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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Jun 24 1933, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - June 24, 1933, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia prize Quality Hospital i Brandy i Ulm sets record with 2,500-mile hop to Singapore longest made on this route excellent Start to ambitious flight to England in 8 Days Singapore. Saturday. With the longest hop Ever made on an Australia to England flight flight Lieut. C. T. P. Ulm arrived at Singapore at 3.54 . Today in his monoplane Faith in Australia having covered the 2,500 Miles from Derby Australia since Midnight last night. It was an excellent Start for their ambitious flight to England which they Hope to accomplish in eight Days. Reassuring messages were sent by Sun and his Crew during the plane s journey Over timor which proceeded smoothly. V previously the longest hop on an Australia to England flight was that of sir Charles Kingsford Smith who flew non Stop from Wyndham to Cheri Bon in the dutch East indies a distance of 1,500 Miles. The Faith in Australia s next hop will be to Calcutta a distance of 1,700 Miles. Long hops is vim s plan Derby. Saturday. A feature of the flight will be the remarkably loner hops which the Leader will Endeavor to make j a big crowd assembled at Midnight to be the australian built monoplane take off. To addition to flight Lieut. Ulm. There Are on Board capt. P. G. Taylor and Pilot g. U. Allen. Blares at drome the engines were started and left run Ning for half an hour to warm them up. Then after a 500-Yard run across the aerodrome the plane took Oft into the newness. Flares were us to enable alight Lieut. Ohn to be his Way heroes the drome. A cheer went up As Pilot Allen stand ing on a Flimsy platform Ewunes the engines by hand. Flight Lieut. Ulm waved away the wheel chocks and the first Lee of what Mav be a record flight from Australia to London was begun. At 6 an. Adelaide time the machine was reported to be flying through Over cast skies Over the timor sea. Heading up towards the Straits of Sundra. 4 at 7.53 . Adelaide time Pilot Allen Wae sending out a series of Long dashes to intimate that All was Well with the machine which was then rapidly passing out of Daylight Contact with Syd Ney. Message to son the Faith in Australia is the largest plane yet built in Australia. It has attained a maximum Speed of 126 Miles an hour and a cruising Speed of 105 Miles an hour. Each member of the party is an i experienced Pilot and will take a turn at the controls. Flight Lieut. Ulm is confident that the Faith in Australia will reach England in eight Days. Oil and Netro supplies another requirements will be available at a i Chain of Aerodromes Between Australia and England not More than 500 Miles part. Yesterday flight Lieut. Ulm sent a message to his son on Hie twelfth birth Day Reading bringing you a present j from London weather reports May decide the Leader to alter his route but be has in mind an itinerary which will get him to Croy Don aerodrome England in less than six Days if All goes Well. Calcutta next from Singapore flight Lieut. Ulm pro Joses to Fly to Calcutta 1,700 Miles thence 1,400 Miles to Karachi India. He must Stop at Karachi because it is a customs Airport. From Karachi to Aleppo is 2,000 Miles but he has not yet decided whether he will make a non Stop flight direct to Athens and then on to Croydon or Fly to England by Way of Welcome for census Man port Lincoln saturday. Few Cen bus collectors will be More Welcome than 3jr. A. Leech who will leave at Day Liz j tomorrow to obtain census information i from the three Light keepers on the Xep tune islands South of Cape catastrophe. Jit these inhospitable outposts visitors from the outside a world except those on the lightship which Calla periodically Are most infrequent. The Cutter a Manunca. Owned by or. ? h Wayland. In which the trip will a j made is Well stocked with newspapers and periodical for those living. To the Lighthouse. 1 on the same trip the boat will Call at wedge. Thistle and Boston islands. Andt at Cape Donnington and Spalding Cove j and if 6ne weather continues about 130 1 Miles will be covered however at this time off the year no Hiance can be places on the weather. A port Lincoln fifi her 1 Man of Long experience said tonight that the trip might be completed in three Days and it might occupy three weeks it is possible that the boat May hav to stand off the Neptune for a week be fore a late Ding can be effected he said. This is the worst time of the year at which the trin could be undertaken Calcutta. Saturday. Tremendous damage Hae been done All Over India during the past 48 hours. The Monsoon has burst with terrific Force. The Ganges and. Other big Rivers have overflow their Banks. Railways have been wrecked and thousands of cattle Bave been drowned. The natives of ? dozens of villages Are homeless and Many of their crops Are destroyed. It Ryjoi. In any Case. England is Only 1.800 1 i ifs Aleppo. If if Trees by Way of Egypt he will i by u civil aerodrome at Cairo. i j. -j.4s0 Miles from Croydon. He ii uni Livigor to make that trip in one i in if lie that Way. It is evident that the latter part of i flight is entirely dependent on the wit lilt. Tin re Royal air Force meteor or it ions along the Imperial air psf r 1. , they will co operate with the an to Iii in. L ,. C. T. P. Ulm is the first Australia knt and airman to Jeave from Dei -. Lie will have a longer distance to i a Over water in his first stage to sin Impre than previous airmen. Tie Australia to England record is at present lie. By or. J. A. Mollison with eight Iii 21 hours 2o minutes and the record by or. C. W. Or not. The British airman with eight Davs 20 hour 44 minutes. Few rations tin rations on Board consist of three a a Iii Liu-lv5 at hot liquid dry Tew apples and prunes and a Snail j tinned fruit. In a message l pm said that by Yin i tin. Trip to England he had no i Pinill plans. The return journey would in. of alter he had reached eng j . The possibility of Berju Ink the Jilane by Way of the United states i would be considered. in Australia ha6 been fitted with . Wireless Telegraph transmitting Iii iw.-1-Iviiiii a Uipi nent Tor the flight. The transmitter is capable of trans re ump on 0 w and 900 metres and also 34 metres for which the Aero Liue us licensed. The 600.900 met a will give the plane a Range of in a image a 300 Miles Tor transmitting Ami like Short wave will give a Ranic of 1,5 he Miles during Normal conditions. Where darkness exists Between the plane and the receiving 6tation. It is possible that ranges up to 10.000 Miles will be worked. The plane also carries a ground it. Which weighs Complete Only 19 la. And if no arranged that should the occasion Ajjie. It can be carried quite easily in the event of the aviators having to make a forced March from one Point to another. If the plane descends on the sea. A uni table mat. Approximately 21 it. Long has been provided by amalgamated wire less. And can be erected on the ton of the plane s fuselage and the ground get can be ii de to Semi out signals. ? the Crew of the Faith in Australia before their hop off from Richmond aerodrome Sydney for Derby on w Edn Sedny. From left messes. G. V. Allen m. P. Allsopp aviation officer of vacuum Oil co., Sydney or. C. T. P. Ulm and capt. P. G. Taylor. The Plenc reached Derby on thurs Day and left for Singapore at Midnight last night. Today s dog show portrait Iii by my Peter is the name of this Champion bulldog mined by or. 4 r. We and exhibited at the port Adelaide poultry and dog Auorb a show at Bayville today. The dog has won 2o first prizes in All Iii by Cha Pion bulldog exhibited poultry s won first prizes l sturts first football loss after 8 wins Start s ref eat i ploy by Torres was Thi sensation of today s league football. This was the double blues first loss for the season after a run of eight victories. Although tie win by Torrens did not affect Sturt s position at the head of the premiership list it should add much More interest to the remain aug matches of the qualifying round. Torrens Are now definitely a Premier ship possibility. Their fast and vigorous ground work and their sprinkling of j High fliers make them a Side equal to in the league Competition. To a Leader degree the defeat of nor Wood by port Aini Filenk s overwhelm ing Victory Over West give added Inte rest to the fight for places in the final four. The Young port Side gave a perform Ance full of Merit. They still have n Chance of participating in the Maior round. Glenelg still in fight in View of the difficult programme 1 ahead of them. Glenelg May not do Able to survive the qualifying round but i today s Victory has kept them in the fight. North and Norwood will provide the i match of the Day next saturday. Nor j Wood won when the teams met at the kor Wood Oval earlier in the season but they will find North a different proposition on this occasion. The red and Whitee have shown a consistent improvement in recent games. The veterans of the fide Are running into form and generally North Are regaining the Power that Malo them the outstanding team in the league Competition a the past three seasons. I Farmer s great mini at the Goa front makes him a menace to opposing defenders and he should take a match winning part in the matches to come. Norwood have not regained the form they showed against Sturt on the Holiday and the Lack of a reliable goal getter has hampered them in recent Ramea. North should win North who will have tie advantage of playing on their Home ground should win. Although Sturt were hard dressed by j Southeast week and went under to Tor j Rene today. Their Aerial Power and better balanced team work should prove too much for Glenelg at Dunlev next saturday. Port should defeat South at the Ade Laide Oval although the City team s form today should not be taken As a True re flex of their ability. It is highly improbable that West will open their winning account at the expense of Torrens at Theberton next sat Urdaz. Full details of today s Plav on panes ii and 12 an unidentified Man. Aged about 65 years collapsed and died As he was about to walk through the Gates at the Adelaide Oval this afternoon. He was taken to the Adelaide Hospital. ? kills girl to prove love letter left by murderer shoots self Sydney saturday. In a letter read at the inquest this afternoon into the double tragedy at Cootamundra last night when William John Walker. 24. Killed his sweetheart. Marjorie Turner with a Rifle and then shot himself. Walker wrote that he was committing the act to prove his love for the girl. The letter which Walker had addressed to his brother was and follows i know this is going to be a big Shock to you All at Home but Don t worry i am doing Thia for the Best. I have been worry ii for the last month and More. Marjorie Hae not placed Faith in me and i told her i would not let anyone else have her. Being out of work Hab just about driven me mad and to make matters worse you being put off i could it stay Home living on you. I am Only Tak ing food from you mum. And Kerry Fook after them for me. Yell Triem not to worry that i did this for the Best. I love Marjorie More than life itself. Did love her and am doing this to prove my love for her and Tak no her with me. Give Minnie and my Little mate a Good Bye kiss for me and look after them. They will need you from now on. Tell Norm. I did not forget him for the Good things he did for me. Bury me with my wristlet watch on and every thing. Niwaye think of me for what i was and not for what i did. Look after Minnie and Kerry and Don t let them think i was mad when i did this. It has just about eaten my heart away this Tabt three weeks on the Nischt of the tragedy Marjorie Quinn attended a local picture How with Stilby Nelson and her brother Roy. The two Southe were at her Side when the shots were fired but they wer unable to Sav her life. Formerly employed at the game store As the girl. Walker was desperately in love with her. But there had evidently been a disagreement and the girl met Nelson who live at Goulburn. With another boy it is presumed that Walker saw the girl in Nelson s company at the pictures and left before the Righte were switched on. He wrote a note it is said that to borrowed a pad secured a Rifle and then waited behind a Fence 100 Yards from the girl s Home. Miss Quinn turned just before she was shot and then 6taggered across the Road and fell. She said something to her brother and became unconscious. A second after the first shot. Walker fired the Rifle at him self and fell dead. In describing the murder to the Coroner. Selby Nelon Eaid i thought miss Ouinn e Roune brother who followed Ose behind us. Had thrown crackers. There were flashes and miss Quinn called out my god. I thought she had fainted and i caught her. She staggered across the Road. I rushed to the 6not where the flashes came from in time to see Walker ii oot himself. Darting across the Road. I steadied the girl took off my coat and used it As a Pillow. Mariorie told me she did not like Walker with whom she had kept Eom Nat it. Because he was Verv Iea Louo the inquest is not completed. Grazier mauled by old Man Kangaroo Sydney. Saturday. After Cyril Ryan a Grazier had cornered an old Man Kangaroo at Hannah s b id tie. Near Leadville. It grabbed him with Ite forepaws. And Only his Asri Lity in Lippi in out of his coat caved uni from Serin injury Jiyan was a Len icim to i ? Kangaroo with Smidy u in ii it turn on a n. It held l a in to l t y. R,i.,l i. ii. ? Trio i to 1 1 a in i Riu it in .?.at. H. T Siu = a. i ii i it. Tomorrow May be Fine misty rain pm to .4 Nim ild be Geist i ? i the government is 15i-m Icv late tonic it. T Tore May 1 � ? ii to Shower or two Eark in the Day but Turro is nothing to warrant unsettled weather. Lang Man has big Lead 3,000 majority on Early count Sydney saturday. Jat St returns in the Amin ulale Liy Elex lion today show a commanding Lead Over All parties for the state i Thor candidate or. Gorman. With More i ban Voles counted. He had an absolute majority of Over ski votes on the first preference count. Party canvassers who from Early morn ing d the Booths suffered severely in the Bleak weather. It wad so coid that kerosene tins Wero requisitioned and a be fires lighted in them on the Footpath. Because of the darkness Hurricane lamps were used on Street tables when occupied soon after 5 . The hotels in the electorate were closed for the poll but As tie area if sur rounded by thickly populated suburbs with numerous licensed houses electors had not far to go for a drink. In the Annandale subdivision or. Gor Man increased the state labor vote by 54 Over the figures of the late or. Stewart Robertson who formerly held the seat. At the last elections however there were 16.063 on the Roll for the whole Electo rate while on this occasion the total is i is 2.r�s i a remarkable feature of the poll was the growth of the communist vote. Inge Annanda e Piibe divison alone the Fiir ures leapt from 58 to 162. A 300 per cent increase in 12 months. Increases majority or. Gorman steadily increased majority As the count progressed and at 10.3- . Had a Lead of 3.440 Over All parties. The figures at that time were h. E. Cotter ind r d. Gorman state labor 7,494 a d. Mcdonald Federal labor 3,252 t. Wright communist. 364 the election will probably go Down As the quietest in the electorate s history. The proceedings were practically devoid of incident electors going in a steady Stream to the polls to record their votes. Calm attention had Hub a feature of the Brief Campaign which a probably the shortest vet experienced. Electors listened quietly to even the More violent attacks on their own party where for Merly they would have demonstrated. Few incidents even the few incidents that occurred such As the pushing of a speaker from i platform were mostly due to Femi nine excitement the men taking Little part. Men leap from bolting lorry in Hills members of Raidla second football team had a terrifying experience when they were returning by motor sorry from Tweed Vale tonight. The lorry got out of control nah i supp red Down he Iii Hill at -0 Miles an hour. J Only the presence of mind of the drive. Or. Roy Stacey prevented a serious crash. The lorry might have crashed 4o0 it. Down the Steep Gully it the Side of the Road. Six of the passengers believing a seriou6j 6mash inevitable jumped from the vehicle while it was travelling at a High Speed one Frank Litile received Cut on the face and hands. Others had their cloth Linz torn and suffered minor abrasions. After bring no the lorry to the Bottom of the Hill by skilful handling or. Stacey was Able to bring it to a standstill. Trying to miss cyclist car hits Post to attempting to avoid a cyclist near new land Bridge. Victoria Street. Victor to Torbor. This afternoon a car. Driven it in believed by or. Jack Fenn. Struck an electric Light Post and danced off nto a Fer re at the i be of the mad. Or. O. S. Shipway. Of Victor Harbor intended at the Accident but it is not known what the injuries were. Or. Morton Skinner the Well known mat Mir actor rang the mail from i Tor Harbor tonight to inv that. Alth ii h it had been reported to St be a i in top far. This was not so. To raid that none of fhe passengers was Badin Hurt. A rear Wol of the car a is Natt de. The names of other in tie car with or Fern or t to Nown. Man tossed by Bull has broken leg Melbourne. Saturday. Attacked by i a Lipil on his farm. Near St. Arnand to i Day. Tar nov in of Ford. Seed 32. Had a a Bilten. File sustained extensive body in a i. He was near a dam on his propert when Trp Roll Bull hear Ren him an 1 free imitated him into the water. War inc out with a let broken he fitrueglen1 j to his Pond. Which was tied to a Fence i . And. Lial m f no himself mra inst i try he no Inpil lir animal Nril r i i a a nil to the Homes Oad f i brother. Tjo was rusher Sovati in .1 it i visit in. W Lere i i a ? to Tell. ? in Vii tres rack in it cry match i. in the i Jurl v i . A b not a1. It to i Nim. ? ? ? .\.iit.w. A v ii us. He a i.1.- hos i gland wins toss i against West indies London saturday. England won the toes in trip first test a Iii to the West indies today and decided to Bat first. Sir Lewis Cohen Dies aged 83 formerly lord mayor ten years . Sir Lvis Cohen one of Adelaide s leading citizens died tonight at his Home Colley Terrace Glenelg. He was i years of Asre. Late sir Lewis Cohen sir Lewis was an ardent municipal fit. And served at mayor and lord mayor under five state governors. He had been ailing for 6--me time but in spite of this Iii death comes As & Shock to a wide Circle of friends. He was born at Liverpool where Bis father had a clothing factory. When sir Lewis was two years of age his father decided to come to Australia and settled in Sydney. He entered the Clothine Buei Ness there and it proved so successful that before sir Lewis was 13 his father decided to return to England to do the buying for the bus infer. Accordingly with his wife and 12 children he returned to London. Sir Lewis was cent to the jewish 6ch--ol at Edmonton where he remained until 17 years of age. When his father decided to pay another visit to Sydney he was brought Aloir. Went to Fiji he was 19 when he decided to try Hie Luck at Leuka Fiji. His father having financed him., he started there a a Gene ral storekeeper. The business prospered but the state of health of sir Lewia eventually caused him to return to Sydney. Acting on medi Cal advice. Sir Lewis came to Adelaide with lady Cohen 59 years ago. When he arrived Adelaide was known As the Farinace Ous City in his time it grew to what he liked to term our City Beautiful on arrival at Glenelg tie Wae rowed ashore in a Small Dinghy. Trains were running to Adelaide but they were one of the few conveniences available. People on the outskirts of the City were catered for by rickety old buses. He saw these replaced by horse drawn trams and later the electric system. For 10 years. Sir Lewis represented Ade Laide and North Adelaide in the House of Assembly and for something like 30 years he was associated with Adelaide City Council. He held the position of chief magistrate for seven years and was lord mayor from 1921 to 1923. He represented Adelaide corporation at the Coro nation of King George. He was a member of the municipal 1 tramways Trust for seven years. To i was through his efforts while on a visit j to London that Adelaide was raised to i a lord mayoralty. Sir Lewis leaves a widow two Daugh ters. Mesdames h. W. Brid Rland and r. ? Yantz. And Taro sons messes. Henry and Jessel Cohen. Charities Benefit by titles contest High As the prizes were in this week s obstinate artist contest �64 wa6 distributed among 26 Lucky readers they May be even higher next week. If so Charity will receive a bigger share too. Even now Charity is benefiting at the rate of More than i 60 a week from the contests. The picture for the new Competition is on Page 4. Write Home Bright titles for it and Send them in Early. Stop press Annandale by election Sydney. Final figures. With Only Portal. Absentee and sectional Vnti . 9.348 m Ponnie. 3.81s Cotter. 540 45 � . Fill. City wrestling r 13 3 Defeated 13 7 by two Falls one in the wrestling match at the a Jav Baths tonight. Nil not Lih Falls in the seventh and eighth Rouede. Gut of work Man unearths �100 Gold Nugget his second find at mount Crawford in 12 Days or. W. A. Kollosche who Only 12 Days ago accidentally dug up a Gold Nugget Worth �60, scratched the Bare surface of his Little claim at mount Crawford today and struck a 20-oz. Nugget Worth �100. Before his find last week or. Kollosche was practically penniless and was glad to get work at the married men s Relief Camp at mount Crawford. He had been out of work for years before he became a Goldmine and a modern Midas. Quartz streaked with Gold today s 20-oz. Nug Cret was found Only about 8 it. From the Enot where the first �60 Nusret was unearthed and Only about 15 inches under the around. It looked like just another Lump of Quartz. But when or. Kollosche washed it in the Creek his Eves shone As the cold cleared out through the dirt. Or. Kollosche walked into the mail office late this afternoon with his mate or. F. Barron. The nug it Wae wrapped in newspaper in one hand. It was seamed and streaked with cold and shining threads huns All Over its surface. He could balance it easily in one hand for it was approximately 2 in. By 3 in. By 4 in. Or. Kollosche. Who lives in Sturt 6treet. City Wae in Adelaide and yesterday received an Urt rent telex ram from or. Arron to return at once to their claim of 10 acres which they had Pep ced out after finding the first us Greet. During his absence in town or. Barron had found a email piece of Quartz about the Eize of a 2/ piece while he Wae panning out me soil in his dih. Both men had been out of employment for some time. Back to Field or. Kollosche returned to the Field on Friday afternoon and with or. Barron. Began panning out dirt from the 6urface. Their efforts returned them about 3 dwt. To the dish. Today they were astir Early. And were Boon at work on their claim a or. Kollosche went Down the Hillside to the Creek below and began had been away for a few minutes when he caught flight of the glitter of Fine streaks of Gold. He picked up the Stone and found that it was a piece of Quartz. The place where the Nugget waa found is about 30 it. From the Crown of the Hill. It is about 3h Miles to the East of the new Deloraine mine and about 14 Miles from Watts Gully. Birdwood is about five Miles Distant and gum Eracha five. Neither men. Who Are working the claim together Are taking any risks with intruders and during their visit to Ade Laide have left two men in charge to keep an Eye on the Field. For exhibition the Lougret Wae weighed on or. Linke a Scales. It will be exhibited in the win Dows of Perryman s. Jewellers of King William Street alongside the first Sojic to unearthed. The director of mine or. L. Keith Ward said that the country where the nuggets had been found obviously waa Gold bearing. An officer of the depart ment had tinted the area last week Fol lowing the report of the finding of Tea 15-oz. Noj get and had advised the men to carry on with their prospecting. He expected to Rait the scene in a few. Days and make an Inaara Jitian. Yes John ? this is the suite Eddy s Are advertising Votice dear that it measures up to every claim that they made for it making it quite the nicest suite i have seen. It is much cheaper than Mabel s suite but infinitely better in Quality. It is really remarkable How such Charm can be achieved in Home furniture with such Economy. Furthermore John we can buy this with every Assur nce for the name of Eddy a in itself is a guarantee. Cd Irful a kit our spol Collit i csci��upf5 la a St a t distinction litha of Cernota of this Buu Alful jul of -i-5?= end Odom the Hlf but Trade i Hil. Al Finith throne Hoot. M4e Iran Sela eted a v of. Tbs Budsin. Mit full Well achaval mar Raitt. Uit i u Ian. 72 Najle k c 6353 j or Tab Silver a Jubilee m Hoover vat Home 7

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