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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Jun 17 1933, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - June 17, 1933, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Japan s acts cause world disquiet to build new warships relations with Britain strained Trade War menace London. June 17. The general feeling of disquiet Over Japan s aggressive world Trade policy has been intensified by the announcement that Japan will spend 44 Mil lion pounds on new warships in the next three years. Ward Price the special correspondent in the far East of the daily mail London declares that feeling Between Britain and Japan has never been so strained. The two countries Are heading for a clash he says. s plans the announcement of the new japanese naval programme dramatically follows the statement by the Secretary for the United states Navy or. Swanson that America ? plans to build 32 bips of War immediately. As a result of her naval replenishment plan Japan s naval estimates for next year Are expected to be slightly in excess of the present years probably about 410 million yen normally 41 million pounds. The two 20,000-ton aircraft carriers which America proposes to build Are regarded by Japan As a special menace. Menace is real quoting the opinions of distinguished englishmen at Tokio that Anglo japanese relations have started on the course which Anglo German relations took at the be ginning of the present Century Ward Price asks by Britain and Japan should he heading toward a quarrel. He says that the japanese blame Fin Tain s economic blockade and that the Bri tone accuse the japanese of unfair com petition. The japanese believe from the result of the Ottawa conference that Bri Tain and her dominions mean to exclude japanese Export from the Empire. They cite the abrogation of the indo japanese Trade treaty and declare that the British policy is unfriendly and is prohibiting japanese migration. The dominions they a it Are barring goods by tariffs. Ward Pijoe admits the reality of the. Menace of japanese Competition but urges that it is useless to criticise japanese workers for being Content with Low pay and a simpler Standard of living than the White Man. An economic fight he Saye. Means a terrible hammering on both sides Britain should preserve Friendship with Japan and seek a settlement by negotiation. If she wante to get Japan out of the Empire markets she should assist her to reach her natural Market China from which Ehe has been excluded by Boycott and civil War. A revival of the Purchas ing Power of China s millions would absorb japanese exports. Federal enquiry Brisbane saturday. After he had told an audience at Ipswich today that investigations were being made into allegations of japanese dumping the prime minister or. Lyons said that it had to be remembered that Japan was one of Australia s beet customers. Or. Lyons was questioned twice about the menace of japanese dumping Dur ing his visit to Ipswich where there is a Large Woollen Industry. Or. Lyons said that there was ample Power under the industries preservation act to protect Australia against dumping. An investigation was being made and if necessary a remedy would be applied. Those who raise thi6 question Are either ignorant of or purposely ignoring the fact that Japan is one of our very Best customers said or. Lyons. I want you to remember this. Seaton Golf title to 19-year-old boy with a Brilliant 303, a record score for the 72-Hole event w. Ackland Horman jun., the 19-year-old Holder of the state Junior title today won the Royal Adelaide Golf club championship at Seaton. He Defeated tie Veteran Legh win Ter who has held the title Niue times and has been Amateur Ali Apiou of Australia Ackland Horman is the youngest player to win the Seaton title. Winser s round of 71 this morning put Lihn Only one stroke behind Arkland Horman. But this afternoon he met with disaster Early and took 81 for the round. Arkland Horn Ian played steady Golf throughout except for an unnecessary 7 at the tenth this afternoon when he 1 took four putts. His scores for the four rounds of 76, 78, 73. And 6 Are open championship i flirts. I Wigiser s total for the title last year Wasi 31.v 12 strokes More than Ackland Hor Man took today l g. Turns finished third with a total for � of .113. I Thero a a fairly big Nailer this a Ter Trion. In Elikins the governor sir Alexann Der Ilore hit liven i. Who followed his Ori at store tar. Winder. After being Ali rep strokes behind Aik land Horman at the end of last Satur Day s 3fi holes it was to lion it that win Ter s ii Reater esp Prience would Cive him a ii France to win the title Acain to Lav at the end of the morning round for Nii Irh his card read 30. 7 1. Vip was Only one stroke behind to , but after a bad run Early this afternoon he never had a Chance of training the lost ground. He took 81 for the round in clip Lins six fives and a six. One of the gallery picked up a klan Horman i Ball at the tenth thinking it was a stray. There was no pen Alty for that but it was followed by Ackla Iid Horman s Only lapse for the Day. He missed the Hole by 15 it. With Bia first putt knocked the Ball 5 it. Of the other Sije fur the 6econd. And missed his third by a few inches. Then instead of addressing the Ball correctly. He casually went to Knock it Back handed into the Hole and missed again. Two putts should have the Ball safely in the cup. One of the features of today s Piny was a two at the 294-Yard eighth Hole by Ian Hayward. He drove Well and his Mashie Niblick travelled 120 Yards into the tin. The scores for today s two to ills and the tntal6 were w Ackland Horman jun., 73. 76 30c c. L. Wonser. 71. 81 309 l. G. Toms. 70, 81313 j. F. Astley. 75, 80317 r h. Swift. 81. 80322 f. H. Lenom 82. A 323 a. A Lendon. 82, 81327 h. C. Nott. S3. 8733 1 a. P. Mclachlan. S4 85 331 b. F. Moore. 82. 88331 r l. . S2. Is 332 i. D. Hayward. S \ s 31 d. M. G Llano cd. 83. S7 315 d. C. Turner. 82. 8ft 35 j Attu incl icon Nav win fulfilled the prophecy Nia in this time last year thai he would join the rank of Australia s Golf prod Iiri before he was 20. Gotlif a youngsters who Haf achieved Fame Tri Tim Farrier. Who w As Amateur Champion of a pm South Wales two years Apo when he was1 0 Harry Williams Ansini Linn and victorian Ami or title Holder at 17, and Norman von Oil la Queensland Champion when he w a 18. Except for carelessness at rues a k land Horman has an Ideal go if tempera ment. He to per iia ily one of the bit and most powerful Drivers in the St nip. And his slow bark swing is very live. That of hairy Williams. Picture on Back Page torpedo practice on . Tattoo outside Sydney Heads a remarkable picture taken during torpedo practice on the . Tattoo outside Sydney Heads on thursday. The torpedo is seen leaving the tube tend about to plunge into the sea there to make a straight line towards the target. Torpedoes were aimed and fired at imaginary enemy ships. The Crew s work was checked up by the Standard that would be exacted had they been engaged in actual War against enemy battleships. Two die trying to save Kitten mail special representative. Lox Dox. Saturday. Thousands of people saw William Burke a Boxer and police Constable Jewes drowned in the River Orwell. In Manchester today when they were trying to Rescue a stray Kitten which was stranded on a ledge below Victoria Bridge in the heart of the City. Burke climbed Down on a rope and got the Kitten but a he was climb ing Back it fell from Bis shoulder into the water. Again he went Down the rope but in trying to grass the kit ten he himself fell into the water. Constable Jewes on Point duty nearby immediately dived to the Rescue. But both men disappeared. Meanwhile the Kitten got Back on to the ledge and was rescued unhurt an hour later. Supposed weird suicide Man shot body burned Perth saturday. An amazing Case of suicide was revealed today when after nearly six months a secluded spot in the san Hills Between Scarborough and North Beach a few Miles from Perth. Cave up the secret of a City mans Dis appearance. A charred Skeleton believed to be the remains of John Johnson who disappeared from a pier Street Iod Kinghouse on january 2, was found among the ruins of a fire. Investigations prove that the Man s death was preceded by elaborate and extraordinary preparations. Amone the ashes were found the remains of a double barrelled Shotgun and human Bones. Apparently after carrying fuel to the spot and building what was really his funeral pyre the Man shot himself 60 that he would fall Back into the fire. The Blaze was so fierce that it consumed i of ii almost completely. A note was found in a email Black luncheon bag hanging on a tree asking the finder of the remains to report it to a Perth woman. Shanghai saturday. Bandits broke into a House at Mukden. Manchukuo. Today and attacked George Flint an american. They stabbed him seriously wounding him. And bound and gagged his wife. Later she managed to escape and flee to the american consulate for help. Getting to grips with crisis world leaders make plans mail special representative lox Dox saturday. Important committees set up by the world conference of ?6 nations to pre pare detailed plans for ending the economic crisis met today. They appointed eur committees which will get to grips with the problems on monday. Conversations were continued today be tween representatives of the three Cen trial Banks and of Treasury officials of Britain France and the United states the Bankers Are seeking a temporary measure of currency stabilisation As a sup pm Vincnt by measure to the Tariff truce which has been largely agreed upon Dur ing the Progress of the world conference. Forty one nations Nave now accepted the temporary Tariff truce. These actions altogether represent approximately 80 per cent of the world s to tide. The Chancellor of the exchequer or. Neville Chamberlain in a letter to the Secretary of the London Stock Exchange and to leading Banks and official houses said that Britain was not in his judg ment at present in a position to invest urge sums for Long terms in foreign countries. He requested those to whom Hie Appeal was addressed to assist him in discouraging such transactions. World leaders held up by lift London. Saturday. The world con Ference s afternoon session yesterday was held up for 10 minutes while or. Ram Eay Macdonald and 12 other delegates were being freed from a lift which had stopped Between floors while descending to the conference chamber. World conference and War debt cables on Page 3. Record prize Money in title test record High prize Money was paid in this week s obstinate artist contest. A Lucky Hackney woman won �19 3/, and 17 other readers received Welcome awards too. In the seventh big Charity contest which began today the prizes May be even higher and there May be More of them the obstinate artist s picture for the new contest is on Page 5. Write a witty title for it. Each entry costs Only 6d. For this trifling sum you May win �20 or More. Gaming police Active but no arrests Perth saturday. Increased police squads on foot and in motor cars combed the City and suburbs today in an at tent to Stamo out illegal bookmaking. But they made no arrests. Many of the usual betting shops were closed and although a few attempted to carry on business on a smaller scale they retired to shops at the first sign of any body who possibly might have been a policeman. The starting Price bookmakers after threats of More severe penalties for illegal letting and the announcement of the commissioner of police that the Law would be further exploited to Deal with them anticipated police action last night but it was delayed until today. On wednesday a conference of racing clubs agreed that today s racing acceptances would a withheld from the pub Lic until 30 minutes before the time of starting of Rares at Helena Vale today. Owners and Trainer supported the h Tion of Trio clubs the Western austra Lian turf club attributed its year s loss tit the Rpp Nfn Al a a makers. Fine weather is Likely for Days Fine weather such As was experienced today should continued for several Daye. There will be cold frosty a jets with Milder Day temperatures ays the government meteor sift or. Bromley. Today s minimum of 43.5 decrees at 7.15 . Wa6 unusually cold for june. Sturt have to fight pressed hard by South next week s football South Strong Effort against the unbeaten Sturt Ide was the main feature of today s league football zanies. The Blu and Whites were Well in the until the final Bell but Sturt steadiness in defence proved too much for them. Other highlights in a series of close matches included Norwood s Fine finish against Glenelg and the accurate kicking of Torrens in Tike last term against port. We6t comp Etem a quartet of even games by running North to a goal margin at Way Ille. Torrens should provide stiff opposition to Sturt when these teams meet at the Unley Oral on saturday. This came should draw a Large attendance for Tor rens have shown a marked improvement since they were Defeated by 36 Points by the double blues earlier in the season. The Blue and polds won in convincing fashion Acai fit port today but they Are Likely to find Sturt s Aeria Power and More balanced team work Loo great an obstacle to overcome. Norwood s great finish against Glenelg will put them in great heart for their second meeting with port. This time the game will be played at Norwood. When the teams met in the second series of games the Redlegs with a weakened Side got up in time to level the tallies. Norwood have the Pace to compete with port s smaller men on the ground and their Ruck strength and High marking ability should allow them to turn the tables on their old rivals. In View of South form against Sturt today they can be expected to press North closely at the Adelaide Oval on Satur Day but North should be in front at the end of the Day. After three defeats in a Row Glenelg 1 will be out to reopen their winning account when they meet West at the Bay Oval. Glenelg in View of the advantage of their Home a around should record their second win Over the City team. The game should be even. Full details on pages 9 and 10 spectacular fall in today s Hunt a striking picture taken during Adelaide Hunt club s run from Hampstead today. Or. I Ane is taking a spectacular fall Over the head of his mounts snowball. Or. Lane escaped with a few bruises. Unt today. R. Is a spectacular fall of units escaped f 100-foot dive to Gully Tapley s Hill i smash four Hurt at 7 o clock tonight a motor truck out of control crashed m the darkness through a Fence on the Side of the Road on tap Ley s Hill and after having somersault a three times stopped half Way Down a Gully 200 it. Deep. Four people were injured. They Are s Nell Pearcy. And 18. Of Mclaren Vale fractured Collarbone and concussion. George Pearcy 20. Her brother head injuries. Joe keys 18of Mclaren Vale pjull.p65 . The Driver of the truck of Mclaren Vale Shock. Mis Pearcy her brother and keys were admitted to the Adelaide Hospital. The Driver of the truck Wae taken Home after treatment. Or. Buddle of the Darlington service station which is near the Bottom of tap Ley s Hill brought the injured people to the Hospital. He said that after the trick had crashed through the Fence it somersault a three times throwing Ite occupants Down the Elope. The Driver was beneath the truck but he escaped injury. It Wae not until after had left the Hospital an hour and a half Javier that it was realised that he Wae suffering from Shock. Several times he grabbed at the wheel of or. Buddie s car As though he were trying to prevent its Goin Over a Cliff. A brother of who escaped injury said tonight that he was on the truck with several others he did not know exactly How Many and was on his Way to Adelaide from Mclaren Vale. There was no thought of impending disaster until they had begun to travel along the Steep stretch of Road at the top of Tapley s Hill. Then the lights failed and something seemed to break beneath the truck. After that Witehead remembered no More until he found himself on the Side of the Hill. The truck was. Badly damaged. Little time was lost in getting the injured people to Hospital. A portion of the. Truck wis used As a Stretcher. On it one of the injured men ? was carried to or. Buddie s car had from it to the casualty room at the Hospital. Unknown Man killed Melbourne. Saturday. A Man who has not yet been identified Wae killed tonight and his companion injured when a motor Cycle on which they were Riding smashed into a email tree and careened Back across the Roadway before overturn Man s tragic death Beaudesert Queensland Satur Day. On his Way to attend the funeral of his daughter in Brisbane or. Frank Stretton of Lara Vale Beaudesert Wae killed instantly when his motor car Over turned on the rat Downey Road this afternoon. The car was driven by his son who sustained a fractured . Mrs. Stretton and a child in the car were slightly injured. Tasmanian smash Burnie Tasmania. Saturday. When a Sedan car capsized near Latrobe. On the North West coast last evening. Miss a. Rowntree. Superintendent of juvenile Edu cation in Tasmania injured her Pelvis. She was taken to the Devon Hospital. Other passengers in the car were the Secretary for education or. Walter Wright and the chief inspector of schools or. C. E. Fletcher who escaped injury. Air liner Down on Island All Safe but tanks dry within hour of Darwin Darwin. Saturday. With less than an hour s flying to go to Complete its flight from London to austra Lia the British air liner Astrea was forced Doton on Bathurst Island this afternoon with its petrol tanks almost dry. The plane fought its Way crop the timor sea from Koppang today in the Teeth of buffeting head winds. Petro ran Low and rather than reek being forced Down into the treacherous Clarence Strait just North of Darwin the commander capt Prendergast decided to land tfc1 plane on the Loncer Island Only about i5 Miles from its goal. Before the decision was made the plane sent out a radio Call to Darwin asking the size of the emergency land ing ground at Bathurst Island. This was promptly supplied. The plane landed safely on the Rouru emergency aerodrome Pear the roman Catholic Mission station from which aboriginal Fri Rte were recently reported to have been kidnapped by japanese Pearler. Where the Astrea landed the petrol shortage was the ? Only trouble As far As is known. Arrangements were made this afternoon to ship petrol from Darwin by the Bathurst Bland mis Sion s Ketch. The aet Raea is expected to arrive Here on monday. The Astrea one of tie most modern air liners in the world secretly left Croy \ Don aerodrome London on May 29. And reached Rome the same nit by. The air superintendent of Imperial airways Ltd. F major a i break Levi is on Board. The Prev comprises tie commander capt. A. R Prender Jae first officer or. C. Grid Fitchp. Wireless operator or. W. X Brown. Another passenger is or. A. E. Hiekman an Engineer of the Strong Siddeley co. The builders of the machine. Major Brackley s Mission is to sur vey the whole of the air route to Australia. V the Astrea will visit Sydney can Berra and Melbourne and it is Hope i that it will visit Adelaide and Fly across Bass Strait to Tasmania. The Imperial airways liner . Quist May play in doubles i Ennis 1 is in Paris australians fit mail special representative Paris. June 16. Unless plans Are altered the Young South australian Tennis player a. A. Quist will partner the Davis cup Cap Tain j. Crawford in the doubles on Sun the3 will meet the japanese pair probably j. Satoh and r. Nonoi in ? the match which will not begin until 5 . With full French ceremonial the draw for the Davis cup Semi final Between Australia and Japan was made today. The matches have been arranged As Fol lows saturday 3 . Crawford v. Nonoi. Later Mcgrath v. Satoh. Sunday 5 . Crawford and Turnbull or quist v. Nonoi and Satoh prob Able. Monday 3 . Probable. Mcgrath v. Nonoi. Later Crawford v. Satoh. Tomorrow s first match will begin at 3 ., because the parisians Are late lunches. There is a bin race meeting at Auteuil near the courts on sunday and because of this the Davis cup doubles will not begin until 5 o clock although Turnbull probably will play an exhibition match with Miki. It is expected that the race Guers will flock to the Tennis fixture after the last French Lawn Tennis Fedex Tina after the draw was made entertained the australian and jape Csc teams at Lua Cheon at the Roland Garros stadium where the matches will be played Milany other prominent player were guests of the federation. Australians play at practice today the australians rapidly adjusted themselves to the altered Bounce of the balls on the red in tout Ras Centre court which has a splendid surface slower than grass but very True. After their display today when they Defeated d. P. Turnbull and v. B. Mgrath. It is thought that Crawford and Quirt would do Well together on Sun Day quist it in said will be Able to keep the Ball in play and smash Efini gently giving Crawford sufficient support to win. Parisians love Tennis and 100 of them paid ten francs normally 1/7 each to watch the practice in the heat today. They received Good value for their Money. They applauded very Good rally toss and smash As a rollicking doubles followed a singles. Quist and Mcgrath were considered for the doubles but their selection is doubt Ful because it was discovered in the French championships that they could not counter tosses. Knowing this the Japa Nese certainly would exploit this weak Ness. Satoh. Carry apr the inevitable camera watched the australians with marked intent Ness. He said that the japanese were in Eood form and expected a close same. He thought he and Nonoi would play in the doubles. American wants 1933 Davis cup Lon Donjune 17. The american world s singles Tennis Champion h. E. Vines has arrived in England for the Wimbledon championships. I would not Bacler myself for a dime in the singles he said. My form is shocking. I have not played a match for six months since i returned from Australia. I would rather win the doubles with Gledhill but we Are More anxious to win the Davis cup references to Wimb Edon prospects continued on Page 8 Stop press Rector s fast ends Perth. The Rev. A. E. White s fast to wipe off the debt of St. John s Church. Albany ended to night. The be Cedeary �200 was collected. Irish and c2m.v.unists Dublin. A definite order for bidding members of the irregular Irish Republican armr to join the communist or and other party has been issued. The . 6ays it was never communist ii Only because communism was associated with atheism. Needs �40 before he can eat Rector s fast Tor Church Perth. Saturday. % i Sivali not cease praying and far Auk until All the Money is raised said the Rev. A. E. Which Rector of St. John s Church. Albany today. Forty pounds had still to be collected at midday today to wipe off the Church s debt and he had then fasted and prayed for 53 hours. He is looking Forward cheerfully to end ing the ordeal late tonight when be expects the �200 will be collected. But he is annoyed that some people Are criticising his efforts As a publicity stunt. Padre White As he is generally known began his fact at 7 . On thursday. Yesterday he said he thought he could last another two Days without food if need weary. Interest in the state of the collection and in or. White s condition is growing every hour at Albany. Millionaire kidnapped mail special representative new York. Saturday. William Hamm jun., aged 39. A millionaire of St. Paul Minnesota was kidnapped late yesterday and is being held for a Ransom of 100,000 dorians normally �20,000. Cable messages to the news yesterday reported that a threat had been made to Kidnap the 14mosths old granddaughter of president Roose velt. Her father s Cummer Home in new Hampshire was burned Down presumably As an act of revenge by frustrated gangsters he is known All Over Australia. Trained at the Merfield theological College in eng land he came to Western Australia before the War. He joined the brother Hood of St. Boniface at Williams and did valuable work in that immense District Between Albany and Perth. ?. He served in France As a chaplain in the 44th battalion until the end of the War. On he return to Australia be mar ried a War nurse. He was Archdeacon of broken Hill before he want to Albany. He has conducted Many missions throughout Australia. Although he is showing signs of the Strain of fasting he is facing his self imposed ordeal determinedly. Chevrolet trucks Are favored for business reasons Ruring the past 6 years Over 31,234 Chevrolet trucks and utilities have been purchased by australians. Such a tremendous figure could never have been reached unless the Purchase of a Chevrolet was in simple words Good business Chevrolet trucks distributors City motors Ltd. Chevrolet division 95 Waymouth Street distributors of Chevrolet Buick and Vauxhall for better radio Ufi most sensitive musical ear. Let us demonstrate in your Home radio z/�$&0� 51 runic Street specialists 9 Adelaide

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