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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Jun 6 1936, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - June 6, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Haig is Scotland s i oldest 1 whisky \ Clipper ii a Yov tobacco met Yin i 1 Large Ping for pipe smoker 1 unit flu i Light and dare Lui i Luft Price and Quality 8otte everybody a f sole agents Cornell limited Adelaide. French strikers exceed 600,000 movement spreads in spite of government plea Many concessions already made More than 600,000 workers Are now on strike through out France and in spite of the urgent Appeal of m. Blum Leader of the new socialist government the strike wave is still Onrea Rinir. There Are 400.000 Idle in the Paris area alone. The food problem is the gravest aspect of the situation. The authorities Are prepared to take Strong action to Safe guard this essential service and it has been announced that if necessary the military authorities will organise and control food supplies for the three million citizens of Paris. Paris saturday. It is under stood that m. Blum intends to introduce a Bill providing for a 40 hour week paid holidays and collective contracts which would satisfy Many of the unions. His difficulties Are accentuated by the powerlessness of the unions to control the strikers Many of whom Are acting independently of the unions. The food problem is the gravest aspect of the situation. Transport difficulties and a new strike at the Villette Vau Girard Slaughter houses which Supply meat for All Paris Are aggravating the situation. Employees of wholesale fruiterers were temporarily Idle but the whole salers eventually signed an agreement As a result of which the employees Are returning to work. At the Majestic hotel the staff struck invaded the cellars commandeered and consumed the food stocks to the detriment of guests who had to do without. Strikes at the ambassadors and Commodore hotels were settled by agreement the socialist newspaper Populaire and the communist journal humanity had a monopoly of sales today their distribution being undertaken by Mili Tant members of the parties on cycles and on foot quaint incidents a further development in the strike tangle last night was the decision of the workers in the great department stores such As galleries la Fayette Printer ups Samar Taine and louvre to spend the night at the counters in Stead of going Home. Outside the populace collected and flirted with the shop girls the police Good hum redly removing them when arguments became Over heated. Another unusual incident was a stay in strike by employees of a Hearse factory. They slept last night among half finished hearses. Many social events have been postponed and races scheduled for today have been cancelled. Generally the strikers Are Well be have and Are carrying out picketing in orderly fashion. Dealers Are ration ing sugar candles and other commodities. The Paris municipal Council has voted Relief funds for the strikers and is requesting the state to share the expense of their maintenance. Meanwhile the employees on buses trams and tube railways threaten to Stop work. Sixty additional factories and Mills in Northern France were seized by the employees last night making a total of 200 plants and 100.000 workers involved in the North. Following the example of employers organisations in Paris the Northern Mil owners have re fused to negotiate while the strikers occupy the Mills. The owners de Clare that they will hold the government responsible for any Acci dents. Shops in the Northern towns Are besieged by housewives who Are feverishly accumulating supplies. Many towns involved strikes of mine and railway workers at Lens have not Only stopped the out put of Coal but threaten to Cut off supplies of Coal to the Southern districts. Power and lighting supplies in Ceil Lille. Roubaix. And Tourcoing May fail soon seven thousand miners have ceased work at Lieven and others have stopped at Anzin Domain. Detain. And elsewhere. At Havre 3,000 shipyard workers Are Idle and 2,500 Dunlop employees have struck at Mont Lucon. Strikers Are increasing at Bourges Chartres. Rheims. Mau Beuge Arras and Rouen. A Dock strike has tied up the port of Nice on the Mediterranean. Workers in the citroen motor factory in Tou Louse who resumed work when their demands were granted have begun demonstrations outside the Renault fac tory which is still Idle the owners re fusing to concede the Union s demands. Antwerp tie up London saturday. The strike situation at belgian ports is becom ing worse though the Ghent dockers have resumed. Fourteen ships have left Antwerp without loading or unloading. The police wielding sabres dispersed seve ral gatherings of strikers. A police cyclist was knocked Down and his Cycle destroyed. Wives of the workers Are excitedly participating in the demonstrations. 4,000 children for concerts nearly 4,000 children will take part in the four concerts arranged by the Public schools choral and Industrial society. Which Wilf he held in the Cen Tennial Hall in october. Each night 1,250 singers will appear on the plat form. Children from port Adelaide Central girls Welland infants. Colonel Light gardens and Croydon Central schools Are being trained for massed choral and special character items. Platforms which less than two years ago Cost �300 will have to be enlarged at a further Cost of �200 to accommodate the choirs. It costs approximately �70 each year to have this Type of platform assembled and dismantled. Or. F. L. Gratton will conduct the choirs which will be accompanied by an enlarged orchestra. The superintendent of primary education or. W. T. Martin is acting chair Man of the society. Or. G. Poison is concert manager and or. R. L. Bromley is Secretary. Married woman struck by Tram mrs. Rita Curnow 37, of Swaine Avenue Rose Park sustained head in juries and concussion when she was struck by a Tram at the inters Prinn it Victoria and Swaine avenues this after noon. She was attended by a doctor and taken to her Home. At the time of the Accident several pedestrians became confused As two trams were passing in opposite directions. Shirley Truscott 6, of Orange Grove Halton gardens fell to the Road in trying to avoid a Tram. She received facial abrasions and was taken Home. Keith Saxon 16, son of or. Roy Saxon formerly a plainclothes con stable attached to the Adelaide . Was still unconscious in the Adelaide Hospital tonight 12 hours after his admission with concussion of the brain. The youth was injured in a collision Between his bicycle and a motor lorry at the intersection of Gawler place and Pirie Street today. Gawler car factory at a meeting in the Gawler town Hall today to discuss the proposed Erec Tion of a works for the manufacture of engines and Chassis keen interest was shown by a gathering of business men. The meeting was it a by or. Alfred Mather who was one of the original apprentices of James Martin & co. And i who has had extensive engineering experience Here and abroad. The proposal includes the Purchase of the premises formerly occupied by the Perry. May Harvester co. For the erection of the new works. Jewels taken at Rusmore ransacking the Home of or. G. K. Doe of Kennaway Street Rusmore gardens who is absent in Sydney ring contents of a child s Moneybox and Small change. A neighbor noticed yesterday that a Garden Hoe had been used to make a Hole in a wire Gauze window near the door Latch of a rear sleep out from the sleep out the thieves entered a bedroom by a door which was locked on the inside. They Are believed to have pushed the key out of the key Hole so that it fell on a Sheet of paper placed under the door which was then drawn through to the outside of the Doorstep. Mrs. Doe who is staying at Glenelg examined the House today. Miss Nancy Bird reaches Bourke Bourke saturday. Miss Nancy Bird the Young Sydney air woman who is flying or. W. Richardson and mrs. A. M. Davis from Adelaide to Cunna Tonulla landed her plane Here at 2 . Today. She will continue her flight to Morrow. Miss Bird struck bad weather and had to stay at broken Hill last night. Successful War waged against dogs at Victoria Park although the Public was warned that any dogs whether registered or not running Loose at Victoria Park this afternoon would be seized the police and racecourse attendants collected 14 strays. Some of them Are shown Here tied up in the space set aside for them just past the scraping Sheds. Art Union scholarship assured Young artist to travel Here is Good news for All who Are interested in Art in South Australia. The splendid Success of the �1,000 Art Union he the news and the mail for the Royal . Society of arts has made it certain that the Centenary travelling Art scholar ship will be inaugurated this year and that it will run for the full period of two years. For Many years members of the society of arts and other artists have dreamed of such a scholarship and now at last the dream is realised. South Australia comes into line with new South Wales and Victoria and other states and countries which to vide travelling scholarships for their promising Young artists. Entries for the scholarship will be received immediately from All South australian Art students who will not be More than 30 on Decem Ber 1. The scholarship will be Worth at least �250 a year for two years and it will be administered by the trustees of the society of arts the president or. L. H. Howiejr. John White or. R. Buring and the editor in chief of the news and the mail or. E. G. Bonney. Or. Howie said today that the provi Sion of the scholarship was a unique achievement for a newspaper. The society of arts and Art lovers in Gene ral owed a deep debt of gratitude to the news and the mail the Secretary of the society or. H. E. Fuller said that the Council of the society at its meeting this week had expressed great appreciation of All that the news and the mail had done. Hope foe donation the Council hoped that before the scholarship expired some Well to do citizen would come Forward with a donation substantial enough to make the scholarship permanent. In that event a student could be sent away every two years with the income de Rived from the capital amount the news and the mail Echo this Hope and at the same time desire to thank most sin j Cerely the artists who so generously j presented valuable paintings some j of them Worth As much As 150 gns., in order to ensure the Suc Cess of the scholarship plan. Continued on Page 2. Attacked with Hammer head fight for Cash Brisbane saturday. Armed with the head of a claw Hammer a thief made a Savage attack on Alex s. Bur rows Butcher when he was walking towards his shop in Bowen Hills at 5 o clock this morning. For. Several minutes the two struggled desperately for Possession of a kit bag containing several pounds in Cash which Burrows was carrying. Finally after striking his victim with the Hammer and inflicting a deep Gash Over his left Eye the thief took to his heels and disappeared. Burrows lives about half a mile from his shop and leaves Home very Early in the morning on saturdays to prepare week end orders. This morning he had gone about 150 Yards when on turning a Corner he heard footsteps behind him. As he glanced round he saw a Man halt and throw a heavy object at him. Burrows dodged the missile and his assailant approached him warily Call ing hand Over the bag struck Over Eye the Butcher saw that the Man did not have a gun and he closed with him. His assailant broke free and struck him Over the Eye with the mis Sile which he had previously thrown. The object later proved to be a Ham Mer head. Although Burrows was dazed by the blow his assailant apparently was frightened for he did not wait to snatch the bag before de camping. Burrows was treated by a doctor and was taken to his Home suffering from head injuries and severe loss of blood. A wireless patrol car was summoned but so far no arrest has been made. Pooling of clergy s stipends suggested views on Church problem divergent views in other states were expressed today on criticism yesterday of the smallness of anglican Sti pends. A Sydney minister a methodist suggests that those with hip incomes from society we Drain is should Heln their Fellows the coadjutor Bishop of Melbourne says that income is not the primary reason for anglican clergymen s work. If ministers with an income of �2,000 a year from society weddings and donations assisted their Fellows there would be less talk of anglican ministers being on the breadline said the Rev. A. Morris of Randwick . Or. Morris who is a methodist minis Ter was commenting on a statement by the Rev. Or. A. Law at the anglican Church Congress that the poverty of the clergy demanded serious attention. In the methodist Church he said resources Are pooled and the Strong help the weak. I do not think that there is an anglican minister getting less than �250 a year however and that is enough for any Man. Many of the parishioners in their churches have to get along on far less. Disparity too masked i do not think any Man should get Rich in the service of Jesus Christ. I have always found a wonderful spirit of chivalry and self sacrifice among laymen towards clergymen or. Morris said. I do not know of anyone in our Church who gets �2,000 a year but some make �800 a year and the Dis parity Between that sum and the �250 received by others is too marked said the Rev. J. Faulkner a presbyterian minister also of new South Wales. There should be some system of Pool ing of funds by the big men to help the smaller monetary Reward was the last thing considered by Young men entering the anglican ministry said the coadjutor Bishop of Melbourne the right Rev. J. J. Booth. But parents after saving Given their sons a costly University education in some instances probably advised them against entering the ministry As was stated yesterday by the vicar of St. Johns Toorak or. A. Lawin Sydney. In 25 years experience among Theo logical students and years in a Posi Tion in which he had to interview Many aspirants to the ministry Bishop Booth said he had never had a Man ask what his income would be in the service of the Church. Make sacrifices it was necessary to preserve this spirit of adventure. It was essential that those entering the ministry should be willing to make sacrifices and take their Chance for their Faith. Every Effort was made by the anglican Church to see that its clergy was adequately paid tout it was necessary to avoid presenting the ministry As a lucrative career. Some adherents gave splendid sup port to the efforts of the Church to provide adequate financial arrange ments for the clergy but certain laity could do much More. Bishop Booth said that these people professed allegiance with the Church but did Little to support its work. Police know of suspect Melbourne saturday. A portrait taken from the rogues gallery at police Headquarters has been almost in in Difiori a to via of 9 Man Wpm is alleged to have taken part in a hold up in North Fitzroy three years ago. The wanted Man s recent haunts Are known but he has disappeared from All of them. He is said to be the Short mail who with two others held up the pay Roll escort of the firm of Goold and Porter pay. Ltd., with a revolver. The pay Roll Money cannot guide the police As the numbers of the notes which Are of �5 and less Are not known. The Man. It is said has a Long police record. ? fall from motor car suffering from injuries to the legs and Back Herbert Nelson Heaslip of Nyeema Avenue Hollywood was admitted to the Adelaide Hospital today. He fell from a motor car in Payne am Road College Park. A police ambulance took him to Hospital. Police Hurt in struggle Man arrested three constables were injured in a struggle at the North Adelaide police station late today after having arrested a Man at a football match at Mackin non Parade. Constable Fitzgerald sustained a Dis located shoulder and was treated by a doctor. Constable p. Judd received an injury to a wrist and plainclothes con stable Mackay was badly bruised. The police were first called to a fight Between two spectators at the football match. The fight was finished when constables Mackay and Judd arrived but while they were question ing a Man it is alleged that insulting words were addressed to them. Constable Mackay received a violent push and a Man is alleged to have made a fierce and prolonged resistance to arrest. The struggle was watched by 200 people. At the police station a further struggle ensued during which it is alleged that Constable Fitzgerald. Received his shoulder injury. A labourer aged 25, of North Adelaide was charged with having used insult ing words and with resisting the police. He was released on bail and will appear in the Adelaide police court on monday. Archdeacon dead widely known for his work on to hts River Murray Between 1894 and 1912? Archdeacon William John Bussell of Barton Terrace. North Adelaide a fiery in a private Hospital today at the age of 81. In his steam launch Etona he made Many excursions along the River be tween Murray Bridge and Renmark and later took Over control of the lower Murray. He did much for the Protection of the aborigines. For eight years he was chaplain of Adelaide gaols. A special service will be held at St. Peter s Cathedral at 4 pin. Tomorrow and the burial will take place subsequently in North Road cemetery. An important consultation91 at Victoria Park a races in psf what to Back in the next race appears to be the problem facing these four race goers on the lawns at Victoria Park this afternoon. From left miss k. Bonnin mrs. J. Bonnin mrs. Ernest Williamson and miss Betty Hogarth. T Back these four afternoon. Iss Rnest iss Ideal sunday is predicted the weather forecast issued to Day by the government meteorologist or. Bromley was a Fine week end with plenty of Sunshine tomorrow. The Large Anticyclone which now covers the whole of Australia has its Centre near Adelaide ensuring Fine Wea ther Here during the week end Hig Hardo in second big cup win by Trafalgar High Are completed a double when he followed Bis birthday cup Success on wednesday by taking the Alderman cud this afternoon. The it Priam visitor was an Odds on favorite and he was responsible for an electrifying run in defeating super valve and Cal Dale. Mellion who ran second to Hiffa Ardo in the birthday cup was beaten into fourth place. H. Bastian who has had a remarkable run in cups this season again Rode Hig Hardo and he Rode the Winner with the utmost Confidence. He allowed his mount to Settle Down leisurely a Long Way from the leading horses and he did not bother about urging Hig Hardo until a Furlong and a half from Home. The favorite then finished brilliantly and he won in easy fashion. High Ardo has made wonderful improvement since his first run in South Australia and he went within an Ace of securing the three big cups. Cape York narrowly Defeated him in the Adelaide cud. He will be sent Home in a few Days time and will be prepared for the big Spring events. Jockey s cup wins Bastian s record in cups this season is formidable. His successes in cup events Are Werribee Art Mooney Valley Arkport Adelaide Amali australian Amali Gawler ins Imbi birthday Hig hard and Alderman Hig Hardo. Backers had mixed Luck As several hot favourites were beaten. Two Kings Brave lad. And Segati failed. Anton Hill gave an improved display in win Ning the marry Atville Handicap and established a race record for the mile. His time was within a Quarter of a second of the South australian record Tor that distance. Healthy dividends returned were �55/18/ for Belus and �31/12/ for mar Misti in the respective divisions of the Coalbrook stakes and �10/16/ for be Leo in the Rose Park Handicap. Racing details Page 4. Police to seek pension change removal of the Rule under which a Section of pensioners have their pension payments reduced by �1 for every �2 earned from outside sources will be sought by the police association when parliament has the police pension system under review. The Rule considered by members of the association to be an anomaly applies to policemen compelled to re tire by injuries or illness not sustained in the execution of duty. Stop press Waitville trotting doubles tote dividends naval Edo Silver Glen. �c7 4/0 naval cd Van Lassie �6/10/3. Cd being Handicap Golden gift 1 Gold jacket i i cd i Oratius 3. Trotting scheme trebles tote planned if necessary amending legis lation can be got through parliament the South australian from Tiff association. Eliuh tonight concluded a phenomenally successful season proposes to introduce a trebles totalisator. This innovation has been under consideration for Many months and the association has had draft rules pre pared on similar lines to a system Ope rating in India where race goers for a Small investment have an Opportunity of receiving a big dividend if they Are Lucky enough to nominate the winners of the races on which the treble is conducted. If nobody strikes the treble at one fixture the amount invested less percentage deductions for government tax and the club s commission remains in the Pool and an increased dividend is therefore on offer at the next meeting. In India recently two scotsmen received �40,000 for having picked a totalisator treble. Before the system could be introduced in South Australia it would be necessary to have the lottery and gaming act amended because there is a provision that All totalisator dividends must be declared on the Day of the fixture on which the totalisator is operating. Charity meetings the association May also seek a Opportunity daring the present ses Sion of parliament to have Amend ing legislation brought Forward to enable it to increase the period of the trotting season so that meetings can be held for Charity on five nights daring the season. If the number of trotting meetings were increased from 35 to 40 the Charity nights would occur at intervals from the beginning of the season so that the causes for which they were run would have the Benefit of summer weather. Still a further subject on which the association desires legislation is in re Gard to totalisator fractions. Proceeds from this source of Revenue for Charity have increased considerably under the system of separate win and place pools. It is thought that a new method of calculations should be devised to pre vent tiie occurrence of so Many fractions and give totalisator investors the advantage of a higher Setum for their Money without depriving Charity organisations of sharing in totalisator trans actions to a similar extent As in the past. It is considered by trotting officials that the totalisator has done More to Popularise the sport than anything else. During the first season at Way Ville bookmakers provided the Only betting medium yet the association met with financial difficulties but in the next season the totalisator proved an instantaneous Success. Attendances increased and so did prize Money. What trotting Means to . Page 6. Nothing can i Stop this Man Sydney saturday. After having been assaulted and i robbed at 1 . Today James Taylor 30, a farm hand from. Walton near gunning left Lewisham Hospital at 2 ., and was married an hour later in a congregational Church. He left Hospital against medical advice with a probable fractured cheekbone say ing that he had come to Syd Ney to get married and nothing was going to Stop him. All his Money �42/10/ in notes was stolen from his Wallet. Taylor left Dalton about three j Days ago. At Midnight on Fri Day he left his temporary Home to buy a packet of cigarettes and was found at 2 . Lying unconscious in a Lane near the Majestic theatre in Canterbury j Road. He was taken to ? Lewisham Hospital. He told the police that he bought the cigarettes and was walking along Canterbury Road j when two men after asking for j a smoke knocked him Down. ? after the wedding the couple left for the South coast on their honeymoon. More pages for women big Section a specially enlarged and artistically illustrated women s Section will be a feature of next week s Hail. Diana s usual in diet of interviews social gossip Competition ideas and sketches will be supplemented by additional pages. Every aspect of fashion for fee Debutante and the Matron who prefers a game of Bridge thank you will be dealt with in these innovation that should meet with the approval of every woman Reader will be the special shopping Page. It is mainly during the week end that the average woman who has to allot the household monies has the time to think about her shopping and household needs. This Page with its brightly written shopping news will Supply a Long Felt need. The Winter season Means a continuous round ? of social engagements and each of these demands its own special dressing. A Page of the new Section will Deal with this subject and will offer practical suggestions. For the limited wardrobe variety Cam be so easily and inexpensively introduced by judicious selection of accessories. Again there will be Many and suit Able hints in the columns of the woman s Section of next week s mail remember that the mail can be delivered to you in time for your Early morning Tea on sunday. Make sure that your order has been placed. Shura Cherkassky the world s greatest boy pianist praises the famous Money saving family remedy for coughs colds bronchitis and influenza costs 2/-, saves � s i Over one million australian citizens annually prove that the Best remedy for banishing ailments of the Chest and Throat is the mixture so easily made ,1 sweetened water to a two shilling bottle of concentrated so tag each bottle of Reenzo make a a Iliili shh whose recitals in Sydney created by v a bibs a mus Ca sensation and attracted bar us bbb by Way Belenzo banished a cold 1 Reenzo should be used in every Home

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