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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1933, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - June 3, 1933, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Lang Man has big Lead in Bulli by election Willis third at close of tonight s count vote consolidates Lang leadership Sydney. Saturday. With the returns in the Bulli by election virtually Complete except for postal Section and absent votes or. J. T. Sweeney the Lang . Executive Candi Date holds a commanding Lead of primary votes today. In a total poll of 11,360 he was Only 964 votes Short of an absolute majority Over the combined votes of the other three candidates. At the close of the count tonight the up. Candidate or. Buttrell was holding second place 320 votes ahead of or. Willis the locally selected la Bor candidate who carried the Banner of local autonomy in the Campaign. It is possible however that their two positions May be changed when the 577 second preferences of the communist candidate or. Martin Are counted. Complete totals for tonight Are h. W. Buttrell up2,905. P. Martin communist577. J. T. Sweeney executive endorsed labor. 5,203. A. C. Willis locally endorsed labor2,685. On today s vote depended the future of or. Lang As virtual labor dictator in new South Wales. The Success of his candidate against or. Willis will consolidate his position and nourish his ambition to oust or. Scullin from the Federal labor leadership. Roivos narrowly averted Early returns showed that or. Willis the locally selected labor candidate who carried the Banner of local autonomy in the Campaign wa8 not Likely to do bet Ter than third in the first count. The return which came from Stanwell Park showed Buttrell 20 Martin 1 Sweeney 36 Willis 1. Another return for Helensburgh a mining Centre showed that the miners were not solidly behind or. Willis the figures being Sweeney 3 Willis 264 Buttrell 154 Martin 13. Bulli South division too plumped for or. Sweeney figures being two to one in his favor Over or. Willie the totals being butter Ell 350 Martin 50 Sweeney 547 Willis 218. When approximately 8,800 votes. Or dearly three quarters of the poll had been counted the figures were Sweeney 4.082 Willis 2,201 butter Ell 2,095 mar tin. 506. The counting of preferences will begin on tuesday. At Wyonona and thir Roul today rows were narrowly averted Between supporters of messes. Willie and Sweeney. At Wyonona a Sweeney supporter snapped a How to vote card from a Willis supporter and Tore it up. He was immediately rushed by several miners. A Quick apology was forthcoming but the miners said that if such an incident occurred again they would throw the Sweeney tables out of the electorate. At thir Roul police prevented a Brawl outside the Willis committee rooms. The Willis reporters and Lang supporters got into hot arguments Over the allocation of preferences. There was a strained situation at Cole Dale where or. Willis and mrs. Lang arrived Simita Neoushy. Arriving Back today from a Holiday trip to England the governor sir Alexander Hore Ruthven and lady Hore Ruthven had a strenuous programme to carry out. These pictures show from left professor Kerr Grant left and professor Mckellar Stewart on their Way to attend the birthday levee a close up of the governor and lady Hore Ruthven taking the Salute during the scouts and guides rally and the governor taking the Salute at the military review. America plans Camps for wordless girls mail special representative new York saturday. The first of a series of Federal unemployment camb for women and girls is being established in the Bear mountains Paik under a scheme prepared by mrs. Roosevelt the wife of the president and miss Frances Perkins the Secretary of labor. The Camp Wilt accommodate 300, and women will receive five dollars a week paid by the Federal government to the state Relief administration. For each 10 girls there will be a counsellor Naid 15 dollars a week. Only Able bodied Eirls and unmarried women will be accepted. Besides doing routine Camp duties they will be Given vocational train ing. Thieves raided a House in Harley Road Cowan Dilla last night and stole clothes and jewellery valued at �10 15/. Draught pieces to be made from planks of , Sydney Canberra saturday. Thousands of neat wooden draughts pieces which Are to be made in Canberra from the Plank Inz of . Sydney will keen alive memories of Australia s first great naval Victory. When the Sydney was scrapped several years ago the australian War memorial committee obtained 5,000 it. Of teak from the vessel s decks to make souvenirs which could be sold to the australian people. By this Means it was hoped to raise funds which would help to bring nearer the achievement of a great National memorial at Canberra which the govern ment has now decided to begin at once. Because of the shortage of space at the War museum in Sydney it was not po6 Bible to fro ahead with the scheme but the Secretary of the committee major Treloar said today that As soon As the first stage of the memorial was completed an immediate 6tart would be made with the manufacturing of the souvenirs. Wooden souvenirs of All kinds will be Cut from Wood in stands to paper knives. Thousands of Small round wooden plugs once used to cover the sunken head of screws holding the planks in place will be made into draught pieces. Each piece will Bear an inscription giving it historical and sentimental value. The genuine historical value of these souvenirs is emphasised by the fact that when one of the planks was recently being sawn into convenient lengths for storing a circular saw was shattered when it crashed into an unsuspected piece of Shell embedded in the Wood from the guns of the Emden. Gunnery horses Bolt at King s birthday review l is rehearsed incident at the King s birthday military review on South Parl lands today. Of Lien the first round of a fest de Joie was fired a gunnery team of horses took fright and bolted. This picture was taken when the horses were careering across the ground. One u seen stumbling. In j mediately after the picture teas taken two of the team fell. Boy struck by taxi Dies in Hospital Sydney. Saturday. Struck by a taxi in Gardner s Road. South Remington this afternoon Hugh Mckay aged 11, of tramways Street Mascot was knocked Down and later died. According to a police report Mckay was running to Board a moving Tram when he was struck Down. He was taken to the Royal South Sydney Hospital where he died shortly after admission. France considering wheat Board plan Paris saturday. The chamber of deputies is considering the establishment of a farm Board on the lines of the Ameri can organisation with a capital of �2,200,000, to assist wheat growers. A strict regulation of the Market us planned. Wheat importers say that the wheat production in France is already three times As cq6tly As that in the Argentine. Sturt Srun May not be checked Torrens Nowin second place by o. J. O Grady monday s league football game at Ade Laide should draw a Bie crowd. Sturt undefeated in Jive matches have notions of going through the season without a reverse As did port in 1914. If nor Vood show their Best form on monday they should extend Sturt but in my opinion they Are not Likely to defeat the double blues. Sturt at the moment Are Strong in All departments and have the beet half Forward line in the game. Three weeks ago. After having forced a draw with port at Alberton and Defeated North at Norwood the Redlegs appeared to be a really Strong combination. Subsequent form shown by North and port however has been poor and in Conse Quence Norwood 6 chances of inflicting the first defeat on Sturt cannot be fancied. The most important result of today s plur is that Torrens. After having been Bottom on the premiership list a month ago. Have now by four successive Victo Ries jumped into second place. Their defeat of Glenelg today was convincing. The ton ens forwards however missed Many chances and these inaccuracies resulted in the team having to fight hard to Avert defeat. Mcloughlin and read played great football for torren6. North s Superior Forward work better system and Strong defence enabled them to defeat port comfortably at the Ade Laide Oval. North had the better of the Aerial duels and worked better for position through out. They bumped port right off their game in the second term and after that had Only to hold the sea siders to win. With a wonderful last Quarter burst revealing great stamina. South Defeated West at Bayville by a Point. New one hour car record of 78 Miles set Sydney saturday. Driving a super charged Bugatti w. B. Thompson broke the australian one hour car record of 71 m Miles previously held by Norman Smith at the mar Oubra Speedway today. Thompson from a standing Start Cov ered 78 Miles and from a flying Start 78 Miles 325 Yards. The record was All the More meritorious because during the run the tyres had to be changed on two Occa Sions. The first change was made at the completion of the forty ninth Lap and took 54 sec., and the second at the com-1 Cletion of the sixth ninth Lap and took 43 dec. The record was established under the auspices of the Sydney bicycle and motor club whose official timekeeper or. Harry Kerr checked off the time for each Lap. Thompson s Best Speed was -s3 Miles an hour. Lady Hore Ruthven gives Posy for the sick i could not get Flowers for my sick Friend for love or Money a woman paid during one of top Many functions attended by lady Hore Ruthven this afternoon. With a 6mile. The governors lady in pinned a Small Nosy she was wearing on her fur. And handed it to the speaker for the sick Friend Flowers were at a Premium in Adelaide today. Fifty six baskets and bouquets were sent to government House to Wel come the governor and lady Hor Eruth Ven on their return to South Australia. They came from All classes of people. Among them was a Basket of fruit from a Hindley Street cafe proprietor. Royalty keen to hear of this state Silver fish for governor s wife what impressed the governor More than anything eke on his Holiday trip abroad was the remarkable interest Dis played by the Royal family in australian events he said in a special interview this afternoon. The proudest moment of lady Hore Ruthven s Holiday was when Ehe received the guides Silver fish from lord and lady Baden Powell in England. It is a simple two Inch Symbol of Sil ver and is the guide s highest service award. Sir Alexander and lady Hore Ruthven returned to Adelaide today by the Otranto after eight months absence in England. / the King the Prince of Wales and tiie Duke of York All asked sir Alex Ander about individual people is the state and showed that they still retain Lively memories of their visits Here. I was invited by the King to Sandring Ham soon after i arrived in England said sir Alexander. It was an Indica Tion of the King s High regard for this state that he made me Ebay the week end. Shooting in Winter the King was in splendid health. He seemed younger than he was when i Caw him five years ago and although it was the depth of Winter then january he was out shooting and shooting very Well. The King enquired about ind Lvi k duals Here and showed an intimate knowledge of everything that was taking place in Australia. When the Prince of Wales received me he also was keen to hear anything 1 could Tell him about Australia. The Duke of York sent for me too. The governor was impressed by the spirit of optimism in England. The governor and i were visiting the world chief scout and his wife Baid lady Hore Ruthven. T heard much whispering but paid no attention until lord Baden Powell stood up and told me it had been decided to give me the Silver fish. When i found what a High Honor it was i was overcome but i realised that it was More of an Honor for the South australian girl guides than a personal Tri Bute to me so i was quite Calm when i was formally awarded it at a meeting of commissioners Ireland s drama lady Hore Ruthven s most dramatic moment came when she landed in Ireland to visit her Mother when the de Valera election was at its height. It was a terribly tense time. I saw no fighting. On the contrary everything was very very quiet. The importance of the issues involved pave the situation its drama she saw England at its loveliest during three april weeks in Warwickshire. Buckinghamshire and Cambridge at which University her son. Patrick. Is enrolled. On the surface. England is More than holding its own she Gaid. It is even prosperous. Well informed people say that matters have de finitely improved Eaid lady Hore Ruthven. The theatres Are full especially the theatre showing Hie hard of Bor Deaux the streets Are thronged with Well dressed people and the restaurants a crowded. But we had no Opportunity of visiting the Industrial areas in the North where unemployment is still serious. The Prince of Wales has helped greatly by his personal service Campaign which has done much to alleviate distress. For All the cities brightness there is definite evidence of Economy everywhere. For instance there is now do such thins As a London Drees one dresses exactly in London today As one would in the country. Tweeds Are usual in the 6treet. And the general trend of fashion is for slim neatness governor s Day of pageants gun team runs wild at military review with a Day of pageants the King s birthday levee a Parade of 3,000 scouts and girl guides a Mili tary review and later an official dinner at govern ment House the governor sir Alexander Hore Ruthven had a Busy time after his return from England with lady Hore Ruthven to South Australia today. Fifteen thousand people watched 2,000 troops at the King s birthday review in the South Parkland. The impressive Parade was nearly marred when an artillery team startled by a Salvo of guns bolted madly towards some of the crowd stampeding them _ and then charged towards the governor. Fifty Yards from him the horses went Down in a smother of hoofs. Nobody was injured. Soldiers7 Fine Parade the Bolt of eix horses attached to an artillery Limber nearly marred the Suc Cess of the review of troops. They were startled by the Roar of the guns in the Feu de Ioie near them. They bolted until nearly opposite the governor sir Alex Ander Hore Ruthven who was mounted in the Centre of the ground. Then 50 Yards from him one of the offside horses tangled in gear crashed to the ground the wheel horse behind him went Down there was a smother of flying hoofs and the spectators electrified at the sudden Bolt thought that either the horses of the three men who through out the Bolt had fought for the control from the saddles must a Hurt. But the weight of the dragging horses stopped the wild dash before the Lou rimmed wheels of the Limber could pass Over the horses. Governor mounted the crowd stood to attention when t be governor cantered on to the Field on old Ben one of the finest remo iils in the state. Capt. C. Williamson . Accompanied the governor. Brie. Hardie was in command. Four bands burst into god save the King and then switched to Colomal bogey the Cavalryman s favorite March tune the 2,000 militia men. Drawn up in the Centre of the Parkland. Moved off and marched past the governor who stood at the saluting base with Btu. Hardie base commandant. Behind them were enclosures crowded with friends of officers and men. In the Centre was a special Reserve for Omenaas and old soldiers. . De Passey a Veteran of the Zulu and Boer wars was one of the keenest onlookers who included . R. L. Leane commissioner of police. s. Price Weir both veterans of the Gallipoli Landing and senior chaplain a. C. Weber Bright uniforms ? militia men wore their new uniforms As Well As the older Khaki. The army medical corps swung past resplendent in Blue followed by the service corps also in their Tew Blue jackets. The Garrison and Field artillery caught every Eye with Scarlet stripes running Down their uniform trousers. Ordnance corps were composed mainly of Youthful soldiers who wore Scarlet lined Field forage Caps set at a Jaunty Angle. In a Long even procession there passed the 6th cavalry brigade the 13th Field brigade the heavy artillery. Engineers Signaller 10/50th. Battalion. 27th Bat Talion 43/48th battalion service corps medical corps ordnance corps Veter irjary corps All marching with the precision of crack regiments. Gun carriages lumbered past followed by too carts Cable and Telephone wag Gons and two ambulances marked by red crosses to bring Home the fact that War was not All parades and Gold braid. War reminders there were other reminders of past Ware in the Guidon carried by every battalion beside the King s color presented by his majesty to every South australian fighting unit. On the Green silk of the Guidon flags were inscribed the Battles in which the battalions had figured. Only on Euch a state occasion a Thip does a battalion unease its colors usually they Are carried in their ogee. They made a Brave show As they passed and dipped at the saluting Point. Two of the detachment a evincing alone under the Bright Sut Ilicin. Had no colors to ofter they were the College cadets from is. Peter and Prince Alfred colleges. There was no Gold braid for the school boy cadets but they carried their simple Khaki Well and received an appreciative greeting from the crowd. Drawn swords w than officer bearing a drawn sword at their head every unit passed in an orderly cavalcade that occupied half an hour. Then the governor left the saluting Point. Permanent Garrison artillerymen in White helmets hauled Down the Union Jack and the Blue Ensign and the Royal Standard was hoisted. It was the great moment of the Day for which All the crowd had been waiting. With a Roar seven guns went off. And a detachment of recounts bolted Down the South Western Side of the Field immediately the crowd scattered and streamed Back on to King William Road. Great puffs of smoke formed dense White Clouds which rolled Over this Corner of the Field while some youngsters immediately burst into frightened tears. But most of the children present at the review stood their ground like veterans and the More the guns went off the More they clapped their hands and enjoyed it. Other references on Page 2 King George s 68th birthday London saturday. The King is 68 year old today and the occasion Wasj celebrated throughout the Empire. The Prince of Wales acted for the King at the ceremony of the trooping of the color at the horse guards Parade. A government dinner in Honor of the anniversary was held last night at the foreign office. Stop press Bull by election i iia proceeded so quickly Ali it poll officials went ahead with the counting of postal votes. Latent figures were Sweeney 5.331 butt Rel. 3.052 Willie. 2,758 Mart a 5s8 absent votes Only to be mounted. Wrestler disqualified Iii the refuted to release a stranglehold on Koutsouvelis a to it of bout and was disqualified. Spectators rushed into the ring and separated them. Senate upsets Roosevelt s Economy plan limits soldiers Cut by 33 millions president curbed mail special representative Washington. Saturday. A revolt in the Senate has upset presi Dent Roosevelt s Economy programming by 175 million dollars normally 33 million bound which would have been nearly doubled but for vice president Garner s casting vote. The Senate limited or. Roosevelt s reduction of War veterans co Nensa Tion to 25 Ner cent. Or. Garner saved it from be leg 1�.ited to 15 per cent. A roof rence of Ilie houses is expected to accept the Senate s curb a the president. Senator Walsh a Democrat crystallised Congress Ementi president Roosevelt resident Roosevelt ment about the veterans reductions he said everyone agreed the economies were necessary and we passed the Bill Ervinjr the president the Power to reduce the veterans payments. But it is apparent even to the children in the streets that a grave injustice has been done. Vow can we go Back to the Peonie and say we did not Correct them when the Opportunity came the Senate s rejection of or. Roose velt s plan is the first serious setback he has met since he became the virtual dictator of the United states. Shura Cherkassky the world s greatest boy pianist praises the Famou Money saving family remedy for coughs colds bronchitis and influenza Cost 2/ saves � s Over one million australian citizens writ ally prove that the Best remedy for banishing ailments of the Chest and Throat us the mixture to easily made by add me sweetened water to a two shilling a ale of concentrated Reenzo. Juji shura Cherkassky the Reenzo should be used in every Home Mollison perilous flight biggest Gamble of our lives London saturday. I Call her the flying coffin because of her brass handles said j. A. Mollison the noted airman As his de Havilland dragon seafarer which has a Dull Black finish was prepared for a rehearsal of the most ambitious flight in the history of British aviation. This will be the biggest Gamble of our lives said Mollison. With his wife formerly miss Amy Johnson he plans to kill three Birds with one. Store. The first stage of the flight Wil be from London to new York and after a. Day s rest the return journey will be ache across the Atlantic continuing non Stop to Bagdad. The pair will afterwards return to Croydon completing a perilous trip of 12,000 Miles. The plan is to hop off next week if conditions Are favourable. Mollison and his wife will sit in a Maii Glass sided cockpit behind which and partly beneath the petrol tank in a tiny Camp bed with three Inch legs which will enable them to sleep in turns. After our return to Croydon we plan to relax we cannot Gamble with Luck indefinitely Aid Mollison. Amy Saye that she won t be left behind again be cause the Strain of waiting is worse than flying

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