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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Jul 29 1933, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - July 29, 1933, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia you will never taste a finer cocktail than Gin and two All hotels. Per bottle. 6/9 hip pint 3/6. A ii imbue ii a in Minn iffy i Curetha coid might flu mis i edition i Ca flu i 1 at All chemists and stores i prepared by by Fiolek Ltd. Adelaide. Stap rtl�oi3 shots at thief i.v., i y. Hours Eav Ivr i ill -. \ or. Frederick p., a o ii. The thief City wrestling . . Ik.7_ i ii Joe Daw son 13.s a Reet Lej a draw at the City baie tonight. Each Man Elored Otic fill. Durin Tho fourth j . So ii _.-, and the to Iyo it my ?-?.iiije ii. . had previously been flapped across tic face by Higgins. Big gangster clean up 8 Page 2 j .4m greatly delighted having driven the Vauxhall fitted with synchro Meeh gear Over give and take roads and in Tery congested thoroughfares i can say that i am greatly delighted with the performance. The gear changing is perfect never giving the slightest trouble or noise this Mast All be to the Good and Means longer life to the car As the change being so simple there is no excuse whatever for hanging on to gears besides being much More enjoyable for the passengers in the car so writes an enthusiastic owner. There s magician the synchro mesh Gearbox. It makes gear changing child s play and removes the bugbear double de clutching. And the abundant Power vivid acceleration Finger Light steering and smooth but positive braking of the Vauxhall gives you Silky performance in every phase of driving conditions. Vauxhall the British car with the Silky performance models 4t19a from ? City motors Ltd. Vauxhall divisions 88 Waymouth Street distributors of Vauxhall Chevrolet and Buick mrs. Idols gives up fight mishap unites Brothers divulges her finances to the court Way now open for her release from prison Sydney saturday. After having accepted imprisonment for 15 months rather than divulge her monetary transactions to the court mrs. Amee Bell idols the Sydney. Society Matron has at last Given up the fight. Today she revealed to the official receiver or. C. F. Lloyd her financial position and the Way is now open to her to petition for release from the debtors prison. When mrs. Idols first appeared before the registrar in bankruptcy she said that she had �40,000 invested in property in Victoria but refused to Dis close the nature of the investments or with whom they were invested. Borrowed thousands mrs. Idols was then committed to Raolji for contempt of court and subsequently appeared before judge Lukin. It was then disclosed that she had borrowed several thousands of pounds from friends on the pretext that she was going to in test it for them. On three occasions Ehe refused to Tell the judge anything about the. �40,000, apart from saying that she had Given it to two men. Whose names she refused to Dis close. She subsequently admitted that the men were a myth and that she had Jost the Money at the races. On several occasions the judge told her that she was untruthful. Betting losses not less than �56,958 was received by mrs. Edole in the five yearn from 1b26 to 1ss1, according to the accounts filed by her today. The whole of the amount was spent during that period betting Jos sea both on the racecourse and to vex Nee accounted for �17,000, while other hems of expenditure a Fate were �4,000 on frocks and other Etc Teras �2,000 on entertaining at the select Queen s and Royal Sydney Golf clubs. �400 on Florist. �500 to jewellers �2,000 for theatre parties �14250 on taxis and �4,000 on Liv ing expenses. Three weeks have been spent by or. Young her counsel in collecting and verifying hundreds of different amounts and he has been Many hours at Long Bay in the official receiver s office to which mrs. Idols was allowed in company with a Wardress. The accounts having been handed to the official receiver and or. Justice Bukin e instructions having been obeyed the Way is open for mrs. Edole to obtain release from the debtor s prison at Idiong Bay where 6he is at present for contempt of court. Almost half of mrs. Edol e receipts Over sve years were �12,563 in cheques and �13,155 in the Sale of shares which her husband gave her. From August to de Cember 1926, mrs. Edols1 receipts were �2,624. From january to december 1987, they Rose to �7,586 in 1928 they were �8,670 in 1929, �18,648, and the following year �15,339. From january to june 1931 she became bankrupt in the latter month the receipt dropped to �3,629. In a fortnight in october 1928, mrs. Edole secured from mrs. Vivers a Well known society woman �3.800, and in february 1929, another �3,000 from the ame source. Big Cheque drawn towards the esd of november 1929, or. Edwards adv iced �4,000, Ana or. Mcconnell. Jade his contribution of �3,000 in August 1930. More than �17,000 is shown by mrs. Idols As her losses in betting on and off the race course. Of this amount Only �3,051 is directly traceable in her accounts while the amount of �14,000 is reckoned As hav ing been Loet by her in that manner. Many cheques running in some in stances into hundreds of pounds were drawn on such Well known fielders As f. F. Aldritt and Hugh Emerson. In one Case to a bookmaker named Evans the Uno unt was �737 15/. Opium tied to his legs smuggler sent to gaol at Darwin Darwin saturday. In the police court today Woon Ahkai a chinese off the Marella was charged with having trafficked in opium. The Case was adjourned until monday. Wearing a White uniform with brass buttons Mohammed bin Tahar a malay member of the Crew was charged with the illegal Possession of opium. He admitted having taken opium ashore but because of his scant knowledge of English the court permitted a plea of not guilty and adjourned until an interpreter was seen red. The evidence was Given by a doctor and customs officer who searched the accused and found four tins each contain ing about 4 of. Of opium. Two were tied with types to each leg of the accused. The Malayan gave evidence to the effect that be did not want to take the opium ashore. The chinaman had asked him to take it to a chinese store and had offered him 15/ for the delivery of each tin. The opium was then tied to his Leas. He was sentenced to six months hard labor. Rouge Knees for Tennis mile. Suzanne Lenglen has introduced leg theory to the Lawn Tennis world. 6he suggests that women Tennis players should Rouge their Knees. Apparently the famous Tennis Star is quite serious about it says a message from Paris for she followed her own suggestion and appeared with dabs of Rouge on her Knees when she played in a practice match against mins Helen Jacobs in Paris. And this is the reason Ehe gives i decided this Spring there was no Reat on Why women 6hould look like scare crows on the courts she 6aid. Since moot of us frankly use make up before a gallery of spectators Why should t we do something about our Knees on the courts Thev Are As much in evidence a our faces. I Don t think women players consider their looks sufficiently. Even a poet won t rhapsodies Over a feminine knee. But we Don t need to look like freaks Man sustains mystery Hurt John Mareton aged 58. Labourer of hurtle Square Adelaide received scale wounds and slight concussion in mysterious circumstances ton Ijelu. He was found lying on the Roadway in gouger Street. City by two men flu carried him to the Footpath. Constable Moss who was on beat duty summoned the police ambulance and Marston was taken to the Adelaide hos Pital where he wag admitted. He was Umble to explain How or in what circumstances he received his injuries. According to the police he said Jie could not remember what he had been doing for an hour before he received he Nair re a. Wev Ooka now matched against Hueu mail special representative sax Francisco saturday. With the memory of the great phar Lap still fresh in the minds of american track followers another crack australian thoroughbred will make his debut today when Minooka goes to the Post at Tan Foran in the 10,000 dollars �2,000 match race. The australian invader will pair off against Huen of the Charles Hartwell stable in a five Furlong print weight for age with Minooka under an impost of 8 8, against 7 7 for its american rival. Frisky Matron the three year old filly was originally named to race Minooka but has a bad knee. Hueu is hawaiian bred from a leading sire in the islands. Minooka will go to the poet an Oddan favorite Ridden by Edgar Britt who accompanied the stable Here. After the race Minooka May be shipped North to Seattle before going to Chicago for the Hawthorne track meeting. Burnt by High tension wires Brisbane saturday. Eric Mckain of Ramsay Street Kedron an employee of the City electric Light co. Fell from a Tower at the Power station in my Lachalan Street. Valley today and struck the High tension wires of a sub station. He received extensive Burns to the body arms and legs. He was taken to Hospi Tal in a dangerous condition. The Power was temporarily Cut off on certain lines. Cheering their school team cheering lustily these Prince Alfred College boys vocally assisted their school team to Victory in the inter collegiate match against St. Peter s College at the Adelaide Oval today i Fred Ollete boys vocally assisted their h of am to Elaine Val fight for football positions fourth place in Norwood s grip by High flier Torrens have drawn level in premiership Points with Sturt As the re Init of 1fldays Peak pfc football. Shirt s better percentage however keeps them at the head of the list As expected Norwood went Down to Torrens at Theberton. And this has allowed Glenelg to get Vuithi a a Point of the red Leps on the premiership table. With an easier programme ahead of them Glenelg could be expected to make a great fight for inclusion in the major round. As the draw stands however the feat appears to be beyond the Bay Side. Only one of their remaining matches and that a hard one. Will be placed on their own ground. The draw for Norwood and Glenelg is Norwood at Home away Glenelg West West Sturt Glenelg at Home away i Torrens Sturt ? Norwood North j it is easily seen that the draw clearly Favores Norwood. It seems certain that Sturt Torrens North and Norwood will contest the finals. In spite of their win Over West poit Are hopelessly out of the race. They can not afford to give Norwood a two Point advantage at thic stage of the season. The magpies have yet to meet Torrens North. And South at Alberton and Sturt at Unley. There will be a break in league matches for the next fortnight while the Carni Val is being held in Sydney. Two league teams will be engaged against visiting sides in Adelaide next saturday. Torrens will meet a team from the port Pirie association at the Adelaide Oval and North will meet Wesr broken Hill at Prospect. On August 12 South Australia will meet Victoria at the Adelaide Oval. League games will be resumed on August 19. Man killed when car slips off Jack Melbourne saturday. Norman Rodgers aged 39, of Mitcham was killed in unusual circumstances Early this even ing while he was overhauling his motor car at his Home. He had taken the wheel off the car which was raised by a Jack and was lying on his Back under the vehicle effect ing repairs when the Jack slipped. The car tilted on one Side and pinned dodgers to the ground. His Chest was crushed and he died almost instantly. Collie puppies exhibited at ladies Kennel club s show today standing up to get a better View of the show. A delightful \ study or. T. Ainslie s group of Collie puppies which were exhibited at the 1 i ladies Kennel club s championship show held at the Bayville showgrounds % artist prizes i defy distributed country and City share first Winner gets �565 Charity Aid cd Charity was again the biggest Winner in the twelfth obstinate artist Competition. It was again a record week and 22 worthy charitable and committees share �2.119 Between them. Among those who made this gift to Charity possible 2c0 competitors received prizes ran eng from �565 to �1 a total of �1.412. The prizes were Well distributed going right up to Eyre s Peninsula and after a Long run of Success to women a Man claimed the big award today. He was or. W. Beaumont of Wattle Street Fullarton and Bis title Knock ing things Down without Reserve earned �565 for him. He is not an auctioneer As his winning title might suggest but an accountant in the civil service. He had submitted eight titles but had pinned his. Hope to his first entry. Bent on grazing country still he was Well Content with the decision of the three Independent judges. Apparently there is Little he can add to his attractive Home but his daughter Olive has already put Forward a Sugges Tion for spending the Money. She wants a Moth plane to take her into Central Australia so that she can continue her study of archaeology. On wedding anniversary five people thought of v lady through and through which the judges placed second. They share �17c. To mrs. A. Clifford of Freeling it meant an unexpected present for her wedding anniversary today. New dresses for herself and her daughter Are in the plans and her husband is to get a new set of Golf clubs. Mrs. A. Forsaith has had her first win since Early in the year when Bhe won a �1 prize in the earlier Competition. I was hoping for something this week and it has come just when it is most needed she said. Or. W. Burrell was located at printing works in Grote Street. He expects to get Only an indirect Benefit from Hie share of the prize because it is already ear marked for income tax. Or. C. Wade of Marion and mrs. W. Olive of military Road. Semaphore were the other second prize winners. Or. E. Carden. Who boards in Hewitt Avenue. Rose Park took some finding and he had read of his �141 prize by the time he was located. Luck has changed for him. More than two year ago a Busi Ness in which he had put his savings and 12 years worked crashed and he has been unemployed most of the time since. Puts him on his feet it will Dut him on hrs feet again. He says although lie is taking Only a Quarter of the prize. He has three other Eood nals in with him. The fourth prize we divided three entrants getting �35 6/4 each. The title which secured fourth raw rame from widely Distant parts of the state. Or. L. D. Hughes of port Lincoln thought the news representative was pulling his leg when he was 6een at the Bank at which he is Teller and told of his Good Fortune. He often sends in entries and will continue to do so. As it s All in a Good cause the Money will be a Blessing to or. A. J. Brennand of Snowton. Who has i wife two children and a widowed Mother to support. He his not been in Gular employment for three rears. The other fourth prizewinner is mrs. Isaacs of Harris Street. Broadway estate full prize list and new picture on Page 5 the acting Coroner or. F. C. Siek Mann a decided not to hold an inquest into tie death of Harold Holton aged 31, of Bevin Ron Road Knoxville who died in the Arl Laide Hospital today from tetanus caused by an infection through a of Injurer which Wae injured about 12 Days a. How the obstinate artist has grown and aided Charity value of first total Dis number of prizes prize Charity tribute contest prizes � e. D. � s. D. � e. D. � s. D. 1 1 10 0 0 10 0 0 38 ii 6 46 11 g 2 6 15 0 0 10 0 0 33 13 6 46 13 66 15 0 0 10 0 0 60 4 0 73 4 0 4 8 20 0 0 10 0 0 86 16 6 104 16 6 3 12 26 15 0 32 6 0 41 13 ? 68 8 0 6 18 42 12 0 19 3 0 64 0 0 106 12 0 7 25 64 1 6 29 2 6 97 15 0 161 16 6 8 51 73s 7 0 62 11 0 209 4 0 347 u 0 9 58 213 9 0 85 11 0 321 4 6 534 i3 6 10 170 661 0 9 284 11 0 992 7 3 1,6% s 0 11 1s8 1,029 4 0 411 15 6 1,543 16 0 2,573 0 0 12 160 1,412 8 0 565 1 0 2,119 0 0 3,531 8 0 703 3,647 17 3 1,490 1 0 5,608 5 3 9,250 2 6 the thirteenth Bia contest begins today. Turn to Page 5 for the new picture and full details. Police have definite murder clue seek killer of miss Starr Bush tragedy Melbourne saturday. Police now discount the theory that miss Katherine Starr aged 72 whose body was found on a bed at her Home at Tarra winged about 15 Miles from Wangaratta on inure Day. With Eno Clung Bead injuries was killed by a madman. The police at first thought this might have been the Case because of the ravage brutality of the crime but they have now found evidence that a search was made for hidden sums of Money in the House. Detectives themselves found �53 in notes and sovereigns. New fact discovered by the detectives May Lead to important developments. They widened the search for the murderer after they made enquiries at several nearby towns today and they Are following & definite line which May reveal the Etory behind the murder. Savage murder the woman s Throat was also Cut. And the police believe that this was done after her death. It is believed that Mise Stan had been dead about five Days when the body was found. In that time the Mur Derer May have travelled Many Miles from the eocene. Or. James Quinn a Farmer of Tarra winged. And a Cousin of miss Starr said today that the woman told him some years ago that she kept considerable sums of Money in the House so that if she be came ill she could pay the medical expenses without troubling to write out cheques. Or. Quinn said that some years Aeo miss Starr told certain relatives that Ehe feared an attack by someone. She was ? vague about this and did not mention the subject for Louie time. ? those who know miss Starr say that she had probably �2.000 in various Banks and also had Money invested. She had two Brothers in Western Australia. Neighbors said that they had not seen any strangers about the District during tote last Eio it Days. The discovery that miss Starr who lived As a Recluse for 16 years in a dilapidated cottage had parcels of sovereigns and Treasury notes under the floor of the cottage has led the detectives to think that the Man who Mur dered her knew she had a Hoard in the House but that he failed to find the main Hilling place. Miss Starr apparently had been at tacked while in bed. There was Only a Kinglet on the body but a blood stained Grey coat bad been Flung across the body. Which had been beaten about the head with the heavy Iron guide pin of a plough the weapon marked with blood was found near the body. The murderer had scalped the woman and this is the most j baffling fact to the police. The knife with which the injury was inflicted bae 1 not been found and the Scalp is missing detective Lee in reconstructing the crime believes miss Starr Wae tour dered in bed probably while asleep on Friday. ? Power of Lang on the Wane narrow win in protest vote Sydnet saturday. Further evidence of the weakening Power of the Lang party inner group was provided by a vital vote taken to night. After a bitter debate the party executive decided by Only 14 votes to 11 to protest against an attack made by or. W. Evans Leader of the minority Section. By the same margin a vote of Confidence was passed in the general Secretary of the party or. J. J. Graves . It was the closest vote yet taken by the executive and but for the unavoidable absence of two of the miners delegates the figures would have been 14 votes to 13. Referring today to the ratification of the altered rules by the executive 5ir. W. Mcnamara Secretary of the socialisation Industrial committee said the action was unconstitutional. It was expected that last night the inner group would move to expel Evans following his two reports on their activities but nothing was done. One penniless in Hospital two others Rich were parted 45 years mount Gambier saturday. A life of ease and Comfort instead of tie hard toil of the unemployed Camp is in store for Roderick Gillies aged 65, of the government Relief Camp Wandin As non As he recovers from a fractured leg which he sustained in the Camp forests last week. The publicity Given to his Accident was the Means of reuniting him with his two wealthy Brothers who had not seen him for 45 years and believed he was dead. As soon As he is Well he will go and live with them at their Home at Maryborough Victoria. In Gold Rush 40 years ago Roderick Gillies left Hie Home at Terang Victoria nearly 40 years ago when the Coolgardie sold Rush occurred and the West quickly swallowed him up. Efforts to locate him when his father died 12 months after his departure were without Success and year afterwards word reached Bia Brothers that he was dead. The two Brothers Alec and Norman who believed they were the Only remain Ine members of the family chanced to pick up a copy of the mount Gambier newspaper at Maryborough and there saw the name Roderick Gillies. Scarcely daring to Hope that it could i be their Long lost brother they telephoned the Matron of the mount Gambier hos Pital who established Gillies identity beyond question. Happy reunion the two Brothers one of whom is nearly 79 years of age left Maryborough by car Early next morning and after 270 Miles journey a Happy reunion took place in the Public Ward at the Hospital the same even ing. Roderick Gillies had believed both his Brothers dead. When the mail representative saw him at the Hospital last night he was supremely Happy. He Eaid that after spending Many years in All parts of the West he returned to Adelaide eight years ago and was again unable to find any Trace of his family. Finally he was compelled to join the Relief Camp. It was due entirely to his Accident that he had been found by his Brothers. As soon As Hia leg mended his Brothers would Send a car for him and he would join them in Victoria. Searched in Perth we had not been my brother for 45 years said or. Xor Man Gillies of Mary Borough Victoria speaking on the Long distance Telephone to a representative of the mail tonight. I my brother Sandy of Heidelberg and i went to Perth about 28 years ago to try to find him. We had a letter of introduction to the late sir John Forrest. Although we heard he wag in the coun try we could not find him. But just As we got on to the boat to come away we were told he was coming Down to dec us. However the boat failed. And a did not see him. It was a Surprise to us and to him when we found one another alive. My brother and i have been to Moun. Gambier Hospital to see him. He told us that he Wae All right and we have asked him to come and stay with us. He is a bit of a traveller. He Hae been to Singapore and other places. I Don t Tell lies and i Don t drink was what he told ins. He looks quite a Youn Man although he is about ?6. We started on the land and did pretty Well said or. Norman Gillies. My brother Sandy is Well known As the in Ventor of the . Milking machine Roderick Gillies was the Man who was struck by a falling tree in the dense scrub at Wandrilo. And was exposed to the weather for several hours before he could be rescued. He was carried by re lays of Stretcher bearers through the scrub until a car could be used and several hours later was admitted to the Hospital. Another Accident another Accident Aimi a to that suffered by Gillies has occurred in the forests at Wandrilo e. A Jones of the government Camp being the victim. With a mate he was Felling a tree in the dense undergrowth. A the tree fell. Jones saw that Hie mate was in imminent danger and shouted to him to run. The Man was unable to move far in the undergrowth and Jones was so intent on his predicament that he i not see his own danger. The butt of the tree struck another stump and re bounded pinning his underneath. Jone sustained a deep Gash in the Back. Hav ing a knowledge of first Aid he instructed his mate to bind the wound with his shirt and began to walk four and a half Miles Back to the Camp. He reached Camp on the verge of collapse from loss of blood and was motored to the mount Gambier Hospital where he is now making Eood Progress

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