Midnight. More than 1,000 were injured Here. The damage is estimated at nearly a million dollars although most of the main buildings Are standing. The Park Are overflowing with Pania stricken people who have fled from their Homes for safety. Schools on fire in the Industrial sections of lob an Beles scores of buildings lost their fronts and toys. Fires were reported at three hitch schools where Gas Mains were broken. They were the Excelsior High school in Norwalk. The polytechnic in zone Beach and the Goree Washington High school i lob Angeles. Every piece of firefighting equipment in bios Angeles county was put on Emer gency duty. Lone Beach reports say that three i deaths occurred is the collapse of amuse ment buildings. Two firemen were killed to falling Walls in the signal hoi Oil Section where hundreds of Oil Wells cover an area several Square Miles in extent. Panic in gaol the City Hall in Watts suburb fringing the South end of los Angeles caved in. The citizens National Bank. In Spring Street the financial Centre of los an peles. Cracked and is badly crumbling. The loss in this Section alone is Esti mated at a million dollars about �200.000. There was a wild panic and screaming among the prisoners in the county gaol in los Angeles. Which comprises the top three floors of the Hall of Justice. The building swayed violently. Oil water and Gas Mains in san Pedro were broken. A landslide along Pacific ? Avenue Hill closed the Highway Between Wilmington and san Pedro. The Bauk of san Pedro building and other Struc Ture alone Beacon Street were demolished. Panic occurred aboard the liner Monterey As she was Leavina Dock. The passengers and Crew thought she was rammed and rushed on to deck expect ing her to founder. Inglewood s City Hall and High school were badly damaged. The Dost office tumbled Over burying five motor cars. The villages of Garden Grove. Buena Park and Westminster were completely wrecked. Huge Tower wobbles the first Shock before 6 Lasted a minute. Then came lesser ones at 6.11 6.14. And 6.16. Fixtures in the los Angeles times newspaper office swung 2 it. The huge Tower on the City Hall wobbled heavily the first people to reach the Georgia police receiving Hospital ? were fainting from Hock and fright. The first Shock cracked the Hospital masonry and incoming patients were met by a greater Rush of patients try. Ing to get out of doors. At run Tilston Park where several people were killed the tremors fired Many Public and private buildings including a school Aud several factories. At Compton. Between los Angeles and Long Beach every business building was wrecked or badly damaged. One of the hardest shocks came at 7.5 When the los Angeles times a just sending out a Story to the mail correspondent at san Francisco Over the Long distance Telephone. Good god. There goes another one exclaimed the times Man. I thought the whole place was coming Down Tomt time. It s a Good thing i was hanging on to the desk. I be got it nailed Down now a los Angeles newspaper Man gave a vivid impression of what the disaster Felt like in the Early stages. Earthquakes Are accompanied by a rumble that you feel with your feet rather than hear he said. The floor Bendi gently up and Down As a ship Rolls. Your stomach seems to skip several beats and you watch the entire Cornice of a building a Block away lurching Over to fall into the Street. Grey dust White dust and Brown dust rises up All Over the City. A Telephone girl tries to get Pasadena 10 Miles away out fails. Then she tries Long Beach but the line is quite dead. San Pedro is the same. Then in another minute the Telephone Calls swamp everyone on the Exchange. They come in hundreds. Pasadena re ports All Well but there is silence from Long Beach. You watch the los Angeles City Hall Tower swaying 428 it. Aloft. But it is guaranteed earthquake proof. It was built after the Santa Barbara scare in 1825. The shocks continue then come reports that burning oilfields have demolished the police stations. The number of buildings that have collapsed multiplies mostly out towards san Pedro and Long Beach Hollywood was also shaken. Or. George Shaffer told a Pressman my chair tilted upward first to the right then to the left. The ceiling curved in. Every thing in sight rocked. My world had been previously filled with movie studios and Frozen Bank accounts. A at once it became full of fluid masonry hurtling bricks screaming women and shrieking sirens of motor cars. Electric lights blinked off and then fortunately came on again. From my third Story window i saw thousands of people Rush from office buildings. Bricks and masonry came raining Down plunk through the papery tops of motor cars Rush for safety one Eye witness or. Morgan Gordon said i was in a Sedan car in front of South West buildings on Broadway los Angeles when blocks of Cement from the cornices dropped. One came through the Hood and another through the rear of the car but i was uninjured. I looked Down third Street and saw bricks falling everywhere. I was afia a third Street would Cave in. Motor cart came speeding out safely. By that time hundreds of people came fighting their Way from office build Ings. Motor car Drivers had to drive crazily to avoid hitting pedestrians. Mrs Virginia Welborn e car killed a Man who leaped from the sidewalk he said. Six Hundred naval men from unit a slates battleships were landed at san Diego to give assistance and prevent lot ii a fort Mcarthur sent 800 troops to lip an unconfirmed report was circulated in san Pedro that the terminals and punt of the Southern California Edison i of. Collapsed and perhaps 200 employees were car it in the wreckage the town of Long Beach appears to have suffered most terrible confusion re Gas there with Telephone Cut off. The California technical Laboratory at . Near Lou Anglies announced that a far a could be ascertained the Centre of the quake was about 60 Miles from. Pasadena. The science staff said it was one of the worst Felt on the Pasadena instrument for a Long time. How it compared i intensity near the Centre of the Dieter Bance with such quakes As the Santa Barbara one could not be determined volcanic fire ring bordering the Pacific Ocean is the great so called fire ring of volcanoes which Are believed to be associated with some earthquakes. These volcanoes Are in new zealand the East indies Japan Alaska Central America and the Andes of south1 America. Out of every 190 earthquakes in the world 38 occur along the Circum Pacific Circle. J according to a. C. Lawson an eminent geologist the coast of California is rising j and the seismic disturbances that have taken place have been produced by move ments in the process of upheaval and subsidence of folding and faulting which Are perhaps greater along the coast of California than in any other part of the world. J the great san Francisco earthquake took place on april 18, 1906, and a zone of destruction 50 Miles wide was produced. In the fire that followed hundreds of thousands of people were rendered homeless. The flames consumed four Square Miles of buildings comprising 500 City blocks. The fire was not under control until the third night. The flames were checked Only by dynamite no buildings in their path. The californian earthquake of 1906 was due in part to a horizontal movement along a remarkable fault the san Andreas rift which extends from near Cape men Docino running Clofe along the coast southward for 270 Miles. Earthquakes Are not the Only natural upheavals that cause loss of life and teat monetary loss in the United St itts. Tornadoes which Are confined Al nest entirely to the Middle West occur in nearly every month of the year. The most destructive one in that country event through Missouri. Illinois an-1 Indiana. In March. 1925. Killing 605 people injuring1 2.027. And destroying �3,300.000 Worth of property. In i927. At St. Louis. 85 people were killed. 1.300 injured and �3.000.000 damage was done. Pleasure resort reported swept by tidal wave the cosmopolitan Harbor of Avalon the Haven of All kinds of pleasure Craft which is reported to have been swept by a tidal wave. All lines of communication have been Cut off. The Haven All kinds to tidal been off. Colliery fire in hand Sydney saturday. Mining expert find today that the position at the id Hill Kul Colliery where the Gap a broken the seals and blazed fiercely at several Points since wednesday was not Fri Cal now. Today no flames issued from any of the Waters and the smoke from the pit vents lacked the fury which characterised la fires of a few Days ago there is still a danger of explosions and further ser Iii. Subsidence Are considered certain As the Tii is Are continuing underground in some parts. Lesson of 1906 quake cities built to withstand shocks the earthquake damage appears to be restricted to the big buildings and that enly As a result of falling cornices and projections. This is because in l of Angeles san Diego and All the larger towns in Southern California there Are practically Only two types of buildings the a class which Are solid steel frames with a skin of Stone rea.1 or artificial and the one Story private dwellings which i Are Flim Sily constructed of Chicken wire and stucco. Both Are regarded by the angeleno As earthquake proof the first because of the steel Frame and the 6eeond because they give with the movement of the Earth and permit the building to ride Over the Dis Urbance a a boat rides Over the Waves. In the san Francisco earthquake Many years ago when practically a third of the City was Laid waste the steel Frame buildings withstood every tremor. Los Angeles is probably the most unto Date City in the world. Every Industry and every House is fitted with the last word in modern efficiency. It stands supreme among the cities of the a United states for its civic Pride. Strangely enough its population of a million and a Quarter consists largely of outlanders people from other parts of America. But it has the remarkable faculty of absorbing it new citizens and turning them in a few week into the most Rabid partisans. Los Angeles which is pronounced with a hard g. Takes its name from the Caie Sion station established there in the eighteenth Century under the name of the Mission of our lady of the Angels. I thirty years ago it Wae still a sleepy Bac Block Village. Then the irrigation enterprises got Busy and in a few years it became a flourishing town. Then or. Doheny of Teapot dome Fame struck Oil at a depth of 12 it. And the town became a City. Later the moving picture Industry Al ready established at Flagstaff Arizona found the Light of the Cai Suenga Valley three mile out of los Angeles just As Good and the position far More convenient. The place was called Hollywood after the name of a private residence of an englishman in the Middle of the fruit Trees and thus was born a world famous spot. Long Beach is close to san Pedro where the traveller to los Angeles arrive from Oversea. It is the principal water ing place of los Angeles and the sur j rounding towns and is itself a Fine town with magnificent buildings and surround Ings. I 1-i of san Pedro to los Angeles is a distance of 10 or 12 Miles and almost immediately after leaving the wharf Side the visitor enters a regular Forest of Oil derricks. The possibility of these hav ing caught fire appears very real to any body who has visited the place. San Dieco is about 100 Miles Olith of los Angeles. And situated Only a few Miles from the Borders of Mexico. It is from san Diego Luat the stranger goes to taste to the squalid vice of Tia Juana or the gilded vice of Agua Caliente. In appearance and attitude of its citizens san Diego is the Little sister of lot Angeles it has a population of 135.000 and is the Headquarters of the american Flat in the Pacific. Both los Angeles and san Diego carry their quota of australians. One of the Best known men in the bigger City is snowy Baker the Sydney athlete and it is possible to find Bonie australians in practically every Block of the Down town Section of both like this in California Fine buildings like this have been wrecked in the los Angeles Earth quake. The picture shows the damaged City Hall at san Francisco follow ing the terrible earthquake there is 1906. I e rocked in Angeles picture an it butter May Cost 2d. In. More Export Board s proposal Melbourne saturday. Housewives Mav have to pay 2%d. Or 2%d. A la. More for butter if the Federal government agrees to a proposal made by the Dairy produce Export control Board. The Board which met in Canberra yesterday to consider the British govern ment s request that Australia should con sent to restrict its butter exports to Bri Tain has asked the Federal government to give Legal status to the Paterson stabilisation plan. I this proposal would be a condition for accepting the British government s re Striction plans and would amount to an excise duty on All butter produced in Australia. The production for Export in 1933 is estimated at 115,000 tons and it is believed that the request be for a Levy on Dairy butter As Well As the factory Oro dict. Euf Lucient to yield an Export Bounty of a. A la. On an exportable quota o s0.po0 tons. This would Cost Consumers �3.000,000 a year entailing a Levy of from 2&d. To 2vbd. A in. On All but Ter products which would be added to retail prices in Australia in the Ordinary course of business. The proposal will be discussed at can Berra on tuesday when the executive of the Board will meet the minister of com Merce or. Stewart and a pub commit tee of Cabinet in conference. Aintree tips accurately Aintree turf writer of the news was right on the spot with his selections for the final Day of the Flemington racing carnival. Procis 5 to 1winner of the autumn hurdles was Hie first Choice. He also selected topical 9 to 1 Winner of the australian cup and Bhakuni 5 to 1 Winner of the Ascot Vale stakes. He chose first second and third in the Ascot Vale stakes Bhakuni 1, maid of Orleans 2, heroic i lass 3. For the Star bets Minooka 5/4 and Bhakuni 5/1 were selected. Both i won. ? cannot Cash . Dollar j in Australia j Bank refuses to i accept them ? Sydney saturday. In the eyes of the Commonwealth Bank at the moment there is no such thing As an american Dollar. The financial disturbance in the United states has not taken Long to show its effect Here. Today it was impossible to Cash an american Cheque Dollar note or Security. In the past few Days instructions have been issued by the Commonwealth Bank to its officers to refuse any negotiations. Up to the Middle of last week the Dollar was Worth 7/1. A Cheque for 13 dollars on a Good Bank the Corn Exchange Bank Trust co., new York was handed in at the foreign Exchange Section of the Bank i yesterday. It was Given Back to the bearer with the intimation we Are not doing any thing in american dollars cheques or securities at the moment even when the bearer wanted to place it to the credit of his account he was told that it might be Many weeks before payment was made if at All. References to the financial crisis in .a. Are on Page 2 Man gored when watering Bull Victor Harbor. Saturday. George Henderson een., of Riverside Victor Rar dior was sired by a bul yesterday. To in in the South coast Hospital with a injured left and bruised Back. Henderson went to water the Bull which is a 3%-years-old Guernsey. He was missed and was found in a paddock in with the animal standing him the Bull was beaten off and he j Dereu taken to Hospital. The right to die Coroner agrees with doomed Man s act suffered agony mail special representative j London saturday. Has a person who is suffering from an incurable agonising disease the right to commit Sui cide this problem has been revived by thu first Public declaration that such a suicide is justified. A South Monmouthshire Coroner at an inquest into the death of a motor Driver afflicted with cancer said this poor Man suffered tortures of hell and knew he was under sentence of death. Why should t he have the right to say whether he would suffer no More. I think he did perfectly right sir John Blaud Sutton a former presi Dent of the Royal Collece of surgeons says he respects a Man who. Doomed to r. Painful. Lingering death has the courage to end his life. Who should be expected to continue living in agony juries and prone is try to spare the family by cloaking the Brave act in the Guise of insanity but surely it would be i better to Honor the Man s courage he said. The danger is that Many who think they have cancer May commit Sui cide in a panic of fear the Dean of Canterbury or. Hewlett Johnson said that he would hesitate to harshly judge a suicide who knew that continued existence would cause untold agony to his friends As Well As to him self. Yet if it needs courage to take one s life even greater courage is required to Bear pain to the end As Many splendid men and women suffering agony do he said. I should be loth to see increased acceptance of an easy Way out. Our character would suffer sir Harry Bruce Porter the London physician and surgeon paid that suicide was unjustified because it left a Tim i of insanity which the relatives must Bear. But doctors were justified in giving an incurable Tutoli acted drugs to ease the pain and avoid the idea of suicide. Bishop cites Case where it was Noble commenting on the Cable about the right to commit suicide the Bishop of Adelaide or. A. Nutter Thomas said tonight i can conceive of a Man com mitting suicide from High and Noble motives. I think for instance of capt. Oates that very Gallant Christian gentle Man in capt. Scott s expedition to the South pole who went out into the Bliz Zard to certain death to save his friends. But in More Ordinary circumstances i should Hope to have patience myself and i do not Tii Ink i should wish any dear to me to end their own lives Archdeacon Clampett of Mitcham said the it no Man was morally justified in Takin his life. A sufferer must try to screw j up his courage to the sticking Point Andl of it through. But on the other hand t feel that this j is d question whether medical assistance right be invoked said the Archdeacon. Generally i hold the View that life is a i Tii Vine gift and no Man has the right Razz if Aimar realising the increasing extent of Meili Oal knowledge i would not dare to my that even a Case of cancer that today i apparently incurable will be incurable in a month or two said or. F. S. Hone in a recent address on euthanasia to tiie . Forum. How Are we to decide what is incur Able he asked. What one Man deems incurable another medical Man does not i to 1 1 in n Iii i ii ii tin nit i imn in Chi uni 1 1 in u i tin u ii m u ii i of i ii ii Nii 1 1 ii in Mil ii i ii 1 1 1 1 the mail this season will conduct a gardens Competition divided into classes so that 3very Home Gardener in the metropolitan area will have and Opportunity to win a prize j details will be announced within a few weeks. Cad dd17cc Johnny Freeman wins Melbourne Johnny Freeman 13 St Defeated Tiger Payne 12 7 easily on Points in a 5-round Eon test tonight. Payne was very slug a Nisi and appeared to win Only two rounds. The Attu dance was about 5,000. In Street in Nightgown Melbourne. A woman found walking in her Nightgown in Swan Ston Street about 8.30 tonight was taken to Melbourne Hospital Suffi Rin from a severe Cut on a Ana. She said it was done by a saw but Hospital authorities be Lieve she was struck by a bottle. I i i festive of 4 records broken great racing at Flemington topic aus cup by our special representative Melbourne saturday. In wonderful racing weather today out j Flemington race records were broken one by a South australian bred horse. The australian cup the longest Handicap run in the Commonwealth was won by Topi Cal. First of All Procis clipped 2% Sec. Off the two and a half Miles hurdle figures. Then Minooka carrying the welter Bur Den of 10 St., came out and registered 1.10% for six furlongs Down the Newmar Ket course the previous Best being Waltz ing Lily s 1.10% on new year s Day. Then followed the Brilliant Effort of the two year old Bhakuni who in record ing 1.11 in the Ascot Vale stakes ran the fastest six furlongs Ever recorded by. A two year old at Flemington. Last but not least was the record of the South australian Magna Charta in the Farewell Handicap. In a stirring finish with another of Adelaide s three year olde Royal rest he showed grand galloping ability by making a new Flemington figure 1.50j, for nine furlongs reducing the previous Best time by a second and three quarters. Topical won the australian cup by Superior staying ability. When the four year old windbag gelding was jammed at the half mile Post Bis Chance appeared to he gone. But the patience of his rider a. Knox combined with the determination of topical won the Day. To make talkies miss Annette Kellerman j noted australian swimmer who arrived at outer Harbor by the j Orsovai today. She will make talkie shorts in the South seas. Inter View on Page 3. J s i or at the Rosova talkie shorts i w a fir prepare 11 i Winter year that last season s overcoat suit or costume we can Dye them equal to new for the Cost of a few shillings Price list on applications Olts it St Adelaide s leading is dyers & dry cleaners 1st shop in old Arcade Rundle Street and 64 Hindley Street. City also at Unley port Adelaide. Semaphore. Glenelg Prospect Goodwood Hindmarsh Brighton. Henley Beach broken Hill works and head office ? Ethelton i for free delivery service phone y 6171 i country parcels promptly returned nine thrown out of motor car Chud seriously Hurt in crash six injured when two cars crashed at Kensington afternoon the nine people in one of them were thrown on to the Roadway As the car overturned. Six of Triem were injured one seriously those injured were Daphne Slater 6otwa Ile Flat serious head injuries condition serious. Dorothy Owens married or Regent Street Kensington abrasions and Shock admitted to Dorcas Ward at the Adelaide Hospital. Kitty Slater 27married of Wattle Flat abrasions. Treated and allowed to leave. Jean Slater 12of Wattle Flat fractured Clavicle and cot head. Treated and allowed to leave. Sydney Slater the Driver of Wattle Flat Shock. Joyce Owens 10of Regent Street injury to leg. The Accident occurred at die intersection of Regent and Thornton streets Ken Sington. One car the property of or. Sydney Slater was severely damaged. It Hood was broken its Radiator completely smashed in mudguards Bent the steering wheel broken off and the Windscreen was broken. The other car driven by or. Goodchild was Only slightly damaged. Daphne Slater underwent a successful operation tonight at the children s hos Pital. Baby s narrow escape or. And mis. Slater of Wattle Flat and their fire children were visiting or. Slater s sister mrs. Owens of Kensing ton. The seven slaters with mrs. Owen and Joyce Owens had just left the Home in Regent Street Kensington on their Way to Adelaide they were returning to Wattle Flat. Or. Slater had reached the intersect Tif a of Regent and Thornton streets Ken Sington and the other cat was proceeding Down Thornton Street when the two collided. Mrs. Slater was holding her nine months old girl Kathleen at the time of the Accident. We were moving along Rwjr when suddenly i saw the other car right upon us said mis. Slater. I just heard or. Slater blow Trifi hero and then Felt the crash and Wair immediately knocked unconscious. My baby received a slight scratch on the forehead. It has been crying a lot since then but does not appear to Ham been otherwise Hurt Cool sunday Likely the government meteorologist or. Bromley said tonight that conditions to Morrow should be Fine and becoming cooler with West to South West winds

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